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Full text of "Catalogue of the library removed from Stowe House, Buckinghamshire : which will be sold at auction by Messrs. S. Leigh Sotheby & Co.- 8th January, 1849, ... and ... 29th January, 1849 .... --"

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I Sciences and Humanitiei 

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On MONDAY, 8th JANUARY, 1849, & Eleven following Days, 

CSUNDAY excepted) AND 

On MONDAY, 29th JANUARY, 1849, & Eleven following Days, 

(SUNDAY excepted), 


Catalogues may be had of Messrs LiOHTrooT, ^^^^^Jf/^/^^^^JJ^^^^^ 
Street, Leicester Square; Messrs. Currie, Woodgate & ^ I;^ia*^, 32 Lmcolns 
Inn Fields; Messrs. Barker & Bowker, 1, Grays Inn Square Messrs. NoRRis 
and Son, 2, Bedford Row; and at the place oi bale. 

J. Davy & Sons, Printers, 137, Long Acre. 


I. The higfliest Bidder to be tlie Buyer ; and if any Dispute arise 

between two or more Bidders; the Lot so disputed shall be 
immediately put up again. 

II. No person to advance less than 6 c^. — above Ten Shillings, 1*. — 
above Five Pounds 2*. Gd. — and so on in propoition. 

ill. The Purchasers to give in their Names and Places of Abode 
and to pay down 10*. in the Pound, if required, in part of pay- 
ment of the Purchase-money; in default of which, the Lot or 
Lots purchased to be immediately put up again and re-sold. 
IV. The Lots to be taken away at the Buyer s Ex pence, imme- 
diately after the conclusion of the Sale; in default of which, 
Messrs. S. Leigh Sotheby & Co. will not hold themselves 
responsible if lost, stolen, damaged or otherwise destroyed, but 
they will be loft at the sole risk of the S^irchaser. If at the 
expiration of One Week after the conclusion of the Sale, the 
Lots are not cleared or paid for, they will then be catalogued 
for immediate sale, and the expence, the same as if re-sold, will 
be added to the amount at which they were bought. Messrs. 
S. Leigh Sotheby & Co. will have the option of re-selling the 
Lots uncleared either by public or private sale, without any 
notice being given to the defaulter. 

V* The Books are presumed to be perfect, unless otherwise ex- 
pressed ; but if, upon collating, any should prove defective, 
the Purchaser will be at liberty to take or reject them, provided 
they are returned within One Week after the conclusion of the 
Sale, when the Purchase Money will be returned. 

VI. The Sale of any Book or Books is not to be set aside on 
account of any Stained or Short Leaves of Text or Plates, want 
of List of Plates, or on account of the Publication of any sub- 
sequent Volume, Supplement, Appendix, or Plates. AH the 
Manuscripts, all Magazines and Reviews, and all Books not 
named in the Lots, will be sold with all Faults, Imperfections, 
and Errors of Description. 

V"II. No Imperfect Books will be taken back, unless a note 
accompanies each Book, stating its Imperfections, with the 
Number of Lot and date of the Sale at which the same was 

VIII. To prevent inaccuracy in delivery, and inconvenience in the 
settlement of the purchases, no lot can on any account be removed 
during the time of sale ; and the money must absolutely be paid 
on the delivery, 

IX. Upon failure of complying with the above conditions, the 
money required or deposited in part of payment shall be for- 
feited ; and ij' any loss is sustained in the re-selling of such 
lots as are not cleared or paid for, all charges on such re- 
sale shall be made good by the defaulter at this sale, 

Genllemen who cannot attend the Sale, may have their 
Commissions faithfully executed by their obedient Servants, 

S. Leigh Sotheby & John Wilkinson, 

ff'ellington Street^ Strand. 


First Day Monday, 

Second Day Tuesday, 

Third Day Wednesday, 

Fourth Day Thursday, 

Fifth Day Friday, 

Sixth Day Saturday, 

Seventh Day Monday, 

Eighth Day Tuesday, 

Ninth Day Wednesday, 

Tenth Day Thursday, 

Eleventh Day Friday, 

Twelfth Day Saturday, 

Thirteenth Day Monday, 

Fourteenth Day Tuesday, 

Fifteenth Day Wednesday, 

Sixteenth Day Thursdav, 

Seventeenth Day Friday, 

Eighteenth Day Saturday, 

Nineteenth Day Monday, 

Twentieth Day Tuesday, 

Twenty-fi rst Day Wednesday, 

Twenty-second Day Thursday, 

Twenty-third Day Friday, 

Twenty-fourth Day Saturday, 

January 8 

January 9 










January 20 

January 29 
January 30 
January 31 
February 8 
February 9 
February 10 











1 Abingdon (T.) Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Win- 

chester, plates . 1728 

2 Abu Taleb Khan (Mirza) Travels in Asia, Africa, and Europe, 

in 1799—1803, by C. Stewart, portrait, 2 vol. 1810 

3 Accords (Seigneur des) Bigarrures et Touches, avec les Apop- 

thegmes du Sieur Gaulard, scarce, calf gilt Rouen, 1616 

4 Accura (Fr.) System of Theoretical and Practical Chemistry, 

plates, 2 vol. 1807 — Henry (Wm.) Elements of Experi- 
mental Chemistry, jo/«^e5, 1810 4 vol. 

5 Adam (J.) Essays on Agriculture, 2 vol. 1789 — Bradley on 

Husbandry, jt?/a^^^, 3 vol. 1726, and 10 on Agriculture 

]5 vol. 

6 Adams (G.) Geometrical Essays, by W. Jones, plates, 2 vol. 

1803 — Adams, Astronomical Essays, jo/a^e^, 1790 3 vol. 

7 Adams (G.) Lectures on Natural and Experimental Philosophy, 

by Jones, plates, 5 vol. . 1799 

8 Adamson (H.) The Muses Threnodie, or Mirthful Mournings 

on the death of Mr. Gall, edited by Jas. Cant, map, 2 vol. 

Perth, 1774 

9 Adamson (John) Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Luis de 

Camoens, portraits, proof impressions, 2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, ver?/ Jhw printed, presentation copy 1820 

10 Adelaide, 3 vol. 1833 — Adventures of a Young Rifleman, 1826 

— Adventures of a French Serjeant, 1826, &c. 6 vol. 

11 Addison (Jos.) Remarks on Italy . 1705 


12 Adlerfeld (G.) History of Charles XIT. of Sweden, portrait and 

plans, 3 vol. 1740 — Brodrick (T.) History of the late War, 
plates, 2 vol. 1713 — Boulainvilliers (Count de) Parlia- 
ments of France, 2 vol. 1739 . 7 vol. 

13 Adolphus (J.) History of France, 2 vol. calf gilt 1803 

14 Adviser, (The) or Literary Tribunal, 4 vol. calf gilt 1803 

15 ^schinis et Demosthenis Orationes pro Corona, Graece, curis 

Taylori, Marklandi, etc. 

LARGE PAPER, Calf gilt . OxOuH, 1801 

16 iEschyli TragoediBe, varietate Lectionis et Coramentario a Schutz, 

3 vol. calf gilt . Halce, Sax, 1782 

17 iEschylus, Tragedies, translated by Potter, 2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, CalfgHt . 1779 

18 i^sopi Fabulee, Gr. et Lat., wood engravingSy Amst^ 1672, 8cc. 

8 vol. 

19 Agrippa (H. Corn.) Vanity of Arts, portraitf 1684 — Barry (Jas.) 

on the Arts in England, 1775 2 vol. 

20 Agrippa (H. C.) Vanity of Arts and Sciences, 1676, &c. 3 vol. 

21 Aikin (Lucy) Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth, po7't. 

2 vol. . . 1818 

22 Ainsworth (R.) Latin and English Dictionary, by Morell 1804 

23 Ainsworth (W. H.) Tower of London: a historical Romance, 

engravings hy G, Cruikshanh 1840 

24 Alciati (And.) Emblemata, numerous wood engravings 

calf gilt . Francof. 1567 

25 Aldrich (H.) Elements of Civil Architecture, Latin and English, 

portrait and plates 
LARGE PAPER . Ooford, 1789 

26 Aleman (Mateo) Vida y Hechos del Picaro Guzman de Alfa- 

rache, 2 vol. . Amheres, 1681 

27 Alexandri ab Alexandre Genialium Dierum libri, Francof, 1646, 

&c. . . 5 vol, 

28 Aleyn (Chas.) Historie of Henrie the VII. and the Battle of Bos- 

worth, a Poem, title mended, scarce, calf gilt 1638 

29 Alfieri (Victor) Memoirs of his Life and Writings, by Himself, 

2 vol. . . 1810 

30 Alif Laila; or the Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night, 

or the Arabian Nights Entertainments, in Arabic, edited 
by W. H. Macnaghten, 4 vol. 
PRESENTATION COPY, elegantly hound in green morocco 
extra, gilt leaves royal 8?;o, Calcutta, 1839-42 

31 Alia Giornata, 3 vol. 1826— Arlington, 3 vol. 1832— Ayesha, 

the Maid of Kars, 3 vol. 1834 9 vol. 

32 Allen (J.) Rise and Growth of the Royal Prerogative, 1830 — 

Account of the Ceremonies in Coronations, edited by 
Thomson, jt?/a(fe*, 1820 — Berkeley (Countess of) Address 
to the Peers of the Kingdom, 1811 3 vol. 

33 Allonville (Comte d') Memoirs Secrets de, 1770 a 1830, 2 vol. 

Paris, 1838 — Antommarchi, Derniers Momens de Napo- 
leon, 2 vol. ih. 1825 . 4 vol. 

34 Almack's, a Novel, 3 vol. — The Buccaneer, 3 vol. 1832 6 vol. 

35 Almon (J.) Peerage of Ireland, plates of arms, 2 vol. 1768 

36 American in Paris, by J. Janin; or Heath's Picturesque Annual 

for 1843-44, iniany fine plates, cloth, g, I. roy. 8t;o. 1843-4 

37 Ames (Jos.) Catalogue of English Heads, calf gilt 1748 

38 Ana, ou Collection de Bons-Mots, viz. Menagiana, Vigneul- 

Marvilliana, Carpenteriana, Huetiana, Chevriana, etc. 9 vol. 
calf gilt . . Amst. 1789-91 

39 Anacreon et Sapho, Poesies, Gr. et Fran, par Dacier, Amst, 1716 

— Aristseneti Epistolae, Gr. et Lat. Par. 1639, &c. 10 vol. 

40 Anacreontis Poema, Gr. et Lat., cum notis Barnesii, portrait, 

Cantab. 1705, &c. . 7 vol. 

41 Anacreon, Greece, cum Commentariis, etc. 

PRINTED IN CAPITALS, yellow morocco, g. I. Parmce, 1791 

42 Anacreontis Odaria, et varise lectiones, cura Ed. Forster, plates 

LARGE PAPER . . 1802 

43 Ancient Reliques, or Delineations of Monastic, Castellated, and 

Domestic Architecture, plates, 2 vol. 


44 Anderson (J.) Genealogical History of the House of 

YvERY, Luvel, Perceval and Gournay, 18 portraits, 

complete, plates, and detached genealogical tables, with a 

few additional inserted, and all the arms emblazoned, 2 vol. 

privately PRINTED, RARE, Tussia e.vt. m. I. royal 8vo. 1742 

45 Anderson (J.) The Bee, or Literary Intelligencer, jo^a^e*, 17 vol. 

/ine paper, calf gilt . JEJdinb. 1791-3 

46 Anderson (J.) Mission to Sumatra, Edinb. 1826 — Badcock (L.) 

Journal in Spain, 1835 . 2 vol. 

47 Andrews. Life and Death of Mary and Lady Elizabeth An- 

drews, of Lothbury, Bucks, who died 1680 — Arminius and 
Episcopius, the Life and Death of, 2 ports. 1672 2 vol. 

48 Andrews (J. P.) AnecdiOiQ^, frontispiece, 1789, &c. 2 vol. 

49 Andronicus, a Tragedy, 1661 — Exact Catalogue of all the Plays, 

1713— Wm. Carey, Tracts on the Fine Arts, 1809 3 vol. 

50 Andryane (A.) Meraoires d'un Prisonnier d'Etat au Spielberg, 

4 vols. 
VELLUM PAPER . Paris, 1837-8 

51 Anecdotes, Biographical, Literary and Political of the most emi- 

nent Persons of the Present Age, 3 vol. 1797 

52 Angler's Vade Mecura, 1681 — Browne, Angling Sports, 1773, 

&c. . . 3 vol. 

53 Angleterre. Meraoires et Observations par un Voyageur en 

Angleterre, plates, red morocco, g. I., 1698 — Memoires 
touchant le Governement d' Angleterre, red mor, g. I, 1764 
— St. Croix, Histoire des Progres de la Puissance Navale, 
2 vol. Paris, 1786, &c. &c. . 7 vol. 

54 Annales du MusEe et de I'Ecole Moderne des Beaux Arts, 

Recueil de Gravures au trait, d'apres les principaux 
ouvrages de Peinture, Sculpture et Architecture, du Musee 
redige par C. P. Landon, et Beraud, containing upwards 
of 2500 plates, 40 vol. complete, uncut Paris, 1801-28 

55 Annali dell' Institutio di Correspondenza Archeologica, from the 

commencement in 1829 to 1838, many plates, 10 vols, in 
18 parts ; and Bulletin© degli Annali, a parcel, unbound. 

Roma, 1829, S^c. 

56 Anne (Queen) Life and Reign of, portrait and plates, 1738 — 

Memoirs of Queen Anne, 1729 — Hamilton (C.) Memoirs 
of Queen Anne, 1790 — Swift (John) Four last Years of 
Queen Anne, 1758, &c. . . 6 vol. 

57 Anno Poetico ossia Raccolta Annuale di Poesi Inedite di autori 

Viventi, 7 vol., red morocco, g. I. Venet. 1793-9 

58 Annual Register, the Cabinet, 3 vol., 1831-3 — Adams, Roman 

Antiquities, 1836 . . 4 vol. 

59 Anquetil, L'Espvit de la Fronde, 5 vol.; et L'Intrigue du Cabinet 

sous Henri IV. et Louis XIII, 4 vol. Par. 1772-80. 9 vol. 

60 Anquetil, Louis XIV. sa Cour et le Regent, 4 vol. — L'Esprit de 

la Ligne, 3 vol. ; et Vie de Mareschal Due de Villars, 
portrait, 3 vol. . Paris, 1767-89. 10 vol. 

61 Anspach (Margravine of) Memoirs by Herself, 2 vol. 1826 

62 Antiquarian and Topographical Cabinet, containing elegant Views 

in Great Britain, 9 vol., numerous plates, Jine impressions, 
LARGE PAPER, russia . . 1807-11 

63 Antoninus (Emperor Marcus) his Conversations with himself, 

and Life, translated by Jer. Collier, portrait, 
old red morocco, gilt leaves . 1726 

64 Apolinarij Interpretatio Psalmorum versibus Heroicis, Graece, 

Jine copy, old red morocco, gilt leaves Paris, 1552 

65 Aquinitatis ( De Regimine Principum, libri IV, Paris-, 

1509 — Abdiae Babylonise Apostolicse Historise, libri X, 
Paris, 1571 . . 2 vol. 

66 Arabian Nights, translated by Forster, plates after the designs 

of R. Smirke, 5 vol., calf gilt . 1802 

67 Arbutlinot (J.) Miscellaneous Works, 2 vol. 1751— Art of Tor- 

menting, jo/a^e, 1757 — Art of Criticism, 1705, &c. 8 vol. 

68 Arcana of Science and Art, 7 vol., between 1828 and 1837, 

&c. . .10 vol. 

69 Architecture. — Decorations for Parks, Gardens, &c., 55 plates, 

n. d. — lo. Soane, Designs in Architecture for Parks, Gar- 
dens, &c., 38 plates, 1778 — C. Middleton, Designs for 
Gates and Rails, suitable to Parks, &c., 27 plates, 3 vols, 
in 1, half russia . . 1778, &c. 

70 Architecture, Gothic, Essays on, by Warton, Bentham, Grove, 

SiXi^MWnQr, voydX Qvo., plates, calf gilt . 1800 

71 Aretino (Pietro) Ragionamcnti con Comracnto delle Fiche, 

vellum . . . 1584 

72 Aretino (P.) Terzo Libro delle Lettere, Parigi^ 1609 — Ariosto, 

Satire e Rime, Londra, 1716 . 2 vol. 

73 Ariosto (Ludov.) Comedie, Venet, 1562 — Ariosto, Sattire di, 

Venet. 1363 — Apuleio dell' Assino D'Oro, Venet. 1567, 
&c. . . .9 vol. 

74 Ariosto (Lod.) Orlando Furioso, translated, with notes, by Jo. 

Hoole, 5 vol., porfy^ait, and many fine plates, 
calf-, gilt leaves . . 1785 

75 Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso con Annotazioni, 5 vol. portrait^ 

vellum gilt . . Firenze^ 1831 

76 Aristophanes, Plutus, translated by F. J. Carrington, 1825, 

&c. . . .5 vol. 

77 Aristotle's Last Legacy: or his Golden Cabinet of Secrets, with 

complete Canting Dictionary, woodcuts, 1711 — ^sop, 
Fables, translated by Leon. Willan, 1650, stained 2 vol. 

78 Arlington (Earl of) Letters to Sir W. Temple, /?or^raeV, 1701 — 

Aiberoni (Card.) History oi, portrait, 1719 — Agathocles, 
the Sicilian Tyrant, his Life, yjor^. and plate, 1676, 3 vol. 

79 Armstrong (J.) History of Minorca, 7nap and plates 1756 

80 Arnway (Dr. Jo.) The Tablet ; or Moderation of Charles I. 

Martyr, and Alarum to his Subjects, calf . 1661 

81 Arriani Expeditio Alexandri, Gr, et Lat. cura Raphelii, 

calf gilt . . Amst, 1757 

82 Arteaga (Dom.) les Revolutions du Theatre Musical en Italic, 

red morocco, extra joints, lined with silk, gilt leaves 1802 

83 Arundell (F. V. J.) Discoveries in Asia Minor, map and plates, 

2 vol. . 1834 

84 Ashmole (Elias) Antiquities of Berkshire, portrait, map, and 

plates, 3 vol., scarce, russia extra . 1719 

85 Asiatick Researches, jo/a^e*, 6 vol. . 1798-1801 

86 Astley (Philip) System of Equestrian 'Education, plates 1801 

87 Athenian Oracle ; a Collection of Questions and Answers, 

4 vol. . . 1728 

88 Atkins (H. M.) Ascent to the Summit of Mont Blanc, 


89 Aubrey (J.) Natural History and Antiquities of the 

County of Surrey, plates, 5 vol. 
LARGE paper, rare, fine copy, bright old calf gilt 1719 

90 Aubrey (J.) Miscellanies, and his Life . 1721 

91 Aucher (P.) Grammar, Armenian and English, 

vellum, uncut . . Venice, 1809 

92 Aucher and Brand, Dictionary, English and Armenian, 2 vol. 

vellum, uncut . imperial 8vo. Venice, 1821 

93 Audouin (Xavier) Histoire de TAdministration de la Guerre, 

4 vol., Paris, 1811 — Campagne des Armees Francaises 
en Prusse, 4 vol., Paris, 1807, &c. . 18 vol. 

94 Autumn (an) near the Rhine, map . 1818 

95 Avellaneda (A. F. de) Don Quixote, the fourth and fifth parts of 

his Adventures, 3 vol., calf gilt Swaffham^ 1805 

96 AylifFe (J.) Ancient and Present State of the University of Ox- 

ford, 2 vol. . . . 1714 

97 Ayres (Ph.) ^sopian Fables, plates, 1689 — Aristotle, Art of 

Poetry, 1705 — Brerewood (E.) on Languages, 1674. 3 vol. 

98 Ayscough (S.) Index to Remarkable Passages and Words made 

use of by Shakspeare, calf gilt royal 8vo. 1790 

99 Back (Capt. Geo.) Narrative of the Arctic Land Expedition in 

1833-5, map and plates — Narrative of an Expedition to 
the Arctic Shores in 1836-7, map and plates, 2 vol. 


100 Bachaumont (M. de) Memoires Secrets pour servir a VHistoire 

de la Republique des Lettres en France, 36 vol. 
calf gilt . . . 1781-4 

101 Bacon (Lord) Essays, 1701 — Blackmore (R.) Essays, 1716 — 

Byshe (Ed.) Art of Poetry, 1762, &c. . 6 vol. 

102 Baker (D. E.) Biographia Dramatica, 2 vol. Dublin, 1782 — 

Brown (Thomas) Select Letters, 1702 — Bruyere, Charac- 
ters, 1700, &c. . 7 vol 

103 Baker (H.) Microscope made ^a-sy, plates, 1744, &c. 6 vol. 

104 Baker, Reed, and Jones, Biographia Dramatica, or Companion 

to the Playhouse, 3 vol. in 4, calf gilt . 1812 

105 Bakewell (R.) Travels in Tarentaise and the Grecian and Pen- 

nine Alps, coloured plates and wood engravings, 2 vol. 1823 

106 Bakewell (R.) Introduction to Geology, jo/a^e^ . 1828 

107 Baillie (Joanna) Series of Plays, 2 vol. . 1802 

108 Baillie (Joanna) Metrical Legends, 1821, &c. 12 vol. 

109 Baillie (Marianne) Lisbon, plates, 2 vol. 1824 — Baldwin (G.) 

Recollections of Egypt, 1801 . 3 vol. 

110 Bainbridge (G. C.) Fly Fisher's Guide, plates colored, LiveV' 

pool, 1816 — Barton, Geography of Plants, maps, 1827, 

2 vol. 

111 Babler, The, 2 vol. 1767, &c. . .8 vol. 

112 Bale (Jo.) Brefe Chronycle concernynge the Examynacyon aud 

Death of Syr Johan Oldcastell, Lord Cobham, portrait, 
crimson morocco, gilt leaves . royal 8vo. 1729 

113 Bale (J.) A Brefe Chronycle concernynge the Examynacion 

and Death of Sir Johan Oldcastell, the Lorde Cobham, 
frontispiece, calf gilt . . 1729 

114 Ball (J.) Antiquities of Const3.ntmoip\e, plates . 1729 

115 Balzac ( Scenes de la Vie Privee, 6 vol. Bruxelles, 1836, 

&c. . . . 18 vol. 

116 Bandinell (J.) Bampton Lectures, 

LARGE PAPER . . Oxford, 1784 


117 Abel (Clarke) Journey in the Interior of China, maps and plates^ 

some coloured . , 1818 

118 Abulcacim Tarif (el Sabio Alcay de) Historia del Rey Don 

Rodrigo y de la conquesta de Espana, trad, por M. de 
Luna . . Madrid, 1676 

119 AcADEMiE RoYALE DES SCIENCES, depuis son etabUssemeut 

en 1666, jusqu' a 1790 — avec suite des Memoires, 1718 — 
Elemens de la Geometrie de I'lnfini, suite de 1727 — 
Cassini, Elemens d'Astronomie, 2 vol. suite de 1740 — - 
Traite de I'Aurore Boreale, par Mairan, suite de I'annee 
17.31, 2 vol. in 1, 1731-1754 — avec Memoire Mathema- 
tique et Physique, par divers Savans Etrangers, 11 vols. — 
Machines et Inventions approuvees par TAcademie, 1666 
a 1754, 7 vol. — Recueil des Pieces qui ont remporte le 
Prix, 1720 a 1772, 9 vol. — Cassini, la Meridienne de 
Paris, 1724 — Du Hamel Regiae Scientiarura Academise 
Historia, 1701 — Table Alphabetique, par Godin, depuis 
1666 a 1780, 9 vol.— et Nouvelle Table des Arts et 
Metiers, depuis 1666 a 1770, par Rozier, 4 vols — nume- 
rous plates, together 154 vol. 
uniformly bound, Jine copy, old French calf gilt 

Paris, 1701-1797 

120 AcADEMiE DES Inscriptions. Histoire de I'Academie Royale 

des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres, depuis son etablisse- 

ment jusqu' a present, avec*les Memoires de Litterature 

tirez des Registres de cette Academic, many plates, 46 vols. 

fine copy, old French calf gilt Paris, 1736-93 

121 Academie. Histoire de I'Academie Royale des Inscriptions et 

Belles Lettres, many plates, 2 vol. Paris, 1717 

122 Acerbi (Jos.) Travels through Sweden, Finland and Lapland, 

map and plates. Natural History coloured, 2 vol. 
calf gilt . . 1802 

123 AcKERMANN (R.)'WoRKS; viz. Miscrocosm of London, 3 vol. 

—History of St. Peter's Westminster, 2 vol. — History of 
the University of Cambridge, 2 vol. — History of the 
University of Oxford, 2 vol., numerous coloured plates, 
together 9 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, Tussia extra imp. 4to. 1812-15 

124 Azores. — A Report of the Truth of the Fight about the Isles 

of Azores, betwixt the Revenge, one of her Majesties 
Shippes and a Spanish Armada, calf gilt 1591 

125 Acta Eruditorum publicata Lipsias, jt?/«^e5, from 1682 to 1738; 

Supplementa, 9 vol. et Indices (wanting the years 1692, 
1715 and 1716, and vol. 3 of Index), together 66 vol. 

Lipsice, 1682-1738 

126 Adagia Grseca, Gr. et Lat., illustrata a Schotto Antv. 1612 


127 Adair (Jas.) History of the American Indians, map 1775 

128 Adair (J.) another copy, calf gilt 1775 

129 Adams (Geo.) Essays on the Microscope, by Kraumacher, 

31 plates, calf gilt . 1798 

130 Adams (Rob.) Narrative of his Shipwreck on the Coast of 

Africa in 1810, and Residence in Tombuctoo, map 
calf extra, marble leaves . 1816 

131 Addison (Jos.) Works portrait, 4 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, ^we old red morocco, sides tooled, and gilt 
leaves . . 1721 

132 Addison (J.) Works, portrait and plates, 4 vol. Baskervilles 

heautful edition, fine copy, calf gilt JBirrningham, 1761 

133 Adington (W.) Abridgment of Penal Statutes 1786 

134 -^lian, Tactics, with preliminary Discourse by Viscount Dillon, 

with S9 plates . 1814 

135 iEliani varia Historia, Gr. et Lat. cura Gronovii, 2 vol. 

old calf gilt . L. B.17SI 

136 ^schines et Demosthenes, Gr. et Lat., edidit J. Taylor 

LARGE PAPER . Cantab. 1747 

137 ^schyli Tragoediae, cum Scholiis, calf gilt H. Stephani, 1557 

138 African Researches, p/«^e5, vol.2, 1802, &c. 5 vol. 

139 Aglionby (W.) Choice Observations upon the Art of Painting, 

with Vasari's Lives of Painters 1719 

140 Agricola (G. A.) on Husbandry and Gardening, by Bradley, 

plates, 1721 — Bradley, Works of Nature, coloured plates, 
1721 . . 2 vol. 

141 Agrippa (H. C.) Occult Philosophy, in three books, translated 

by J. V. po7'trait . 1651 

142 Ainsworth, Latin and English Dictionary, 2 vol. 1761 

143 Aikin (A. and C. R.) Dictionary of Chemistry and Mineralogy, 

with the Appendix, many plates, 2 vol. scarce 1807-14 

144 Aikin (J.) Description of the Country round Manchester, maps 

and many plates, russia . 1795 

145 Aldini (J.) on Galvinism, plates 1803 

146 Alexander VII (Pope) a short Account of his Life and Death, 

and a relation of the Coronation of Pope Clement IX., 
portrait, fine copy, calf extra, gilt leaves 1667 

147 Aloisio (G. A. D') de Rimedj Mineral! dell' Isola d'Ischia 

Napoli, 1757 

148 Amani (lod.) Gynaeceum, sive Theatrum mulierum, in quo 

Precipuarum Omnium per Europam,&c. many wood engra- 
vings, calf extra . Francof 1586 

149 Ames (Jos.) Catalogue of English Heads, interleaved 

half russia . . 1748 

150 Ames (J.) Typographical Antiquities ; or Historical Account 

of the Origin and Progress of Printing in Great Britain 
and Ireland, by Herbert, portrait, 3 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, russia, marble leaves 1785-90 


151 Ames (J.) Typographical Antiquities ; or the History of Prin- 

ting in England, Scotland and Ireland, by Herbert, greatly 
enlarged by T. F. Dibdin, many jine poy^traitSi plates and 
tvood engravings^ 4 vol. 
firie copy, russia extra, gilt leaves . 1810-19 

152 Amico (Bern.) Tratto delle Piante et Immagini de Sacri Edifizi 

di Terra Santa disegnate in Jerusalemme, many plates 
fine copy, red morocco extra, gilt leaves Firenze, 1620 

153 Amsinck (P.) Tunbridge Wells and its Neighbourhood, many 

plates . . 1810 

154 Anacreontis Odaria, Uteris majusculis 

calf gilt . Parmce, JBodoni, 1784 

155 Anderson (Ad.) Origin of Commerce, containing a History of 

the Commercial Interests of Great Britain, maps, 4 vol. 


156 Anderson (^neas) Narrative of an Embassy to China, calf 

gilt, 1795 — Journal of the Forces in Egypt uuder Sir R. 
Abercromby, map and plates, calf gilt, 1802 2 vol. 

157 Anderson (Jas.) Collections relating to the History of Mary 

Queen of Scotland, 4 vol. 1729 

158 Anderson (R.) To Hit a Mark upon the Plain of the Horizon, 

1690— Bibliotheca Litteraria, No. 2 to 9, in 1 vol. 1722— 
Beveregii (G.) Institutionum Chronologicarum, libri ii. 
1705 . . 3 vol. 

159 Andreossy (F.) Histoire du Canal du Midi, ou Canal de Lan- 

guedoc, 2d folding plates, 2 vol. 

russia extra, gilt leaves . Paris, 1804 

169 Andrews (Hen.) Botanists' Repository of new rare 

Plants, 664 beautifully coloured plates by the Author, 

10 vol. calf neat . 1797-1815 

161 Andrews (H.) Monograph of the Genus Geranium, upwards of 

60 beautifully coloured plates 1805 

162 Andrews (J. P.) History of Great Britain, 2 parts in 1 vol. 

russia . . 1794 

163 Angelia S. Francisca (R. P. F.) Certamen Seraphicum Pro- 

vinciae Angliae pro Sancta Dei Ecclesia, engraved title and 
five portraits, brilliant impressions, very scarce 
russia, gilt leaves . Duaci, 1619 

164 Anglesey, History of the Island of, with Memoirs of Owen 

Glendour . 1775 

165 Angus (W.) Views of the Seats of the Nobility and Gentry of 

Great Britain and Wales, proof impressions 

oblong 4to. 1787 

166 Anson (Lord) Voyage round the World, in 1740-44, compiled 

by Ric. Walter, 42 plates 
LARGE PAPER, first and best edition, old red morocco, gilt 
leaves, presentation copy from Lord Anson to George 
Grenville . . 1748 



167 Anstey (Christopher) Poetical Works, portrait 

calfgiltf mavhled leaves . 1808 

168 Anstis (Jo.) Observations upon the Knighthood of the Bath, 

calf gilt . .1725 

169 Anti- Jacobin, the Poetry of the, calf, marbled leaves 1801 

170 Antilles, Histoire des Isles Antilles, avec Vocabulaire Caraibc, 

plates, Amst. 1658 — Description Geographique des lies 
Antilles, maps, 1758 . 2 vol. 

171 Antiquarian Repertory: a Miscellany, intended to preserve and 

illustrate several valuable Remains of Old Times, by Grose, 
Astle, &c. mani/ plates, 4 vol. 
FIRST EDITION, calf neat 1775-84 

172 Antiquarian Repertory: a Miscellaneous Assemblage of 

Topography, History, Biography, Customs and Manners, 
intended to illustrate several valuable Remains of Old 
Times, by Fr. Grose, Astle, &c., numerous portraits, 
views and monuments, 4 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, russia extra, joints, and gilt leaves 1807 

173 Antonini (Marci) De Rebus Suis, libri xii., Gr. et Lat., cura 

Gatakeri, portrait hy Faithorne Cantab. 1652 

174 Antonini Iter Britanniarum, cura T. GdXe, plates 1709 

175 Apophtegmes tirez des Anciens, Paris, 1664 — Bergier, His- 

toire des Grands Chemins de I'Empire Romain, ib. 1622 — 
Balzac, le Prince, ib. 1631 3 vol. 

176 Apuleii Apologia, Paris, 1635 — Augustini de Doctrina Chris- 

tiana, libri IV., Helmstadii, 1655 2 vol. 

177 Apuleius, the xi Bookes of the Golden Asse, translated by 

Wm. Adlington 
h\utk UiXtx, russia extra, gilt leaves 1 639 

178 Arbuthnot (J.) Tables of Antient Coins, Weights and Measures, 

by Lang with, best edition 1754 

179 Archjeologia: or, Miscellaneous Tracts relating to 

Antiquity, published by the Society of Antiquaries of 
I^ondon, sevei'al hundred plates, 29 vol. in 33, and Index, 
the Jirst 15 vol. calf gilt, the rest sewed, uncut, wanting 
vol. 28, parti . 1770-42 

180 Archaeologia. Collection of Ordinances, &c. for Government of 

the Royal Household, from Edward III. to W^illiam and 
Mary — Liber Quotidiauus Contrarotulatoris Garderobae, 
28th of Edwardi I. 1299-1300, 2 vol. calf gilt 1787-90 

181 Archseologia i^liana. Tracts by the Society of Antiquaries of 

Newcastle, jD^flf^e^, vol. I Newcastle, 1822 

182 Argoli (And.) Opera, Ephemerides ab 1640 ad 1700, &c. 

4 vol. . . Lugduni, 1677 

183 Ariosto (Lud.) Orlando Furioso, wood engravings, (wants last 

leaf of table) . Venet. 1544 

184 Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso, wood engravings ib. 1652 

185 Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso, con le Annotationi di Ruscelli, 

wood engravings . ib. 1580 


186 Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso, e Annotationi, plates hy G. 

Porro . Venet. 1584 

187 Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso, con le Annotationi di Ruscelli, 

wood engravings . ib. 1585 

188 Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso, Italian and English, 2 vol. 

presentation copyy with inscription lettered on the side of 
vol. 1, old red morocco, gilt leaves . 1755 

189 Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso, portrait and many plates hy 

Bartolozzi, Sfc, fine proofs, 4 vol., Baskervilles beau- 
tful edition 
LARGE PAPER, red morocco extra, gilt leaves Birmin. 1771 

190 Aristotele, Poetica Sposta per Castelvetio, Basil, 1576 — 

Addison Cato da Salvini, Firenze, 1725 2 vol. 

191 Aristotelis de Generatione libri, cum Coramentariis collegii 

Conimbricensis, Mogunt. 1600 — De Rhetorica libri iii., 
Gr. et Lat., cura T. Goulston, 1619 2 vol. 

192 Aristotelis de Poetica liber, cura Tyrwhitt 

LARGE PAPER, cttlf gilt Oxon, 1794 

193 Arnold, Chronicle or Customs of London, with the Poem 

of the Nut-Brown Maid 1811 

194 Arnot (H.) Collection and Abridgement of the celebrated 

Criminal Trials in Scotland, from 1536 to 1784 
calf gilt . Edinh. 1785 

195 Arnot (H.) History of Edinburgh from the earliest Accounts, 

many plates, calf gilt . 2*6.1788 

196 Ars Moriendi ex variis Scripturarum Sententiis collecta cum 

figuris, ad resitendum in Mortis Agone Dyabolice sugestioni 
valens, cuilibet christi fideli utilis ac multum necessaria, 
with 14 very curious wood engravings, the corners of 
five leaves slightly inended 
RARE, old red morocco sine loco aut anno 

197 Arthur. The most ancient and famous History of the Renowned 

Prince Arthur, King of Britaine, tvood engravings 
blacit letter, rare, blue morocco, gilt leaves 1634 

198 Arundale (F.) Illustrations of Jerusalem and Mount Sinai, map 

and 2\ fine plates . 1837 

199 Ashmole (E.) Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum : or severall 

Poetical Pieces of the Hermetiqne Mysteries, plates. 
Dr. Farmer s copy, with an autograph note 1652 

200 Asia, Dissertations on the History and Antiquities of, 3 vol. 

russia . . 1792-6 

201 Asiatic Researches, jo^a^e*, vol. I and 2, Calcutta, 1788-90, &c. 

7 vol. 

202 Aspenden Church, Herts, Survey of the present State of, 

plates . . 1796 

203 Assemani (J. A.) De Catholicis seu Patriarchis Chaldaeorum et 

Nestorianorum Commcntarius, calf gilt RomcF, 1775 


204 Astle (Thos.) on Stone Pillars and Crosses, joZa^e^ 1800 — Three 

others by Astle, and various Antiquarian and Topogra- 
phical Pamphlets . a parcel 


205 Abela (Gio. Fr.) Descrittione di Malta Isola nel Mare Siciliano, 

map and plates.) 
very scarce., fine copy^ morocco extra., g, I. 3Ialta, 1647 

206 Actes of Parliament, Anno Quinto Reginae Elizabethe, 

i^lacit letter, rare, russia extra, g. I, Ric. Jugge, 1563 

207 Adam (R.) Ruins of the Palace of Diocletian at Spalatro, 

61 fine plates , . 1764 

208 Adams (J.) Index Villaris in England and Wales, interleaved^ 

calf . . . n. d. 

209 Adriatic. Carta di Cabottagio del Mare Adriatico sotto la Di- 

rezzione dell' Institute Geographico Militaire di Milano, 
80 large maps . atlas folio. 1824 

210 Adventures of a Hunch-Back, (from the Arabian Nights' Enter- 

tainments), with illustrative prints, engraved hy Wni, 
Daniell, from pictures hy JR. Smirke, 


morocco extra, joints, and gilt leaves . 1814 

211 iEsop, Fables Paraphrased in Verse, by Jo. Ogilby, many fine 

plates, hy Hollar, &,-c. . . 1668 

212 i^sop, Fables, with Reflexions by L'Estrange, portrait and 

frontispiece . . 1704 

213 AiNSLiE (Sir Rob.) and Mayer, View^s in Egypt, Pa- 

lestine, Caramania, Turkey in Europe and in 
Asia, contahiing upwards o/" 160 heautifully coloured 
plates, 4 vol. in 3, russia extra, marhled leaves 1801-10 

214 Aitzema (L.) Notable Revolutions in the United Provinces of 

the Netherlands, 1650-51, calf gilt . 1653 

215 Albemarle (Duke of ) Observations on Military Affairs, 1671 — 

Elton, Body of the Military Art, plates, 1668 2 vol. 

216 Albemarle (Duke of) Observations, Military and Political, 1671 

217 Albini (B. S.) Tabulae Sceleti et Musculorum Corporis Humani, 

numerous plates . atlas folio. 1749 

218 Albizii (Ant.) Principum Christianorum Stemmata, numerous 

genealogical plates, calf extra Aug. Vindel. 1612 

219 Alciatus (And.) De Verborum Significatione Genev. 1659 

220 Aleman (Mat.) The Rogue ; or the Life of Guzman de 

Alfrache . . .1623 

221 America. Recueil d'Estampes Representant les differents Eve- 

nemens de la Guerre de I'lndependance de I'Amerique, 
plates, fine impressions, russia. oblong fol. Paris, \7SS 

222 Ammiani Marcellini Res Gestae, cum notis H. Valesii ib. 1681 


223 Ammirato (Scipione) Delle Famiglie Nobili Napoletane, parte 1 

and 2, genealogical plates, 
vellum^ not uniform , JFirenza, 1580-1561 

224 Ammirato (S.) Istorie Fiorentine, 3 vol. fvol. 3 wants last leaf 

of table) . . ib. 1648 

225 Anastasii Bibliothecarii Historia Ecclesiastica, Gr. et Lat., cura 

Fabroti . . Paris, 1649 

226 Andersoni (Jac.) Selectus Diplomatum et Numismatum 

Scotise Thesaurus, cura Ruddimanni, ISO plates of ancierit 
seals, charters, coins, 8fc. by Sturt,Jine impressions, 
LARGE PAPER, fine copy, old calf . Edinb. 1739 

227 Andrews (H. C.) Coloured Engravings of Heaths, from draw- 

ings taken from Living Plants only, 144 beautifully co- 
loured plates, vol. 1 and 3, 2 vol. . 1802-9 

228 Androuet (Jaq.) Livre des Edifices Antiques Romains, many 

plates, old calf gilt . . 1584 

229 Androuet (Jac.) Lcs plus excellents Bastiments de France, avec 

leurs elevations et singularitez, many plates, 2 vol. in 1 

Paris, 1607 

230 Angelii (Jo.) De Republicis Hanseaticis Tractatus, 6 parts, 

maps and numerous plates, including the large folding 
view of London, 2 vol. . Fvancof, Merian, 1629 

231 Anstey (Chr.) Election Ball in Poetical Letters, in the Zomer- 

zetshire Dialect, calf gilt . Bath, 1776 

232 Anstis (J.) Register of the most noble Order of the Garter, plates, 

2 \o\.fine copy, russia . . 1724 

233 Anthologia Gra3ca, seu Florilegium Diversorum Epigrammatum 

fine copy^ vellum, leather back, g. I. H. Stephanus, 1566 

234 Appian of Alexandria, History by J. D. . 1679 

235 Aquini (Car. de) Sacra Exequialia in Funere Jacobi II. Magnae 

Britannia? Regis, many fine plates, 
russia extra, gilt leaves, by C. Lewis Pomce, 1 702 

236 Aretini (Angeli) Opus super quattuor libris Institutionum (im- 

perfect at the end). 

237 Aguilles Gallery. Recueil d'Estampes d'apres les plus 

Celebres d'ltalie, des Pays Bas et de France, portrait and 
100 fine plates by J. Coelemans 
old French calf Paris, 1744 

238 Aringhi (P.) Roma Subterranea Novissima, many plates, 

2 vol. in 1 . Paris, 1659 

239 Aristophanis Comcedi^e novem, Graece, first and last 

leaf mended in the margin 
FIRST edition, rare, blue morocco, g. L Aldus, 1497 

240 Aristophanis Comoidiae, cum Coramentariis Antiquis cura 

Gelenii . Basil, 1547 

241 Aristophanis Comoediae, Gr. et Lat., cum Scholiis Antiquis, et 

Notis cura L. Kusteri . Amst. 1710 


242 Aristote, PolitiqueSjtraduites parL. Regius — Platon, Republique, 

par L. Regius, 2 vol. in 1 Paris, 1599-1600 

243 Aristotelis Opera, Gr. et Lat., cura J. Casauboni, 2 vol. 

Lvgduniy 1590 

244 Aristotelis Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat., cura Du Val, 2 vol. 

old French calf gilt Paris, 1619 

245 Armstrong (Col. Jo.) History of the Navigation of the Port of 

King's-Lyn, and of Cambridge, maps 1725 

246 Art de Verifier les Dates des Faits Historiques, des 

Chartes, des Chroniques, et autres Anciens Monumens, 
depuis la Naissance de notre Seigneur, 3 vol. in 6 
LARGE paper, Jine copy, red morocco e.vtraf gilt leaves 

Paris, 1783-87 

247 AsHMOLE (E.) Institution of the Lawes and Ceremo- 


numerous plates hy Hollar y 8^c., ivith portrait of Ashmoht 
inserted, Jine impression 
LARGE PAPER, RARE, ^'wg copv, blue morocco extra, joints 
and gilt leaves . 1672 

248 Assemanni (J. S.) Bibliotheca Orientalis Clementino-Vaticana, 

4 vol. . RomcB, 1719 

249 Asserii ^Ifredi Regis Gestae, Saxonice — Walsingham (T. de) 

Brevis Historia ab Edwardo I. ad Henr. V. et Ypodigma 
Neustriae vel Normannise ab Irruptione Normannorum usq: 
ad Annum Regni Henrici quinti, 3 vol. in 1 
Tussia extra, m. I. H. Binneman and Jo. Daius, 1574 

250 Astle (Th.) Account of the Seals of the King's Royal Boroughs 

and Magnates 
LARGE PAPER, calf gilt . 1792 

251 Astle (T.) Origin and Progress of Writing, as well Hierogly- 

phic as Elementary, and some Account of the Origin of 
Printing, portrait^ and 31 plates, some coloured 
LARGEST PAPER, Tussia extva, marbled leaves 1803 

252 Athensei Deipnosophistarum, libri XV., Gr. et Lat. cura Casau- 

boni, vellum . Lugduni, 1657 

253 Atkinson and Walker, Picturesque Representation of the Man- 

ners, Customs and Amusements of the Russians, portrait, 
and 100 coloured plates, 3 vol. in 1, calf, m. I. 1803 

254 Atkyns (Sir Rob.) Ancient and Present State of Glocestershire, 

73 maps and plates, views of seats, arms, ^c» 
calf gilt . . 1768 

255 Atlas of Nature ; being a Graphic Display of the most Inte- 

resting Subjects in the Three Kingdoms of Nature, above 
80 plates and wood engravings, some coloured 
calf extra, gilt leaves . w. d. 

256 xlubery, Histoire du Cardinal Due de Richelieu, portrait, 

3 vol. . . Paris, 1660 


357 Augspurgisches Jubel-Fest in 1730, or an Account of tlie 
Celebration of the Jubilee held in Augsberg in 1730, in 
commemoration of the 200th Year of the Augsberg Con- 
fession of Faith, portraits of M, Luther, ^c, numerous 
plates, fine impressions - Aug, Fmc?. 1731 

258 Augustine (St.) of the Citie of God, with Comments of L. 

Vives, good copy . 1620 

259 Augustini (Ant.) Dialogi in Nummis Veterum,p^<2^e*, Ant. 1717, 

&c. . . 3 vol. 

260 Bacon (Lord) Sylva Syl varum, joor^rm^ 1651 

261 Bacon (Ld.) Resuscitatio, or Several Pieces of his Works, by 

Dr. Rawley . 1671 

262 Bacon (Ld.) Sylva Sylvarum, or Natural History, 1685 — Bur- 

nett, Theory of the Earth, jo/a^e^, 1684 2 vol. 

263 Bacon (Ld.) Works, and Life by Mallet, portrait, 3 vol. 

fine copy, old calf extra, marbled leaves 1753 

264 Bacon (Nath.) Discourse on the Laws and Government of 



265 Baconi (Fr.) Opera Omnia, cura S. J. Arnoldi 

vellum . . Lips. 1694 

266 Baedae ( Ven.) Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum, Saxonice 

et Lat., cura Jo. Smith, plates 
BEST EDITION, scarce,fine copy, russia Cantab. 1722 

267 Bailey (N.) Etymological Dictionary 1736 

268 Baillie (Captain) Appeal to the Public concerning his late 

Governorship of Greenwich Hospital, red morocco 1779 

269 Baillie (Capt.) Works, viz. a Series of 113 fine Prints and 

Etchings, after Rembrandt, Ostade, Teniers, Gerard Dow, 
and other Old Masters {wanting plates 8 and 12, vol. 1) 
in vol. 2, plates 6, the three variations, 45, 46, 47, 48, and 
49, with several duplicates, many proofs before the letters, 
proofs on india paper, in colours, on satin, and in various 
states, with two not in the Catalogue, one of which is 
unique — together 139 plates, 2 vol. 
half russia . atlas folio, Boydell, 1792 

*** This was the copy selected for Miss Mary Boydell. 

270 Baker (Geo.) History and Antiquities of the County 

OF Northampton, many plates, india pro of s^ vol. 1 and 
vol. 2, 2 parts 
large paper, vol. 1 hf russia, and 2 parts uncut 1822-41 

271 Baker (Sir R.) Chronicle of the Kings of England, portrait 

and frontispiece . 1679 

272 Baldini (B.) Vita di Cosimo Medici Firenze, 1578 

273 Banduri (A.) Imperium Orientale sive Antiquitates Constantino- 

politanae, Gr. et Lat. 2 vol. 
large paper, old calf . Paris, 1711 


274 Banduri (A.) Numismata Imperatorum 'Romanorum, accessit 

Bibliotheca Nummaria, plates^ 2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, old Fi^ench calf gilt Paris, 1718 

275 Barbadici (J. F.) Numismata, /fwe p/a^e^ Pataviiy 1732 

276 Barnes (Joshua) History o£ Edward III., and of his Son, the 

Black Prince, portraitSf old calf gilt Camhridgr,, 1688 




277 Barbauld (Mrs.) British Novelist, 50 vol. (wanting vol. 9 to 15, 

and vol. 28) 42 vol. calf gilt 1810 

278 Barber, Picturesque Illustrations of the Isle of Wight, plates 

n. d. 

279 Barberini (Urbani VIII.) Poemata, edidit J. Brown, portrait, 

Oxon. 1726 — Carmina Quadragesimalia, Ojcon, 1723 

royal 8vo. 2 vol. 

280 Barclaii (J.) Satyricon, Elzevir, 1637 — Baudii Epistolae, 

FAzevir, 1662, &c. . 6 vol. 

281 Barclay (R.) Apology, 1736— Burnet (Bp ) Vindication of 

Ordinations, 1677, &c. 5 vol. 

282 Baretti (Jos.) Travels in Italy, 2 vol. 1768, &c. 11 vol. 

283 Baretti (J.) Journey from London to Genoa, 4 vol. 1770 

284 Baretti (J.) Spanish and English Dictionary, 2 vol. in 1 1807 

285 Barlffii (C.) Poemata, 2 vol. Amst.\\Q^5, and 9 Poemata 11 vol. 

286 Barre (W.) History of the French Consulate, portrait, 1804 — 

Bouille, Memoirs of the French Revolution, 1797, &c. 

8 vol. 

287 Barri (Comtesse du) Memoires de, 4 vol. Paris, 1829 — Me- 

moires et Correspondance de Mdme> d'Espinay, 3 vol. 
ih. 1818— Correspondance de S. C. d'Arly, 2 vol. ib, 1814 
— Memoires sur ITmperatrice Josephine, 3 vol. 1829 12 vol. 

288 Barrington and Beaufoy, Possibility of reaching the North 

Pole, map, 1818 — Barrow (J.) History of Voyages into 
the Arctic Regions, map, 1818 2 vol. 

289 Barruel (I'Abbe) Memoires pour servir a I'Histoire du Jaco- 

binisme et Histoire du Clerge pendant la Revolution Fran- 
coise, 5 vol. calf gilt, not uniform 1793-97 

290 Barruel (Abbe) History of the Clergy during the French 

Revolution, 3 parts in 1 vol. 
THICK PAPER, hlue morocco, gilt (eaves 1794 


lS9l Barton (Dr. B. S.) Elements of Botany, 30 finely coloured 
plates, calf gilt . 1804 

292 Bartram (W.) Travels in Carolina, map and plates 1792 

293 Bartsch (Adam) Catalogue Raisonne de toutes les Estampes 

qui ferment Toeuvre de Rembrandt, portrait and plates, 
interleaved ivith some MS. notes, 2 vol. 
calf gilt . Vienne, 1797 

294 Bartsch (Adam) Le Peintre Graveur, plates, interleaved 

tcith some MS. notes, 21 vol. calf gilt, 1.5 vol. and 6 vol. 
sewed . Vienne, 1803-21 

295 Baruflfaldi (G.) Baccanali, Venet. 1722— Buoni (T.) Theosoro 

de' Proverbi Italiani, ib. 1604 2 vol. 

296 Barwick (P.) Life of Dr. John Barwick, portraitst 1724 — 

Birch, Life of Henry Prince of Wales, 1760 2 vol. 

297 Basan (F.) Dictionnaire des Graveurs Anciens et Modernes, 

2 vol. calf gilt . Paris, 1789 

298 Bassompierre, Lettres Araoureuses et Morales, 1622, &c. 20 vol. 

299 Batei (G.) Elenchus Motuum Nuperorum in Anglia, portrait, 

Amst. 1663, &c. . 8 vol. 

SOO Bates (G.) and Skinner, Account of the late Troubles in Eng- 
land, frontispiece, 1685 — Bohours, Life of St. Francis 
Xavier, portrait, 1688 — Bohours, Life of St. Ignatius, 

3 vol. 

301 Batty (Miss) Italian Scenery, from Drawings made in 1817, 

QO fine plates . royal 8vo. 1820 

302 Bausset (L. F. J.) Memoires Anecdotiques sur ITnterieur du 

Palais, depuis 1805 a 1814, 2 vol. vellum IBruxelles, 1827 

303 Baxter (Ric.) Gairm au de Mhoir, Glasg. 1750— The New 

Testament, in the Gaelic Language, Edinh. 1767 2 vol, 

304 Baxteri (W.) Glossarium Antiquitatum Romanorura, portrait, 

1731, &c. . 3 vol. 

305 Baxter (W.) on the Human Soul, 2 vol. 1737 — Brown, 

Estimate of Manners, 2 vol. 1757 . 4 vol. 

306 Bayfield (Rob.) Tractatus de Tumoribiis praeter Naturara, 

fine portrait hy Faithorne 1662 

307 Bearcroft (Ph.) Historical Account of Thomas Sutton and of 

the Charterhouse, portrait and plates 
large paper, russia extra, gilt leaves 1737 

308 Bearcroft (P.) Historical Account of Thomas Sutton and the 

ChQiXievhon'&e, portrait and plate 1737 

309 Beatson (R.) Political Index to the History of Europe, 2 vol. 

unbound, 1788, &c. . 10 vol. 

310 Beatson (R.) Chronological Register of Parliament, from 1708 

to 1807, 3 vol. calf gilt . 1807 

311 Beattie (Jas.) Essay on Truth, Edinb. 1770 — Beatlie on 

Poetry and Music, ib. 1778 . 2 vol. 

312 Beau (Mons. le) Histoire du Bas-Empire, 24 vol. Paris, 1786 



313 Beaumont (Sir Jo.) Bosworth Field, with a Taste of the variety 

of other Poems, crimson morocco extra, gilt leaves 1629 

314 Beaumont and Fletcher, Dramatic Works, with notes by various 

Commentators, /)/a<e5, \0 vo\. calf gilt 1788 

815 Beauties of all the Magazines, 3 vol. 1762-4, &c. 12 vol. 

316 Beauties of England, new Display oi ihe, plates, 2 vol. 

calf neat , , 1787 

317 Beauties of England and Wales ; or, Delineations, Topo- 

graphical, Historical and Descriptive, of each County, by 
Jo. Briton and E. W. Brayley, with above 700 Jine plates; 
illustrated with numerous duplicates in different states^ as 
etchings, proofs before the letters, 8cc. 25 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, remarhobly fine, tall copy in pale russia 
extra, gilt leaves . 1801-12 

318 Beckford (W.) Descriptive Account of Jamaica, 2 vol. 1790 

319 Beckman (J.) History of Inventions and Discoveries, 3 vol. 

calf gilt . . 1797 

320 Bedse (Ven.) Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum, cura Jos. 

Stevenson, with an autograph letter of John Holmes, 

Secretary of the English Historical Society, applying 

for permission to have transcripts of the Charters, ^c. in 

the Buckingham Collection, scarce 1838 

321 Bede, Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation, by Stevens 


322 Beeverell (J.) Delices de la Grande Bretagne et de ITrelande, 

numerous plates, 8 vol. half hound, uncut Leide, 1727 

323 Beeverell (J.) Delices de la Grande Bretagne et de I'lrlande, 

numerous plates, 8 vol. calf Leide, 1707 

324 Behn (Mrs. A.) Plays and Poems, with a Voyage to the Island 

oi 'Lowe, portrait, ^ \o\» . 1697-1702 

325 Belgian Traveller, or a Tour through Holland, France and 

Switzerland, 4 vol. half calf 1806 

326 Bell (J.) British Theatre, consisting of the most esteemed 

English Plays (Tragedies) jo^a^e*', 16 vol. (wanting vol. 6) 


327 Bell (J.) British Theatre, consisting of the most esteemed 

English Plays, plates, fine impressions, 
LARGE PAPER, red vfiorocco . 1791 

328 Bell (J.) British Theatre, consisting of the most esteemed Plays 

in the English Language, with nearly 300 plates, Jine 
impressions, 34 vol. (wanting vol. 21) calf 1796 

329 Beloe (Wm.) Anecdotes of Literature and Scarce Books, 6 vol. 

calf gilt . 1807-12 

330 Belsham (W.) History of Great Britain, 12 vol. 1805 

331 Beltz (Geo, Fr.) Review of the Cbandos Peerage Case, adjudi- 

cated, 1803, zvith two tracts and two autograph notes of 
Sheffield Grace and Wm. Shaiv Mason 1834 

332 Bembo (Piet.) le Prose e delle Lettere, 2 vol. in 1, Venet. 

1575-87 — La Ballerina Onorata, ib, 1754 — Caproali (C.) 
Rime, &c. . 8 vol. 


333 Benger (Miss) Memoirs of Anne Boleyn, portrait, 2 vol. 1821 

— Memoirs of Elizabeth Queen of Bohemia, poi'trait, 
2 vol. 1825 . 4 vol. 

334 Benson (R.) Sketches of Corsica, plates, 1823 — Benson (R.) 

Memoirs of Arthur Collier, 1837 — British Flag Trium- 
phant, blue morocco, 1806, &c. 7 vol. 

335 Benson (Tho.) Vocabularium Anglo-Saxonicum, cum Lexico 

Gal. Somneri, fine copy ^ old calf royal Bvo. Oxonii, 1701 

336 Bentham (Jer.) Theorie des Peines et des Recompenses, par 

Dumont, 2 vol. calf gilt 1811 

337 Bentley's Miscellany, edited by Boz, plates. No. 1 to 25, 

1837-9 — Ainsworth's Magazine, No. 2 to 8 32 Nos. 

338 Bercastel (Abbe de Berrault) Histoire de I'Eglise, 24 vol. 

(wants vol. 13) half russia Maestrecht, 1780-91 

339 Bergerac (M. de) (Euvres diverses, 2 vol. Amst. 1699 — Brandt, 

Histoire de la Reformation des Pais Bas, 2 vol. 1730, 
&c. . . 8 vol. 

340 Berni, Casa, Varchi, &c. Opere Burlesche, 3 vol. Londra, 1723 

341 Bernier (F.) History of the Great Mogol, map, 1671 — Histo- 

rical Fragments of the Mogul Empire, maps, 1782 — Beck- 
man (Dan.) Voyage to Borneo, maps and plates, 1718, 
&c. . . 5 vol. 

342 Bernier (F.) Travels in the Mogul Empire, by Brock, 2 vols. 1826 

343 Bertolotti (D.) Viaggio in Savoia, 2 vol. 

white vellum, gilt leaves . Livorno, 1828 

344 Bertrand de Moleville (A. F.) Annales of the French Revolu- 

tion, and Private Memoirs of Lewis XVI. portrait, 1 vol. 
calf gilt . . 1797-1800 

345 Berwick (Duke of) Memoirs of, written by Himself, 2 vol. 

calf gilt . . 1779 

346 Besenval (le Baron de) Memoires de, Ecrits par Lui-Meme, 

portrait, 3 vol. calf gilt Paris, 1805 

347 Beveridge (Bp. Wm.) Private Thoughts upon Religion, po7't, 

2 vol. old red morocco, gilt leaves 1715 

348 Bewick (T.) History of Birds, with numerous wood engra,' 

vings hy T„ Bewick, fine impressions, 2 vol. 
FIRST EDITION, LARGE PAPER, red morocco cxtra, gilt 
leaves . Newcastle, 1797-1804 

349 Bewick (T.) General History of Quadrupeds, with numerous 

wood engravings 
red morocco extra, g. I, uniform with preceding lot. ib. 1800 


350 Biblia Latina, curis Tremellii, Junii et Bezse, Amst. 1627 — 

Nov. Testamentum Graecum, cura Leusdeni, ruled with red 
lines, old morocco, gilt leaves, Amst. 1698 2 vol. 


Versions of the Scriptures (continued) 

351 Biblia Sacra, Latiiie . Basils 1526 

352 Biblia Sacra Hebrsea, ab Atbias, 2 vol. AmsU 1661 

353 Biblia Sacra, Tremellii et Juivii, hlue morocco, g, I. ib. 1609 

354 Biblia Sacra Latina, Vulg-atae Editionis, ruled with red lines 

old red morocco^ gilt leaves Lugduniy 1 609 

355 Biblia Sacra Latina, Junii et Bezae, hlue mor,g. I. Amst. 1679 

356 Bible, La Sainte . Geneve, 1588 

357 Vetus Testarnentura Greecum ex Vers. Septuaginta Interpretum, 

and the Greek Liturgy, with the rare Preface of Bp. J, 
Pearson, 3 vol. good copy, g. I. Cantab. Jo. Field, 1665 

358 Vetus Testamentum Graecum, et Libri Apocryphi ex editione L. 

Bos, et Novum Testamentum Grsecum juxta exemplar 
Millianum, 5 vol. calf gilt Oxonii, 1805 

359 Novum Testamentum, Gr. et Lat. cum duplici Interp. D. Eras- 

mi et Veteris interpretis, 2 vol. 
fne copy, old red morocco, gilt leaves Rob. Steph. 1551 

360 Novum Testamentum Graecum, editio " O mirificam Regis," 

2 vol. very good copy 
old black morocco, gilt leaves Paris, Rob. Steph. 1549 

361 Novum Testamentum Grecum, Leusdeni, Amst. 1701 — Nov. 

Test. Vulgatse editionis, O^^on. 1796 — Nuovo Testamento, 
Geneva, 1596, &c. . 5 vol, 

362 Novum Testamentum Grecum, Millii, Amst. 1711 — Nov. Test. 

Vulgatse editionis, Oxon, 1796 — Nouveau Testament, 1750 

3 vol. 

363 Nuovo Testamento, Latine et Italice, ruled with red lines 

fine copy, old blue morocco, gilt leaves Lyone, 1558 

364 Evangelia Quatuor, Greece, cura White 

red morocco, gilt leaves Oxonii, 1798 

365 Bible (The Pictorial) illustrated with many hundred wood 

engravings, 3 vol. imperial 8vo. Charles Knight, 1836 

366 Testament (New) Greek and English, by Mace, 2 vol. 

calfneat . . 1729 

367 Bibliotheque (Petite) des Theatres, ou Recueil des Meilleures 

Pieces des Theatres Francois, Tragique, Comique, Lyrique, 
&c. portraits, 80 vol. 
FINE PAPER, calf, gilt leaves Paris, 1783-92 

368 Bibliotheque Portative du Voyageur: a Collection of 

French Classic Writers, viz. Corneille, 5; Racine, 4; 
Theatre de Voltaire, 5; Fontaine, 4; Moliere, 7; Le Sage, 5; 
Bossuet, Histoire Universelle, 2; Memoires de Gramraont, 
2, etc. etc. portraits, tageiher 51 vol. tmifo7'm 
red morocco, gilt leaves, and enclosed in a red leather case, 
nice Qy folio volume, and lettered Paris, 1802-18 

369 Bibliotheque Portative des Ecrivains Frangois en Prose et en 

Vers, par Moysant et Levizac, 6 vol. 
calf, marbled leaves , royal 8vo. 1803 


870 Biggs (J.) History of De Miranda's Attempt to eflFect a Revo- 
lution in South America . 1809 

371 Binos, Voyage en Egypte au Mont-Liban, 2 vol. 1787 — Blaze, 

la Vie Militaire sous I'Empire, 2 vol. 1837 — Pierre Claus, 
Aventures, ou Le Gil Bias Allemand, 3 vol. 1789 7 vol. 

372 Bingham (G.) Essays and Sermons, 2 vol. 1804, &c. 4 vol. 

373 Bingham (Jos.) Antiquities of the Christian Church, mapst 

9 vol. . . 1821-9 

374 Bingley (W.) Animal Biography, 3 vol. calf gilt 1803 

375 Bingley (W.) Tour round North Wales, plates, 2 vol. 1800 
375*Bingley (W.) North Wales, its Scenery, Antiquities, &c. plates, 

2 vol. . . 1804 

376 Bingley (W.) Memoirs of British Quadrupeds, 44 plates, fine 

impressions, blue moi-occo extra, gilt leaves 1809 

377 Biochimo, the Royall Game of Chesse-Play, portrait 

scarce, calf neat . . 1656 

378 Biographical Dictionary, New and General, \2mo, calf gilt. 1784 

379 Biondi, Roma Restaurata, tradotte per L. Fauno Venet. 1542 

380 Biot (J. B.) Precis Elementaire de Physique Experimentale, 

plates, 2 vol. white vellu7n, gilt leaves Paris, 1824 

381 Birch (T.) Negociations between England, France and Brus- 

sels, 1749, &c. . 12 vol. 

382 Bird, Magazine of Honour, enlarged by Sir J. Doderidge 1642 

383 Bishop (Matthew) Life and Adventures, 1744 — Bellerton, Life, 

portrait, 1710 — Bruhl (Count) Life, n. d. — Budgell, Life 
of the Earl of Orrery, portrait, 1732 4 vol. 

384 Bishop (Sam.) Poems, portrait, 2 vol. 1802 — Cotton (N.) 

Poems, 2 vol. 1791, &c. . 10 vol. 

385 Bisse (Dr. Tho.) Beauty of Holiness in the Common Prayer, 

old red morocco, gilt leaves ♦ 1717 


386 Andrews (L.) Tortura Torti, sive ad Matthsei Torti Lib rum 

Responsio, qui imper editus contra Apologiam Jacobi L 
Regis pro Juramento Fidelitatis, vellum 1609 

387 Atti deir Academia Gioenia di Scienze Naturali in Catania, 

plates, 9 vol. Catania, 1825-35 

388 Athens, Letter from, a. Poem, plates, calf extra, 1812 — Barber 

(Mrs.) Poems, ca/f^iV/, 1734 . 2 vol. 

389 Aubery (Sir) L'Histoire du Cardinal Due de Joyeuse, Pains, 

1654 — Augeard, Arrests Notables des differens Tribunaux, 
2 vol. . . ih, 1710 

390 Audebert et Vieillot, Histoire Naturelle et Generale des Coli- 

bris, Oiseaux-Mouches Jacamars et Promerops, numerous 
beautifully coloured plates, 2 vol. 
russia extra, gilt leaves Paris, 1802 


391 Augustini (Leon.) Gemmae et Sculpturae Antiquae Depictae cura 

Gronovii, upwards of 260 plates, 2 vol. in 1 

Franc. 1694 

392 Auldjo (J.) Narrative of an Ascent to the Summit of Mont 

Blanc, plates, India proofs 
LARGE PAPER, half calf gilt , 1828 

393 Auli Gellii Noctes Atticse, cum notis Gronovii Lug, 3, 1706 

394 AylifFe (Sir Jos.) Calendars of the Ancient Charters, and of 

the Welch and Scottish Rolls in the Tower of London 
calf gilt . . 1774 

395 Baglione (Gio.) Vite de Pittore, Scultori et Architetti, una con- 

tinuazione di Vasari . Romay 1602 

396 Baker, History of the Inquisition in all its branches, plates 1736 

397 Baldwin (Geo.) La Prima Musa Clio 

PRIVATELY PRINTED, without title, scarcc, blue morocco, 
gilt leaves . , 1802 

398 Bale (Jo.) Illustrium Majoris Britanniae Scriptorum lib., wood 

cut of Bale presenting his book to Edward VI. 
FIRST EDITION, scarce, russia extra, g. I. Gippeswici, 1548 

399 Ballard (Geo.) Memoirs of several Ladies of Great Britain 

celebrated for Learning, old calf gilt Oxford, 1752 

400 Ballino (Giulio) De Disegni delle Citta e Fortezze, plates 

Venet, 1569 


401 Historie and Life of King James the Sext, being an Account of 

the Affairs of Scotland from 1566 to 1596, with Continua- 
tion to 1617, edited by T. Thomson 
Fifty-two copies printed, green morocco extra, joints 
and gilt leaves - Edinb, 1825 

*^* Printed at the expense of the Club. 

402 Letters of Jo. Grahame of Claverhouse, Viscount of Dundee, 

with Illustrative Documents, 1678-89, portraits and fac 
similes . . ib, 1826 

*;j.*' Edited and presented by Geo. Smythe. 

403 Memoirs of his Own Life, by Sir Jas. Melville of Halhill, 

1549-1593, from the original MS., edited by T. Thomson 
green morocco extra, joints and gilt leaves ib» 1827 

*^* Printed at the expense of the Club. 

404 History of Scotland from the Death of King James the First 

in 1436 to 1561, by Jo. Lesley, Bishop of Ross, portrait 
on india paper . ib, 1830 

*^* 101 copies, printed on Club paper, were purchased for the 


Bannatyne Club Publications (continued) 

405 Acts and Proceedings of the General Assemblies of the Kirk 

of Scotland, from 1560 to 1C18, by T. Thomson, 3 vol. 

Edinh. 1833-45 

*^* Printed at the expense of the Club. 

406 Chronica De Mailros e Codice Unico in Bibliotheca Cottoniana 

Servato, cura Jos. Stevenson, facsimiles ib. 1835 

*^* Presented by Sir J. Hay and A. Pringle. 

407 Accounts of the Great Chamberlains of Scotland, and other 

Officers of the Crown, rendered at the Exchequer 1326 to 
1453, 3 vol. . . ib. 1836 

*j^* Edited and presented by T. Thomson, Esq. (in 1836), and 
circulated in May 1841, vol. I and 2, and vol.3 in 1845. 

408 Historical Observes of Memorable Occurrents in Church and 

State, from October 1680 to April 1686, by Sir Jo. Lauder, 
of Fountainhall, edited by A. Urquhart, and D. Laing, 
portrait . . . ib. 1840 

*;j.* Printed at the expense of the Club. 

409 Liber Cartarum Sancte Crucis. Munimebta Ecclesie Sancte 

Crucis de Edwinesburg, edited by C. Innes, plates and fac' 
similes . . , ib. 1840 

*^* Presented by Lord Fr. Egerton, 

410 Balcarres (Earl of) Memoirs touching the Revolution in Scot- 

land 1688-90, with biographical Memoir ib. 1841 

*^* Edited and presented by Lord Lindsay. 

411 Liber Cartarum Prioratus St. Andree in Scotia, cura Cosmo 

innesy facsimiles . , 2*6.1841 

*;^* Presented by O. T. Bruce. 

412 Letters and Journals of Robert Baillie, Principal of the Univer- 

sity of Glasgow, 1637 to 1662, with the additions, edited 
by D. Laing, 4 vol. . ib. 1841-2 

^';^* Printed at the expense of the Club. 

413 Correspondence of George Baillie, of Jervis Wood, 1702 to 

1708 . . . ih. 1842 

*^* Edited and presented by the Earl of Minto. 

414 Registrum de Dunfermelyn Liber Cartarum Abbatie Benedic- 

tine S. S. Trinitatis, et B. Margarete Regine de Dunfer- 
melyn, edited by Cosmo Innes, facsimiles ib. 1842 
*^* Presented by the Duke of Buckingham, &c. 

415 Registrum. Another copy . , ib, 1842 

416 Registrum. Another copy . ib, 1842 


Bannatyne Club Publications (continued) 

417 Registrura. Another copy . Edinh. 1842 

418 Registrum. Another copy . ib. 1842 

419 Registrum. Another copy . . ib. 1842 

420 Diary of the Public Correspondence of Sir Tho. Hope, of 

Craighall, 1633-1645, from the Original at Pinkie House, 
edited by Tho. Tovn^ou^ facsimile . ib. 1843 

*^* Printed at the expense of the Club. 

421 Leven and Melville Papers. Letters and State Papers addressed 

to Geo. Earl of Melville, Secretary of State for Scotland, 
1689-91, fac'similes . . ib. 184S 

*^* Edited and presented by the Hon. Wm. L. Melville. 

422 Liber Ecclesie de Scon, Munimenta Vetustiora Monasterii 

Sancte Trinitatis et St. Michselis de Scon, edited by 
C. Innes, plates and facsimiles . ib. 1843 

*^* Presented by Wm. Smythe. 

423 Registrum Episcopatus Glasguensis, Munimenta Ecclesie Me- 

tropolitane Glasguensis a sede Restaurata Seculo ineunte 
XII. ad Reformatam Religionem, edited by C. Innes, 
plates and facsimiles, 2 vol. . ib. 1843 

*;^* Printed at the expense of the Club. 

424 Horn et Rimenhild, Recueil de ce qui reste des Poemes relatifs 

a leurs Aventures composes en Francois, en Anglois, et en 
Ecossois, Public par Fr. Michel, facsimiles, Paris 1845 

*^* Printed at the expense of the Club. 

425 Liber S. Marie de Calchou, Registrum Cartarum Abbacie Ti- 

ronensis de Kelso, 1113-1567, edited by C. Innes, j^c- 
similes and colored plate, 2 vol, . Edinb. 1846 

^^^ Presented by the Duke of Roxburghe. 

426 Banks (T. C.) Dormant and Extinct Baronage of England, 
numerous pedigrees, ^ yo\. calf gilt . 1807 

•427 Barclay (Rob.) Apology for the Quakers 

Baskerville, JBirmingham, 1765 

428 Barclay (W.) Of the Authoritie of the Po^e, frontispiece, 1611 

429 Bardon (Dandre) Costume des Anciens Peuples, numerous 

plates, 3 vol. calf, marbled leaves . Paris, 1772 

430 Barrett (Wm.) Plistory and Antiquities of the City of Bristol, 

map and mani/ plates, calf neat . Bristol, 17 89 

431 Barrington (Daines) Miscellanies . 1781 

432 Barrow (Jo.) Life and Select Writings of the Earl of Macart- 

ney, jt? or #rmV, 2 vol. ca//" ^i7^ . 1807 


433 Barrow (J.) Account of Travels into the Interior of Southern 

Africa in 1797 and 8 — Travels in China, and Voyage to 
Cochin China, maps and many coloured plate s^^ 4 vol. 
calf gilt. U7iiform . . 1801-6 

434 Barry (Sir Edw.J Observations on the Wines of the Ancients, 

frontispiece, calf gilt . . 1775 

435 Barry (G.) History of the Orkney Islands, map and plates, 

calf marbled leaves . Ediriburgh, 1805 

436 Barry (James) Works, with Account of his Life and Writings, 

portrait and plates ^ 2 vol. calf gilt , 1809 

437 Bastien (J. F.) Nouvelle Maison Rustique, ou Economie Ru- 

rale, numerous plates, 3 vol. russia Paris, 1804 

438 Bartholini (T.) Antiquitates DanicsB . Hafnice, 1689 

439 Bates (Dav.) Logarithmic Tables . Dublin, 1781 

440 Batesii (Gul.) Vita? Selectorum aliquot Virorum 1681 

441 Batty (Miss) Italian Scenery, many plates, Jine impressions, 

LARGE PAPER, half bound calf gilt . 1820 

442 Battely (Jo.) Opera Posthuma, viz. Antiquitates Rutupinse et 

S. Edmundi Burgi, plates, 
LARGE PAPER, bright old calf gilt . Oxonii, 1823 

443 Batty (Capt.) Campaign of the Allied Army of the Western 

Pyrenees and South of France, map and plates, 
half calf gilt leaves . . 1823 

444 Batty (R.) Scenery of France, 64 plates, 

LARGE PAPER, half calf gilt . . 1822 

445 Bayfius (Laz.) De Re Navali, wood engravings, interleaved, 

Paris, 1549 

446 Bayley (Jo.) History and Antiquities of the Tower of London, 

many plates, 2 \o\. . . 1821 

447 Bayly (T. H.) Fifty Lyrical Ballads, 


448 Baxter (R.) Saints' Everlasting Rest, frontispiece, 1658 — 

Baxter (R.) Life of Fahh, portrait, 1670 2 vol. 

449 Beard (Tho.) The Theatre of God's Judgements ; a Collection 

of Histories, calf neat . . 1596 

450 Beatson (Alex.) Origin and Conduct of the War with Tippoo 

Suliaan, portrait, map, and plans, calf gilt 1800 

451 Beaulieu (M. de) Vie de St. Thomas Archevesque de Cantor- 

bery . . Paris, 1674 

452 Beauvau (H. de) Voyage du Levant, plates Nancy, 1619 

453 Beaver (Capt. P.) African Memoranda relative to the British 

Settlement on the Island of Bulama, plates, 
calf gilt . . .1805 

454 Beckford, Thoughts on Hunting, jo/a^e^, 1781, &c. 5 vol. 

455 Beechey (Capt. F. W.) Narrative of a Voyage to the Pacific 

and Beering's Strait in 1825-8, maps and plates, 2 vol. 1831 

456 Belidor (M.) Cours de Mathematique, jo/a^e* Paris, 1725 



457 Belcher (Sir Ed.) Voyage round the World, map and plates, 

2 vol. . . . 1843 

458 Bell, New Pantheon ; or Historical Dictionary of the Gods, 

Demi-Gods, Heroes, &c. of Antiquity, many plates, 2 vol. 
calf gilt . . .1790 

459 Bell (H. G.) Huntingdon Peerage, and Restoration of the 

Earldom f wants the portraits) . 1820 

460 Bell (J.) Travels from Russia to China, map, 2 vol. 

Glasgow, 1763 

461 Bellin (S) Le Petit Atlas Maritime Recueil de Cartes et Plans 

des quatre Parties du Monde, numerous coloured charts 
and maps, 5 vol. 
Jine copy, rich old red morocco extra, g. I, Paris, 1764 

462 Bellin (N.) Description Geographique des Debouquemens de 

Saint Domingue, charts, Paris, 1768 — Charrailly (Venault 
de) Lettre a Bryan Edwards sur Saint Domingue, 1797 

2 vol. 

463 Bellori (G. P.) Vite de Pittori, Scultori et Architetti Moderni, 

portraits, calf gilt . Roma, 1672 

464 Belon (P.) Portraits d'Oysseaux, Animaux, Plommes et Femmes 

d'Arabie, etc. many fine wood engravings (two leaves 
torn) . . Paris, 1557 

465 Belzoni (G.) Narrative of the Operations and Discoveries in 

Egypt and Nubia, portrait, 
russia extra, gilt leaves, with the plates in folioy some in 
colours, and six additional ones • 1820 


466 Baron (B.) Portraits and Plates, after old Masters, 25 plates, 

fine impressions, half bound , 1741, &c. 

467 Bartoli (P. S.) Veteres Arcus Augustorum Triumphis, insignes 

cura Bellorii, b2 fine plates, vellum . Pomes, 1690 

468 Bartoli (P. S.) Gli Antichi Sepolcri, ovvero Mausolei Romani 

ed Etruschi, numerous plates . ih. 1768 

469 Bartoli (P. S.) Colonna Trajana in Roma Scolpita, \\ A plates, 

ib. n, d, 

470 Bartoli (P. S.) Colurana Antoniniana, cura Jo. P. Bellorii, 

77 fine plates, calf gilt . . ib. n. d, 

471 Bartoli (P. S.) Admiranda Romanorum Antiquitatum ac Ve- 

teris Sculpturae Vestigise, 83 plates, 
vellum . . oblong folio, ib. 1693 



TION OF THE WORKS of this celebrated and 
JUSTLY ADMIRED Engraver, Consisting of 


viz. Etchings, proofs before any- letters, proofs 
IN various stages with the letters, proofs on 
INDIA paper, satin, ETC., and choice impressions, with 
Jive plates, hy J, Wagner, of Venice, his master, shewing 
the very great superiority attained by the pupil, and two 
portraits of JBartolozzi, one a proof before the letters, 
in 8 vol. fine copy, old russia . v, y. 

*^* This most extensive Collection of the Works of Bartolozzi 
was formed for Mary Boydell, and is believed to be 

473 Basnage, Annales des Provinces-Unies depuis la Paix de 

Munster . . La Haye, 1719 

474 Batimens de la Porte, Lambris, Chemiee, etc., numerous 

plates, 2 vol. . . Paris, n. d, 

475 Battles. Naval and Land Engagements. A Series of 

about 100 large plates of Sea Fights, from 1793 to 1801, 
including Earl Howe's Victory, 1st of June, 1794, by 
Fittler, Medland, ^c. ; Admiral Sir J. Jervis' Victory off 
Cape St. Vincent, 1797, hy Dodd ; Admiral Nelson board- 
ing two Spanish Ships, in 1797, by Dan, Orme ; Lord 
Duncan's Battle of Camperdown, 1797, by Hellyer, Fitt- 
ler, ^c. ; The Battle of the Nile, in 1798, by Orme, Fitt- 
ler, S^c. ; The Storming of Seringapatam, by Vendramini, 
8^c. ; The Death of Abercrombie, by Ditto ; The Fall of 
Tippoo Sultaun, by Schiavonetti, Cardon, &c. 1 vol. 
half russia . 1793. &c. 

476 Battles, Naval and Military, &c. A beautiful Collec- 

tion of celebrated Naval and Military Actions, &c. by 
various eminent Engravers, including the Death of Nelson, 
after West's picture, hrilliant proof before any letters ; 
The Death of Nelson, by W. Bromley, a fine proof; 
Chevy Chase, by Young, a fine etching on india papery 
and a fine proof impression ; The Death of Major Pear- 
son, by J. Heath, brilliant proof before the letters; The 
Landing of the British Troops in Egypt, by L. Schia- 
vonetti, brilliant proof; Battle of Alexandria, by A. 
Cardon, choice proof; Battle of Waterloo, by Jo. Burnet, 
brilliant proof ; The Death of Lord Robert Manners, by 
Sherwin, fine proof; The Siege of Gibraltar, by Fittler, 
Malton, Sherwin, &c., 7 plates, mostly proofs ; The Loss 
of the Duke of Athol and the Grosvenor East Indiamen ; 
The Nancy Packet, &c., in all 78 plates, mostly proofs or 
very fine impressions, in a volume 
russia extra, joints ) and gilt leaves atlas folio, v, y< 


477 Battles. Commemoration of the Four great Naval Victories ob- 

tained by Earl Howe, Earl St. Vincent, Lord Duncan, and 
Lord Nelson, in four emblematical engravings hy R. 
Smirke . elephant folio. 1803 

478 Baudoin (J.) Histoire de Malthe, avec les Statuts et les Ordon- 

nances de I'Ordreet de S. Jean de Jerusalem, portraits and 
plates^ 2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER . Parisy 1643 

479 Bautrand (M. A.) Geographia ordine Literarura disposita, 

portrait, 2 vol. ih. 1682 

480 Baxter (Ric.) Narrative of his Life and Times, by M, Sylvester, 

portrait, good copy 1696 

481 Bayeaux Tapestry, \1 finely colored ^plates, complete, scarce n.d, 


LARGE PAPER, REST EDITION, fine copy, old Tussia extra 

Rotterdam, 1720 

483 Beaumont (A.) Travels through the Rhetian Alps, in 1786, 

plates, calf gilt . 1792 

484 Beaumont (A.) Travels from France to Italy, through the 

Lepontine Alps, 27 plates 

LARGE PAPER, Calf gilt . 1300 

485 Beaumont (A.) Another copy, 27 plates 

LARGE PAPER, russia extra, marhled leaves 1800 

486 Beaumont (A.) Travels through the Maritime Alps, from Italy 

to Lyons, numerous plates 
LARGE PAPER, calf gilt . 1795 

487 Beaumont and Fletcher, Fifty Comedies and Tragedies, portrait 


488 Beaurain (Chev. de) Histoire Militaire de Flandre Cam.pagne 

du Prince de Conde en 1674 — Campagne du Due de Lux- 
embourg depuis 1690 jusqu' en 1694, 4 vol., numerous 
maps and plans, 5 vol. 
fine old French calf gilt and gilt leaves Paris, 1774-6 

489 Beawes (W.) Lex Mercatoria Rediviva, by Mortimer 1783 

490 Bedse (Ven.) Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum, Saxon et 

Lat., cura A. Wheloci, Cantab. 1643; et G. Lambardi 
de Priscis Anglorum Legibus, libri, Saxon et Lat. 2 vol. 
in 1 Cantab. 1643-44 

491 Bedford, Hereditary Right to the Crown of England 1713 

492 Bedfordshire, Gloucestershire, and Norfolk 

Illustrated with about ^^0 portraits, plates, genealogical 
tables, (Sfc, including the Bibliotheca Topographica Britan- 
nica, 3 vols. 

493 Bellarmini (Rob.) Disputationes de Controversiis Christianae 

Fidei, 4 vol. in 3 Colon. 1619 

494 Bellay (Rene du) Les Memoires de Mess. Martin du Bellay 

Seigr. de Langey, good copy Paris, 1569 

495 Bellin (M.) Hydnographie Francoise, Recueil des Cartes 

Marines generale et particuliere, 3 vol. 1772 


496 Bellori (P.) Descrizzione delle Imagine dipinte da Raffaele 

d'Urbiiio nelle Camere del Palazzo Vaticano, portrait 

Roma, 1695 

497 Bembi (Petri) Epistolse Leonis x nomine Scriptse, Venet, 1535 

— Marliani (T.) Urbis Romas Topographia, wood engra- 
vings, Basilt 1550, in 1 vol. 

498 Berabi (Card.) Historiae Venetse, lib xii. 

LARGE PAPER, ^?2e COptf, Cttlf gilt AlduS, 1551 

499 Bentivoglio (Card.) Opere Parigi, 1648 

500 Berain. Ornemens, inventez par J. Berain, 75 ^ne plates 

old calf gilt . . Paris, v. d. 

501 Bercherodil (J.) Breviarium Equestre de Ordine Elephantino 

Tracialus, many plates 1704 

502 Berkeley Peerage, Minutes of Evidence concerning 

calf gilt . . 1811 

503 Bessoni (Jac.) II Theatro de gl' Instrumenti con una brieve 

dichiaration dimostrativa di F. Beroaldo, many plates 
russia extra . Lione, 1582 

504 Bettini (Ant,) Monte Sancto di Digs, with the three 

plates hy Baccio Baldinifrom the designs of A* Boticelli, 

perfect and in fine state 

olive morocco extra, joints, and gilt leaves Florentice, 1487 

*^^* This volume has the three plates by Baccio Baldini, which 

are of very great rarity. Brienne-Laire's copy sold for 601 fr, 


505 BiBLiA Sacra Pglyglgtta, complectentia Textus Originales 

Hebraicos cum Pentat., Saraarit., Chaldaicos, Graccos Ver- 
sionumq. Antiquarum, in Octo Linguis, edidit Brianus 
Waltonus ; ET Castelli Lexicon Heptaglottgn, 
portraits and plates, 8 vol. 
FINE tall copy, russia Land. 1657-69 

*.^ This is a fine, large and tall copy, with rough leaves through- 
out, and has the rare Republican Preface. 

506 Biblia Sacra Latina, notis Tremellii et Junii Hanovice, 1624 

507 Biblia Sacra Latina, notis Tremellii et Junii 

calf gilt Lond. 1593 

508 Biblia Sacra Germanica, tvood efigravings, coloured, and 

the capitals rubyncated 
gotj^ic tetter, wants the title and three leaves of preliminary 

matter, and has one leaf of another edition 
original oak binding, with brass corners, <^c. 

Nurenburg, Ant. Koburger, 1483 

509 Bible, la Saincte, avec Annotations necessaires, wood engra- 

vings, ruled ivith red lines, 2 vol. Lyon, 1566 

510 Bible, la Saincte s. I. Jacob. Stoer, 1580 

511 Bible, la Sainte, enrichie des notes de Diodati et d'Autres, mises 

en ordre par Des Marets, maps, 2 vol. Ehevier, 1669 


Versions of the Scriptures (continued) 

512 Vetus Testamentum, secundum LXX, et Novum Testamentum, 

Gr. et Lat., ex autoritate Sixti V. et dementis VIII edita, 
4 vol. . PariSf 1628 

513 Vetus Testamentum Hebraicum, cum variis lectionibus, edidit 

B. Kennicott, 2 vol. russia Oxonii, 1776-80 

514 Vetus Testamentum Grsecum, ediderunt R. Holmes et J. Parsons, 

vol, 1, and vol. 2, part 1, and two copies of vol. 2, part 2, 
4 vol. . . ih. 1798 

515 Vetus Testamentum Gr^cum e Codice MS. Alexan- 

DRiNO, qui in Bibliotheca Musei Britannici asservatur, 

cura H. H. Baber, ut et Prolegomena et Notse, 4 vol, in 6 

LARGE PAPER . imperial folio, 1816-28 

516 Novum Testamentum Gra^cum, ex Biblitheca Regia, title inlaid 

Jine copy, in red morocco extra Paris, Rob. Stephani, 1550 

517 Novum Testamentum Graecum 

LARGE PAPER, red movocco, g. L Paris, e Typ. Regia, 1642 

518 Novum Testamentum Graecum, cum lectionibus variantibus, 

cura Wetstenii, 2 vol. 
calf extra, hy Kalthoeber . Amst. 1751 

519 Psalterium Grsecum e Codice MS. Alexandrine, qui in Biblio- 

theca Musei Brit, asservatur, cura H. H. Baber 1812 

520 Byble (The) now lately with greate Industry and Diligence 

recognized (by Edm. Becke, after Taverner's Recognition) 
wood engratdngs, wants title, calendar, and an exhorta- 
tion, ^c, three leaves and ten leaves at the end, and a few 
leaves damaged 
bladt letter, blue morocco Jo. Daye and TVm. Seres, 1549 

521 Bible (The) in Englyshe, according to the Translation apoyn- 

ted by the Queenes Majesties Injunctions to be Read in all 
Churches, &c. (Bp. Cranmer's Bible) 
blacfe letter, wants title and the preliminary matter, with a 
very small portion of the first seven leaves, otherwise a 
very good sound copy 

Roue7i, at the Coste of R. Carmarden, 1566 

522 Bible (The Holie) wood engravings 

6 lack letter, frst edition of Parker's, or the Bishops Bible, 
imperfect in several places, but has the end covnplete 

Ric. Jugge, 1568 

523 Bible (The Holie) maps and wood engravings 

lilacfe letter, second edition of the Bishops Bible, wants title 
and the last leaf, otherwise a good copy, rough calf 

Ric, Jugge, 1572 

524 Bible (The Holie), wood engravings, 

blacfe letter, (wants title), a fair copy, Chr. Barker, 1583 

525 Bible (The Holy), the Bishops' 

Iblacfe letter, rough calf , . 1602 


Versions of the Scriptures (continued) 

526 Bible (The Holy) and Common Prayer Booke, richly orna< 

merited with letters of gold^ the titles and woodcuts finely 
coloured^ and the margins entirely filled with a great 
variety of coloured borders, 
Fine copy, old blue morocco, gilt leaves, with silver corners 
and ornaments . Rob, Barker^ 1616 

*^* This book was Dr. James Morecroft's ; see MS, note. 

527 Bible (The Holy), ruled with red lines, 

Illustrated with \ 40 maps and plates, by Visscher, Lom- 

bart, Hollar, ^c, 2 vol. 
large paper, fine copy, in old blue morocco extra, gilt 

leaves . . Camb. Jo. Field, 1660 

528 Bible (The Holy), with many plates by Visscher, 2 vol. 

old blue morocco, gilt leaves , ib. ib, 1660 

529 Bible (The Holy), tvith plates, by Hollar, Lombart, ^'C. ruled 

throughout with red lines, 
russia extra, gilt leaves , ib, ib, 1660 

530 Bible (The Holy), vol. 1, (the Old Testament), ruled with red 

lines . . Field, 1660 

531 Bible (The Holy), and Common Prayer Book, ruled throughout 

with red lines, 3 vol. 
uniform old blue morocco, gilt leaves BasJcett, 1753-60 

532 Bible (The Holy), Baskerville's beautiful edition, 

FINE COPY, old blue morocco, gilt leaves Cambridge, 1763 

533 The Old and New Testament, embellished with engravings 

from pictures by the most eminent English A^^tists, pub- 
lished by Macklin, 6 vol. (the Apocrypha in boards) — 
together 7 vol., blue morocco, gilt leaves Hensley, 1800 

534 Testament (New) the Rhemes and the Authorised Translations, 

by W. Fulke, with a Confutation of the former, and the 
Defense of the latter, portrait and frontispiece, 
BEST edition, russia extra, gilt leaves <, 1633 

535 Testament (The New) and Book of Common Prayer, ruled 

with red lines . . . Field, 1659-60 

536 Bickham (Geo.) The Buckinghamshire and Aylesbury Writing 

M.SiSiev, plates . . . 1758 

537 Bidloo (G.) Anatomia Humani Corporis, 150 plates after 

G, de Lairesse, 

LARGE paper . . 1685 

538 Bigland (R.) Historical, Monumental and Genealogical Collec- 

tions relative to the County of Gloucester, plates, vol. 1, 
uncut , . .1791 

539 Bingham (Jos.) Works, Antiquities of the Christian Church, 

&c. 2 vol. uncut ♦ . 1726 


640 Biographia Britannica ; or the Lives of the most Eminent Per- 
sons of Great Britain and Ireland, 7 vol. 
calf gilt ... . 1747-67 

541 Bion (M.) on the Construction and Uses of Mathematical In- 

struments, by Stone, plates . 1723 

542 Birraan (S.) Souvenirs de la Vallee de Chamonix, '2Q fine platesy 

et Promenade sur le Lac de Wallenstadt et dans le Pays 

des Grisons, 32 plates, 2 vol. in 1, 

half 7^ussia, marhled leaves . Basle, 1827 

543 Blackmore (R.) on Job, 1700— King Arthur, 1697 2 vol. 

544 Blackmore (R.) Prince Arthur, 1615 — Boccalini, Advices from 

Parnassus, 1706 . . 2 vol. 




545 Blake (Admiral) History and Life, n. d., &c. . 3 vol. 

546 Blackwood, Edinburgh Magazine, 82 numbers between No. 171 

and 254 . . 1830-36 

547 Blaquiere (E.) Letters from the Mediterranean, 2 vol. 1813, 

&c. . . . 12 vol. 

548 Blount (Thos.) Glossographia ; or a Dictionary of Hard Words, 

two editions . . 1674, 1719. 2 vol. 

549 Blount (T.) Fragmenta Antiquitatis ; Antient Tenures of Land, 

and Jocular Customs of some Mannors, interleaved with 
a few manuscript notes hy John Brand, author of the 
Popular Antiquities, calf gilt . 1679 

550 Blount (T.) Natural History, 1693— Browne (R.) on the Effects 

of Singing, Music, and Dancing, 1729, &c. 10 vol. 

551 Boaden (Jas.) Memoirs of John Philip Kemble, portrait, 

2 vol. 1825 — Memoirs of Mrs. Siddons, portrait, 2 vol. 
1827 . . .4 vol. 

552 Bocace, Contes et Nouvelles, plates hy Rom, de Hooge, fine 

impressions, 2 vol. calf g tit . Amst. 1699 

553 Boccaccio (Giov.) Nimphale d'Ameto, 

Fiorenza, per gli Heredi di P. de Guinta, 1521 

554 Boccaccio (G.) II Filocopo da Fr. Sansovino, calf gilt, Venet, 

1554 — Bergamo (And.) Satire alia Carlona, Venet. 1566 
Bonarelli, FlUidiScrio, old morocco, g. I. Payis, 1678 3 vol. 


555 Boccaccio (Giov.) II Decamerone, above 100 Ji7ie plates^ and 

numerous vignettes^ after Gravelot and Cochin, 5 vol. 
THICK Dutch paper, calf, gilt leaves Londra, 1737 

556 Boccaccio (G.) II Filocolo da Fr. Sansovino, Venet. 1564 — 

Boccaccio L'Araarosa Fiammetta, 26.1584 — Brusoni, la 
Gondola, ib. 1662, &c. . 10 vol. 

557 Boccace, Decameron ; or Ten Days' Entertainment, port. 1741 

558 Boethii Consolationis Philosophiae, Lib. V — Anglo-Saxonice 

Redditi ab Alfredo Rege, cura Rawlinson, ^7ie portrait, 
imperfect . . Ojconii, 1698 

559 Boetins on Divine Goodness, 1674 — Cicero, Morals, 1699 — 

Cicero, Offices, 1688, &c. . 7 vol. 

560 Boetius, Consolation of Philosophy, by Lord Preston, 1695, 

&c. . . .8 vol. 

561 Boiardo (S. Mat. Maria) Orlando Innaraorato riformata da 

L. Domenichi, 3 vols. 
PRIVATELY PRINTED, by Dr. Hill, at the University Press, 
in 1784, and only 25 are in existence, uncut. Dub, 1784 

562 Bois. Les Amours de M. Vieux Bois, 84 curious comic 


563 Bold (Hen.) Poems Lyrique, Macaronique, Heroique, &c. 

good copy . . 1664 

564 Bolingbroke (Lord) Memoirs of his Life and Ministerial Conduct, 

LARGE PAPER . . royal 8vo. 1752 

565 Bolingbroke (Lord) Works, portrait, 15 vol. 

calf gilt, double lettered . 1754-98 

566 Bomare (Val.) Dictionnaire Raisonn6 Universel d'Histoire Na- 

turelle, 15 vol. calf neat . Lyon, 1791 

567 Bonnor (T.) Perspective Itinerary of Gloucestershire, plates, 

fine impressions, 4 numbers in 1 vol. russia extra n. d. 

568 Bonnycastle (R. H.) Spanish America, map, 2 vol. 1818 — 

Bullock (W.) Six Months in Mexico, map and coloured 
plates, 1824 — Baillie (M.) Tour on the Continent, 1819, 

4 vol. 

569 Books of Roads, and various Guides . 17 vol. 

570 Boothroyd (B.) History of Pontefract, with Pedigrees, plates, 

calf gilt . . Pontefract, 1807 

571 Borde (J. B. de la) Choix de Chansons raises en Musique, 

many plates by J.M, Moreau, very fine impressions, 4: \o\. 
LARGE PAPER, red morocco, g. I. royal 8vo. Paris, 1773 

572 Borghini (Raffaello) II Reposo, in cui della Pittura e della 

Scultura si favella Fiorenza, 1 584 

573 Boscobel, or History of the Preservation of Charles II. — Wynd- 

ham (Mrs.) Charles II.'s Concealment at Trent, and 
Memorial for the 29th of May, in 1vol. 1715^43— Bio- 
graphia Gallica, or Lives of French Writers, 2 vol. 1752 
— Bedloe (W.) Life and Death, 1681 4 vol. 



674 Boscobel, Tracts relating to the Escape of Charles II. after the 
Battle of Worcester, edited by Hughes, plates, Edin. 1830 

575 Boswell (Jas.) Account of Corsica, map, Glasgow, 1768 — 

Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides, portrait, 1812 2 vol. 

576 Boswell (Jas.) Life of Dr. Samuel Johnson, with a Journal of 

his Tour to the Hebrides, with numerous additions and 
notes by J. W. Croker, portrait, 5 vol. 1831 

577 Bosworth (J.) Elements of Anglo-Saxon Grammar, with Intro- 



an autograph letter of the Author, uncut, royal 8vo. 1823 

578 Bosworth (J.) Another copy, with Introduction 

LARGE PAPER, uucut royal 8vo. 1823 

579 Bosworth (J.) Compendious Grammar of the Primitive English 

or Anglo-Saxon Language 
PRESENTATION COPY, with autogvaph note of the Author 


580 Bosworth (J.) Another copy . 1826 

581 Bosworth (J.) Dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon Language, with 

longer Preface, map royal 8vo. 1838 

582 Botta (Carlo) Storia della Guerra dell' Independenza degli 

Stati Uniti d' America, 4 vol. Paris, 1809 — Botta, Supple- 
ment alia Storia A^li^Wdi, portrait, Italia, 1825 5 vol. 

583 Botta (C.) Storia dltalia, dal 1789 al \Q\A, plates, 3 vol. 

Italia, 1825 

584 Bouchette (Jos.) Topographical Description of Lower Canada, 

portrait, maps and plates 1815 

585 Bougeant (Pere) Histoire du Traite de Westphalie, 6 vol. 

Paris, 1751 — Campaigne de Due de Coigny, 3 vol. 1761, 
&c. . 14 vol. 

586 Bouille, Memoirs of the French Revolution, 1797 — Copies of 

the Intercepted Letters from the Army of Gen. Bonaparte 
in Egypt, 3 parts, 1798 

587 Bourdaloue (Pere) Sermons, 15 vol. (title torn of vol. 1) — Pen- 

sees de Bourdaloue, 3 vol. together 18 vol. Paris, 1716-46 

588 Bourget (J.) History of the Royal Abbey of Bee in Normandy, 

plates . . 1779 

589 Bourgoanne (Chev. de) Travels in Spain, map and plates, 

3 vol. - 1798 

590 Bourrienne, Memoirs sur Napoleon, le Directoire, le Consulat, 

I'Empire, et la Restauration, 10 vol. Paris, 1829 

591 Bourrit (M.) Description des Glacieres des Alps, plates, 3 vol. 

Geneve, 1787 

592 Bovet (Rich.) Pandaeraonium, or the Devil's Cloyster, proving 

the existence of Witches and ^TgHviis, frontispiece, calf neat 


593 Bowles (C.) Account of the Hundred of Penwith, Cornwall, 

russia Shaftesbury, 1805 


594 Bowles, Sonnets, 2 vol. 1798-1800— Bloomfield, Farmer's Boy, 

Banks of the Wye, Rural Tales, and Wild Flowers, por- 
trait and plates^ 4 vol. 1803-13 — Byron (Lord) English 
Bards and Scotch Reviewers, &c. 12 vol. 

595 Bowles (W. L.) Life of Bishop Kenn, portrait and plate, 

2 vol. . . 1830-1 

596 Bowyer (W.) The Origin of Printing, calf gilt 1776 

597 Boxing, Art oi, plates, 1789— Blount (T.P.) Essays, 1691, &c. 

6 vol. 

598 Brand (Jo.) Observations on Popular Antiquities, portrait 

inserted Newcastle, 1777 

599 Brande (W. T.) Manual of Chemistry, plates, 3 vol. 1821 
€00 Brandt (Seb.) Narren Speel-Schuyt verciert met meer als Honder 

Schoone, with upwards o/'lOO wood engravings Amst. 1635 

601 Brantome (Seig. de) Qiuvres, 15 vol. old red morocco 

a la Haye, 1740 

602 Bray (W.) Tour into Derbyshire and Yorkshire, plates 

calf gilt 1783 

603 Bray ley (E. W.) and J. Britton, History of the Ancient Palace 

and late Houses of Parliament at Westminster, plates, 1836 

604 Breislak (S.) Institutions Geologiques, par Campmas, 3 vol. — 

and Atlas of Plates 3 vol. Milan, 1818 

605 Breton (M.) La Russie, plates, 6 vol. Paris, 1813 

606 Brewster (D.) Natural Magic, 1832— Bartlett (T.) New Hol- 

land, 1843, &c. - 5 vol. 

607 British Almanac and Companion, from 1835 to 1847, some 

duplicates - 17 vol. 

608 British Museum, Catalogus Librorum impressorum qui in Museo 

Britannico adservantur, 8 vol. 1813 

609 Bristol, Articles and Names of Freemen in the Union Society, 

PRIVATELY PRINTED, old red morocco 1755 

610 Britton de Legibus, black letter, n. d. — Fortescue (Sir J.) De 

Laudibus Legum Anglise, black letter, 1616 — and three 
others. Legal - 1616, &c. 

611 Britton (J.) Beauties of Wiltshire, 2 vol. and 1 vol. of plates, 

proofs and etchings, separate 
LARGE PAPER, russia - 1801 

612 Britton (J.) Beauties af Wiltshire, 2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, plates, russia, marbled leaves 1801 

613 Brocchi (G.) Stato Fisico del Suolo di Roma, and a map 

mounted in canvas, in vellum case 
white vellum, gilt leaves . Roma, 1820 

614 Broderick (T.) History of the late War in the Netherlands, 

plates, 2 vol. 1713 — Burrish (O.) Batavia lllustrata, 
1728 . . 3 vol. 

615 Brokesby (F.) Life of Henry Dodwell, portrait, 1715, &c. 

6 vol. 

616 Brorae (J.) Travels over England, 1707 — Dunster, Descrip- 

tion of England, 1699 ; and 3 Topographical 5 vol. 


617 Brome (Ric.) Five new Playes, good copy, calf 1653 

618 Bromley (Sir Geo.) Collection of original Royal Letters, /?o?'- 

traits and plate of autographs 1787 

619 Brooke (Sir A. de C.) Sketches in Spain and Morocco, plates, 

2 vol. . 1831 

620 Brooke (Fulke Lord) Certaine Learned and Elegant Workes 

in Verse, on the title is beni jonson tanquam explo- 
RATOR, in his autograph, rare, with David GarricTcs 
hooJc-plate, and a pencil note, " This volume has belonged 
to Ben Jonson and Garrick, F. G. W." (aldron) ; good 
copy . . 1633 

621 Brooke (H.) Gustavus Vasa, a Tragedy 

LARGE PAPER, old red morocco, gilt leaves 1739 

622 Brooke (H.) Works, 4 vol. calf gilt 1778 

623 Brooke (H.) Familiar Introduction to Chrystallography, 1823 

— Berzelius on the Use of the Blowpipe, by Children, 
1822 . . 2 vol. 

624 Brougham (Lord) on the Objects and Advantages of Science, 

1828 — Art of collecting and preparing Objects of Natural 
History, 1820, &c. . 6 vol. 

625 Brougham (Lord) Historical Sketches of Statesmen who 

flourished in the time of George III, Jine portraits, 3 vol. 
blue morocco extra, gilt leaves royal 8vo. 1840-43 

626 Broughton (R.) Monasticon Britannicum, or Historicall Relation 

of the Ancient Monastries (ijoants title page^ 1655 

627 Brown (G.) Arithmetica Infinita, ^or^. calf oblong 12mo. 1718 

628 Brown (J.) Northern Courts, Memoirs of Sweden and Denmark, 

portrait, 2 vol. 1818 — Reminiscences of an old Traveller, 
1840 . . 3 vol. 

629 Brown (Tho.) Letters from the Dead to the Living, 1702, 

&c. . . 4 vol. 

630 Brown (T.) Works, Serious and Comical, 4 vol. (vol. 4 damaged) 


631 Browne (Sir Th.) Posthumous W^orks, Antiquities of Norwich 

Cathedral, Account of Urns, he. plates 1712 

632 Brownrigg (W.) Art of making Common SaXt, plates 1748 

633 Bruce (J.) Report on the Arrangements which were made for 

the Internal Defence of these Kingdoms against the 
Spanish Armada 

PRIVATELY PRINTED, calf gilt 1798 

634 Bruce, Report on the Events and Circumstances which pro- 

duced the Union of the Kingdoms of England and Scot- 
land, its Effects, &c. 2 vol. 
PRIVATELY PRINTED, scarce, a presentation copy to the 
Duke of Portland, with the Author s autograph inscrip- 
tion, calf gilt . 1799 

635 Brunet (J. C.) Manuel du Libraire de I'Amateur de Livres, 

4 vol. half calf . Paris, 1814 


636 Bryant (J.) on the Authenticity of the Scriptures, 1792 — Butler 

(C.) Horse Biblicae, 1799— Bible in Welsh, 1802 3 vol. 

637 Brydall (Jo.) Law of England relating to Nobility and Gentry, 

frontispiece . 1675 

638 Brydges (Sir E.) Censura Literaria, or Titles, Abstracts and 

Opinions of Old English Books, 10 vols. 
calfneat . . 1805-9 

639 Brydges (Sir E.) The British Bibliographer, portraits^ fine 

i?npressions, 4 vol. calf extvcu marhled leaves 1810-14 

640 Buchanan (Ch.) Discourses and Christian Researches 

russia extra, gilt leaves Camb, 1811 

641 Buchanani (G.) Poemata, Genevce, 1594, &c. 7 vol. 

642 Buchanani (G.) Rerum Scoticarum Historia 

russia, gilt leaves Traj, ad JRhen. 1697 

643 Buchanani (G.) alia editio, portrait, calfneat Edinh, 1700 

644 Buchanani (G.) Epistolse, 1711; Miscellanea Antiqua, or the 

Life and Death of James V. of Scotland, 1710, 2 vol. in 1 
rich red morocco, gilt leaves 1710-11 

645 Buchanan (G.) History of Scotland, revised by W. Bond, 

portraits, 3 vol. old calf gilt 1723 

646 Buckingham (G. Duke of) Miscellaneous Works, 2 vol. 1704, 

&c. . 10 vol. 

647 Buckingham (J. Duke of) Works, portrait and plates, 2 vol. 

old red morocco, gilt leaves . 1729 


648 Bembi (Cardinalis P.) Historise Venetse, Paris, 1551 — Borel, 

Tresorde Recherches et Antiquitez Gauloises et Francoises, 
ib, 1655 . . 2 vol. 

649 Bennett (J. W.) Ceylon and its capabilities, map and plates, 

many finely coloured, calf gilt 1843 

650 Bentham (Jas.) History and Antiquities of the Cathedral 

Church of Ely, joZa^e* Cambridge, 1771 

651 Bentivoglio (Card.) Relatione delle Provincie Unite di Fiandra, 

Colon. 1630 — Contareni (Fr.) de Rebus in Hetruria a 
Senensibus gestis adversus Florentinos, &c. Ludg. 1562, 
&c. . 3 vol. 

652 Bentivoglio (Card.) Lettere, Colon, 1631 — Bentivoglio Me- 

moire, Venet. 1668 — Bentivoglio, Guerra di Fiandra, 
portrait, 1634 . 3 vol. 

653 Bentivoglio (Card.) Historia della Guerra di Fiandra, 3 vol. 

Colon. 1636-9 

654 Benyowsky (M. A. Count de) Memoirs and Travels, 2 vol. 

calf gilt , . 1790 

655 Berenger (Rich.) History and Art of Horsemanship, joZa^^*, 

2 vol. with two autograph letters of the author to the Hon. 
Geo. Grenville ; red morocco, tooled sides, g. I. 1771 


656 Bergeron (P.) Voyages en Asie, dans les xii — xv. Siecles, 

mapSi 2 vol. La Haye, 1735 

657 Berington (Jos.) History of the reign of Henry the Second 

calf gilt . 1790 

658 Berkeley (Bishop) V^ork^, portrait, 2 vol. 1784 

659 Berkenhout (J.) Biographical History of Literature from the 

5th to the 16th century 1777 

660 Bernucca (Fr.) Viaggio Pittorico e Storico al Monte Spluga, 

\Q finely coloured plates ^ and 23 coloured plates of Views 
in Milan, &c. oblong 4to. Milan, n, d. 

661 Berry (Wm.) History of the Island of Guernsey, Alderney, 

Sark, and Jersey, />Za^e5 . 1815 

662 Berry (W. Another copy . 1815 

663 Bethara (W.) Baronetage of England, with Genealogical Tables, 

plates of arms, 5 vol, russia 1801-5 

664 Beveregii (Guil.) Codex Canonum Ecclesise Primitivse Vindi- 

catus . . 1678 

665 Bianchini (Fr.) la Istoria Universale, plates, Roma, 1697 — 

Campo Historia di Cremona, pfo^e*, Milano, 1645, vellum 

2 vol. 

666 Bianchini (F.) Istoria Universale provata con Monumenti, 

plates . Romay 1747 


667 Biblia Hebraica, 2 vol. Paris, R. Stephani, 1543 

668 Biblia Hebraica, blue morocco extra, gilt leaves ih, 1543 

669 Biblia Sacra, in Lingua Armenica, plates, portrait of AucTier 

inserted, vellum, uncut . Venet. 1733 

670 Epistolae Quatuor Petri, Johannis et Judae, Syriace, Heb., Gr. 

et Latine, cura E. Pococke 
LARGE PAPER, hlue moTocco extra, g. I. L. Bat. Elzev. 1630 

671 Apocalypsis Sancti Johannis, Syriace, Heb., Gr. et Latine, cum 

notis L. de Dieu, hlue morocco extra, g. I, ib. 1627 

672 Evangelia Quatuor, Gothice et Anglo-Saxonice, cum F. J. Junii 

Glossaria, cura J. Mareschalli, 2 vol. in 1 
LARGE PAPER . Dord. 1665 

673 Evangeliorum Sacrorura Versio Gothica ex Codice Argenteo, 

Gothi. et Lat. Benzelii, cura E. Lye 
Jine copy, riissia extra, marbled leaves Oxonii, 1750 

674 Evangelium Secundum ex Codice Rescripto in Bibliotheca Col- 

legii SS'^^ Trinitatis juxta Dublin, cura J. Barrett 
PRESENTATION COPY, blue morocco, gilt leaves Dub. 1801 

675 Psalmi Davidis et Prophetae, Arabice et Latine Romce^ 1614 

676 Psalterium Davidis, Latino-Saxonicum Vetus, a Jo. Spelmmano, 

title inlaid, otherwise a good copy 1640 

677 Bible, La Saincte, traduite par De Sacy, 2 vol. Mons. 1713 


Versions of the Scriptures (continued) 

678 Bible (The) and Holy Scriptures contained in the Olde and 

Newe Testament. The Genevan Version, or Breeches 
Bible, maps 
first edition, rare, good sound copy, old calf 

Geneva, hy Rowland Hall, 1560 

679 Bible (The Holy) with annotations, black letter, wants 

title, 1579 — Bible (The Holy) the Old Testament only, 
1614 . . 2 vol. 

680 Bible (The Holy) with profitable Annotations 

ruled with red lines . C. BarTcer, 1599 

681 Bible (The Holy) with Beza's Annotations and Concordance 

old red morocco, gilt leaves . ib. 1599 

682 Bible (The Holy) and Booke of Common Prayer, ruled with 

red lines, and illustrated with portraits hy Crispin de 
Passe, Martin de Voss, etc, . 1633 

683 Bible (the Holy) translated by the English College of Poway, 

and the Rhemes New Testament, with Annotations, 3 vol. 
good copy . Paris, 1633-5 

684 Bible (The Holy) with Beza's Annotations and Concordance, 

ruled ivith red lines . n. d, 

685 Bible (The Holy) and Common Prayer Book, illustrated with 

numerous fine plates, fine impressions 
old red morocco, gilt leaves . 1703-6 

686 Bible (The Holy) . Camh. 1762 

687 Bible (The Holy) with Marginal References, &c.. 

Dr. Planeys standard edition, from which subsequent im- 
pressions are executed, scarce Oxford, 1769 

688 Bible (The Holy) . Dublin, 1782 

689 Bible (The Holy) . . Oxford, 1794 

690 Bible (The Holy) ornamented with numerous plates by Jas, 

Fitller, from pictures by old masters, proof impressions, 
2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, blue morocco extra, with joints, and gilt 
leaves . Densley, n. d, 

691 Bible (The Holy) with a Table of Parallel Passages of the 

Edition of 1611, 2 vol. 
blue morocco extra, gilt leaves royal 4to. Oxford, 1807 

692 New Testament, interleaved with manuscript notes in contem- 

porary hand, 
hXdiik UXXtx, fine copy, vellum . 1615 

693 Bibliotheca Politica ; or Enquiry into the Enghsh Government, 

1694, and 2 by J. Tyrrell . 3 vol. 

694 Bibliotheque du Roi, Notices et Extraits de Manuscripts de la 

Bibliotheque du Roi, 7 vol. old calf gilt Paris. 1787-1804 


695 Bigland (Ralph) Observations on Marriages, Baptisms, and 

Burials of Parochial Registers, calf gilt . 1764 

696 Binet (E.) Abrege des Vies des Principaux Fondateurs des Re- 

ligions del'Eglise, 40 fine portraits and plates, hy C. and 
T. Galle . Anvers, 1634 

697 Binning (Capt. Thos.) Light to the Art of Gunnery, portrait 

and plates . . . 1689 

698 Birch (T.) Memoirs of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, 2 vol. 


699 Birch (Wm.) Delices de la Grande Bretagne, many plates, fine 

impressions, caJfgilt . oblong 4to. 1791 

700 Birch (T.) History of the Royal Society, 4 vol. 

old calf gilt . . 1756 

701 Blackstone (W.) Commentaries on the Laws of England, 4 vol. 

(damaged), old calf gilt . Oxford, 1770 

702 Blackstone (W.)jTracts relating to the Antiquities of the Laws 

of 'En^X^iwA, plates, old calf gilt . ih. 1771 

703 Blackwell (T.) Memoirs of the Court of Augustus, 3 vol. 

Edinh, 1753 

704 Blagrave (J.) Mathematical Jewel, by VaXvciQV, frontispiece with 

their portraits . . 1658 

705 Blair (Dr. H.) Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres, por- 

trait, 2 vol. calf . .1783 

706 Blanckley (T, R.) Naval Expositor, plates . 1750 

707 Bligh (Capt. W.) Voyage to the South Seas, portrait and 

maps, calf gilt . . 1792 

708 Blore (Tho.) History of the Manor and Manor House of 

South Winfield in Derbyshire, plates, 

PRIVATELY PRINTED, Calf gilt . 1793 

709 Blower (Ra.) Rich Store House for the Diseased, 

Iblacfe letter \ . 1630 

710 Blunt (Hen.) Voyage into the Levant, many manuscript notes 

in the autograph of Rt. Grenvile . 1 638 

711 Boaden (Jas) Inquiry into the authenticity of the various 

Pictures and Portraits of Shakespeare, 5 portraits 1824 

712 Boaistuau (P,) Histoires Prodigieuses les plus Memorables 

depuis la Nativite de Jesus Christ, wood engravings, 
stained, calf gilt JParis, 1550 

713 Boccalini (T.) Ragguagli di Parnaso, Venet. 1624 — Bonarelli 

Filli di Sciro, plates, Ferrara, 1687 2 vol. 

714 Boccaccio (Giov.) Opera de Mulieribus claris, wood engravings 

{title page mounted) . Venet. \bO^ 

715 Boccaccio (G.) II Decameron, da L. Salviati, wood engravings, 

ih. 1602 

716 Boccaccio (G.) II Decameron, wood engravings ih, 1614 

717 Boccaccio (Giov.) II Decamerone, the facsimile edition 

Firenze, P, di Giunta, 1527 

718 Boccaccio (Giov.) II Decamerone, per L. Dolce, wood engra- 

vings - Venety 1552 


719 Bocchii (A.) Symbolicarum Qucestionum de Universo Genere 

quas Serio Ludebat, Lib. V. numerous platfis, vellum 

Bononice, 1555 

720 Bodin (J.) De la Demonomanie de Sorciers, russia Paris, 1580 

721 Boerhaave (H.) Eleraenta Chimiae, 2 vol. L7ig. B. 1732 

722 Boileau (M.) Qiuvres, avec des Eclaircissemens Historiques, 

poy^trait and plates, 3 vol, old calf gilt Paris, 1740 

723 Boisgelin (L. de) Ancient and Modern Malta, History of the 

Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, map, portraits and. 
plates, 3 vol. calf gilt, uncut 1804 

724 Boissardi (J. J.) Bibliotheca Chalcographica, hoc est Virtute et 

Eruditione Clarorum Virorum Imagines, uptwards of 460 
portraits, old dutch calf gilt Heidelb. 1669 

725 Bojardo (MM.) Orlando Innamorata, rifatto da F. Berni 

Fiorenza, 1725 

726 Bolton (Edm.) Elements of Ai-morles, plates, calf gilt 1610 

727 Bonanni (Fil.) Gabinetto Armonico Pieno d'Istromenti Sonori, 

\4S fine plates, scarce, blue morocco e.vt, g. I. Roma^ 1722 

728 Bonanni (G.) Antica Syracusa, Messina, 1()2-1, &c. 2 vol. 

729 Bonfadi (Giac.) Gli Annali di Genova 1528 al 1550, Genova, 

I486— Guarini (B.) II Pastor Fido, Paris, 1650, he. 3 vol. 

730 Bonaparte (Lucien Prince de Canino) Museum Etrusque, fouilles 

de 1828 et l&I'd, plates, 5 copies Viterbce, 1829 

731 Bonaventurse (F.) De Causa Ventorum motus disceptatio, et 

Apologia pro Theophrasto, Urbini, 1592 — Blondi (M.A.) 
De Ventis et Navigatione libellus, Venet, 1546, 3 vol. in 1 

732 Borghini (Vine.) Discorsi dell' Origine di Firenze, wood engra- 

vings, 2 vol. vellum Fiorenza, 1584 

733 Borlase (W.) Observations on the Ancient and Present State 

of the Islands of Scilly, plates, calf gilt 1756 

734 Bossewell (Jo.) Workes of Arraorie, engravings of arms, 

russia, gilt leaves - 1597 

735 Boswell (J.) Life of Dr. Samuel Johnson, portrait, 2 vol. 1791 

736 Boswell, Picturesque Beauties of Boswell, twenty curious cari- 

catures of Boswell and Johnson in their Tour in Scotland, 
scarce - oblong 4to. 1786 

737 Bougainville (L. de) Voyage round the World by Forster, maps 

and plates - 1772 

738 Bougainville (M. de) Voyage autour du Monde, maps, Paris, 

1771 — Chanvalon, Voyage a la Martinique, map, Paris, 
1763 - 2 vol. 

739 Bowdich (T. E.) Mission from the Cape Coast Castle to 

Ashantee, maps and plates 1819 

740 Bower (Arch.) Historvof the Popes, 7 vol. old calf gilt 1748-66 

741 Bowrey (T.) Malay and English Dictionary 1701 

742 Boyer (A.) Great Theatre of Honour and Nobility, containing 

the Science of Heraldry, &c. in English and French, 
plates - 1729 




743 Blackwell (Eliz ) Curious Herbal, containing- Jive hundred cuts 

of the most useful plants used in physic^ coloured^ 2 vol. Hue 
irtoroccoy gilt leaves 1 7 39 

744 Blair (Jo.) Chronology and History of the whole World, calf 

gilt - 1754 

745 Blanc (Vincent le) The World Surveyed, or his Famous Voyages 

and Travels, portrait mounted^ russia extra lG60 

746 Blanchini (Jos.) Vindicise Canonicarum Scripturarum Vulgatae 

Latinse editionis Bomoe, 1 740 

747 Blanchini (Jos.) Evangeliarium Quadruplex, Antiquse Latinse 

Versioni?, 4 vol. BomcE, 1748 

748 Blank Book, a thick folio, in rough calf n. d. 

749 Blome (I?.) Description of the World, maps J 670 

750 Blome (R.) Britannia, or a Description of the Kingdoms "of 

England, Scotland and Ireland, maps, fine cop)y 
russia extra - 1673 

751 Blome (B.) Gentleman's Recreation in Arts, Sciences, Horse- 

manship, Sporting, &c. many plates, calf gilt 1686 

732 Blomefield (Fr.) History of the County of Norfolk, 

continued by Charles Parkin, maps^ portraits, plates and 
pedigrees, 5 vol. very scarce, fine copy, 
russia extra, marhled leaves Fersfield and Lynn^ 1739-75 

733 Blomefield (F.). Another edition, by Parkin, second 

edition, maps, portraits, plates and pedigrees, 1 1 vol. 
largest paper, one of only two copies printed, half 
russia, uncut - 1803-10 

754 Blondeau (CI.) et G. Gueret, Journal du Palais, ou Recueil 
des Decisions de tous les Parlemens de France, 2 vol. 

Paris, 1713 

733 Blondi, Roma Insturata et de Gestis Venetorum, Veronw, 1481 

— et Blondi, Italia lUustrata, ib. 1482, capitals rubricated, 

2 vol. in 1, rare, fine copies 

green morocco extra, gilt leaves Veronce, 1481-82 

736 Blondi, De Roma Triumphante, Lib. X. Venet. 1311 

737 Blount (T. P.) Censura Celebriorum Authorum, old calf gilt 


738 Blyde Inkoomste, Rechten van Zeeger bogen en ander toestel 

op de Wel-koomste van Haare Majesty van Groot Bri- 
tannien, tot Amsterdam, 1642, plates, vellimi Amst. 1642 
759 Bocatius, The Falles of Princes and Princesses, with other 
Nobles, trough y® mutabilitie and change of unsteadfast 
Fortune, with their most detestable and wicked vices, 
translated by Jo. Lidgate, Monke of Burye, luood en- 
{jlacfe letter, very large, tall copy, a few leaves stained, rare, 
russia Bic. Tottel. 1354 

t ' r ^ 

43 ,. . 

760 Boccalini (T.) Advices from Parnassus, by Hughes, 1706^'- 

Bacon (Lord) Sylva Sylvarum, 1627 2 vol. 

761 Bocharti (Sam.) Geographise Sacrse, pars 1, Phaleg, 7naps 

Cadomij 1646 

762 Bodin (J.) Six Livres de la Republique Paris, 1578 

763 Boethius de Consolatione Philosophie, cum comment., S. Thomae, 

slightly water stained, otherwise a fine tall, large, clean copy, 
old french red morocco, g. I. Norimh. Ant. Cohurger, 1476 

764 Boethii, alia editio, cum comment., S. Thomae, numerous 

manuscript notes, stained, old rmssia Colonia, 1841 

765 Boileau (Nic.) OEuvres, portrait and plates by B. Picart, "2 vol. 

Amst. 1716 

766 Bolton (Edm.) Nero Caesar ; or Monarchic Depraved, portrait 

by Faithorne . . 1624 

767 Borlase (Wm.) Antiquities, Historical, Monumental, and Na- 

tural History of the County of Cornwall, many p)lates, 2 vol. 
BEST EDITION, bright calf gilt . 1769 — 

768 Bosio (Ant.) Roma Sotterranea, numerous plates Eoma, 1632 

769 Bouchat (J.) les Annales d'Aqiiitaine Faictes and Gestes des 

Roys de France and d'Angleterre . Poictiers, 1557 

770 Bouquet et Brial, Recueil des Historiens des Gaules 

ET de la France, maps, 13 vol. 
old calf gilt . . Paris, 1738, ^'O- 

771 Bouterove (C.) Recherches des Monoyes de France, plates, 1666 

772 Bouteux (Sr. le) Plans et Dessins Nouveaux du Jardin, nume- 

rous p)lates . . Paris, n. d. 

11'^ Bovvack (J.) Antiquities of Middlesex, being a Collection of 

Church Monuments in that County, 2 parts, all published, 

scarce, fine copy, russia . . 1705 6 


graved after the most capital paintings in 
England, with Descriptions in English and French. 
upwards of 540 very fine large plates, many of 
them proofs before any letters, with some etch- 
ings, &c. &c. 9 vol. fine old red morocco 1769-1794 

*^* This remarkably choice and matchless copy was 
selected for Mary Boydell. 

775 Boydell (J.) History of the River Thames, 76 finely coloured 

plates, 2 vol. russia extra, gilt leaves . 1794 

776 Boyer (A.) History of Queen Anne, portraits and plates, 

old calf gilt . . 1735 

777 Boyle Lectures. A Defence of the Natural and Revealed Re- 

ligion in a Collection of the Sermons at Boyle's Lectures, 
from 1691 to 1732, 3 vol. calf . 1739 

778 Boyle (Robt.) Works and Life, by Thos. ^\yc\\, p)ortrait, 5 vol. 

fine copy, old calf gilt . . 1744 



779 Bracton (Hen. de) de Legibus et Consuetudinibus Anglia?, 

libri V. BEST edition, russia . Pdc. Totteli, 1569 

780 Bradford (W.) Sketches of the Country, Character, and Cos- 

tume in Portugal and Spain, and Military Costume, 
56 plates, half calf gilt . . 1809 

781 Bradford (W.) Sketches of the Country, Character, and Cos- 

tume in Portugal and Spain, upwards of 50 fi?iehj coloured 
LARGE PAPER, Tussia extra, joints^ and gilt leaves. 1810 

782 Brady (Rob.) Complete History of England, j^oriraz^, 

calf gilt . . .1685 

783 Brady (R.) Treatise of Cities and Burghs (covers loose) 1704 

784 Brandt (Gerard) Vie de Michel de Ruiter Amiral de Hollande, 

portrait and plates . Atnst. 1698 

785 Brandt (G.) History of the Reformation in the Low Countries, 

portraits by Vertue, 4 vol. good copy, calf 1720-3 

786 Brant (See.) Stultifera Navis, the Ship of Fooles, 

wherein is shewed the Folly of all States, Latin and Eng- 
lish, translated by A. Barclay, with Barclay's Egloges, 
many curious wood engravingsy 
blacit letter, rare, very good copy^ russia extra, joints, and 
gilt leaves, in the antique style Jo. Cawood, 1570 

787 Braun (Geo.) Theatre des Cites du Monde, upwards of 360 

views of the principal cities of the worlds 6 vol. 
half russia . . . 1618 

788 Braybrooke (Ric. Lord) History of Audley End and Saffron 

Walden, maps, portrait, and plates, fine proofs, 
large paper, privately and only 50 copies printed, 
uncut . . . 1836 

789 Breval (J.) Remarks on several Parts of Europe, its History, 

Antiquities, &:c. plates, 3 vol. 
large paper, old calf gilt . 1726 

790 Breydenbach (Bern, de) Opus Transmarine Peregri- 

nationis ad venerandum et gloriosum Sepulcrum 
dominicum in Jerusalem, etc., many curious wood 
engravings, coloured, 


perfect copy, in frencli calf, gilt leaves* Mogunt. 1 846 

*.^* This Book is an uncommon object of curiosity and interest, as 
it is one of the first Books of Travels ever printed, and is 
adorned with very remarkable maps and views. The View 
of Venice is more than five feet long, and the map of the 
Holy Land more than three. Perfect copies are of ex- 
tremely rare occurrence. 

791 Bridges (Jo.) History and Antiquities of Northamptonshire, by 

P. Whalley, portrait and many plates, 2 vol. 
fine copy, calf . . Oxford, 1791 


792 Brissonii (B.) de Verborum quae adJus pertinent significatione, 

libri XIX. . . Paris, 1596 

793 Britannia Depicta ; a Series of Views of the most interesting 

and picturesque Objects in Great Britain, plates, fine 
proofs, engraved from drawings by Ilearne, Farington, Tur- 
ner, ^c, by W.Byrne, 5 first parts oblong folio. 1806-16 

794 British Museum. Librorum Irapressorum qui in Museo Bri- 

tannico Adservantur Catalogus, 2 vol. . 1787 

795 British Museum. Catalogue of the Harleian Manuscripts in 

the British Museum, 4 vol. . 1808-12 

796 British Museum. Catalogue of the Maps, Prints, Drawings, 

&c., presented by George the Fourth . 1829 

797 Britton (J.) History and Description of Ancient 

Stone Crosses, with Tracts on the same by S. Pegge, 

T. Astle, R. D'Auvergne, PI. Wansey, &c. interleaved and 

ILLUSTRATED, witli 7 Original drawings, in pencil and colours, 

and iqnvards of 150 curious plates, half russia n. d. 

798 Brockedon (Wm.) Illustrations of the Passes of the 

Alps, &c., upwards of 100 fine plates, proofs on india 
paper, 2 vol. in 1, 
large paper, half russia, gilt leaves , 1828 

799 Brooke (A. de Capell) Winter Sketches in Lapland, 24 plates, 

by Dighton and Harding , . 1826 

800 Brooke (R.) Catalogue and Succession of the Kings, Princes, 

Dukes, &c. of England since the Norman Conquest, first 
edition, 1619; and Vincent (A.) Discoverie of Errors in 
R. Brooke's Catalogue of Nobility, with Continuation to 
1622, woodcut arms, 2 vol. in 1, scarce, calf 1619-22 

801 Brown (Dr. E.) Account of some Travels in Europe, &c. maps 

and plates . . . 1687 

802 Brown (Dr. Tho.) Enquiries into Vulgar and Common Errors, 


803 Brown (Sir Thos.) Works, portrait . 1686 

804 Browne (Alex.) Ars Pictoria ; or an Academy of Drawing, 

Painting, Limning, and Etching, portrait and 31 plates, 
large paper, old calf, gilt leaves . 1675 

805 Browne (J.) on the Muscles, portrait and plates . 1697 

806 Bruhl, Galerie du Cabinet de Comte de Bruhl, 50 plates, 

very fine impressions, old calf, gilt Dresde, 1754 

End of the Third Days Sale. 





807 Backland (Dr. Wm.) Geology and Mineralogy considered with 

reference to Natural Theology, 69 plates, 2 vol. 

808 BU..O. Bloch, Sonnini, Latreille, de Tigny. ^ '£"&'»'„'' 

Naturelle-v,z. Iheone de la Terre et Discours Generaux, 
J vol.; Quadriipedes, 7 vol.; Oiseaux, 16 vol.- Mine- 
raux, 5vol ; Poissons, 10 vol.; Reptiles, 4 vol.; Insectes, 
10 vol.; Crustaces, 2 vol; Coqullles, 5 vol.; et Vers 
■i^o\.; numerous fine plates, 65 vol. 

809 Bullet (M.) L'Architecture Pratique, /,?«<.,, Paris, 1691, &c. 

810 Bulletins of State Intelligence, from 1837 to 1842, 6 vol.' 

811 Bulwer(H Lytton) Autumn in Greece, 1826-Saite; 

3 vol. 1825 ; De Vere, 4 vol. 1827 e i 

812 Bulwer (J.) Chirologia, or the Naturall Language of the Hand,' 

and Chironomia or the Art of Manuall Rhetorique, 'plate, 
2 vol. in 1, calf gilt ^ \caa 

813 Bulwer (J.) Man transformed, or the Artificial Changelinc 

calf neat . &''""& 

814 Bunyan (Jo.) Pilgrim's Progress, with original notes by Tho^ 

M\ R ^'"'}-^;/ttP'"'^''^it and plates, proof impressions 1840 

815 Buonamic, (C.) Late War in Italy, 175i3-Colden, History of 

o,^ T, 'he Indian Nations of Canada, 1760, &c. fi vol 

816 Burgess (Rich.) Description of the Circus on the Via Appia! 
Q17 B "^"■'^ ^^^"'^Plates, white vellum, gilt leaves 1828 

817 Burgess (R.) Topography and Antiquities of Rome, plans 

andplates, 2 vol calf gilt ^'ue, pians 

PRESENTATION COPY 'to the Duke of Buckingham, with 

n , „ T, , "'^'°S'-aph letter of the author, calf i as 1 

818 Burke (Edmund) Works, 8 vol., and Life by Bisset, 2 vol 

together Id vol calf gilt ^ isnr. i 

819 Burke (J) Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage 
eoA X, / f, x"!^'' Lmpire, engravings of arms 1837 

820 Burnes (Alex) Travels into Bokhara and Voyage to the Indies, 

p^ortrmts and plates, and ArrowsmitKs map separate, 

821 Burnet (Bp.) History of his own Time, 4 vol. '^^^ 

LARGE PAPER, russia extra yoQa 


822 Burnet (Bp.) Tracts, 2 vol 1689; Essay on Queen Mary, 

portrait, 1695 ; Life of Sir Matthew Hale, portrait, 1682, 
&c. . . 6 vol. 

823 Burney (Chas.) State of Music in Germany, 2 vol. 1775 ; and 

State of Music in France and Italy, 1771 3 vol. 

824 Burney (Jas.) Chronological History of Norlh-Eastern Voyages 

of Discovery, map, 1819 — Berneaud (A. de) Voyage to 
the Isle of Elba, map, 1814 — Bosset, Proceedings in Parga, 
map, 1819, &c. 6 vol. 

825 Burns (Rob.) Works, w^ith his life by Curr'ie, poi^traif, 4 vol. 

^ne copy, calf gilt . Liverpool, 1800 

826 Burr (T. B.) History of Tunbridge Wells, calf gilt 1766 

827 Burridge (Ezek.y Historia Nuperae Rerum Mutationes in 

Anglia 1697 

828 Burton (Ed.) Description of the Antiquities of Rome 

white vellum, gilt leaves Oxford, 1821 

829 Burton (R.) Strange and Prodigious Religions, Customs and 

Manners of sundry Nations, plates, calf gilt 1683 

830 Burton (R.) Historical Reraarques and Observations of the 

ancient and present State of London and Westminster ; 
admirable Curiosities, Rarities, &c. in England, Scotland 
and Ireland, wood engravings, 2 vol. calf neat 1682-1710 

831 Burton (R.) The Unhappy Princesses, or Secret History of 

Queen Anne Bullen and Lady Jane Gray ; and The 
English Heroe, or Sir Francis Drake revived, wood engra- 
vings, 2 vo\. calf neat . 1687-1710 

832 Burton (R.) Admirable Curiosities, Rarities and Wonders in 

England, Scotland and Ireland, and memorable Accidents 
and unheard of Transactions, wood engravings, 2 vol. 
calf neat 1693-7 

833 Burton (R.) Two Journeys to Jerusalem ; and Martyrs in 

Flames, or the History of Popery, wood engravings, 
2 vol. . . 1704-29 

834 Burton (R.) Surprizing Miracles of Nature and Art, and Won- 

derful Prodigies of Judgment and Mercy, wcod engravings, 
2 vol. calf neat . 1707-9 

835 Burton (R.) The History of the Lives of the Famous English 

Divines of the Reformation, wood engravings 1709 

836 Burton (R.) The English Acquisitions in Guinea and East 

India ; and Tiie Wars in England, Scotlaud and Ireland, 
wood engravings, 2 vol. calf neat 1728-37 

837 Burton (R.) Anatomy of Melancholy, and Life, 2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, russia extra, 'marbled leaves 1800 

838 Buswell (J.) Historical Accounts of the Knights of the Garter 


839 Butcher (R.) Survey and Antiquity of Stamford 1717 


840 Butler (Alban) Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs and other princi- 

pal Saints, with the Moveable Feasts, Fasts, and other 
Annual Observances of the Catholic Church, 13 vols. 
calf gilt ' Duh. 1774-79 

841 Butler (A.) Travels through France and Italy, 1803— Butler 

(Chas.) Revolutions in the Empire of Charlemagne, 1807 

2 vol. 

842 Butler (Chas.) Memoirs of English, Irish and Scotch Catholics, 

vol. 3 and 4 . 1821 

843 Butler (C.) Book of the Roman Catholic Church 1825 

844 Butler (Sam.) Hudibras, a Poem, poi'trait and plates by 

Hogarth, 1726 — Cotton, Scarronides or Virgil Travestie, 
1665— T. Fletcher's Poems, 1692, &c. 6 vol. 

845 Butler (S.) Hudibras, Poeme, Eng. et Fr., traduit en vers 

Francois par J. Towneley, portrait and plates, 3 vol. 
calf gilt Londresy 1757 

846 Butler (S.) Hudibras, 3 parts, 1678, &c. 8 vol. 

847 Brydson (T.) Summary View of Heraldry and Uses of Chivalry, 

calf gilt . " 1795 

848 Byron (John) Narrative of his Sufferings on the Coast of 

FditagoniSi, frontispiece 1768 

849 Byron (Lord) Works, Life, Letters and Journals, portrait, 

2 vol. . royal 8vo. 1837-8 

850 Cabinet des F6es, ou Collection choisie des Contes des Fees et 

autres Contes Marveilleux, many plates, 37 vol. 
calf gilt . Amst. 1785-6 

851 Cabinet des Fees, les Nouveaux Contes Arabes, plates, 4 vol. 

Geneve, 1788 

852 Cabinet Satrique, 2 vol. 1693 — Petite de la Croix, Histoire du 

Grand Genchizcan et Timur-bec ou Tamerlan, 5 vol. 
Paris, 17 \l-22 . 7 vol. 

853 Csesaris Commentarii, wood engravings Aldus, 1588 

854 Csesaris Opera, ex emendatione Scaligeri, Amst. Elzev, 1635 — 

Corvini Jus Canonicum, Amst. Elzev. 1651 2 vol. 

855 Csesaris Opera Omnia, cura H, Homeri, portrait and maps, 

2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, blue morocco, gilt leaves 1790 

856 Caii (Jo.) De Antiquitate Cantabrigiensis Academise, libri duo, 

neat copy, title mended per H. Bynneman, 1568 

857 Caldcleugh (Alex.) Travels in South America, map and plates, 

2 vol. . .1825 

858 California, Natural and Civil History of, ynap and plates, 2 vol. 


859 Callot, &c. Catalogue and Description of the Works of Jacq. 

Callot, by Green, portrait, 1805 — Chronological Series of 
Engravers, caf, 1770 — Art of Painting in Oyl, by Jo. 
Smith, 1705 . . 3 vol. 

860 Cambrian Register, maps coloured, 2 vol. calf gilt 1796 


861 Cambridge. History and Antiquities of the University of Cam* 

bridge, 1721 — Miller (Edra.) Account of the University of 
Cambridge, 1717 — Cantabrigia De^'icia, plates, Camhridgef 
71. d. ' . . 3 vol. 

862 Camdeni (Gul.) Britannia, 1390 — Annales Hist. Elizabethae, 

Lug. Bat. 1625 . '.. 2 vol, 

863 Camdeni (G.) Britannia, Francoj\ 1616 — -Annales Rerum 

Anglicarum et Hibernicarum, regnante Elizabeiha, port. 
russia, gilt leaves, El.zev. 1677 . 2 voL 

864 Camoens (Luigi) 1 Lusiadi, traduzione di Ant. Nervi, plates, 

2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER . . MUaUO, 1821 

863 Campaign of 1796, in Germany and Italy, the History of, 
plates, 3 vol. calf gilt . 1800 

866 Campanalgia Improved: or the Art of Ringing made Easy, 

corrected by J. Monk, calf neat . 1766 

867 Campbell (J.) Political Survey of Great Britain, 4 vol. ealf gilt 

jDuhlin, 1775 

868 Campbell (J.) Lives of the Admirals, 4 vol. 1761 

869 Campbell (J.) Lives of British Admirals, by H. R. Yorke, 

portraits, vol. 1 to 3 . . 1812 

870 Campbell (Rob.) Life of John Duke of Argyle and Greenwich, 

and Genealogical Account of his Family, ^wrina'f 1745 

871 Campbell (H.) Love Letters of Mary Queen of ^aois, portrait, 

1824 — Columbus, Memorials of, portrait and fac- similes, 
1823 . . 2 voL 

872 Campbell (Tho.) Theodoric and other Poems, 1824 — Advice to 

Julia, 1820 — Crosby, Caledonian Musical Repository — 
Falconer, Shipwreck, a Poem, plates, 1803, &c. 10 vol. 

873 Cancellieri (F.) Descrizione de Tre Pontificali, 2?lates 

ivhite vellum, gilt leaves . Eoma, 1814 

874 Capel (Arth. Lord) Contemplations, Divine and Moral, portrait, 

1683 — Doctrine of Devils, Daemons, and Evil Spirits, 
1676, calf gilt . . 2 voK 

873 Capell (E.) Prolusions, or Select Pieces of Antient Poetry 

calf gilt . . 1760 

876 Capper (B. P.) Topographical Dictionary of the United King- 

dom, maps . . 1825 

877 Capper (Jas.) Passage to India through Egypt, ma2)S, 1785 — 

Card (H.) History of the Revolutions of Russia, 1803 

2 vol. 

878 Careri (G.) Voyage du Tour du Monde, plates, 6 vol. 

Paris, 17J9 

879 Carlell (Lod.) Two New Playes, scarce, calf neat 1657 

880 Carleton (Capt. G.) Memoirs of an English Officer, 1728— 

Clanricarde (Marquis of) Memoirs, I)ublin,l7 44 — Colbert, 
Life, 1695 — Caraccioli, Life of Pope Ganganelli, 1776 

4 vol. 


881 Cards, early Playing, a complete pack of ancient 

Playing Cards, with drawings of the samCj in 2 vol. 
VERY RARE, old vussia . . u, d. 

*^* The ancient Cards in this volume, with others (duplicates), 
and the drawings in the second volume, were purchased by 
me out of the Collection of Dr. Stukeley; the drawings 
were produced by the Doctor, the 9th November 1720, to 
the Society of Antiquaries, observing that the Cards had 
been given him by Thos. Rawlinson, Esq., being two pieces 
of the cover of an old book, supposed to be Claudian, 
printed before 1500 ; and that there was a leaf or two of 
an old edition of Erasmus' Adages pasted between the 
layers of the Cards, which being laid stratum super stratum, 
composed two paste boards, and made the cover of the 
book. The Doctor took the pains to separate the cards, 
out of which I have chosen a complete pack, and, the better 
to preserve so singular a curiosity, have had it bound, 
together with the above mentioned drawings, and some 
modern French cards. It is observable in these ancient 
cards that there are no aces or queens, but instead of the 
latter are knights. 

On the antiquity of Playing Cards see " Recherches 
Historiques sur les Cartes a jouer," by Bullet, who thinks 
they were not invented before the latter end of the four- 
teenth century; see also the "Idee Generale d'une complette 
Collection d'Estampes," M. C. T.; see MS. note by Mark 
Cephas Tutet, from whose Collection these two volumes 
came; they are particularly mentioned in Mr. Singer's 
admirable work on the subject, the plates therein having 
been engraved from this series; see ^j. 172, ^'C. 

882 Carlisle (Fr. Earl of) Tragedies and Poems 

PRIVATELY PRINTED, crt//^?7^ royal 8vo. 1801 

883 Carlisle (Earl of) Embassies to Muscovie, portraits, 1669 — 

De la Croix, History of Ginghizcan, the great Emperor of 
the Moguls, 1722— Life of Pope Clement XI., 1721, &c. 

6 vol. 

884 Carlton (W.) Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry, plateSy 

2 vol. Duhlin, 1830— Correction, 3 vol. 1819, &c. 7 vol, 

885 Caernarvonshire, a Sketch of its History, calf, 1792 — Letters 

from Snowdon, 1770 . 2 vol. 

886 Carraccioli (C.) Life of Robert Lord Clive, Baron of Plassey, 

portrait, 4 vol. old calf gilt . n. d. 

887 Carmichael (Mrs.) Domestic Manners of the West Indies, 2 vol. 

1833— Conduct is Fate, 3 vol. Ediji. 1822, &c. 10 vol. 

888 Carne (W.) Letters from Switzerland and Italy 1834 


889 Carolus V. Epistolae duse altera dementis VII, Pape ad Karolum 

V. et Karoli V. respondentis, calf gilt A. D. 1527 

890 Carpenter (Ric.) The Anabaptist Wash, and Washt and Shrunk 

in the Washing ; on Infant Baptism, scarce calf n. d. 

891 Carter (Fr.) Journey from Gibraltar to Malaga, 2 vol. uith 
* plates separate, 1111 — Carter (Geo.) Loss of the Gros- 

venor East Indiaman, jo^«^e5, 1791 2 vol. 

892 Carter (John) Views of Ancient Buildings in England, 119 

plates, 6 vol. calf - 1786-93 

893 Carter (Matt.) Analysis of Honor and Armory, jo^a^e* 1655 

894 Carter (M.) Another edition, joZa^e* 1660 

895 Cartwright (Wm.) Comedies, Tragi-Comedies, and other Poems, 

portrait by Lombart, wants title, title of the Poems sub- 
stituted - 1651 

896 Carus (C. G.) Introduction to the Comparative Anatomy of 

Animals, by Gore, 2 vol. with folio plates 1827 

897 Carver (J.) Travels in North America, map and plates 1778 

898 Cary (Earl of Monmouth) Memoirs of his Life by Himself, 

plate, 1759 — Savile, Character of King Charles II, 2 vol. 
in 1 - 1750-59 

899 Cary (Rob. Earl of Monmouth) Memoirs by Himself, and 

Naunton, Fragmenta Regalia Edin. 1808 

900 Carysfort (Jo.Jos.Earl of) Dramatic and Narrative Poems, 2 vol. 

PRIVATELY PRINTED, LARGE PAPER, russia extra, g.L 1810 

901 Casas (Comte de las) Journal de la Vie Privee et des Conversa- 

tions de I'Empereur Napoleon a Sainte Helene, 8 vols. 


902 Cassriata (P. G.) Historia di Italia, Geneve, 1644, &c. 4 vol. 

903 Cassan (S. H.) Lives of the Bishops of W^inchester, portrait^ 

2 vol. - 1827 

904 Castelli (Vine.) Fasti di Sicilia, 2 vol. vellum Messina, 1820 

905 Castrioto detto Scanderbego (Principe) Historia tradotta per P. 

Rocha, Venet. 1580 — Cicerone, Dialogo dell' Oratore per 
Lod. Dolce, Fewe^ 1547 - 2 vol. 

906 Castiglione (Baldesar) II Libro Cortegiano Aldus, 1547 

907 Catalogue of the Lords, Knights and Gentlemen, that have 

Compounded for their Estates, russia 1655 

908 Catalogue des Livres de M. Le Comte de MacCarthy Reagh, 

2 vol. Paris, 1815 — Catalogue des Livres de L. M. 
Langles, Paris, 1825 — Catalogus Librorum Rariorum, 
cura J. Vogt, Hamb. 1747, &c. 6 vols, 

909 Catalogue of the Library of James Duke of Chandos, with 

prices, 1746-7, and of the Materials of the House, Out- 
House, &c. at Cannons in Middlesex, the Seat of the late 
Duke of Chandos, with prices and names, 1747 2 vol. 

910 Catologues of Prints, viz. Sir Jas. W. Lake's Collection of 

British Portraits, pnce*, large paper, 1808 — The Dela- 
here, Baziologia, prices and names, 1811, and 4 others, 
m I yo\. half bound . 1808-16 


911 Catalogue of the Libraries of John Mordaunt Johnson, 1817 — 

of Rev. Theodore Williams, 1827— of the Battle Abbey 
Charters, Grants and Deeds, 1836 — Bibliotheca Parisiana, 
1791 - 4 vol. 

912 Catalogue of the Library of Congress, Washington^ 1830 — 

Catalogue of the Library of John Duke of Roxburghe, 
1812 — Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Institution, 
1809 - 3 vol. 

913 Catalogue of the Sale at Fonthill Abbey, 1823 — Catalogues 

(24) of Thorpe's Books and Manuscripts — Catalogue of 
the Sale at Strawberry Hill, &c. a parcel 

914 Catalogues, Boooksellers' and Sale Catalogues a parcel 

915 Catalogus Bibliothecse Harleianse, 5 vol. calf gilt 1743 

916 Catharine II. de Russie, Theatre de THermitage, portrait 2 vol. 

calf gilt, Paris, 1739 — Chateau des Tuileries, 2 vol. 
ib, 1802 - 4 vol. 

917 Catlin (Geo.) Manners, Customs and Condition of the North 

American Indians, map and numerous plates, 2 vol. 

royal 8vo. 1841 

918 Cattermole, Historical Annual, the Great Civil War of Charles I. 

and his Parliament, numerous plates, 2 vol. cloth, g, L 

rojal 8vo. 1844-45 


919 Boyer (A.) French and English Dictionary, 2 vol. Lyon, 1780 

920 Boyle (R.) Philosophical Works, by Shaw, 3 vol. 1725 

921 Boys (W.) Collections for an History of Sandwich, Kent, moMy 

plates, 2 vol. calf gilt . Canterbury, 1792 

922 Brand (Jo.) History and Antiquities of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 

map and plates, 2 vol. calf gilt . 1789 

923 Brandebourg, Memoires de la Maison de, maps, 2 vol. 

Berlin, 1751 

924 Brander (G.) Hampshire Fossils, 9 plates, 1766 — Buckland 

(W.) Account of Fossil Bones of Animals discovered at 
Kirkdale, plates, 1822 — Buckland, Vindicise Geologicae, 
1820 ; and 8 Scientific pamphlets v. y. 

925 Brasseur, Histoire Civile et Ecclesiastique du Comte D'Evereux, 

plates . Pains, 1722 

926 Brewster (J.) Parochial History and Antiquities of Stockton- 

upon-Tees, plates, calf gilt . 1796 

927 Bright (Dr. Ric.) Travels from Vienna through Lower Hun- 

gary, maps and many jfine plates 
russia extra, gilt leaves . Edinb, \S\^ 

928 British Museum. Combe and Hawkins, Description of the 

Ancient Terracotas and Marbles in the British Museum, 
upwards of 160 plates, 6 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, unCUt . 1810-26 


929 British Museum. Combe (T.) Description of the Ancient Terra- 

cottas in the British Museum, 40 plates 
LARGE PAPER, calfy may'hled leaves 1810 

930 British Museum, Hawkins (Edw.) Description of the Anglo- 

Gallic Coins in the British Museum, plates 1826 

931 British Museum. Nummi Veteres, Civitatum, Regum, Gen- 

tium et Provinciarum, in Museo Ric. P. Knight asservati 


932 British Museum. Combe (T.) Veterum Populorura et Regum 

Numi qui in Museo Britannico adservantur, 15 plates 1814 

933 British Museum. Catalogue of the Manuscripts of Fr. Har- 

grave, now in the British Museum 1818 

934 Brissonius (B.) De Ritu Nuptiarum, Paris, 1564 — Balduinus 

de Institutione Hist. UniversaB, ib. 1561, 2 vol. in 1 

935 Britton (Jo.) Architectural Antiquities of Great 

Britain, represented and illustrated, numerous plates^ 
fine impressions, 5 vol. 
large paper . . . 1807 

936 Britton (Jo.) Cathedral Antiquities, viz. Bath Abbey 

Church; Cathedrals of Canterbury, Lichfield, Norwich, 
Oxford, Salisbury, Wells, Winchester, York, numerous 
plates, fine impressions, 9 vol. 
LARGE paper . 1814-24 

937 Britton (J.) Historical and Architectural Essay on RedclifFe 

Church, plates . imperial 4to. 1813 

938 Britton (J.) Picturesque Antiquities of the English Cities, 

numerous plates and wood engravings, 
large paper, half Tussia royal 4to. 1830 

939 Brocchi (G. M.) Vita del Beato Michele Flammini, e de Vita 

Solitaria, portraits, and plates Firenze, 1761 

940 Bromley (H.) Catalogue of Engraved British Portraits ; and 

another copy, imperfect, 2 vols. 1793 

941 Bronsted (P. O.) Voyages et Recherches dans la Grece, 

30 plates, vol. 1 . Paris, 1826 

942 Brook (A. De Capell) Travels through Sweden, Norway and 

Finmark, plates, the Natural History coloured 
calf extra, gilt leaves . 1823 

943 Brooke (A. D. Capell) Winter in Lapland and Sweden, map 

and many plates . 1827 

944 Brooke (Ra.) Discoverie of Errours in Camden's Britannia, by 

Anstis, portrait, 2 vol. in 1 
large paper . 1723-24 

945 Broughton (T. D.) Letters written in a Mahratta Camp in 1809, 

coloured plates . 1813 

946 Broughton (W. R.) Voyage of Discovery in the North Pacific 

Ocean, 1795-98, map and plates, calf 1804 


947 Browne (Tho.) Historie of the Life and Reigne of that Famous 

Princesse Elizabeth, wood cut portrait 1629 

948 Browne (W. C.) Travels in Africa and Egypt, maps and plates 

calf gilt . 1799 

949 Browsholme Hall, Description of, and of the Parish of Wad- 

dington, in the County of York, plates 


950 Bruce (Jas.) Travels to discover the Source of the Nile in 

1768-1773, many plates y 5 vol. calf gilt JEdinb, 1790 

951 Bruce (Peter H.) Memoirs of Military Services, calf gilt 1782 

952 Brunck (R. F. P.) Analecta Veterum Poetarum Graecorum, 

3 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, calf gilt Argent, 1776 

953 Bryan (Mich.) Biographical and Critical Dictionary of Painters 

and Engravers, portrait and plates, 2 vol. 
calf gilt, uncut . 1816 

954 Bryant (Jacob) New System, or an Analysis of Ancient My- 

thology, numerous plates, with gem hy Bartolozzi, 3 vol. 
old calf gilt . 1774-76 

955 Bryant (Jacob) Observations on Passages of Scripture 

red morocco, gilt leaves 1803 

956 Bucaniers of America ; or a true Account of their Exploits in 

the West Indies, with the Exploits of Sir H. Morgan, 
portraits and plates ^ 2 vol. good copy 1684-5 

957 Buchanan (F.) Journey from Madras through Mysore, Canara 

and Malabar, map and plates, some coloured, 3 vol. 
calf gilt . 1807 

958 Buckingham (John Sheffield Duke of) Works, portrait, 2 vol. 

calf gilt . . 1723 

959 Buckingham (J. S.) Travels in Mesopotamia in Asia Minor, 

maps and plates . 1827 

960 Buckingham (J. S.) Travels in Assyria, Media and Persia, 

2Q plates , 1829 

961 Buckingham (J. S.) Travels among the Arab Tribes of East 

Syria and Palestine, with appendix, map and plates 1825 

962 Buckinghamshire, a complete History of, m,ap, 1730 — Wise 

(F.) Observations on the Antiquities of Berkshire, 1742 ; 
and three Tracts on the County ; in 1 vol. 
calf gilt extra, gilt leaves 1642-1742 

963 Buckland (Wm.) Reliquiae Diluvianae, or Observations on the 

Organic Remains, 27 plates, some coloured 
first edition, presentation copy 1823 

964 Buckland, another copy, 27 coloured plates, second edition 1824 


965 BuFFON (CoMTE de) Daubenton et Lacepede, Histoire 

Naturelle, original edition — viz. Histoire Naturelle, 
Generale et Particuliere des Animaux et des Oiseaux, avec 
le Supplement, 31 vol.; Mineraux, 5 vol.; Ovipares et 
Serpens, par Lac^p^de, 2 vol. ; et Cartes Magnetiques, 
1 vol. ivith the several hundred plates, fine impressions, 
39 vols. 

very fine copy, old French red morocco extra, gilt leaves, except 
the ^^ cartes'' which are half hound uniform 

Paris 1749-89 

966 Buonanni (Fil.) Ricreatione dell' Occhio e della Monte, nell' 

Osservation delle Chiocciole, 107 plates, containing 319 
n^^ T. fi9ures of shells . . Roma, IQQl 

967 Burchell (W. J.) Travels in the Interior of Southern Africa, 

maps and numerous plates, some coloured, 2 vol. 1822-24 

968 Burckhardt (J. L.) Travels in l^uh'm, portraits and maps 1819 

969 Burckhardt (J. L.) Notes on the Bedouins and Wahabys, 

map . . . lg^3Q 

970 Burgi (P. B.) De Dominio Genuensis Reipublic^ in Mare 

Ligustico, Eomw, 1641— Collenutii (Pandulphi) Historiae 
Neapolitanse libri, ^cw27, 1572 . 2 vol 

971 Burke (Edmund) Works, 3 vol. calf gilt . I792 

972 Burmanni (P.) Anthologia Veterum Latinorum Epigrammatura 

et Poematum, 2 vol. bright old calf gilt Amst. 1759 

973 Burney (Chas.) General History of Music, plates by Bartolozzi, 

4'c. numerous specimens of music, 4 vol. 
calf, neat copy . . 1775 

974 Burney (Jas.) Chronological History of the Discoveries in the 

South Seas, or Pacific Ocean, charts, 5 vol., vol. 1 and 2 
calf gilt, and 3, 4 a?id 5 in boards 1803 

975 Burns. Views in North Britain illustrative of the Works of 

Robert Burns, plates by Storer and Greig,Jine impressions, 
calf gilt . . 1805 

976 Burrough (W.) A Discours of the Variation of the Compas, or 

Magneticall Needle, woodcuts 
hhck letter, russia . , 1581 

977 Burrows (J.) Decisions upon Settlement Cases 1768 

978 Burton (Rich.) Historical Remarks on the Ancient and Present 

State of the Cities of London and Westminster, ivood 
LARGE PAPER, Only 50 copies printed, russia extra 

V7y burton (R.) Admirable Curiosities, Rarities and Wonders in 
England, Scotland and Ireland, woodcut portraits 
LARGE PAPER, russia extra, uniform with the former 

QQA r> 1.. /. T.x« M.Stace,l8ll 

980 Buschmg (A. t.) System of Geography, maps, 6 vol. 

bright old calf gilt . , 1762 


981 Busby (C. A.) Series of Designs for Villas and Country 

Houses, 31 2ylcites . . 1808 

982 Butler (J.) Analogy of Religion, 1736 — Barrow (Jo.) on the 

Pope's Supremacy, 1680 . 2 vol. 

983 Butler (Sam.) Hudibras, a Poem, with notes and life by Nash, 

portraits, plates and vignettes, brilliant impressions^ 3 vol. 
fine copy ^ calf gilt . . 1793 

984 Buxtorfii (J.) Lexicon Chaldaicum Basil, 1622 

985 Byron (Lord) Voyage of H. M. S. Blonde to the Sandwich 

Islands, in 1824-25, plates . 1826 

986 Cabala, Mysteries of State in Letters of Great Ministers of 

James I. and Charles L . 1654 

987 Cabinet de Choiseul, par Basan, portrait and 123 plates, 

fine impressions, old calf, gilt leaves Paris, 1771 

988 Cabinet de M. Paignon Dijonval Etat Detaille et Raisonne des 

Dessins et Estampes, dont il est compose, 2 vol. 

Paris, 1810 

989 Cabinet de Poullain, par Basan, \20 plates, very fine im- 

pressions, old calf, gilt leaves . ih. 1781 

990 Caesar, Commentarii, da Andrea Palladio, plates Venet. 1575 

991 Caesar (Sir Julius) Life, with Memoirs of his Family and Des- 

cendants, by Edm. Lodge, 17 fine portraits and plates 
LARGE paper, Tussia extra, joints^ g. I. imperial 4to. 1810 

992 Calmet (Aug.) Dissertations sur I'Ecriture Sainte, maps and 

plates, 7 vol. calf gilt . Paris, 1720 

993 Calonne (M. de) Requete au Roi, 1787 — Censo Espanol, 

Madrid, 1787 . . 2 vol. 

994 Cambridge (Owen) Works, and Life by G. O. Cambridge, 

many portraits and plates, calf gilt 1803 

995 Cambridge (R. O.) War in India, at Coromandel, maps and 

plates . . 1761 

996 Camden (W.) Remains concerning Britain, with many Rare 

Antiquities by Jo. Philipot, Somerset Herald, portrait 
russia . . 1657 

997 Camden (W.) Remaines concerning Bvitam, portrait, 1657, &c, 

3 vol. 

998 Camdeni (G.) et Illustrium ed G. Camdenum EpistolaB, cum 

Vita cura T. Smithii, portrait, russia extra, g. I. 1691 

999 Camerarius (D.) De Scotorum Fortitudine, Doctrina, et Pietate, 

ac de Ortu et Progressu Hasresis in Regnis Scotiae et 
Angliae . . Paris, 1631 

1000 Camoens, Lusiad, or the Discovery of India, an Epic Poem, 

translated by W. J. Mickle 
THICK PAPER, calf gilt . Oxford, 177 Q 



1001 Buchanan (Geo.) History of Scotland, |)or^iLm^ . 1690 

1002 Buchnern (J. S.) Theoria et Praxis Artilleriae, plates, 

Nuremberg^ 1685 

1003 Buck (Geo.) History of the Life and Reigne of Richard III. 

portrait . . . 1646 

1004 Buck (S. and N.) Antiquities ; or Venerable Remains of 

Castles, Monasteries, Palaces, and Cities, in England and 
Wales, upwards of 370 plates., fine old imp?'essions, 3 vol. 

oblong folio. 1721, &c. 

1003 Buckler (John) Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire, 

consisting of 15 fine original drawings, finished in 

colours, by J. ^' J. C. Buckler., ivith 3 others by Jo. Soane, ^c. 

blue morocco extra ^ joints, lined ivith silk, and gilt leaves, 1818 

1006 BuFFON et Montbeillard, Histoire Naturelle des 

OisEAVX, containing \QQS beautifully coloured plates, 10 vol, 
large paper, /?2e copy, old, frenchredmor. g.l. Paris, 1770-86 

1007 Bullart (Isaac) Academie des Sciences et des Arts contenant 

les Vies, et les Eloges Historiques des Horames Illustres, 
several hundred fine portraits, including some English, 2 vol, 

Amst. 1682 

1008 Bullet (M.) Memoires sur la Langue Celtique, 3 vol. 

russia extra, gilt leaves . Besanqon, 1754 

1009 BuNBURY (Henry) Works, consisting of upwards of 140 

Caricatures, Humourous Prints, &c. &c,, some proofs, and 
some coloured, in 1 vol. russia . 1772-85 

1010 BuNBUBY (H.) 62 Prints by and after Bunbury, consisting of 

18 Plates, illustrative of Shakspeare, large folding Carica- 
tures, &c. in 2 vol. russia . . 7i. d, 

1011 Bunbury (H.) Caricatures, Humourous Prints, &c. 95 plates, 

in a volume, half bound . v. y. 

1012 Bunting (Hen.) Braunschweigische und Luneburgische Chro- 

nica, numerous curious wood engravings, 
fine copy, russia eMra, gilt leaves . Magdeb. 1596 

1013 Buonarruoti (F.) Osservazioni sopra alcuni Frammenti di Vasi 

Antichi di Vetro, Ornati di Figure trovati ne' Cimiteri di 
Roma, plates . . Firenze, 1716 

1014 Burchett (J.) History of Remarkable Transactions at Sea, maps, 

large paper . . . 1720 

1015 Buret (M.) Les Pastes Universels ou Tableaux Historiques, 

Chronologiques, et Geographiques, 

oblong folio. Bruxelles, 1822 

1016 Burgher (G. A.) Leonora, translated by Spencer, with 10 

plates from the designs by Lady Diana Beauclerc, 
calf , marbled leaves . . 1796 



1017 Burghley (W. Cecil Lord) Collection of State Papers, by 

S. Haynes, and W. Murdin, 2 vol. . 1740-59 

1018 Burgmair (Hannsen) der Weiss Kunig eine erzehlung von 

den Thaten Kaiser Maximilian des Ersten, 237 curious 
and fine wood engravings, 
ruisia extra, mai'hled leaves . Wien, 1775 

1019 Burn (Ric.) Justice of the Peace . 1758 

1020 Burnet (Bp. G.) History of the Reformation of the Church of 

'Engisind, portraits, 3 vol. old calf gilt . 1715 

1021 Burnet (Bp.) History of His own Time, 2 vol. . 1724 

1022 Burnet (Bp.) Memoires of the Lives and Actious of James 

and William, Dukes of Hamilton, portraits 1677 

1023 Burnet (Bp.) Meiroirs of the Lives and Actions of James and 

William, Dukes of Hamilton, portraits by White, 1677, 
with Appendix to the Church History of Scotland, by Bp. 
Spotiswood, 2 vol. in 1 . . 1677 

1024 Burnet (Bp.) on the 39 Articles . . 1705 

1025 Burnett (T.) Theory of the Earth, plates . 1697 

1026 BuRNYAs, (Aug.) Original Drawings in colours of 96 

Plants of the Island of St. Vincent, drawn from 
nature under the inspection of Dr. Anderson, with the 
names affixed by the Doctor, in 1 vol. russia 1792-3 

1027 Burton (Dr. Jo.) Monasticon Eboracense, and the Ecclesiastical 

History of Yorkshire, plates 
fine copy, russia extra - York, 1758 

1028 Burton (Rob.) Anatomy of Melancholy, engraved title contain- 

ing portrait 
fine copy, calf gilt - Oxford, \Q^2 

1029 Burton (Wm.) Description of Leicestershire, map and portrait 

damaged and wanting the title, russia 1622 

1030 Bury (Lady Charlotte) The Three Great Sanctuaries of Tus- 

cany, a Poem, with plates from the drawings of the Rev. G. 
Bury oblong folio, 1833 

1031 Byzantine, Corpus Byzantine Historic, editio secunda 

ad Luparaeam fideliter expressa, numerous plates, 30 vol. 
fine copy, dutch vellum Venetiis, 1729 

1032 Cabala, or Letters of State in the Reigns of Henry VIII. to 

Charles I, frontispiece - 1691 

1033 Cabinet de Reynst, 34 fiiie plates, brilliant impressions, inlaid 

in atlas folio, unbound Amst. n. d. 

1034 CaBlii (Ludovici) Lectiones Antiquae Colo?i. 1620 

1035 Caelii (L.) Lectionem Antiquarum, libri triginta Francof. 1666 

1036 Caesar, Commentaries, by Edmonds, plates 1677 
J 037 Caesar, Commentaries, by Clem. Edmonds, pZaies 1677 
1038 Csesaris Commentaria, Germanice, many curious wood engravings 

RARE, green morocco extra, gilt leaves Meyntz Jo. Schoffer, 1536 


1039 CiESARis Opera, cum Annotationibus S. Clarkii, 87 

Jine plates^ including the rare one of the Buffalo, 2 vol. 


imperial folio. Tonson, 1712 

*^* The most sumptuous classical work which this country has 
ever produced. The Duke of Grafton's copy, in morocco, 
sold for £64. Is. 

1040 Calepini (A.) Dictionarium (wants title page) 

1041 Calmet (Aug.) Dictionary of the Holy Bible, maps and many 

plates, 3 vol. bright old calf gilt 1732 

1042 Calvini (J.) Lexicon Juridicum et Canonicum Genevce, 1665 

1043 Camdeni (Guil.) Anglica Hibernica Cambrica a Veteribus 

Scripta, russia Francof. 1602 

1044 Camdeni (G.) Anglica Normanica Hiberniea Cambrica a Vete- 

ribus Scripta, ivith a few MS. notes by T. Martin of Thetford 
fine copy, russia extra Francof. 1603 

1045 Camdeni (G.) Annales Rerum Anglicanarum, regnante Ehza- 

betha, 2 vol. russia - 1615-27 

1046 Camden (Wm.) Britannia, or a Description of Britain and Ire- 

land, by Bp. Gibson, portrait and maps, 2 vol. 
russia extra - 1722 

1047 Camden (W.) Historic, by way of Annals of Queen Elizabeth, 

poi'trait, calf gilt - 1730 

1048 Camden (W.) Britannia, or a Chorographical Description of 

England, Scotland and Ireland, enlarged by Ric. Gough, 
portrait, maps and plates, 3 vol. 

BEST EDITION, C<2Z/^l7^ 1789 

1049 Camdem (W.) Britannia, by Gough, plates, vol. 1 interleaved 

ILLUSTRATED 2(;ziA an assemblage of upivards of 160 portraits, 
plates, coins, maps, plans, ^c. by Bazire, Vertue, Houston, 
4'C., russia extra - 1806 

1050 Camerarius (P.) Walking Library 1621 

1051 Camoens (Luis de) Lusiad, translated by Ric. Fanshaw, '6 fine 

portraits by Cross, good copy 1655 

1052 Campbell (Colin) Vitruvius Britannicus, or British Architect, 

Plans, Elevations and Sections of Public and Private 
Buildings in Great Britain, numerous plates, 5 vol. (not 
quite uniform J 1731-71 

1053 Campbell (C.) Vitruvius Britannicus, or British Architect, 

(wants many plates) 1731 

1054 Canaye (Philippe) Lettres et Ambassade, 3 vol. Paris, 1635-6 

1055 Canova (Ant.) Statues, 2 portraits and ^% fine plates, bril- 

proofs, by Fontana, Mai^chetti, ^c. 
russia extra, joints and gilt leaves atlas folio, ^oma, 1812 

1056 Cantimir (D.) History of the Growth and Decay of the Oth- 

man Empire, by T'm^d\, portraits 1734 


1057 Canterbury. Historic Illustrations of the See of Canterbury, 

including Lambeth Palace, and the Succession of Arch- 
bishops, part in manuscript written hy P. Absolom, with 
upwards of 20 original drawings, 60 shields of arms embla- 
zoned, and 120 portraits, plates, monuments, ^'C. in 1 vol. 
russia eirtra, gilt leaves, in a case 1819 

1058 Carburi (Le Compte M.) Monument Eleve a la Glorie de Pierre- 

le-Grand, \2 plates, russia Paris, 1777 

1059 Caricatures, Political, of C. J. Fox, Pitt, Burke, the 

Prince of Wales, Mrs. Fitzherbert, &c. 80 plates, some 
coloured, mounted in a volume 1784, &c. 

1060 Caricatures, a Collection of 2Q>b finely coloured English Ca- 

ricatures, hy Gilray, W. Heath, G. Cruikshank, ^c, in 
a volume, vellum 1803-30 

1061 Carpentier (D. P.) Alphabetura Tironianura, cum pluribus Lu- 

dovicii Pii Chartis Paris, 1747 

1062 Carter (Jno.) Specimens of the Ancient Sculpture and Painting 

now remaining of England, from the earliest period to the 

Reign of Henry VIII. numerous plates, some coloured, 2 vol. 

russia . 1780-87 

1063 Carter (John) Ancient Architecture of England, by Jo. Britton, 

] 09 plates, 2 vol. in 1, half hound morocco, uncut 1837 

1064 Cart Wright (Thos.) Confutation of the Rhemist Translation of 

the New Testament 
fine copy, calf, sides tooled, and gilt leaves 1618 

1065 Cassandra, a Romance, translated by Sir C. Cotterell, 1664, 

&c. 2 vol. 

1066 Cassiodori Ecclesiastice et Tripartite Hystorie, sine anno — 

Chrisostomi Sermones et Epistola, sine anno — Privilegia 
Cleriorum et quedam alia utili hie Continentur, Lyptzick^ 
1 493, first page illuminated and capitals rubricated 
fine copy, blue morocco, gilt leaves 1493, &c. 

1067 Castelli (Gab.) Sicilise Populorum et Urbium Regum quoque 

et Tyrannorum Veteris Nummi, numerous p)lates, uncut 

Panormi, 1781 

1068 Catalogi Librorum Manuscriptorum Anglise et Hibernise in 

usum CoUecti, po7'tr aits, fine impressions Oxonii, 1697 

1069 Catalogue of all the Ordinances, Proclamations, &c. of the 

Protector, in 1653-54, calf 1654 

1070 Catalogue des Volumes d'Estampes, dont les Planches sont a 

la Bibliotheque du Roy, calf, gilt leaves Paris, 1743 

1071 Catalogus Classicus Codicum Manuscriptorum Ecclesiae Cathe- 

dralis Dunelmensis Discriptus a Tho. Rud 
presentation copy Dunelmice, 1825 

1072 Catesby (Mark) Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the 

Bahama Islands, with the Appendix, and 220 heautifidly 
coloured plates of birds, animals, fishes, plants, ^'C. 2 vol. 
FINE COPY, old russia. extra, marbled leaves 1731 


1073 Cathedrals. Account of the Collegiate Chapel of St. Stephen 

Westminster, by Topham ; of the Abbey Church, Bath ; 
and of Durham, Exeter and Gloucester Cathedrals, with 
QQ fine ijlates hy Basire, ^-c. 3 vol. in 1, 
riissia extra . 1795-1809 

1074 Cathedrals. Some Account of the Abbey Church of St. 

Albans, 19 fine plates, 1813 — Englefield's Description of 
the additional Plates to St. Stephens Chapel, 11 plates in a 
portfolio 1813, &c. 

1075 Catrou and Rouille, Roman History, maps and numerous 

plates, 6 vol. 1728-37 




1076 Catullus, Poems in English verse, frontispieces hi/ Blake, 2 vol. 

IjARGK FAPER, green morocco . 1795 

1077 Caulfield (J.) Chalcographiana — the Printseller's Chronicle, 

and Collector's Guide, portrait, 1814 — Catalogue of a 
Thirty Day's Sale of Prints, ancient and modern, three 
parts, 1834 , 4 vol. 

1078 Causes Celebres et Interessantes, redigees par Richer, 18 vol. 

Amst. 1771-81 

1079 Cavallo (T.) History and Practice of Aerostation, plates, 

1785 — Cavallo on Magnetism, /^/a^e*, 1800 2 vol. 

1080 Cavendish (Geo.) Memoirs of Cardinal Wolsey, 1706 — Life 

of Lewis, Prince Conde, portrait, 1693 — History of the 
Wars of Charles XII, portrait, 1720— Life of Charles V, 
Duke of Lorraine, 1691 . 4 vol. 

1081 Cavendish (Sir Henry) Debates of the House of Commons, 

from 1768 to 1774, with notes by Wright, part 1 to 7 


1082 Caylus (Comte de) CEuvres Badines Complettes, many plates, 

12 vol, hright calf gilt . Amst. 1787 

1083 Cazotte (M.) CEuvres Badines et Morales, frontispieces, 

7 vol. . . 1788 

1084 Cecil (Sir Rob ) Secret Correspondence with James VI, of 

Scotland . Edinb. 1766 

1085 Cellini (Benvenuto) Vita da lui medesimo scritta, da Carpani, 

portrait, 3 vol. . Milano, 1831 


1086 Celts, Vindication of the, with observations on Pinkerton, 

1803 — Cumberland, Sanconiatho's Phoenician History, 
1720 . . 2 vol. 

1087 Centlivre (Mrs.) Dramatic Works and Life, portrait^ 3 vol. 

calf gilt . . 1761 

1088 Cerquy (Marquise de) Souvenirs, 1710— a 1800, 2 vol. Bruj;. 

1834 — Memoires et Souvenirs d'un Pair de France, 2 vol. 
ib, 1829 — Domingo, Tablettes Napolitaines, ib. 1829, &c. 

6 vol. 

1089 Cervantes (Mig. de) Trabaios de Persiles y Sigismunda 

Historia Septentrional . Madrid^ 1619 

1090 Cervantes (M. de) Don Quichotte de la Manche traduit et 

Annote, par L. Viardot, tiumerous wood engravings, by 
Tony JoJiannoU 2 vol. 
FINE PAPER, calf extra g. I. impl. 8vo. Paris, 1836 

1091 Cervantes (M. de) Vida y Hechos del Don Quixote, plates, 

2 vol. . Amberes, 1697 

1092 Cervantes (M. de) Don Quixote de la Mancha, with engravings 

from pictures by Rob. Smirke, by Heath, <^c., fine im- 
pressions, 4 vol. royal 8vo. 1818 

1093 Chaloner (B.) Memoirs of Missionary Priests^ and other 

Catholics that have suffered death in England for Religion, 
2 vol., russia, gilt leaves . 1741 

1094 Chaloner (B.) Memoirs of Missionary Priests and other 

Catholics that have suffered death in England for Religion, 
frontispieces, 2 vol., calf gilt Manchester, 1803 

1095 Chalmers (Geo.) Collection of Treatises between Great 

Britain and other Powers, 2 vol. calf gilt 1790 

1096 Chambray (Mrs. de) Histoire de I'Expedition de Russie, with 

an atlas of plates, 4 vol. . Paris, 1825 

1097 Chancellors. Lives of all the Lords Chancellors, Lord 

Keepers, and Commissioners, 2 vol. 1708 

1098 Chandler (S.) on Miracles, &c. 2 vol. 1728, &c. 6 vol. 

1099 Chantreau (M.) Travels in Russia, map and plates, 2 vol, 

Perth^ 1794 — Chinese Embassy to the Khan of the Tar- 
tars, by the Chinese Ambassador, map, 2 vol. 1821 

1100 Chaptal (J. A.) Elements of Chemistry, 3 vol. vellum 1800 

1101 Chardin, Voyages en Perse et autres lieux de I'Orient, par 

Langles, 10 vol. one atlas . Paris, 1811 

1102 Charles I, Workes of, and his TryoX, portraits Hague, 1648 

1103 Charles I, Eikon Basilike, the Pourtraicture of his Majestie, 

portrait and plate, old blue morocco g. I. 1649 

1104 Charles I, Eikon Basilike, the Pourtraicture of his Majesty 

in his solitude and sufferings, y?r5;f edition, russia 1648 

1105 Charles I, his Tryal at the High Court of Justice, with the 

several speeches, portrait by Gaywood, ivith autograph 
of Walter Moyle, the friend of Sir John Elliot 1665 


1106 Charles I. Wood (Lamb) Life and Rayne of Charles 1, 

portrait, 1659 — the Character of Charles I, Martyr, 1660 
— Eikon Basilike, portrait and plate, Hague Com. 1649 

3 vol 

1107 Charles I, Life and Reigne of, or the Pseudo- Martyr dis- 

covered, with animadversions on his Pourtraiture 
calf gilt . . n* d, 

1108 Charles I. Scutum Regale, the Royal Buckler, or Vox Legis, 

a Lecture to Traytors, who murthered Charles I, and 
banished Charles II, frontispiece, portrait of Charles, hy 
Gaywood, hrilliant impression, title and front, mounted, 
calf neat . 1660 

1109 Charles L England's Black Tribunal, set forth at the Tryal 

of King Charles I, portrait, by Gay wood, calf neat 1703 

1110 Charles I, Trial of, with additions by J. Nalson, portrait 


1111 Charles I. Birch, Inquiry into the Share which King Charles I. 

had in the Transactions of the Earl of Glamorgan 
calf neat . . 1747 

1112 Charles I, Brief Account of his Martyrdom, and Account of 

the Regicides, russia, gilt leaves Chester^ 1732 

1113 Charles II. Cook (Aur.) Life and Reign of Charles W, por- 

trait, 1685— -Saville (G.) Character of Charles II, 1750 

2 vol. 

1114 Charles II, Account of the Preservation of, large paper, 

1766 — His Majesties Propriety and Dominion on the 
British Seas Asserted, portrait, 1665 2 vol. 

1115 Charles II, Secret History of the Court and Reign of, by a 

Member of his Privy Council, 2 vol. calf gilt 1792 

1116 Charlevoix (P. de) Histoire et Description de la Nouvelle 

France, maps and plates, 6 vol. Paris, 1744 

1117 Charnock (Jo.) Biographia Navalis, or Memoirs of Officers of 

the Navy of Great Britain from 1660, portraits and plates, 
by Bartolozzi, 6 vol. calf gilt . 1794 

1118 Charter of Romney Marsh, Latin and English, 

blatfe letter, water stained, calf neat Jo. Wolfe, 1597 

1119 Chastellux (M. de) Voyages dans TAmerique, 2 vol. Paris, 

1786, &c. . . 11vol. 

1120 Chateaubriand (F. A. de) Itineraire de Paris a Jerusalem, 

map, 3 vol. calf gilt . Paris, 1811 

1121 Chateaubriand (F. A. de) Itineraire a Jerusalem, 3 vol. 

white vellum, gilt leaves . Bruxelles, 1821 

1122 Chateaubriand (J. A. de) Congres de Verone, Guerre D'Es- 

pagne, Negociations, etc. 2 vol. Paris, 1838 — Due de 
Vicence, recuceilles par Charlotte de Sor, 2 vol. ib, 1837 

4 vol. 

1123 Chatterton (Tho.) Works, with Life by Gregory, and edited 

by Soxxihey, plates, 3 vol. calf gilt 1803 


1124 Chatterton (N.) Rowley's Poems, 1794, 8cc. 9 vol. 

1125 Chausse (N. de) GEuvres, 5 vol. Paris, 1777, &c. 12 vol. 

1126 Chedworth (Jo. Lord) Notes upon some of the Obscure Pas- 

sages of Shakespeare's Plays 

PRIVATELY PRINTED, CaJf extva, TYl. I. . 1805 

1127 Chenier (M. de) Recherches Historiques sur les Maures, maps, 

3 vol. . . Paris, 1787 

1128 Chester. History of the Siege of Chester during the Civil 

Wars, 1642-6, map and wood engravings, 
russia, gilt leaves . n. d. 

1129 Chesterfield (Earl of) Letters to his ^ox\, portrait, 4 vol. 1774 

1130 Chesterfield (Phil. Earl of) Letters to Certain Individuals in 

the time of Charles II., James II., &c. portrait 1837 

1131 Chronicles of London Bridge, wood engravings 1827 

1132 Churchyard (T.) Worthiness of Wales. 1776— Doddridge 

(Sir J.) Account of Wales, Cornwall, and Chester, 1714 
calf . . 2 vol. 

1133 Cibiaer (C.) Lives of the Poets, 5 vol. . 1753 

1134 Cibber (C.) Dissertations on Theatrical Subjects, jo^a/e^, 

calf . .1756 

1135 Cibber (C.) Dramatic W ox\l%, portrait, 5 vol. 1777 

1136 Cicero, Letters to his Friends, by Melmoth, 3 vol. 1753 

1137 Ciceronis Epistolae ad Atticum, ad Brutum, et ad Q. Fratrem 

cum P. Manuti Commentario, 2 vol. 
calf gilt . . Aldus, 1547-64 

1 138 Ciceronis de Officiis libri, notis variorum, L.B. 1710, &c. 5 vol. 

1139 Ciceronis de Natura, de Divinatione, de Finibus, de Legebus 

libri, Tusculange Disputationes et Academic88 cura Davisii, 
6 vol. Cambridge calf Cantab. 1725-33 

1140 Ciceron, Lettres a Atticus, Lat. et Gall, par Mongault, 6 vol. 

Paris, 1738 

1141 Cicero, Letters to his Friends, by Melmoth, 3 vol. 1753 

1142 Cingalese, Nine Chapters of Genesis, in Cingalese, Colombo, 

1819, and a Chinese book . 2 vol. 

1143 Cipriani (G. B.) Degli Edificj. Antichi e Moderni di Roma 

Vedute in Contorno, numerous plates, 2 vol. 

oblong 8vo. Roma, 1817 

1144 Circle, the, or Historical Survey of Sixty Parishes and Towns 

in Cornwall, jo/tt^e* . Helston, 1819 

1145 Clark (Hugh) Concise History of Knighthood, jo/a^e*. 2 vol. 


1146 Clarendon (Earl of) History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars 

in England, portrait, 6 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, ^ne old red m.orocco extra, g. L Oxf, 1707 

1147 Clarendon (Earl of) Appendix to the History of the Grand 

Rebellion, poHrctiV . 1724 

1148 Clarendon (Earl of) History of the Rebellion in England, 6 vol. 

and Religion and Policy, por/rrt?V, 2 vol. together 8 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, fussia extra, g. I. Oxford, 1807-11 


1149 Clarke (Dr. A.) Bibliographical Dictionary and Miscellany, 

8 vols, in 4 

LARGE PAPER, Colf gilt . 1802 

1150 Clarke (E. D.) Tour through the South of England, Wales, 

and Ireland, coloured plates, vellum, g. I. 1793 

1151 Clarke (Sam.) Mirrour or Looking-Glasse for Saints and 

Sinners, portrait and front by Gay wood 1654 

1152 Classici Auctores, apud Elzevirios, viz. Aviius Gellius, Amsf. 

1651 — Florus, L, Bat. 1638 — Justinus, ib. 1640 — Plinii 
Epistolse, ib. 1640— Q. Curtius, ib. 1633— Sallustius, 1638, 
&c. together 10 vol. 

1153 Classici Auctores, Gr^ci et Latini, cum notis vari- 

orum, BEST EDITIONS, 120 Vol. . V. Y. 

iElianus, Gr. et Lat. 2 vol. L. Bat. 1701 

Alexander ab Alexandro, 2 vol. ib. 1673 

Apollonius Rhodius, Gr. et Lat. . ib. 1641 

Appianius, Gr. et Lat. Tollii, 2 vol. Amst. 1670 

Apuleius, Pricaei . Goded. 1650 

Arrianus, Gr. et Lat. Blancardi, 2 vol. Amst. 1683-88 

Aulus Gellius, Thysii et Oiselii L. Bat. 1666 

Aurelius Victor, Pitisci . Traj. ad Rhen, 1596 

Ausonii Opera, Tollii . Amst. 1671 

Aviani Fabulas, Barthii . ib. 1731 

Barclaii Argenis et Satyricon, 3 vol, L. Bat. 1659-74 

Boethius, P. Bertii . L. Bat. 1671 

CsGsar, Graevii, 2 vol. in 1 . Amst. 1713 

Callimachus, Gr. et Lat. Spanhemii, 2 vol. Ultraj, 1697 

Catonis Disticha, Arntzenii . Amst. 1754 

Catullus, Tibullus, et Propertius Traj. ad Ehen. 1680 

Censorinus, ex recens. Havercampi . L. Bat. 1767 

Ciceronis Orationes, Grasvii, 6 vol. in 8 Amst. 1695-99 

Ciceronis Epist. ad Atticum et Familiai'es, Gr^vii, 4 vol. 

ib. 1684-93 

Cicero de OflBciis, Graevii, 2 vol. in 1 L. Bat. 1710 

Ciceronis Epist. ad Q. Fratrem HagcE-Comit. 1725 

Cicero de Academica, de Divinatione, de Finibus, de Legibus, 

de Natura Deorum et Tusculanee Disput. Davisii, 6 vol. 

Cant. 1727-41 
Cicero de Claris Orat. Proust . Ojconii, 1716 

Cicero de Oratore, Pearce . Cant. 1732 

Ciceronis Rhet. ad Herenniura, etc. P. Burmanni L. Bat. 1761 
Claudianus, Fleinsii . Amst. 1665 

Cor. Nepos, Van Staveren . L. Bat. 1734 

Dictys Cretensis, etc. a Smids . Amst. 1702 

Epictetus, Gr. et Lat. Gronovii . DelpU. 1723 

Erasmi Colloquia . . L. Bat. 1729 

Eutropii Historiae, Havercampi . ib. 1729 

Flori Epitome, Dukeri . ib. 1722 

Frontini Strategematon, Oudcndorpii . ib. 1731 



Hcsiodi Opera, Clerici . Amst. 1701 

Hippocratis Opera, Gr. et Lat. Van der Linden, 2 vol. 

L. Bat. 

Historise Augustae Scriptores, Casauboni, 2 vol. ib 

Horatii Opera, L. Desprez . Hagce Comit. 

Julii Obsequentis Opera, Oudendorpii L> Bat. 

Justini Historia, Gronovii , ih 

Juvenalis et Persii Satyrae . Amst. 

Lactantii Opera, Gallsei . L. Bat, 

Lactantius de Mortibus Persecutorum, Bauldri 

Traj. ad Rhen. 
Livii Historia, Gronovii, 3 vol. . Amst. 

Luciani Opera, Gr. et Lat. Vossii, 2 vol. • ib. 

Macrobii Opera, Gronovii . L. Bat. 

Martialis Epigrammata, Schrevelii . ib. 

Minucii Felicis Octavius, Gronovii . ib. 

Mythographi Latini, Munckeri . Amst. 

Opuscula Mythologica, Gr. et Lat. a Gale . ib. 

Orphei Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat. Gesneri Lips. 

Ovidii Opera Omnia, Cnippingii, 3 vol. Amst. 

Pervigilium Veneris, Rivini . Hagce-Comit. 

Petronius Arbiter, ab Hadrianide . Amst. 

Phsedri Fabulae, P. Burmanni . Hagce-Comit. 

Plauti Comcediai, Gronovii . Amst. 

Plinii Historise Nat. Gronovii, 3 vol. L. Bat. 

Plinii Epistolae, Veenhusii . ib. 

Plinii Panegyrici, Baudii . ib. 

Poly?eni Strategemata, Gr. et Lat. Maasvicii L. Bat. 
Polybii Historia, Gr. et Lat. Ernesti, 3 vol. Lips, 

Pomponius Mela, Gronovii, 2 vol. L. Bat. 

Prudentii Opera, Weitzii . Hanov. 

Quintiliani Opera, Gronovii, 2 vol. L, Bat, 

Quintus Calaber, Gr. et Lat. de Pauw L. Bat. 

Quintus Curtius, Pitisci . Hagce-Comit. 

Sallustii Opera Omnia . Amst. 

Senecae Opera Philosop. Gronovii, 3 vol, Amst. 

Senecae et Syri Mimi Sententise, Scaligeri L. Bat. 

Statii Opera, Veenhuseni . ib. 

Suetonii Opera, Pitisci, 2 vol. Traj. ad Rhen, 

Sulpicii Severi Opera, Hornii . Amst. 

Taciti Opera, Gronovii, 2 vol. . Amst. 

Terentii Comoedia3 . ib. 

Terentii Varronis Opera, Scaligeri . ib. 

Valerius Maximus, Thysii . L. Bat. 

Vegetius et alii Script. Antiq. de Re Militari, 2 vol. Vesal. 
Velleius Paterculus, P. Burmanni . Rotterd. 

Virgilii Opera, Emmenessii 3 vol. L. Bat. 

*^* The above Series is uniformly bound in russia extra, 
yellovir edges. 


1154 Classici Auctores Latini, cum notis variorUxM et in 

usuM Delphini, viz. — Apuleii, Auli Gellii, Aurelii Vic- 
toris, Ausonii, Boethii, Caesaris, CatuUi, Tibulli et Pro- 
pertii, Ciceronis, Claudiani, Cor. Nepotis, Dictys Cretensis et 
Dares, Eutropii, Flori, Horatii, Justini, Juvenalis et Persii, 
Livii, Lucretii, Manilii, Martialis, Ovidii Panegyric! Ve- 
teres, Phsedri, Plauti, Plinii, Pompeii Festi, Prudentii, 
Q. Curtii, Sallusti, Statii, Suetonii, Taciti et Supplemeta 
cura Brotier, Terentii, Val. Maximi, Velleii Paterculi, et 
Virgilii Opera, a complete set of Valpys Delphin and 
Variorum Classics, 142 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, uncut royal 8vo. Valpy, 1819, &c. 

1155 Classici Italiani, dalla Societa Tipografica de 

Mil A NO, viz. — 
Opere di Alamanni, Alberti, Anguillara, 3 vol. ; Barto- 
lommeo da S. Concordio Bentivoglio, 5 vol. ; Berni, 5 vol. ; 
Boccaccio, 4 vol. ; Borghini, 5 vol. ; Bracciolini, Buom- 
mattei, 2 vol.; Caro, 6 vol.; Casa, 4 vol.; Castiglione, 

2 vol. ; Cavalcanti, Chiabrera, 3 vol. ; Costanzo, 3 vol. ; 
Crescenzi, 3 vol. ; Dante, 3 vol. , Dati, Davanzati, Davila, 
6 vol. ; Erizzo, Fiorentino, 2 vol. ; Firenzuola, 5 vol. ; 
Gelli, 3 vol. ; Guarini, Guicciardini, 10 vol. ; Lippi, Mac- 
chiavelli, 10 vol. ; Magalotti, 2 vol. ; MafFei, 3 vol. ; Lio- 
nardo da Vinci, Menzini, Molza, Novelle Antiche, Pandol- 
fini, Passavanti, 2 vol. ; Petrarca, 2 vol. ; Poliziano, Pulci 
II Morgante Maggiore, 3 vol. ; Raccolta di Lirici, Satirici, 
Pastorali e Rusticali, 3 vol. ; Sacchetti, 3 vol. ; Sanazzaro, 
Segni, 3 vol. ; Tasso, 4 vol. ; Tassoni, Teatro Italiano 
Antico, 9 vol. ; Valvasone, Varchi, 7 vol, ; Vettori, Villani, 
8 yo]. portraits, 153 vols. 

l^ine set, bright calf extra, marbled leaves Milano, 1804, &c. 

1156 Classics (British). — The Connoisseur, 4 vol. Oxf* 1767— 

Lounger, 3 vol. Dub, 1787, &c. . 10 vol. 

1157 Classics (British) The Looker-on, 4 vol. 1797--The Mirror, 

3 vol. 1790— The World, 3 vol. 1789 . 10 vol. 

1158 Classical Manual . . 1827 

1159 Clio and Euterpe, or British Harmony, a Collection of Cele- 

brated Songs and Cantatas, with Music, engraved with 
Designs adapted to each Song, 3 vol. royal 8vo. 1758-62 

1160 Cleland (Jas.) The Rise and Progress of the City of Glasgow, 

presentation copy, with an autograph letter of the author, 
calf, marbled leaves . . Glasgow, 1820 

1161 Cleland (J.) Statistical Tables relative to Glasgow, 1823 — 

Survey of the Province of Moray, 1798, and 5 vol. relating 
to Scotland . . together 7 vol. 

1162 Cleaveland (Jo.) Poems, and J. Cleaveland Revived Poems, 

Orations, and Epistles, portraits, 2 vol. in 1, 1659-60 — 
Cowper (Wm.) Poems, 1818 . 2 vol. 


1163 Coats (Jas.) Dictionary of Heraldry^ plates of ai^ms 1747 

1164 Cobbett (W.) Porcupine's Works, exhibiting a faithful Picture 

of the United States of America, 12 vol. 1801 

1 165 Cochelet (M™^^) Memoires sur la Heine Hortense et la Famille 

Imperiale, 4 vols, . Paris, 18'S6-H 

1166 Cochin and Bellicard, Observations on Herculaneum, ^/«^e* 


1167 Cochrane (C. S.) Journal of a Residence and Travels in 

Colombia, map, and coloured plates, 2 vol. 1825 

1168 Cochrane (J. D ) Pedestrian Journey through Russia, 1824 — 

Chappel) Ed.) Voyage to Hudson's Bay, map and plates, 
1817, &o. 6 vol. 

1169 Cockburn (G.) Voyage to Spain, Sicily and Malta, maps, and 

coloured plates, 2 vol. . 1815 

1170 Cockburn (Major) Swiss Scenery, upwards of 60 Jine plates 

morocco, uncut . imperial 8vo. 1820 

1171 Coke (Roger) Detection of the Court and State of Enghmd, 

3 vol. . . 1719 

1172 Colardeau (C. P.) QLuvres^ portrait, 2 vol. 

old red morocco, gilt leaves royal 8vo. Paris, 1779 

1173 Collin D'Harleville (J. F.) Theatre et Poesies Fugitives, 4 vol. 

calf extra, ^narhled leaves ib. 1805 

1174 Collier (Jer.) Essays, 4 vol. in 3, 1697-1709— Collier, View 

of the Stage, 1698^ — Review of Collier on the Stage, 
2 parts, 1698 — Amendments of Collier's Citations, 1698 

6 vol. 

1175 Collier (Joel) Musical Travels through England, 1776 — 

Dodsley, Letters on Taste, 1755 — Carrigton, Dartmoor, 
a Poem, 1826 . 3 vol. 

1176 Collins (A.) Baronetage of England, a^^ms, 2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, j^r*^ edition, good copy royal 8vo. 1720 

1177 Collins (A.) Life of Wm. Cecil, Lord Burghley 

LARGE PAPER, calf gilt . royal 8vo. 1732 

1178 Collins (A.) Life of Edward (the Black) Prince of Wales, 

and his Brother, John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster 
old calf gilt . royal 8vo. 1740 

1179 Collins (A.) Supplement to the Peerage, 2 vol. 

old blue morocco . . 1750 

1180 Collins (A.) Peerage of England, plates of arms ^ 5 vol. in 6 


1181 Collins (A.) History of the Noble Family of Carteret 

LARGE PAPER, calf gilt royal 8vo. 1756 

1182 CoUins (A.) Peerage of England, Genealogical, Biographical, 

and Historical, continued by Sir Egerton Brydges, plates 
of arms, 9 vol. . 1812 

1183 CoUinson (J.) Beauties of British Antiquity, 1779 — Antiqui- 

ties of Arundel, and Lives of the Earls, 1766, calf 2 vol. 


1184 Colman (Geo.) Dramatic Works, 4 vol. 1777 — Colman, Prose 

Pieces, 3 vol. 1787 . 7 vol. 

1185 Colman (G.) Dramatic Works, 4 vol. . 1777 

1186 Common Prayer Book, long lines, Baskervilles beautiful edit* 

FINE COPY, calf gilt royal 8vo. Camb. 1762 

1 187 Common Prayer, in the Manks Language, calf neat 

Whitehaven, 1777 


1188 Campbell (Alex.) Journey from Edinburgh through parts of 

North Britain, 44 plates, 2 vol. russia extra 1802 

1189 Campbell (Don) Journey over Land to India, calf gilt 1795 

1190 Campbell (Tho.) Pleasures of Hope, and other Voevas, plates, 

calf marbled leaves . 1803 

1191 Canning (Geo.) Anti-Lucretius, 1766 — Churchill, Poems, 

1763 — Cave of Neptune, 1784 — Dyer, Fleece and the 
Hermit, 2 vol. in 1, 1747-57 " 4 vol. 

1192 Cardonnel (Adam de) Picturesque Antiquities of Scotland, 

numerous plates, 4 parts complete in 2 vol. 1788-93 

1193 Carew (Ilic.) Survey of Cornwall with his L,\fe, plate inserted^ 

calf . . 1769 

1194 Carew (R.) Survey of Cornwall, with notes illustrative of its 

History and Antiquities by T. Tonkin, by Lord de Dun- 
stciu\\\\e, portrait, calf marbled leaves 1811 

1195 Carey (H.) Voems, portrait, calf neat 1729 

1196 Carey (H.) Dramatick Works, 1743 — Congreve, Mourning 

Bride, 1710, &c., and 7 Plays various, half calf 6 vol. 

1197 Caribbeana ; Letters, Dissertations and Essays, chiefly wrote 

by several hands in the West Indies, 2 vol. 1741 

1198 Carleton (Sir Dudley) Letters during his Embassy in Holland 

russia, marbled leaves 1757 

1199 Carleton (Dr. W.) Trenary of Paradoxes, the Magnetick 

Cure of Wounds, calf gilt 1650 

1200 Carlisle (Nich.) Topographical Dictionary of England, 2 vol. 

calf gilt . 1808 

1201 Carnot (M.) De la Defense des Places Fortes, pour I'instruc- 

tion des Eleves du Corps du Genie, plates 
russia extra, gilt leaves Paris, 1812 

1202 Caro y Cejudo (G. M.) Refranes y Modos de Hablas Castel- 

lanos con Latinos, good copy Madrid, 1675 

1203 Carr (J.) Travels in ^^aXn, plates, 1811 — Stranger in France, 

plates, 1803, calf gilt, 2 vol. 

1204 Carr (J.) Travels round the ^aXiic, plates, 1805 — Tour through 

l{6[\<kx\di, plates, 1807, calf gilt 2 vol. 

1205 Cartwright (Geo.) Journal of a Residence on the Coast of 

Labrador, maps, 3 vol. calf gilt Newark^ 1792 


1206 Casa (G. della) Opeve, portrait, 5 vol. Venet 1723 

1207 Casauboni (Is.) Epistola ad Frontonem, 1611- Gretseri (J) 

De Modo agendi Jesnitarum libri ; et Commentarius 
Exegeticus in Britannise Regis Jacobi Apologiam, In^ol- 
stadu, 1600-3 ; 3 vol. in I-Dallaei (J.) De Usu Patrum, 
hbri II. Genevce, 1656 2 vol 

1208 Casley (D.) Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the King's Library 

plates, old calf gilt 2734 

1209 Casas (Episcop. Barth.)Narratio Regionum Indicarum per His- 

panos quosdana Devastatarum Verissima, maps and many 
curious plates by Bry, ^c. Franco/. 1598— Pannoni^ 
Historia Chronologica, map and many portraits by T, de 
Bry, &c. 2 vol. in 1, old calf gilt Franco/ 1596-98 

1210 Castiglione (B.) The Courtier, Ital. and Eng., 1727- Ind 

Cumberland (Bp.) of the Laws of Nature, by Maxwell, 
n. d. ^ 9 1 

1211 Catalogus Librorum Bibliothecae Hon. Societatis Medii TeJpli 

l^ondini '^ 

1910 ^^f 7^ '^^^^Y PRINTED, old calf gilt 1734 

^1V2. Catalogus Librorum qui in Bibliotheca Blandfordiensi repe- 

riuntur, 9 parts and Appendix 

PRIVATELY ^^ii^T^xi, presentation copy, half blue morocco, 

gilt leaves 2812 14 

1213 Catalogue of the Library at Bamburgh Castle in Northum- 

berland, Durha7n, n. c?.— Catalogue of the Portland 
Mxxsenm, frontispiece, 1786 2 vol 

1214 Catalogue of the Portraits and Pictures belonging to James] 

J^arl ot ^ lie, privately printed, 1807— Daulby, Catalogue 
ot Rembrandt s Prints, with their prices, a'manuscript, 

1215 Catalogues. The Bindley Granger, 1819; The SaJ^at 
ioi« n . ,^^^h''^^ ^iW. portrait, large paper, 1842 2 vol. 

1216 Catullo (T. A.) Saggio di Zoologia Fossile, plates 

1217 Caulfield(Jas.) Portraits, Memoirs and Characters^Remark- 

able Persons from the reign of Edward III, many portraits, 
2 vol., vol. 2 in 8vo. calf gilt I794 

1218 Cavallo (T.) Treatise on the Nature and Properties of Air. 

plates . I7ftl 

1219 Cavendish (Geo.) The Negociations of Cardinall Tho. Wolsey, 

portrait, title and portrait inlaid 1641 

1220 Cayley (Arthur) Life of Sir Walter Ralegh, portrait, 

calf gilt , ^ 1805 

1221 Cellarii (C.) Geographia Plenior, cura Schwartz, «or^ra«V «7irf 

maps, 2 vol. . Lips 1731 

1222 Centorio (Ascanio) Comraentarii della Guerra di Transilvania 

Venet, 1566 


1223 Cervantes (Mig. de) Historic of Don Quixote, translated by 

Tho. Shelton, engraved title,, 2 vol. in 1 
FIRST EDITION, scarce . 1620 

1224 Cervantes (M. de) Life and Exploits of Don Quixote, by 

Jarvis, many plates, 2 vol. 1742 

1225 Cervantes (M. de) El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote de la 

Mancha, map and many plates^ 4 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, calf gilt Madrid, 1780 

1226 Chabert (M-de) Voyage dans TAmerique Septentrionale, Cartes 
Jine copy, old red morocco extra, gilt leaves Paris, 1753 

1227 Chalmers (Alex.) History of the University of Oxford, nume- 

rous plates hy Storer and Gleigy india proofs, 2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, Tussia cxtra Oxford, 1810 

1228 Chalmers (Geo.) Caledonia, or Account, Historical and Topo- 

graphical, of North Britain, maps and plates, 2 vol. 
calf, marbled leaves . 1807-10 

1229 Chalmers (G.) Life of Mary Queen of Scots, drawn from 

State Papers, with Six Subsidiary Memoirs, portraits and 
plates, 2 vol. russia extra, gilt leaves 1818 

1230 Chambaud (L.) French and English Dictionary, 2 vol. 1778 

1231 Chambers (W.) On Oriental Gardening, russia 1772 

1232 Champigny (Chev. de) Histoire des Rois de Dannemarck, de 

la Maisson d'Oldenburg, portraits, 2 vol. 
calf gilt . Amst. 1776 

1233 Champigny, Histoire Generale d'Angleterre, 2 vol. Amst. 1777 

— Comte Portalis, Rapport fait a la Cour des Paris, Juillet, 
\Q^b, plans, 2 vol. 1835, &c. 9 vol. 

1234 Champlain (M. de) Voyages de la Canada, map Paris, 1632 

1235 Chandler (Ric.) Travels in Asia Minor, map, calf gilt, Oxford, 

1775 — History of Ilium or Troy, map, calf gilt, 1802 2 vol. 

1236 Charles I, Memoirs of King Charles 1, and the Loyalists who 

suffered in his Cause, 20 portraits 
LARGE PAPER, calf gilt . 1795 

1237 Charleton (Dr. W.) Chorea Gigantum, or Stonehenge restored 

to the Danes, wood engravings, calf 1663 

1238 Charlton (Lionel) History of Whitby and of Whitby Abbey, 

map and plates, russia extra York, 1779 

1239 Charlevoix (P. Fr. Xavier) Histoire du Paraguay, maps and 

plates, Svo\. . Paris, 1756 

1240 Charnock (J.) History of Marine Architecture, jo^a^^*, 3 vol. 

calf gilt with folio plates, in russia 1801-2 

1241 Chartarii et Verderii Imagines Deorum qui ab Antiquis Cole- 

bantur, wood engravings Lugd. 1581 

1242 Chartier (Alain) Les Faites, Ditz, and Balades 

gOt^lC UXXtXtfine copy, russia Paris, 1519 

1243 Chaucer (Geo.) Canterbury Tales, with notes and glossary by 

T. Tyrwhitt, portrait, 2 vol, 
fine copy, russia extra, marbled leaves Oxford, 1798 


1244 Chertablon (M. de) La Maniere dc sebien preparer a la Mort, 

many plates, Jine impr^essions Anvers, 1700 

1245 Chichele, Stemmata Chicholeana, or Genealogical Account of 

Families from Thomas Chichele of Higham Verrers, plates 
and pedigrees^ uncut Oxford, 1765 

1246 Chine. Memoires concernant I'Histoire, les Sciences, les Arts, 

les Moeurs, les Usages, &c. des Chinois, par les Missionaires 
de Pekin, portraits and many plates, 15 vol. 
old calf gilt . Paris, 1776-91 

1247 China, the Punisments of China 

ILLUSTRATED in 22 Jinely coloured plates 1801 

1248 Cholmley (Sir Hugh) Memoirs of, in which he gives some 

Account of his Family, and the distresses they underwent 
in the Civil Wars ; with Account of Tangier, and his 
Speeches in Parliament 


*^* Sir Mark M. Sykes' Copy of this rare volume sold for 
£15. 15s. 

1249 Christie (Jas.) Inquiry into the Antient Greek Game invented 

by Palamedes, antecedent to the Siege of Troy, plates 
calf gilt . 1801 

1250 Christine, Memoires concernant Reine de Suede, portrait and 

map, 3 vol. old calf gilt Amst 1751 

1251 Chronicles of England, viz. Holinshed, 6 vol. ; Fabyan, 

Grafton, 2 vol. ; Hall, Hardyng and Kastell ; edited by 
Sir H. Ellis, &c. wood engravings, 12 vol. 
Jine set, russia extra, gilt leaves, but 2 vol. not quite uniform 


1252 Chwalkow-ki (N. de) Regni Polonia? Jus Publicum, portraits 

and plates Regiom. 1684 

1253 Gibber (C.) Plays, 2 vol. 1721 — Apology for his Life, by 

Himself, portrait, and an additional otie inserted 
calf gilt, 1740 . 3 vol. 

1254 Ciceronis Epistolae ad Familiares, cum Expositione, J. Radius 

Ascensius (wants title) Paris, 1511 — CatuUi Opera, cura 
Vossii, Z. J5. 1691 . 2 vol. 

1255 Ciceronis Opera Omnia, cum notis Gruteri, accurante Schrevelio 

Elzevir, 1661 

1256 Ciceronis Opera, cura Oliveti, 9 vol. 

Jine copy, calf . Paris, 1740 

1257 Cireronis Opera, cum Indicibus et variis Lectionibus, cura Oli- 

veti, 10 vol. russia, gilt leaves Oxonii, 1783 

1258 Ciceronis Opera, cura Oliveti, 10 vol. in quires, sold with all 

faults . Oxon, 1783 

1259 Ciceronis Orationum pro Scauro Fragmenta, cura A. Peyron 

Stuttg, 1824 

1260 Cicognara (L. Conte) dell' Origine Compozione e Decompo- 

zione dei Nielli Esercitazione, 3 plates 
presentation COPY, half calf Venet. 1827 


1261 Clapperton (Capt.) Journal of a Second Expedition into the 

Interior of Africa, portrait and map 1829 

1262 Clarendon (Earl of) State Papers in the possession of R. Pow- 

ney, Esq. 2 vol. bright old calf gilt Oxford^ 1763 

1263 Clarendon (Earl of) History of the Rebellion and 

Civil Wars in England, and View of the Affairs of Ireland, 
6 vol. 
LARGEST PAPER, j^w^ copy^ ved morocco extra, joints, and 
gilt leaves imperial 4to. Oxford, 1816 

1264 Clarke (Ed.) Letters concerning the Spanish Nation 

calf gilt . 1763 

1265 Clarke (E. D.) Tomb of Alexander, /9/«if^5, rw^Ma CawiJ. 1805 

1266 Clarke (E. D.) Travels in various Countries of Europe, Asia, 

and Africa, maps and numerous plates, 6 vol. 
russia, gilt leaves, vol. 1 not unifor7n, and vol. 2 in hoards 


1267 Clarke (E. D.) Life and Remains, portrait 1824 

1268 Clarke (Jas. S.) Progress of Maritime Discovery from the 

earliest "^ermA, plates and charts, vol. 1 
russia extra, gilt leaves . 1 803 

1269 Clarke (J. S.) and J. M'Arthur, Life of Admiral Lord Nelson, 

plans and fine plates, 2 vol. 
russia extra, m,arbled leaves royal 4to. 1809 

1270 Clarke (J. S.) Life of James II, collected out of Memoirs writ 

of his own hand, 2 vol. white vellum extra, gilt leaves 1816 


1271 Cavallrie, Militarie Instructions for, plates and plans 

Cambridge, 1632 

1272 Cave (G.) Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Historia Literaria, a 

Christo Nato ad Saeculum XIV. 2 vol. russia 1688-98 

1273 Cave (W.) Lives of the Fathers of the Fourth Century 1683 

1274 Cavendishe (Duke of) Method of Dressing Horses 


1275 Cay (J.) Abridgment of the Public Statutes, 2 vol. 1739 

1276 Cervantes, a Set of Engravings illustrative of Don Quixote, 

from Pictures by Robert Sniirke, 74 plates, india proofs 
hfore the letters, with 2 etchings and 2 duplicates, in a 
portfolio . 78 

1277 Chambaud (Louis) Dictionary, French and English 1761 

1278 Chambers (E.) Cyclopaedia, with Supplement by Rees, plates, 

5 vol. russia . 1791 

1279 Chambers (W.) Designs of Chinese Buildings, \Q plates 1757 

1280 Chambers (W.) Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Views of the 

Gardens and Buildings at Kew, 42 plates 1763 

1281 Chandler, Revett and Pars, Ionian Antiquities, 28 fine plates, 

calf . 1760 



1282 Chapelain (J.) La Pncelle, ou La France delivree, portrait by 

Nanteuili and plates 
LARGE PAPER, old red morocco, sides and back covered with 
fleurs de lis . . Paris^ 1656 

1283 Chapman (Geo.) Translation of the whole Works of Homer, 

portrait, with two engraved titles and one plate, by Wm. 
Hole, good copy, half calf - n. d. 

1284 Characteristic Portraits of the various Tribes of Cossacks, 

portraits, half red morocco, uncut 1820 

1285 Chardin (Sir J.) Travels into Persia and the East Indies, map 

and plates . . 1686 

1286 Charles I. Declaration concerning the late Tumults in Scot- 

land from their first originalls, good copy, old calf 1639 

1287 Charles 1. The Reign of King Charles, impartially delivered 

in Ax\wd\'i, frontispiece, calf gilt 1655 

1288 Charles I. (King) Workes, with a Collection of his Declara- 

tions, Treaties, History of his Life, &c. portraits, fine 
calf gilt . .1662 

1289 Charles II. Verhael in Forme van Journal van de Reys in 

WoWdi^a^t, portrait and plates Graven-hage, 1660 

1290 Chaucer (Geoff.) Works, wood engravings, wants title, dedica^ 

tion, part of the table, and b 1, with the last leaf 
blacfe letter, first entire edition, rare, red morocco, 
gilt leaves . T. Godfray, 1532 

This edition was published without the Plowman's Tale, 
which first appeared in 1542. In this copy it is inserted in 
MS. neatly written in a contemporary hand. 

1291 Chaucer (G.) Workes and Life, by The. ^^eghi, portrait 

Blaci^ letter, good copy Geo. Bishop, 1598 

1292 Chaucer (G ) Workes, and Life, by Thos. Speght, portrait 

blacfe letter, fine copy, red morocco, gilt leaves 1602 

1293 Chaucer (G.) Workes, and Life, by Tho. Speght, portrait 

fclaclt letter, fine copy, calf . 1687 

1294 Chaucer (G.) Works, with Glossary and Life, by Jo. Urry, 

portrait, old calf gilt , 1721 

1295 Chaufepie (J. G. de) Nouveau Dictionnaire Historique et 

Critique, 4 vol. 
very fine copy, russia extra . Amst. 1750 

1296 Chauncy (Sir Hen.) Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire, 

portrait, maps, and numerous plates, wanting three, 
which are usually deficient 
fine tall copy, in old calf . 1700 

1297 Chausse (M. A. de la) Le Grand Cabinet Remain, ou Recueil 

d'Antiquites Kovn-dme^, plates Amst. 1706 

1298 Chauvini (S.) Lexicon Philosophicum Rotterodami, 1692 

1299 Chevalier (N.) Histoire de Guillaume III, par Medailles, &c. 

plates . . Amst. 1692 




1300 China. Suite des XVI. Estampes representant les Conquetes 

de r Empereur de la Chine, 14 of the oinginal etchings bj/ 
Cochin., out of 16 executed for the Emperor of China, in 
1768-74, with fine impressions of the 20 reduced plates^ 
engraved hy Helman, inlaid uniform, 
russia extra^ with joints and gilt leaves 

elephant folio. Paris, 1768-85 

*^* Copies of the sixteen engravings executed for the Emperor 
of China, from designs furnished from Pekin, are of the 
greatest rarity, only a very few having been worked off 
before they were dispatched to China. These fourteen 
etchings are probably unique. 

size of the volume, 3 ft. 2 by 2 ft. *. 

1301 Chinese Drawings of Costume, Butterflies, Birds and Fruit, 

61 BEAUTIFUL DRAWINGS by Native Artists 
russia extra, joints, and gilt leaves n. d. 

1302 Chinese Mythology, consisting of One Hundred most 

BEAUTIFUL Chinese DRAWINGS, highly finished in 
colours and gold by Native Artists 
russia extra, joijits, and gilt leaves n. d^ 

*^* A volume of most exquisite beauty and spirit, both in 
colour and design. 

1303 Chinois (Sujets) Faits Memorables des Empereurs de la Chine, 

et Abrege Historique de la Vie de Confucius Philosophe 
Chinois, 48 plates by Helman, fine proofs before the 
letters, 2 vol. in 1 
PAPIER d'Hollande, y?we copy, red morocco extra, gilt 
leaves . Paris, 1788 

1304 Chomel (M.) Family Dictionary, by Bradley, 2 vol. 1725 

1305 Chomel (M.) Dictionnaire CEconomique, wood engravings, 

2 vol. . Paris, 1718 

1306 Christie (James) Disquisition upon Etruscan Vases ; displaying 

their probable connection with the Shows at Eleusis and 
the Chinese Feast of Lanterns, 16 plates 


1307 Chronicon Nurembergense, auctore Hartmanno Schedel, 

with upwards of 2000 fi7ie, spirited and curious wood 
engravings by Wolgemuth and Pleydenwurff, title inlaid 
very fine copy, rare, red russia extra, gilt leaves 

Nurernb, Koberger, 1493 

%* This copy has the five supplementary leaves not paged 
and mostly wanting ; they are misplaced being between 
pages 266 and 267 ; the capitals in the index, &c. are 
rubricated. Wolgemuth the engraver of the cuts was 
the master of the celebrated Albert Durer. 


1308 Chronologie (Somraaire) des Souverains, Pontifes, Empereurs, 

Roys, Princes, Grands Seigneurs et Homraes lllustres, des 
le commencement du Monde, with about 2600 portraits, 
fine impressions, with a manuscript table 
THICK PAPER, old red morocco, gilt leaves Parts, 1622 

1309 Chrysostomi (Sancti) Opera, Greece, cura PI. Saville, 8 vol. 

^2 vol. a little stained) Etonm, 1613 

1310 Churchill (Sir W.) Divi Britannici, a Remark on the Lives of 

the Kings of this Isle from a.m. 2855 to a.d. 1660, plates 
of arms, russia extra 1675 

1311 Churchill, Collection of Voyages and Travels, now first printed 

and translated, with the Plarleian Collection of Voyages 
and Travels, many maps and plates, 8 vol. 
uniform calf gilt 1704-32-47 

1312 Ciceronis Opera Omnia, cum P. Victorii Explicationibus et 

Castioationibus, 4 vol. 
fine copy, russia, gilt leaves Venetiis, L. Junta, 1534-6 

1313 Ciceronis, another copy, old calf gilt leaves ib. 1534-6 

1314 Ciceronis Opera Omnia, cura Lambini, 4 vol., ruled with 

red lines 
very fine large and tall copy, vellum, Aldus, 1566 

1315 Ciceronis Opera Omnia, cumnotis Gruteri, 2 vol. calf gilt 1681 

1316 Cicognara (Conte) Memorie spettanti alia Storia delia Cal- 

cografia,18 plates 
LARGE PAPER . Prato, 1831 

1317 Clanricarde (Marquiss of) Memoirs and Letters 

large paper . 1757 

1318 Clarendon (Earl of) History of the Rebellion and 

Civil Wars in England, begun 1641 to the Restoration 
Illustrated with above 200 maps, portraits and plates, 
by Rob. Cooper, Houbraken, Picart, Strutt, Vander 
Gutch, Vertue, S^c, some proofs and many very fine im- 
pressions, 3 vol. 
large paper, /ine copy, red morocco, g. I. Oxford, 1704 

1319 Clarendon (Earl of) Life and Continuation, jt>or^r«^Y, interleaved 

half red morocco Oxford, \7b2 

1320 Clarke (Jas.) Survey of the Lakes of Cumberland, Westmor- 

land and Lancashire, maps 
illustrated with Farington's Views of the Lakes, 20 plates, 
brilliant impressions, 2 vol. red morocco extra, g. I. 1789 

1321 Clarke (S.) Mirror, or Looking Glasse for Saints and Sinners 


1322 Clarke (S.) Generall Martyrologie, plates; and The Lives of 

Two and Twenty English Divines, 2 vol. in 1 1660 

1323 Claude. Praesaggi in Tavola Giudicati di Claudio Gelee con 

il Testo di G. A. Guattani, 10 plates Roma, 1826 

1324 Claude. Another copy, \0 plates ib. 1826 


1325 Claude, Liber Veritatis, a Collection qfSOO EngravingSt 

in imitation of the origitml Drawings of Claude, pov' 
traits, with a proof of Claude before the letters 


o/One Hundred and Seventy Etchings 
very fine copy, richly hound in red morocco extra, joints, 
gilt leaves, and vellum fly leaves 1772-1817 

1326 Cleaveland (E.) Genealogical History of the Family of Cour- 

tenay, russia Exon, 1735 

1327 Cleland (J.) Enumeration of the Inhabitants of the City of 

Glasgow, half red morocco Glasg. 1820 

1328 Cluverii (P.) Geographia Antiqua, viz. Italia, Sicilia, Sardinia, 

Corsica, et Germania, joorifrmY and plates, 4 vol. 
good copy . Elzevir, 1619-31 

1329 Codex Juris Gentium Diplomaticus, 2 vol. Hannov, 1693 

1330 Coke (Ed.) Institutes of the Lawes of England, joor^ratY, 3 vol. 


1331 Coker, Survey of Dorsetshire, or the Antiquities and Natural 

History of that County, map and plates, russia 1732 

1332 Cole (C.) Memoirs of Affairs of State, containing Letters from 

1697 to 1708 . 1733 

1333 Collectio Nova Patrum et Scriptorum Graecorum, viz. Eusebii, 

Athanasii, Gr. et Lat. cura Montfaucon, 2 vol. 

Paris, 1706 

1334 Collier (Jer.) Historical Dictionary, Sacred and Profane, por- 

trait, 4 vol. . 1701 

1335 Collins (Art.) Historical Collections of the Noble Families of 

Cavendish, Holies, Vere, Harley and Ogle, and the Lives 
of the Earls of Oxford, many portraits and plates hy 
Vertue,fine impressions 
large paper, calf neat . 1752 

1336 Collins (G.) Great Great Britain's Coasting Pilot, charts, 1736 

— Cornwall (H.) Observations on Voyages to the East 
Indies, charts, 1720 2 vol. 

1337 Columna Trajana, 131 large spirited etchings ivith manuscript 

descriptions oblong folio, n* d. 

End of the Fifth Days Sale, 





1338 Conde, Memoires pour Servir a I'Histoire de la Maison de 

Conde, portraits, 2 vol. . Paris, 1820 

1339 Congreve, (Wm.) Works consisting of his Plays and Poems, 

portrait and plates, 3 vol. Baskervilles beautiful edition, 
free from the usual stains, 
fine copy, bright calf gilt . Birming, 1761 

1340 Constant, Memoires sur la Vie Privee de Napoleon, jsa Famille 

et sa Cour, 6 vol. half calf . Paris, 1830 

1341 Conybeare (J.) Sermons, 2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER . . 1757 

1342 Conybeare and Phillips, Outlines of the Geology of England 

and Wales, coloured map, part 1 (all published) 1822 

1343 Cooke (Edw.) Voyage round the World, majo* awe? jo/aife* 1712 

1344 Cooke (W. B.) The Thames, or Graphic Illustrations from 

drawings by S. Owen, of the Seats, Buildings, and Scenery, 
many plates, fine impressions, 2 vol. 
calf extra . royal 8 vo. 1811 

1345 Cooper (E.) Muses Library, a series of English Poetry 1741 

1346 Cooper (J. F.) The Borderers, 3 vol. 1829— The Bravo, 3 vol. 

1831 . , 6 vol. 

1347 Cooper (J. F.) The Headsman, 3 vol. 1833— The Heiden- 

raaner, 3 vol. 1832 , 6 vol. 

1348 Cooper (Wm.) Philosophicall Epitaph in Hierogliphicall 

Y\g\xxes, plates, Tussia . 1673 

1349 Cooper (Wm.) Philosophicall Epitaph in Hierogliphicall 

Figures, &c., plates, calf neat . 1673 

1350 Cornelii Severi iEtna, cum notis et P. Bembi ^tna, 

green morocco, gilt leaves . Amst.llO^ 

1351 Corneille (P.) Theatre, 5 vol. — Corneille (T.) Poemes Drama- 

tiques, 5 vol., together 10 vol. old calf, g. L Paris, 1782 

1352 Corneille (P.) Theatre de, avec les Commentaries de Voltaire, 

^b fine plates, 12 vol. calf, marbled leaves Paris, 1797 

1353 Coronelli (P. M.) Account of the Morea, plates, 1687 — 

Caron (F.) Description of Japan and Siam, plates, 1663 — 
Debes (J.) Description of Feroe, 1676, &c. 6 vol. 

1354 Conversations on Mineralogy, plates, 2 vol. russia, m. I. 1822 

1355 Cornwall. Laws of the Stannaries, TVi^ro, 1824 — Unwin (G.) 

Letters on Trade in Tin, from Cornwall, 1790, &c. 3 vol. 

1356 Cornwallis (Jane Lady) Private Correspondence, 1613-44 


PAPER, presentation copy^ hy Lord Braybrooke 1842 

1337 Cornwallyes (Sir Wm.) Es«ayes, newlie corrected, engraved 

title, by T. CecilU russia extra . 1632 

1358 Corret (T. D. A.) Origines Gauloises, celles des plus Anciens 

Peuples de T Europe, portrait, Hamb. 1801 — Delille, La 
Conversation, yo'eme, Jine plates, Paris, 1812, 
calf gilt . . 2 vol. 

1359 Corpus Historicunri, or Historical and Military Classics; Greek 

Historians, 69 numbers, between No. 16 and 99; Roman 
Historians, 64 numbers, between No. 1 and 84; English 
Prose Writers, 65 numbers, between 1812 and 1817, 
together 198 numbers . 1812-20 

1360 Corsi (F.) Delle Pietre Antiche, 

white vellum, gilt leaves . Roma, 1828 

1361 Cosin, Names of Roman Catholic Nonjurors who refused 

Oaths to George I. . 1745 

1362 Costumes of the Reign of George II, adapted for her Majesty's 

Ball, 12 coloured plates . n. d. 

1363 Cotton (Sir Rob.) Choice Pieces . 1651 

1364 Couvray (L. de) Les Amours du Chevalier de Faublas (no 

plates) Paris, 1821, &c. . 6 vol. 

1365 Courier (Le) Des Provinces, de Paris, et de Versailles a Paris 

et de Paris a Versailles, 13 vol. wanting vol. 4, 
calf . . Paris, 1789-90 

1366 Courtenay. De Stirpe et Origine Domus de Courtenay, quae 

coepitaLud. Crasso huius nominis sexto Francorum Rege 
very scarce, russia extra, gilt leaves Paris, 1607 

1367 Cowley (Abraham) Work?,, portraits and plates, 3 vol. 1707 

1368 Cowper (Wm.) Poems, 2 vol. 1788— Dunster on Milton, 1800,. 

and 3 Poetical . . 6 vol. 

1369 Cox (N.) Gentleman's Recreation in Hunting, &c. platesy 

1697^Canning (G.) Microcosm, 1787 — Capper, South 
Australia, n. d. . . 3 voL 

1370 Coxe (W.) Travels in Switzerland, 3 vol. 1789— Coxe (T.) 

United States of America, 1795 . 4 vol. 

1371 Crabbe (G.) The Borough, a Poem, 1810, &c. 9 vol. 

1372 Crabbe (G.) Tales of the Hall, 2 vol. 1819— Barry Cornwall's 

Flood of Thessaly, and Marcian Colonna, 2 vol. 1820-23 

4 vol. 

1373 Cramer (J. A.) Geographical and Historical Description of 

Ancient Italy, map and plan, 2 vol. 
white vellum, gilt back and gilt leaves Oxford, 1826 

1374 Crawfurd (Dav.) Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland, Edinh. 

1767 — Cromwell (Oliver) Critical Review of the Political 
Life oi, portrait, 1742 — Castlemaine (Earl of) Account of 
the V^diY, portrait, 1672 . 3 vol. 


1375 Crauford (Earl of) Life, 1769— Colbert, Political Testament, 

1695, &c. . .6 vol. 

1376 Crawfurd (Jo.) History of the Indian Archipelago, maps and 

engravings, 3 vol. . Edinh. 1820 

1377 Crebillon (J. de) CEuvres Completes, /?oWra«V, 12 vol. 

calf gilt . Maestricht, 1779 

1378 Crebillon (J. P.) CEuvres, portrait and plates, hy Peyron, 

fine impressions, 2 vol. calf extra, in. I. Pains, 1799 

1379 Crepin. Histoire de Mons. Crepin, 86 curious comic sketches 

oblong 8vo. Paris, 1837 

1380 Crevier, Histoire des Empererus Romains depuis Auguste a 

Constantin, 12 vol. . Paris, 1749 

1381 Critical Review, or Annals of Literature, from the commence- 

ment in 1756 to 1817, 144 vol. 
uniform and very neat, half russia 1756-1817 

1382 Croker (R.) Travels in Spain and Portugal 1799 

1383 Croly (Geo.) Personal History of George the Fourth, portrait, 

2 vol. . . 1841 

1384 Crombie (Alex.) Natural Theology, 2 vol. 1829 

1385 Cromwell (Oliver) The Perfect Politician, or Life and Actions 

of, portrait, 1680 — Carrington, Life and Death of Oliver 
the Protector, 1659 — Burton, History of Oliver Cromwell, 
portrait, 1692 . 3 vol. 

1386 Cromwell (Oliver) Life, portrait, 1743 — Review of the Life 

of Oliver Cromv^eW, portrait, 1739 2 vol. 

1387 Cromwell (Thos.) Oliver Cromwell and his Times, portrait 


1388 Crucifixorum Martyrum imagines, 70 fine plates, brilliant 

impressions, old red morocco, gilt leaves Antwerp, 1608 

1389 Cruise (R. A.) Residence in New Zealand, coloured plate, 

1823 — Dongolaand Sennar, Expedition to, 1822, &c. 6 vol. 

1390 Culpeper (Nich.) Directory for Midwives, or a Guide for 

Women, portrait, calf neat . 1693 

1391 Cumberland (Ric.) Anecdotes of Eminent Painters in Spain, 

2 vol. calf gilt, 1782 — Anecdotes of the Life of Julio 
Bonasoni, half calf, 1793 , 3 vol. 

1392 Cumberland (R.) Observer, 6 vol. calf gilt 1798 

1393 Cumberland (R.) Memoirs written by Himself, 2 vol. 

calf gilt, marhled leaves . 1807 

1394 Cumberland (Bp.) Essay on Jewish Measures and Weights, 

1699 — Coins, Report for the Amendment of Silver, 1695 

2 vol. 

1395 Cunningham (A.) Paul Jones, Romance, 3 vol. Edinh. 1826 — 

Cooper (J. F.) Lionel Lincoln, 3 vol. 1825— The Clock- 
maker, 1838 . . 7 vol. 

1396 Curtis (Wm.) Botanical Magazine, or the Flower Garden Dis- 

played, \^4:\ finely coloured plates, 44 vol. 
calf gilt, uniform . 1787-1817 


1397 CuviER (Baron) The Animal Kingdom, arranged in 


OTHERS, upwards of 800 ^neli/ coloured plates, 16 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, calf extra, gilt leaves royal 8vo. 1827-35 

1398 Cuvier (Baron G.) Essay on the Theory of the Earth, by 

Jdime&on, platesy tuhite vellum, gilt leaves Edinb. 1827 

1399 Dakin (Dr. Wra.) Select Poetical Works, 2 vol. Dublin, 1769 

1400 Dale (Rob.) Catalogue of the Nobility of England, and Lords 

^"^'w'xiwdiX, frontispiece . 1697 

1401 Dallas (R, C.) History of the Maroons at Sierra-Leone, maps 

and plates, 2 vol. calf gilt 1803 

1402 Dallaway (Jas.) Anecdotes of the Arts in England, 

calf gilt 1800 

1403 Dalrymple (Sir Dav.) Account of the Martyrs at Smyrna and 

Lyons, Edinb, 1776 — Opinions of Sarah Duchess Dowager 
of Marlborough, 1788 2 vol. 

1404 Dalrymple (Dav.) Account of the preservation of Charles II. 

after the Battle of Worcester 


1405 Damberger (C. F.) Travels through the Interior of Africa, 

map and coloured plates 1801 

1406 Dampier (W.) Voyage round the World, plates, 3 vol. (not 

uniform) 1697-1709 — Funnell (W., Mate to Dampier) 
Voydige, plates, 1707 4 vol. 

1407 Dangeau (Marquis de) Memoirs of the Court of France, 

2 vol. . . 1825 

1408 Daniel (S.) Poetical Works, 2 vol. 1718— Denham (Sir J.) 

Poems, 1671, &c. 9 vol, 

1409 Dante (11) Novamente reuisto et stampato 

Jlne copy, red morocco, gilt leaves Lione, 1547 

1410 Dante, Divina Commedia, translated by H. Boyd, portrait, 

3 vol. calf, marbled leaves 1802 

1411 Dante, Divina Commedia, da B. Lombardi, jo/ct^e^, 3 vol. 

vellum,, gilt leaves Roma, 1820 

1412 Dante, Vita Nuova, e la Vita di Dante da Giov. Boccaccio 

Firenze, 1576 

1413 D'Aranda (Em.) History of Algiers and its Slavery, plates, 

1666 — Dickenson, God's Providence in Shipwreck, 1700, 
&c. . 10 vol. 

1414 D'Abrantes (la Duchesse) Memoires, ou Souvenirs Histo- 

riques sur Napoleon, la Revolution, &c. 18 vol. Paris, 1831 

1415 D'Abrantes (la D.) Memoires sur la Restauration, 6 vol. 1835-7 

1416 D'Abrantes (la D.) Souvenirs d'une Ambassade et d'un Sejour 

en Espagne et Portugal, 1808 a 1811, 2 vol. Paris, 1837 

1417 D'Abrantes (la D.) Histoire des Salons de Paris, Tableaux 

et Portraits du Grand Monde, 6 vol. ib. 1837 



1418 Dasault, Memoires Historiques et Authentiques sur la Bastille, 

3 vol. . . 1789 

1419 D'Aubigne (Theo.) Life, 1772--Impeachment of the Earl of 

Danby 1711 — Dying Speeches of State Prisoners, 1720, 
&c. . . 4 vol. 

1420 Daulby (Dan.) Descriptive Catalogue of the Works of Rem- 

brandt and his Scholars, poi^frait, calf gilt 1796 

1421 Daulby. Another copy, marked with the p^Hces they fetched 

at six celebrated sales, uncut 1796 

1422 D'Aussy (M. le Grand) Histoire de la Vie Privee des Fran9ais, 

3 vol. Paris, 1782 

1423 David Simple. Familiar Letters between the Principal Cha- 

racters in David Simple, 2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, calf gilt Foyal 8vo. 1747 

1424 Davies (Ed.) Celtic Researches . 1804 

1425 Davie (J. C.) Letters from Paraguay, 1805 — Doblado's 

Letters from Spain, 1822 ; and Recollections of the 
Peninsula, 1823 . 3 vol. 

1426 Davies (D. P.) Historical and Descriptive View of Derbyshire, 

map and plates . 1811 

1427 Davies (Myles) Athenae Britannicae ; or a Critical History of 

the Oxford and Cambridge Writers and Writings, 2 parts, 
2 vol. scarce, calf neat 1716 

1428 Davila (E. C.) Storia delle Guerre Civili di Francia, 6 vol. in 8, 

fine copy, red morocco extra, gilt leaves 1801 

1429 Davies (J.) Historic Prologues from the Conquest 1831 

1430 Davis (J.) Ancient Rites and Monuments of the Cathedral 

Church of Durham, russia 1 672 

1431 Davis (J.) Travels in America, 1803. — Dussaty (Abbe) 

Travels in Italy, 1789 2 vol. 

1432 Davis (J.) The Chinese, a General Description of the Empire 

of China, wood engravings, 2 vol. 1836 

1433 Davies (T.) Life of David Garrick, portrait, 2 vol. 

calf gilt . . 1804 

1434 Davies (T.) Dramatic Miscellanies, joor^raeV, 3 vol. 1785 

1435 Dawson (T.) Memoirs of St. George, and of the Order of 

the Garter, portrait and frontispiece, 1714 — Dobson, 
Memoirs of Ancient Chivalry, 1784 2 vol. 

1436 De Bure (G. Fr.) Bibliographic Instructive, ou Traite de la 

Connoissance des Livres Rares et Singuliers, 7 vol. 

Paris, 1763 

1437 Decouvertes, Histoire des, en Russie et en Perse, map and 

plates, 6 vol. calf gilt Berne, 1779-87 

1438 De Foe (Dan.) Life and Adventures of Duncan Campbell, 

portrait and plates 1720 

1439 De Foe (D.) The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the famous 

Moll Flanders, third edition, fine copy, calf 1722 

1440 De Foe (D.) on the History and Reahty of Apparitions 1728 


1441 De Foe (D.) Life and Adventures of Duncan Campbell, 

portrait and plates, 1720 — De Foe, Political History of 
the Devil, 1726 2 vol. 

1442 De Foe (D.) Tour through Great Britain, 4 vol. 1769, &c. 

7 vol. 

1443 De Foe (D.) Life, Adventures and Piracies of Captain Sin- 

gleton, 1720 — Life and Adventures of Devil Dick, 2 vol. 
1755 — D'Alembert, Destruction of the Jesuits, 1766 4 vol. 

1444 De Foe (D.) Novels, 12 vol. (wanting vol. 9) Edinb. 1810 

1445 Depons (F,) Travels in South America, map, 2 vol. 

calf gilt . 1807 

1446 Depons (F.) Voyage a la Terre Ferme, 3 vol. Paris ^ 1806— 

d'Haussez (Baron) Alpes et Danube, 2 vol. Bruxelles, 
1837, &c. . 8 vol. 

1447 Delandine (Ant. Fr.) Notices sur les Manuscrits de la Biblio- 

theque de Lyon, 3 vol. Paris, 1812 

1448 Delany, Historical Account of the Life and Reign of David 

King of Israel, 2 vol. 1745 

1449 Delaporte (Abbe) Voyageur Fran9ois, ou la Connoissance de 

I'Ancien et du Nouveau Monde, maps, 34 vol. Paris, 1772 

1450 Delaune (T.) Present State of London, jo^a/e*, scarce 

russia, gilt leaves . 1681 

1451 Delaune. Another edition, plates, scarce, calf neat 1690 

1452 Deleuze (M.) Description of the Royal Museum of Natural 

History, plates, 2 vol. Paris, 1823 — Everest, Journey 
through Norway, map, 1829, &c. 7 vol. 

1453 Delfino (Cardinal) Parnasso, 2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, old calf gilt UtrecTit, 1730 

1454 Delille (J.) (^{iwes, plates, 16 vol. 

FINE PAPER, calf extra, gilt leaves Paris, 1802-6 


1455 Clarke (Sam.) Lives of the Fathers and Famous Divines, 

portraits, 1650 — Letters of John Donne, 1651 2 vol. 

1456 Clarke (W.) Connexion of the Roman, Saxon and English 

Com?,, bright old calf gilt . 1767 

1457 Claudiani Opera, emendata per Thad. Ugoletum Venet. 1495 

1458 Clavigero (F. S.) History of Mexico, by CuUen, map and 

plates, 2 vol. calf gilt . 1787 

1459 Coates (Chas.) History and Antiquities of Reading, map and 

plates, calf gilt . 1802 

1460 Codices MSS. et Impress!, cum notis Manuscriptis olim 

D'Orvilliani in Bibliotheca Bodleiana 
russia extra, gilt leaves . O.^'omY, 1806 

1461 Classici Auctores Latini, typis Baskerville, viz. 

Horatii, Juvenalis et Persii, Lucretii, Sallustii et Flori, 
Terentii, et Virgilii Opera> 6 vol. 
fine copy, calf extra, by Kalthoeber Birm, 1757-73 


1462 Classici Auctores Latini^S? vol. adUsum DELPHiNi,viz. 

Apuleii Opera, 2 vol. . Paris, 1688 

Auli Gellii Noctes Atticae 

Aurelius Victor 

Ausonii Opera 

Boethius do Consolatioue 

Csesaris Commentarii 

Catullus, TibuUus et Propertius 

Ciceronis Orationes, 3 vol. 

Ciceronis Omnes qui ad Artem Oratoriam, 2 vol. 

Ciceronis ad Pam. Epist. 

Claudiani Opera 

Cor. Nepotis VitsB 

Dictys Cretensis et Dares Phrygius 

Eutropii Historia 

Flori Epitome 

Horatii Opera 

Justini Historia 

Juvenal et Persius 

Livii Historia, 6 vol. 

Lucretius de Rerum Natura 

Manilii Astronomicon 

Martialis Epigrammata 

Ovidii Opera, 4 vol. 

Panegyrici Veteres 

Phaedri Fabulse 

Plauti Comoedise, 2 vol. 

Plinii Historia Naturalis, 5 vol. 

Pompeius Festus, &c. 

Prudentii Opera 

Quintus Curtius . . 

Sallustii Opera 

Suetonii Opera 

Taciti Opera, 4 vol. 

Terentii Comoedise 

Valerius Maximus 

Velleius Paterculus 

Virgilii Opera 

very good copy, old calf gilt, but not quite uniform 

Paris, 1674-1730 

1463 Colchester's Tears, 1648— Particulars of the Fight at Col- 

chester, 1648 — Bloudy Newes from Colchester, 1648 — 
Two Sallies forth by the Lord Goring and Sir Chas. 
Lucas, 1648 — Declaration of the Besieged Soldiers of 
Colchester, 1648 — Relation of the Taking of Colchester, 
1648 — Articles for the Surrender of Colchester, 1648 — 
and 7 other Tracts relative to Colchester 
illustrated with 10 portraits, maps, ^c, the whole inlaid in 
1 vol. russia extra, gilt leaves 1648 















vol. ib. 


























































85 - 

1464 Collectanea Anglo-Minoritica, or Antiquities of the English 

Franciscans, or Gray Friers, plates, 2 parts 
russia cvtra, marbled leaves . 1726 

1465 Collenuccio (P.) Roseo et Costo Historia del Regno di Napoli, 

Venet. 1613 — Angelo di Costanzo — Historia del Regno di 
Napoli, Napoli, 1710, &c. -. 3 vol. 

1466 Collinet (Ant.) The French Warrs, Civil and Tragicall, His- 

torically collected 
!i(acfe \ttXn,Jine copy . 1609 

1467 Collingwood (G. L. N) Correspondence and Memoirs of Lord 

Collingwood, portrait . 1828 

1468 Collins (Dav.) Account of the English Colony in New South 

Wales, maps and plates, 2 vol. calf gilt 1798-1802 

1469 Collinson (Jo.) History and Antiquities of the County of 

Somerset, map and plates, 3 vol. russia Bath, 1791 

1470 Coloma (C.) Las Guerras de los Estados Baxos, 1588 hasta 

1599 . Amheres, 1625 

1471 Columbus. Epistola Christofori Colom cui etas nos- 

tra multum debet ; de Insulis Indie supra Gangem nuper 
inventis, Ad quas perquirendas Octavo Antea Mense aus- 
piciis et ere inuictissimorum Fernandi ac Helisabet Hispa- 
niarum Regum missus fuerat ; ad Magnificum dominum 
Gabrielem Sanchis ; eorundem Serenissimorum Regum 
Tesaurarium missa ; quam generosus ac litteratus vir 
Leander de Cosco ab Hispano idiomate in Latinum con- 
vertit ; tertio Kalefi. Maii 1493, three leaves 
EXCESSIVELY RARE, Very fine copy, red morocco, gilt leaves 
Imp. Rome, Euch Argenteus, A. d. mccccxciii. 


;j.* This celebrated Letter of Columbus is the first printed 
document relative to America ; it appears to have been ori- 
ginally written in Spanish, and was in the same year trans- 
lated into Latin by Alcander de Cosco, and printed at 
Rome by Eucharius Argenteus. Whether this, or the one 
without date, also printed at Rome, is the prior edition, 
seems difficult to decide, but this is much the rarer of the two. 

1472 Conde. Memoires de Conde, servant d' Eclaircissement et de 

preuves a I'Histoire de M. de Thou, plates, 6 vol. 
calf, marbled leaves . Londres, 1743 

1473 Conestaggio (J. de Franchi) dell' Union del Regno di Porto- 

gallo, calf gilt Genova, 1585 

1474 Confucius. Abrege Historique des Principaux Traites de la 

Vie de Confucius, celebre Philosophe Chinois, 24 Jine 
plates by Helman, calf gilt Paris, 1782 

1475 Consett (Matth.) Tour through Sweden and Denmark, plates 

by Bewick, the eminent wood engraver 
calf gilt . Stockton, 1789 


1476 Contareno (Gasper) Commonwealth of Venice, by L. Lewke- 

nor, calf gilt . . 1599 

1477 Conti (Bern, de) Historia di Spoleti, SpoletU 1672 — Borro, 

II Carro di Cerere, plates-, Lucca, 1699, &c, 3 vol. 

1478 Cook (Capt. Jas.) Tiiree Voyages round the World, in 

1768-70, 1772-73, and 1776-80, maps, char ts, and plates, 
8 vol. and 2 vol. plates in folio 
calf gilt, not quite uniform , 1773-84 

1479 Cooper's Chronicle, conteuynge the Histories as well of thys 

Realme as all other Countries 
i&lacfe letter, old russia . 1565 

1480 Cordiner (Chas.) Remarkable Ruins and Romantic Prospects 

of North Britain, with singular Subjects of Natural His- 
tory, numerous plates, russia ma7'bled leaves 1795 

1481 Cordiner (Jas.) Description of Ceylon, map and plates, 2 vol. 

calf gilt . . 1807 

1482 Coronation. The Form and Order of the Service and Cere- 

monies at the Coronation of George III. 1761 

1483 Corpus Juris Civilis, et Justiniani Codicis libri XII, cum notis 

D. Gothofredi, 2 vol. . Genevce, 1626 

1484 Cortes (Martin) The Arte of Navigation Englyshed by R. 

Eden, wood cuts 
blacfe letter, russia extra lo. Jugge, 1584 

1485 CoRYAT (Tho.) Crudities, Hastily Gobbled up in Five 

Months Travells in France, Savoy, Italy, Rhetia, Ger- 
many, and the Netherlands, newly digested in the Aire 
of Odcombe, Somerset, &c. with all the 8 plates and 
a duplicate of the Portrait of Frederick IV, three of 
them mounted 
very scarce, russia, gilt leaves . 1611 

1486 Cosmo the Third, Grand Duke of Tuscanj, Travels through 

England, 1669, and his Life, portrait, and S9 plates 1821 

1487 Costanzo (Angelo di) Historia del Regno di Napoli Nap. 1710 

1488 Coste (H. de) Eloges et Vies des Reynes et des Dames lUus- 

tres, 2 vol. . Paris, 1647 

1489 Costumes. — Description de toutes les Nations de I'Empire de 

Russie, ou Ton expose leurs Moeurs, Religions, Habillemens, 
&c. many coloured plates, 3 vol. russia St, Petersh. 1776-7 

1490 Costume, the, of the Russian Empire, 73 finely coloured 

plates ; and the Costume of Turkey, 60 coloured plates, 
2 vol. in 1, half calf gilt imperial 4to. 1802-3 

1491 Costume of the Russian Empire, 73 coloured plates 

russia imperial 4to. 1803 

1492 Costume of China, by G. H. Mason, 60 coloured plates; 

and the Punishments of China, 22 coloured plates, 
2 vol. in 1, russia imperial 4to. 1800-1 

1493 Costume of China, by G. H. Mason, QO fine coloured plates 

calf gilt . imperial 4to. 1800 


1494 Costume of China, \% finely coloured plates hy Alexander 

russia imperial 4to, 1805 

1495 Costume of Turkey, 60 finely coloured plates 

calf gilt imperial 4to. 1802 

1496 Costume of the Hereditary States of the House of Austria, 

bO finely coloured plates 
calf with russia back imperial 4to. 1804 

1497 Costumes of the British Army, of the Armies of France, 

Austria^ Prussia, &c. 77 finely coloured plates (wants the 
title) ; and Martial Achievements of Great Britain and 
her Allies, 28 coloured plates, vol. 1 ; 2 vol. in 1 
half calf gilt , imperial 4to. 1814 

1498 Costume of Sweden, illustrated in 22 coloured plates 

imperial 4to. 1823 

1499 Costume. Sixty pen and ink drawings of Italian Costumes 

half calf , , n. d. 

1500 Cottle (Jos.) Alfred, an Epic Poem, russia, m. I. 1803 

1501 Cowper, Illustrated by a Series of Views in or near the Park 

of Weston-Underwood, Bucks, plates, fine impressions 
calf gilt . 1803 

1502 Coxe (W.) Account of Russian Discoveries, maps, calf gilt, 

1780; Travels in Poland, Russia, Sweden and Denmark, 
maps and plates, 3 vol. calf gilt, 1785-90 3 vol, 

1503 Coxe (W.) Memoirs of the Life and Administration of Sir 

Robert Walpole, and Horatio Lord Walpole, portraits, 
4 vol. calf gilt 1798-1802 

1504 Coxe (W.) Historical Tour in Monmouthshire, many plates, 

2 vol. 1801 

1505 Coxe (W.) Another copy, map, and many plates 

calf gilt , . 1801 

1506 Coxe (W.) History of the House of Austria, 2 vol. in 3 1807 

1507 Coxe (W.( Memoirs of John Duke of Marlborough, with his 

Correspondence, portraits, maps and plans, 3 vol. 1818 

1508 Coxe (W.) Correspondence of Charles Talbot, Earl of Shrews- 

bury, with King William and Statesmen, portrait 1821 

1509 Coxe (W.) Memoirs of the Administration of the Right Hon. 

Henry Pelham, portraits, 2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, uncut 1829 

1510 Crabb (Geo.) Universal Technological Dictionary, 60 plates, 

2 vol. . . 1823 

1511 Crabb (Geo.) Universal Historical Dictionary, numerous 

port) aits, 2 vol. 1825 

1512 Crabb (G.) English Synonimes . 1826 

1513 Craven (Lady Eliz.) Journey through the Crimea to Constan- 

tinople, m«jt? awrf/?/«;e5 1789 

1514 Craven (Lady) Letters to the Margrave of Anspach 

half calf, gilt leaves . 1814 


1515 Craven (Hon. R. Keppel) Tour through the Southern Provinces 

of Naples, plates, half calf, gilt leaves 1821 

1516 Creccecii (Jo.) Collectanea ex Historiis de Origine et Funda- 

tione Monasticorum Ordinum, engraved title Franc. 1614 

1517 Crispin! (J.) Lexicon Graeco-Latinum J 681 

1518 Croke (Sir Alex.) Genealogical History of the Croke Family, 

originally named Le Blount, plates and pedigrees^ 2 vol. 
with additional sheets and cancels 
presentation copy Oxford, 1823 

1519 Crouch (E. A.) Illustrated Introduction to La Marck's Con- 

choXo^y, plates, coloured 1826 

1520 Crusca, Vocabulario degli Accademici^ della Crusca compen- 

diato, 2 vol. russia, gilt leaves Venet, 1705 

1521 Culloden Papers, comprising an extensive and interesting 

Correspondence from 1625 to 1748, from the originals in 
the possession of Duncan G. Forbes, portrait, and plate of 
autographs, calf extra, gilt leaves 1815 

1522 Cumberland (Ric.) Calvary ; or the Death of Christ, a Poem 

calf gilt . . 1792 

1523 Curtii (Corn.) Virorum Illustrium ex Ordine Eremitarum D. 

Agustini Elogia, mani/ portraits, Jine impressions 
calf neat . Antwerp, 1636 

1524 Cuvier (Le Baron G.) Recherches sur les Ossemens Fossiles, 

about 200 plates, 5 vol. in 7 Paris, 1821-24 

1525 Cuvier et Brongniart, Description Geologique des Environs de 

Paris, map and plates . ib. 1822 

1526 Daille (J.) Right Use of the Fathers 1675 

1527 Dale (S.) History and Antiquities of Harwich and Dovercourt, 

plates . . 1730 

1528 Dallaway (Jas.) Constantinople, Ancient and Modern, plates 

calf gilt . . 1797 

1529 Dalrymple (Alex,) Historical Collection of Voyages and Dis- 

coveries to the South Pacific Ocean, maps and plates, 2 vol. 
calf gilt . . 1770 

1530 Dalrymple (D.) Annals of Scotland, from Malcolm III. to 

Robert I, 2 vol. . Bdinb. 1776 

1531 Dallaway (Jas.) Inquiries into the Origin and Progress of the 

Science of Heraldry in England, plates, the arms coloured 
russia . . Gloucester, 1793 

1532 Dalrymple (Jo.) Memoirs of Great Britain and Ireland, and 

Appendix, 3 vol. in 4, calf gilt Edinb. 1771-8 

1533 Dalrymple (W.) Travels through Spain and Portugal, frontis- 

piece and map, calf gilt . 1777 

1534 Dammii (C. T.) Novum Lexicon Grsecum, portrait 

calf gilt . Serolini, 1765 

1535 Danet (Abbe) Dictionnaire Francois et Latin, Paris, 1685 — 

Daneti Antiquitatum Dictionarium Romanarum et Graeca- 
rum, ib, 1698 2 vol. 


1536 Daniel (Wm. B.) Rural Sports, many plates hy J. Scott, fine 

impressions, origi?ial edition, 2 vol. half calf 1801 

1537 Daniel (W.) Picturesque Voyage round Great Britain, with 

upwards of 300 plates, beautifully coloured, 8 vol. in 4 
calf extra, gilt leaves, . imperial 4to. 1814-25 

1538 D'Anneville (M.) Inventaire de I'Histoire de Normandie 

Rouen, 1645 

1539 D'Anville (M.) Notice de I'Ancienne Gaule, map 

calf gilt . Paris, 1700 

1540 D'Anville (M.) Etats de I'Europe, map, Paris, 1771 — 

Dupleix, Memoire centre la Compagnie des Indes, ib. 1759 

2 vol. 

1541 Darell (W.) Histor}^ of Dover Castle, plates 

calf gilt . royal 4to. 1786 

1542 D'Auteroche (C.) Voyage en Siberia, plates, 3 vol. 

LARGE PAPER . Paris, 1768 

1543 Davila (H. C.) Historia delle Guerre Civili di Francia 

Lione, 1641 

1544 Davila (H. C.) Historia delle Guerre Civili di Francia, con 

Meniorie della Vita di G. Balduino, 2 vol. russia 1755 

1545 Davila (H. C.) Histoire des Guerres Civiles de France, par 

Baudoin, 2 vol. . Paris, 1757 


1546 Common Prayer Book of the Church of England, and Whole 

Booke of Psalmes, by Sternhold and Hopkins 
blacft letter, title stained, otherwise a good copy., unbound 

Chr. Parker and Jo, Day, 1586-90 

1547 Common Prayer Book, ruled with red lines 

LARGE VAVRK, fine copy, old red morocco, g, I, Pashet, 1715 

1548 Common Prayer Book. Another copy ib. 1715 

1549 Common Prayer Book . Oxford, \11Q 

1550 Comines (Philippe) Memoires, ruled with red lines Paris., 1561 

1551 Comines (P. de) Las Memorias de Conescolios de Vitrian, 

2 vol. in 1 . Amberes, 1643 

1552 Comines (P. de) Memoires Augraentees par D. Godefroy 

old red morocco, gilt leaves Paris, 1649 

1553 ComoUi (J. B.) Projet d'une Fontaine Publique, portrait, 

\^ plates . Parme, 1808 

1554 Concilia Magn^e Britannije et Hiberni^, a Synodo 

Verolamiensi, A. D. 446 ad Londinensem, A. D. 1717, 
accedunt Constitutiones et alia ad Historiam Ecclesiae An- 
glicanae Spectantia, cura D. Wilkins, 4 vol. 
tlPlKE, very good copy . 1737 

1555 CoNCiLioRUM Nova et Amplissima Collectio ab Ini- 

Tiis Mrm Christians ad Annum 1664, curis Labbei 
ET CossARTii, et Apparatus duo cura D. Jacobatii, 
17 vol. in 18, old calf gilt Paris, 1671-72 



1556 CoNiNGSBY (Tiios. Eari> of) Collections concerning 

THE Manor OF Marden, in the County of Hereford 


*^* This volume was written by Thomas, Earl of Coningsby, 
with a view to support his right to the Lands at Amberley, 
&c., and printed at his own expense 1722-7. Having never 
been published, copies are now of very considerable rarity. 
The volume has no general title-page, it consists of 720 
pages, and an Index of 14 leaves, both ending with Finis. 
In 1813 a title and 2 pages of introduction were printed, 
and are in this copy ; it is further enriched with " An 
Abstract of Earl Coningsby's Title to Royal Franchises 
within his Liberty of Leominster, in the County of Here- 
ford," 8 pages printed ; also in MS, an Inscription taken 
from the Tomb of Humphrey Coningsby, Esq. at Neen- 
Sellers, in the County of Salop. It is from the col- 
lection of James Bindley, Esq., and is internally in very 
fine state. The Towneley Copy sold for £48. 6s. 

1557 Constantini (R.) Lexicon, Grseco-Latinum 

BEST EDITION . Geuevcd, 1592 

1558 Constantine, A Treatise of the Donation or Gyfte and Endow- 

ment of Fossesyons granted by the Emperor Constantyne 
to Pope Sylvester, &c. — A Declaration of L. Valle agaynst 
the foresayd Privilege, &c. 
hlRtk letter, RARE, russia, Wm. Herbert's Copy, with auto- 
graph on the title Tho. Godfrey, n. d. 

1559 Cooperi (T.) Thesaurus Linguae Romanse et Britannicae 1584 

1560 Corn de Versailles, ou recueil d'Ornamens, d'Orfevrerie, etc. 

par L. Roupert, Gilles, Ducerceau, etc. numerous plates 
old calf gilt . Paris, n.d. 

1561 Cortes (Martin) Breve Compendio de la Sphera, y I'Arte de 

Navegar, wood engravings 
got^ic \t\ttx,jine copy, calf Sevilla, 1556 

1562 Cortes (Fernando) Carta de Relacion por el Capitan General de 

la Nueva Espagna, the last leaf MS. half bound russia n. d. 

1563 Costume, Suite d'Estampes pour servir a I'Histoire des Moeurs 

et du Costume des Fran9ois dans le XVIII. Siecle Annee 
1775-6, 24 fine plates, russia Paris, 1776-7 

1564 Costume, Collection d'FIabillements, Moderns et Galants, 

2Q fiyiely coloured plates Paris, n.d, 

1565 Cotgrave (R.) French and English Dictionary 1650 

1566 Cotton, Catalogus Librorum Manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Cot- 

tonianae, cura T. Smith, portrait Oxonii, 1696 

1567 Cottonian Library, Report from the Committee appointed to 

View the, calf gilt 1732 

1568 Cottonian Library, Catalogue of the M nuscripts in the Cot- 

tonian Library in the British Museum, russia extra 1802 


1569 Cowel (J.) Law Dictionary, and Words used in Tenures and 

Jocular Customs . 1727 

1570 Cowley (Abr.) Works, portrait . 1688 

1571 Cowper (W.) Anatomy of Human Bodies, with figures drawn 

after the life, 114 plates atlas folio. Oxford, 1698 

1572 Cradock (S.) Apostolical History . " 1672 

1573 Cragii (T.) Jus Feudale, Edinh. 1655 — Right of Succession 

to the Kingdom of England, 1703 2 vol. 

1574 Crawfurd (G.) Peerage of Scotland Edinh. 1716 

1575 Cressy (S.) Church History of Brittany, from the beginning 

of Christianity to the Norman Conquest, good copy 1668 

1576 Croix de Maine. La Bibliotheque du Sieur de la Croix du 

Maine Paris, 1584 

1577 Cromwell (Oliver) Letters and State Papers addressed to, 

from the Collections of John Milton, edited by Nickolls, 
calf gilt - . 1743 

1578 Cromwelliana, a Chronological Detail from 1642 to 1658, 

portrait and plates 

LARGE PAPER, calf gilt 1810 

1579 Cross (Nic.) The Cynosura, or a Saving Star that leads to 

Eternity, in a Paraphrase upon the Miserere, scarce 
old red morocco, gilt leaves 1670 

1580 Crozat Gallery. Recueil d'Estampes d'apres les plus 

Beaux Tableaux et d'apres les plus Beaux Dessines qui 
sont en France, (dite le Cabinet de Crozat), 179 very fine 
plates, 2 vol. Paris, 1729-42 

1581 Crozat, Galerie de. Recueil d'Estampes d'apres les plus 

Beaux Tableaux et d'apres les plus Beaux Dessines qui sont 
en France, upwards of 170 very fine plates, 2 vol. 
old French calf gilt . ib, 1763 

1582 Crusca, Vocabulario degli Accademici della Crusca Venet. 1680 
15d3 Curifa(Geronymo) Annates de la Corona de Aragon, y Indice, 

7 vol. in 6 . Caragoga, 1610 

1584 Curtis (W.) Flora Londinensis, or Plates and Descriptions of 

such Plants as Grow Wild in the Environs of London, 
several hundred finely coloured plates, 2 vol. 
half russia, uncut . 1777 

1585 Dandilly (A.) Histoire de I'Ancien Testament, portrait by 

Edelinck . Paris, 1675 

1586 Daniel (Sam.) Works . 1602 

1587 Daniel (S.) Collection of the History of England, with con- 

tinuation by Trussel . 1685 

1588 Daniel (Tho.) Oriental Scenery ; viz. Views, Land- 

scapes, Ruins, &c. 72 finely coloured plates, 3 vol. 
half bound atlas folio. 1795-1801 

1589 Daniel (Tho.) Antiquities of India, VI finely colored plates 

half bound atlas folio. 1799 

1590 Daniel (Tho.) Hindoo Excavation in the Mountains of Elora, 

^^4 finely coloured views, half bound atlas folio. 1803 


1591 Dante, la Dtvina Comedia, col Commento di B. da Imola 

e colla Vita, di questo Poeta scritta da Giov. Boccacio, 
with the capitals rubtncaied 
GOTHIC LETTER, RARE^Jine pevject cofT/, in old russia extra 

Venet. Vejidelin de Spirai 1477 

1592 Dante, la Divina Comedia col Commento di M. P. 

Nidobeati, et di G. Terzngo, capitals rubricated 
rare edition, large, tall copy in old russia 

Mediolani. L, et A. Pedemontani, 1478 

1593 Dante, La Divina Comedia, col Commento di Christophero 

Landino, with the 1^ p>lates hy J, Botticelli 
VERY rare, fine tall and large copy, hut has a few leaves 
inlaidy in purple morocco, joints, and gilt leaves 

Fiorentino, per N. Lorenzo della Magna, 1481 

*^* In this copy will be found the nineteen plates of Sandro 
Botticelli complete, with a duplicate of plate 17. The very 
great rarity of these plates is well known ; the Brienne- 
Laire copy with the plates and sixteen drawings in pen and 
ink, sold for 1030 fr. 

1594 Dante della Volgare Eloquenza tradotto in Italiano da G. 

Trissino, & La Poetica Epistola et Dialogo del G. Trissino, 
printed in Sc7'ip type, calf gilt Vicenza, 1529 

1595 Dante, La Divina Commedia da L. Mussi, 3 vol. 

LARGEST PAPER, only two copies printed this size, pale 
russia extra, joints, and g. I. imperial fol. Milano, 1809 

1596 Dart (John) The History and Antiquities of the Abbey Church 

of St. Peter's, Westminster, many fine plates of monu- 
ments, S)'c, 2 vol. calf neat . 17 — 

1597 Dart (J.) History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of 

Canterbury, numerous plates, fne copy^ old calf 1726 

1598 D'Aubigne, Ilistoire Universelle, 3 vol. 

first edition, russia . Maille, 1616 

1599 Davenant (Sir Wm.) Y^oy\'s, portrait hy Faithorne 1673 

1600 Davies (J.) History of the Caribby Islands, ^^a^e* 1666 

1601 Davila (H. O.) Historia della Guerre Civili di Francia, 2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER . Parigz, 1644 

1602 Davila (H. C.) History of the Civil Wars of France 1678 

1603 Da Vinci (Lion.) Trattato della Pittura, con la Vita R. Du 

Fresne, plates • Parigi, I65i 


ib. 1592 

III. & IV. 

ib. 1592 


ib. 1595 


ib, 1596 


ib. 1625 


ih. 1625 


1604 De Bry (T. J. T. ET Israel) et M. Merian, Collec- 

TioNEs Peregrinationum IN Indiam Orientalem et 
Indiam Occidentalem, XXV. partibus comprehen- 
S-aE, numerous maps and curious plates, by the De JBrys 
and M. Merian, fine impressions, 25 parts in 8 vol. 

very rare, fine copy, old red morocco, gilt leaves 

Franco/. 1590-1634 

(Grands Voyages) (Petits Voyages) 

Pars I. Francof. 1590 Pars I. Francof. 1598 

11. lb. 1599 

III. & IV. ^6. 1601 

V. ib. 1601 

VI. ib. ] 604 

VII. ib. 1606 

VIII. ib. 1607 

IX. cum Addit. ib. 1602 IX. cum Supp. ib. 1612-13 

X. Oppenh.U\9 X. i6. 1613 

XI. cum App. 25.1619 XI. Oppenh.lQ\9 

XII. Francof. 1624 XII. Francof. 1628 

XIII. ib. 1634 

several of the parts are the first editions. 

*^* This important Collection should not be regarded merely 
as a book of curiosity, on account of the number of its 
engravings, and its extreme rarity. These Histories of 
Voyages and Travels made several centuries back, in coun- 
tries a large part of which are even now imperfectly known, 
contain, in the midst of a multitude of fabulous details, 
very interesting particulars and valuable information, of 
which they are the primitive, and in some instances the 
only source. De Brys' Collection is especially useful in the 
present day, for the purpose of instituting comparison 
between his narratives and those of modern travellers to 
the same countries ; and many of his statements formerly 
reputed fabulous or exaggerated, have been confirmed by 
more recent accounts. — Bibliotheca Grenvilliana, vol. 1, 
p. 184. 

1605 De Bry, Collectiones Peregrinationum in Indiam 

Occidentalem, numerous maps and plates by De Bry 
and Merian, fine impressions, the first 9 parts in 3 vol. 
FIRST editions, RARE, old vussia Francof. 1590-1602 


1606 De Bry, a briefe and true Report of the New Founde 

Lande of Virginia, discovered by Sir Ric. Greinville, 
Knt. in 1585, translated into English by Thos. Hariot at 
the Charge of Sir W. Raleigh, with the true Picture and 
Fashions of the People of Virginia, translated by Ric. 
Hackluit ; 23 plates by De Bry^ and some Pictures of the 
Pictes which in the olde tyrne did habite one part of the 
Great Bretainne 5 plates by De Bry 
fine copy, green morocco extra, lined with the same, and 
gilt leaves . Franco/. 1590 

*^* This copy is quite complete, and one of the 
rarest Books in the English language. Harley 
Earl of Oxford, after a fruitless search of many years, 
found one at Francfort, for which he paid a hundred 
pounds ; it is now in the British Museum Only four 
perfect copies, including the present, are known. 

1607 Decandole (A. P.) Plantarum Historia Succulentarum, 

VH^ finely coloured plates Paris, 1799 

1608 Decretales, Gratiani Decretum, Gregorii Pape IX, Decretales 

et Liber Sextus Decretalium D. Boniface Pape VIII, &c. 
3 vol. Lugd. 1684 

1609 De Coste (M.) Desseins d' Architecture, \22 plates, (no i\i\e 

page), calf gilt Paris, n. d. 

1610 Dee (Dr. J.) True and Faithful Relation^of what passed between 

him and some Spirits, by Dr. Meric. Casaubon 1659 

1611 Deer Stalking, Ten Sketches in Lithograph, india proofs be- 

fore the letters oblong folio 

presentation cofy from Sir R. FranJcland Russell 

1612 Delamare, Traite de la Police ou Ton trouvera I'Histoire de 

son Etablissement, les Fonctions, &c. 3 vol. Paris, 1705 




1613 Delia Valle (Pietro) Voyages dans la Turquie, la Perse, les 

Indes Orientales, &c. 8 vol. . Rouen, 1745 

1614 Dellon, Voyage des Indes Orientales, 2 vol. en I, Paris, 1685 

— Flechier Oraisons Funebres, 2 vol. — les Memoires de le 
Due de Guise, 2 vol. en 1, Cologne, 1688, &c. &c. 13 vol. 

1615 De Luc (J. A.) Lettres sur I'Histoire de la Terre et de 

r Homme, 5 vol. . . La Haye, 1779 


1616 Demosthenis Orationes, Grsece, 3 vol. 

russia extra, gilt leaves . Aldus, 1354 

1617 Demosthenis Orationes, Gr. et. Lat, edidit Taylor, 2 vol. 

Cantah. 1769 

1618 Demosthenes, Orations, translated by Leland, 2 vol. 

calf gilt . . 1802 

1619 Demosthenes, Oration upon the Crown, Greek and Enghsh, 

by Lord Brougham . , 1840 

1620 Denina (C.) Rivoluzioni della Germania, 6 vol. 

THICK PAPER, calf gilt . Fivens^e, 1804 

1621 Denon (M.) Travels in Sicily and Malta 1789 

1622 Dennis (John) Select Works, 2 vol. 


1623 De Piles (M.) Art of Painting and Lives of Painters 1744 

1624 De Piles (M.) Art of Painting, and the Lives of the Painters, 

1706— History of Painting, &c. by P. Monier, 1699 2 vol. 

1623 Derham (W.) Astro and Physico Theology, 1737-41 — Doo- 

little (S.) Hope at Death, portrait, 1693, &c. 6 vol. 

1626 De Rossi (G.) della Lingua di Cristo — e della Vana Aspetta- 

zione degli Ebrei del loro Re Messia, 2 vol. 
calf gilt . royal 8vo. Parma, 1772-3 

1627 De Rossi (J. B.) de Hebraicae Typographise Origine ac Pri- 

mitiis, calf gilt . . Erlang, 1778 

1628 De Rossi (G. B.) Dizionario Storico degli Autori Ebrei e 

delle loro Opere, e Bibliotheca Judaica Antichristiana 3 vol. 
calf gilt . royal 8vo. Parmce, 1800-1802 

1629 Description of England and Wales, containing a particular 

Account of each County, pZa^e^, 10 vol. 
russia extra . . 1769-70 

1630 Desodoards (A. F.) Histoire DTtalie, portrait, 9 vol. 

calf gilt . . Paris 1803 

1631 Desormeaux, L[istoire de Prince de Conde, 4 vol. Paris, 1768 

— Fontaine, Fables Choisies, 3 vol. ih, 1709, &c. 16 vol. 

1632 Despreaux (M. Cousin) Histoire Generale et Particuliere de 

la Grece, 16 vol. calf, marbled leaves . 1801 

1633 De Stael (Baronne de) Considerations sur las Principaux 

Evenemens de la Revolution Francoise, 3 vol. 1818, &c. 

12 vol. 

1634 D'Este (Sir Augustus) Papers elucidating his Claims 

PRIVATELY PRINTED, with autograph letter to the Duke of 
Buckingham . . 1831 

1635 D'Estrades (Comte) Lettres, Memoires et Negociations, 9 vol. 


1636 Dibdin (T. F.) Introduction to the Knowledge of Rare and 

Valuable Editions of Greek and Latin Classics, 2 vol. 
calf gilt . .1808 

1637 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliomania ; or Book Madness, a Bibliogra- 

phical Romance, plates and wood engravings, 2 vol. 
calf gilt . . 1811 


1638 DiBDiN (T. F.) Bibliographical Decameron; or Ten 

Days' Pleasant Discourse upon Illuminated Manuscripts, 
Early Engravings, Typography, and Bibliography, nume- 
rous po7'traits, plates^ vignettes^ and wood engravhigSf 
first and very fine impressions, 
LARGE PAPER, Tussia extra, gill leaves imp. 8vo. 1817 

1639 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliographical, Antiquarian, and Picturesque 

Tour in France and Germany, numerous fine plates and 
portraits, 3 vol. 
russia extra, gilt leaves . royal 8vo. 1821 

1640 Dibdin (T. F.) Library Companion ; or Guide in Choice of a 

Library, russia extra, gilt leaves , 1824 

1641 Dicey (T.) Historical Account of Guernsey, 1751 — Falle (P.) 

Account of Jersey, 1694 . 2 vol. 

1642 Distens, Memoires d' un Voyageur qui se repose, 3 vol. 

calf gilt . .1806 

1643 Dickens (W.) Sketches by Boz, engravings hy Cruikshank, 

No. 1 to 15, 1837— Nicholas Nickleby, No. 1 to 10, &c., 
together 33 numbers . 1837, &c. 

1644 Dickens (Chas.) The Pickwick Papers, A^ plates hy Seymour 

and Phiz, half calf . 1838 

1645 Dictionnaire Historique, ou Histoire Abregee de tous les 

Hommes qui se sont fait un nom par des talens etc. avec 
Supplement par Chaudon et Delandine, 13 vol. 
calf gilt . . Caen, 1789-1805 

1646 Dictionnaire Biographique et Historique des Hommes Mar- 

quans, a la fin du dix-huitieme Siecle, 3 vol. 
calf gilt . . 1800 

1647 Dictionnaire (Nouveau) d'Histoire Naturelle appliquee aux 

Arts, numerous plates, 36 vol. half calf Paris, 1816 

1648 Dictionnaire de la Conversation et de la Lecture, 52 vol. com- 

plete in 104 parts . Paris, 1832-9 

1649 Dictionnaire d' Anecdotes, 2 vol. Paris, 1774, &c. 7 vol. 

1650 Dictionary of Polite Literature, /^/ct^e*, 2 vol. 1804, &c. 6 vol. 

1651 Dictionary (Explanatory) of the Apparatus and Instruments 

employed in Chemistry, 17 plates, and the Chemical Cate- 
chism by Parkes, 2 vol. . 1818-24 

1652 Dictionary of Quotations from the British Poets, 3 vol. 1824 

1653 Dion Cassius, History, translated by Manning, 2 vol. 

old blue morocco, gilt leaves . 1704 

1654 Dionis Chrysotomi Orationes LXXX. Graece, 

good copy, vellum, gilt leaves . Aldus, n. d. 

1655 DTsraeli (Jo.) Second Series of Curiosities of Literature, 

3 vol. . . 1823 

1656 DTsraeli (B.) Sybil, or the Two Nations, 3 vol. 1845, &c. 6 vol. 

1657 Dobbs (Arth.) and Middleton, Pamphlets on a Controversy 

concerning a Voyage for discovering a North West Pas- 
sage to the Western American Ocean, in 2 vol. 
calf gilt . . 1743-5 


658 Dobel (P.) Sept Annees en Chine 1838, Dangeau. Memoires 
du Marquis de Dangeau, par Genlis, 1684-1710, 4 vol. 

Paris, 1817, &c. 6 vol. 

1659 Dobell (P.) Travels in Kamschatcha and Siberia, coloured 

plates, 2 vol. . . 1830 

1660 Dobson (S ) Life of Petrarch, 2 vol. . 1775 

1661 Doddington (Geo. Bubb) Diary, edited by Wyndham 1784 

1662 Doddridge (Sir Jo.) Honor's Pedigree, or the several Foun- 

taines of Gentry, calf gilt . 1652 

1663 Dodsley (J.) Annual Register, from the commencement 1758 

to 1809, half bound, uncut, and for 1823 to 25, and 1830 
to 32, 6 vol. and Index, boards, together QQ vol. 1758-1832 

1664 Dodslev (J.) Select Collection of Old Plays, 12 vol. {wants 

vol. 12) . 1780 

1665 Dodsley (J.) Collection of Poems, 6 vol. calf gilt 1782 

1666 Dodsley (R.) Works, Trifles, and Miscellanies, /?or^rai7, 2 vol. 

bright old calf gilt . . 1745 

1667 Dolman (R.) Conference about the next Successor to the 

Crown of England, with the genealogical chart ; and 

Haywarde (Sir Jo.) Right of Succession asserted against 

R. Dolman, alias Parsons, 2 vol. russia 1681-83 

I667*Don Esteban, or Memoirs of a Spaniard, 3 vol. 1825, &c. 9 vol. 

1668 Doni, I Cicalamenti de la Zucca 1551 — Diacono, Chiesa 

D'Aquilea, Venet. 1548 — Facetie, Motti, et Brule di Di- 
versi Signori, ib. 1564, &c. . 10 vol. 

1569 Donne (Dr. John) Poems, with Elegies on his Death, por/raeV, 
1650 — Jo. Cleveland, Poems, with additions never before 
printed, 1653 — Bp. Ric. Corbet, Certain Elegant Poems, 
first edition, fine copy, 1647, 3 vol. in 1 1647-53 

1670 Natural History of British Birds, 124 finely coloured plates^ 

vol. 1 to 5, in 3 vol. russia extra, gilt leaves 1799 

1671 Donovan (E.) Natural History of British Insects, ^^0 finely 

coloured plates, 10 vol. in .5, russia extra, gilt leaves 1802 

1672 Donovan (E.) Instructions for Collecting and Preserving Sub- 

jects of Natural History, plates, 1794 — Da Costa, Elements 
of Conchology, plates, 1776, &c. 6 vol. 

1673 Douce (F.) Illustrations of Shakspeare, plates and wood 

engravings, 2 vol. calf gilt . 1807 

1674 Drake (J.) Historia Anglo-Scotica, a History of what hap- 

pened between England and Scotland from William the 
Conqueror . 1703 

1675 Drake (J.) Picture of a Favourite, or Secret Memoirs of 

R. Dudley, Earl of Leicester, 1708 — Memoirs of Viscount 
Dundee, the Highland Clans, and the Massacre of Glenco, 
portrait, scarce, 1714 . 2 vol. 

1676 Drake (N.) Literary Hours, Sudbury, 1800— Davies (W.) 

Plays, 1786 — Dennis, Remarks on Prince Arthur, 1696, 
&c. . . 7 vol. 



1677 Drama: — Chefs-d'CEuvre Dramatiques de d'Autreaii, 2 — Bel- 

la}', 3 — Boissy, 2 — Boursault, 2 — Brueys et Palaprat, 3 

— Campistron, 2 — P. et- T. Corneille, 9, wants vol. 3 — 
Colle, 2 — Crebillon, 2 — Destouches, 4 — Dhele, 2 — Doutes 
sur Dieifrentes Opinion?, 2 — Essais sur la Dramatique, 3 
— Gresset, 2— Joly, 2— Moliere, 10— None, 2— Piron, 3— 
Pieces de Theatre, 7 — Quinault, 5 — Le Sage, 2 — Saurin, 3 

— Scarron and Vade 3, &c. &i.c,, portraits, together 94 vol. 
fine paper ^ calf gilt ^ uniform Paris, 1791 

1678 Drama, British, a Collection of Operas produced at the Opera 

or King's Theatre, in the Haymarket, between 1713 and 
1768, Italian and English, 40 vol. 
uniformly half howid calf, and two in hoards 1713, &c. 

1679 Drama. Webster's Acting National Drama, No. 1 to 49 

(except No. 2 and 44) — Cumberland's British Theatre, 
74 numbers, various, &c. . a parcel 

1680 Dramatic Censor, 2 vol. 1770— Edwards (T.) Canons of 

Criticism, 1765, &c. . 6 vol. 

1681 Drayton (Michael) Works and Life, by Dryden, frontispiece, 

4 vol. . . 1753 

1682 Drelincourt (C.) Defence against the Fears of Death, by 

D'Assigny, old red morocco, gilt leaves 1721 

1683 Drummond (W. of Hauthornden) History of Scotland, or 

Lives of James I. to VI, portraits 1682 

1684 Drummond (W. of H.) Voeras, portrait, 

red morocco, gilt leaves . 1790 

1685 Drury (Rob.) Journal in Madagascar, during fifteen years 

captivity, m«p «wc? /?/a^e5 . 1729 

1686 Dryden (John) Miscellany, Poems and Translations, plates, 

6 vol. in 3, old red morocco, extra g- I. Tonson, 1716 

1C87 Dryden (J.) Dramatic Works, portrait, 6 vol., beautiful set, 

7'uled with red lines, fine old red morocco, tooled backs 

and sides, gilt leaves . 1717 

1688 Dryden (J.) Dramatic Works, portrait, 6 vol. 1725 

1689 Dryden (J.) Critical and Miscellaneous Prose Works, with 

Notes and Life, by Malone, 4 voL calf gilt 1800 

1690 Dryden (J.) Works, with Notes and Life, by Sir W. Scott, 

portrait, 18 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, Colf gilt . 1808 

1691 Duchesne, Notice des Estampes Exposees a la Bibliotheque du 

Roi, Paris, 1823 — Evans, Catalogue of Portraits, Archaeo- 
logical Papers, &c. . a parcel 

1692 Duchesne Aine, Essai sur les Nielles, Gravures des Orfevres 

Florentins du XV^ ^\^q\^, portrait and m^any fine plates, 
LARGE PAPER, presentation copy, with an autograph letter 
of the author, half olive morocco, uncut 

royal 8vo. Paris, 1826 


1693 Duclos, Histoire de Louis XI, portrait, 3 vol. 1745 — Lettres 

du Roy Louis XII, et du Cardinal d'Amboise, portraitsy 
4 vol/l7l2, &c, . 12 vol. 

1694 Duez (N.) Dictionnaire Francois Allemand Latin, 2 vol. 

Geneve, 1683, and seven Dictionaries 9 vol. 

1695 DufF (Grant) History of the Mahrattas,' map and plates^ 

3 vol. . . 1826 

1696 Dugdale (Sir Wna.) Antient Usage in Bearing Arras, 

calf . . Oxford, 1682 

1697 Du Halde (P.) History of China, ma'ps and plates, 4 vol. 1739 

1698 Dumas (Alex.) Impressions de Voyage, 5 vol. Paris, 1835-7 

1699 Dumas (M.) Precis des Evenemens Militaires (Campagne de 

1800) 2 vol. and 4to. Atlas . Paris, 1816 

1700 Dumont (J.) Memoires de la Paix de Ryswick, 4 vol. and 

vol. 5, pt. 2, 1699, &c. . 22 vol. 

1701 Dumont (J.) Recueil de Traites, 4 vol. Amst. 1710, &c. 16 vol. 

1702 Dumont d'Urville, Voyage de la Corvette, I'Astrolabe 

execute par ordre du Roi pendant les annees, 1826-29, 

12 vol. royal 8vo., 1 vol. 4to. and atlas of plates, 6 vol. 

imperial folio, including 530 plates, the Natural History 

finely coloured, together 19 vol. 

FINE PAPER, half russia . Paris, 1830-34 

1703 Dumont, Voyage to the Levant, plates, 1702 — Lord Delamere, 

Works, gilt leaves, 1694, &c. . 5 vol, 

1704 Duncan (J. M.) Travels in America, 2 vol. Glasgow, 1823 

1705 Du Noyer (Madame) Lettres Historiques et Galantes, 12 vol. 

Paris, 1790 

1706 Dunton (John) Remains, or the Dying Pastor's Remains, 

portrait and plate . 1684 

1707 Dupuis (M.) Origine de tons les Cultes, ou Religion Uni- 

verselle, 7 vol. in 12, and 4to. atlas of plates Paris, 1795 

1708 Dupin (Baron) Commercial Power of Great Britain, 2 vol. 

ivith 4to. plates . 1825 

1709 Du Quesne, Voyage aux Indes Orientales, 3 vol, Rouen, 1721, 

&c. . . 8 vol. 

1710 Durfey (Tho.) Wit and Mirth, or Pills to Purge Melancholy, 

with music, portrait, 6 vol. 
very scarce, good copy . 1719-20 

1711 Dyde (W.) History and Antiquities of Tewkesbury, plates, 

russia, 1790 — Dyson (R.) History and Antiquities of 
Tottenham, plates, 1792 . 2 vol. 

1712 East (Sir Ed. Hyde) Certainty of the Origin of Evil in the 

presentation copy, with MS. letter to the author 1842 

1713 Eastcott (R.) Sketches concerning Music and Account of 

Ancient Bards and Minstrels Bath, 1793 

1714 Ebel (J. G.) Manuel du Voyageur en Suisse, map and plates, 

4 vol. white vellum, gilt leaves Zurich, 1810 


1715 Echard (L.) Roman History, 5 vol. calf 1713 

1716 Echard (L.) Histoire Romaine depuis la Fondation de Rome, 

16 vol. old calf gilt . Paris, \12^-A2 

1717 Edgeworth (Maria) Patronage, 4 vol. 1814 — Edgeworth, 

Leonora, 2 vol. 1806, &c. . 10 vol. 

1718 Edgeworth (M.) Helen, a Tale, 3 vol. 1834— Edgeworth, 

Harrington and Ormond, 3 vol. 1817 6 vol. 

1719 Edinburgh Review, the, from the commencement, 1802, to 

No. 118, 1834, with both the Indexes (wanting Nos. 96 
and 97) 31 vol. calf gilt, and 58 numbers 1802, &c. 

1720 Edmondson (Jos.) Historical and Genealogical Account of the 

Noble Family of Greville, plates and genealogical tables 
PRIVATELY PRINTED, Tussia extva royal 8vo. 1766 

1721 Edward II.; The Deplorable Life and Death of Edward the 

Second, and the Downfall of Gavestone and Spencer, 
storied in a Foem, portrait, blue morocco, g. I. 1628 

1722 Edward VI, Arguments against the Pope's Supremacy, portrait, 

1682, &c. . . 8 vol. 

1723 Edwards (B.) History, Civil and Commercial, of the British 

Colonies in the West Indies, portrait, maps and plates, 
3 vol. . . 1801 

1724 Egan (Pierce) Life of an Actor, many coloured plates 

royal 8vo. 1825 

1725 Egypte, Tableau de I'Egypte, 2 vol. Paris, 1803— Corres- 

pondence Relatif de I'Arra^e en Egypte, 2 vol. 1801, &c^ 

6 vol 


1726 Daviler (A. C.) Cours d' Architecture, many plates, 2 vol. 

Paris, 1720 

1727 Dayes (Ed) Works, containing an Excursion in Derbyshire 

and Yorkshire, Essay on Painting, Sic. plates 

LARGE PAPER, calf gilt . 1805 

1728 Deering (Chas.) Historical Account of the Town of Notting- 

ham, map and plates . Nottingham, 1751 

1729 De Dieu (Lud.) Grammatica Linguarum Orientalium 

X. B. 1628 

1730 De Foe (Dan.) History of the Union between England and 

Scotland, with his Life, portrait, calf gilt 1786 

1731 De Grey (Thos.) Complete Horseman and Expert Farrier, 

equestrian portrait of James Marquess of Hamilton 1670 

1732 Dekker (Tho.) The Magnificent Entertainment given to 

K. James, Q. Anne, and Henry Frederick the Prince, in 
their Triumphant Passage through the Citie of London, 
March 1603, with the Speeches and Songes delivered in the 
VdigQ^iikjK ARE, fine copy "^""- > • 1604 


1733 De la Beche (H. T.) and W. D. Conybeare, Discovery of a 

New Fossil Animal, between the Ichthyosaurus and Croco- 
dile, A9 plates, russia extra, gilt leaves 1821 

1734 De la Beche (H. T.) Sections and Views illustrative of Geo- 

logical Phenomena, 4:0 plates, some coloured 1830 

1735 Delamotte (G. O.) Views of Magna Charta Island, 7 platesy 

&c. . . V, y, 

1736 De Moivre (A.) Doctrine of Chances . 1718 

1737 Demosthenes, Gr. et Lat. edidit J. Taylor, 2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, RARE, hlue morocco ejctvay with joints and 
gilt leaves . . Cantab. 1747 

1738 Denina (Carlo) Delle Rivoluzioni d'ltalia, 3 vol. Torino, 1769 

1739 De Pfau (T. P.) Histoire de la Campagne des Prussiens en 

HoUande, in 17S7, plates, calf gilt Berlin, 1790 

1740 Denham and Clapperton, Narrative of Travels and Discoveries 

in Northern and Central Africa, 1822-24, numerous plates, 
calf, gilt leaves . 1 826 

1741 Deering (Sir Edw.) Collection of Speeches in the Matter of 

Religion, Jine portrait by G, Glover, scarce, 
fine copy, calf gilt . . 1642 

1742 De Rossi (J. B.) Annales Hebraeo-Typographici, Sec. XV. 

calf marbled leaves . Parmce, 1795 

1743 De Rossi (J. B.) Scholia Critica in V. T. Libros, 

calf extra, marbled leaves Parmce, 1798 

1744 Descartes (Renati) Principia Philosophiae, Amst, 1677 — 

Geometria, 2*6. 1659 — Epistolse pars 1, ib, 1714 — Discours 
sur la Verite dans lea Sciences, Leyde, 1637 — L'Homme 
Paris, 1677, &c. . 6 vol. 

1745 Descartes (R.) Epistolse, 3 vol. Amst, 1668-1714— Medita- 

tiones, ib. 1655 — Principia Philosophise, ib, 1685 — De 
Homine, 1762 . 6 vol. 

1746 Desraarais (Reg.) Histoire des Demeslez de la Cour de France 

avec la Cour de Rome, 1707 — U. Folietae Clarorura Ligu- 
rum Elogia, 1588, &c. . 5 vol. 

1747 Desormeaux (M.) Histoire de la Maison de Bourbon, fine 

portraits, 5 vol. calf gilt . Paris, 1788 

1748 D'Espagnac, Histoire de Maurice Comtede Sdi\e, portrait, and 

numerous maps and plans of battles, 3 vol. Paris, 1775 

1749 Destouches (N.) CEuvres Dramatiques, 4 vol. Paris, 1757 

1750 Diaz (Bernal) History of the Conquest of Mexico, translated 

by Keatinge, plan, calf gilt, marbled leaves 1800 

1751 Dickinsoni (E.) Physicus Vetus et Vera, plates 1702 

1752 Dickinson (Rob.) Universal Mercantile Tables, interleaved 

green morocco, gilt leaves . Dublin, 1783 

1753 Dictionary of Chemistry, 2 ^fo\. calf gilt 1771 

1754 Dillon (J. T.) Travels through Spain, map and plates, 

calf gilt . .1782 


1755 Dillon (Sir J. J.) Epitome of the Claim of the Dillon Family 

of Proudston to the Great Charaberlainship of Enorland, 
PRIVATELY PRINTED, presentation copy to the Duke of 
Buckingham , . 1829 

1756 Diogenes Laertius de Vitis et Dogmatibus clarorum Philoso- 

phorum, Gr. et Lat. cura Meibomii, 2 vol. Amst. 1692 

1757 Dionysii Orbis Ambitus, Gr. et Lat. R. Fanni interprete, 

russia . . Paris, 1556 

1758 Dionysii Alexandrini et Pomponii Melae Situs Orbis Descriptio, 

H. Stephanus, 1577 

1759 Diot (H. E.) Historical Description of Dunkirk, map and 

charts . . 1794 

1760 Diplomatique, Nouveau Traite de, ou Ton examine les Fonde- 

mens de cet Art. etc. plates, 6 vol. 
fine copy, blue morocco extra, gilt leaves Paris, 1750 

1761 Dirom (Major) Campaign in India, and War with Tippoo 

^\x\idin, m,aps and plates . 1793 

1762 Discoveries of the French in 1768 and 1769 to the South East 

of New Guinea, maps and plates, calf gilt 1791 

1763 Dixon (Geo.) Voyage round the World, maps and plates, 

1789 — Dobbs (Arth.) Account of Hudson's Bay, map, 
1744 . .2 vol. 

1764 DoDswoRTH (Wm.) Historical Account of the Cathe- 

dral Church of Salisbury, illustrated with 32 
Original Drawings in colours, by Nash, C. A. 
Stothard, &c., 21 plates, choice india proofs, and a set 
of etchings, 
LARGE PAPER, elegantly hound in russia extra, joints, and 
gilt leaves . elephant 4to. 1814 

1765 Dodwell (Edward) Classical and Topographical Tour through 

Greece, in 1801-6, many plates, 2 vol. half morocco 1819 

1766 Doglioni (Gio. N.) Historia Venetiana Venet. 1598 

1767 Dolce (Lod.) Vita di Carlo Quinto, Venet. 1567 — Davila, 

Guerre Civili di Francia, Venet. 1692 2 vol. 

1768 Donati (Al.) Roma Vetus ac Kecens, plates PomcE, 1639 

1769 Donati (A.) Roma Vetus ac Recens, many plates Amst. 1695 

1770 Douglas (Cause) the Pursuer's Memorial, 1767, &c. 7 vol. 

1771 Douglas (Archibald) Case of, against the Duke of Hamilton 


1772 Dow (Alex.) History of Hindostan from the Earliest Ac- 

counts to the Death of A\hdiY, plates, 2 vol. calf gilt 1768 

1773 Drink water (Jo.) History of the Siege of Gibraltar, map and 

plates . . 1785 

1774 Drummond and Walpole, Herculensia, or Dissertations, con- 

taining a M.S. found at Herculaneum, plates, 
crimson morocco, gilt leaves . 1810 

1775 Drake (Dr. N.) Shakspeare and his Times, portrait, 2 vol. 



1776 Du Bartas, Divine Weeks and Workes, by Sylvestre, wants 

title — Du Bartas, Historie of Judith, a Poeme, Englished 
by Hudson, 1611, 2 vol. in I . 1611 

1777 Ducarel (A. C.) Series of Anglo-Gallic Coins of the Antient 

Kings of England, portrait^ plates 1757 

1778 Duchesne (A.) Historise Anglicanse circa tempus Conquestus 

Anglise Selecta Monumenta, cum notis a Maseres, 
russia . . 1807 

1779 Du Choul (G.) Sur la Castrametation des Romains, wood en- 

gravings . . Wesel, 1672 

1780 Duez (N.) Dictionarium Gallico-Germanico-Latinura, inter- 

leaved, 2 vol. . Amst. 1664 

1781 Du Fresnoy (C. A.) Art of Painting, Latin and English, by 

LARGE PAPER, old calf, gilt leaves . 1695 

1782 Du Hamel (J. B.) Opera Philosophica, 2 vol. Norimh. 1681 
J 783 Duncomb (J.) History and Antiquities of Hereford, plates, 

Hereford, 1804 

1784 Dundas (D.) Principles of Military Infantry Movements, many 

plates with autograph letter of the Author, 
red morocco, gilt leaves . 1788 

1785 Dunsford (M.) Historical Memoirs of the Town and Parish 

oi T'werion, portrait and plates, calf gilt Exeter, 1790 

1786 Dupin (Chas.) Voyages dans la Grande Bretagne, Force 

Navale et Militaire, plates, 4 vol. in 2 
russia extra, gilt leaves . Paris, 1821 

1787 Dupin (C.) Forces Productives et Commerciales de la France, 

2 vol. . Paris, 1827 

1788 Dupuis (Jos.) Journal of a Residence, maps and plates 1824 

1789 Durer (Alb.) Chrislich- Anthologische Handzeichnungen, 

43 plates, calf extra, gilt leaves . 1808 

1790 East India Military Calendar, 3 vol. . 1823 

1791 Ecclesiastical Topography, a Collection of One Hundred Views 

of Churches in the Environs of London, ^we impressions 

royal 4to. 1811 

1792 Ecton (J.) Thesaurus Rerum Ecclesiasticarum, by Browne 

Willis . . 1763 

1793 Eden (Ric.) The History of Travayle in the West and East 

Indies, the Moluccaes, and Discourse of the North-west 
Passage, by R. Willes 
5lacfe ktter, russia . Hie. Jugge, 1577 

1794 Edgeworth (R. L.) On Professional Education 1809 

1795 Edward VI, Copies of Seven Original Letters, from Edward VI. 

to Barnaby Fitzpatrick. 
PRIVATELY FRiNTED, presentation copy, with an autograph 
letter of Mr. Shaw Mason, green morocco ^xtra, gilt 
leaves . Strawberry Hill, 1772 


1796 Edwards (Bryan) History of the British Colonies in the West 

Indies, maps, 2 vol. calf gilt . 1793 

1797 Edwards (Edw.) Practical Treatise of Perspective, plateSy 

calf, marbled leaves . 1803 

1798 Edv^^ards (Geo.) Natural History of Uncommon 

Birds, and some Rare and Undescribed Animals, &c., 
with the Gleanings of Natural History, 2^2 finely coloured 
plates, 7 vol, 
fine copy, in yellow morocco extra, gilt leaves 1751-64 

1799 Edwards (G.) Natural History of Birds, 105 beautifully 

coloured plates, vol. 1 and 2 . 1743-7 

1800 Egypte. Courier del'Egypte, No. 1 to 115, ^azVe, 1798-1 801 

— La Decade Egyptienne, Journal Litteraire et d' Economic 
Politique, 3 vol. Kaire, 1799-1800, half russia 4 vol. 

1801 Egypt, Non Military Journal made in, m,ap and plates^ 

calf gilt . , 1803 

1802 Egypt, Non Military Journal made in, plates, 1803 — Funck 

et d'llleus, Plans et Journaux des Sieges de Flandres, jo^an^", 
Strasb. 1750, &c. . 4 vol. 

1803 Elements and Practice of Rigging and Seamanship, numerous 

plates, 2 vol. calf extra, marbled leaves 1794 

1804 Elizabeth (Queen) Her Speeches delivered on her Visit to 

Lord Chandos, at Sudely Castle, by Sir Egerton Brydges, 

privately and only one hundred copies printed, 

morocco extra, gilt leaves Lee Priory, 1815 

1805 Ellis (Henry) History and Antiquities of the Parish of Saint 

Leonard, Shoreditch, /j^ct^e* . 1798 

1806 Ellis (H.) Journal of Lord Amhurst's Embassy to China, 

Tnaps and plates, some coloured . 1817 

1807 Ellis (J.) Histoire Naturelle des Corallines, plates 

La Haye, 1756 

1808 Elstob (E.) Rudiments of Grammar for the English-Saxon 

Tongne, good copy . 1715 


1809 Demosthenis Orationes, Greece, cura Lambini Paris," 1570 

1810 Denon (Viv.) Voyage dans la Basse et la Haute Egypte, pen- 

dant les Campagnes de Buonaparte, 141 plates^ fine impreS' 
sions, 2 vol. 
fine copy, russia extra, joints, and gilt leaves 

atlas folio. Paris, Didotj 1802 

1811 Denyaldi (Rob.) Rollo Northmanno Britannicus 

7'ussia extra . Rothomagi, 1660 

1812 Dequevauvillier et Ozanne, Recueil des Combats, et des Ex- 

peditions Maritimes, 39 plates and maps, fine impressions 

Paris, 1797 

1813 Derand (F.) Architecture des Youtes, plates ib. 1643 


1814 Depgodetz (Ant.) Les Edifices Antiques de Home, dessines 
et mesures exactement, many plates Pa7'is, 1682 

18I5j^De Solis (Ant.) Historia de la Conquista de Mexico, y Nueva 
Espana, riissia extra Madrid^ 1684 

1816 De Solis (A.) History of the Conquest of Mexico by the 

Spaniards, by Townsendy po?^traU and plates, calf neat 1724 

1817 D'Ewes (Sir Symonds) Journals of all the Parliaments of Queen 

EVizabelh, frontispiece f russia 1682 

1818 D'Herbelot (M.) Bibliotheque Orientale 

dutch vellmn Paris, 1697 

1819 Diaz (Bernal) Historia de la Conquista de la Nueva Espana 

Madrid, 1632 

1820 Dictionary, General, Historical and Critical, including Bayle's 

Dictionary, by Bernard, Birch and Lockman, 10 vol. 
uncut . 1734 

1821 Dictionnaire de I'Acaderaie Fran^oise, 2 vol. Paris, 1718 

1822 Dies, Reinhart et Mechau, Collection ou Suite de Vues Pitto- 

resques de I'ltalie, I'l fine p)lates, calf gilt Nuremh. 1798 

1823 Dietterlin (W.) Architectura, Symmetria und Proportion der 

FunfF Suelen, numerous plates ih. 1598 

1824 Digby (Kenelm) Treatises on the Body and the Soul 

Paris, 1644 

1825 Digges (Sir E.) Complete Ambassador, or Two Treatises of 

the intended Marriage of Queen Elizabeth, Letters of Sir 
F.Walsingham, Lord 'QyxvXeigh, he. frontispiece 1655 

1826 Digges (F.) Geometrical Treatise, 1591 , &c. 8 vol. 

1827 Diletanti Society ; Specimens of Ancient Sculpture, ^^gyptian, 

Etruscan, Greek and Roman, upwards of 130 beautifid 
plates, fine impressions, 2 vol. half russia Sf hoards 1809-35 

1828 Dilettanti Society; Antiquities of Ionia, upwards of 170 fine 

plates, 3 vol. . 1821-40 

1829 Dilichii (VV.) Kriegsbuch, dar in die Alte und Neive Militia 

beschriben, tiurnerous plates and plans, 2 vol. in 1 

Franckfort, 1689 

1830 Diodati (Giov.) Sacra Biblia, trad, e Commentata Genev. 1641 

1831 Diderot et D'Alembert, Encyclopedie ou Dictionnaire Raisonne 

des Sciences des Arts et des Metiers, 17 vol.; Supplement, 
4 vol.; Planches, 3 vol. — together 24 vol. 
yfwe copy, calf gilt Paris et Amst. 1751-77 

1833 Diodori Siculi Bibliotheca Historica, vellum H. Stephani, 1559 

1834 Diodori Siculi Bibliotheca Historica, Gr. et Lat., cum notis 

Wesselingil, portrait, 2 vol. 
fine copy, bright old calf gilt Amst. 1746 

1832 Diodore Sicilien, Histoire traduite par Amyot Paris, 1585 

1835 Dionis Cassii, Historise Romanae, libri xxiii, a xxxvi, ad 

LViii. usque, Greece . II. Step)hani, 1548 

1836 Dionis Cassii, Historiae Romanse, libri xlvi, Gr. et Lat. cura 

Leunclavii, old calf, the sides tooled and g. I. Hanovia^, 1606 



1837 Dionysii Halicarnassensis Antiquitates Romanse 

Paris J R. Stephani, 1546 

1838 Dionysii Halicarnassensis Antiquitates Romanae, Gr. et Lat. 

cura Hudsoni, 2 vol. in 1 Oxonii, 1704 

1839 DoDD (Chas.) The Church History of England, from 

the year 1500 to the year 1688, chiefly with regard to 
Catholicks, 3 vol. very scarce Brussels, 1737-42 

1840 D'Ohson (Mouradja) Tableau g'eneral de I'Empire Olhoman, 

233 Jine plates, 3 vol., 2 calf gilt and vol. 3 m hoards 

Paris, 1787 

1841 Domat, Loix Civiles et le Droit Public, 2 vol. ih. 1723 

1842 Domesday Book, seu Liber Censualis Wilelmi primi, inter Ar- 

chivos Regni in Domo Capitulari Wesmonasterii aservatus, 
A\o\.uncut . 1783-1816 

1843 Dorbay (F.) Desseins d' Architecture, 20 plates 

calf gilt Paris, n. d. 

1844 Dornavii (C.) Amphitheatrum Sapientiae Socraticae Joco-Seriae, 

vellum , Hanov. 1619 

1845 Douglas (Jas.) Nenia Britannica, or Sepulchral History of 

Great Britain from the earliest period, plates, calf gilt 1793 

1846 Douglas (Rob.) Peerage of Scotland, j^/afeso/ arms Edinh. 1764 

1847 Drake (Fr.) Eboracum, or the History and Antiquities of the 

City of York, maps and numerous plates 

very scarce, good copy . 1736 

1848 Drawing Books, various . 4 vol. 

1849 Drayton (Mich.) Works with Life, good copy 1748 

1850 Dresden Gallery. Galerie Royale de Dresde, con- 

taining 100 very large and beautiful plates after the old 
masters, hy Kilian, Folkema, Basan, Mart, Beauvarlety 
Daidle, Houhraken, Ridinger, ^c. very fine impressions, 
2 vol. old french calf gilt atlas folio. Dresden, 1753-57 

1851 Drovetti (M.) et Cailiiaud, Voyage a I'Oasis de Thebes, et 

dans les Deserts de la Thebaide, 24 plates 
half russia, gilt leaves imperial folio. Paris, \S21 

1852 Drummond (Alex.) Travels through Germany, Italy, Greece, 

and several parts of Asia, many plates, calf gilt 1754 

1853 Drummond (Wm.) of Hawthornden, History of Scotland, 

from 14^3 to 1542, portraits by Gaywood, old calf gilt 1655 

1854 Dryden (Jo.) Fables, Ancient and Modern, translated into 

verse, calf gilt . 1700 

1855 Dryden (J.) Comedies, Tragedies and Operas, 2 vol. 1701 

1856 Dryden (J.) Comedies, Tragedies and Operas, 2 vol. 

calf gilt . 1721 

1857 Du Bartas, His Divine Weekes and Workes, translated by Jos. 

Sylvester, calf gilt . 1621 

1858 Du Bartas, Another Edition 1641 

1859 Du Bosc (Claude) Military History of Prince Eugene of Savoy, 

p)lates and plans, 2 vol. 1736 


1860 Dli Cange (C.) Glossariimi ad Scriptores Media? et Infimae 

Latinitatis, 3 vol. Franco/. 1710 

1861 Du Cange (C. Dufresne) Glossarium ad Scriptores Mediae et 

Infitnaj Latinitutis, et Supplementa duo a D. P. Carpentier, 
10 vol. prefixed to the last vol, is Memoire Historique de 
Sleur Du Cange, 40 pages 4to. inlaid 
fine copy, old frencli calf gilt ' Paris, 1733-66 

1862 Ducarel (Dr.) Anglo-Norman Antiquities considered in a Tour 

through part of Normandy, 27 plates 
fine copy, old bright calf gilt . 1767 

1863 Duchesnii (And.) Hi-toriae Normannorum Scriptores Antiqui, 

ab Anno 838 ad 1220, very scarce, russia extra Paris, l6l9 

1864 Du Chesne (Andre) Histoire d'Angleterre, d'Ecosse, et 

fi7ie copy, vellum . Paris, 1641 


Warwick) Dell' Arcano del Mare Libri Sei, nel quali 
si tratta della Longitudine praticabile, delle Carte sue Ge- 
nerali, della Disciplina Marittima e Militare, etc. riumerous 
charts, schemes and p)lates, vol. 1 and 2 very neatly inlaid^ 
3 vol. 
RARE,_/??ze copy, elegantly hound in russia extra, gilt leaves 

Firenze, 1646-7 

*.^* This celebrated and very curious work is of high interest 
and importance to the English Collector, from its having 
been composed by Dudley, Earl of Warwick. Com- 
plete copies of all the parts very rarely occur. The late 
Earl of Guildford's copy sold for £30. 9s. 

1866 DuGDALE (W.) Antiquities of Warwickshire, portrait, 

maps and p)lates, by Hollar, ^-c. 
ORIGINAL EDITION, /«e, tall, clcan copy, russia extra 1636 

1867 Dugdale (W.) History of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, 

portrait and many fine plates, by Hollar , ^c. 
fine tall cojyy, russia extra . 1658 

1868 Dugdale (VV.) History of Imbanking and Drayning of divers 

Fens and Marshes, many plates 
VERY scAwcE, fine cojoy, russia extra 1662 

1869 Dugdale (W.) Origines Juridiciales, or Historical Memorials 

of the English Law Courts, &c. six portraits by Hollar, 
Loggan, ^x. and plates of arms 
second edition, russia extra 1671 

1870 Dugdale (W.) Brief Discourse touching the Office of Lord 

Chancellor of England, calf neat 1672 

1871 Dugdale (W.) The Baronage of England, or an Historical 

Account of our English Nobility, 2 vol. slightly stained 
old french red morocco, gilt leaves 1676 

1872 Dugdale (W.) Short View of the late Troubles in England 

Oxford, 1681 


1873 Dugdale (W.) et R. Dodsworth, Monasticon Anglicanum, 

many i)lcites hy Hollar^ King, ^-c. 3 vol. russia extra 1682-73 

1874 Dugdale (W.) Perfect Copy of all Summons of the Nobility, 

&c. to Parliament, from the 49th of Henry III. 
russia extra . 1685 

*;j,* Tiie preceding eight lots are fine copies, uniform in russia 
extra, yellow edges. 

1875 Dugdale (W.) Monasticon Anglicanum, or the History of the 

Ancient Abbies, Monasteries, Hospitals, &c. in England 
and Wales, translated, with Captain Steevens' additional 
Volumes, many plates hy Hollar, ^c. 3 vol. 
russia extra . 1718-23 

1876 Dugdale (W.) Antiquities of Warwickshire, second edition, 

revised and augmented by Dr. Wm. Thomas, portraits, 
maps and plates, 2 vol. 
Ji7ie copy, russia extra 1730 

1877 Dugdale (W.) History of Irabanking and Draining of divers 

Fens and Marshes, second edition by Cole, many plates 
calf gilt . 1772 

1878 Dugdale (W.) Antient Usage in Bearing Arms, Office of Lord 

Chancellor of England, and Honores Anglicani, by T. C. 

Banks, j^/ates, pale russia extra, joints and gilt leaves 1811 

1878*Dugdale (W.) Another Qo'^y, plates, russia extra, m. I. 1811 




1879 Egypt, (Scenes and Impressions in . 1824 

1880 Eland, Tutor to Astrology ; or Astrology made Easie, by 

FdiYker, portraity calf neat . 1704 

1881 Elegant Epistles, Dublin, 1791 — Edinburgh Fugitive Pieces, 

Edinh. 1791 — Ellis, Chiltern and Vale Farming, n. d. 3 vol. 

1882 Elegidia et Poematia Epidictica Prsecipuas praecipuorum et 

Maxime Clarorum Virorum, 31 portraits, Jme impressions 
and plates {some English) 
very scarce, green morocco extra, gilt leaves, hy Chas. Lewis 

Upsalice, 1631 

1883 Ellis (Geo.) Specimens of the Early English Poets, 3 vol. 

green morocco, gilt leaves . 1801 


1884 Ellis (G.) Another edition, 3 vol. 

Jine copy, green morocco extra, gilt leaves 1805 

1885 Ellis (Henry) Original Letters illustrative of English History, 

(second series), plates, 4 vol. . 1827 

1886 Eloges des Person nes Illustres de 1' Ancient Testament, 50 

coloured portraits, old morocco, gilt leaves Paris, 1688 

1887 Elphinstone (Jas.) Forty Years' Correspondence, 8 vol. 

calf gilt . .1791-4 

1888 Elstob (E.) English-Saxon Homily on the Birth-Day of 

St. Gregory, Anglo-Saxon, and English, jfrowif. 
blue morocco extra, gilt leaves royal 8vo. 1709 

1889 Elstobb (W.) Historical Account of the Bedford Level 

LARGE PAPER, calf gilt . 1793 

1890 Elsynge (H.) Manner of Holding Parliaments, 1768, &c. 4 vol. 

1891 Elwood (Mrs. Col.) Narrative of a Journey Overland from 

England to \\\di\di, plates, 2 vol. . 1830 

1892 Emblemes d'Amour en IV. Langues, many plates n. d, 

1893 Emblems. — 93 Original Drawings upon Vellum, in 

pen and ink, of beautiful ed'ecution, old morocco, gilt 
leaves, lettered H. Albani et Amicorum n. d, 

1894 Encyclopedie (Petit) Poetique, 16 vol. in 17 

fine paper . Paris, 1804-10 

1895 Entick (J.) History of the late War, portraits and maps, 

5 vol. , . 1763 

1896 Epistolae Obscurorura Virorura et Conciliabulum Theologista- 

rum, 3 vol. in 1, Fra.ncof 1824 — Epistolae Clarorum Vi- 
rorum, ffartingce, 1669, &c. . 5 vol. 

1897 England's Happiness in a Lineal Succession, 1685 — Edmond- 

son Precedency, w. d. — Life and Unaccountable Actions of 
William Fuller, the Notorious English Cheat, 1717 — Life 
of William Fuller, 1703 . 4 vol. 

1898 Erasmi Adagia, Elzevir, 1663, &c. . 11 vol. 

1899 Erasmi (D.) Vita et Epistolae, portrait of Erasmus and of 

T, Nigell, L. Bat, 1642, &c. . 4 vol. 

1900 Erasmi Moriae Encomium cum Commentariis G. Listrii, plates 

by Holbein . Basil, 1676 

1901 Erasmi Moriae Encomium; or a Panegyrick upon Folly, joo?'- 

trait and 46 plates . 1709 

1902 Erdeswicke (S.) Survey of Staffordshire, inap 1717 

1903 Erdeswicke (S.) Survey of Staffordshire, map, calf neat 1723 

1904 Espagne, Nouveau Voyage en, plates, 3 vol. Paris, 1789 — 

Abrege de I'Histoire d'Espagne,2 vol. ib> 1765 — Anecdotes 
Espagnoles, 2 vol. ib. 1773 — Voyage en Espagne, 2 vol. 
1782 . 9 vol. 

1905 Essex. New and Complete History of Essex, both Ancient 

and Modern, maps and plates, 6 vol. 
calf gilt . Chelmsford^ 1769-72 


1906 Etna, Giornale dell' Eruzione, Catanici, 1819-20 — Memoire 

Geologique sur I'lsle de Sardaigne, n. d. — Grassi (G.) 
Ricerche Storiche intorno alle Armature scoperti in Sar- 
degiia, plates, 18*22, &c. in 1 vol. &c. . 13 vol. 

1907 Etonian (The) 2 vol. . 1822 

1908 Etherege (Sir Geo.) Works, 1704— Farquhar (G.) Comedies, 

n, d. &c. . 5 vol. 

1909 Euripidis Hecuba, Orestes et Phoenissse, Gr. et Lat. cum notis 

J. King, 2 vol, . Cantab. 1726 

1910 Euripidis Tragoedise IV. Hecuba, Orestes, Phoenissse, Medea, 

Graece, cura Porsoni, calf extra, gilt leaves 1797-1802 

1911 Europe, Secret History of, 4 vol. in 3, 1724 — Eginardus, Me- 

moirs of Europe in the Eighth Century, 2 vol. 1710, &c. 

7 vol. 

1912 Europe, History of, from 1676 to 1712, 13 vol. &c. 16 vol. 

1913 Evans (Tho.) Old Ballads, Historical and Narrative,4 vol. 1784 

1914 Evelyn (J.) Sculptura, or the History of the Art of Chalco- 

graphy and Engraving on Copper, plates, 1662, and W. 
Faithorne, Art of Graving and Etching, plates, 1701, 
2 vol. in 1, scarce, calf morocco back 1662, &c. 

1915 Evelyn (J.) Sculptura, with his Life, joor^rm'/* awe? jo/a^6?* 1755 

1916 Everard (Dr.) Panacea ; a Discovery of the WonderfuU Vertues 

of Tobacco taken in a Pipe, portrait, calf neat 1659 

1917 Examinacion of Master Wm. Thorpe, Preste, accused of He- 

resye before Tho. Arundell, Abp. of Canterbury, the yere 
1407, and the Examinacion of Sy"^ John Oldcastle, Lorde 
Cobham, Burnt bi the said Archebisshop, 
fclacfe letter, VERY rare, very good copy, calf 

Without place or date 

1918 Exeter. Antient History and Description of the City of 

Exeter, plan of the Cathedral, Exeter, 1765 — Izaacke (S.) 
Register of Persons who have left Grants to the Poor of 
Devon, 1736 . 2 vol. 

1919 Eyre (N.) Military Operations at Cabul, in 1842, and Journal 

of his Imprisonment in AfFghanistan, 2 vol. 1843 

1920 Fabricius (Baron) Letters to Charles XIL 1761 

1921 Fain (le Baron) Manuscrit de, 1812-13 et 14, pour sevir a 

I'Histoire de I'Empereur Napoleon, maps, 5 vol. 
vellum, gilt leaves 8vo. and 12mo. Bruxelles, 1823-27 

1922 Fairholme (G.) View of the Geology of Scripture, 1833 — 

Featherstonhaugh, Geological Report of the Country 
between the Missouri and Red Rivers, coloured map, 
Washington, 1835 . 2 vol. 

1923 Falconer (J.) Art of Secret Information, calf gilt, 1685, and 

the Complete Gamester, with Arts, &c. Archery, Cock- 
fighting, ho,. frontispiece, calf, 1680 - 2 vol. 

1924 Falconer (Wm.) Shipwreck, a Poem, and Life, by J. S. Clarke, 

plates, fine impressiotis 
LARGE PAPER, Tussia extru, marbled leaves roy. 8vo. 1804 


1925 Fanshawe (Lady) Memoirs, written by herself, portrait, 

halfcalfgilt . . 1829 

1926 Farey (J ) View of the Agriculture of Derbyshire, plates, 2 vol. 


1927 Farmer (J.) History of the Abbey of Waltham, (wants one 

plate)^ russia . 1735 

1928 Faulkner (T.) Historical and Topographical Description of 

Chelsea, calf gilt . royal 8vo. 1810 

1929 Felibien, Entretiens sur les Vies et sur les Ouvrages des plus 

Excellens Peintres et Architectes, 6 vo\.cal/ Trevou^, 1725 

1930 Feldborg (A. A.) Denmark Delineated, or Sketches of the 

Present State of that Country, vnany plates roy. 8vo. 1824 

1931 Feller (F. and de) Dictionnaire Historique, 8 vol. 

calf gilt . Liege, 1797 

1932 Feliowes (W. D.) Visit to the Monastery of la Trappe in 1817, 

many coloured plates . royal 8 vo. 1818 

1933 Fenelon, Avantures de Telemaque, 2 vol. calf gilt leaves, 1719 

— Fiechier (E.) Histoire du Cardinal Ximenes, portrait, 
morocco, gilt leaves, Amst. 1700, &c. 5 vol. 

1934 Ferguson (J.) Astronomy, /)Za^e*, 1794 — Gregory (O.) Trea- 

tise on Astronomy, plates, 1802, he. 9 vol. 

1935 Feuquieres (Marquis de) Memoirs, 2 vol. 1737 — History of 

France, 2 vol. 1702 — Secret History of France, 1714, &c. 

8 vol. 

1936 Fielding (H.) Clear State of the Case of Eliz. Canning, joo?'^. 

1753 — Reply to Sir C. Gascoigne concerning Canning and 
Squires, joor^ 1754 — Cobham and Congreve, an Epistle, 
1730, &c. . 5 vol. 

1937 Fielding (H.) Joseph Andrews, 2 vol. 1751 - Roderick Ran- 

dom, 2 vol. 17G0, &c. . 17 vol. 

1938 Fielding (Hen.) Works and Life, portrait, 12 vol. 1766 

1939 Filholii (G.) Sacra Regum Historia, Heroico Carmine, et in 

Xll. libros redacta 
old red morocco, gilt leaves, richly tooled Paris, 1587 

1940 Filhol, Cours Historique et Elementaire de Peinture ou 

Galerie complette du Museum Central de France, 162platest 
vol. 1 to 3 
LARGE PAPER, russia, leather joints, gilt leaves Paris, 1802 

1941 Finati (Giovanni) Life and Adventures, map, 2 vol. 1830 

1942 Finett (Sir Jo.) Observations on the Reception and Prece- 

dence of Ambassadors, 1656 — Filmer (Sir R.) Patriarcha, 
1680 — The Patriarch Unmonarched, 1681 — Freeholders' 
Grand Inquest, 1679 — Fen wick (Sir Jo.) Tryal for Trea- 
son, 1702 . 5 vol. 

1943 Finlayson (Geo.) Mission to Siam and Hue in 1821-22 1826 

1944 Fisher (Alex.) Voyage to the Arctic Regions, map 1821 


1945 Fisher (Bishop) Funeral Sermon of Margaret, Countess of 

Richmond,J)'ontispiece, and plate, 1708 — Fuller, Discovery 
of the True Mother of the Pretended Prince of Wales, 
Further Confirmation and Third Narrative, and De La- 
badie's Letter, in 1 vol. 1696 . 2 vol. 

1946 Fleetwood (Bishop) Chronicon Preciosum, or Account of 

English Gold and Silver Money, for 600 years past, 
plates . . 1745 

1947 Fleming (Giles) Stemma Sacrum, the Royal Progeny Deline- 

ated, portrait of Charles II, calf' gilt 1660 

1948 Fletcher (W.) Reformation of the Church, Revolution in 

Disguise, a Country Clergyman's Second Appeal to VslV' 
Vmment, presentation copi/, red morocco extra, g. I, 1834 

1949 Fleury, Memoires de la vie privee, du Retour, et du Regne 

Napoleon en 1815, 2 vol. 1819 — Memoires Historiques 
de Napoleon Livre IX, 1820, four others and pamphlets 

1950 Fleury, Histoire Ecclesiastique, 34 vol. Paris, 1724-34 

1951 Florian, Gonzalve de Cordone, ou Grenade Reconquise, 2 vol. 

Paris, 1791 — Fayette (Comtesse de la) CEuvres Diverses, 

2 vol. 1779 . . 4 vol. 

1952 Florian, Fables, illustrated with numerous wood engravings, 

hy Victor Adam 
VELLUM PAPER, calf extra, g. L royal 8vo. Paris, 1838 

1953 Florian (M. de) Theatre et Autres CEuvres, ^Za^e*, 7 vol. 

Paris, 1786 

1954 Florio (M.) Historia de la Vita e de la Morte de ITUust. Sig- 

nora Giovanni Graia, 
RARE, russia . . 1607 

1955 Floyer (Sir J.) Art of Preserving Old Men's Health, 1724, 

&c. . . 17 vol. 

1956 Fontaine (La) Fables, illustrated with numerous wood en- 

gravings, bif Grandville, 2 vol. 
VELLUM PAPER, calf extra, g. I. royal 8vo. Pains, 1828 

1957 Fouquet (M.) Les CEuvres de, Contenant son Accusation, 

son Proces et ses Defenses contre Louis XIV, 16 vol. 

Paris, 1696 

1958 Foy (Gen.) Histoire de la Guerre de la Peninsule sous Napo- 

leon, 4 vol. 4^0. atlas . Paris, 1827 

1959 Foreign Quarterly Review, 41 numbers, between No. 1 and 

No. 75 . . 18— 

1960 Fortescue (J.) De Laudibus Legum Anglian, 1616, and 12 

Law Books . . 13 vol. 

1961 Forty Years in the World, 3 vol. 1825 — Fire-side Scenes, 

3 vol. 1825— Fairy Legends of Ireland, 1825 7 vol. 

1962 Forster (T.) Perennial Calendar, and Companion to the 

Almanac . . 1824 

1963 Force (P. de la) Description de la France, plates, 6 vol. 

Amst. 1719 


1964 Fontaine, Tales and Novels, by Humphreys, plates, 1735 — 

Fontenelle, Plurality of Worlds, 1767 — Florian, Numa 
Pompilius, 2 vol. 1787 . 4 vol. 

1965 Fosbroke (T. D) British Monachism, or Manners and Cus- 

toms of the Monks and Nuns of England, 2 vol. 1802 

1966 Forde (Thos.) Paneg-yrick on Charles I, and Apothegms, 

Familiar Letters, Poeticall Diversions, &c. 1661 

1967 Forbes (Jas.) Letters from France, frontispiecef 2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, calf gilt . 1806 

1968 Forbes (Rob.) Jacobite Memoirs, edited by R. Chambers 

Edinh. 1834 

1969 Foundling Flospital for Wit, 6 numbers, calf gilt 1763 

1970 Fragoletta, Naples et Paris en 1799, 2 vol. Paris, 1829 — 

Forbin, Voyage dans le Levant, ib. 1819, &c. 5 vol. 

1971 France. Hotomani, Francogallia, 1576^ — Vignier (L.) De la 

Noblesse de France, Paris, 1 587 — Char, du Molin, Ori- 
gine, ^c. de la Monarchic des Francois, ib. 1561, &c. in 

1 vol. ^ne copies, old red morocco, g. I. 1561, &c. 

1972 France- Memoires des Avantures Singulieres de la Cour de 

France, A la Haye, 1692 — Florus Francicus sive Rerum a 
Francis Bello Gestarura Epitome, Paris, 1644, 
old red morocco, gilt leaves . 2 vol. 

1973 France. Collection Universelle des Memoires particulieres 

relatifs a I'Histoire de France, avec Table General, 67 vol. 


1974 France, Memoires et Anecdotes des Reines et Regentes de, 

6 vol. Amst. 1776, &c. . 9 vol. 

1975 France, Residence in, from 1792 to 1795, by an English Lady, 

edited by John GifFord, 2 vol. 1797— Maclean (C.) Ex- 
cursion in France, 1804 — Muirhead (L.) Travels in France, 
1803— Letters from Paris, 1792 . 5 vol. 

1976 France and Spain, History of, 6 vol. calf gilt 1793 

1977 Francis (G. H.) Orators of the Age, comprising Portraits, 

Critical, Biographical, &c. . 1847 

1978 Franck (Rich.) Northern Memoirs, and Angler Edinb. 1821 

1979 F'ranklin(B.) Political, Miscellaneous, and Philosophical Pieces, 

portrait and plates, calf gilt . 1779 

1980 Eraser's Magazine, 81 numbers, between No. 19 and 162 18 — 

1981 Frauds of Romish Monks and Priests, and Journey to Naples, 

2 vol. &c. . .3 vol. 

1982 Frederic II, Qiluvres Posthumes, et sa Vie, portrait and plates, 

26 vol. calf gilt Amst, and Strasb. 1788-89 

1983 Free-Thinker, The, 3 vol. 

LARGE PAPER . . 1722 

1984 Fry (E.) Pantographia, or Accurate Copies of all the known 

Alphabets in the World, calj gilt royal 8vo. 1799 



1985 Fiilke (Dr.) Heskins, Sanders and Rastel, accounted among 

their Faction three Fillers and Archpatriarches of the 
Popish Synagogue, overthrown and detected of their blas- 
phemous heresies, good copy, very scarce 1579 

1986 Fuller (J.) History of Berwick upon Tweed, plates 

calf gilt . Edinh. 1799 

1987 Fuller (Tho.) Anglorum Speculum, or the Worthies of England 

in Church and State, russia extra . 1684 


1988 Encyclopaedia Britannica; or a Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, 

and Miscellaneous Literature, with the Supplement, nearly 
600 flates, 20 vol. russia Edinh. 1797-1801 

1989 Encyclopaedia Londinensis, plates, vol. 17, 18 and 19, 3 vol. 

half russia, and 3 parts 1820-3 

1990 England Illustrated ; or, Compendium of Natural History, 

Topography and Antiquities of England and Wales, maps 
and plates, 2 vol. 1764 

1991 Englefield (Sir Hen. C.) Description of the principal Beauties, 

Antiquities, &c. of the Isle of Wight, portrait and 50 
plates, fine proofs 
LARGE PAPER, half red morocco, m. I. elephant 4to. 1816 

1992 Eruti (P.) Thesaurus Bellicus, Rostochii, 1616— Selden (Jo.) 

Analecton Anglo-Britannicon, Francof 1615 ; 2 vol. in 1 


1993 Este (Esaya da) Expositione sopra la Cantica di Salomone 

Venet. 1504 

1994 Essex. The True Mannor and Forme of the Funerall of Robert 

Earle of Essex and Ewe, Septr. 14, 1646, portrait by 
Wm. Marshall, fine impression, and wood engravings 
very scarce, russia extra 1646 

1995 Estienne (H. Lord of Fossez) Art of making Devises, treating 

of Hieroglyphicks, Emblemes, Armes, Blazons, &c., trans- 
lated by Thos. ^Xonni, frontispiece arid plate 
russia, gilt leaves 1650 

1996 Ethica Naturalis seu Documenta Moralia, 100 fine plates of 

emblems . Norimb. sine anno 

1997 Euripidis quae extant omnia, Gr. et Lat., notis Musgrave, 

4 vol. bright old calf gilt Oxonii, 1778 

1998 Euripidis Hippolytus, Gr. et Lat., cura F. H. Egerton 

PRIVATELY PRINTED, calf gilt ib. 1796 

1999 Euripidis Supplices Mulieres, Iphigenia in Aulide et in Tauris, 

notis Marklandi 
LARGE PAPER, russia extra, with joints, g. L ib. 1811 

2000 Eripides, Tragedies, translated by Potter, 2 vol. 1781 

2001 Europe, Present State of, vol. 2 to 15, in 7 vol. 1691-1702— 

History of England, iblacfe letter, imperfect} &c. 1 1 vol. 


2002 Eustace (Jo. Ch.) Tour through Italy, its Scenery, its An- 

tiquities, and its Monuments, plates^ 2 vol. 
russia extra., gilt leaves 1813 

2003 Evelyn (John) Sylva, a Discourse on Forest Trees, with notes 

by Hunter, po7'trait and plates, calf gilt 177 Q 

2004 Evelyn (J.) Memoirs illustrative of his Life and Writings, 

comprising his Diary from 1641 to 1706, edited by W. 
Bray, portraits and plates , 2 vol. russia extra, g. I. 1818 

2005 Evelyn (J.) Miscellaneous Writings, with notes by W. Upcott, 

plates, russia extra, g, I. uniform with the Memoirs 1825 

2006 Fabri (T.) Epistolse Salmurii, 1674 

2007 Fabricii (J. A.) Bibliotheca Grasca, 3 vol. Hamb. 1705-8 

2008 Fabricii (J. A.) Bibliographia Antiquaria 

russia extra, gilt leaves . «5. 1713 

2009 Falconer (Tho.) Sketch of the Materials for a New History 

of Cheshire, c«/f^^7# 1771 

2010 Falconer (T.) Chronological Tables Oxford, 1796 

2011 Falconer (W.) Dictionary of the Marine, plates 1769 

2012 Falkland (Lord) Discourse of Infallibility, calf gilt 1651 

2013 Falkland (Tho.) Description of Patagonia, in South America, 

maps , . Hereford, 1774 

2014 Favourites (The) Chronicle, russia extra 1621 

2015 Fenelon, Avantures de Telemaque, many plates 1734 

2016 Fenelon (Archeveq.) CEuvres, avec sa Vie, portrait, with one 

inserted, 9 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, fine copy, calf extra, gilt leaves 

Paris, Didot, 1787-92 

2017 Fenn (Jo.) Original Letters written during the reigns of 

Henry VI, Edward IV, Edward V, Richard III and 
Henry VII, in the possession of the Paston Family, the 
plates of autographs separate, 6 vol. russia 1787-1823 

2018 Ferguson (Adam) History of the Roman Republic, portrait 

and maps, 3 vol. calf gilt 1783 

2019 Ferishta, History of Dekkan, by Scott, 2 vol. 1794 

2020 Feme (Jo.) Blazon of Gentrie and Lacyes Nobilitie, arms 

coloured, calf gilt Ja. Windet, 1586 

2021 Ferrara (Francesco) I Campi Flegrei della Siciha, map, 

Messina, 1810, &c. . 4 vol. 

2022 Festyvall (The) or Sermons for Sondays and Holi- 

DAis, taken out of the Golden Legend, wood engravings 
blacfe IcttCV, RARE, good sound copy, rather short, and 
slightly icater stained Wynkyn de Worde, 1528 

2023 Ficoroni (F.) Gernmse Antiquae Litteratae, jo^a^g* Romce, 1757 

2024 Filicaia (Vine, da) Poesie T o?,cdinQ, portrait 

LARGE PAPER, old red morocco, gilt leaves Firenze, 1707 

2025 Fior di Virtu, che tratta de tuti li vitii humani, the initial 

letters drawn in colours, rare Venet. 1477 

2026 Fisher (Payne) Marston Moor : sive de Obsidone Praelioque 

Eboracensi Carmen et Miscellanea, calf gilt 1650 


2027 Fitzclarence (Lieut.-Col.) Journal of a Route across India, 

through Egypt, maps and coloured plates 1819 

2028 Fletcher (P.) The Purple Island, or the Isle of Man ; together 

with Piscatorie Eclogs, and other Poeticall Miscellanies 
crimson morocco, gilt leaves Camh. 1633 

2029 Fleurimont (G. II.) Medailles du Regne de Louis XV, 

54 plates i russia n. d. 

2030 Flinder (Matth.) Voyage to Terra Australis, plates, 2 vol. 

with the atlas, half calf, gilt leaves 1814 

2031 Flood (H.) Original Letters, portrait, 1820— Francklin (W.) 

Military Memoirs of George Thomas, portrait, Calcutta, 
1803 2 vol. 

2032 Folengi (Theop.) Vulgo Merlini Cocaii Opus Macaronicura 

Notis iWustratum, portrait and vignettes, 2 vol. Amst. 1768 

2033 Fontanini (Justi) Historia Literaria Aquilejensis Romce, 1742 

2034 Fonthill Abbey, a Description of, illustrated with Views hy 

J. Storer, india proofs 
LARGE PAPER, russia cxtra royal 4to. 1812 

2035 Forbes (Jas.) Oriental Memoirs, or Letters written during a 

Seventeen Years Residence in India, numerous plates, the 
Natural History coloured, 4 vol. calf gilt 1813 

2036 Forrest (Thos.) Voyage to New Guinea, portrait, charts 

and plates . 1779 

2037 Forster (Geo.) Journey from Bengal to England, map, 2 vol, 

calf gilt . 1798 

2038 Forster (J. R.) History of Voyages and Discoveries in the 

North, maps, calf gilt 1786 

2039 Forsyth (W.) Treatise on Fruit Trees, plates, calf gilt 1802 

2040 Fortis (Alb.) Travels into Dalraatia, /)/a^e* 1778 
041 Fosbroke (T. D.) Encyclopsedia of Antiquities, and Elements 

of Archseology, Classical and Mediaeval, and Foreign 
Topography, portrait, numerous plates, 3 vol., 2 in calf 
extra, marbled leaves, and 1 boards 1825-28 

2042 Fosbroke (T. D.) Economy of Monastic Life, Gloucester, n, d. 

— 'Gay, Fables, plates, 1727 — Goldsmith, Deserted Village 
— Percy (Bp.) Hermit of Warkworth, in 1 vol. 1770-1, 
&c. . . 6 vol. 

2043 Foscarini (Mich.) Historia della Republica Veneta 1696 

2044 Foster (Geo.) Voyage round the World, in 1772-75, with 

Capt. Cook's charts, 2 vol. calf gilt 1777 

2045 Foster (S.) on Dials, 1654— Fulbecke, Parallele of Civil, 

Canon and Common Law, 1601, &c. 3 vol. 

2046 Foxe (Capt. L.) North-West Fox, or Foxe from the North 

West Passage, chart, scarce, russia 1635 

2047 Fox (C. J.) History of the early part of the reign of James the 

Second, portrait 
LARGE PAPER, russia extra 1808 

2048 Fracastorii (Hieron.) Carmina, joor^rmV, 2 vol. Patavii, 1739 


2049 Frampton (Jo.) Joyfull Newes out of the New-found Worlde, 

hhxh letter, calf, gilt leaves . 1596 

2050 France, Nouvel Abrege Chronologique de I'Histoire de France, 

2 vol. . . Paris, 1768 

2051 Frankland (C. Colville) Visit to the Courts of Russia and 

Sweden, map, 2 vol. . " 1832 

2052 France. Tableau Historique de la Guerre de la Revolution de 

France, 3 vol. . Paris ^ 1808 

2053 Franklin (Benj.) Memoir of his Life and Writings, /?or^. 1818 

2054 Franklin (Capt. Jo.) Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of 

the Polar Sea in 1819-22, maps and plates, some coloured 
calf extra, gilt leaves . 1823 

2055 Francklin (W.) Military Memoirs of General George Thomas, 

portrait and plates, calf gilt Calcutta, 1803 

2056 Francklin (W.) Reign of Shah Aulura, map and plates, 1798 

&c. . . 3 vol. 

2057 Fraser (J. B.) Journal of a Tour through the Himala Moun- 

tains, m,ap, calf extra, gilt leaves 1820 

2058 Fraser (J. B.) Narrative of a Journey into Khorasan in Persia, 

in 1821-22, map . 1825 

2059 Fraser (J. B.) Travels and Adventures in the Persian Pro- 

vinces . . 1826 

2060 Frellon (Fr.) Retratos o Tablas de las Historias del Testa- 

mento Viejo, curious wood engravings 
fine copy, vellum . Lion, 1543 

2061 Freycinet, Voyage autour du Monde, viz. Partie Historique, 2 — 

Parties Zoologique, Botanique, Navigation et Hydrogra- 
phie; Observations du Pendule et Magnetisme Terrestre, 7; 
and in folio. Atlas Historique, Atlas Zoologique et Botani- 
que, et Cartes et Plans Hydrographiques, 4, containing 
328 plates, many coloured, and 22 maps, together 1 1 vol. 
half bound russia, gilt leaves (except one vol, 4to. sewed) 

Paris, 1824 42 

2062 Frezier (M.) Voyage dela Mer du Sud, maps and plates ib. 1716 

2063 Frezier (M.) Voyage to the South Sea, Chili and Peru, 

1712-14, maps and plates . 1717 

2064 Freycinet (Capt.) Voyage round the World, by Arago, 

26 plates . . 1823 

2065 Froissart (Sir Jo.) Chronicles of England, France, and adjoin- 

ing Countries, translated by T. Johnes, plates, 4 vol. 
russia extra . Hafod Press, 1803-5 

2066 Froissart (Sir J.) Chronicles of England, France. Spain, Portu- 

gal, Scotland, &c. translated by J. Bourchier, Lord Berners, 
2 vol. russia extra, gilt leaves 1812 

2067 Froissart, Chronicles of France and England, by Johnes, 

QO plates 4 parts 

2068 Fuller (Tho.) Abel Redivivus ; the Lives and Deaths of the 

Moderne Divines, frontispiece and many poy^raits 
scarce, calf gilt . 1651 



2069 Du Halde (J. B.) Description de I'Erapire de la Chine, et de la 

Tartane Chinios, plates and maps, 4 vol. Paris, 1 735 

2070 Dumont (M.) et Rousset, Histoire Militaire du Prince Eugene 

de Savoye, du Due de Marlborough et du Prince de Nassau- 
Frise, numerous plans and plates, 3 vol. 
LARGE PAPER imperial foHo. La Hay e, 1729 

2071 Durer (Alb.) Revived, or a Book of Drawing, Limning, and 

Colouring Maps and Prints, and Art of Painting, and the 
English Academy, a Dra vising ^ook, plates 1672 

2072 DussELDORFF, Galerie de, 30 fine plates, containing 

365 pictures f engraved by Michel, original impressions, 2 vol. 
calf gilt . Basil, 1778 

2073 Duty of Man, Works of the Author of Oa;ford, 1726 

2074 Eadmeri Historiae Novoram, ab 1066 ad 1122, ex Bibliotheca 

Cottoniana, a J. Seldeno, et Godwini Rerum Anglicarum 

Henrici VIII, Edwardi VI, et Marise Annales, 2 vol. in 1 

russia . 1616-23 

2075 Echard (Laur.) History of England, 3 vol. 

large paper 1717-18 

2076 Echard (L.) Ecclesiastical History 

old calf gilt, sides tooled 1719 

2077 Eckstein (Jo.) Picturesque Views of the Diamond Rock 

14 finely coloured plates, half russia oblong folio. 1805 

2078 Edmondson (Jos.) Complete Body of Heraldry, portrait and 

plates, 2 vol. 
fi7ie copy, calf gilt , 1780 

2079 Edward II, History of his Life, Reign and Death, by E. F. 

portrait . 1680 

2080 Egerton, A Compilation of various Authentick Evidences and 

Historical Authorities, tending to illustrate the Life and 
Character of Lord Chancellor Egerton, three portraits by 
privately printed, russia extra 1806 

2081 Egypte, Decription de l'Egypte, ou Recueil des Observa- 

tions et des Recherches qui ont ete faites pendant I'Expe- 
dition de 1' Armee Frangaise, Antiquites, Descriptions, vol. 1 
and first part of vol. 2 — Antiquites, Memoires, vol. 1 in two 
parts—Histoire Naturelle, vol. 1 in two parts — Etat Mo- 
derne, vol. 1 and two parts of vol. 2 — together 9 vol. and 
parts ; and 6 vol. atlas folio, containing 635 plates, many of 
which are finely coloured, half bound, uncut Paris, 1809-18 

2082 Egyptian Antiquities in the British Museum, 21 plates from 

draiuings of TF. Alexander, by Medland, 5 Nos. 1805, &c. 

2083 Enderbie (P.) Cambria Triumphans, or Britain in its Perfect 

Lustre, plates of arms and title mounted^ 2 vol. in 1 
very scarce, russia . 1661 


2084 Enfield (Wm.) History of Liverpool, map and plates 

calf gilt . 1774 

2085 Erasmi (D.) et Aliorum, Adagia quae apud Graecos, Latinos, 

Hebraeos, Arabas, &c. in usu fiierunt Basils 1629 

2086 Errard (J.) Fortification Demonstr6e, plates Paris, 1604 

2087 Estii (Guil.) Commentaria in Omnes B. Pauli et aliorum 

Apostolorum Epistolas Paris, 1666 

2088 Euclid, the First Six Elements, translated by Scarburgh 

calf gilt, Oxford, 1705, &c. 2 vol. 

2089 Euripidis Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat. cura Barnes, portrait 

Cantab. 1694 

2090 Eusebii Chronicon, etc. cura Jo. Sichardi, russia Basil, 1529 

2091 Eusebii Thesaurus Temporura, seu Chronicorum, Canonum, 

Gr. et. Lat. et Scaligeri Animadversiones Amst. 1658 

2092 Eusebius and Others, Ancient Ecclesiasticall Histories, by 

Hanmer . 1636 

2093 Evelyn (J.) Discourse of Medals, plates 1697 

2094 Evelyn (J.) Silva, or Discourse of Forest Trees 1706 

2095 Fabian (Rob.) Chronicle of Englande and of Fraunce, 

from the beginnyng of Henry VII. to the end of Queen 
Mary, 2 vol. in 1 
i&lacfe letter, best edition, ^we copy, russia extra 

Jo. Kingston, 1559 

2096 Fabri (B.) Thesaurus Eruditionis Scholasticse Lipsice, 1717 

2097 Fabro (Fr.) Historia de los Hechos del Don Juan Austria, en 

el Principado de Cataluna, calf gilt Caragoca, 1673 

2098 Fabrotti (C. A.) Basilikwn, libri LX., Gr. et Lat. 7 vol. 

old calf gilt Paris, 1647 

2099 Facciolati (Jac.) et Forcellini Totius Latinitatis Lexicon, 4 vol. 

fine copy, russia . Patavii, 1771 

2100 Fakke (S.) Description de la Chambre et Lit. de Parade sur 

Lequel le Corps de Son Altesse lloyale, Anne, 20 plates 

a la Haye, 1759 

2101 Favington (Jos.) The Lakes of Lancashire, Westmoreland 

and Cumberland, by J. H. Home, 43 plates 1816 

2102 Favine (And.) Theater of Honour and Knighthood, wood 

engravings of arms . 1623 

2103 Fazelli (Tho.) de Rebus Siculis Decades duae 

calf gilt . Panormi, 1560 

2104 Fazelli (T.) Rerum Sicularum Scnptores Francof. 1579 

2105 Feltham (Owen) Resolves, in Prose and Verse, /ro?2^ 1661 

2106 Fer (De) Introduction a la Fortification, ou Forces de I'Europe, 

numerous plans . Paris, 1705 

2107 Ferrarii (P.) Lexicon Geographicum, 2 vol. in I. Isenaci, 1577 

2108 Ferrerii (Pietro) Palazzi di Roma, 48 plates 

calf gilt . . Romce, n. d. 

2109 Fiesole, Giornata d'lstruzione a Fiesole ossia Itinerario gli 

Antichi e Moderni Monument! di quella Citta e Suoi Din- 
torni, 26 plates . Firenzey 1824 


2110 Fioretiere (Ant.) Dictionnaire Universel, 3 vol. La Haye, 1690 

2111 Fisher (Jonath.) Twelve Views of the Harbour and Castle of 

Carlingferd, and the Lakes of Killarney, with Sherwin's 
Fortune Teller, iS plates, russia oblong folio, 1772-94 

2112 Fischer (J. Payne) Piscatoris Poemata vel Panegyricura Car- 

men in diem Inaugurationis Olivari, &c. with the rare poV' 
trait of Balstrode Whitelocke, by Faithorne, fine impression, 
and the two plates of arms, good copy 1656 

2113 Flanders. Thirty-six fine Plates of Triumphal Arches, Pro- 

cessions, Rejoicings, &c. of the Kings of Spain and Princes 
of Orange, fine impressions, mounted in 1 vol. 

atlas folio, n. d. 

2114 Firenze, Galleria di, Ritratti de Piu celebri Professori di 

Pittura, bO fine portraits Firenze^ 1748 

2115 Floriani (P. P.) Difesa et OfFesa delle Vid^zze, plates 

Venetia, 1654 

2116 Floriani (P. P.) Another edition, portrait and wood engra- 

vings , . 2^. 1654 

2117 Fontaine (J. de) Fables Choisies Mises en Vers, with nearly 

250 fine plates by Cochin, from the designs of Oudry, 4 vol. 
calf gilt . . Paris, 1555 

2118 Forbes (P.) Full View of the Public Transactions in the 

Reign of Queen Elizabeth, in a Series of Letters and State 
Papers, 2 vol. 
calf gilt . . 1740 

2119 Fordun (Joannis de) Scotichronicon, cura Goodall, 2 vol. 

uncut . . Edinburgi, 1759 

2120 Foreigners in England, Catalogue of the Portraits of, in 

Manuscript, 2 vol. — Liste de Portraits des Francois, with 
MS. additions . 3 vol. 

2121 Fougasses (Thos. de) Generall Historic of the State of Venice, 

by Shute, wood cuts, 2 vol. in 1 1612 

2122 Foulis (H.) History of the Plots of the Jesuites and Presby- 

terians in Great Britain, calf gilt 1662 

2123 Fowler, Coloured Engravings of the principal Mosaic Pave- 

ments and of Stained Glass in the Kingdom, 19 highly 
finished plates, incomplete, uncut 1804 

2124 Fox (J.) Acts and Monuments of the Church, and 

Life, portrait and plates by Sturt, 3 vol. 


2125 France, Revolution Francaise, 14 plates by Helman, repre- 

senting the most remarkable events in the Revolution 

Paris, 1800 

2126 France, Tableaux Historiques de la Revolution Francaise, 

upwards of 210 portraits and p)lates, very fine impressions, 
3 vol. fine copy, russia extra, gilt leaves Paris, 1802 

2127 France, Vues de plus beaux Bastiments de France, 284 plates 

by Perelle, ^c. calf gilt 

oblong folio. Paris, Chez J. Mariette, n. d. 


21-28 Frankland (T.) Annals of James I. and Charles I, from 1612 
to 1642, calf gilt . 1681 

2129 Fraser (J. B.) Views in the Himala Mountains, 20 heautifully 

coloured plates, in the style of the original drawings 

atlas folio, 1820 

2130 Freire (J. de Anchada) Life of Dom John de Castro, fine por- 

trait 1)1/ Faitliorne . 1664 

2131 Fritach (A.) L'Architecture Militaire, ou la Fortification, 

plates, Elzev. 1635- — Delle Fortificationi di Giov. Scala, 
p)lates, 1590 

2132 Froissart (Sir Jo.) The Chronicles of Englande, 

France, Spayne, Scotland, &c., translated into the 
Englysshe Tongue by J. Bouchier, Lord Berners, 2 vol. 
vol. 1 wants title 
blacit letter, very rare, fine tall and large copy, russia extra, 
gilt leaves, in the antique style R, Pynson, 1523-5 

2133 Froissart (Jehan) Chroniques de France et d'Angleterre, et 

autres lieux voisins revues par Dennis Sauvage, 4 vol. 
in 1 . Lyon, 1559-61 

2134 Frost Fairs, an Account of all the Principal Frosts for 

above One Hundred Years, 1740 — Description of the 
Thames vi'hen Frozen, in verse, woodcut representations, 
Views, portraits, broadsides, Poems, ^'C, many of thetn 
printed on the Thames when Frozen, inlaid and mounted in 
a volume 
a very rare and curious collection, half russia 


2135 Fryer (Dr. Jo.) Nine Years' Travel in East-India and Persia, 

portrait and plates 1698 

2136 Fuller (Tho.)-Historie of the Holy Warre and Holy State 

portrait, 2 vol. in 1 C'amb. 1647-8 

2137 Fuller (T.) Historie of the Holy Warre, frontispiece and map, 

and the Holy and the Profane State, p)ortraits, 2 vol, in 1 


2138 Fuller (T.) Ephemeris Parliamentaria, calf 1654 

2139 Fuller (T.) Church History of Britain to 1648, and the His- 

tory of Waltham Abbey, plates, very good copy, calf 1655 

2140 Fuller (T.) Pisgah-Sight of Palestine, frontispiece and maps 


2141 Fuller (T.) History of the Worthies of England and Wales, 

fine portrait, calf gilt . 1672 

2142 Fumee (M.) History of the Troubles of Hungarie, stained 1600 






2143 Gabbett (Jos.) Digested Abridgment of the Statute Law of 
England and Ireland, 3 vol. 
calf gilt , royal 8vo. Dublin, 1812 

.2144 Gadbury (Jo.) Natura Prodigiorum, or the Nature of Prodigies, 
Portrait, 1660 — History of Infamous Impostors, by De 
Rocoles, calf, 1683 . 2 vol. 

2145 Gaffarel (Jas.) Unheard-of Curiosities, by Ch\\mea.d, plates, 

calf gilt . , 1650 

2146 Gage (Thos.) New Survey of the West Indies, map 1677 

2147 Gaillard, Histoire de Francois Premier Roi de France, 9 vol. 

Paris, 1769 

2148 Gaillard, Observations sur I'Histoire de France, par Velly, 

Villaret et Garnier, 4 vol. calf, marbled leaves ib. 1806 

2149 Gale (Sam.) History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church 

of Winchester, jtj/aife* . 1715 

2150 Galerie de I'Ancienne Cour ou Memoires et Anecdotes, pour 

servir, a I'Histoire des Regnes de Henri IV, et de Louis 
XIII, 8 vol. calf gilt . 1791 

2151 Gallesio (G.) Pomona Italiana, vellum, gilt leaves, Como. 1821, 

and 7 Italian . 8 vol. 

2152 Gallonius de SS. Martyrum Cruciatibus, curious plates, 1668 

— Histoires Prodigieuses de plusieurs Fameux Autheurs, 
3 vol. Paris, 1598, &c. . 6 vol. 

2153 Gait (J.) The Entail, 3 vol. Edinb. 1823— -Last of the Lairds, 

1826— The Provost, 1822— Annals of the Parish, 1821, 
&c. . . 11vol. 

2154 Gait (J.) Ringan Gilhaize, 3 vol. JSdinb. 1823— Gleig, Coun- 

try Curate, 2 vol. 1830 — Grant, Babylon the Great, 2 vol. 
1825 . . 7 vol. 

2155 Gambarini (C.) Description of the Earl of Pembroke's Pictures, 

LARGE PAPER, old blue morocco, gilt leaves 1731 

2156 Garden (J.) History of Henry III, King of France, 

red morocco . Dublin, 1783 

2157 Garrick (D.) Dramatic Works, 3 vol. calf gilt 1798 

2158 Gasconiana, Bon-Mots des Gascons, Amst. 1708, &c. 7 vol. 

2159 Gass (Pat.) Journal of Voyages and Travels from the Missouri 



2160 Gassendius (Pet.) The Vanity of Judiciary Astrology, or Divi- 

nation by the Stars, povtraityjine impression^ 
calf neat . . 1659 

2161 Gay (J.) Fables, with his Life, many plates-, 2 vol. 

fine copi/i calf gilt imp. 8vo. Siockdale, 1793 

2162 Geddes (Mich.) History of the Church of Malabar, 1694— 

Miscellaneous Tracts, and Tracts against Popery, 4 vol. 
1702-15 . 5 vol. 

2163 Gee (Ed.) Divine Right and Original of the Civill Magistrate, 

frontispiece i 1658, &c. . 6 vol. 

2164 Gell (Sir Wm.) Topography of Rome and its Vicinity, plates, 

with the two maps mounted on linen, in a case, 3 vol. 1834 

2165 Gelli (G.) La Circe . Firenze, 1550 

2166 Gems of Sacred Poetry and Literature, 2 vol. n. d, &c. 10 vol. 

2167 General Entertainer, 300 Tales and Fables, 2 vol. 1746— 

Ganganelli (Pope) Letters, 2 vol. 1777 4 vol. 

2168 Genlis (Mme. de) Mile, de la Fayette, 1813— Revolutions de 

Geneve, 2 vol. 1589, &c. . 7 vol. 

2169 Genlis (Comtesse de) Les Parvenus, 3 vol. Paris, 1829 — 

Genlis, Les Battuccas, 2 vol. 1817, &c. 38 vol. 

2170 Gent (T) History of the Loyal Town of Ripon, numerous 

wood engravings, scarce, good copy 1733 

2171 Gent (T.) History of the Town of Kingston-upon-Hull, ivood 

engravings, scarce, good copy . 1735 

2172 Gent (T.) History of the Great Eastern Window of St. Peter's 

Cathedral, York, map, and numerous wood engravings, 
and Gent's Judas Iscariot, a Poem, 2 vol. in 1 

York, 1762-72 

2173 Gentleman's Magazine, The, from the commence- 

ment 1731 to 1826, numerous plates and wood en- 
gravings, 96 vol. in 139 vol. calf and in numbers to 1843, 
not complete, with the General Index to ditto, by Ayscough 
and Nichols, portrait, 5 vol. 1818-21, together 144 vol. 
and 67 numbers . 1731, &c. 

2174 Genoa, History of the Revolutions of, 3 vol. 1751, &c. 6 vol. 

2175 Gersaint, Catalogue and Description of the Etchings of Rem- 

brant van Rhyn, with his Life, portrait, 1752 — Gersaint, 
Catalogue Raisonne du Cabinet de feu M. Quentin de 
rOrangere, ivith prices, in MS. Paris, 1744 — Green's 
Catalogue of the Works of J. Callot, portrait, 1804 3 vol. 

2176 Geschichts-Geschlechts und W^appen Calendar auf 1751, 

numerous plates of Arms, 
russia extra, gilt leaves . Nuremh, 1751 

2177 Gherardi (E.) Theatre Italien, plates, 6 vol. Paris, 1741 

2178 Gibbon (Ed.) On the Roman Empire Reviewed, by Whitaker, 

1791, and Vindication, by Gibbon, Dublin, 1779 2 vol. 

2179 Gibbon (Ed.) Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, 

portrait, 12 vol. . Dublin, 1784 


2180 Gibboni (Job.) Introductio ad Latinam Blasoniam, arms, 

scm'ce, calf gilt . . 1682 

2181 GifFord (Wni.) Baviad and Maeviad, />Za^<?5, 

LARG6 PAPER, Tussia extva . 1797 

2182 Gillies (R. P.) German Stories, 3 vol. 1826— Grant (Mrs.) 

Letters from tbe Mountains, 3 vol. 1809 — Grabam Hamil- 
ton, 2 vol. 1822 . • . 8 vol. 

2183 Gilly (W. S.) Waldensian Researcbes during a Second Visit 

to tbe Vaudois of Piedmont, plates . 1831 

2184 Gilpin (W.) Life of Bisbop Latimer, 1755~Good, Memoirs 

of Alex. Geddes, portrait, 1803 — Memoirs of James 
Grabam, Marquis of Montrose, portrait, Edinh. 1756 

3 vol. 

2185 Gilpin (W.) Forest Scenery? 2 vol. — Picturesque Beauty of 

Cumberland and Westmoreland, 2 vol. — Higblands of 
Scotland, 2 vol. — Observations on tbe River Wye and 
Wales, 7 vol. many plates, calf gilt u7iiform 1786-91 

2186 Gilpin (W.) Remarks on Forest Scenery, 2 vol. — Observations 

on Picturesque Beauty in Cumberland and Westmoreland, 
2 vol. — Observations on tbe Higblands of Scotland, 2 vol. 
— On the River Wye, and Tbree Essays on Picturesque 
Beauty, in 1 vol. numerous plates, 
uniform in vellum, gilt leaves 1791-2. 7 vol. 

2187 Gilpin (W.) Observations on the Western Parts of England, 

plates, calf . . 1798 

2188 Glanvil (Jos.) On Witches and Apparitions, plates, best 

EDITION, 1726 — Hutchinson (Dr. Fr.) On Witchcraft, 
1718 . . 2 vol. 

2189 Gleig (G. R.) Life of Sir Thomas Munro, portrait, 2 vol. 


2190 Glover, Atheniad and Leonidas, Poems, 4 vol. 1770-87 — 

Garth's Dispensary, and 9 Poetical 14 vol. 

2191 Goddard (C.) Bampton Lectures . Oxford, 1824 

2192 Goethe, Wilhelm Meister, 3 vol. Edinh. 1824— Godwin (W.) 

Mandeville, 3 vol. ih, 1817— Glenarvon, 3 vol. 1816 9 vol. 

2193 Goff (Tho.) Tragedies, 1656 — Hughes (Jo.) Poems and Plays, 

portrait, 2 vol. 1 735, &c. . 6 vol. 

2194 Goldoni (C.) Scelta di alcune Commedie, 

Italian vellum,, gilt leaves , Firenze, 1826 

2195 Goldoni (Carlo) Raccolta completa delle Commedie, 10 vol. 

Italian vellmn, gilt leaves . ih. 1827 

2196 Goldsmith (O.) History of tbe Earth and Animated Nature, 

S vol old calf gilt . 1779 

2197 Goldsmith (O.) Miscellaneous Works, and Life, portrait, 

4: xoL calf gilt . . 1801 

2198 Golownin (Capt.) Narrative of my Captivity in Japan, in 

1811-13, 2 vol. . 1818 


2199 Goodall (W.) Examination of the Letters said to be written by 

Mary Queen of Scots to the Earl of Bothwell, portrait, 
2 vol. . . Edinh. 1754 

2200 Goode (A.) Brief Account of the Mechitaristican Society, 

founded on the Island of St. Lazaro, portrait, privately 
printed, Venice, 1825 — Memoirs of Sir J. Hinton, 18 — 

2 vol. 

2201 Goring and Pritchard, Microscopic Illustrations, coloured 

plates, 1830 — Another Copy, coloured plates 1830 

2202 Gorham (G. C.) History and Antiquities of Eynesbury and 

St. Neot's, 
FINE VAv^R^ privately and only 25 copies printed 1820 

2203 Gostling (W.) Walk in and about the City of Canterbury, plan 

and pHtes, calf gilt Canterbury, 1777 

2204 Goube (J. J. C.) Histoire du Duche de Normandie, maps and 

plates, 3 vol. . Roueti, 1815 

2205 Goulart (S.) Tresor d'Histoires Admirables et Memorables 

de nostre temps, 4 vol. in 3 . Cologn. 1610 

2206 Gourlay (Rob.) Statistical Account of Upper Canada, maps, 

2 vol. . . 1822 

2207 Grafton (Ric) Abridgment of the Chronicles of England, 

blacfe letter, calf gilt . Rich. Totyl. 1570 

2208 Granger (J.) and M. Noble, Biographical History of England, 

from Egbert to the end of George I. reign, ititerleaved, 
with many manuscript additions, 7 vol. 
calf gilt . . 1775-1806 

2209 Granger and Noble, another copy, with many manuscript ad- 

ditions, 7 vol. calf gilt, not uniform 17 75-1806 

2210 Grant (Mrs.) Essays on the Superstitions of the Highlanders 

of Scotland, 2 vol. . 1811 

2211 Granville (A. B.) Spas of Germany, map and numerous ivood 

engravings, 1838 — Grey (W.) Travels in Africa, plates, 
1835 2 vol. 

2212 Grattan (T. C.) High -ways and By-ways, three Series, 8 vol. 


2213 Grattan (T. C.) Heiress of Bruges, 4 vol. 1830— Jacqueline 

of Holland, 3 vol. 1831 — Legends of the Rhine, 3 vol. 
1832 . . 10 vol. 

2214 Greaves (Jo.) Miscellaneous Works, plates, 2 vol. 1737 — 

Greaves, Pyramids in Egypt, /?Za^e, 1646 3 vol. 

2215 Grecourt (M. D.) GEuvres Diverses, /?/a^es, 4 vol. 1780, &c. 

17 vol. 

2216 Grenville. — Bibliotheca Grenvilliana ; or Bibliogra- 

phical Notices of Rare and Curious Books, forming part of 
the Library of the Rt. Hon. Tho. Grenville, by J. T, 
Payne and H. Foss, 2 vol. 
large paper, scarce, presentation copy, half morocco, 
uncut . 1842 


2217 Greville, Maxims and Characters, 1756 — Gassendi, Morals, 

1699— Foster on Accent, Eton, 1762, &c. 4 vol. 

2218 Grier (R.) Epitome of Councils of the Church, DubliUf 1828, 

&c. . . 3 vol. 

2219 Griffiths (R.) Essay on the Jurisdiction of the River Thames, 

1746 — Labelye (C.) Description of Westminster Bridge, 
1751 . . 2 vol. 

2220 Grimm et Diderot, Correspondance Litteraire et Philosophique 

depuis 1770 a 1782, 5 vol. calf gilt Paris, 1812 

2221 Grose (Fr.) Antiquities of England and Wales, numerous 

plates, old impressions, 8 vol. . 1786 

2222 Grose (F.) Provincial Glossary, calf gilt 1788 

2223 Grose (J. H.) Voyage to the East Indies, plates, 2 vol. 

Jine old red morocco extra, gilt leaves 1766 

2224 Grosley (M.) Tour to London, by Nugent, 2 vol. calf gilt 1172 

2225 Grotii (H.) Poemata, Z. Bat, 1637— Hertelii (J.) Vetustissi- 

morum et Sapientiss. Comicorum L. sententise, Gr. et Lat. 
Basil, s. a., &c. . . 3 vol. 

2226 Grotius (H.) Annals and History of the Low Countrey Warrs, 

vellum, gilt leaves . 1665 

2227 Grotius (H.) Annals of the Low Countrey Warrs 1665 

2228 Grotii (H.) Poemata, Amst. 1670 — Grotii Epistolae, Elzevir, 

1650 — Grotius de Veritate Religionis, ih, 1674, &c. 8 vol. 

2229 Grotius, Truth of the Christian Religion, 1767 — Government 

of the Tongue, Art of Contentment, and Lively Oracles, in 
1 vol. calf, gilt leaves, 1767-9, &c. . 6 vol. 

2230 Guarini (B.) II Pastor Fido, 3 copies-— Groio (L.) Rime, 

Venet. 1610, &c. . 15 vol. 

2231 Gueuara (Ant. de) Epistolas Familiares, Anvers, 1562 — Gra- 

cian (Lucas) Galateo Espanol, Madrid, 1632 — Huarte 
Examen de Ingenios, Amst. 1662 3 vol. 

2232 Guibert (Att.) Voyage en Allemagne, plates, 2 vol. Paris, 

1803— Gourbillon (J. A. de) Voyage a I'Etna, 2 vol. 
Paris, 1820, &c. . 6 vol. 

2233 Guides, various, some with plates . a parcel 

2234 Guidott (T.) Discourse of Bathe, and Lives of Physicians of 

Bathe, 2 vol. in 1, 1676-7— Peirce (R.) Bath Memoirs, 
map, Bristol, 1697 . 2 vol. 

2235 Guilielmi Neubrigensis de Rebus Anglicis suis temporibus, 

libri V. , . Paris, 1610 

2236 Gumble (T.) Life of General Monck, 1671— Godefroy, Me- 

moirs of Philip de Comines, portraits, 1674 — Life and 
Death of Sir Edm. Godfrey, portrait, 1682— -Godolphin, 
View of the Admiral's Jurisdiction, frontispiece, 1685 — 
Ford, Lord Grey, Secret History of the Rye-House Plot, 
1754 5 vol. 

2237 Gunpowder Treason, and the Manner of its Discovery, plate, 

old red morocco, gilt leaves . 1679 


2238 Guyse. Legend de Domp Claude de Guyse, Abbe de Cluny, 

old red morocco^ gilt leaves . 1581 

2239 Hackett (J.) Select and Remarkable Epitaphs, with Transla- 

tions of those in Latin, 2 vol. calf gilt 1737 

2240 Hale (Sir Matthew) Contemplations, joor^rtttV, 2 vol. 1699 

2241 Halford (Sir Henry) Essays and Orations, and Nugse Metricse, 

in 1 vol. 
presentation copy, with an inscription hy the author.^ green 
morocco extra^ gilt leaves . 1842 

2242 Halifax, and its Gibbet-Law, frontispiece, russia extra, gilt 

leaves . Halifax, 1761 

2242*Halifax, another edition, frontispiece, russia extra, g. I. 1712 

2243 Hall (Capt. B.) Journal on the Coast of Chili, Peru, and 

Mexico, 1820-22, map, 2 vol. Edinb. 1824 

2244 Hall (Basil) Fragments of Voyages and Travels, 3 vol. 1831 

2245 Hall (Jas.) Travels in Scotland, with a Trip to the Orkneys 

and Hebrides, plates, 2 vol. 
calf gilt, marbled leaves . royal 8vo. 1807 

2246 Hall (Bp. Jos.) Resolutions and Decisions, or Practicall Cases 

of Conscience, portrait, 1649 — G. Herbert, The Temple, 
Sacred Poems, 1667, &c. . 6 vol. 

2247 Hallifax (S.) Sermons on the Prophecies, 1776— Holmes (R.) 

Treatises, Oxford, 1806 — Huntingford (Bishop) Thoughts 
and Charges, 1832 . 3 vol. 

2248 Hamilton (Comte) CEuvres, 6 vol. 1762, &c. 13 vol. 

2249 Hamilton (E.) Letters of a Hindoo Rajah, 2 vol. calf gilt 1811 

2250 Hamilton (W.) Poems, Foulis, 1758— The Hive, a Collection 

of Songs, 1724 . 2 vol. 

2251 Hamilton (W.) Poems, portrait, Edinb. 1760 — Hawkins (W.) 

Miscellanies, 1775 — Home, Dramatic Works, 1760 3 vol. 

2252 Hamilton, Memoires de la Vie du Comte de Graramont, with 

manuscript Notes, red morocco, gilt leaves Rotterd. 1716 

2253 Hamilton, The English School, a Series of the most Approved 

Productions in Painting and Sculpture, numerous plates in 
outline, 4 vol. , 1831 

2254 Hammond (H.) Practical Catechism, 1677 — Hare (J.) on 

Scepticism, red morocco, g, I. Oxford, 1801, &c. 6 vol. 

2255 Hampshire. Historical Account of New Forest, frontispiece, 

1751 — Historical Account of Winchester Cathedral, jo/ct^e^, 
Winchester, 1807 . 2 vol. 

2256 Hansard (T. C.) Typographia ; or the Origin and Progress of 

the Art of "Pr'mimg, portraits, plates, and wood engravings 

royal 8vo. 1825 

2257 Harington (Sir Jo.) Nugse Antiquse, a Collection of Original 

Papers in Prose and Verse, with Notes by T. Park, 2 vol. 
calf gilt . . 1804 

2258 Harles (T. C.) Introductio in Historiam Linguae Graecae, et 

Scriptorum Latinorum, 5 vol. russia Altenb. 1792-4 


2259 Harmcr (Thos.) Observations on divers Passages of Scrip- 

ture, 4 vol. . 1797 

2260 Harris (T. M.) Natural History of the Bible 1824 

2261 Harris (W.) Life of Oliver Cromwell 1762 

2262 Harris (W.) Life of Charles the Second, 2 vol. calf gilt 17G6 

2263 Harris (W. C.) The Highlands of Ethiopia, maps and plates , 

vol. 1 and 2 . 1844 

2264 Harrod (W.) Antiquities of Stamford and St. Martins, plates, 

2 vol. . . Stamford, 1785 

2265 Hartford (Countes of) and Countess of Porofret Correspon- 

dence, by Bingley, portrait, 3 vol. 1805 

2266 Hartley (D.) on the Human Mind, by Priestley 1775 

2267 Hassell (J.) Tour of the Isle of Wight, plates, 2 vol. 

vellum, gilt leaves . . 1790 


2268 Gallsei (S.) Sibyllina Oracula, cum Commentariis, 

calf gilt . . Amst. 1689 

2269 Gallery of British Portraits during the Reigns of James L 

Charles I. and the Commonwealth, \2 fine portraits, 1810, 
and 10 Pamphlets on the Arts, &c. a parcel 

2270 Gallery of Fashion, 1794 to 1801, numerous finely coloured 

plates, 8 vol. in 1, green morocco, gilt leaves 1794, &c. 

2271 Gait (John) Voyages and Travels, plates, calf gilt m. I. 1812 

2272 Gambado, Annals of Horsemanship, jo/a^^* 1790 

2273 Gardiner (Ralph) England's Grievance Discovered, in Relation 

to the Coal Trade and the Situation of the Town and Cor- 
poration of Newcastle, many portraits and plates, but 
wants the map of the river Tyne, with some MS. notes 
very scarce, red morocco, gilt leaves 1655 

2274 Gardner (Tho.) Historical Account oi T)\ix\mc\\, plates 1754 

2275 Gardiner (R.) Expedition to the West YndLies, plates, 

calf, gilt leaves . Saskerville, 1 762 

2276 Gariraberto (Hieran) Vite d'alcuni Papi et di tutti i Cardinali 

passati . Venet. 1568 

2277 Garnet, a Jesuite and his Confederate, True Relation of the 

Proceedings against . 1606 

2278 Garnett (Dr. T.) Observations on a Tour through the High- 

lands and the Western Isles of Scotland, map and 52 
plates, 2 vol. calf extra, marhled leaves 1800 

2279 Garzoni (P.) Istoria della Republica di Venezia Venet. 1705 

2280 Gaubii (J.) Epistola Problematica . Amst. 1696 

2281 Gay (J.) Poems, plates, 2 vol. old calf gilt Tonson, 1720 

2282 Gerberti (Mart.) de Cantu et Musica Sacra a prima iEtate, 

usque ad prsesens Tempus, many plates, 2 vol. 

Typis San-Blasianis, 1774 


2283 Gendre (G. C.) des Antiquites de la Maison de France, et des 

Maisons Merovingienne et Carlienne Paris, 1739 

2284 Genebrier, Histoire de I'Empereur Carausius, p/a^^s-, 

calf gilt . Paris, 1740 

2283 Gentil (M. le) Voyage dans les Mers de I'lnde, maps and plates, 

2 vol. . Paris, 1779 

2286 Geological Society, Transactions of the, from the commence- 

ment, numerous plates, many coloured, vol. 1 to 5, in 
9 vol. boards, and New Series, vol. 1 to vol. 3, part 1, with 
Duplicate of vol. 1, part 1, together 9 vol. and 8 parts 


2287 Gerardo, Francia Enganada, 1635 ; Vander Hammen, Don 

Filipe et Prudente, 1632 ; Venturoli, Compendio dell' Aret- 
metica, 1681 ; 3 vol. in 1 — Gomez, Filosofia Moral del 
Grande Aristotele, Lisboa, 1682 — Gomez, El Siglo Pita- 
gonico, Bruselas, 1727 . 3 voL 

2288 Gerardo, Poema Tragico del Amor Lascivo, corregido por 

Gonzalo . Zarugoza, 1697 

2289 Gerning (J. J. Von) Picturesque Tour along the Rhine from 

Mentz to Cologne, map and plates finely coloured 

royal 4to. 1820 

2290 Gianetti (Michel.) Elogy of Captain Cook, Italian and English, 

LARGE PAPER, gilt leaves . Florence, 1785 

2291 Giannone (P.) Histoire Civile du Royaume de Naples, 4 vol. 

a la Haye, 1742 

2292 Gibbon (Edw.) History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman 

Empire, portrait, 6 vol. calf . 1776-88 

2293 Gibbon (E.) Miscellaneous Works, with notes by Lord Shef- 

field, jt)oWra«V, 2 vol. calf gilt 1796 

2294 Gibson (Edm.) Chronicon Saxonicum ex MSS. Codicibus, 

nunc primum ed. Saxon et Lat. map 
russia . . Oxonii, 1692 

2295 Gibson (Matth.) View of the Ancient and Present State of 

the Churches of Door, Home-Lacy, and Hempsted, 
calf gilt . . 1727 

2296 Gilbert (T.) Voyage from New South Wales to Canton, maps 

and plates, calf gilt . 1789 

2297 Gillingwater (Edm.) Historical Account of Lowestoft n. d. 

2298 Gilly (W. S.) Narrative of an Excursion to the Mountains of 

Piedmont, maps and plates . 1824 

2299 Gilpin (Wm.) Observations on the Coasts of Hampshire, 

Sussex, and Kent, plates 

LARGE PAPER, CalfgHt . 1804 

2300 Giovio (Paolo) Historia del suo Tempo, tradotta par L. 

Domenichi, 2 vol. Venet. 1560 — Giovio, Vite di dicenove 
Huomini lUustri, ib. 1561 . 3 vol. 

2301 Giovio (P.) Vite de i Visconti di Milano, trad, da L. Dome- 

nichi, portraits . Milano, 1645 



2302 Giustiniano (P.) Historia Vcnetiana, Venet.\G7\ — Guicciar- 

dini, Historia d'ltalia, ib, 1592 2 vol. 

2303 Giustiniano (Bern.) Historie di Tutti gV Ordini Equestri, e 

HeWgiom CsiV aWevesche, portrait and armSf Venet. 1672 — 
Gratiano (A. M.) de Casibus Virorum lUustrium et de 
Bello Cyprio, 2 vol. Roma, 1624 and Paris, 1680, vellum 

3 vol. 

2304 Gladwin (F.) Persian Moonshee, calf, russia hack 1801 

2305 Gloucester, Collection of Coats of Arms borne by the Nobility 

and Gentry of the County o^, plates, calf gilt 1792 

2306 Godfrey (Sir Edraondberry). A True Narrative of the late 

Terrible and Bloody Murther of Sir E. Godfrey, 1678— 
A True Narrative of the Horrid, Hellish, Popish Plot, 
12 curious plates hy FaitJiorne, with Verses, a folio 
broadside, cut and mounted, very scarce — Lloyd (Dr. 
Wm.) Funeral Sermon on Sir E. Godfrey, 1678, in 1 vol, 
half hound calf . 1678 

2307 Godwin (Wm.) Lives of Geoff. Chaucer, and John of Gaunt, 

Duke of Lancaster, portrait, 2 vol. calf gilt 1803 

2308 Godwin (T.) Roman Antiquities . 1685 

2309 Godwin (T.) Moses and Aaron, and Attick Antiquities, 1686, 

&c. . . 3 vol. 

2310 Godwyn (Fr.) Catalogue of the Bishops of England 

}^\RtkUXXtx, good copy . 1601 

2311 Goguet, de 1' Origine des Lois, des Arts et des Sciences, 

plates, 3 vol. . Paris, 1758 

2312 Goldsuiith and Parnell, Poems, wood engravings by T. Bewick 

LARGE PAPER, Calf gilt . W. Bulmer, 1795 

2313 Gore (Tho.) Catalogus Authorum qui de Re Heraldica scrip- 

serunt, russia, gilt leaves O.ron, 1674 

2314 Gough (R.) British Topography, or Historical Account of 

Topographical Antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland, 
facsimiles of old maps, ^c, 2 vol. 1780 

2315 Gough (R.) History and Antiquities of Pleshy in Essex, 

plates, russia . . 1803 

2316 Gozliski (L. G.) Accomplished Senator, by Oldisworth 1733 

2317 Grant (C.) on finding the Longitude at Sea, portrait, 1808, 

&c. . . 6 vol. 

2318 Gracian (Lorenzo) Obras, 2 vol. Amheres, 1669 

2319 Gracian (L.) Obras, 2 vol. . Barcelona, 1700 

2320 Graham (Maria) Journal of a Residence in India, frontispiece 

coloured, and plates, calf gilt 1812 

2321 Graham (M.) Residence in India, plates, Edinb. 1812 — Jour- 

nal of a Residence in Chili, plates, half calf, gilt leaves, 
1824 — Voyage to ^v^izW, plates, 1824 3 vol. 

2322 Grant (Baron) History of the Mauritius, map, calf gilt 1801 

2323 Grant (Jas.) Voyage to New South Wales, map and plates, 

the Natural History coloured, calf gilt 1803 


2324 Granger (J.) Biographical History of England, 

from Egbert to the Revolution, ^V*^ edition^ with the Sup- 
plement, printed on one side only^ 
illustrated with upwards of 230 of Richardson s copies 
of rare portraits, 6 vol. russia extra, gilt leaves 1769 

2325 Granville (Geo.) Lord Lansdowne, Genuine Works, in Prose 

and Verse, russia extra, gilt leaves 1732 

2326 Graves (Jo.) History of Cleveland, with Genealogies of the 

Principal Families, map and plates, calf, m. I. 1808 

2327 Gray ("W ) Poems, with Life by Mason, portrait 

calf gilt . . 1775 

2328 Grecian Story; being an Historical Poem by J. H., frontis- 

piece, calf . . 1684 

2329 Green (V.) Twelve Original Drawings formed on the History 

of the Queens of England, executed by J. G. Huck, with 
an Historical Account, English and French, plates of 
portraits, calf gilt . 1792 

2330 Green (V.) History and Antiquities of the City and Suburbs 

of Worcester, portrait and plates, 2 vol, calf gilt 1796 

2331 Greenwich, Historical Account of the Royal Hospital, plates 


2332 Gregory (Dr. G.) Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, portraity 

fine proof inserted, and many plates, 2 vol. 
russia, marhled leaves . 1806 

2333 Gregory (J.) Works, 1671— Goodman (J.) Penitent Par- 

doned, plates, 1683 . 2 vol. 

2334 Grenville, Verses by the University of Oxford on the Death 

of Sir B. Grenville, or Granvill, slain at Lansdowne Hill, 
July 1643, fne po7't7'ait inserted, russia extra 1684 

2335 Grenville (Lord) Nugae Metricse 


2336 Grace (Sheffield) Antique Gems, etched by Worlidge, 

portraits and 105 plates 
large paper, privately, and only four copies, 
printed . elephant 4to. 1823 

2337 Grey (Tho. De) Compleat Horseman and Expert Farrier 

calf gilt . . 1656 


2338 Gage (Tho.) New Survey of the West Indies, map 1655 

2339 Gaguin (Rob.) La Mer des Chronicques et Miroir Hystorial 

de France, jadis compose en Latin, par Rob. Gaguin, trad, 
en Francoise par J. Desrey, 2 vol. 
gotj^ic UiUx, FIRST is-DiTiON, Igood copy, old calf gilt 

Paris, 1517-18 

2340 Guguin. Une autre edition 

gotj^tc UXin, good copy . ib, 1536 


2341 Gale et Fell, Scriptores Rerum Anglicanarum 

Veterum, with MS. notes in the autographs of Dr, 

White Kennetf, and Thomas Martin, of Thetford, 3 vol. 

very scarce, fine copy, russia extra Oxonii, 1684 

*^* " This book had formerly belonged to Dr. White Kennett, 
D. of Peterborough, and Author (inter alia) of that valu- 
able work, ' The Parochial Antiquities.' These notes 
were written by T. Martyn, the Antiquarian, at whose 
death I purchased this and several other of his books, at 
Norwich, in the year 1769. Nugent Buckingham. 

The notes of each of these two celebrated Antiquaries 
are sufficiently indicated by the difference in the hand 

2342 Galerie. Recueil d'Estampes concernant les Baitiments, 

les Tapisseries, Tableaux, Batailles, Conquetes, Festes, 
Grottes, Fontaines de Versailles, Statues des Palais, 
Chateaux, et autres Sujets qu' on trouve dans les Maisons 
Royales de France, &c. ; portrait, and upwards of 
900 very fine plates fsome lay^ge folding J after Vander 
Meulen, Genoels, Mansarts, ^c. hy Audran, Bauduin, 
Beaulieii, Boissiere, Bonnart, Chauveaut Cochin, 
Huctenburgh, Picart, Potre, Scotin, Simmonveau, Sil- 
vestre, Vander Meulen, Sfc, mostly very fine impressions, 
with a few additional inserted, 22 vol. in 21 
old French calf gilt leaves Paris, 1679, &c. 

2343 Galerie. Recueil d'Estampes d'apres les Tableaux des Peintres 

les plus celebres d'ltalie, des Pays-Bas et de France, qui 
sont a Aix, dans le Cabinet de Boyer d'Aguilles, portrait, 
and 117 engravings, hy Coelemans, fine impressions 
old calf Paris, 1744 

2344 Galerie des Peintres Flamands, Hollandais et Allemands, 

upwards of '2.^^ plates, fine impressions, 3 vol. in 2 
russia extra . Paris, 1792-96 

2345 Gallery (British) of Engravings, from Pictures of the 

Italian, Dutch, Flemish and English Schools, from the old 
Masters, by E. Forster, b^ plates, original and bril- 
liant PROOFS, principally on india paper, before any 
large PAPER, half bound red morocco extra 

imperial folio. 1807 

2346 Gallery (British) of Pictures, selected from the most 

admired Productions of the old Masters in Great Britain, 
by Tresham, Ottley and Torakins, 25 plates, very fine 


half red morocco extra imperial folio. 1818 


2347 Gallesio (G.) Pomona Italiana ossia Trattato degli Alberi 

Fruttiferi, about 150 finely coloured plates.^ No. 1 to 41 

Pisa, 1817-24 

2348 Galliazzo (Count) History of the late Wars in Christendom 


2349 Gambado (Geoff.) Academy for Grown Horsemen, jofo^e* 1787 

2350 Garcia (G.) Origen de los Indios de el Nuevo Mundo e Indias 

Occidentales, calf neat Madrid, 1729 

2351 Garibay (Est. de) Compendio Historial de las Chronicas y His- 

torial de todos los Reynos de Espana, 4 vol. Anveres, 1571 

2352 Gau (E. C.) Antiquites de la Nubie, many plates, in 13 Nos. 

Stuttgard, 1822 

2353 Gayton (E.) Notes on Don Quixote, wants title, calf gilt 1654 

2354 Gemini (T.) Compendious Anatomie, plates 

lilacit letter, wants title 1559 

2355 George IV. Coronation of King George the Fourth, 

by Whittaker, with 40 magnificent paintings of the Pro- 
cession, Ceremonial, Banquet, S^c. most exquisitely finished 
in colours, heightened with gold and silver from drawings 
by Chalon and others, No. 1 to 13, being all published 
before Whittaker s Death atlas folio. 7i. d. 

2356 Gerarde (Jo.) Herball, or Generall Historie of Plantes,yron- 

tispiece containing portrait, and numerous wood engra- 
vings, coloured ' . 1633 

2357 Gesneri (J. M.) Novus Linguae et Eruditionis Romanae The- 

saurus, jtjor^rm^, 4 vol. in 2, russia Lipsice, 1749 

2358 Gheyn (Jacob de) Exercise of Armes for Calivres, Muskets 

and Pikes, \\1 plates, fine impressions Hage, 1607 

2359 Giannone (Pietro) Civil History of the Kingdom of Naples, 

by Ogilvie, 2 vo\. fine copy, bright old calf gilt 1729 

2360 Gibbs (Jas.) Bibliotheca Radcliviana, or Description of the 

Radcliffe Library at 0\iordi, portrait and plates 
calf gilt . 1747 

2361 Gibbs (J.) Bibliotheca Radcliviana, ^2^ plates 1747 

2362 Girard, Histoire de la Vie du Due d'Espernon, portrait 

Paris, 1655 

2363 Godwin (F.) Annales of England, containing the Reigns of 

Henry VIII, Edward VI, and Mary, calf gilt 1630 

2364 Godwini (Episcopi Fr.) de Praesulibus Angliae Commentarius, 

cura G. Richardson, portrait, calf gilt Cantab. 1743 

2365 Golden Legend, a Fragment of the, by Wm. Caxton, it 

begins page 44 and ends page 98, not consecutive, woodcuts 
blacfe UXXzx, rare, olive morocco extra, joints, and gilt leaves 
Emprinted by ms, William Caxton, 1483 
*^* A very fine Fragment ; the colophon is added with a pen. 

2366 Gollii (Jac.) Lexicon Arabico-Latinura, good sound copy 

old calf Elzevir i 1653 


2367 Goltzii (H.) Icones, Vitae et Elogia Imperatorum Romanorum, 

numerous portraits Antv, 1645 

2368 Gomberville, La Doctrine des Moeurs tiree de la Philosophie 

des Stoiques, platesy morocco 1646 

2369 Gondi. Histoire et Preuves Genealogiques de la Maison dff^ 

Gondi, many fine portraits and plates^ old calf gilt 16 — 

2370 Goodwin (T.) History of the Reign of Henry V, portrait 1704 

2371 Gordon (Alex.) Lives of Pope Alexander VI, and his son 

Caesar ^oYgiz, portraits, old calf gilt 1729 

2372 GouGH (Ric.) Sepulchral Monuments in Great 

Britain, numerous fine plates^ 3 vol. in 5 
RARE, fine copy, russia extra 1786-96- 

*^^- This copy is remarkably free from stains, which is very 
rarely the case. Many copies of this very valuable and 
important work were destroyed by fire in the printer's 
warehouse, more particularly the third vol., and therefore 
complete copies are of rare occurrence. 

2373 Gough, Sepulchral Monuments of Great Britain, arranged 

alphabetically in the order of Comities, WO plates imper- 
fect, half hound, uncut . 1786 

2374 Gower (Jo.) De Confessione Amantis 

lilacfe letter, RARE, third edition, very good copy, green 
morocco, gilt leaves J. Berthelet, 1 554 

2375 Gr^vii et Gronovii Thesaurus Antiquitatum Roma- 

NARUM, GRyi!;cARUM ET Italicarum: viz. Graevii The- 
saurus Antiq. Rom. 12; Gronovii Theasurus Antiq. 
Grsec. 13 ; Sallengeri Novus Thesaurus Antiq. Rom,, 3, 
not uniform ; et Graevii Thesaurus Antiquitat. et Hist. 
Italiae, 3 vol. in 6, portraits, maps and numerous plates, 
34 vol., et Catalogus Librorum in Thesauro Romano, 
Graeco et Italico, 8vo. 1725 
french calf, gilt leaves L. Bat., ^c. 1694-1700" 

2376 Granville (Dr. Denis) The Resigned and Resolved Christian 

and Faithful and Undaunted Royalist, with certaine Letters, 
portrait inserted 
large PAPER, very scarce, russia extra, g. I. Rouen, 1689 

2377 Gray (T.) Poems, portrait, with plates from Bentleys 

designs, printed on one side only c7'imson morocco, g.l. 1789 

2378 Greenwood (N.) Astronomy 1689 

2379 Grew (Neh.) Catalogue and Description of the Rarities pre- 

served at Gresham College, portrait and plates 1694 

2380 Grew (N.) Cosmologia Sacrdi, portrait 1701 

2381 Grey (W.) Chorographia ; or a Survey of Newcastle upon 

Tyne in 1649 . Newcastle, 1813 

2382 Grimeston (Ed.) Generall Historic of the Netherlands, nume- 

rous portraits, calf gilt 1 609 

2383 Grose (F.) Account of Pythagoras School in Cambridge, 

many plates, calf ejctr ay marbled leaves n, d. 


2384 Grotii (Hug.) Annales et Historia de Rebus Belgicis, portrait 

Amst. 1657 

2385 Grotius (H.) Rights of War and Peace, by Evats 1682 
2385*Grotius (H.) Another copy 1682 

2386 Guattani (G. A.) Psesaggi in Tavola Giudicati di Claudio 

Gelee, 10 plates Roma, 1826 

2387 Guercino, Raccolta di alcuni Disegni, \ 2 plates ^ proofs before 

any letters, hy Bartolozzi, ^c. Roma, 1764 

2388 Guercino, Raccolta di alcuni Disegni del Barberi da Cento 

detto II Guercino, 21 plates, calf gilt Roma, 1764 

2389 Guercino (Gio. Fr. Barbieri detto il) Works, 82 plates hy 

Bartolozzi, 8^c. . 1764, &c. 

2390 Guicciardini (Fr.) Historia d' Italia (title page damaged J 

Fiorenza, 1561 ; Descrittione di tutti i Paesi Bassi, maps 
and plates, A^ivers, 1581 2 vol. 

2391 Guichemon (Sam.) Histoire Genealogique de la Maison de 

Savoye, portraits and plates, 1 vol. Lyon. 1660 

2392 GuiLLiM (J.) Display of Heraldry, portraits and plates, 

ivith many MS. additions in the Catalogue of BaronetSj 
two leaves unfortunately on small paper, inlaid 

LARGE PAPER, BEST EDITION, old TUSsia, m. I. 1724 

2393 Gunton (Simon) History of the Church of Peterburgh, by 

Dr. Symon Patrick, jo^a^^^ by D. King, russia extra 1686 

2394 Guthrie (W.) History of England to 1688, with Ralph's 

continuation to George the First, 5 vol. 
old calf gilt, fine copy 1744 

2395 Habington (W.) Historie of Edward the Fourth 1640 

2396 Hacket (Bp. Jo.) Memorial of Abp. Jo. Williams' Life, in 

relation both to Church and ^idXe, portrait, calf 1693 

2397 Hakluyt (Rig.) The Principal Navigations, Voiages, 

Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation, wanting 
the Voiage to Cadiz, 3 vol. 
i&lacit letter, best edition, russia extra 1598-1600 

2398 Hale (Sir Matth.) Primitive Origination of yio^nWudi, portrait 


2399 Hale (Sir M.) Anoihev co^y, portrait 1677 

2400 Hale (T.) Complete Body of Husbandry, plates 175G 

2401 Hall (Edw.) Chronicle. The Union of the Two noble 

and iliustre Famelies of Lancastre and Yorke, &c. 
black letter, reprinted title, otherwise a fine copy, russia 
extra . Grafton, 1550 

2402 Hamilton (Gavin i) Scholia ItaHca Picturae, 40 plates, very 

fine imp7'essions, calf gilt Romce, 1773 

' ' 136 




2403 Hassell (J.) Tour of the Isle of Wight, plates. 2 vol. 1790 

2404 Hassell (J.) Picturesque Guide to Bath, plates, calf 1793 

2405 Hatfield (Jas.) Engravings hy R. Cruikshank, 1841 — Jour- 

nal of an Exile, 2 vol. 1825 5 vol. 

2406 Hauy (I'Abbe) Traite de Mineralogie, tvith Ato volume of 

120 plates, 5 vol, calf, gilt leaves Paris, 1822 

2407 Hauy (I'Abbe) Traite de Christallographie, with a Ato volume 

of 84 plates, 3 vol. . ib. 1822 

2408 Hawkesworth, Adventurer, /5'ow^?>/?«Vce, 4 vol. calf gilt 1793 

2409 Hawkins (L. M.) Heralinej 4 vol. 1821— Hyde Nugent, 3 vol. 

1827 . 7 vol. 

2410 Hawkins (Tho.) The Origin of the English Drama, 3 vol. 

old calf gilt . Oxford, 1773 

2411 Hawkins (T.). Another copy Oxford, 177 S 

2412 Hayne (Thos.) Gramatices Latinae, Charles IFs copy when 

Prince of Wales, with inscription in the Author s auto- 
graph to the Prince — it ivas afterwards used by the Duke 
of York ; old red morocco, gilt leaves 1640 

2413 Hayward (Sir Jo.) Life and Raigne of Edward W. portrait — 

Hayward and Cotton, Lives of Henry III. and IV, 2 vol. 
russia . 1636-42 

2414 Head (F. B.) Journies across the Pampas 1826 

2415 Head (Sir Fr. B.) Narrative 1839 

2416 Headley (H.) Beauties of Ancient English Poetry, 2 vol. 1787 




2417 Livii Historia, cura Tho. Hearnii, 6 vol. old calf Oxon. 1708 

2418 Spelman (Sir J.) Life of Alfred the Great, by T. Hearne 

portrait • Oxford, 1709 

2419 Dodwelli (Hen.) de Parma Equestri Woodwardiana Disser- 

tatio. Accedit T. Neli Dialogus, plates, cura T. Hearnii 

Oxonii, 1713 

2420 Dodwelli (H.) de Parma, &c. plates, 1713, et Jo. Rossi, An- 

tiquarii Warwicensis Historia Regum Anglise, cura T. 
Besivnu, plates, 2 vol. in 1, 1717 «J. 1713-17 


Works of Thomas Hearne (continued). 

2421 Acta Apostolorum, Graeco-Latina, Litteris Majusculise Codice 

Laudiano, cura T. Hearuii 
B.ATi¥.,Jine copy,, calf royal 8vo. Oxonii^ 1715 

*^* Only 120 copies printed. . 

2422 Livii (Titi) Foro-Juliensis Vita Henrici Quinti Regis Angliae, 

cura T. Hearnii 
scarce, only 100 copies printed ib, 1716 

2423 Roperi (G.) Vita D. Tho. Mori accedit Mori Epistola, etc. 

cura T. Hearnii, portrait 
RARE, 07ihi 100 copies printed ib. 1716 

2424 Camdeni (G.) Annales Rerum Anglicarum et Hibernicarura 

Regnante Elizabetha, cura T. Hearnii, portraits, 3 vol. 
slightly ivoi^med . ib. \7\7 

2425 Sprotti (Tho.) Chronica, cura T. Hearnii, plate ib. 1719 

2426 Guilielmi Neubrigensis Historia, sive Chronica Rerum Angli- 

carum, lib. V. cura T. Hearnii, jo/a^e^, 3 vol. in 2 ib. 1719 

2427 Textus RofFensis, cura T. Hearnii, jo/a^e* ib. 1720 

2428 Roberti de Avesbury, Historia de rairabilibus Gestis Edward 

III, cura T. Hearnii, />/«;e ib. 1720 

2429 A Collection of Curious Discourses, written by eminent Anti- 

quaries, by T. Hearne, /?/a^^ Oxford, 1720 

2430 Joannis de Fordum, Scotichronicon Genuinum, cum Supple- 

mento ac Continuatione, cura T. Hearnii, plates, 5 vol. 

Oxonii, 1722 

2431 History and Antiquities of Glastonbury, by T. Hearne, por- 

irait and plates 
very scarce, only 150 copies printed Oxford, 1722 

2432 History and Antiquities of Glastonbury, by T. Hearne, par- 

trait and plates 
LARGE PAPER, RARE, old russia extra ib. 1722 

2433 Hemingi Chartularium Ecclesiae Wigorniensis, cura T. Hearnii, 

plates, 2 vol. very scarce ib. 1723 

2434 Robert of Gloucester, Chronicle with glossary, by T. Hearne, 

2 vol. very scarce . ib. 1723 

2435 Ductor Historicus, or a Short System of Universal History, 

by T. Hearne, 2 vol. ib. 1724 

2436 Peter Langtoft, Chronicle with glossary, by T. Hearne, 2 vol. 

very scarce . ib. 1725 

2437 Johannis Confratris et Monachi Glastoniensis Chronica, sive 

Historia de Rebus Glastoniensibus, cura T. Hearnii, 2 vol. 
very scarce . ib. 1726 

2438 Adarai de Domerhara, Historia de Rebus Gestis Glastoniensibus, 

cura T. Hearnii, plates, 2 vol. 
scarce, only 150 copies printed Oxonii, 1727 

2439 Thomse de Elmham, Vita et Gesta Henrici Quinti, Anglorum 

Regis, cura T. Hearnii, very scarce ib, 1727 



Works of Thomas Hearne (Continued). 

2440 Liber Niger Scaccarii, cura T. Hearnii, 2 vol. Oxonii, 1728 

2441 Joannis de Trokelowe, Annales Edward II, Henrici de Blande- 

ford, Chronica et Edward II. Vila, cura T. Hearnii 
scarce . ih. 1729 

2442 Historia Vitse et Regni Richardi II. AnglisB Regis, a Monacho 

quodam de Evesham consignata, cura T. Hearnii 
scarce^ only 130 copies printed lb. 1729 

2443 Caii (Tho.) Vindiciae Antiquitatis AcademiaB Oxoniensis contra 

Jo. Caium Cantabridgiensem, cura T. Hearnii, 2 vol. 
scarce^ only 150 copies printed ib. 1731 

2444 Walteri Hemingford, Historia de Rebus Gestis Edwardi I, 

Edwardi II, et Edwardi III, cura T. Hearnii, 2 vol. 
scarce, only 150 copies printed ib. 1541 

2445 Duo Rerum Anglicarum Scriptores Veteres, viz. Tho. Otter- 

bourne et Jo. Whethamstede, ab Origine Gentis Britannicae 
usque ad Edwardum IV, cura T. Hearnii, 2 vol. 
very scarce, only 150 copies printed ib. 1732 

2446 Chronicon sive Annales Prioratus de Dunstaple, una cum ex- 

cerptis e Chartulario ejusdem Prioratus, accedit Appendix, 
cura T. Hearnii, 2 vol. 
very scarce . ib. 1733 

2447 Benedictus, Abbas Petroburgensis, de Vita et Gestis Henrici II, 

et Ricardi II, cura T. Hearnii, 2 vol. very scarce ib. 1735 

2448 Impartial Memorials of the Life and Writings of T. Hearne, 

M.A,, by several hsuads, portrait and one inserted 1736 

2449 Leland(Jo.) The Itinerary and New- Year's Gift, by T. Hearne, 

9 vol. russia extra Oxford, 1768 

2450 Lelandi (Jo.) De Rebus Britannicis Collectanea, cura T. 

Hearne, 6 vol. russia extra Oxonii, 1774 

2451 Liber Niger Scaccarii, nee non Wilehlmi W^orcestrii Annales 

Rerum Anglicarum, cura T. Hearnii, 2 vol. 
THICK PAPER, calf gilt , 171 A 

2452 Collection of Curious Discourses, written by eminent Anti- 

quaries, by T. HeSiYViQ, plate, 2 vol. calf gilt 1775 

2453 Heath, Brief Chronicle of the late Intestine War 

IN THE Three Kingdoms of England, Scotland 
AND Ireland, with all the ^^ scarce portraits, by Hollar, 
Stent, ^c. 4 parts complete in 2 vol. rare, calf neat 1664 

2454 Heath (C.) Historical Account of Monmouth, 1804 — Lodge 

(J.) History of the County of Hereford, 1793 
calf gilt . 2 vol, 

2455 Heath (R.) Natural and Historical Account of the Scilly 

Islands, 1750 — Tucker (B.) Report concerning the Islands 
of Scilly, 1810 . 2 vol. 


2456 Heath (C.) Picturesque Annual for 1832 to 1839, numerous 

fine plates, India proofs, 8 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, 7 vol. Ted, and 1 vol, green morocco, gilt 
leaves . royal 8vo, 1832-9 

2457 Heath (C.) Book of Beauty, edited by the Countess of Bles- 

sington, 1841 to 1845, numerous Jine portraits, 5 \o\. gilt 
leaves royal 8vo, 1841- 5 

2458 Heath (C) Book of Beauty, 1847, many fine plates 1847 

2459 Heber (Bp.) Bampton Lectures, Oxford, 1816, &c. 7 vol. 

2460 Heber (Bp.) Journal in India, wood engravings, 3 vol. 1828 

2461 Heineken (le Baron) Idee Generale d'une Collection complette 

d'Estampes, many plates, scarce Leips. 1771 

2462 Heineken (le Baron) Dictionnaire des Artistes, dont nous 

avons des Estampes, A. to D. 4 vol. all published, 
half red morocco . Leipsig, 1778-90 

2463 Heliodori ^thiopicorum, lib. x. cum notis Commellini, Lugd, 

1611 — Justiniani Institutiones, Lugd. 1557, &c. 5 vol. 

2464 Helvetius (M.) Treatise on Man, by Hooper, 2 vol, 

LARGE PAPER, Calf CJllt . 1777 

2465 Henderson (And.) Life of John Earl of Stair, 1749— Life of 

Nath. Heywood, 1695 — Hobbs (Tho.) Letter about Liberty 
and Necessity, 1677 — Reigns of Edward and Richard II. 
by Sir Rob. Howard, 1690, &c. 6 vol. 

2466 Hendley (Mr.) Trial and Conviction of, for Preaching a 

Charity Sermon at Chisselhurst, with the Sermon, frontis- 
piece, calf gilt . 1719 

2467 Hennepin (L.) New Discovery, and Voyages in America, 

plates, 1698 — Hacke (W.) Collection of Voyages, maps, 
1699 . . 2 vol. 

2468 Henniker (Jo.) Letter on Norman Antiquities, plates, 

LARGE PAPER, presentation copy, with the authors auto- 
graph inscription . . 1788 

2469 Henningsen (C. F.) The most Striking Events of a Twelve- 

months' Campaign with Zumalacarregui,/?oWra«7, 2 voL 1826 

2470 Henry (R.) History of Great Britain, portrait, 12 vol. and 

Andrews' Continuation, 2 vol. together 14 vol. 
calf gilt . 1796-1800 

2471 Henry the Great, Memoirs of, and of the Court of France, 

po7^trait, 2 vol. . 1824 

2472 Hentzner (Paul) Travels in England, in the Reign of Queen 

Elizabeth, many portraits and plates, 
red morccco, gilt leaves . 1797 

2473 Heptateuchus, Liber Jobi et Evangeliura Nicodemi, Anglo- 

Saxonice, Historiae Judeth, Fragmentum Dano-Saxonice 
cura E. TYiwaites, frontispiece, good copy 

royal 8vo. Oxonii, 1698 

2474 Heraclitus Ridens, or a Discourse between Jest and Earnest, 

2 vol. . . 1713 


2475 Heraldry, Synopsis o^^ plates of arms and crests, russia 1682 

2476 Herbert (George) The Temple, 1674 — High Treason, Statutes 

on, 1709, old blue morocco . 2 vol. 

2477 Herbert (Sir Tho.) Memoirs of the Two Last Years of 

Charles I, the Princely Pelican, &c. 1702 

2478 Hereford. History and Antiquities of the City and Cathedral 

Church of Hereford . 1717 

2479 Herodiani Historia, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis, 

LARGE PAPER . OxonU, 1699 

2480 Herodotus, Gr. et Lat. ex editionibus Wesselingii et Reizii, 

7 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, red morocco, gilt leaves JEdinh. 1806 

2481 Herodoti Historia ex editione Gronovii, 9 vol. in 5 Foulis, 1761 

2482 Herodotus, History, translated by Littlebury, 2 vol 1720 

2483 Herodotus, History, literally translated with Notes, 2 vol. 

Oxford, 1824 

2484 Herrera (Ant. de) General History of America and the West 

Indies, by Capt. Jo. Stevens, joor^raiV and plates, 6 vol. 
old calf neat . . 1725 

2485 Hertslet (Lewis) British and Foreign State Papers, 

from 1814 to 1833, 19 vol. calf extra, m. I. 1825-39 

2486 Hertslet (Lewis) Complete Collection of Commercial Treaties 

and Conventions, and Reciprocal Regulations subsisting 
between Great Britain and Foreign Powers, 5 vol. 
calf gilt, marbled leaves . 1840 

2487 Hervey (Ch.) Letters from Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ger- 

many, 3 vol. calf gilt, marbled leaves 1785 

2488 Hervey (Lady) Letters, 1821 — Hardcastle on the Affairs of 

the Bank of England, 1826 — Hannay on the Representa- 
tion of England, 1831, &c. . 10 vol. 

2489 Heuresa l'usaige de Nevers, Jine wood engravings, with 

curious borders, 
printed upon vellum, fine copy, old red morocco, richly 
tooled and gilt leaves . Paris, 1515 

2490 Heydon (Jo.) The Discovery of the Wonderful! Preservation 

of Gen. Sir Tho. Fairfax, scarce, calf gilt 1647 

2491 Heylin (Peter) Examen Historicum, or a Discovery and 

Examination of the Mistakes, Falsities, &c. in some 
Modern Histories, 2 parts . 1659 

2492 Hickes (Dr. Geo.) Instructions for the Education of a 

Daughter, old red morocco, gilt leaves 1708 

2493 High German Doctor, The, 2 vol. 1720, &c. 8 vol. 

2494 Hill (Aaron) Works, 4 vol. . 1753 

2495 Hill (A.) Dramatic Works, 2 vol. 

LARGE paper, old red morocco, gilt leaves 1760 

2496 Hill (Brian) Journey Through Sicily and Calabria, map 1792 

2497 Hippocratis Aphorismi cum Commentariis Fuchsii, Venet. 

1546, &c. . . 3 vol. 


2498 Histoire de la Guerre de la Vendee et des Chouans, 3 vol. 

Paris, 1809 — Histoire de I'Expedition de Russie, 2 vol. et 
Atlas, ib, 1823 — Histoire de la Guerre Civile en France, 
3 vol. ib. 1803 . . 9 vol. 

2499 Historia Augusta, 6 vol. in 7 Genev<s, 1593-1609 

2500 Hive (The) A Collection of Songs, 3 vol. 1724, &c. 6 vol. 
2501|Hive (The) A Collection of the most Celebrated Songs, 3 vol. 


2502 Hobbes (Thos.) Wonders of the Peak in Derbyshire, Latin 
: and English, russia, gilt leaves , 1678 

2503 Hobbes (T.) Translation of the Iliad and Odysses of Homer, 

2 vol. in 1, 1686--Horace, by Creech, 1715 2 vol. 

2504 Hobhouse (Jo.) Historical Illustrations of Childe Harold, 

vellum, gilt leaves . . 1818 

2505 Hodges (N.) Historical Account of the Plague in London, 

with Remarks by Dr. Quincy, calf neat 1720 

2506 Hogarth (W.) Biographical Anecdotes of, frontispiece ^ 

calf gilt . . 1785 

2507 Hogarth, Illustrated by John Ireland, portrait and many 

plates, 3 vol. calf . royal 8vo. 1791-97 

2508 Hogarth, Graphic Illustrations of, from Pictures, Drawings, &c. 

by S. Ireland, many plates, russia royal 8vo. 1794 

2509 Hook (T.) Sayings and Doings, a series of Sketches from 

Life, three series, 9 vol. . 1824-8 

2510 Hooker (W.J.) Tour in Icelandi, frontispiece and maps, 2 vol. 


2511 Hooper (W.) Rational Recreations in Natural Philosophy, 

plates, 4 vol. . . 1787 

2512 Holbein (Hans) Simolachri e Figure de la Morte, numerous 

wood engravings, with a set of plates by W. Hollar, 
fine impressions 
blue morocco, gilt leaves . Lyone, 1549 

2513 Holbein (H.) Simolachri, &c. numerous wood engravings, 

old red morocco, gilt leaves . ib. 1549 

2514 Holies (Denzil Lord) Memoirs, portrait, 1699 — Memoirs of 

John Lord Haversham, 1711 — Biographical Anecdotes of 
W. Hogarth, portrait, 1781 . 3 vol. 

2515 Holmes (Sam.) Journal on Lord Macartney's Embassy to 

China . . 1798 


2516 Grieve (Dr. Jas.) History of Kamtschatka and the Kurilski 

Islands, m.aps and plates, calf gilt 1764 

2517 Grimston (Lady Charlotte) History of Gorhambury, portraits 

and plates, 



2518 Grobert (J.) Description des Pyramides de Ghize, plates and 

charts . . Paris, 1801 

2519 Gronovii (J. F.) Pecunia Vetus L. Bat. 1691 

2520 Grose (F.) Supplement to the Antiquities of England and 

Wales, many plates, 2 vol. (imperfect) 1777 

2521 Grose (F.) Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons, 

SO plates, fine impressions, calf gilt 1786 

2522 Grose (F.) Military Antiquities, or a History of the English 

Army, from the Conquest, numerous plates, fine impres- 
sions, 2 vol. . 1786-88 

2523 Grotius (H.) Le Droit de la Guerre et de la Paix, par J. Bar- 

h^'^xd.Q,, portraits, 2 vol. . Amst. 1724 

2524 Guarani (B.) II Pastor Fido, /)k#e* . 1718 

2525 Guarani (B.) II Pastor Fido, da RoW'i, fine plates, 

LARGE PAPER, calf gilt . Londra, 1718 

2526 Guay-Trouin (M. de) Memoires, portrait and plates, 

Paris, 1740 

2527 Guicciardini (F.) Historia d'ltalia Venet. 1640 

2528 Guise (Le Due de) Les Memoires de, ruled with red lines, 
fine copy, red morocco, gilt leaves Paris, 1668 

2529 Guise (Due de) Memoires de, calf gilt ib. 1668 

2530 Guthrie (Maria) Tour through the Taurida, map and plates, 

calf gilt . . 1802 

2531 Gwynn (Jo.) London and Westminster Improved, illustrated 

by plans, coloured . 1766 

2532 Gwynne (Jo.) Military Memoirs of the Great Civil War, and 

the Earl of Glencairn's Expedition, by Sir Walter Scott 

Edinburgh, 1821 

2533 Hakewill (Jas.) Picturesque Tour of Italy, many plates, india 

LARGE PAPER, uucut . royal 4to. 1820 

2534 Hakluyt (Rich.) Collection of the Early Voyages, Travels 

and Discoveries of the English Nation, 5 vol. 
ijAiiG^VAV^Yi, Tussia extra, joints and g. I. royal 4to. 1809 

2535 Hales (W.) New Analysis of Chronology, 3 vol. 

Tussia extra, tnarbled leaves . 1800 

2536 Hall (Basil) Voyage to Loo Choo, lb coloured plates, 1818— 

Fragments of Voyages and Travels, second and third series, 
6 vol. (stained with oil) 1832-3 7 vol. 

2537 Hall (Sir Jas.) Essay on the Origin, History and Principles of 

Gothic Architecture, QO plates, 
russia extra, gilt leaves imperial 4to. 1813 

2538 Hallam (H.) View of the State of Europe during the Middle 

Ages, 2 vol. . 1818 

2539 Hamilton (Ant.) Memoires du Comte de Grammont, portraits 


2540 Hamilton (Count A.) 'Memoirs of Count Grammont, seventy- 

six portraits, very fine impressions, russia, gilt leaves 1793 


2541 Hamilton (Fr.) Account of the Kingdom of Nepaiil plates 

Edinh, 1819 

2542 Hamconii (M.) Frisia, seu de Viris Rebusque Fiipise Illustri- 

hns, portraits, calf gilt FraneJcarce, 1G20 

2543 Hanway (Jonas) Travels, and Revolutions of Persia, maps 

and plates, 4 vol. in 3 . 1753 

2544 Hanzelt (J. A.) La Pyrotechnie, many plates 

Ponta Mousson, 1630 

2545 Hardyng (Thom.) The Chronicle from the Firste Begynnyng 

of Englande unto the Reigne of Kyng Edward IV. with a 
Continuacion to our Tyme, title and 6 leaves MS. and 
imperfect at the end 
iblacfe letter, russia . Ric* Grafton, 1543 

2646 Harding's Biographical Mirrour, a Series of Ancient and Mo- 
dern English Portraits, upwards of 100 portraits, fine 
impressions, 2 vol. calf gilt . 1795 

2547 Hardwicke (Lord) Miscellaneous State Papers, 2 vol. 

calf gilt . 1788 

2548 Harleian Miscellany, the, or Collection of Scarce, Curious, and 

Entertaining Pamphlets and Tracts, with the Catalogues of 
Pamphlets, 8 vol. . 1744-6 

2549 Harmonia Quatuor Evangeliorum juxta Sectiones Ammonianas 

et Eusebii Canones, 
LARGE PAPER, hlue movocco extra, g. I. Oxonii, 1805 

2550 Plarris (James) Works, with Life by the Earl of Malmesbury, 

portrait, 2 vol. russia . 1801 

2551 Harte (Walter) Life of Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden, 

portrait, maps and plans, 2 vol. russia 1759 

2552 Harwood (Tho.) History and Antiquities of the Church and 

City of Lichfield, plates, calf gilt Gloucester, 1806 

2553 Hatsell (J.) Precedents of Proceedings in the House of Com- 

mons, 4 vol. calf, russia hack 1796 

2554 Hawkins (Sir John) General History of the Science and 

Practice of Music, plates and tvood engravings, 5 vol. 1776 

2555 Hayley (W.) Life and Posthumous Writings of W^illiara 

Cowper, portraits, 3 vol. calf gilt Chichester, 1804-8 

2556 Hayley (W.) Life of George Romney, portraits and plates, 

calf gilt, marbled leaves . ih. 1809 

2557 Haym (N.) Biblioteca Italiana, 2 copies, Ven. 1738, &c. 3 vol. 

2558 Haym (N. F.) Biblioteca Italiana, 2 vol. in 1 (^stained) 

Milano, 1771 

2559 Hayward (J.) Lives of the Three Norman Kings of England 


2560 Hearne (S.) Journey from Hudson's Bay to the Northern 

Ocean, map and plates, calf gilt . 1795 

2561 Hearne (Thos.) Works, viz. — The Chronicles of Robert of 

Gloucester and Peter Langtoft, 4 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, uucut . Reprinted, 1810 


2562 Heath (B.) Notae sive Lectiones ad Tragicorum Graecorum 

Veterum lib. calf gilt . O^ron, 1772 

2563 Hederici (B ) Lexicon Grsecum . 1790 

2564 Heiss (M.) Histoire de I'Empire, 2 vol. Amst. 1733 

2565 Helyot, Histoire des Ordres Monastiques Religieux et Mili- 

taires, et des Congregations SecuUeres de I'un et de I'autre 
Sexe, 800 plates of costumes, fine original impressions, 
8 vol. . Paris, 1714-19 

2566 Henchman (T.) on the Trade between India and Europe 1801 

2567 Henderson (Al.) History of Ancient and Modern Wines 1824 

2568 Henry VIII. — L'Oraison et Remonstrance de haulte et puis- 

sate Dame, Madame Marie de Cleves, Soeur de treshault 
et puissant Seig^ le Due de Cleves et de Gueldres Faicte au 
Roy d'Angleterre (Henry VIII.) et ceulx de son conseil 
ViAKY., fine copy, russia, gilt leaves 

Joannes a Luxetnhurgo III, Faciehat* n. d. 
*^* Of this Memoir, addressed by Mary of Cleves to Henry VIII, 
and his Council, no notice is found in the usual Biblio- 
graphical works. It was probably printed at Luxembourg, 
under the authority of the Duke of Cleves, as no English 
printer would be easily induced to print the work in 

2569 Henshall (Sam.) Specimens of a History of the County of 

Kent, calf gilt . 1798 

2570 Heraldry. Historical Anecdotes of Heraldry and Chivalry, 

plates, calf gilt . Worcester, 1795 

2571 Herbert (Ed.) De Veritate . s. I. 1624 

2572 Herbert of Cherbury (Ed. Lud.) Life written by Himself, 

portrait . . 1778 

2573 Herbert (W.) Antiquities of the Inns of Court and Chancery, 

24: fine plates 

LARGE PAPER, Calf gilt . 1804 

2574 Here and There over the Water ; being Cullings in a Trip to 

the Netherlands, many coloured plates 1825 

2575 Hesiodi Opera, cum multis Expositionibus Venet. 1537 

2576 Heriot (Geo.) Travels through the Canadas, map coloured, 

and many plates, calf gilt . 1807 

2577 Hervey (Lord) and Dr. Middleton, Letters concerning the 

Roman Senate, by Dr. T. Knowles, portrait 
LARGE PAPER, calf gilt . 1778 

2578 Hesiodi quae supersunt, cum notis variorum, edidit T. Robinson 

Ojcon. 1738 

2579 Hesiod, Works, translated by T. Cooke, 2 vol. 1728 

2580 Hexham (H.) Dutch and English Dictionarie Rott. 1658 

2581 Heylyn (Pet.) History of St. George of Cappadocia, and the 

Institution of the Order of the Gd^xieT, frontispiece 1831 

2582 Heylyn (P.) History of the Sabbath, 2 parts, scarce 1636 

2583 Heyrick (T.) Miscellany Poems, calf neat Camh. 1691 


2584 Heywood (John) The Spider and the Flie, a Poem, 

woodcut portrait, and numerous engravings^ a corner of 
the title mendedy otherivise a very fine copy, 
iblac^fe letter, rare, elegant in crimson moroccoyjointsy and gilt 
leaves Tho. Powell, 1556 

2585 Heywood (S.) Vindication of Fox's History of James the 

^ecowd, calf gilt, marbled leaves , 1811 

2586 Hibbert (S.) Description of the Shetland Islands, maps and 

plates, calf extra, gilt leaves . 1822 

2587 Hickesii (G.) Institutiones Grammaticae Anglo-Saxon icae 

Oxon, 1689 

2588 Hickesii (G.) Institutiones Grammaticae Anglo- Saxonicae et 

Mceso-Gothicae et R. Jonae Grammaticae Islandicae, 
russia . . Oxonii, 1689 

2589 Hinderwell (Tho.) History and Antiquities of Scarborough, 

plates, russia, marbled leaves . York, 1798 

2590 Hints on the Formation of Gardens and Pleasure Grounds, 

20 plates . . 1812 

2591 Hirschfeld (C. L.) Theori^ de I'Art des Jardins, many plates, 

4 vol. . Leipzig. 1779-83 

2592 Hoare (Sir. R. C.) Giraldi Cambrensis Itinerarium Cambriae; 

and Giraldus Cambrensis Itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin 
through Wales, translated with Annotations, 2 vol. maps 
and plates, together 3 vol. russia extra royal 4to. 1806 

2593 Hoare (Sir R. C.) Monastic Remains of the Religious Houses 

at Witham, Bruton, and Stavordale, Somerset 


2594 Hobbes (T.) Opera VYiiXoso^hicd., portrait by Faithorne 

AmsL 1668 

2595 Hobbes (T.)'Opera Philosophica, Amst. 1668 — Hobbes, Levia- 

than, &c. Amst. 1660 . 2 vol. 

2596 Hobbes (T.) Leviathan de Civitate Christiana et Civili, 

Amst. 1670 — Survey of the Errors of Hobbes' Leviathan, 
by the Earl of Clarendon, Oxford, 1676 2 vol. 

2597 Hobhouse (J. C.) Journey through Albania and Turkey, map 

and coloured plates, calf extra, gilt leaves 1813 

2598 Hodges (W.) Travels in India, many plates, calf gilt 1793 

2599 Hogarth (Wm.) Analysis of Beauty, 2 plates, calf 1753 

2600 Holbein (Hans) The Images of the Old Testament, set forthe 

in Ynglishe and French, y?we wood etigravings, very scarce 

Lyons, 1549 

2601 Holcroft (Tho.) Travels from Hamburgh through Westphalia, 

Holland, &c. to Paris, many plates, 2 vol. calf gilt 1804 

2602 Hollis (Thos. Brand) Memoirs, portrait and plates, 

privately printed . 1808 

2603 Home (Jo.) History of the Rebellion in 1745, plates, 

calf gilt . 1802 



2604 Homeri Ilias, Gr. et Lat. Cantab. 1689 — Horatius cum Com- 

mentariis Cruquii, Plantin, 1578 . 2 vol. 

2605 Homeri Ilias et Odyssea, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis et Scholiis, 

Jos. Barnes, 2 vol. . Cantab. 1711 

2606 Homeri Ilias et Odyssea, Graece, cura R. Porsoni, 4 vol. uncut 

Oxonii, 1801 

2607 Homeri, aliud exemplar, 4 vol. russia, extra in. I. ib. 1801 

2608 Homeri, aliud exemplar, 2 portraits and front, brilliant ini' 

pressions, 2 vol. russia e.rtra, gilt leaves ib. 1801 

2609 Homer, Iliad and Odyssey, by Alex, Pope, 11 vol. (wants 

vol. 1) . 1716-26 

2610 Homer, a Burlesque Translation • 1772 

2611 Honan (M. B.) The Andalusian Annual, coloured plates 1836, 

&c. . 4 vol. 


2612 Hamilton (Sir Wm.) Campi Phlegrjei, or Observations 

on the Volcanoes of the Two Sicilies, with the Supplement, 
60 maps and plates, heautifully coloured in imitation of 
drawings, 3 vol. in 1, russia, gilt leaves Naples^ 1776-9 

2613 Hampden (Rob. Trevor Vicecom. de) Britannia, Lithmon, Villa 

Bromhamensis, Poemata, curante Filio Joan Trevor, edita 
only 115 copies printed, russia Parmce, Bodonianis, 1792 

2614 Harleian (The) Collection of Voyages and Travels, maps and 

plates, 2 vo\. old calf gilt . 1745 

2615 Harpsfeldii (Nic.) Historia Anglicana Ecclesiastica, cum Breui 

Narratione de Divortio Henrici VIII, ab Edm. Campiano, 
cura R. Gibboni, calf gilt Duaci, 1622 

2616 Harington (Sir Jno.) Translation of Orlando Furioso, in En- 

glish heroical verse, with Sir J. Harington's Elegant and 
Wittie Epigrames, plates 
fine copy, old calf gilt . 1634 

2617 Harrington (Jo.) Oceana, and other Works, with Life by 



2618 Harrington (J.) Oceana, and other Works, frontispiece 1700 

2619 Harris (Dr. Jo.) History of Kent, map and numerous plates by 

Kip, vol. 1 all published, bright calf gilt 1719 

2620 Harris (Jo.) Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, and Supplement, 

portrait, 4 vol. not uniform 1736-44 

2621 Harris (Dr. Jo.) Collection of Voyages and Travels in Europe, 

Asia, Africa, and America, inany maps and plates^ 2 vol. 


2622 Hasted (Edv^.) History and Topographical Survey 

OF the County of Kent, upwards of 160 maps and 
plates, 4 vol. 
fine copy, russia extra Canterb. 1778-99 


2623 Havers (C.) Anatomy of the Bodies of Man and Woman 

plates . 1702 

2624 Hay (M^^®.) Recueil de Cent Estampes, representant differentes 

Nations du Levant, Vd^ finely coloured 'plates 
old french calf J gilt leaves Paris, 1714 

2625 Hay (P.) Histoire de Bertrand du Guesclin ib. 1666 

2626 Hay (Rob.) Illustrations of Carlo, 30 fine lithographs by J. C. 

Bou7me, half bound in blue morocco, uncut 

2627 Hayes (Wm.) Birds, a Collection of upwards of 62 coloured 

plates of Birds, principally by W' Hayes, including a few 
drawings by him, in a portfolio, russia n. d. 

2628 H. B., Political Sketches, &c., 530 plates, 163 inlaid in 

brown paper, and 367 loose, 2 vol. 
half bound in green morocco, gilt leaves, and 2 portfolios 

1829, &c. 

2629 Hearne and Byrne, Antiquities of Great Britain, 

illustrated in Views of Monasteries, Castles, and Churches, 
now existing 
above 80 plates, fine proofs, with a set of unfi- 
nished ETCHINGS, 3 vol. elegantly bound in red morocco 
extra, joints, and gilt leaves oblong folio, 1786-1807 

2630 Hearne (Tho.) Antiquities of Great Britain, illustrated in 

Views of Monasteries, Castles, and Churches, 51 plates, 

very fvne impressions, russia oblong folio, 1786 

5631 Heath (Jas.) Chronicle of the late Intestine War in England, 

Scotland and Ireland, frontispiece of portraits, calf gilt 1676 

2632 Heinsius (Dan.) Histoire du Siege de l^oldiMC, plates 

calf gilt . Elzevir, 1631 

2633 Helvicus (Chr.) Historical and Chronological Theatre 1687 

2634 Henninges (H.) Theatrum Genealogicum ostentans Omnes 

Omnium ^tatum Familias, a* condito Mundo, arms, etc., 

4 vol. in 2, half russia, gilt leaves Magdeb. 1398 

2635 Herberay (Nic. de) The Famous History of Amadis de Gaule, 

discoursing the Adventures, Loves, &c. of many Princes, 
Knights and Ladies, as well of Great Brittaine, &c. 4 parts 
in 1 vol. 
VERY SCARCE, oUve morocco cxtra, joints, and gilt leaves 1619 

2636 Herbert (Lord) of Cherbury, Life and Reign of King Henry 

\\ie YAg\ii\i, portrait . 1682 

2637 Herculaneum, Antichita di Ercolano, coie Pitture, 

5 vol. — Bronzi, 2 vol. — Lucerne, Candelabri e Catalog©, 
2 vol. ; with several hundred beautiful engramigs, very fine 
impressions, 9 vol. complete, half russia Napoli, 1754-92 

2638 Herodoti Historia, lib. ix. Graece 

FIRST edition, very fine copy, russia extra, g. I. Aldus, 1502 

2639 Herodoti Historia, Gr. et Lat. cum notis et cura Valckenarii et 

Wesselingii, dutch vellum Amst. 1763 

2640 Herodote, Neuf Livres des Memoirs, par P. Saliat, Pcfm,1556 


2641 Herodoti Ilistoriarum, lib. ix. Gr. et Lat. 0. P. Stephanie 1618 

2612 Herrera (Ant. de) Ilistoria General de los Ilechos de los 

Castellanos en las Islas J. Terra Firme del Mar. Oceano, 

plates^ 8 vol. in 4 

FIRST EDITION, ^ooc? cop?/ Madrid, \Q(i\ -lb 

2643 Heylin (Peter) History of the Reformation of the Church in 

England . 1661 

2644 Heylin (P.) Cosmographie, Chorographie and Historic of the 

whole World, maps . 1682 

2645 Heywood (Tho.) The Hierarchie of the Blessed Angells, 

plates , 1635 

2646 Hickesii (Geo.) Linguarum Vett. Septentionalium Thesaurus 

Grammatico-Criticus et Archseologicus, portrait and plates 

3 vols, firie copy, red morocco extra, gilt leaves Oxonii. 1 705 
2647£Hieroglyphics. Fontana, Copie Figuree d'un Rouleau de Pa- 
pyrus trouvee en Egypt, et expliquee par Hammer, plates 

oblong folio. Vien7ie, 1822 

2648 Hieroglyphics, collected by the Egyptian Society, arranged by 

Dr. Thos. Young, plates 1823 

2649 Hieronymi (Sancti) Opera, cum Argumentis et Scholiis Erasmi, 

4 vol. oaJce7i covers . Basil, 1516 

2650 Hill (J.) Eden, or Complete Body of Gardening, numerous 

plates . 1 757 

2651 Hispania lllustrata, seu Rerum Urbiumque Hispanise Scriptores 

varii, 4 vol. . Franco/. 1603-8 

2652 Historise Augustse Scriptores VI, cura Salmasii et Casauboni 

Paris, 1620 

2653 Hoare (Sir R. Colt) Ancient History of South Wiltshire, 

numerous fine plates, russia extra, gilt leaves 1810 

2654 Hoare (Sir R. Colt) Modern Wiltshire, the Hundred of Dun- 

worth and Vale of l^oddre, portraits and plates 
LARGE PAPER . imperial folio, 1829 

2655 Hoare (Sir R. Colt) Chronicon Vilodunense, sive de Vita et 

Miraculis Sanctse-Edithae, Carmen vetus Anglicum, cura 
G. H. Black 


copy to the Duke of Buckingham, with inscription in the au- 
tograph of Sir Bic. Colt Hoare, uncut 1830 

2656 Hobbes (Tho.) Leviathan, or the Matter, Forme, &c. of a 

Commonw ealth, frontispiece 1651 

2657 Hobbes (T.) Moral and Political Works, and Life, portrait 

and p)lates, russia extra, gilt leaves 1750 

2658 Hodges (Wm.) Select Views in India in 1780-3, many plates 

half hound in russia . oblong folio, 9i. d. 

2659 HoGENBURG, The Procession of the Emperor Charles 

V. AT Rome, 38 plates, coloured in the style of drawi7igs, 
joined as 1 9 
PRINTED on vellum, RARE, russta cxtra, g. I, in a case n. d. 


2660 HoGENBURG, the same on paper, 38 plates, with the Funeral 

Procession at Brussels at his Death, 34 plates^ and 3 plates 
of the Dance of Death — together 75 plates, H. Hondius exe- 
cudit, 2 vol. in 1 
very scarce, good copy, vellum Hagce Comit. 1619 

2661 Holbein (Hans) Portraits of the Court of Henry 

VIII. from the Original Drawings in the possession of Her 
Majesty, by Chamberlain, 83 beautifully coloured portraits, 
by Bartolozzi, ^c. including Holbein and his Wife, and the 
miniatures, russia extra, gilt leaves 

2662 Holbein (Jean) Recueil de XII. Costumes Suisses, Civils et 

Militaires, Hommes et Femmes, 12 finely coloured plates 
calf extra, marbled leaves Basil, 1790 

2663 HoHnshed (Raph.) Coronicles of England, Scotland and Ire- 

land, by Jo. Hooker, alias Vowel), 3 vol. in 2, with the cas- 
trations inserted 
blacfe letter, best editio}^, fine copy, old calf, gilt leaves 1586 

2664 Holland (H.) Heroologia Anglica, hoc est Clarissiraorum 

et Doctissimorura aliquot Anglorum qui floruerunt ab anno 
1500, usque ad presentem annum 1620, Vivse EflSgies, 
Vitse et Elogia, 67 portraits by C. Pass, fine impressions, 
2 vol. in 1 
rare, fine copy, calf gilt . 1 620 

2665 Holme (Handle) Academy of Armoury, or a Storehouse of 

Armoury and Blazon, with the reprinted Index separate, 
many plates 
very scarce, fine copy, russia extra, gilt leaves Chester, 1688 

2666 Homeri Opera Omnia, Gr^ce, ex recensione Demetrii 

Chalcondylae et Demetrii Cretensis, cum Prefationibus La- 
tinis et Chalcondyla9 Vita, 2 vol. 
FIRST edition, RARE, one leaf inlaid, otherwise a very good, 
sound copy, with illuminated capitals, red morocco, gilt leaves 

Florent. 1488 

2667 Homeri Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat. cum notis Spondani 

Basil, 1606 

2668 Homeri Ilias et Odyssea, cum Interpretatione Basil, 1535 

2669 Homer, Iliad, translated by Jo. Ogilby, portrait and plates 

by Lombart, ^c. . 1660 

2670 Homer, Iliads and Odysses, translated by Jo. Ogilby, many 

plates by Hollar, ^c. 2 vol. . 1660-69 

2671 Homilies or Sermons appointed to be read in Churches in the 

time of Elizabeth . 1683 

2672 Hondy (Jud.) Historia Mundi, or Mercator's Atlas, numerous 

ynaps, calf gilt . 1635 

2673 Hondy (J.) Mercator's Atlas, maps, old calf, gilt leaves, 1635, 

&c. . 2 vol. 





2674 Holwell (J. Z) Events in Bengal, plates, 2 vol. 1766, &c. 7 vol. 

2675 Holwell (J. Z.) Historical Events of Indostan, plates, 3 vol. 

1765 — Johnston, Expedition to Candy, 1610, &c. 10 vol. 

2676 Homer, Iliad and Odyssey, translated by A. Pope, 5 vol. 

PRINTED ON BLUE PAPER, hlue movocco ejctva, g, I. 1802 

2677 Homeri Ilias, Lovanii, 1523, &c. . 2 vol. 

2678 Homeri Ilias, Gr. et Lat. edidit Clarke, 2 vol. 1740--Horatii 

Eclogse, cura Gesneri, Lipsia, 1788 3 vol. 

2679 Homeri Ilias, Gr. et Lat. cum brevi Annotations accedimt 

varisD Lectiones et Observationes Veterum Grammaticorum, 
cum nostras u^tatis critica cura C. G. Heyne, 8 vol. 
FINE PAPER, russia extra . Lips, 1802 

2680 Homeri Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat. cura Ernesti, 5 vol. 

Lipsiee, 1759 

2681 HoRJE. Benedictio Dei Patris cum Angelis. — Benedictio 

Jesu — Benedictio Sancte Marie, &c, 14 large wood engra- 
vings, and curious borders to every page 
goli)ic letter, PRINTED UPON VELLUM, Jine copy, old red 
morocco, gilt leaves . 1497 

2682 HoR^. Egredietur Virga de radice, et Flos de radice eius 

Ascendet, 12 large wood engravings, most beautifully 
illuminated in gold and colours, in the style of miniatures, 
finely executed, with cw^ious woodcut borders 
PRINTED UPON VELLUM, old red morocco, gilt leaves n. d, 

2683 Horatii Opera, iEneis Tabulis incidit Job. I^'me, fine impres- 

sions, original edition, 2 vol. 
fine copy, red morocco . 1733-37 

2684 Horatii Eclogae, cura Gesneri, Lips. 1772, &c. 10 vol. 

2685 Horatii Poemata, cum Scholiis, cura Bond 

fine copy, oldfrench red morocco, g. I. Amst. Elzev. 1676 

2686 Horace, CEuvres, Latin et Francois, par Dacier, 10 vol. 

Paris, 1691, &c. . 17 vol. 

2687 Horace, Latin and English, with Bentley's Notes, 2 vol, 1713 

2688 Horace, in Latin and English, by P. Francis, 2 vol. 

Dublin, 1742 

2689 Horace, Works, in English Verse, by Duncombe, 2 vol. 

bright calf gilt . . 1757 

2690 Horace, Works, Latin and English, by Francis, 4 vol. 

calf gilt . . 1778 


2691 Hordt (Count de) Military Memoirs, 2 vol. calf gilt 1806 

2692 Home (T. H.) Landscape Illustrations of the Bible, numerous 

Jine plates, after Turner^ Callcotf Stanfieldy etc, hy TV* 
and E. Finden, part 1 to 24, in a portfolio 1834-6 

2693 Horni (Geo.) Rerum Britannicarum, lib. 

russia extra, gilt leaves , hy Chas. Lewis L, Bat, 1648 

2694 Hospital of St. Elizabeth at Treves, a brief account of, 

calf gilt . Ipswich, 1786 

2695 Houbraken (A.) Groote Schonburgh der Nederlantsche Konst- 

schilders en Schilderessen, about \00 portraits, 2 vol. 

Amst, 1718 

2696 Howard (C.) Historical Anecdotes of some of the Howard 

Family, calf gilt . 1767 

2697 Howard (G. E.) Miscellaneous Works, portrait, 3 vol. 

PRESENTATION COPY to the Couutess Temple, green morocco, 
gilt leaves . Dublin, 1782 

2698 Howard (H. Earl of Surrey) and Sir Thomas Wyat, Poems 


2699 Howard Family, Analysis of the Genealogical History of, 

russia . • 1812 

2700 Howe (John) Living Termple, portrait, 2 vol. 1702 

2701 Howel (L.) History of the Holy Bible, 150 plates by J, Strut, 

3 vol. old red morocco, gilt leaves 1718 
2702^Howell (J.) Medulla Historise Anglicanaf), or Ancient and Pre- 
sent State of England, wood engravings, 1712 — Familiar 
Letters, frontispiece, 1650 — Historical Collections out of 
several Grave Historians concerning the Changes of Reli- 
gion, in the Reigns of Hen. Vlll, Ed. VI, Mary, and 
Elizabeth, 1674 . 3 vol. 

2703 Howell (Jas.) Familiar Letters, 1726— -Hole (R.) on the Ara- 

bian Nights, 1797, &c. . 6 vol. 

2704 Howell (T. J.) State Trials, vol. 32 and 33, 2 vol. 1824-6 

2705 Howison (J.) Foreign Scenes, 2 vol. 1825 — Hermit Abroad, 

4 vol. 1823— The Highlanders, 3 vol.— Hartstonge (M.) 
Eve of All Hallows, 3 vol. 1825, &c. 12 vol. 

2706 Hoyeri (M.) Flammulae Amoris S. P. Augustini Versibus, 

many plates Antv. 1608 

2707 Huber (M.) Notices Generales des Graveurs et des Peintres, 

calf gilt . . Dresde, 1787 

2708 Huber et Rest, Manuel des Curieux et des Amateurs de 1' Art, 

9 vol. calf gilt . Zurich, 1797 

2709 Huet (M.) Commerce of the Ancients, 1717 — Dissertation on 

the Passage of Hannibal, map, Oxford, 1820 — Sketch of 
Gibraltar, and Account of the Siege, 1792 3 vol. 

2710 Hughes (Jo.) Letters, with notes by Duncombe, 3 vol. 1773 

2711 Hughes (Jo.) Itinerary of Provence and the Rhone, plates, 

1822 — HuttOD, Voyage to Africa in 1820, maps and 
plates, 1821 . .2 vol. 


2712 Hugo (H.) et O. van Veene de Godlieven de Ziel vertoont in 

Zinnebeelden, many plates^ fine impressions 
vellum . . Amst. 1727 

2713 Humboldt (Alex, de) Researches on the Ancient Inhabitants of 

America, plates^ some colour ed^ 2 vol. 1814 

2714 Humboldt (A. de) Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equi- 

noctial Regions of the New Continent, maps and plans^ 
7 vol. in 8 . . 1814-29 

2715 Humphreys (J,) on Real Property, 182G, &c. 4 vol. 

2716 Hunt (R. M.) Life of Sir Hugh Palliser, ,portrait 1844 

2717 Hunter (A.) Georgical Essays, 4 vol. calf gilt 1803 

2718 Hunter (J. D.) Captivity amongst the Indians of North Ame- 

rica, 1823 — Hunter (W.) Travels through France, Turkey 
and Hungary, maps 2 vol. 1803 3 vol. 

2719 Hurd (Bp.) Letters on Chivalry, a Romance ; and on the Uses 

of Foreign Travel, 2 vol. in 1 1762-4 

2720 Hurtley (T.) Account of some Natural Curiosities in the En- 

virons of Malham in Craven, jo?a^(?5, calf gilt 1786 

2721 Hutchinson (Governor) History of the Colony of Massachu- 

set's Bay, 1765 — Papers relative to the History of the 
Colony of Massachuset's Bay, Boston^ iV. jE". 1769 2 vol. 

2722 Hutchinson (W.) Excursion to the Lakes in Westmoreland 

and Cumberland, ji9/a^^5, calf gilt 1776 

2723 Hutton (W.) History of Birmingham, plates 

LARGE PAPER . Birmingham, 1781 

2724 Hutton (W.) History of Derby, map and plates, russia 1791 

2725 Hutton (W.) History of the Roman Wall across the Island of 

Britain, m,ap and plates, 1802 — Remarks upon North 
Wales, frontispiece and maps, 1802, calf 2 vol. 

2726 Hutton (W.) Recreations in Mathematics, plates, 4 vol. 1803 

2727 Idacii (Episcopi) Chronicon et Fasti Consulares, cura Sirmondi, 

russia . Paris, 1619 

2728 Idol of the Clownes, or the Insurrection of Wat the Tyler, 

with leaf of Poetry in hlack letter 
scarce, calf gilt . . 1654 

2729 Imison (J.) School of Arts, plates, n. d, — Artist's Assistant, 

plates, 1803 . 2 vol. 

2730 Imison (Jo.) Elements of Science and Arts, by Webster, 

plates, 2 vol. . . 1808 

2731 Inchbald (Mrs.) Collection of Farces, 7 vol. calf gilt 1809 

2732 Ireland (S.) Picturesque Tour through Holland and Brabant, 

plates, 2 vol. calf gilt royal 8vo. 1790 

2733 Ireland (S.) Picturesque Views on the River Thames, plates, 

2 \ol calf gilt . royal 8vo. 1792 

2734 Ireland (S.) Picturesque Views, with Historical Account of the 

Inns of Court, jo^a^e^, calf gilt royal 8vo. 1800 

2735 Irving (D.) Lives of the Scottish Poets, 2 vol. calf gilt 

Edinh. 1804 


2736 Irving (D.) Lives of the Scottish Poets, 2 vol. Edinh. 1804 

2737 Irving (Wash.) The Alhambra, 2 vol. 1832, and Knicker- 

bocker's New York, 1820 . 3 vol. 

2738 Isle of Man. Rolt (R.) History of the Island of Man, 1773 

— New Act of our inferior Parliament, 1748 — Baldwin (J.) 
British Liberties in Chains, 1755 — Searle (C.) Present 
State of the Isle of Man, 1767 — in 1 vol. uncut 
Isaac ReicVs copy^ with his autograph 1748, &c. 

2739 Izacke (S.) Remarkable Antiquities of the City of Exeter, 

map and plates 
best editio7i, old red morocco . 1724 

2740 Jackson (Jo.) History of the Scottish Stage, calf gilt 

Edinh. 1793 

2741 Jackson (Jo.) Journey from India to England, map and plates., 

1799-^Letters from Italy, 2 vol. 1777 3 vol. 

2742 Jackson (R.) Medical Department of Armies, 1805, and 

19 Medical . . 20 vol. 

2743 Jackson (Tho.) The Centenary of Wesleyan Methodism, 

portraits . . 1837 

2744 Jacob (G.) Historical Account of the Lives of the English 

VoQis, portrait, 2 \o\» . 1720 

2745 Jamaica, New of, 2 maps . 1740 

2746 James I. Basilikon Doron, King James* Instructions to Prince 

Henry, portrait, calf, gilt leaves 1682 

2747 James I, and King Charles I, The Secret History of, 

calf gilt . . 1690 

2748 James I. Truth brought to Light ; or the History of the first 

Fourteen Yeares of King James I, portrait, and engraved 
title, 7'ussia extra, gilt leaves 1692 

2749 James I. Another copy, portrait, ajid frontispiece 1692 

2750 James I. Translation of the Psalmes of King David, engraved 

title and frontispiece by Wm. Marshall, calf neat n. d, 

2751 James (Edw.) Account of the Expedition to the Rocky Moun- 

tains in 1819-20, coloured plates, 3 vol. 1823 

2752 James (W.) Naval History of Great Britain from 1793 to 

1820, 5 vol. . . 1822-24 

2753 Jamieson (Mrs.) Memoirs of celebrated Female Sovereigns, 

2 vol. . . 1831 

2754 Jamieson (Rob.) Popular Ballads and Songs from Tradition, 

MS and scarce editions, 2 vol. calf gilt Edinh. 1806 

2755 Jamieson (Rob.) on the External and Physical Characters of 

M'lnQYdXs, plates, 1817 — Kirwan (Ric.) Elements of Mine- 
ralogy, 2 vol. 1810 . 3 vol. 

2756 Janeway (Jas.) Legacy to his Friends, portrait, fine impres- 

sion, calf neat . . 1674 

2757 Jardine (Geo.) Outlines of a Philosophical Education 

Glasgow, 1825 


2758 Jardine (Sir W.) Naturalist's Library; Ornithology, coloured 

plates, vol. 8 to 11, and vol. 13 and 14, 6 vol. 

Edinh. 1837-43 

2759 Jardine (Sir W.) Naturalist's Library ; Entomology, coloured 

plates, vol. 1 and 7; Ichthiology, coloured plates, vol. 2 to 6 
— together 7 vol. . ih. 1840-3 

2760 Jardine (Sir W.) Naturalist's Library, Mammalia, coloured 

plates, vol. 7, 9, and 10 to 13 — together 6 vol. ib. 1841-2 

2761 Jefferson (Thos.) Notes on the State of Virginia, coloured 

map . . 1787 

2762 Jeffreys (Lord) The Merciful Assizes, or a Panegyric on, 1701 

2763 Jeffrey of Monmouth, British History, translated by A. 

LARGE PAPER, Very scarce, good copy royal 8vo, 1718 

2764 Jeffries (Dav.) Treatise on Diamonds and Pearls, jo/a^e^ 1751 
6765 Jenkins (Judge) ^orks, portrait, 2 vol. good copy 1681, &c. 
2765* Jenkins (Judge) Works, portrait, calf gilt 1648 

2766 Jenkinson (C, Earl of Liverpool) Collection of all the Treaties 

between Great Britain and other Powers, 3 vol. 1785 

2767 Jenyns (Soarae) Works, and Life by Cole, portrait, 4 vol. 

calf gilt . .1790 

2768 Jersey. Authentic Narrative of the Oppressions of the 

Islanders of Jersey, 2 vol. calf gilt 1771 

2769 Jesuites. Recueil des Decrets Apostoliques et Ordonnances 

du Roi de Portugal concernant le conduite des Jesuites, 
3 vol. red morocco, gilt leaves Amst. 1760 

2770 Johnston (Geo.) History of British Zoophytes, plates, 

Edinh. 1838 

2771 Johnson (Dr. Sam.) Works, and Life by Murphy, portrait, 

12 vols, calf gilt 1801 

2772 Jomini (General de) Traite des Grandes Operations Militaires, 

5 vol. and folio atlas Paris, 1811 

2773 Jomini (Lieut.-Gen.) Histoire Critique et Militaire des Guerres 

de la Revolution, 15 vol., and 3 parts of atlas (wanting 
the first) . ib, 1820-4 

2774 Jona Club, Transactions of, vol. 1, part 1, 2 and 3 

LARGE PAPER . Edinh, 1834 

2775 Jones (D.) Secret History of Whitehall, 2 vol. 1717— John- 

son (Sam.) Idler, 2 vol. 1790 4 vol. 

2776 Jones (Inigo) Designs, by Ware royal 8vo. 1748 

2777 Jones (J. T.) Journal of Sieges in Spain, maps, 1814 — Jones, 

Account of the War in Spain and Portugal, raap and 
plans, 1818, &c. . 8 vol. 

2778 Jones (W.) History of Religious Houses in Devon and 

Cornwall . 1779 

2779 Jones (W.) Geographical Dictionary and Grammar, 2 vol. 

morocco, 1795, and various Geographical, &c. a parcel 


2780 Jonson (Ben.) Works, by Peter Whalley, portrait "and 

plates, 7 vol. old calf, marbled leaves 1736 

2781 Jonson (B.) Sad Shepherdess, a Tale of Robin Hood, 1783— 

Jones (Henry)PoemS; large paper, 1749 — -Jephson (R.) 
Plays, Dublin, 1775 . 3 vol. 

2782 Joseph (Flavins) Histoire des Juifs, par d'Andilly, 5 vol. 

Paris, 1668 

2783 Joubert (F. E.) Manuel de 1' Amateur d'Estampes, faisant 

suite au Manuel du Libraire, plates, interleaved with 
writing paper , and a few MS. notes, 3 vol. in 6 
calf gilt . . ib. 1821 

2784 Journal Araoureux d'Espagne, Paris, 1675 — Amours de 

Lauzun, Cologne, 1673 — Amour hors de Saison, Paris, 
1672 — Amours de Dunois, ib. 1675, in 1 vol. 

2785 Journal of the Agricultural 'Society, 9 Nos. between vol. 1, 

part 2, and vol.5, part 1, 1839-44, and various Periodicals 

a parcel 

2786 Jonstoni (A.) Psalmi Davidici, 1741— Keeling (B.) Critical 

Discourses, Oxford, n. d., &c. 6 vol. 

2787 Jouy (M. de) L'Hermite en Provence, 14 vol. (wants vol. II) 

Paris, 1819 — L'Hermite de la Guiane, 3 vol. ib. 1818 — 
Le Franc-Parleur, 2 vol. 1815 — Les Hermites en Liberte, 
4 vol. 1824— L'Hermite de Londres, vol. 1 to 3, 1821, 
together 25 vol. 1818, &c. 

2788 Jube (Aug.) et J. Servan, Histoire des Guerres des Gaulois, 

et des Francois en Italic, 5 vol. in 7 Paris, 1805 

2789 Jurieu (P.) History of the Council of Trent, frontispiece, 1684 

— Life of the Emperor Julian, 1746 — Julian the Apostate, 
1682 — Jones, Biographical Dictionary, morocco, 1799 

4 vol. 

2790 Junius, Letters, man^ portraits, proofs before any 


NOT UNIQUE, blue morocco extra, gilt leaves 1797 

2791 Junius, Letters, with his confidential Correspondence with 

Wilkes and WoodM\, facsimiles, 3 vol. 1812 

2892 Junius, Posthumous Works of, and Life of J. Home Tooke, 
by J. Fletcher, portrait, New York, 1829 — Jones, Me- 
moirs of Bishop Home, portrait, 1795, &c. 7 vol. 

2793 Justamond (J.) History of the Settlements of Europeans in 

the East and West Indies, 4 vol. 1776 

2794 Justini Historiarum, libri XLiv. 

LARGE PAPER . Oxonii, 1705 

2795 Juvenal and Persius, Satires, translated by Dryden, plates 

fine old red morocco, gilt leaves 1711 

2796 Juvenalis Satyrse xvi. cura Ruperti, 2 vol. russia Lipsice. 1801 

2797 Kalm (P.) Travels into North America, map and plates, 3 vol. 

old calf gilt Warrington, 1770 



2798 Hoogeveen (H.) Doctrina Particularum Linguae Graecae, 2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, vussiay marbled leaves 

E. typ. Dammeano, 1769 

2799 Hooke (N.) Roman History, maps and plates ^ 4 vol. 

calf gilt . . 1738 

2800 Horatii Opera, cum notis Lambini Venet. 1565 

2801 Horatii Opera, cum notis D. Lambini, 2 vol. 

calf gilt . Francof 1596 

2802 Horatii Opera, cum Commentario Torrentii Plantin. 1608 

2803 Horatii Opera, cum Notis Bentleii 

bright old calf gilt Amst* 1728 

2804 Horneman (F.) Travels in Africa 1702 

2805 Horticultural Transactions, vol. 1 and 2, vol. 3 parts 1 and 2, 

vol. 4 and 5, vol. 6 parts 1 and 2, vol. 7 parts 1, 2 and 3, 
numerous coloured plates, 2 vol. and 17 parts 1815-28 

2806 Hottingeri (J. H.) Lexicon Harmonicum, portrait 

Francof 1661 

2807 Howard (G. E.) Treatise of the Exchequer and Revenue of 


presentation copy to Earl Temple^ Governor of Ireland, 

calf gilt Dublin, 1776 

2808 Howard (J.) State of the Prisons in England and Wales; 

and Account of Lazarettos in Europe, 2 vol. plates, 
calf gilt . . 1784-89 

2809 Howard (P.) Thoughts on the Structure of this Globe 

calfgilt . 1797 

2810 Howitt (S.) British Sportsman, 12 plates, fine impressions 

7'ussia, marbled leaves oblong 4to. 1798 

2811 Howlett, Selection of Views in the County of Lincoln, map 

and numerous plates, russia extra 1805 

2812 Hughes (Jo. Pompeii, a descriptive Ode 


2813 Hughes (T. S.) Travels in Sicily, Greece and Albania, maps 

and plates, 2 vol. 1820 

2814 Plume and Smollett, History of England, 10 vol. 

old calfgilt . 1758-62 

2815 Hunter (Jo.) Historical Journal of the Transactions at Port 

Jackson and Norfolk Island, maps, portrait and plates 1793 

2816 Husband (E.) Exact Collection of all Remonstrances, Declara- 

tions, Votes, &c. between the King and Parliament, from 
Kd'M io \QA^, frontispiece 1643 

2817 Hutchinson (Lucy) Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson 

portraits and plates 
LARGE PAPER, russia extra 1806 

2818 Hutchinson (W.) View of Northumberland, many plates, 

2 vol calf Newcastle, 1778 

. 157 

2819 Hutchinson (W.) History and Antiquities of DarharD, po^^traiis 

and plates, 2 vol. russia extra ib. 1785 

2820 Hutchinson (W.) History of Cumberland, maps and plates, 

2 vol. russia . 1794 

2821 Hutton (C.) Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary, 

plates, 2 vol. russia . 1795 

2822 Hyde (T.) Syntagma Dissertationum, recognita a G. Sharpe, 

portrait and plates, 2 vol. russia, m. I. Oxon, 1767 

2823 Icones Insigniorura a Seculo Hominum, with a series of 

portraits, wood engravings, calf neat Lugd. 1581 

2824 Illingworth (C.) Topographical Account of the Parish of 

Scampton, Lincolnshire, maps and plates, calf gilt 1810 

2825 Illustration of the Manners and Expences of Antient Times 

in England, in the xv. xvi and xvii. Centuries 
calf gilt . 1797 

2826 Imperialis (Jo.) Museum Historicum et Physicum, in Illustrium 

Literis Virorum Imagines et Elogijs, upwards o/* 100 
portraits, i^ussia, gilt leaves Venet. Junta, 1640 

2827 Inghirami (Fr.) Monumenti Etruschi, en 6 series; 

1 Urne, 2 Specchi Mistici, 3 Bronzi, 4 Edifizi, 5 Vasi 
Fittile, 6 Monumenti, che servano di Corredo all' Opere 
et Indici, upivards of 700 plates, many finely coloured, 
10 vol. in 5, complete, calf extra, g. I. Firenze, 1821-26 

2828 Ingram (J.) Saxon Chronicle, with an English translation and 

notes, map, scarce 1823 

2829 John Bon and Mast Person, 

Blacfe letter, printed upon vellum, calf gilt Reprinted,n. d. 
*:^* A bitter Satire on the Real Presence. 

2830 Irwin (E.) Adventures in a Voyage up the Red Sea, maps 

and plates, calf gilt 1780 

2831 Ives (Ed.) Voyage to India, maps 1773 

2832 Jackson (J. G.) Acconnt of the Empire of Morocco, map 

and plates^ calf gilt, marbled leaves 1809 

2833 Jacobo de Inglaterra, Vando y Leves contra la Fe Catolica, 

s, I, 1610, &c. " 2 vol. 

2834 Jamaica, The Laws of, from 32 Charles II. to 4 George IV, 

7 vol. 
PRESENTATION COPY, votcd by the Assembly of Jamaica to 
the Marquis of Chandos, 1829, fine copy, russia extra, 
gilt leaves Jamaica, 1802-24 

2835 James (J.) on Pleasure Gardens, /?/aif^* 1712 

2836 Jamieson (Dr. J.) Historical Account of the Ancient Culdees 

of Ionia, calf, marbled leaves Edinb. 1811 

2837 Jeffrey (Geo.) Miscellanies, in Verse and Prose 

LARGE PAPER, old red morocco, gilt leaves 1754 

2838 Jobson (Ric.) The Golden Trade ; or the Discovery of the 

River Gambra, and the Golden Trade of the ^Ethiopians, 
wormed . 1623 


2839 Johnson (Jo.) Journey from India to England, through Persia, 

Georgia, Russia, Poland, &c., in 1817, coloured plates 1818 

2840 Johnson (Sam.) Rasselas, fine platesy after Smirkey hy 

LARGE PAPER, culf vussia hack 1820 

2841 Johnstone (Chev. de) Memoirs of the Rebellion, 1745-46, 

portraits . . 1820 

2842 Joinville (John Lord de) Memoirs, written by himself, trans- 

lated by Johnes, plates, 2 vol. calf extra Hafod Press, 1807 

2843 Jonas (Arng.) Cryraogaea, sive Rerum Islandicarum libri 

Tussia extra . Hamh. n. d, 

2844 Jones (Geo.) Battle of Waterloo, with circumstantial Details, 

charts and numerous plates on india paper 
half calf gilt 1817 

2845 Jones (Theoph.) History of the County of Brecknock, map 

and plates, vol 1 Brecknock, 1805 

2846 Jones (Sir Wm.) Works, 6 vol. and Supplement, 2 vol. portrait 

and plates, 8 vol. calf gilt royal 4to. 1799-1801 

2847 Jonston (Arthur) Psalms of David, Latin and English 1740 

2848 Jortin (J.) Life of Eramus, joo?^^rmY 1758 

2849 Jovii (Pauli) Descriptio Britanniae, et G. Lilii Chronicon 

Anglorum Regum s, I. 1548 

2850 Julien (Emp.) Les Caesars, par Spanheim, plates of coins 

Paris, 1683, &c. 3 vol. 

2851 Juvenalis et Persii Satyrae, cum notis Lubini 

calf gilt Hanovice, 1603 

2852 Juvenalis et Persii Satyrse, cum notis Eruditorum cura M. 

Casauboni, jo/a^(35 L. Bat, 1695 

2853 Juvenal, Satyrs, translated by W. Q'lSovdi, portrait, russia 1802 

2854 Karnes (Lord) Sketches of the History of Man, 2 vol. 

Edinh, 1774 

2855 Keating (Col.) Travels through France and Spain to Morocco, 

portrait, and many plates 
LARGE PAPER, cttlf extva, mai'bled leaves 1817 

2856 Kenilworth Illustrated ; or the History of the Castle, Priory 

and Church of Kenilworth, 19 fine portraits and plates 

Chiswick, 1821 

2857 Kennett (White) Parochial Antiquities of Ambrosden, Bur- 

cester, and adjacent parts of Oxford and Bucks, plates, 
scarce, good copy, old calf Oxford, 1695 

2858 Kennett (W.) Parochial Antiquities of Ambrosden, Burcester, 

and adjacent parts of Oxford and Bucks, new editian, 
enlarged, portrait and plates, 2 vol. ib, 1818 

2859 Kent (S.) Grammar of Heraldry, ew^raym^^ o/arm* 1711 

2860 Kent (S.) Dictionary of Arms, British and Foreign, cuts, 

15S pages, all published, scarce 1717 

2861 Keppel (Hon. Geo.) Personal Narrative from India to England, 

map and coloured plates, half calf, gilt leaves 1827 


2862 Kilburne (Ric.) Topograpliie, or Survey of the County of 
Kent, portrait 1659 

2883 King (Dr. J, G.) Rites and Ceremonies of the Greek Church 
in Russia, plates, scarce, calf gilt 1772 

2864 Kirk, Outlines from the Figures and Compositions upon the 

Greek, Roman and Etruscan Vases of Sir Wm, Hamilton, 
62 plates . . 1804 

2865 Kirkpatrick )Col.) Account of the Kingdom of Nepaul, map 

and plates, calf, marhled leaves 1810 

2866 Kirkpatrick (Col.) Select Letters of Tippoo Sultan to Public 

Functionaries 1811 


2867 Hooke (R.) Micrographia, or Descriptions of Minute Bodies, 

plates . . \QQ7 

2868 Hooker (R.) Works, and Life by Is. Walton, joor^rmY 1723 

2869 Hooper (Jacob) Impartial History of the Rebellion and Civil 

Wars in England to the Restoration of Charles Wy portrait 
and plates, old calf gilt 1738 

2870 Horatii Opera, ^e7^ leaves Paris, e Typ. Regia, 1642 

2871 Horsley (Jo.) Britannia Romana, or the Roman Antiquities of 

Britain, above 100 plates, very scarce, good copy 1732 

2872 Hospitalii (Mic.) Epistolarum sen Sermonum Libri Sex 

calf gilt . Paris, 1585 

*^* Steph. Naluzius' copy with two notes in his autograph 
on the title. 

2873 Hoste (P.) Art des Armees ^diva]^?,, many plates Lyon, 1697 


THEIR Lives and Characters, by Dr. Tho. Birch 
A unique Assemblage of Portraits, consisting of 


ON India paper, 2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, splendidly bound in red morocco extra, joints, 
gilt leaves, and vellum Jly leaves 1756 

*^* This matchless copy was selected by Mary Nicol, 
FROM THE Portfolios of J. and P. Knapton, the 
original proprietors of the work. The whole was 
the gift of her Uncle, the late Mr. Alderman Boydell ; and 
consists of two portraits of Houbraken, two of Vertue, and 
one of Dr. T. Birch, with a sketch of their lives in manu' 
script; 97 Portraits of Illustrious Persons, proof?; 85 
on INDIA PAPER ; 35 FIRST IMPRESSIONS ; 9 Etchings and 


233 plates. 


2875 Houghton Gallery, formerly in the possession of 

Lord Orford, now in the Collection of the Em- 
press of Russia, 133 plates, choice proofs in 


with two etchings, two unfinished plates not in the work, 
viz. Portraits of Clement IX. and Erasmus, 28 plans, 
S^c. of Houghton, and two duplicates — together 167 plates, 
2 vol. russia extra . Boydell, 1788 

*^* This very choice and matchless copy was selected 
for Mary Boydell. 

2876 Household Book of Lady Seyliard, of Pusey, Berkshire, con- 

taining Inventories and Accounts from 1674 to 1694, a 
Manuscript volume 

2877 Howard (Sir Hob.) Four New Plays, calf neat 1665 

2878 Howell (Jas.) Survay of the Signorie of Venice, frontispiece, 

calf gilt . . 1651 

2879 Howel (J.) Historical! Discourse, or Perlustration of the City 

of liaowd^oxi, portrait, and View of London 
calf, marbled leaves . 1657 

2880 Howel (J.) Discourse concerning Precedency of Kings, and 

Treatise of Ambassadors, portrait of Charles II, by 
Loggan, calf gilt . 1664 

2881 Howel (W.) General History of the World, 3 vol. 1680-5 

2882 Howel (W.) General History of the World, vol. 2, 3 and 4 


2883 Hughes (G.) Natural History of Barbadoes, 28 plates, with 

duplicates, coloured 
large paper, old calf gilt . 1750 

2884 Hughes (Jo.) Views in the South of France, chiefly on the 

Rhone, from drawings by De Wint, 24 plates by Cooke, 
proofs on india paper, half calf 1825 

2885 Hugo (H.) Le Siege de la Ville de Breda, plates 

calf gilt . . Antv. 1636 

2886 Hugo (H.) The Siege of Breda, plates, 1627— Manley (Sir 

R.) History of the late Wars in Denmark, jw/a^e*, 1670 

2 vol. 

2887 Humboldt et Bonpland, Atlas Pittoresque, ou Vues des Cor- 

dilleres, et Monuraens des Peoples Indigenes de I'Amerique, 
6^ fine plates, some coloured, 2 vol. in 1 
fine copy, green morocco extra, gilt leaves Paris, 1810 

2888 Hume (David) History of England, Bowyer's splen- 

did EDITION, portrait and numerous Jin e historical plates, 
by the most eminent British engravers, brilliant impres- 
sions, after paintings executed by the most esteemed Eng- 
lish artists, 10 vol. 
blue morocco extra, gilt leaves , 1806 


2889 Hnnter (W.) Anatomy of the Human Gravid Uterus, 34 plates 

russia . Baskerville, 1774 

2890 Huret (G.) Theatrum Dolorum Jesu Christi Dei Hominis, pro 

Hominibus palientis, with 34 vey^y fine plates by G. Huret 
russia . . Lugd. 1662 

2891 Hutchins (Jo.) History and Antiquities of the County of 

Dorset, maps and plates^ 2 vol. russia extra 1774 

2892 Imhoff (Jac. W.) Eccellentium Familiarum in Gallia Genea- 

logise cum Notis Historicis, 
russia extra^ gilt leaves . Novimh. 1687 

2893 Index Librorura Prohibitorum et Expurgandorum Novissimus 

pro Catholicis Hispaniarum, Regnis Philippi IV. 2 vol. 

Madriti, 1667 

2894 Inscha (L.) Collection de Vues du Rhin les plus Pittoresques 

depuis Spire jusqu'a Dusseldorf, 60 finely coloured plates 

Wien, 1798 

2895 Jacob (Alex.) Complete English Peerage, plates of armsy 

2 vol. c«//^and the Tables of Pedigrees, halfcalfi together 

3 vol. . . 1766 

2896 Jacob (G.) Law Dictionary . 1732 

2897 Jacquin (N. J.) Icones Plantarum Rariorum, upwards 

o/'640 finely coloured plates, 4 vol. 
very scarce., russia . Vindob. 1781-86 

2898 Jaligny (G. de) Histoire de Charles VIII. Roy de France, 

Paris, 1684 

2899 Jamaica. Journals of the Assembly of Jamaica from 1663 

to 1826, 14 vol. 
PRESENTATION COPY, voted by the Assembly to the Marquis 
of Chandos, 1829, fine copy, splendidly bound in russia 
extra, gilt leaves . Jamaica, 1811-29 

2900 James I. (King) Workes, by Bp. Montague, 2 portraits by 

S. Pass, engraved by Pllstracke, fine copy, calf gilt 1616 

2901 Jamieson (Al.) Celestial Atlas, 30 maps oblong fol. 1822 

2902 Jeannin (Pierre) Negotiations, joor^. by Nantueil Paris, 1656 

2903 Jebb (S.) de Vita et Rebus Gestis Mariae Scotorum Reginse, 

portrait and plate of pedigree, 2 vol. 
bright old calf gilt . . 1725 

2904 Jefferys (T.) Natural and Civil History of the French Do- 

minions in North and South America, maps, 2 vol. in 1 
old calf gilt . .1761 

2905 Jefferys (T.) Description of the Maritime Parts of France, 

84 coloured charts and plans, 2 \o\, oblong fol. 1761 

2906 Jefferys (T.) Maritime Parts of France, 2 vol. another edition 

oblong fol. 1761 

2907 Jesuits' Morals, by a Doctor of the Sorbon . 1670 

2908 Johnson (Sam.)Dictionary of the English Language, 2 vol. 1765 

2909 Johnston (And.) Theatrum Scotiae, containing the Prospects 

of Castles and Palaces, Towns, Colleges, Abbeys, Churches, 
&c. with Descriptions, numerous plates, old calf gilt 1718 



2910 Joinville (J. de) Histoire de S. Louys IX. Roy de France, 

portrait . Paris, 1668 

2911 Jones (Ed.) Index to Records called the Originalia and Me- 

moranda in the Exchequer, 2 vol. russia . 1793 

2912 Jones (Inigo) Stone-henge Restored, Jine portrait hy Hollar, 

and wood engravings, russia extra 1655 

2913 Jones (I.) Stone-henge Restored, portrait hy Hollar, and 

many plates, best edition, good copy 1 725 

2914 Jones (I.) Designs, Plans, and Elevations of Public and Pri- 

vate Buildings, by Kent, IS6 plates, 2 vol. in 1 1727 

2915 Jonson (Ben.) Works, joor^rmV . 1692 

2916 Joseph, Antiquitez Judaiques, ou Histoire des Juifs, traduite 

D'Andilly, plates, ruled with red lines, 2 vol. 
Jine copy, old red morocco, gilt on marbled leaves Paris, 1670 

2917 Josephi Opera Orania, Gr. et Lat. cura Hudsoni, 2 vol. 

Oxonii, 1720 

2918 Josephus, Works by Dandilly and L' Estrange, jo/ct^e* 1683 

2919 Josephus, Works, translated by Whiston, map, 


2920 Jousse (M.) Art de Charpenterie, jt)/a^e* Paris, 1702 

2921 Jovii (Pauli) Elogia Virorum Bellica Virtute illustrium, /)or- 

traits, russia . Basil. 1675 

2922 Junii (Fr.) de Pictura Veterum, lib. 111. portrait 

LARGE PAPER . Rottcrd, 1694 

2923 Junii (F.) Etymologicura Anglicanum edidit Ed. Lye, portrait, 

with autograph signature of Ed. Lye Oxonii, 1743 

2924 Justini Martyris Apologise et Dialogus, Gr. et Lat. cura 

Thirlbii . 1722 

2925 Justiniani (P.) Rerum Venetarum Historia"^^ Venet. 1575 

2926 Juvenal, XVI. Satyrs, translated by Sir R. Stapleton, Jine 

portrait hy Lomhart 
LARGE PAPER, calf, marbled leaves 1660 

2927 Juvenal and Persius, Satires, translated by Dr. Barten Holy- 

day, plates, old calf gilt . 1673 

2928 Juvenal and Persius, Satires, by Dryden 1693 

2929 Juvenalis Satyrae . Paris, e Typ, Regia, 1644 

2930 Kaempfer (Dr. E.) History of Japan, with the Two Appendices 

by Scheuchzer, A5 plates, 2 vol. bright old calf gilt 1728 

2931 Kauffman (Angelica) Works, consisting of Portraits, 

Scenes from Shakspeare, and other Dramatic Writers, and 
various Compositions, 
upwards of 220 fine plates, hy various eminent engravers, as 
Bartolozzi, Burke, Facius, Oghorne, W. W. Ryland, 
Schiavonetti, S^c. principally choice proofs before 
and after the letters, &c. a picked copy for 
Mary Boydell, 2 vol. russia extra atlas folio, v. Y. 

2932 Kausler (F. de) Atlas de plus Memorables Batailles, Combats 

et Sieges des temps Anciens, du Moyen Age et de I'Age 
Moderne, en 200 feuilles des cartes, plans, ^c. tvith a 4to. 
vol. of Text, 2 vol. half russia Carlsruhe^ 1831 





2933 Keating (W. H.) Narrative of an Expedition to the Source of 

St. Peter's River, map and plates^ 2 vol. 1825 

2934 Keepsake, The, fine plates, for the years 1833, 1834, 1842, 

1843, and 1845, 5 vol. 

LARGE PAPER . 1833-45 

2935 Keightley (T.) The Crusaders, jo^ajf^*, 2 vol. 1834 

2936 Keith (Al.) Evidence of Prophecy, plates, Edinh. 1836 — 

Kenney (A. H.) Danger of Popish Power, 1839, &c. 3 vol. 

2937 Kelham (R.) Domesday Book, illustrated, scarce 1788 

2938 Kelly (Jas.) Collection of Scotish Proverbs 1721 

2939 Kelly (Michael) Reminiscences of the King's Theatre and 

Theatre Royal Drury Lane, 2 vol. , 1826 

2940 Kempis (Tho. a) L'lmitation de Jesus Christ, traduit par le 

Sr. de Beuil, ruled with red lines, 
old red morocco extra, gilt leaves Paris, 1673 

2941 Kempis (T. a) Imitation of Jesus Christ, by Dr- Geo. Stan- 

hope, plates, old red morocco, gilt leaves 1721 

2942 Kennett (White) The Case of Impropriations and the Aug- 

mentation of Vicarages, and his Life, 2 vol. 
calf gilt . . 1704-30 

2943 Kennett (W.) Sermon at the Funeral of the Duke of Devon- 

shire, and Memoirs of the Family of Cavendish, 1708 — 
Biographical Sketches of Persons w^hose Portraits are in 
the Collection at Knole, plates, 1795— -Conduct of Admiral 
Knowles at Rochefort, map, 1758, and Siege of Louis- 
bourg, by Gibson, plans, 1745, in 1 vol. 3 vol. 

2944 Kent (Nath.) Hints to Gentlemen of Landed Property, 1775, 

&c. . . 12 vol. 

2945 Kent. History and Antiquities of Rochester Cathedral, 1717 

— Topographical Survey of Kent, Canterbury, 1782 — 
Kentish Traveller's Companion, maps, 1794 3 vol. 

2946 Keppel (Geo.) Journey across the Balcan, map and frontis- 

piece, 2 vol. . . 1831 

2947 Ker (J. of Kensland) Memoirs, by Himself, 4 vol. 1726 

2948 Kerr (Rob.) History of Scotland during the reign of Robert 

the Bruce, 2 vol. calf gilt, marbled leaves Edinb. 1811 

2949 Kersey (J.) English Dictionary, and Words in Old Records, 

&c. 1721, &c. . . 5 vol. 

2950 Kidd (J.) Outlines of Mineralogy, 2 vol. Oxford, 1809— 

Kirwan, Geological Essays, 1799 . 3 vol. 


2951 Killigrew (Sir Wm.) Midnight and Daily Thoughts, in Prose 

and Y erse, /ine copy, calf gilt . 1694 

2952 King (P.) Voyages to Australia, charts and plates, 2 vol. 1827 

2953 King (P.) R. Fitzroy and C. Darwin, Voyages of the Adven- 

ture and Beagle, maps and plates, 4 vol. 1839 

2954 King (R. J.) Lectures on the One Catholic and Apostolic 

Church, vol. 1, 2 copies Wisheach, 1842 

2955 King (Dr. Wm.) Original Works, 3 vol. calf gilt 1776 

2956 King Killers, The History of, or the Lives of Thirty-one 

Fanatic Saints, 1719 — Martin (Is.) Tryal and Sufferings 
in the Inquisition in Spain, plates, 1723 2 vol. 

2957 Kingston (Ric.) A Spiritual Receipt for Cure of the Plague, 

with the scarce portrait and Richardson s copy 1665 

2958 Kinneir (J. M.) Journey through Asia Minor and Armenia 


2959 Kirkman (J. T.) Memoirs of Charles Macklin, portrait, 2 vol. 

calf gilt . . 1799 

2960 Kirby (Jo.) Suffolk Traveller, maps, calf, 1764— Kirby, 

Account of Twelve Prints of Monasteries, &c. in Suffolk 
Ipswich, ilA2 . 2 vol. 

2961 Kirby (Wm.) On the History, Habits, and Instincts of Ani- 

mals, many plates, 2 vol. Pickering, 1835 

2962 Kitto (John) Palestine, the Physical Geography and Natural 

Plistory of the Holy Land, numerous wood engravings, 
complete in 19 parts . royal 8vo. 1841 

2963 Knight (Dr. S.) Life of Dr. John Colet, Dean of St. Paul's, 

portraits and plates, fine impressions, 
LARGE PAPER, ^we copy, old calf gilt royal 8vo. 1724 

2964 Knolls, Turkish History, by Savage, portraits, 2 vol. 1704 

2965 Knox (J.) View of the British Empire, with proposals for the 

extension of its Fisheries, 1789 — Knox (J.) Tour through 
the Highlands of Scotland and the Hebrides, 1787, 
calf gilt . . 2 vol. 

2966 Knox (J.) Extra Official State Papers Addressed to Lord 

Rawdon, calf gilt . 1789 

2967 Kolbes (P.) Description du Cap de Bonne- Esperance, plates, 

3 vol. 1741 — Le Mercuric Hollandois, 6 vol. Amst, 1678, 
&c. . . 18 vol. 

2968 Kolli (Baron de) Memoirs, portrait, 1823— Knox, State 

Papers, 1789 — History of Kouli Kan, portrait, n. d. &c. 

8 vol. 

2969 Kotzebue, I'Annee la plus remarquable de ma Vie, portrait, 

2 vol. Paris, 1802 — Lubersac, Journal du Clerge de 
France en Angleterre, 1802 — Memoires de la Roche- 
jaquelein, ib. 1816, calf gilt . 4 vol. 

2970 Kotzebue (Aug. Von) Travels to Paris, 3 vol. — Travels 

through Italy, 4 vol. — Journey into Persia, together 8 vol. 
calf gilt * . . 1805-6-19 


2971 Kotzebue (O. Von) New Voyage round the World, in 1823-6, 

plates, 2 vol. '. . 1830 

2972 Laborde (Al. de) Itineraire Descriptif de I'Espagne, 5 vol. 

and atlas, calf gilt . Paris, 1809 

2973 Lafitau (J. Fr.) Histoire des Decouvertes et Conquestes des 

Portugais dans le Nouveau Monde, maps and plates, 4 vol. 
old red morocco, gilt leaves . ib. 1734 

2974 Laharpe (J. F.) Lycee, ou Cours de Litterature Ancienne et 

Moderne, 12 vol. calf gilt . ib. 1799 

2975 La Harpe (M. de) Abrege de I'Histoire Generale des Voyages, 

numerous maps and plates, 44 vol. calf gilt ib, 1780-1804 

2976 Laing (Malcolm) History of Scotland, from James VI. to 

Queen Anne, 2 vol. calf gilt . 1 800 

2977 Lally-Tolendale (Comte de) Essai sur la Vie de Comte de 

Strafford et Tragedie de Comte de Strafford, portrait, 
2 vol. . . 1795 

2978 Lamballe (Princess) Secret Memoirs of the Royal Family of 

France, portrait, 2 vol. . 1826 

2979 Lander (Rich.) Records of Captain Clapperton's last Expedition 

to Africa, /?or^ra/^, 2 vol. . 1830 

2980 Landon (C. P.) Galerie Historique des Hommes les plus 

Celebres de tons les Siecles et de toutes les Nations, 
upwards of 900 portraits in outline proofs, 13 vol. 
VELLUM PAPER, cttlf gilt . Paris, 1805 

2981 Landon (L. E.) The Troubadour, 1825 — The Improvisatrice, 

1824 . . 2 vol. 

2982 Landscape Annual, from 1830 to 1839, numerous fine platesy 

proofs on india paper, 10 vol. 
LARGE VAVBK, green morocco extra, g, I. roy. 8vo. 1830-9 

2983 Lane (E. W.) Account of the Manners and Customs of the 

Modern Egyptians, wood engravings, 2 vol. 1836 

2984 Langbaine (Gerard) Account of English Dramatic Poets 

Oxford, 1691 

2985 Langhornii (Dan.) Elenchus Antiquitatum Albionensium, 

russia . . 1673 

2986 Langle (M. de) Voyage en Espagne, 2 vol. 1785 — Le Blanc 

(M.) Lettres, 3 vol. La Haye, 1745, &c. 8 vol. 

2987 Lantier (E. F.) Travels of Antenor in Greece and Asia, 3 vol. 


2988 Lardner's Cyclopoedia — Nicolas (Sir H.) Chronology of His- 

tory, 1833— The Western World, 2 vol. 1830 3 vol. 

2989 La Rochefoucauld (Vicomte de) Memoires, 1814^36, 5 vol. 

Paris, 1837 

2990 Larrey (M. de) History of the Reign of Charles I, portrait, 

2 vol. . . 1716 

2991 Larrey (M. de) Histoire de France sous le Regne de Louis XIV, 

4 vol. Rotterd. 1718 — Histoire de Louis XIV, par Pellison, 

3 vol. Paris, 1749 . 7 vol. 


2992 Latham (S.) Faulconry, or the Faulcon's Lure and Cure, wood 

engravings . . 1658 

2993 Latrobe (B. H.) History of Counts Struensee and Brandt 1789 

2994 Lauder (Wm.) On Milton's Use, &c. of the Moderns in his 

Paradise Lost, and Letter to Dr. Douglas on his Vindi- 
cation of Milton, 2 vol. in 1, calf gilt 1750-51 

2995 Lavallette (Comte) Memoires et Souvenirs, 2 vol. Paris, 1831 

— Vigee-Lebruu, Souvenirs, portraits^ 3 vol. ib. 1836, &c. 

10 vol. 

2996 Lavater (Lud.) De Spectris Lemuribus, &c. plates, hy Rom. 

de Hooghe . Gorichemi, 1683 

2997 Law Terms, Exposition of, and of Difficult Words, 1607, &c. 

4 vol. 

2998 Leach (J.) Rough Sketches of the Life of an old Soldier, 1831 

— Secret Memoirs of Louis XIV, portraits 1824 — Long- 
mate, Supplement to Collins' Peerage, 1784, &c. 8 vol. 

2999 Leake (S. M.) Historical Account of English Money, from 

the Conquest, plates . 1745 

3000 Learned, History of the Works of the, from 1737 to 1741, 

8 vol. and Miscellanies, 9 vol. . 17 vol. 

3001 Le Comte (L. le) Journey through China, plates^ 1697 — 

Lempriere (W.) Tour to Morocco, 1813 2 vol. 

3002 Legons de la Nature, 4 vol. Paris, 1801 — Londres, 4 vol. 

Lausanne, 1774 — Ligne (Prince de) Memoires, 2 vol. 
1809, &c. . . 12 vol. 

3003 Lediard (T.) Life of John, Duke of Marlborough, plates and 

plans, 3 vol. 1736 — Conduct of the Duke of Marlborough, 
1712— Conduct of the Duchess, 1742 5 vol. 

3004 Lee (Nat.) Works, 2 vol. 1713— Meilan (M. A.) Dramatic 

Works, n, d. . 3 vol. 

3005 Legh (Gerard) Accidens of Armoury, frontispiece and en- 

gravings of arms, russia . 1562 

3006 Legrand (Aug.) Galeries des Antiques, ou Esquisses des 

Statues, Bustes, &c. fruit des Conquestes de I'Armee 
d'ltalie, 92 plates, calf, marbled leaves Paris, 1803 

3007 Le Grand, Fabliaux ou Contes du XII, et du XIII. Siecles, 

5 vol. . Pam, 1781 

3008 Le Grand (M.) Fabliaux, or Tales of the 12th and 13th Cen- 

turies, in English Verse, by G. L. Way, vignette wood 
engravings, 2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, green morocco, gilt leaves 1796 

3009 Leicester (Rob. Earl of) Ufe, portrait 1727 

3010 Leland (T.) Histoire d'Irlande, 7 vol. Maestricht, 1779, &c. 

17 vol. 

3011 Lemaistre (J. G.) Sketch of Modern Paris, 1803— Travels 

through France, 2 vol. 1809 — Lempriere, Tour to Morocco, 
1791 . . 4 vol. 

3012 Lempriere (J.) Classical Dictionary . 1834 


3013 Lenoir (Al.) Musee des Monumens Fran9ais, 165 plateSt 

4 vol. calf gilt . Parisy 1800=5 

3014 Lenoir (Al.) Musee des Monumens Fran9ais, Histoire de la 

Peinture sur Verre, 53 plates, including the series of 
Cupid and Psyche, after Raphael, calf gilt ih. 1803 

3015 Le Neve (J.) Monumenta Anglicana, vol. 1 to 3, and Supple- 

ment, 4 vol. . 1717-19 

3016 Le Neve (J.) Lives and Characters of all the Protestant 

Bishops since the Reformation, 2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, calf gilt . royal 8vo. 1720 

3017 Leone, Dialoghi di A more, calf gilt Aldus, 1545 

3018 Le Sage (A. R.) CEnvres, portrait and plates, 15 vol. 

calf gilt . . Amst. 1783 

3019 Le Sage, Histoire de Gil Bias de Santillane, illustrated with 

numerous wood engravings by J Gigoux, 
VELLUM PAPER, calf extra, g. I. impl. 8vo. Paris, 1836 

3020 Lesseps (M. de) Voyage de Kamtschatka, plates, 2 vol. 

Paris, 1790, &c. . 5 vol. 

3021 Leti (Greg.) Vita di Sisto Y. portraits, 3 vol. Amst. 1721 

3022 Letronne (A.) Recherches sur Dicuil Paris, 1814 

3023 Lettres Chinoises, 6 vol. La Haye, 1755 — Lettres de Villars, 

2 vol. 1805— Lettres de Maine, Paris, 1805 9 vol. 

3024 Lettres Edifiantes et Curieuses, ecrites des Missions Etrangers, 

plates, 26 vol. . Paris, 1780 

3025 Levesque, Histoire de Russie, 7 vol. calf gilt Paris, 1782 

3026 Lewis (John) Life and Sufferings of John Wicliffe, no por- 

trait . . 1720 

3027 Lewis (J.) History of Translations of the Holy Bible, with the 

plate . 1739 

3028 Lewis (J.) Life of Bishop Reynold Vecock, fine copy, calf gilt, 

marbled leaves . 1744 

3029 Lewis (Geo.) Series of Etchings pourtraying the People of 

France and Germany, 19 plates, Part I, and six various 
parts of illustrated works . 7 parts 

3030 Lewis (M. G.) Tales of Wonder, 2 vol. in 1 roy. 8vo. 1801 

3031 Lhuyd (E.) Collection of Letters to the Welsh, Scots, and 

Irish ; Malcolm (D.) Essay on the Antiquities of Great 
Britain and Ireland, with Specimen of an Irish English 
Dictionary, 2 vol. in 1 . Edinburgh, 1738-9 

3032 Library of Romance. The Ghost Hunter, Schinder Hannes, 

Waltham, Stolen Child, Bondman, Slave King, Khan's 
Tale, Waldemar, 8 vol. . 1833 

3033 Library of Useful Knowledge, Natural Philosophy, wood en- 

gravings, 2 vol. half calf . 1829 

3034 Library of Useful Knowledge, 83 numbers, the subjects com- 

plete, and 62 numbers various, together 128 numbers 

3035 Lights and Shadows of American Life, 3 vol. 1832 — Legends 

of the Library at Lilies, 2 vol. 1832 . 5 vol. 


303G Lillo (Geo.) Works, with his Life, 2 vol. 1775— Mountfort 
(W.) Six Plays, 1720 . 3 vol. 

3037 Lilly (John) Sixe Court Comedies, scarce, good copy, blue 

morocco extra, gilt leaves . 1632 

3038 Lilly (VVm.) Merlini Anglici Ephemeris, or General and 

Monthly Predictions, 1650 to \(j^S, portraits, 2 vol. 
calf, not uniform . 1650-58 

3039 Lima, Relation of an Earthquake at, and Description of Peru, 

map and plates . . 1748 

3040 Lingard (J.) Antiquities of the Anglo-Saxon Church, map^ 

coloured, calf gilt . Newcastle, 1810 

3041 Lisle (Major Temple) Life, joor/rmV, 1799 — Lewis, Memoirs 

of William Henry Duke of Gloucester, 1789 — Leti, Life 
of Pope Sixtus V. 1704 — Memoirs of the Marq. de Lan- 
gallerie, 1710 4 vol. 

3042 Lives, English and Foreign, 2 vol. 1704 — Le Nevers, Me- 

moirs of Illustrious Persons who died in 1711, 1712 &c. 

7 vol. 

3043 Lives of Jo. Leland, Tho. Hearne, and Anthony a Wood, An- 

tiquaries, joor^raiV* and plates, russia extra Oxford, 1772 

3044 Livii Historia, cum Prefatione Erasmi, 4 vol. 

old calf, gilt leaves , Lugduni, 1548 

3045 Livii Historia, ex recensione I. F. Gronovii, good copy 

Amst. Elzev. 1678 


3046 Knight (R. P.) Account of the Remains of the Worship of 

Priapus, 19 plates 


3047 Knight (R. P.) Analytical Essay on the Greek Alphabet, 

plates, calf gilt . 1791 

3048 Knight (R. P.) Landscape, plates, calf gilt, 1794 — Epistle 

from Kien Long to George HI. n. d, , 2 vol. 

3049 Knight (R. P.) Progress of Civil Society, 

LARGE PAPER, calf gilt . 1796 

3050 Knox (Jo.) Journal of Campaigns, North America, 2 vol. 

1769 — Lloyd, History of the War in Germany, plans, 
2 vol. 1766 . . 4 vol. 

3051 Kotzebue (O. Von) Voyage of Discovery to Beering's Straits, 

coloured plates, 3 vol. . 1821 

3052 Krusenstern (A. J. Von) Voyage round the World, translated 

by Hoppner, map and coloured plates, 2 vol. in 1 
Tussia extra, gilt leaves . 1813 

3053 Labillardiere (M.) Voyage in Search of La Perouse, map and 

46 plates, calf gilt . 1800 

3054 Lagniet (Jacq.) Recueil des plus illustres Proverbes, upwards 

of X'ilQ plates, fine impressions, 3 vol. in 1 Paris, n, d. 


3055 Lairesse (^Ger. de) Art of Painting in all its Branches, by 
Fritsch, 7i%any plates, coloured 1738 

S056 Lamanine (Alph. de) Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, portraitt 
3 vol. . .1835 

8057 Lambarde (Wm.) Perambulation of Kent, or the Description, 

Hystorie, and Customes of that Shyre, 2 maps, 
blaciv letltr, good copy, old calf 1596 

8058 Lambarde (W.) Alphabetical Description of the Chief Places 

in England and Wales, por^ra?^ . 1730 

3059 Lambardi (G.) de Priscis Anglorura Legibus libri, Saxon, et 

Lat. map, fine copy, russia extra, gilt leaves Jo. Daii, 1568 

3060 Lamberty, Memoires pour Servir al'Histoire du XVIII. Siecle, 

14 vol. . Amst. 1735 

8061 Lambeth. A Concise Account, Historical and Descriptive, of 
Lambeth Palace, 
ILLUSTRATED With A^ fine portraits and plates by Faber, 

Verfue, JBaron^ Watson, ^'c. some finely colour ed^ 
LARGE FAVF.R, red morocco, gilt leaves Elephant 4io. 1806 
3062 Landmann (G.) Historical, Military, and Picturesque Obser- 
vations on Portugal, 55 coloured plates, vol. 2 


8063 Landon (C. P.) Vies et (Euvres des Peintres les plus 

Celebres de toutes les Ecoles ; Recueil Classi- 
QUE, viz. — Peintures Antiques, 3 vol. ; Dominique Zam- 
pieri dit le Dominiquin, 3 vol.; Michel- Ange Buonarotti, 
2 vol. ; Poussin, 4 vol. ; Raphael Sanzio, 8 vol. ; et Eust. 
le Sueur, 2 vol. portraits, and many hundred plates in 
outline, 22 vol. uncut . Paris, 1805-17 

*^* This is No. 159 of only 250 copies printed, see Auto- 
graph Note of Landon. 

8064 Langley (B. and T.) Gothic Architecture Improved, 62 plates, 

1742, and Builder's and Workman's Treasury, 184 plates, 
2 vol. . . 1740-42 

3065 Langley (Thos.) Histories and Antiquity of the Hundred of 

Desborough, and Deanery of Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, 
'map and plates, 
LARGE PAPER, Ted morocco extra, gilt leaves 1797 

3066 Langley (Thos ) History and Antiquities of the Hundred of 

Desborough, plates . 1797 

3067 Latham (John) General Synopsis of Birds, with the Supple- 

ment and Index Ornithologicus, liO finely coloured plates, 
original edition, 10 \o\. fine copy, calf e<rtra 1781-90 

3068 Latham (S.) Falconry, or Falcon's Lure and Cure, wood en- 

gravings, 2 parts in 1 vol. . 1633 

3069 Latimer (Bishop) Fruitful Sermons, (title torn) 1635 

3070 Latrobe (C. J.) Journal of a Visit to South Africa in 1»15 

and 1816, maps and plates, some coloured, 
calf extra, gilt leaves . 1818 



3071 Lauder (Sir T. D.) Memorial of the Royal Progress in Scot- 

Scotland, plates and vignettes Edinb, 1843 

3072 Laurence (Ed.) Duty of a Steward 1727 

3073 Lavater (J. G.) Essai sur la Physiognomie, numerous plates, 

3 vol. calf gilt royal 4to. La Haye^ 1783-6 

3074 Lavaterus (L.) of Ghostes and Spirites Walking by Night, 

translated by T. H. 
Blacfe \t\in . 1596 

3075 Lawrence (Dr. Tho.) Dr. Fr. Nichollsii Vita cum Conjecturis 

ejusdem de natura et usu partium Humani Coporis simila- 
rium, portrait and plates, 

PRIVATELY PRINTED, Calf gilt 1780 

3076 Lazzari (A.) Vedute Prospettiche della Regia Citta di Venezia, 

upwards of SO plates oblong 4to. Venet. n. d. 

3077 Le Brun, the Passions of the Soul represented in, 20 plates 

royal 4to. 1767 

3078 Lee Priory Press, Wood-cuts and Verses printed at the 1820 

3079 Legh (Ger.) Accedens of Armory, with the arms coloured, and 

the autograph of Rohte. Talbott on the title 

Rych Tottelly 1568 

3080 Legh (G.) fAccedene of Armorie, woodcuts of arms, with 

original MS. Poem by Wm, Douglas, Apl, 1628 
russia extra . 1612 

3081 Legh (T.) Narrative of a Journey in Egypt, p^a^e^ 1816 

3082 Legros (S ) L'Art de la Coeffure des Dames Francoises, 

Q2 coloured plates . Paris, 1768 

3083 Leland (J.) Advantage and Necessity of Christian Revelation, 

2 vol. . 1764 

3084 Leland (T.) Life of Philip, King of Macedon, map and plate, 

2 vol. . . 1758 

3085 Leiandi (Jo.) Nseniee in Mortem Thomae Viati, 1542 — Geneth- 

liacon Eadvardi Principis Cambrise,1543 — Assertio Arturii 
Regis Britannia^, 1544, et Commentarii in Cygneam Can- 
tionem, the ^ first tracts damaged Londini, 1542-44 

3086 Lenfant (Jas.) History of the Council of Constance, by 

S. ^MhG2ii\ey, plates, 2 vol. . 1730 

3087 Leonard (F.) Receuil des Traitez de Paix, &c. faitspar les Rois 

de France avec tous les Princes de I'Europe depuis pres de 
trois siecles, 7 vol. old French calf, g. I. Paris, 1693-97 

3088 Leslaeus (Episc. Jo.) de Origine, Moribus et Rebus Gestis Sco- 

torum, portraits, scarce, calf gilt Romce, 1578 

3089 Lewis (John) History and Antiquities of the Abbey and 

Church of Faversham, in Kent, plates, interleaved with 
numerous MS. additions in the autograph of Edw. Jacob 
(author of the History of Faversham), and presented by 
him to Sir P. Thomson, l^th April, 1752 
russia extra, gilt leaves, uncut 1727 

3090 Lewis (Jo.) History and Antiquities of the Isle of Thanet, 

portrait and plates, best edition 1736 


3091 Lewis (J.) History and Antiquities of the Abbey Church of 

Faversham, /)/«^^5 . 1737 

3092 Lewis (J.) History and Antiquities of the Isle of Tenet, in 

Kent, portrait and plates^ 
LARGE PAPER, best edition . 1736 

3093 Lewis (Sa.) Topographical Dictionary of England and Wales, 

6 vol. . 1831-33 

3094 Liceti (F.) de Monstrorum Natura, Causis et Ditferentiis 

libri \i, many plates . Patavii, 1634 

3095 Light (Hen.) Travels in Egypt, Nubia, Holy Land, &c. in 

\Sl^, plates . . 1818 

8096 Lilburne (Lieut. Col. Jo.) Triall, 2 parts, with a curious Col- 
lection of upwards of 60 Tracts by and relating to him and 
his Case, very Important and Interesting, ivith 4 portraits^ 
in 4 vol. very scarce^ calf^ uiiiform and neat 1638-53 

3097 Lilly (Wm.) Monarchy or No Monarchy in England, and Ob- 

servations on the Life and Death of King Charles, curious 
wood eng ravings . 1651 

3098 Limborch (P.) History of the Inquisiton by Chandler, 2 vol. 

in 1 . . 1731 

3099 Lipsii (Justi) Poliorceticon, ja/a^e^ Antv, 1625 

3100 Lipscomb (Dr. Geo.) History and Antiquities of the 

County of Buckingham, many maps, portraits^ and 
plates, 7 parts, 
LARGE paper, uucut , imperial 4to. 1831-43 

3101 Lisiansky (U.) Voyage round the World in 1803-0, portrait 

and plates . .1814 

3102 LTsle (Wm.) Divers Ancient Monuments in the Saxon Tongue, 

Saxon and English, calf gilt . 1638 

3103 Lithgow (Wm.) Discourse of the Rare Adventures and Paine- 

full Peregrinations of 19 Yeares Travels from Scotland to 
the Kingdoms of Europe, Asia, and Africa, portrait, and 
curious ivood engravi}(^:,Jine clean copy, calf gilt 1632 

3104 Littleton (Ad.) Latin Dictionary . 1684 

3105 Lives, Characters, and Adventures of Arthur Lord Balmarino, 

of Simon Lord Lovat, and of Chas. RatclifFe, from their 
Births to their Executions, portraits and woodcuts, 3 vol. 
in 1, calf gilt . n. d, 

3106 Lloyd (Lod.) Marrow of History, or Pilgrimage of Kings and 

Princes, shewing the Tragedies of Princes at their Deaths, 
and Sayings in their Lives, russia, marbled leaves 1653 

3107 Locker (Edvv. H.) Views in Spain, illustrating Southey's War 

in Spain, 60 plates , 1824 

3108 LoDDiGE (C.) Botanical Cabinet, or Coloured Delinea- 

tions of Plants from all Countries, l^OOJinely coloured 
plates, by Geo. Cooke, 19 vol. 
half bound calf, gilt haves , 1818-32 

3109 Loder (Rob.) Statutes and Ordinances of the Alms-houses in 

Woodbridge, Suffolk, and Constitutions for the Free School, 
plateSf 2 vol, in 1, calf gilt . 1792-6 


3110 Loder (Rob.) History of Framlingham, portraits and plater ^ 

russia, marhled leaves . Woodbridge, 1798 

3111 Lodge (Edm.) Illustrations of British History, Biography, 

and Manners in the Reigns of Henry VHI. to James I. 
p 01^ traits and plates, 3 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, calf gilt , 1791 

3112 Loier (Pet. de) Treatise of Specters or Straunge Sights, Visions, 

and Apparitions appearing Sensibly unto Men, 
fine copy, calf . . 1605 

3113 Lombard (D.) Coraparaison des Histoires de Mezeray et du 

Pere Daniel, Amst. 1723— Maizeaux (M. Des) Vie de 
Saint Evremond . n. d, 

3114 Londini quod Reliquum, or London's Remains, a Poem, Lat. 

and English, calf gilt . 1667 

3115 London Chronicle for 1761-2 . 2 vol. 

3116 Londonderry, (Marquess of) Narrative of the Peninsular War 

from 1808 to 1813, and the War in Germany and France, 
in 1813 and 14, maps atid plans, 2 vol. 1828-30 

3117 Londonderry (Marquess of) Recollections of a Tour in the North 

of Europe in 1836-37, portraits, presentation copy 1838 

3118 Long (J.) Voyages and Travels among the North American 

Indians, map, calf gilt . 1791 

3119 Long (W.) History of Jamaica, mapj and plates, 3 vol. 1774 

3120 Longinus de Sublimitate cum Commentariis, Gr. et Lat. cum 

notis, Z. Pearce . 1724 

3121 Longini quEe Supersunt, Gr. et Lat. cum notis Toupii, 

Jiiie copy, calf gilt . Oxon, 1778 

3122 Long (G.) et F. W. Moritz, Costumes Suisses, many plates^ 

finely coloured and mounted, 
half morocco, marhled leaves Neuchatel, 1824 

3123 Louis XVI. Sacra et Couronnement de Louis XVI. a Rheims, 

1775, many plates hy S^ Patas, very fine impressions, 
fine copy, old red morocco, gilt leaves Paris, 1775 

3124 Loyens (Hub.) Synopsis Rerum Lotharingiae, Brabantise, et 

de Limburgi T>u.c\hu'i, portraits, Prujt;.l672 — Memoires de 
Fequiere, 1736 — Offices D'Estat, par Hurault, Parisy 
1588, &c. . 4 vol. 


3125 Kennett (Bp. White) Register and Chronicle, Ecclesiastical 

and Civil, vol. 1, all published, good copy 1728 

3126 Kennett, Complete History of England, joor^raeV*, 3 vol. 1706 

3127 Killigrew (Mrs. Anne) Poems, portrait by Beckett, after a 

paintiyig by herself, 
very scarce, fine copy, old red morocco, gilt leaves 1686 

3128 Killigrew (Thomas) Plays . 1664 

3129 Killigrew (Sir Wm,) Four New Playes, calf gilt Oxf 1666 


3130 King (Dan.) Description Historicall and Geographicall of the 

Countie Palatine, Chester, and of the Isle of Man, 3 maps 
and many plates^ hy King, ^c. 
very scarce^ russia, gilt leaves . 1656 

3131 King (Edw,) Munimenta Antiqua, or Observations on 

Antient Castles, including Remarks on the whole Progress 

of Architecture in Great Britain, many fine plates, 4 vol. 

fine copy, russia extra . 1799 

3132 Kip (J.) NouvEAu Theatre de la Grande Bretagne, 

ou Description exacte des Palais du Roy et des Maisons, 
des Seigneurs et des Gentilshommes du dit Royaume, 
about ^00 fine plates, 4 vol. russia extra 1724 

3133 Kip, Britannia Illustrata, or Views of the Queen's Palaces, 

and Seats of the Nobility and Gentry of Great Britain 
SO fine plates, 

large paper, old calf gilt . 1707 

3134 Kip (J.) Views of Noblemen's and Gentlemen's Seats, a vol. 

ofi47 plates . oblong folio 

3135 Kircheri (Ath.) Musurgia Universalis, sive Ars magna con- 

soni et dissoni, 2 vol. in 1 Romce, 1650 

3136 Kircheri (A.) Latium Vetus et Novum, maps and plates 

Amst. 1671 

3137 Kircheri (A.) China Monumentis qua Sacris, qua Profanis 

iWxxsivaXdi, maps and plates . ^m^^. 1677 

3138 Knolles (Ric.) Turkish History, with Continuation, by Sir 

P. Rycaut, portraits, 2 vol. in 1, old calf gilt 1687 

3139 Knox (Rob.) Plistorical Relation of the Island of Ceylon, 

plates . . 1681 

3140 Koehoorn (Baron) Method of Fortification, plates 1705 

3141 Kreturbuch und Distillierns Bereydtschaffe, coloured wood 

engravings, many leaves mended Franchfurt, 1550 

3142 Laborde (A. de) Voyage Pittoresque et Historique de I'Es- 

pagne, plates. No. 29 to 48 (except No. 44) 9 numbers, 
vellum paper . Paris, n, d, 

3143 Labourer (J. de) Memoires de Michel de Castelnau, portrait, 

2 vol. . Paris, 1659 

3144 Labourer (J. de) Histoire du Mareschal de QukihYidini, portrait 

hy Nantueil, et Histoire Genealogique de la Maison des 
Budes, plate and arms, 2 vol. in 1 ib. 1656-7 

3145 Labourer (M. Le) Histoire de Charles VI, Roy de France, 

2 vol. . . ib. 1763 

3146 Lafosse (M.) Cours d'Hippiatrique, ou Traite complet de la 

Medecine des Chevaux, portrait and 65 plates, 
large paper . ib. 1772 

3147 Lairesse (Ger.) Works, consisting of upwards of 120 fine 

spirited etchings, by N. Visscher, 
large paper, vellum . Amst. n. d. 


3148 Lancelot du Lac. Des Merucilleux Faits et Gestes du Noble, 

et Puissan Chevalier Lancelot du Lac Compaignon de la 
Table Ronde, vol. 1 wants title, first leaf of the table B 1, 
and vol. 3 all after folio 227, 3 vol. in ], 
g0tl)tc letter, fne large copy . Paris, 1499 

3149 Landseer (John) Antiquities of Dacca, 8 plates, beautiful 

proofs, No. 1 and 2 . 1814 

3150 Langley (Batty) Pomona, or Fruit Garden illustrated, 

78 plates . . 1729 

3151 Lanuza (V. Blaseo de) Historias Ecclesiasticas y Seculares de 

Aragon, 2 vol. in 1 . Carago^a, 1622 

3152 La Porte (J.) Studies of Trees, No. 1 to 6 (wanting No. 5) 

&c. . . a parcel 

3153 Laud (Archbishop) Conference with Fisher the Jesuite, 

calf gilt . . 1639 

3-154 Laud (Abp. Wm.) History of his Troubles and Tryal, and 

Diary of his Own Life, poiHrait 1695 

3155 Layer (Christopher) Tryal and Attainder for High Treason, 

and Papers and Reports relating to Bishop Atterbury and 
others, in 1 vol. . 1722-3 

3156 Le Brun, Batailles d'Alexandre le Grand, 20 fine 

large plates, by G. Audran, Picault Blesensis, 8^c. 
BRILLIANT IMPRESSIONS, vussia extra,joints, and gilt leaves, 
size 4 ft. 4 in. high by 2 ft. 6 in. 

elephant folio. Paris, 1666, &c. 

3157 Le Brun (C.) Voyage au Levant, 20*^ plates, 

LARGE PAPER . Delft. 1700 

3158 Le Brun (C.) Voyages en Moscovie, Perse et aux Indes 

Orientales, 320 j^Za^es, 2 vol. . ^m^^ 1718 

3159 Le Bruyn (Corn.) Travels into Muscovy, Persia, and the East 

Indies, and Voyage to Levant, or Travels in Asia Minor, 
&c. numerous plates, 3 vol. 
russia extra, uniform . 1702-37 

3160 Lediard (T.) Naval History of England, from the Norman 

Conquest, joor^rm'^, 2 vol. in 1 . 1735 

3161 Le Gendre (L.) Nouvelle Histoire de France, portrait, 3 vol. 

LARGE PAPER . Pavis, 1718 

3162 Le Grand (A.) Body of Philosophy, by Blome, numerous 

plates, by Kip . . 1694 

3163 Leigh (Dr. Chas.) Natural History of Lancashire, Cheshire, 

and the Peak in Derbyshire, portrait and plates, 

Oxford, 1700 

3164 Le Long (J.) Bibliotheque Historique de la France, 2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER . Paris, 1719 

3165 Le Neve (Jo.) Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanse, 

fne copy, russia extra . 1716 

3166 Levaillant (F.) Histoire des Perroquets, No. 1 to 6, imperfect, 

^b finely coloured plates . Paris, 1801 


3167 Lewis (J. F.) Sketches and Drawings of the Alhambra, in 

Granada, in 1833-4, 26 tinted lithographs^ 
half bound morocco . 1835 

3168 Lewis (J. F.) Sketches in Spain, 26 lithographs^ finely coloured 

in the style of the oinginal drawings^ mounted on card 
hoard, in a poi^tfolio, half morocco . 1836 

3169 Leybourn (W.) Mathematical Sciences, portrait 1690 

3170 Leybourn (W.) Compleat ^wxvey or, portrait 1657 

3171 Leybourn (W.) Recreations, Numerical, Astronomical, &c. 

plates . . 1694 

3172 Leycester (Sir P.) Historical Antiquities of Great Britain 

and Ireland, and Remarks concerning Cheshire, 
calf gilt . . 1673 

3173 Lhuyd (Edw.) Archaeologia Britannica, vol. 1, all published 

Oxford, 1707 

3174 Libanii Sophistae, Epistolse, Gr. et Lat. cum notis, J. C. Wolfii 

Amst. 1738 

3175 Ligon (Ric.) True and Exact History of the Island of Barbados, 

map and plates, calf neat . 1657 

3176 Limborch (P.) Historia Inquisitionis Amst. 1692 

3177 Lindesay (Rob.) History of Scotland, 1436 to 1565, with con- 

tinuation to 1604 . Edinb, 1728 

3178 Linen Manufacture, a series of 12 prints, by Hinck, illustrative 

of the Manufacture of Linen in Ireland, ^we impressions, 
calf gilt . oblong folio. 1783 

3179 Linschoten (J. H. Van) his Discours of Voyages into the Easte 

and West Indies, in IV. Books, translated by W. P., many 
maps and plates, 
blacfe \tXUx, fine copy, russia extra, g. I. Jo. Wolfe, 1598 

3180 Linschoten (J. H.) Navigatioac Itinerarium in Orientalem sive 

Lusitanorum Indiam, many fine plates 
scarce, very good copy . Hagce-Comitis, 1599 

3181 Lipsii (J.) Opera Omnia, many plates, 4 vol. Antv. 1637 

3182 Lithographs (Foreign), viz. — D. Quaglio, Collection de 

Vues de Cathedrales, Eglises, Chateaux, etc. de I'Age 

Moyen en Allemagne, 24 lithographs Munich, 1818 

Collection de plus Belles Peintures Originales, 2b fine litho- 

graphs . ib. 1820 

Samlissng von Original Handzeichnungen der Vorzuglichsten 

lebenden Bayerischen Kuntsler, 44 lithographs ib. 1817 
Gaertner, Vues des principaux Monuments Grecs de la Sicile, 

2\fine lithographs . t6. 1819 

together 114 plates, in 1 vol. russia extra 1817 

3183 Livii Historia, Lucii Flori Decadum Epitome, et Polybii His- 

toria, N. Perotto interprete, in 1 vol. {little m^ended) 

Aldus, 1520-21 

3184 Livii Historia, cum notis Sabellici 1527 

3185 Livii Historia, cura Gruteri JFrancof 1628 

^^'^--''^ ^l^ 


i^n:% n 

1 1< V \ 


318G Livio, Historie Romane, da Nardi, stained Venet. 1554 

3187 Lloydii (N.) Dictionarium Historicum . 1786 

3188 Lobineau (G. A.) Histoire de Bretagne, many fine portraits 

and plates, 2 \o\. , Paris, 1707 

3189 Locatelli (Al.) Racconto Historico della Guerra in Levante del 

Doge Francesco Morosini, many plates, hy Coronelli, 
2 vol. . . Colon. 1698 

3190 Locke (Jo.) Works, with Life by Desmaizeaux, joor^rai/, 3 vol. 

BEST EDITION, Calf . 1751 




3191 Livii Historia, cum notis T. Hearne, 6 vol. 

LARGE PAPER . OjCOn, 1708 

3192 Livii Historia, cum perpetuis notis Gronovii, 3 vol. in 6 

Basil, 1740 

3193 Livii Historia, cura Ernesti, 5 vol. . Lips. 1785 

3194 Livy, Roman History, with the Supplement, by Freinsheim, 

maps and plates, 6 vol. calf . 1744 

3195 Lloyd (D.) Statesmen and Favourites of England since the 

^G^OYvadXiou, frontispiece . 1665 

3196 Lloyd (D.) States and Favourites of England, hy C. Whit- 

worth, 2 vol. . . 1766 

3197 Lloyd (L.) Field Sports of the North of Europe, and Resi- 

dence in Sweden and Norway, jo/a^e.?, 2 vol. 1831 

3J98 Lloyd (P.) Sermons, large paper, 1765, &c. 3 vol. 

3199 Lloyd (R.) Poetical Works, 2 vol. 1774— Locke on Educa- 

tion, 1699, &e. . 8 vol. 

3200 Lobeira (Vasco) Amadis of Gaul, translated by Southey, 4 vol. 

calf, marhled leaves . 1803 

3201 Lobo (Jer.) Voyage to Abyssinia, translated by Dr. S. John- 

son . . 1735 

3202 Locke (J.) Conduct of the Understanding, red moroccot gilt 

leaves, Dublin, 1782, &c. . 3 vol. 

3203 Lockbart (J. G.) Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, 

portrait, 7 vol. . . 1837-8 

3204 Lockman (J.) Travels of the Jesuits into various parts of the 

World, 2 vol. . . 1743 

3205 Lodge (Ed.) Peerage of the British; and Genealogy of the 

existing British Peerage, plates oJ'armSf 2 vol. 1840 


S206 Lodge (E.) Peerage of the British Empire and the Baronetage, 
plates of arms . 1845 

3207 Lodge (Jo,) Peerage of Ireland, continued by Archdall, plates 

of arms y 7 vol. calf gilt Dublin, 1789 

3208 Loisirs d'un Ministre, ou Essais dans le gout de ceux de 

Montagne, 2 vol. Liege^ 1787 — La Religion Consideree, 
1787 — Memoires du Prince Eugene deSavoie, 1810, &c. 
calf gilt . . 9 vol. 

3209 London. Bailey (N.) Antiquities of London, 1722 — Reports 

of Cases touching the Customs and Liberties of the City 
of London, 1655 . 2 vol. 

3210 London. Bailey (N.) Antiquities of London, 1734 — Lex 

Londinensis, or the City Law, 1680 2 vol. 

3211 London. New View of London, or an ample Account of that 

C'xiy, plans and plates , 2 vol. calf neat 1708 

3212 London and its Environs described, with a plan , map and 

plates, 6 vol. . Dodsleif, 1761 

3213 London Institution. Catalogue of the Library of the London 

Institution, systematically classed, with Bibliographical 

Account and Collation of " Description de I'Egypte," 4 vol. 

PRIVATELY PRINTED, presentation copy 1835-43 

3214 London Magazine, or the Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer, 

from the commencement in 1732 to 1782, plates, wanting 
vol. 17 for 1748, 50 vol. utiiform 1732, &c. 

3215 Loredano (Gio. Fr.) Opera, 5 vol. vellum Venet. 1653 

3216 Loudon (J. C.) Encyclopedia of Gardening, numerous wood 

engravings . . 1824 

3217 Loudon (J. C.) Gardener's Magazine, wood engravings^ 

vol. 2. 3 and 4, and 9 parts 1827-37 

3218 Loudon (J. C.) Magazine of Natural History, numerous wood 

engravings, 7 vol. and 9 numbers of the New Series 
half calf . . 1829, &c. 

3219 Loudon (J. C.) Encylopaedia of Plants in Great Britain, and 

Glossary, wood engravings of the figures of nearly 10,000 
species . . 1829 

3220 Loudon (J. C.) Encyclopaedia of Cottage, Farm and Villa 

Architecture and Furniture, with 2000 lithographs and 
wood engravings . 1833 

3221 Loudon (J. C.) Encyclopaedia of Agriculture, 1100 wood 

engravings . . 1831 

3222 Louis XI. Histoire de Louys XI. et des choses memorables 

depuis 1460 a 1483, dicte la Chronique Scandaleuse, por- 
trait, scarce . . 1611 

3223 Louis XIII. Abrege de 1' Histoire de France sous le Regne 

de Louis XIII. et XIV., portrait, 2 vol. Amst. 1720— Vie 
Privee de Louis ^Y ,, portraits, 4 vol. 1781 — Lettres His- 
toriques 1759, &c. 12 vol. 

3224 Louis XIV., GEuvres de, portrait, 6 vol. Paris, 1806 

A A 


3225 Louis XIV., Memoires de, ecrits par Lui-meme, publies par 

Gain-Montagnac, 2 vol. calf gilt Paris, 1806 

3226 Louis XVIII. Memoires d'une Femme de Qualite sur Louis 

XVIII. sa Cour et son Regne, 4 vol. half calf ih, 1829 

3227 Louis XIIL, Memoires de, par le Due De D * ^' *, 12 vol. 

half calf . . ii^^ 1332 

3228 Louis de Grenade, la Guide des Pecheurs traduite en Francois, 

par Girard, ruled ivith red lines 
old red morocco extra, gilt leaves ih. 1668 

3229 Lovat (Simon Lord) Memoirs of the Life of, 1797 Lee 

(Lieut. Col. Charles) Memoirs, 1792 2 vol. 

3230 Love Letters from a Nun to a Cavalier, 1702 — Le Capucin 

Escossais, portrait, Rouen, 1660 — Mathews, Unlearned 
Alchymist, 1663— Progress of Sin, or the Travels of Ungod- 
liness, wants title — Motuum Britannicorum lib. 1647, &c. 

6 vol. 

3231 Loveday (R.) Letters, Domestick and Forreign, joor^ ca//1669 

3232 Lovelace (Ric.) Lucasta, Odes, Sonnets and Songs, with Ara- 

mantha, a Pastoral, *carc^, 1649 — Lovibond, Poems, 1785 

2 vol. 

3233 Lowth (Rob.) Life of William of Wykeham,/rowjf. 1759 

3234 Lucanus de Bello Civili, cum notis variorum cura Schrevelii, 

LARGE PAPER . X. Bat. 1669 

3235 Lucas (Theoph.) Memoirs of the Lives, Intrigues, and Comical 

Adventures of famous Gamesters and Sharpers, /row#. 
russia, gilt leaves . 1714 

3236 Lucretius, Nature of Things, translated by Creech, 2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER . . 1714 

3237 Lucretius, translated by Creech, 2 vol. 1715 

3238 Lucrezio della Natura della Cose, da Marchetti, plates, 2 vol. 

Amst. 1754-— Meziriac (Sr. de) Commentaires sur les 
Epistres D'Ovide, 2 vol. a la Haye, 1716 4 vol. 

3239 Luder (Alex.) Tracts on the Law and History of England, 

2 vol. calf gilt, 1810--Luder on the Use of the French 
Language in our Ancient Laws, privately printed, russia, 
^•^' • . 3 vol. 

3240 Ludlow (Edmund) Memoirs, portrait, 3 vol. Vivay, 1698 

3241 Ludolphi de Saxonia, Vita Jesu Christi, wood cuts 

gotj^ic UiUx, original binding . Paris, 1529 

3242 Luflfman (J.) Charters of London complete, also Magna Charta 

and the Bill of Rights, calf gilt 1793 

3243 Luiken (Jan.) de Bye Korf des Gemoeds, numerous plates, 

fine impressions, russia > marbled leaves n. d. 

3244 Lunardo (Cav.) Relazione della Corte di Roma da A.Zaccaria, 

^ ''°^* ^^"^^ ^^^llum . Roma, 1824 

3245 Lupset (Tho.) Treatyse teaching the Waye of Dyenge Well, 

black \iX\n, calf gilt Tho, Berihelet, 1541 

3246 Lussan (M"^) Histoire et Regne de Charles VI, portraits, 

^ ^'ol. . Paris, 1753 


3247 Luther (Martin) Thirty-four Speciall and Chosen Sermons, 

Englished by W. Gace, 1581, good copy 1632 

3248 Lyall (Rob.) Travels in Russia, Krimea, Caucasus, and 

Georgia, wood engravings, 2 vol. 1825 

3249 Lycosthenis (C.) Apophthegmata Paris, 1565 — Lipsii (Justi) 

Epistolse Selectae, morocco, gilt leaves, Genevce, 1639 — 
Lipsii Roma lUustrata, 1692, &c. 5 vol. 

3250 Lyell (Charles) Principles of Geology, maps and plates, 3 vol. 


3251 Lyndsay (Sir D.) Poetical Works, and Life by Geo. Chalmers, 

3 vol. calf gilt . 1806 

3252 Lyon (G. F.) Private Journal during a Voyage with Capt. 

Parry, map and plates, 1824 — Unsuccesful Attempt to 
reach Repulse Bay, map and plates, 1825 — Tour in 
Mexico, 2 vol. 1828 . 4 vol. 

3253 Mably (Abbe de) CEuvres Complettes, 13 vol. calf gilt 1789 

3254 Macauley (A.) History and Antiquities of Claybrook 

cafgilt . 1791 

3255 MaccuUoch (J.) The Highlands and Western Isles of Scot- 

land, forming an Universal Guide to that Country, 4 vol. 


3256 MaccuUoch (J.) Description of the Western Islands of Scot- 

laud, plates, 3 vol., one 4to 1810 

3257 Macdonald (J.) Telegraphic Communication, 1817 — Macdo- 

nald on Burning of Furzes, 1819 — Macdonald, Tactics of 
the French Army, 2 vol. 1806, &c. 11 vol. 

3258 McDonald (A.) Gaelick and English Vocabulary, Edinh. 1741 

— Mackintosh (D.) Collection of Gaelick Proverbs, 2*6. 1785 
calf gilt . 2 vol. 

3259 Machiavel (Nic.) Libro dell' Arte della Guerra 

elegantly hound in olive morocco, gilt leaves, hy Chas. Lewis 

Aldus, 1540 

3260 Machiavel, Discourses on Livius, and the Prince, portrait, 

1674— More (Sir Thos.) Utopia, 1685 2 vol. 

3261 Macirone, Fall and Death of Joachim Murat, 1817— Memoir 

of the Queen of Etruria, 1814, &c. 14 vol. 

3262 Mackenzie (Sir G.) Defense of the Antiquity of the Royal 

Line of Scotland . 1685 

3263 Mackay (S.) Memoirs of the Secret Services of John Mackay, 

with many MS. notes hy Dean Swift, copied from the 
original in the Deans own writing, hy Jo. Putland, Sur- 
geon — see 3IS. note ; calf 1733 

3264 Mackerell (B.) History and Antiquities of King's Lynn, plates 


3265 Macpherson (J.) Dissertations on the Ancient Caledonians, the 

Picts and the Scots, Duh. 1768 — Introduction to the His- 
tory of Great Britain and Ireland, ib. 1771 2 vol. 

3266 Maffei (Scip.) Verona lUustrata, jo^ai^^*, 4 vol. Verona) 1732 


3267 Mahon (Lord) Life of Belisarius, map coloured 1829 

3268 Mahon (Lord) History of England from the Peace of Utrecht, 

4 vol. . 1836-44 

3269 Maimbourg, History of the League, 1684 — Midon, History 

of Masaniello, portrait 1729 — Milton, Defence of the 
People of England, 1692, &c. 9 vol. 

3270 Maimbourg (L.) Histoire de I'Arianisme, 3 vol. — Histoire des 

Croisades, 4 vol. — Iconoclastes,2 vol. — Schisme d'Occident, 
2 vol. — La Ligue — Decadence de I'Empire — together 
13 vol. . Paris, 1681-4 

3271 Maintenon (M™®. de) Lettres et Vie, portrait, 10 vol. Amst. 

1756-86 — Maupeou, Journal Historique, ^or^razY, 7 vol. 
1776 . 17 vol. 

3272 Maitland (Capt. F. L.) Narrative of the Surrender of Buona- 

parte . 1826 

3273 Malcolm (J.) Compendium of Modern Husbandry of Surrey, 

Kent and Sussex, 3 vo\, plates, calf gilt royal 8vo, 1805 

3274 Malcolm (J. P.) First Impressions, or Sketches from Nature 

and KrU plates, calf gilt . 1807 

3275 Malcolm (Sir J.) Political History of India, 2 vol. 1826 

3276 Malkin (B. H.) Classical Disquisitions and Curiosities 

half calf gilt leaves Camh. 1830 

3277 Mallet (Dav.) Works, 3 vol. 1759— Mozeen (T.) Fables, 2 vol. 

1765, &c. . 10 vol. 

3278 Mallet (M.) Northern Antiquities, Description of the Ancient 

Danes, translated by Bp. Percy, 2 vol. calf gilt 1770 

3279 Malvezzi (Margesse Virgilio) David Persecuted, translated by 

R. Ashley, portrait hy W. Marshall, fine impression 
scarce, blue morocco extra, gilt leaves 1647 

*j^* See a curious MS. note. 

3280 Manby (G. W.) History and Antiquities of the Parish of St. 

David, South V^aX^s, plates, calf gilt royal 8vo, 1801 

3281 Manby (G. W.) Historic and Picturesque Guide from Clifton, 

through Monmouth, Glamorgan and Brecknock, plates 
thick paper, calf gilt Bristol, 1802 

3282 Mangourit (M. A. B.) Defense d' Ancone, poWraeV and plates, 

2 vol. russia . Paris, 1802 

3283 Mann, Censure and Examination of Ruddiman's Notes on Bu- 

chanan's History of Scotland, calf gilt Aberdeen, 1653 

3284 Mantell (Gideon) Geology of the South East of England, 

plates . 1833 

3285 Marcello (P.) Vite de Principi di Vinegia, Venet. 1558— 

Martelli (L.) Opera, Firenze, 1548, &c. 12 vol. 

3286 Marchais (Chev. des) Voyage en Guinee, plates, 4 vol. Amst. 

1731 — Muller (G. P.) Voyages faites par les Russies, 
2 vol Amst. 1766, &c. 12 vol. 


3287 Marchand (Etienne) Voyage autour du Monde, 5 vol. and 

vol. 6 containing charts in4to, calf gilt Parisy 1798-1800 

3288 Marino, L'Adone, Poema Heroico, 4 voL Paris, 1678 — Ma- 

rini, Rime, 3 copies, Venet. 1602-64, &c. 9 vol. 

3289 Marini (L'Abbe de) Histoire des Arabes sous le Gouverne- 

ment des Califes, 4 vol. Paris, 1750 

3290 Marivaux (P. C.) GEuvres Complettes, portrait, 12 vol. 

Paris, 1781 

3291 Marlborough, Histoire Secrete de la Reine Zarah et des Zara- 

ziens, 2 vol. in 1, scarce, russia extra, marbled leaves 1708 

3292 Marlborough (First Duke of) Letters and Dispatches from 

1702 to 1712, edited by Sir Geo. Murray, portrait, 5 vol. 


3293 Marmontel, Contes Morsiux, po7'trait und plates, 4 vol. 

calf, gilt leaves . Paris, 1765 

3294 Marmontel, Memoirs written by Himself, 4 vol. calf gilt 1805 

3295 Marryat (Capt.) The Pirate and the Three C\itters, portrait 

and \^ Jlne plates from drawings hy C Stanjield 

royal 8vo, 1836 

3296 Marshall (Jos.) Travels, 4 vol. . 1772 

3297 Marston (Jno.) Tragedies and Comedies, calf gilt 1633 

3298 Martens (M. de) Recueil des Traites d' Alliance, de Paix, de 

Treve, de Neutralite de Commerce, de Limites d'Echange, 
etc., depuis 1761 a present, et Supplement, 11 vol. 
calf gilt . Gottingue, 1791-1808 

3299 Martin (B.) Philosophy, plates, 3 vol. 1781— Monteath, Fo- 

rester's Guide, plates, Edinb, 1824 — Moore, History of 
the Small Pox, plate, 1815 5 vol. 

3300 Martin (M.) Description of the Western Islands of Scotland, 

map, 1703 — Voyage to St. Kilda, plates, 1798 2 vol. 

3301 Martin (M.) History of the British Colonies, maps,5\o\. 1835 

3302 Martinelli (J.) Dictionnaire de poche Francais et Italien, 2 vol. 

white vellum, gilt leaves . Paris, 1819 

8303 Marville (M. de) Geography, 2 vol. morocco, 1757 — Marati 

(Abbe) Voyages de Chypre, 2 vol. Paris, 1791 — Marmora 

(A. de) Voyage en Sardaigne, Paris, 1826, &c. 9 vol. 

3304 Mary of Burgundy, 3 vol. half calf 1833 

3305 Matilda, a Tale, 1825, &c. 27 vol. 

3306 Mason (J. Monck) Comments on the Plays of Beaumont and 


LARGE PAPERj Calf , 1798 

3307 Mason (G.) On Design in Gardening, 1795 — Massey, Origin 

and Progress of Letters, plates, 1763 — Montagu, Essay 
on Shakspeare, 1769 — Montague (Basil) On Punishment 
of Death, 1809 . 4 vol. 



3308 Lucani Pharsalia, cum Notis Bentleii 

PRIVATELY PRINTED Stvawhervy Hillf 1760 

3309 Lucas (H.) Poems to Her Md^]Qsiy^ frontispiece, 1779 — Lloyd 

(R.) Poems, 1762, he. 4 vol. 

3310 Lucien, traduit par Sr. d'Ablancourt, 2 vol. vellum PariSf 1654 

3311 Lucian, Works, translated by T. Francklin, 2 vol. 1780 

3312 Lucian, Works, translated by T. Francklin, 2 vol. 1780 

3313 Lucretii de Rerum Natura libri vi. notis variorum, cura 

Havercsimipi, plates, 2 vol. L. B. 1723 

3314 Lugar (R.) Plans and Views of Buildings in the Castellated 

and other Styles, jo/a^e* 1811 

3315 Lumisden (And.) Remarks on the Antiquities of Rome, and 

its Environs, portrait and plates 


water colours, blue morocco, gilt leaves 1797 

3316 Luyts (J.) Introductio ad Geographiam, coloured maps hy 

Sanson, Traj. 1692, 8c c. . 4 vol. 

3317 Lyall (Rob.) Character of the Russians, and History of 

Moscow, many plates, some coloured 
russia extra, gilt leaves 1 823 

3318 Lynn (T.) Horary Tables . 1827 

3319 Lyon (G. F.) Travels in Northern Africa, chart and many 

coloured plates 1821 

3320 Lysons (Dan.) Environs of London, and the Mid- 

dlesex Parishes, being an Historical Account of the 
Towns, Villages and Hamlets within Twelve Miles of that 
Capital ; with the Supplement, maps and plates, 6 vol. in 18 


UPWARDS OF 1000 ORIGINAL DRAWINGS, mostly finished in 
colours, and some in colours and gold, ^c, being Views of 
Gentlemen s Seats, Old Houses, Churches, Tombs, Brass 
Monuments, Fonts, Antiquities, ^c, above 850 engraved 
portraits, some proofs and many fine impressions, by 
various eminent engravers, some very scarce; with upwards 
of QOO plates of Maps, Views, Churches, Public Places, 
Antiquities, S^c, and many hundred Arms in trick, em- 
blazoned in colours, ^c. : 17 vol. russia extra, joints, and 
gilt leaves, atid I in boards 1792- 

3321 Lysons (D. and S.) Magna Britannia ; being a concise Topo- 

graphical Account of the several Counties of Great Britain, 
maps and numerous plates, 6 vol. in 8 
LARGE PAPER, half russia, m. I, royal 4to. 1806 

3322 Lysons (D.) Sketch of the Life and Character of Charles 

Brandon Trye, portrait 



3323 Lysons (D. and S.) Magna Britannia, vol. 4 (Cumberland) 


3324 Lythologie et la Conchyliologie, Histoire Naturelle de, many 

plates . Paris, 1742 

3325 Lyttelton (Lord) History of the Life of Henry the Second, 

with notes, 3 vol. in 5, calf gilt 1767 

3326 Lyttelton (Lord) Works, by G. A. Ayscough, portrait 

calf gilt . . 1775 

3327 Macauley (Cath.) History of England, from James I, 9 vol. 


3328 Machiavelli (Nicol.) Tutte le Opere, wood engravings 

calf gilt . 1550 

3329 Machiavelli (N.) Tutte le Opere Geneva, 1550 

3330 Machiavel (N.) Works, translated with notes by Farneworth, 

2 vol. bright old calf gilt 1762 

3331 Mackenzie (Alex.) Voyage from Montreal through North 

America, maps, calf gilt . 1801 

3332 Mackenzie (Sir G.) Travels in the Island of Iceland, in 1810, 

many plates, some coloured^ calf m. L Edinb. 1811 

3333 Mackenzie (Sir G.) Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland, from 

the Restoration, 1660-77 


3334 Mackenzie (Rod.) Sketch of the War with Tippoo Sultaun, 

2 vol. calf gilt Calcutta, 1793 

3335 Mackintosh (Sir Jas.) History of the Revolution in England 

in 1688, portrait . 1834 

3336 Macklin (J.) F\d.ys, portrait, 1793— Macpherson (J.) Fingal, 

1762, &c. . 5 vol. 

3337 Maclaurin (C.) Account of Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophical 



3338 MacMichael (Wm.) Journey from Moscow to Constantinople 

in \B>\7-\Q\S, plates . 1819 

3339 M'Cormick (Jos.) State Papers and Letters addressed to W. 

Carstairs, Secretary to William III, calf gilt Edinb. 1774 

3340 Macpherson (D.) Annalsof Commerce, Manufactures, Fisheries 

and Navigation, 4 vol. calf marbled leaves 1805 

3341 Macpherson (Jas.) History of Great Britain, and Original 

Papers, 4 vol. calf gilt . 1775 

3342 M'William (Rob.) on Dry Rot and Forest Tvqq^, plates 1818 

3343 Madox (T.) Ancient Dialogue concerning the Exchequer, 

from two MS. volumes called the Black and Red Book 1758 

3344 Magna Britannia et Hibernia Antiqua et Nova ; or a New 

Survey of Great Britain, maps, 6 vol. 
fine copy, russia extra., gilt leaves 1720-31 

3345 Mahomet, L' Alcoran de, translate par Du Ryer Paris, 1647 


3346 Maittaire (Mich.) Annales Typographic! ab Artis Inventae 

Origine ad Annum 1500, et ab Anno 1500 ad 1536, et 
Continuatio, portraits, 5 vol. in 7 
LARGE PAPER, the first vol. inlaid Hagm Comit. 1719-41 

3347 Makgill et Jean Bellanden,Discours particulier D'Escosse escrit 

par Commandment et Ordonnance de la Royne Dovariere 
et Regente 1559, edited by T. Thomson 

3348 Majoris (Jo.) Historia Majoris Britannia^ tam Angliae quara 

Scotiae, fine copy, russia esctra, gilt leaves Edinb. 1740 

3349 Majoris (C.) de Gestis Scotorura libri, wants title, Paris, 1521 

— Nouvelles Ecclesiastiqiies de la Constitution Unigenitus, 
4 vol. wants title pages, 1728-34 5 vol. 

3350 Malavolti (Orlando) Historia di Siena, Venet. 1599— Mos- 

cardo, Historia di Verona, Vero. 1668- — Morosini Historia 
di Venetia, Venet. 1637 . 3 vol. 

3351 Malcolm (J. P.) Views within Twelve Miles round London for 

Lysons' Environs of London, upwards of 10 plates, vol. 1, 
all published, calf gilt . 1800 

3352 Malcolm (J. P.) Londinium Redivivum; or an Antient History 

and Modern Description of London, many plates, 4 vol. 
calf extra, marbled leaves . 1802-7 

3353 Malcolm (J. P.) Historical Sketch of the Art of Caricaturing, 

31 plates . . 1813 

3354 Malkin (B. H.) Scenery, Antiquities and Biography of South 

Wales, many plates, calf gilt 1804 

3355 Mallet (A. M.) Description de I'Univers, numerous maps, 

plates, and portraits, 5 vol. Francfort, 1685 

3356 Malton (Jas.) Collection of Designs for Rural Retreats as 

Villas, 34 plates . 1802 

3357 Malton (Tho.) Picturesque Tour through the Cities of London 

and Westminster, 100 fine plates, 2 vol. in 1 
russia extra, marbled leaves elephant 4to. 1792 

3358 Malthus (M.) Pratique de la Guerre, plates, Paris, 1650, 

&c. . .7 vol. 

3359 Malvasia (C. C.) Felsina Pittrice Vite de Pittori Bolognesi, 

port7%iits, 2 vol. calf gilt Bologna, 1678 

3360 Manby (G. W.) Journal of a Voyage to Greenland in 1821, 

plates . . 1822 

3361 Mandey (V.) Mechanick Powers, jooWm^V, 1702— Moxon (J.) 

AsivouoTny, portrait, 1686, &c. 4 vol. 

3362 Manners and Household Expenses of England in the Xlllth 

and XVth Centuries, illustrated by Original Records 
presentation copy from Beriah Botfield 

Roxburghe Club, 1841 

3363 Manstein (General) Memoirs of Russia, maps and plans 1770 

3364 Mante (Tho.) History of the late War in North America, 

maps and plates, 1772 — History of the British Dominions 
in North America, map, 1773 2 vol. 


3365 Mantell (Gideon) Fossils of the South Downs, or Illustrations 

of the Geology of Sussex, 42 maps and plates 1822 

3366 Marco Polo, Travels in the Eastern Parts of the World, 

translated by W. Marsden, map, scarce 1818 

3367 Mariana (J. de) Histoire Generale d'Espagne, maps and 

plates, 3 vol. . Paris, 1725 

8368 Marin (M. A.) Les Vies des Peres des Deserts d'Orient, avec 

leur Doctrine Spirituelle et leur Discipline Monastique, 

3 vol, calf gilt . Avignon, 1761 

3369 Mariner (W.( Account of the Natives of the Tonga Islands, 

with a Grammar and Vocabulary, 2 vol. 1817 

3370 Markham (Gerv.) Cheape and Good Husbandry — Husband- 

man's Recreation — English Housewife — The Inrichment 

of the Weald of Kent — Farewell to Husbandry, 1631-8 — 

Lawson (W.) New Orchard and Garden, 1638 — in 1 vol, 

calf gilt . . 1631-8 

3371 Markham (G.) The Inrichment of the Weald of Kent, 

calf neat . . 1636 

3372 Marol, L'Afrique, traduit par D'Ablancourt, maps, 3 vol. 

Paris, 1667 

3373 Marot (Jean) Recueil des Plans, Profils et Elevations des 

plusieurs Palais, Chateaux, Eglises, Hostels, &c. numerous 
plates . . ib. n. d, 

3374 Marsden (Wm.) History of Sumatra, map, calf gilt 1774 

3375 Marshall (J.) Digest of PubHc Accounts of Great Britain 1833 

3376 Marshall (J.) Analysis and Compendium of Parliamentary 

Returns on Population and the Church Establishment 1835 

3377 Marshami (J.) Canon Chronicus ^Egyptiacus, Ebraicus et 

Grsecus, russia . Lipsia, 1676 

3378 Marsollier (Abbe de) La Vie de A. J. le Bouthillier de Ranee, 

Paris, 1703 — Marsollier, Histoire de H. de la Tour 
D'Auvergne Due de Bouillon, ib. 1719 2 vols. 


3379 Lodge (Edm.) Portraits of Illustrious Personages 

OF Great Britain, with Biographical and Historical 
Memoirs of their Lives and Actions 

INDIA PAPER, 4 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, ^cxZe russla extra, joints and g. I. 1821-34 

3380 Loggan (Dav.) Oxonia et Cantabrigia lUustrata, two scarce 

portraits by Smith, and 74 plates by Loggan, fine impres' 
sions, 2 vol. in I 
fine copy, in old blue morocco, gilt leaves Oxonii, 1675 

3381 London Gazette, from 1665 to 1689, the first 23 Nos. entitled 

the Oxford Gazette, 6 vol. 

3382 London, Plans of the Port of, coloured, 1750, &c. 5 vol. 

B B 


3383 London. Plans and Drawings referred to, in the Third 

Report of the Select Committee upon the Improvement of 
the Port of London, 21 plates^ and the Appendix, 24 plates 
2 vol. half russia 1800 

3384 London News (Illustrated) numerous wood engravings, from the 

commencement 1842 to Dec. 1844, 3 vol. half calf 1842 

3385 Lorini (B.) Delia Fortificatione Yen. 1597 

3386 Lorini (Buon.) Le Fortification di, pZa^es, Venet. 1609 — Maggi 

(G.) Delia Fortificatione delle Citta, ih. 1564 2 vol. 

3387 Loschi (Alf.) Compendi Historici, with genealogical tables of 

the Sovereigns of Europe ih. 1652 

3388 Lostelneau (De) Le Mareschal de Bataille, contenant le muni- 

ment des Armes, les Evolutions, Ordres de Batailles, &c. 
many plates . 1647 

3389 Loubere (M. de la) Historical Relation of the Kingdom of 

Siam, plates . 1693 

3390 Louis XV. Les Campagnes de Louis XV. le Bienaime, 

upwards of 100 portraits, plates and mapsy 2 vol. in 1 
elegantly hound in morocco extra, gilt leaves Paris, 1788 

3391 Louis XV. Le Sacre de Louis XV, Roy de France, &c. 

dans I'Eglise de Reims, 25 Octr. 1722, 72 fine plates 
FINE COPY, richly hound in blue morocco extra g. I. ih. 1722 

3392 Lucan, Pharsalia, translated by N. Rowe, map, roy. fol. 1718 

3393 Luciani Opera, Gr. Aldus, 1503 

3394 Luciani Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat., cura Bourdelotti Pam, 1615 

3395 Lucian, made English, by J. Mayne, portrait 1664 

3396 Luckii (J.) Sylloge Numismatum, jc/a^es Argent, 1620 

3397 Ludolphus (Job.) History of Ethiopia, and Description of the 

Kingdom of Abissinia, plates, russia 1682 

3398 Ludolfi (J.) Commentarius ad suam Historiam ^Ethiopicam, 

portrait a7id p)lates Francof. 1691 

3399 Luiken (Jan.) Geschiedenissen van het Oude en Nieuwe 

Testament, Ql fine large plates and 30 smaller 
old dutch calf gilt Amst. 1729 

3400 Luis de Granada, Obras, 3 vol. in 1, calf gilt Madrid, 1676 

3401 Luther (Martin) Divine Discourses at his Table, translated by 

H. Bell . 1652 

3402 Luxembourg Gallery. Galerie de Rubens dite du Luxem- 

bourg, portrait and 24 heautiful plates, very fine impressions 
uncut . Pains, 1809 

3403 Lye (Ed.) Dictionarium Saxonico et Gothico-Latinum, edidit 

Manning, 2 vol. good copy, old calf gilt 1772 

3404 Lyra (Nicolai de) Glosa in Novum Testamentum (wants title 

page) oaken hoards Venet. 1485 

3405 Lysons (Sam.) Collection of Gloucestershire Antiquities, a 

series o/ 110 etchings, f\,nely coloured 
LARGE PAPER, russia extra, joints and gilt Isaves 1804 


3406 Lysons (Sam.) Collection of Gloucestershire Antiquities, 110 

plates, some finely coloured, russia extra 1804 




ORIGINAL Drawings, a great portion of which are beau- 
tifully finished in colours, by J. Buckler, T, Trotter, J. P. 
Neale, L. E. Reed, W. Alexander, P. Sandby, Heathcote, 
Darby, H. de Cort, &c. with some hundred shields of arms 
emblazoned, upwards of 3G0 beautiful portraits of noble, 
worthy and eminent Personages connected with the County 
and Families of Bucks, very many of which are 


hy Bartolozzij Basire, Cooke, R. Cooper, Dean, Faithorne, 
Fdber, Fittler, Heath, Hollar, Holl, Houhraken, Hulsbergh, 
McArdell, Meyer, Scriven, Sherwin, J. Smithy Stothard, 
Turner, Vertue, Ward, Watson, White, ^c. ; above 460 
plates of maps, views of noted buildings, gardens, landscapes, 
pedigrees, some in MS. ^c. ; some scarce Tracts, poetical 
Broadsides, ivith an autograph letter of Lady GrenvUle ; the 
ivhole very neatly inlaid in 8 vol. 
elegantly bound in blue morocco extra, joints, and gilt leaves, by 
Chas. Lewis . atlas folio. 1813-20 

*^* This truly magnificent and richly illustRxIted 
Work was formed by the late Lord Grenville, 
AT AN UNLIMITED EXPENSE, Very many of the drawings 
having been executed expressly for its illustration. 

3408 Lysons. A further Collection op original Draw- 

ings for the County of Bucks, different from the pre- 
ceding, consisting of 132 large ones of churches, monuments, 
fonts, door-ways, ^c. by J. Buckler in india ink, 85 finely 
finished in colours, by various artists, 4'C. together 229 

*^* This Collection was formed for a further illustration of 
the County, and is highly interesting. 

3409 Mabillon (Job.) Annales Ordinis S. Benedicti Occidentaliura 

Monachorum Patriarchae ab Anno 480 ad 1157, cura 
Martene, many plates, 6 vol, old calf gilt Paris, 1703-39 

3410 Mabillon (J.) de Re Diplomatica lib. vi. many plates 

old dutch calf gilt . ib. 1709 

3411 Michiavel (N.) Works 1675 

3412 Machiavelli (N.) Art de la Guerre Paris, 1546 

3413 Mackenzie (Sir Geo.) Observations upon the Laws and Customs 

of Nations as to Precedency, and the Science of Heraldry, 
plates of arms Fdinb, 16S0 


34:14 Macklin, British Poets, 20 plates hy Bartolozzi, No. 1 to 6, 
wanting No. 4 oblong folio. 1788^ &c. 

3413 Madox (T.) Formulare Anglicanum ; or Collection of ancient 
Charters and Instruments, from the Conquest to Henry VII 
fac- similes 
LARGE PAPER, old calf gilt 1702 

3416 Madox (T.) Firma Burgi ; or Historical Essay on the Cities, 

Towns and Buroughs of England, taken from the Records 


3417 Madox (T.) Baronia Anglica ; a History of Land-Honours 

and Baronies, verified by Records 1726 

3418 Maire (Jan Le) Trois Livres des Illustrations de Gaule et 

Singularitez de Troye, 3 parts, Paris^ 1528 — Le Traicte 
de la Difference des Schismes et des Concilles de I'Eglise et 
autres Choses curieuses, ih. 1529 ; et I'Epistre du Roy a 
Hector de Troye, et aucunes aultres CEuvres assez dignes 
de veoir, ib. 1529, wood engravings, 3 vol. in 1 
gOll)ic letter, calf Paris, 1528-29 

3419 Maitland (Wm.) History of London, map and many plates 1739 

3420 Maitland (W.) History of Edinburgh, map and plates 

calf gilt Edinb. 1753 

3421 Mattaire (M.) Opera, et Fragmenta Veterum Poetarum 

Latinorum, 2 vol. 
large paper, fine copy, russia, gilt leaves 1713 

3422 Majendie (L.) Account of Hedingham Castle, 5 plates 

half russia , 1796 

3423 Major (Tho.) Collection of Prints, engraved from the paintings 

of the greatest masters, 59 plates, fine impressions 1756 

3424 Maldonati(J.)CommentariiinQuatuorEvangelistas Pms,1651 

3425 Malingre (C.) Antiquites et Annales de la Ville de Paris, 

2 vol. . ib. 1640 

3426 Mallet, Life of Lord Chancellor Bacon, with an Appendix con- 

taining several of his Pieces, old calf gilt 1760 

3427 Malton (Tho.) Complete Treatise on Perspective, plates 

calf . 1779 

3428 Malvasia (C. C.) Marmora Felsinea, plates 

old calf gilt . Bono?i. 1690 

3429 Mandelslo (J. A. de) Voyages in Perse et aux Indes Orientates, 

numerous maps and plates, 2 vol. 
large paper . Leide, 1719 

3430 Manning and Bray, History and Antiquities of 

Surrey, numerous maps, portraits, plates and pedigrees 
illustrated with 14 original drawings in colours, and 

upiuards of 100 portraits, plates and maps, 3 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, VERY SCARCE, pale Tussia coctra, joints, and 

gilt leaves . 1804-14 

3431 Marcassus (P. de) Histoire Grecque 

LARGE PAPER; calf gilt Paris, 1647 


3432 Maps (A Series of) of Ancient and Modern Geography, pub- 

lished by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Know- 
ledge, 106 parts and Index, with the Terrestrial Globe 
and Stars, coloured maps (wants parts 91 and 92), in a 
portfolio . V. y. 

3433 Marcelline(Geo.) EpithalamiumGallo-Britannicum, 

or a Discourse of the Marriage betwixt England and France, 
with the portraitures of the most illustrious Princes, 
Charles, Prince of Great Britain, and of the Lady Maria 
Henrietta, Daughter of France, with the arms and mar- 
riages passed betwixt England and France 
half blue morocco . 1625 

*^* This Tract, if not unique, is the rarest of all 

(which is dedicated to the Duke of Buckingham) is printed 
in 4to, but has been inlaid in large folio to correspond 
with the size of the Frontispiece. In the centre are whole 
LENGTH Portraits of Charles I. and his Queen, 
surrounded with engravings of coats of arms ; at the bot- 
tom are twenty-two verses, subscribed " Are to be sold by 
Thomas Archer, in Pope's Head Alley." 
This excessively rare print was unknown to Gran- 
ger and Bromley, and is believed not to be in the pos- 
session of any of the illustrators of Granger or Clarendon, 
in its present original state. It is a brilliant impres- 

3434 Marchi (Fr. de) Architettura Militare illustrata da L. Marini, 

fine portrait^ and 10 4l plates j .5 vol. atlas folio. Boma, 1810 

3435 Maria de Jesus (Abadesa) Mystica Civdad de Dios, y vida de 

la Virgen Maria Madre de Dios, 3 vol. Madrid, 1670 

3436 Mariana (Juan de) Historia General d'Espana, 2 vol. 

neat old calf gilt, gilt leaves Madind, 1617 

3437 Mariana ( Historia General d'Espana, por F.L. d'Epinosa, 

y Mator, 2 vol. good cop)y ib. 1678 

3438 Mariani Scoti Chronica, et Martini Poloni Supputationes 

russia extra, gilt leaves Basil, 1559 

3439 Marino (II Caval.) L'Adone, Poema Parigi, 1623 

3440 Marlborough, Table des Plans des Villes, Sieges et Batailles, 

des Campaigns de Due de Marlborough, &c., numerous 
maps and p)lans, ^c. Bruxelles, 1712 

3441 Marlborough, Battles, Views of the Battles of Blenheim, Ra- 

millies, &c. 7 large plates by Du Bosc, Du Guernier, and 
Vander Gucht, fine impressions n. d. 

3442 MaroUes (Mic. de) Tableaux du Temple des Muses, 58 plates 

Paris, J 655 

3443 Marolois (S.) Fortification, ou Architecture Militaire, 

Paris, 1615 — Marolois, Geometric (zvants title) 2 vol. 


3444 Marot (J.) Architecture, 300 plates (no title page) 

calf gilt . Paris, n. d. 

3445 Marsigli (Comte L. Ferd. de) Description du Danube, depuis 

la Montagne de Kalenberg in Autriche, jusqu' au Con- 
fluent de la Riviere Jantra dans la Bulgarie, numerous fine 
plates, 6 vol. in 3 
fine copy, old calf gilt . A la Haye^ 1744 

3446 Martene et Durandi Thesaurus Novus Anecdotorura, 5 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, old colf gilt Paris, 1717 

3447 Martialis Epigramraata, cum plenis Commentariis M. Raderi 

Ingoldstadii, 1611 

3448 Martiniere (B. de la) Grand Dictionnaire Geographique, His- 

torique, et Critique, 6 vol. half russia Paris, 1 768 




3449 Mason (Wm.) Art's Advancement, or the Easy Method of 

Short-hand Writing, portrait, calf neat 1682 

3450 Mason (Wm.) Works^ portraits, 4 vol. calf, m. I, 1811 

3451 Masse (J.) Voyages et Avantures, Cologne, 1710 — Marsolier, 

Histoire du Cardinal Ximenes, 2 vol. Paris, 1704, &c. 

6 vol. 

3452 Massey (W.) Origin and Progress of Letters, jo/a^^^, 1763 — 

Nicholson, English Historical Library, 1696 

3453 Massillon (Eveque de Clermont) Sermons, 15 vol. calf gilt 

Paris, 1788 

3454 Massinger (Philip) Dramatic Works, portrait, 4 vol. 1779 

3455 Massinger (P.) Plays, with Notes by GiflFord, portrait, 4 vol. 

calf gilt . . 1805 

3456 Maston (J.) History and Antiquities of }:^ disehy, frontispiece 

Cambridge, 1792 

3457 Matchless Rogue, or Account of Tom Merryman, commonly 

Newgate Tom, ivith the scarce portrait 1725 

3458 Maton (W. G.) Observations on the Natural History, Scenery 

and Antiquities of the Western Counties of England, 2 vol. 

Salisbury/, 1797 


3459 Matthews (H.) Diary of an Invalid, ivhite vellum, g. I. 1820 

3460 Maundevile (Sir Jo.) Voiage and Travaile of the Waie to 

Hierusalera, and Marvayles of Inde, 
scarce, old calf gilt . 1725 

3461 Maurice (T.) Select Poems, 1803— Metrical Miscellany, 1802, 

&c. . . 10 vol. 

3462 Maurice (T.) Indian Antiquities, many plates, 7 vol. 

calf gilt . . 1800 

3463 Mawe, Descriptive Catalogue of Minerals, 1816 — Lavoisier, 

Chemistry, 1790, &c. . 14 vol. 

3464 Mawe (J.) Treatise on Diamonds, plates coloured, 


3465 Maxwell (A. M.) Run through the United States, portraits, 

2 vol. . . 1841 

3466 May (Robert) Accomplisht Cook, fine portrait 1660 

3467 May (Tho.) Translation of Lucan's Pharsalia, 

blue morocco, gilt leaves . 1631 

3468 May (T.) The Reigne of King Henry II, and the Victorious 

Reigne of King Edward III, in verse, 2 fine portraits, 
2 vol. in 1, fine copies, russia . 1633-33 

3469 May (T.) The Tragedie of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, 

scarce, calf neat . 1639 

3470 Mayer (M. de) Aventures de Charles Le-Bon, 3 vol. Amst, 

1786, &c. . 5 vol. 

3471 Mazarini (Cardinal) Last Will and Testament, with Remarkes 

of his Life, portrait, 1663 — Sir R. Naunton, Fragmenta 
Regalia, 1650 . 2 vol. 

3472 Mazio (F.) Serie dei Conj di Medaglie Pontificie da Martino V, 

vellum, gilt leaves . Roma. 1824 

3473 M'Cullum (P. F.) Travels in Trinidad, map, 1805— Matthews 

(J.) Voyage to Sierra Leone, 1791 2 vol. 

3474 McCulloch (J. R.) Dictionary of Commerce and Commercial 

Navigation, maps . 1832 

3475 Mechanic's Magazine, The, No. 1 to 118 (except 10 numbers) 

2 vol. boards, and 94 numbers 1823-32 

3476 Medecina Flagellata, or the Doctor Scarified, 1721, &c. 4 voL 

3477 Medical. Gooch (R.) On the Diseases of Women, 1829— 

Wilson (C.) On Gout and Rheumatism, 1823, &c. 7 vol. 

3478 Mehegan, Tableau de I'Histoire Moderne, 3 vol. Paris, 1778 

— Pasquier, Recherches et Autres QEuvres, 2 vol. 1672, 
&c. . . 5 vol. 

3479 Melanges tires d'une Grande Bibliotheque avec Table Alpha- 

betique, 69 vol. neat old French calf gilt Paris, 1779-88 

3480 Melmoth the Wanderer, 4 vol. Edinb. 1821— Morgan (Lady) 

Florence Macarthy, 4 vol.— Matthew Wald, 1824 9 vol. 

3481 Mementoes of a Tour in France, &c. 2 vol. 1824, and 10 

Travels . . 12 vol. 


3482 Memoircs de Trevoux, pour I'Histoire de Sciences et Beaux 

Arts, from 1701 to 1783 (wanting 2 vol, in 1701, 2 vol. in 
1720, 1 vol. in 1742, the whole of 1743, and 3 vol. in 1744, 
together 12 vol.) 358 vol. 
old calf gilt, except the last 46 which are half hound 

Trevoux, 1701-82 

3483 Memoires du Cardinal de Retz, 4 vol. Geneve^ \111 — Lettres 

du Cardinal d'Ossat, par Amelot de la Houssaie, 5 vol. 
Amst. 1732 . . 9 vol. 

3484 Memoires de Margrave de Bareith, 2 vol. Parisy 1811 — 

Memoirs de M. le due de Choiseul, 2 vol. 1790 

3485 Memoires de Comte Jos. de Puisaye, 7 vol. 1803— De Pradt 

de la Revolution Actuelle de I'Amerique, 2 vol. 1817, &c. 

12 vol. 

3486 Memoires d'une Contemporaine ou Souvenirs d'une Femme sur 

les Principaux Personnages de la Republique du Consulat, 
de I'Empire, &c. 8 vol. . Paris, 1828 

3487 Memoires de Jos. Fouche Due d'Otrante, portrait, 2 vol. 

Paris, 1824 — Memoires du Marechal Ney, maps, 2 vol. 
ih. 1833— Memoires de Due de Riviere, ib. 1829, &c. 

8 vol, 

3488 Mercier, Tableau de Paris, 8 vol. — Tableau de Paris Critique, 

3 vol. — Le Nouveau Paris, 3 vol. — Peltier, Dernier 
Tableau de la Paris, ou Recit Historique de la Revolution 
du 10 Aout, \1Q^, plates, 2 vol. together 15 vol. 
calf gilt, not uniform . 1782-93 

3489 Mercier, Theatre Complet, /»/«^^^, 4 vol. 1779 — Mercier, Mon 

Bonnet du Nuit, 2 vol. 1788 — Lettres Originales de Mira- 
beau, 4 vol. 1792, &c. . 12 vol. 

3490 Merigot, Promenades, ou Itineraire des Jardins de Chantilly, 

20 fine plates . Paris, 1791 

3491 Metastasio (Abate P.) Opere, portrait and plates, j^ne impres- 

sio7is, 12 vol. red morocco, gilt leaves ib. 1780 

3492 Metastasio (Belezze dell' P.) Con sua Vita da M. Santagnello, 

richly bound in red morocco, joints and gilt leaves 1815 

3493 M'Gauran (Major Ed.) Memoirs, 2 vol. 1786— Memoirs of 

several Ladies of Great Britain, 2 vol. 1769 — Memoirs of 
the Duchess of Mazarine, 1676, &c. 7 vol. 

3494 Michell (M.) Young Juba, or History of the Young Chevallier, 

2 portraits, and portrait of Flora Macdonald 1748 

3495 Miers (J.) Travels in Chile and La Plata, maps and plates, 

2 vol. . . 1826 

3496 Mignan (R.) Travels in Chaldea, map and plates, 1829 — 

Memoirs of Egypt, by Members of the Egyptian Institute, 

maps, 1800 . 2 vol. 

8497 Milburn (W.) Oriental Commerce, or the East India Trader's 

Guide, by Thornton . royal 8vo. 1825 


S498 Military Art. Barker on Fortification, plates, 1707— Dal- 
rymple, Tacticks, p/a/e^, 1781 — Robins on Gunnery, 1742, 
and 9 Military . 12 vol. 

3499 Military Memoirs and Stratagems of War, 1804 — Memoirs of 

the War in Asia, 2 vol. 1788 — Defence at Mengalore, 
1786 — Proceedings on the Maroon Negroes, plate, 1796, 
&c. . . 8 vol. 

3500 Millin (A. L.) Voyage en Savoie et en Piemont, 2 vol. 

white vellum, gilt leaves . PaiHs, 1816 

3501 Millot (I'Abbe) Elemens d'Histoire Generale, Ancienne et 

Moderne, 9 vol. . ib. 1772-3 

3502 Millot (Abbe) Elements of General History, Ancient and 

Modern, 5 vol. . 1778 

3503 Mills (C.) History of Chivalry, or Knighthood and its Times, 

2 vol. " . . 1825 

3504 Milman (H. H.) Belshazzar, the Fall of Jerusalem, and the 

Martyr of Antioch, Dramatic Poems, 3 vol. 1820*22 

3505 Milne (C.) Botanical Dictionary, or Elements of Botany, 

25 coloured plates . 1805 

3506 Milner (J.) On the Ecclesiastical Architecture of England 

during the Middle Ages, plates, calf gilt roy. 8vo. 1811 

3507 Milnes (R. M.) Poems, 2 vol. . 1838 

3508 Milton (Jo.) Paradise Regained, and Samson Agonistes, Ji7'st 

edition, 1671 — Milton, Poems, both Latin and English, 
1673 . . 2 vol. 

3509 Milton (J.) Paradise Lost and Regained, by Bp. Tho. Newton, 

portrait and plates, 4 vol. calf neat 1750 

3510 Milton (J.) Paradise Lost and Regained, Notes by Bp. Tho. 

Newton, 2 vol. Baskerville s beautiful edition, 
fine copy, elegantly bound in calf Sirining. 1760 

3511 Milton (J.) Paradise Lost, translated into Armenian, 

vellum uncut royal 8vo. Venice, 1824 

3512 Mineral Water. Guidott (T.) Discourse of Bath, 1725— 

Charleton (R.) Three Tracts on Bath Waters, 1774— 
M'Cabe (Jas.) Observations on the Cheltenham Vv^aters, 
1820, &c. 4 vol. 

3513 Mirabeau (Count) Secret History of the Court of Madrid, 

Dublin, 1789 

3514 Miscellanea Curiosa, Collection of Phenomena of Nature 

Revived, by W. Y)ev\\dim, plates, 3 vol. 1726 

3515 Miscellany Poems, by Dryden, &c. 4 vol, in 3, 1692-4, &c. 

8 vol. 

3516 Missa. Liber Ministri Missse juxta Ritum Ecclesiae Nationis 

Maronitarura, Syriace, 
fine copy, blue morocco extra, gilt leaves Romce, 1596 

3517 Misson (M.) New Voyage to \i^\^, plates, 4 vol. 1714 

3518 Mist, Collection of Miscellany Letters, 4 vol. 1722— North 

Briton, 3 vol. 1763 . 7 vol. 

C C 


3519 Modeles du Clerge, ou Vies Edifiantes de J. A. Fretata de 

Sarra, &c. 2 vol. 1787 — Memoires de H. M. de Latude, 
portraits, 3 vol. 1790, &c. . 13 vol. 

3520 Mojon (G.) Corso analitico di Chimica, 2 vol. Genova, 1825, 

vellum, gilt leaves — Maraschini, Saggio Geologic©, Padova, 
1824, vellum . . 3 vol. 

3521 Moleville (A. F. Bertrand de) Private Memoirs of the Last 

Year of Lewis the Sixteenth, portraits, 3 vol. calf gilt 1797 

3522 Moliere (M. de) (Euvres, 8 vol. 

old red morocco, gilt leaves . Paris, 1682 

3523 Moliere (J. B. de) Works, portrait, 6 vol. in 3, calf 1714 

3524 Moliere, CEuvres de, avec des Remarques Grararaaticales, par 

Bret, portrait and plates, Jlne impressions, 6 vol. 
calf, marbled leaves . Paris, 1804 

3525 Moliere (J. B. P.) CEuvres, 8 vol. sewed Paris, Didot, 1813 
2526 Moliere, CEuvres et sa Vie, par Sainte-Beuve, numerous vignette 

wood engravings, hy Tony JoJiannot, 2 vol. 
calf extra, gilt leaves royal 8vo. Paris^ 1835 

3527 Molina (J. I.) Natural and Civil History of Chili, map, 2 vol. 

1809— M'Mahon (B.) Jamaica Plantership, 1639 3 vol. 

3528 Montagu (Lady Mary Wortley) Works, portraits, 5 vol. 

calf gilt . . 1803 

3529 Montagu (Lady Mary Wortley) Letters and Works, edited b}'- 

Lord Wharncliffe, /?or;ra^Y5, 3 vol. 1837 

3530 Montaigne (Mich.) Essays and Life, by Cotton, 3 vol. 1693 

3531 Montbarey (Le Prince de) Memoires Autographes, 3 vol. 

Paris, 1826 

3532 Monte Mayor (Geo.) Parte Primera y Segunda de la Diana 

Barcelona, 1614 

3533 Montesquieu (Baron de) Spirit of Laws, 2 vol. 1758 

3534 Monticelli (T.) e N. Covelli, Prodrome della Mineralogia 

Vesuviana, vol. 1 and atlas, Napoli, 1825, &c. 8 vol. 

3535 Montgomery, Wanderer of Switzerland, 1819 — Maxwell, 

Battle of the Bridge, or Pisa Defended, 1828 — Robinson, 
Wild Flowers, 1804, and 3 Poetical 6 vol. 

3536 Montgon (I'Abbe) Memoires de, 1725-31, 8 vol. 1750— 

Ambassades de Noailles, par Vertot, 5 vol. 1763 13 vol. 

3537 Moor (Ed.) Suffolk Words and Phrases Woodhridge, 1823 

3538 Moore (Fr ) Travels into the Inland Parts of Africa, map and 

plates, 1738 — Moore (J.) Society in France, 2 vol. 1786 

3 vol. 

3539 Moore (H.) Dictionary of Quotations from various Authors 


3540 Moore (Jonas) hv\ihmQi\ck, fine portrait hy Cross 

scarce, calf neat . . 1650 

3541 Moore (J.) View of Society in Italy, 2 vol. 1781— View of 

Society in France, &c. 2 vol. 1779 4 vol. 


3542 Moore (Sir Tho.) Pitiful Life and Unfortunate Death of Ed- 

ward V. and the Tragical Life and Reigne of Richard III. 
2 vol. in 1, Tussia . 1641 

3543 More (Hannah) Works, 8 vol. . 1801 

3544 More (Sir Tho.) History of King Richard the Third, joor^jm^, 

proof on India paper y 

LARGE PAPER . CMsWlch^ 1821 

3545 More (Tho.) Life of Sir Thomas Move,' portrait, 1726— 

Roper (W.) Life and Death of Sir Thomas More, 1729 

2 vol. 

3546 More (T.) Life of Sir Thomas More, portrait, 1726, and 

Life and Death of Sir Thomas More, by W. Roper, 
portrait, 1731 . 2 vol. 

3547 MoreUi (C.) Tales of the Genii, plates, 2 vol. 1764 

3548 Morelli (And.) Specimen Universse Rei Nummariae Antiquae 

Lipsice, 1695 

3549 Morgan (Lady) France, 2 vol, . 1817 

3550 Mori (Thomse) Lucubrationes, Utopia, etc. Basil, 1563 

3551 Morier (J.) Adventures of Hajji Baba, and Adventures of 

Hajji Baba in England, jo/a^^*, 2 vol. 1835 — Mollien (G.) 
Travels in Columbia, 1824 . 3 vol. 

3552 Morse (J.) American Geography, maps . 1792 

3553 Morso (S.) Descrizione di Palermo Antico, portrait and plates, 

&c. . . 5 vol. 

3554 Morton (Bp. Tho.) Life of, by R. B. and J. ^.portrait, 

calf neat . . York, 1669 

3555 Mosheim (J. L.) Ecclesiastical History, by Maclaine, 6 vol. 

calf gilt . 1782 

3556 Mottley (J.) Life of Peter I. of ^u%s\3i, portrait, 3 vol. 1739 

— Life and Reign of the Empress Catherine, portimit, 
1744 — Motteville, Memoirs of Anne of Austria, 4 vol. 
1726 . . 9 vol. 

3557 Moxon (Jos.) Mechanick Exercises, plates, 1703 — Mandey, 

Marrow of Measuring, po7'trait, 1717, &c. 4 vol. 

3558 Moyle (Walter) Works, portrait, 2 vol. 1726— Melmoth, 

Letters, 2 vol. 1748, &c. . 7 vol. 

3559 Muller (W.) Elements of the Science of War, plates, 3 vol. 


3560 Mundy (A.) Brief e^Chronicle of the Success of Times, 

hhck UtUt, rtissia . 1611 

3561 Mundy (Major Gen.) Life and Correspondence of Admiral 

Lord Rodney, portrait, 2 vol. . 1830 

3562 Munster (Earl of) Memoirs of the late War, 2 vol. 1831— 

Mahon (Lord) ^War^ of Succession in Spain, 1832 — Me- 
moir of the Operations of the Allied Armies, in 1813-14, 
plans, 1822 . 4 vol. 


3563 Muratori (L. A.) Annali d' Italia, e Continuazione sino a Giomi 

Nostri, jOor^ratV, vol. 1 to vol. 15, part 1, in 29 vol. 

Boma, 1766-90 

3564 Murillo (B. E.) Life, translated by Davies, 1819— Murray 

(Lady) Memoirs of George and Lady Baillie, Edinh. 1824 
— Memoirs of the Duke of Montpensier, jt?oWr«iV, 1824, 
&c. . • 5 vol. 

3565 Murphy (Arthur) Works, 7 vol. . 1786 

3566 Murphy (A.) Life of David Garrick, portrait, 2 vol. calf gilt 


3567 Murray (C. A.) Travels in North ArnQxicdL^frontispieces, 2 vol. 


3568 Murray (Hugh) Encyclopedia of Geography, 82 maps, 2 vol. 


3566*Mus8e Anglicanse, 3 vol. 1721 — Musgrave (G.) Antiquitates 

Britanno-Belgicae precipue ^omdiX\^, plates, 1719 4 vol. 

3567*Musgrave (Sir W.) Catalogue of his Collection of English 

Portraits, sold by Richardson, with the prices and names, 

calf, gilt leaves . 1800 

3568*Musical Miscellany, a Collection of Choice Songs set to the 

Violin and Flute, 6 vol. (wants vol. 4) 1729-31 


3569 Martene (Edra.) de Antiquis Ecclesise Ritibus libri, 3 vol. 

Rutomagi, 1700-2 

3570 Martin (John) Plan for Supplying Pure Water to the Cities of 

London and Westminster, and Outlines of several New In- 
ventions, jo^a^e*, 2 tracts . 1828-29 

3571 Martin (Thos.) History of Thetford, portrait and plates, 

Tussia . . 1779 

3572 Marvell (And.) Works and Life, by Capt. E. Thompson, por- 

trait, 3 vol. uncut . 1776 

3573 Mascardi (Ag.) Congiura del Conte G. L. de Fieschi, Venet, 

1637 — Marino, Strage di gli Innocenti, Venet. 1633 — 
Morando, La Rosalinda (title torn), Piecenza, 1650 3 vol. 

3574 Mascou (J. J.) History of the Ancient Germans, by Lediard, 

map, 2 vol. . . 1738 

3575 Mason (Jas.) The Anatomic of Sorcerie, calf neat Camh. 1612 

3576 Massii (D.) Commentarii in Porphirium et in Aristotelis Lo- 

gicam . Colon. 1617 

3577 Masters (Rob.) History of the College of Corpus Christi, or 

Benet, in the University of Cambridge, plates, 
calf gilt . Camb. 1753 

3578 Matthise (C.) Theatrum Historicum Amst. 1648 

3579 Maund (B.) Botanic Garden, numerous fneli/ coloured plates^ 

No. 1 to 144, 12 vol. in 9 
half bound calf, and 36 numbers 18— 


3580 Maurice (H.) an Impartial Account of Jo. Mason of Water 

Stratford, and his Sentiments, calf, 1695 — Maurice, ano- 
ther copy, calf . 1695 

3581 Maurice (Tho.) History of Hindostan, Ancient and Modern, 

numerous plates, ^ vo\, calf gilt . 1795-1803 

3582 Mawe (J.) Travels in the Interior of Brazil, particularly the 

Gold and Diamond Districts, plates 1812 

3583 Maximilian (Prince) Travels in Brazil, plates 1820 

3584 Mayo (C.) Compendious View of Universal History, 4 vol. 

calf gilt, Tussia back royal 4to. Bath, 1804 

3585 Mazzella (Scip.) Descrittione del Regno di Napoli, wood 

engravings, calf gilt, Napoli, n. d, — Seguin, les Anti- 
quitez D'Arles, />/a^e.5 . 1687 

3586 Meares (Jo.) Voyages from China to America, portrait, charts 

and plates — Dixon (G.) Remarks, &c.. Further Remarks 
on, 2 vol. calf gilt . 1790-1 

3587 Medwin (T.) Conversations of Lord Byron . 1824 

3588 Memoires Mathematique de I'Academie des Sciences, plates, 

1692, &c. . 6 vol. 

3589 Mendo (Andres) Principe Perfect© y Ministros Aivistados en 

Emblemas, ^/a^e* . Leon, \QQ'2 

3590 Mendoga (Bernardino de) Commentarios de lo succedido en las 

Guerras de los Payses Caxos, Madind, 1592, he. 2 vol. 

3591 Menestrier (C F.) Traite des Turnois, Joustes, Carrousels et 

autres Spectacles Publics, ^/«^e5, calf gilt Z-^/on, 1669 

3592 Menzini (Benedetto) Opere, portrait, 4 vol. Firenze, 1731 

3593 Merrick (8. R.) History and Antiquities of the County of 

Cardigan, many plates, calf extra, marbled leaves 1810 

3594 Meursii (Jo.) Athense Batavae, numerous portraits and plates, 

fine i^npressions, russia extra, gilt leaves L. Bat, 1625 

3595 Meyrick and Smith, Costume of the Inhabitants of the British 

Islands, 24: finely coloured plates, half russia 18 1 5 

3596 Mezeray (S'^ de) Abrege Chronologique de I'Histoire de France, 

plates, 3 vol. . Paris, 1717 

3597 Middleton (C.) History of the Life of Cicero, 2 vol. 


3598 Middleton (C.) on Miraculous Powers . 1749 

3599 Mill (Jas.) History of British India, maps, 3 vol. 1817 

3600 Miller (Ed.) History and Antiquities of Doncaster, map and 

plates, calf gilt . Doncaster, n. d. 

3601 Millin (A. L.) Antiquites Nationales, ou Recueil -de Monu- 

mens pour servir a I'Histoire Generale et Particuliere de 
I'Empire Fran9ois, numerous fine plates, 5 vol. 
russia . . Paris, 1790 

3602 Military Library and Journal of Military Knowledge, maps 

and coloured plates, 2 vol. . 1799 

3603 Milner (Jo.) History and Antiquities of Winchester, plates, 

2 vol. calf gilt ' Winchester, 1798 


3804 Miltoni (Jo.) pro Populo Anglican© Defensio, contra Claudii 
Salmasii Defensionem Regiam, with the autograph of 
Fab. Philipps, Milton s Nephew, stained 
russia extra . . 1657 

3605 Miltoni (J.) Paradisus Amissus, a G. Dobson, Lat. et Ang. 

2 vol. in 1 . Oxoniif 1750 

3606 Milton (J.) History of Britain to the Norman Conquest, por- 

trait J russia . 1671 

3607 Milton (J.) Poetical Works, portrait, 2 vol. 1720 

3608 Milton (J.) Paradise Lost, a Poem, Notes, &c. by Bp. Newton, 

portrait and plates, 2 \o\. . 1749 

3609 Milton (J.) Works, Historical, Political, and Miscellaneous, by 

T. Y^'irch, portrait, 2 voL bright calf gilt 1753 

3610 Miroir des Vertus et de's Arts, 65 Jine plates Harlem, 1706 

3611 Mirour (A) for Magistrates, newly enlarged with a last part, 

called a Winter Night's Vision, and a Poem annexed 
called England's Eliza, by Higgins, Blennerhasset, Baldwin, 
and Niccols, water stained, 
the most complete edition, very scarce, russia extra, g.l. 1610 

3612 Miscellaneous Antiquities, or a Collection of Curious Papers, 

2 numbers, half calf Strawberry Hill, \112 

3613 Missionary Voyage to the Southern Pacific Ocean, map and 

plates . . 1799 

3614 Moliere, GEuvres ^e, portrait and plates, 6 vol. 

old calf gilt . Paris, 1734 

3615 Mollien (G.) Travels in the Interior of Africa, map and plates 


3616 Monicart (J. B. de) Versailles Immortalise, many plates, 

vol. 1, Paris, 1720, &c. . 2 vol. 

3617 Montalvan (Juan Perez de) Obras, Comedias, etc. wants title 

page . Madrid, 1632 

3618 Montesquieu, de I'Esprit des Loix, 2 vol. Geneve, n. d. — De 

L'Esprit, Paris, 1758 . 3 vol. 

3619 Montesquieu, QEuvre^, portrait and plates, 5 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, half red morocco, uncut Paris, 1796 

3620 Montmorency (H. de) les Montmorency de France et les 

Montmorency d'Irlande, ou Precis Historique, par le Chef 
de cette derniere Maison, \Q plates 
PRIVATELY PRINTED, with autograph note of the author to 
the Duke of Buckingham . Paris, 1828 

3621 Moor (Ed.) Expedition of the Mahratta Army, plates 1794 

3622 Moore (Sir Jo.) Narrative of his Campaign of the British 

Army in Spain, portrait and maps 1809 

3623 Moore (Sir J.) System of Mathematics, plates, 2 vol. 1681 

3624 Moore (Sir J.) another copy, 2 vol. 1681 

3625 Moore (Th.) Epistles and Odes, front, calf russia back 1806 

3626 Moore (T.) Memoirs of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, portrait 



3627 Mora (Dom.) II Soldato, portrait, Venet. 1570— Plutarco, 

Gioie Historiche, Venet, 1568 2 voL 

3628 Morelli (T.) Thesaurus Graecse Poeseos, portrait, 2 vol. 

Etonce, 1762 

3629 Morcelli (S. A.) Inscriptiones commentariis subjectis, 

calf gilt . Romce, 1783 

3630 Mores (E. R.) Nomina et Insignia Nobilium Equitumque sub 

Edwardo Primo, 
i&lacfe letter, some leaves stained Ojconii, 1748 

3631 Moresi (Ed, R.) de ^Ifrico Dorobernensi Archiepiscopo, Com- 

mentarius, edidit G. J. Thorkelin, calf gilt 1789 

8632 Morgan (J.) Phoenix Britannicus, a Collection of Scarce 

and Curious Tracts, vol. 1, all published 1722 

3633 Morgan (J.) Complete History of Algiers, 2 vol. 1728 

3634 Morgan (Sylvanus) Armilogia, or Language of Arms by the 

Colours & Metals, plates, calf gilt 1666 

3635 Morier (Jas.) Journey through Persia, Armenia, and Asia 

Minor, many plates, some coloured, vol. 1, plates on india 
paper, 2 vol. . 1812-18 

3636 Morini (S.) Exercitationes de Lingua Primseva 

Ultrajecte, 1694 

3637 Mornay. — Histoire de la Vie de Messire Philippe de Mornay 

Seig'" du Plessis Marly, 4 vol. old calf gilt Leyde, 1647 

3638 Morritt (J. B.) Vindication of Homer York, 1798 

3639 Moule (Thos.) Bibliotheca Heraldica Magnae Britanniae, an 

Analytical Catalogue of Books on Genealogy, Heraldry, 
etc. portrait on india paper, 
LARGE PAPER . royal 4to. 1822 

3640 Mudge (W.) and Is. Dalby, Trigonometrical Survey of England 

and Wales, 22 plates, vol. 1 . 1799 

3641 Muratori (L. A.) della Perfetta Poesia Italiana, da A. M. Sal- 

vini, 2 vol. vellum , Venet. 1770 

8642 Murphy (Jas.) Travels in Portugal, joZa^e^, calf gilt, 1795 — 

Mortimer (Geo.) Voyage to TeneriflPe, etc. maps and plates, 

calf gilt, 1791 . 2 vol. 

3643 Musae Etonenses, 2 vol. calf gilt, 1755 — Marriott (J.) Poems, 

1760 . . 2 vol. 

3644 Musseus, the Loves of Hero and Leander, Greek and English, 

translated by G. C. Bedford, 

PRIVATELY PRINTED, presentation copy, with autograph 

inscription by Bedford . 1797 

3645 Myricaei (J. G.) Grammatica Syro-Chaldaea Genevce, 1619 



3646 Marquez (Juan) El Governador Christiano, last leaf torn 

Pamplona, 1615 

3647 Marshami (Jo.) Chronicus Canon i^gyptiacus 1672 

3648 Massazza (P. A.) L'Aixo Antico di Susa descritto, 7?/aies 

calf . Torino, 1730 

3649 Matthaei Westmonasteriensis, Flores Historiarum, ab exordio 

Mundi usque ad 1407, russia Francof. 1601 

3650 Matthasi Paris, Historia Major et cum Rogeri Wendoveri, 

Wm. Rishangeri, Authorisque Historiis, cura Wm. Wats, 
russia . 1640 

3651 Mausolee de Princes et Princesses de France, 20 fine plates, by 

Ilarot, Berain, Scotin, Dolivar, etc. Paris, 1683, &c. 

3652 Maximilien, Le Triomphe de I'Erapereur Maximilien I, 

135 curious and fine wood engravings after the designs of 

Hans Burgmair, 2 vol. 

Arc Trioraphal de I'Empereur Maximilien I, upwards of 

hO fine wood engravings after the designs of A. Durer, 3 vol. 

fine copy,, calf extra ^ marbled leaves Vienne, 1796-99 

3653 May (Tho.) History of the Parliament of England which began 

1640 . 1647 

3654 Mayo (C.) Chronological History of the European States 

half russia, uncut . Bath, 1795 

3655 Medailles' sur les Principaux Eveneraents du Regne entier de 

Louis le Grand, avec des Explications Historiques, 
318 plates, by Simonneau, etc. 
fine copy, old calf, gilt leaves Paris, 1723 

3656 Medicis. Galerie de Medicis, Quadreria Medicea, ou 

Tableaux de la Galerie de Medicis graves d'apres les 
dessins de Fr. Petrucci, par Mogalli, Picchianti, Lorenzini, 
Gregori, &c., containing 500 fine large plates, after Ridtens, 
Julio Romano, Salv. Rosa, A. del Sarto, Titian, Raph. Mengs, 
DellaBella, Callot, ^c. 5 vol. half bowid, uncut atlas folio, n.d. 

3657 Menetreii (CI.) Symbolicae Dianse Ephesias Statua et Bellorij 

Notse in Numismata, many plates Romce, 1688 

3658 Mentelle (E.) Map of Spain and Portugal, coloured maps 1808 

3659 Merian (Matth.) Historise Sacrse Vet. et Novi Testament!, 

with verses in Latin, Gorman, French, and English^ 
258 plates, russia, marbled leaves Amst. N. Visscher, n. d. 

3660 Mexia (P.) Vidas de todos los Cesares Emperadores de Roma, 

one leaf MS. Anvers,\b^% 

3661 Meyer (Cor.) L'Arte di Restituire a Roma la tralasciata Na- 

vigatione del suo Teuere, upwards of 60 plates, fine 
fine copy, blue morocco extra, gilt leaves Roma, 1685 


3662 Meyrick (S. R.) Critical Inquiry into Antient Armour, from 

the Norman Conquest to Charles II, with a Glossary of 
the military terms of the middle Ages^ finely coloured plates, 
3 vol. original copy, uncut , 1824 

3663 Mezeray (F. E. du) Histoire de France, ports. 3 vol. Pans, 1643 

3664 Michel (Gab.) Edictes et Ordonnances des Rois de France, 

depuis Louys VI. jusqu' a present, 4 vol. in 3 ib. 1611 

3665 Miege (G.) French and English Dictionary 1688 

3666 Miller (P.) Gardener's Dictionary, 2 vol. 1737 

3667 Milles (Tho.) Catalogue of Honour, or Treasury of True 

Nobility, peculiar and proper to the Isle of Great Britaine, 
plates of habits and arms, good sound copy 1610 

*#* In this copy, page 493 is in a perfect state, which is very 
rarely the case. 

3668 Milton, Annotations on Milton's Paradise Lost, by P. H. 

old calf gilt . 1695 

3669 Milton (John) Historical, Political and Miscellaneous Works, 

and Life, portrait, 3 vol. Amst. 1 698 

3670 Milton (John) Poetical Works, with the Life of the 

Author by Wm. Hayley, portraits and plates after Westall, 
with Milton dictating to his Daughters, brilliant proofs 


UNIQUE COPY, splendidly bound in red morocco extra, joints, 
and gilt leaves. Miss Mat^ NicoVs copy 1794 

3671 Milton (John) Paradise Lost, with illustrations 

designed and engraved by Jo. Martin, 24 fine 


largest paper, splendidly bound in pale russia extra, with 
joints, tooled, and gilt leaves . 1827 

3672 Minsheu (J.) Guide into Nine Tongues, 1625 — Spanish 

Grammar, 1599 . 2 vol. 

3673 MissALE IN usuM EccLEsiJE Andegavensis, with two 


capitals beautifully illuminated or rubricated 
printed upon VELLUM, blacit letter, a most beautiful, clean 
copy, blue morocco. Sir M,M. Sykes* copy Anjou, 1489 
*^* This Ritual, composed for the Church of Anjou, 
IS OF EXTREME RARITY; it docs uot appear to be men- 
tioned by any Bibliographer except Brunet, who, in his last 
edition, refers to this copy in Sir M. M. Sykes' sale. The 
King of France's Library is rich in Missals of every 
provincial Department of France, but no copy of this 
Missal is mentioned in Mr. Van Praet's enumeration of 
that extensive Collection. In the Harleian Collection will 
be found one of a later edition, printed in 1492. 

It is a MOST splendid book, THE VELLUM BEING 

UNIFORMLY PURE AND BEAUTIFUL, and formerly belonged 
to the Library of the Jesuits at Brussels. 

D D 1 


30)74 Moll (II.) Complete Geographer, maps 17*23 

3075 Monstrclct (cl'lMig-. do) Chroniques avcc Ics Continuations 
jusqu' en 15 IG, 3 vol. in 1 Paj-is, 159G 

3G7G Montaigne (Mich.) Essais avcc sa Vie 

LARGE PAPER, old ccilf, mavHed leaves ih. 1G52 

3G77 Monteth (Rob.) History of the Troubles of Great Britain, and 
Rcnriarkable Passages in Scotland, from 1G33-50 1735 

3G78 Montfaucon (B, de) Palaeographia GrcBca Paris, 1708 

3G79 Montfaucon (B. de) L'Antiquite Expliquee et Repre- 
sentee en Figures avec le Supplement, et Monumens de 
LA MoNARCHiE Francoise, ?fpi^m'c?s of 1800 fine plcites, 
20 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, wiiform ih. 1722-57 

3G80 Montfaucon (B. de) Antiquities of Ital}^ by Henley, j>/aies 

old calf . 1725 

3G81 Montfaucon, Thresor des Antiquitez de la Couronne de France, 
mimerous plates, some ivanting, 2 vol. La Ilaije, 1745 

3682 Monument! Inediti publicati dall Institufio di Corrispondenza 

Archeologica, vol 1 and 2, each containing GO plates 
unbound . Roma., 1829-38 

3683 Morant (P.) History and Antiquities of the Town and Borough 

of Colchester in Essex, map and plates, calf gilt 1768 

3684 Morant (P.) History and Antiquities of the County of Essex, 

maps and p)lates, 2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, vevij SCGVCe 1768 

3685 Moreri (Louis) Le Grand Dictionnaire Historique, ou Me- 

lange Curieux de I'Histoire Sacre et Profane avec Supple- 
ment, 10 vol. 
fine copy, bright old ccdf gilt Aiiist. 1740-9 

3686 Morgan (Sylv.) Sphere of Gentry, an Historical and Genea- 

logical Work, of Arms and Blazon, portraits and plates by 
R. Gaywood, ^-c, S or 4: leaves inlaid 
LARGE PAPER, Very scarce, riissia extra, gilt leaves 1661 

3687 Morgues (Matt, de) Di verses Pieces pour la Defense de la 

Royne Mere du Roy Louys XIII. 1637 

3688 Mori (Hen.) Historia Provinciae Anglicanae Societatis Jesu, 

engraved title containing 4 portraits 
very scarce, russia, gilt leaves A^idomari, 1660 

3689 Morini (J.) Commentarius Historicus de Disciplina in Admi- 

nistratione Sacramcnti Pcenitentiae Ant. 1682 

3690 Morini (J.) Commentarius de Sacris Ecclesise Ordinationibus 

Amst. 1695 

3691 Morini (J.). Another edition Antv. 1695 

3692 Morland (Sam.) History of the Evngelical Churches of the 

Valleys of Piedmont, map and plates, good copy 1658 

3693 Morley (Tho.) Plaine and Easie Introduction to Practicall 

M.\is\cke, scarce, calf gilt 1597 

3694 Morton (Jo.) Natural History of Northamptonshire, with Ac- 

count of the Antiquities, map and plates 1712 


3G95 Moi'traye (A. de la) Travels throiigli Europe, Asia and Africa, 
maiiy maps and jjlates, 12 vol. calf gilt 1723 

3996 Moulin (G. du) les Conquestes et les Trophees des Norman^ 
Francois . Rouen, 1658 

3697 Munich Gallery. Galerie zu Baiern, Koniglich Baierischer 

Gemalde-Saal, zu Munchen und Schleissheim, about 
14:0 Jine lithograj^hs, hy StrUmer, Filoiy, and Anderen 
half bound . ' Munchen, 1817 

3698 Munster, Memoires et Negociations touchant le Paix de 

A7nst. 1710 

3699 MuRATORi (L. A.) Rerum Italicarum Scriptores ab 

ANNO 500 AD ANNUM 1500, poHvait, maps and plates, 
24 vol. in 27, wanting vol. 25, stained 
old calf gilt neat . Mediol. \1^^ 

3700 Muratori (L. A.) Antichita estensi ed Italiane Modena, 1717 

3701 Murphy (J. C.) Arabian Antiquities of Spain, repre- 

senting the principal Remains of Architecture, Sculpture, 
Paintings, ho,, of the Spanish Arabs, in 100 Jine plates 
half red morocco, uncut , 1816 

3702 MusEe Francais, ou Recueil complet des Tableaux, 

Statues, et Bas-Reliefs, qui composent la CoLr 
lection Nationale, par Robillard Peronville, et Lau- 
rent, 320 plates, original and very fine impressions, 4 vol. 
fijie copy, russia ewtra, joints, and gilt leaves Paris, 1803-9 



3703 Naphtali, or the Wrestlings of tlic Church of Scotland for the 

Kingdom of Christ, scarce . 1067 

3704 Napier (Col.) History of the War in the Peninsula and South 

of France, jK>/«^e.?, 6 vol. . 1828-40 

3705 Napier (Major E.) Scenes and Sports in Foreign Lands, plates^ 

2 vol. . . 1840 

3706 Napoleon, Recueil de Pieces Aulhentiques sur le Captif . de 

S*^- Helene, de Memoires et Documcns ecrits ou dictes, 
par I'Empereur Napoleon, por^r«?V, 10 vol. PorJ5, 1821 

3707 Napoleon, Memoires pour Servir a FHistoire de France, sous 

Napoleon ecrites Ti Saintc- Helene, 7 vol. 1823-4 

3708 Napoleon, CEuvres, 5 vol. . Paris, 1822 


3709 Napoleon, Correspondance Inedite, Officielle et Confidentielle 

de Napoleon Bonaparte enltalie, Egypte,&e. 7 vol. 1819-20 

3710 Napoleon, Vie Politique et Militaire de Napoleon, 4 vol. 

Paris, 1827 

3711 Narborough, Tasman, Wood and Marten, Voyages and Dis- 

coveries towards the Streights of Magellan, maps and 
plates . . 1694 

3712 Nasmyth ) Alex.) On the Diseases of the Teeth, plates, 

calf gilt . . 1839 

3713 Nature Displayed, plates, 3 vol. 1736, &c. 15 vol. 

3714 Naufrages, Histoire des, Recueil des Relations Interessantes, 

3 vol. . . Paris, 1788 

3715 Nautical Magazine, plates, vol. 1 to 4, 2 vol. and 24 numbers 

— Paxton and Harrison's Horticultural Register, No. 1 to 
54, wanting ]Vo. 13, 1831, &c. a parcel 

3716 Naval Chronicle (The) from the commencement in 1799 to 

1818, numerous portraits and plates, 40 vol. complete, 
fine copy, calf gilt . 1799-1818 

3717 Naval Sketch Book, 2 vol. 1826— O'Keefe (Miss) Dudley, 

3 vol. 1819— Other Times, 3 vol. 1823 8 vol. 

3718 Navarre (Marq. de Valois Reine de) Contes et Nouvelles, 

numerous plates, 8 vol. in 4, 
LARGE PAPER, calf gilt . 1784 

3719 Neal (Dan.) History of New England, Civil and Ecclesiastical, 

2 vol old calf gilt . 1747 

3720 Neale (W. H.) Mohammedan System of Theology, 

calf gilt . . 1831 

3721 Neild (Jas.) Account of Debtors, portraits 1808 

3722 Neri (A.) Art of Glass, 1662, he. 3 vol. 

3723 Nelson (Lord) Letters to Lady Hamilton, 2 vol. 1814 — Papers 

on Naval Architecture, 2 vol. 1791 — Adventures of John 
Nicol, portrait, Edinh. 1822, &c. 8 vol. 

3724 Nesse (C.) Christian s Walk, joor^raeV . 1678 

3725 Netherland Historian, The, an exact relation of the Wars be- 

tween the King of Great Britain and the French King, 
against the States General of the United Provinces, por- 
traits and plates . Amsterdam, 1675 

3726 Nettement (A.) Memoires Historiques de S. A. R. Madame 

Duchesse de Berri, 3 vol. . Paris, 1837 

3727 Neves (P.) Cursory Remarks on some Ancient English Poets, 

particularly Milton, 


3728 Newcome (Arcbbp.) View of the English Bil)lical Translations, 

Dublin, 1792 — Newcome on Our Lord's Conduct, 1795 

2 vol. 

3729 Newgate. History of the Press Yard, or Account of the Cus- 

toms and Occurrences in Newgate, 1717 — Accurate Des- 
cription of Newgate, 1724, calf . 2 vol. 


3730 New Monthly Magazine, 69 numbers, between No. 1 and 

No. 217 . 1821-39 

3731 Newport (Col. And.) Memoirs of a Cavalier, jDor/ra2V, 

LARGE PAPER, calf gilt . 1792 

3732 Newton (W.) History and Antiquities of Maidstone, frontis' 

piece, calf extra . 1741 

3733 Nicholas (J. L.) Narrative of a Voyage to New Zealand, 

plates, 2 vol. 1817— Neill (P.) Tour in Orkney, Edinb, 
1806, 2 vol. . . 4 vol. 

3734 Nichols (Jo.) Oration and Sermon made at Rome, on Paine of 

Death, and a Declaration of the Recantation of Jo. Nichols, 
the Pope's Scholer in Rome, 2 vol. in 1, 
Iblacfe letter, calf . Jo. Charlewood, 1581 

3735 Nichols (J.) Select Collection of Poems, with Notes, Biogra- 

phical and Historical, portraits, 8 vol. calf gilt 1780 

3736 Nichols (J.) Account of the Alien Priories in England and 

Wales, map and plates, 2 vol. calf gilt 1786 

3737 Nichols (J.) Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century, 

9 vol. and Literary Illustrations, vol. 1, 2 and 3, many 
portraits, 12 vol. uncut . 1812-18 

3738 Nicolas (N. H.) Notitia Historica, containing Tables, Calen- 

dars, &c. for Historians, white vellum, gilt leaves 1824 

3739 Nicolas (N. H.) Literary Remains, and Memoir of Lady Jane 

Grey, portrait, calf extra, marbled leaves 1825 

3740 Nicolson (Bp.) Border Laws . 1705 

3741 Niersis (S.) Preces 24 Linguis editae, calf, g, L Venet. 1823 

3742 Nithsdale (Earl of) Escape from the Tower of London, with 

Remarks by Sheffield Grace, privately printed, 1827, and 
13 Antiquarian and Topographical Pamphlets v. ^, 

3743 Noble (Mark) Memoirs of the Protectoral House of Cromwell, 

portraits and plates, 2 vol. . 1787 

3744 Noelli (A.) Catechismus, O.von, 1795, &c. 4 vol. 

3745 Norden (Jo.) Speculi Britanniae, pars altera, or Delineation 

of Northamptonshire, calf gilt . 1720 

3746 Norfolk, History and Antiquities oi, plates, 10 vol. 

calf gilt . . Norwich, 1781 

3747 Normandie, Histoire et Chronique de Norraandie, Rouen, 1610 

— Masseville, Histoire Sommaire de Normandie, 8 vol. 
ib, 1698 — Les Beautez de la Normandie, 1700 — Histoire 
de la Ville de Rouen, 3 vol. 1668, &c. 14 vol. 

3748 Northumberland Household Book, 

PRIVATELY VKi^T^D, presentation copy from Bishop Percy 
to Earl Temple, calf gilt . 1770 

3749 Norvins (M. de) Portefeuille de, 1813, 2 vol. Paris, 1825— 

Nouveaux Memoires Secrets de 1828, ib. 1829, &c. — De 

Pradt du Congres de Vienne, 3 vol. 1815, &c. 19 vol. 

50 Novelle Morali seguite da Lettere ad una Amica sul Modo di 

conseguire la Felicita, 2 vol. . 1832 


3751 Noycr (Mme. du) Lettres Ilistoriqucs et Galantos, plates^ 

(5 vol. 1741— Lettres de Mme. de Pompadour, 2 vol. 1774 
— Memoires de Marquis de Pombal, 4 vol. 1784 12 vol. 

3752 Nugent (Lord) Memorials of John Hampden, portraitSs 2 vol. 

with a Letter on an Article in the Quarterly Review, and 
the Reviewer's Reply . " 1832 

3753 Nugent (T.) Life of Benvenuto Cellini, 2 vol. in 1 

Dublin, 1772 

3754 Observateur (L') x^nglois, ou Correspondance Secrete entre 

Milord AU'Eye et Milord Alle'ar, 10 vol. calf gilt 1779 

3755 Ockley (Simon) Life of Ebu Yokdan, translated from the 

Ky Sih'ic, plates, 1711, &c. . 5 vol. 

3756 Oclandi (Chr.) Anglorum Pra3lia, item Elizabetha de Anglise 

Statu, et A. Nevillus de Furoribus Norfolciensium, 
Ketto Duce 
good copy, calf . R. Nuherie, 1582 

3757 O'Gallagher (Felix) On the First Principles of Nature, 2 vol. 

Dublin, 1784— O'GaUagher, System of Nature, ib. 1798, 
&c. . . 5 vol. 

3758 O'Keeffe (J.) Dramatic Works, 4 vol. calf gilt 1798 

3759 O'Keefe (J.) Recollections of his Life, portrait, 2 vol. 1826 

3760 Olafsen et Povelsen, Voyage en Irlande, par Ordre de S. M. 

Domoise, traduit par Gauthier-De-Lapeyronie, 5 vol. and 
Ato. atlas of map and plates, calf gilt Paris, 1802 

3761 Oldcastle (H.) Remarks on the History of England, 1743 — 

Lives of the Princes of Orange, 1734 — History of William, 
Prince of Orange, 1688— Osborn (F.) Works, 1673. &c. 

6 vol. 

3762 Oldmixon (J.) British Empire in America, maps^ 2 vol. 1708 

3763 Oldmixon (J.) Critical History of England, 2 vol. 1728— 

Clarendon and Whitelock compared, 1727 3 vol. 

3764 Oldys (Wm.) British Librarian, calf gilt 1738 

3766 O'Meara (B. E.) Napoleon in Exile, or a Voice from St. 

Helena, portrait, 2 vol. 1822 — Last Reign of the Emperor 
Napoleon, 2 vol. 1816 . 4 vol. 

3767 Opie (Amelia) Illustrations of Lying, 2 vol. 1825, &c. 7 vol. 

3768 Oppiano della Pesca tradotta da Salvini, Firenze, 1728, &c. 

4 vol. 

3769 Oratores Gra^ci, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis Wolfii, Taylori, et 

aliorum, cura J. J. Reiske, 12 vol. 
fine copy, russia . Lips. 1770 

3770 Oriental Annual, fine plates, after W. Daniell, and Descrip- 

tion, by H. Caunter, 2 vol. morocco, gilt leaves 1835-6 

3771 Oriental Herald (The) and Colonial Review, from the com- 

mencement Jan. 1824 to July 1827, excepting Oct. 1826, 
5 vol. half bound, and 24 numbers 1824, &c. 


3772 Orkney. Macauloy (Kc-nncth) History of St. Kilda, mapj 

] 7G4 — Wallace (J.) Account of the Islands of Orkney, 
map, 1700 . . 2 vol. 

3773 Orkney. Wallace (J.) Description of the Isles of Orkney, 

Eciinh. 1693 — Eunson (G.) Antient and Present State of 
Orkney, Newcastle, 1788 . 2 vol. 

8774 Orleans (Pere d') Histoire des Revolutions d'Anf^leterre, 3 vol, 
Amst. 1714 — Histoire Secrete de la Cour de Madrid du 
Philipe V, Colon. 1719, &c. . 13 vol. 

3775 Orphica, cum Notis H. Stephani, Eschenbachii, Gesneri, Tyr- 

whitt, recensuit G. Hermannus, 
LARGE PAPER, hlue movocco, gilt leaves Lipsice^ 1805 

3776 Osorius (Bp. Flier.) Epistle to Queene Elizabeth, or a Pearle 

for a Prince, by R, Shacklock, scarce Antwerp, 1565 

3777 Ossian. Fingal and Teraora, Epic Poems, with manuscript notes 

in Irish, ^^c. by the O'Cojinors, 2 vol. Dub. 1762-3, and 
Seduli Poemata Sacra, Edinb, 1701 3 vol. 

3777*Ossian. Poems, by Macpherson, 2 vol. 1765 — Report on the 
Poems of Ossian, by Mackenzie, Edinb. 1805, and 3 on 
Ossian . . 6 vol. 

3778 Ossian. Poems, translated by A. Davidson and Jo. Shackelton, 

3 vol. Birm. 1817— H. J. Pye's Poems, 2 vol. 1787— 
Poetical Amusements, 2 vol. 1776 7 vol. 

3779 Ossian. Poems in Gaelic, with Latin translation, by R. Mac- 

farlan. Dissertation by Sinclair, vol. 1 and 2, 


3780 Ossian. Poems in Verse, by Shackleton, 2 vol. 1817, &c. 7 vol. 

3781 Otway (Thos.) Works, portrait, 2 vol. 1712— Oldham (J.) 

Works, portrait, n OS, kc. . 8 vol. 

3782 Oulton (W. C.) Traveller's Guide, or English Itinerary, rnap 

and plates, 2 vol. calf gilt . 1805 

3783 Ovide Buffon, Paris, 1662— Oufle (M.) Imaginations Extra- 

vagantes, 2 vol. Amst. 1710 — Pucelle d'Orleans, Histoire 
de, Rouen, 1 G34 . 3 vol. 

3784 Ovidii Metamorphoseon libri XV. cura Mycilli, many wood 

russia back, old stamped sides, gilt leaves Francof, 1582 

3785 Ovidii Opera, 3 vol. . Aldus, 1515-33 

3786 Ovidii Opera, cura N. Heinsii, 3 vol. Amst. Elzev. 1664 — 

Plinii Historia Naturalis, 3 vol. L. Bat. 1633 6 vol. 

3787 Ovington (J.) Voyage to Suratt, plates, 1696 — Perier, Voyages 

and Ty^\g\?,, plates, 1708, &c. . 4 vol. 

3788 Owen (N.) British Remains, or Collection of Antiquities 

relating to the Britons, calf gilt . 1777 

3789 Oxford. Amhurst (W.) Terrae-Filius, or Secret History of 

the University of Oxford, 2 vol. 1726— Pointer (J.) Ro- 
man Pavement at Stunsfield, 1713 — Svvaine (J.) Osney 
Abbey, 1773, &c. . 4 vol. 


3790 Oxonia, 4 vol. calf gilt . R. Phillips, n. d. 

3791 Ozanam (M.) Cours de Mathematique, 4 vol. Amst. 1697, &c. 

25 vol. 

3792 Pagan (Count of) Description of the Amazons in America, 

map, 1661 — Phillips (J. T.) Letters on Malabar, map, 
1717, &c. . 8 vol. 

3793 Pagnini (S.) Epitome Thesauri Linguae Sanctae, Antv 1578, 

&c. . 15 vol. 

3794 Palmer (Sam.) Nonconformists' Memorial, p or Ir aits ^ fine im- 

pressions, 2 vol. russia . 1775 

3795 Pamphlets, Miscellaneous, Memoirs of the Family of Caven- 

dish, 1728, &c. . 4to. and 8vo. a parcel 

3796 Pamphlets, chiefly Political . a parcel 

3797 Pamphlets, Miscellaneous . a parcel 

3798 Pancirollus (G.) History of Many Memorable Things Lost, 

2 vol. calf neat . 1715 

3799 Parker (Geo.) Edition of Eland's Tutor to Astrology, 1704 — 

The Question of Witchcraft debated, 1669, &c. 6 vol. 

3800 Parker (W.) Discourses, 2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, calf gilt . Oxfovd^ 1790 

3801 Parkes (S.) Chemical Catechism, 1816— Phillips (R.) Million 

of Facts, 1835 . 2 vol. 


3802 Nani (B.) Historia della Republica Veneta, Roma Antica, 

plates^ Rom. 1666, 2 vol. Venet. 1662 

3803 Napier (John of Merchiston) Account of his Life, Writings, 

and Inventions, joor^raeV, calf gilt Perth, 1777 

3804 Napoleon, Histoire Metallique de, ou Recueil des M^dailles et 

des Monnaies avec le Supplement, 14 fine plates, 2 vol. 


3805 Nash (F.) Picturesque Views of Paris and its Environs, plates, 

complete in 1 1 parts . 1 820 

3806 Nasmith (Jac.) Catalogus Librorum MSS. in Collegio Cor- 

poris Christi, etc. in Academia Cantabrigiensi, portrait 
calf, marbled leaves . Cantab, 1777 

3807 Naugerii (And.) Opera Omn'm, portrait Patavii, 1718 

3808 Nazari (G. B.) della Tramutatione Metallica, Brescia, 1599— 

Pasini Historia del Cavalier Perduto, Venet. 1644, &c. 4 vol. 

3809 Neale (Dr. A.) Letters from Portugal and Spain, maps and 

plates, calf, marbled leaves . 1809 

3810 Neale (Dr. A.) Travels through Parts of Germany, Poland, 

Moldavia, and Turkey, coloured plates 1818 

3811 Neale (J. P.) and J. Le Keux, Views of Collegiate and Paro- 

chial Churches in Great Britain, including Screens, Fonts, 
and Monuments, numerous plates, india proofs, 2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, jt?a/e russiu extva^ jointSf and g, I. 1824 


3812 Neandri (Joh.) Tabacologia hoc est Tabaci, seu NicotiansB 

Descr'iptio, poj'trait and plates, russia Ij. Bat. 1626 

3813 Neild (Jas.) State of the Prisons in England, Scotland, and 

Wales, portrait, calf g-ilt . 1812 

3814 Newcome (Bp.) on our Lord's Conduct, Dublin, 1782 — Ver- 

sion and Explanation of the Prophet Ezekiel Dublin, 1788 

2 vol. 

3815 Newcome (P.) History of the Abbey of St. Alban's, 2 maps 

and plates, with 2 ur 3 additional . 1793 

3816 Newspapers. The London Chronicle from 1757 to 1763, 

14 vol. half bound, cut . 1757 

3817 Newspapers. Le Moniteur Universel, Aout a Novembre, 

1792, 4 vol. Londres, 1797— Le Redacteur, 1798-1800, 
3 vol. &c. together 12 vol. 1792, &c. 

3818 Newtoni (I.) Opera quae extant Omnia Commentariis illus- 

trabat Bp. Sam. Horsley, plates, 5 vol. 
very scarce, calf gilt . 1779-85 

3819 Newton (Is.) Optics, a Treatise oi Ux^hi, plates 1704 

3820 Newton (I.) Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended, 


3821 Nicolay (Nicolas de) Navigations, Peregrinations et Voyages, 

60 wood engravings, purple morocco extra, gilt leaves 

Anvers. 1577 

3822 Nicholay (N.) Navigations, Peregrinations, and Voyages into 

Turkic, by T. Washington, fiumerous wood engravings of 
costumes . 1585 

3823 Nicolas (Sir N. FI.) History of the Orders of Knighthood of 

the British Empire, richly illuminated plates, heightened 
with gold, 4 vol. . roy. 4to. 1842 

3824 Nichols (J.) Bibliotheca Topographica Britannica, 

or the Antiquities, Biographical, Miscellaneous, and Topo- 
graphical, in Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Cambridgeshire, 
Derbyshire, Kent, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Middlesex, 
Northamptonshire, Staffordshire, Surrey, Sussex, Suffolk, 
Warwickshire, Scotland, and Wales, numerous portraits 
and plates, 51 parts in 8 vol. ve7y scarce, calf 1780-90 

3825 Nichols (J.) Collection of the Wills of the Kings and Queens 

of England, from William the Conqueror to Henry VII, 
2 vol calf gilt , 1775-1780 

3826 Nichols (J.) Biographical Anecdotes of Wm. Bowyer, Printer, 

portrait, calf gilt . 1782 

3827 Nichols (J.) Progresses and Public Processions of Queen 

Elizabeth, many plates, 3 vol. 
calf, not quite uniform . 1788-1805 

3828 Nicolson (Jos.) and R. Burns, History and Antiquities of the 

Counties of Westmoreland and Cumberland, maps, 2 vol. 
calf gilt . 1777 

3829 Nicolson (Bp. W,) English, Scotch, and Irish Historical Li- 

braries, BEST EDITION, Calf . 1776 

E E 


3830 Niebuhr (C.) Voyage en Arable, 2 vol. — Description de 

r Arable, et Recuell de Question sur I' Arable, par Michaelis, 
numerous plates i together 4 vol. calf gilt Amst. 1774-6 

3831 Nisbet (Alex.) Essay on the Ancient and Modern Use of 

Armories, plates of arms . Edinh. 1718 

3832 Noble (M.) Two Dissertations upon the Mint and Coins of 

the Episcopal Palatines of Durham, plates, 
russia . Birmingham, 1780 

3833 Noble (M.) Historical Genealogy of the House of Stuart, 

calf gilt . .1793 

3834 Noble (M.) History of the College of Arms, portrait, 

LARGE PAPER, russia . 1804 

3835 Norden (John) Speculi Britannise Pars, a Topographical and 

Historical Description of Cornwall, maps and plates, 

LARGE PAPER . . 1728 

3836 Northouck (J.) New History of London, including Westmin- 

ster and Southwark, maps and plates, 
pale russia e.vtra . 1773 

3837 Normandie. Description Geographique et Historique de la 

Haute Normandie, 2 vol. Paris, 1740 

3838 North (Roger) Lives of Lord Keeper North and of others of 

the Family of North, portraits ; and Examen, or Inquiry 
into (Kennett's) Complete History, 
uniform, old calf, . 2 vol. 1740-2 

3839 NoRTHcoTE (Jas.) Memoirs of Sir Joshua Reynolds, 

with the Supplement, portraits, 

illustrated with 5 original drawings in colours, ^c. and 
nearly 400 portraits arid plates by JBartolozzi, Faber, 
Harding, Heath, Schiavonetti, Sherwin, J, Smith, Vertue, 
Wivell, Worlidge, ^c. some proofs, many fine impressions, 
and some coloured, neatly inlaid, bound in 3 voL 

pale russia extra, gilt leaves . 1813 

8840 Nova Scotia. Memorials of the English and French Commis- 
saries concerning the Limits of Nova Scotia, or Acadia, in 
English and French, map, 2 vol. 

privately printed, calf gilt . 1755 

3841 Nugent (Thos.) History of Vandalia, and Present State of 

Mecklenburg, plates and pedigrees, 2 vol. 
old calf gilt . . 1766 

3842 Nunez (Hernan) Refranes O Proverbios en Romance, y la 

Filosofia Vulgar de Juan de Mai Lara Madrid, 1619 

3843 Ogilvie (J.) Rona, 1777— O'Donald, the Toast, 1736— Ogle, 

Clerk of Oxford's Tale, 1739, &c. . 5 vol. 

3844 Olivier (G. A.) Voyage dans I'Empire Othoman, I'Egypte et la 

Perse, 2 vol. and atlas of plates Paris, 1801 

3845 Operations Geodesiques et Astronomiques pour la Mesure d'un 

Arc du Parallele Moyen executees en Piemont et en Savoie, 
plates, 2 vol. and a^/a* . Milan, 1827 


3846 O'Connor (Dr. Chas.) Rerum Hibernicarum Scrip- 

tores Veter^s, plates, 4 vol. 
PRIVATELY printed, LARGE PAPER, onl^ 200 copies large 
and small paper were completed, boards, uncut 

Suckinghamie, 1814-26 

3847 O'Connor (C.) another copy, plates, 4 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, micut . ib. 1814-26 

*^* " The expellees Incurred by the Duke of Buckingham for 
the researches and for the printing of these four volumes 
exceeded the sum of £3000. They contain Latin transla- 
tions from the original Iberno-Celtic MSS. in the library 
at Stowe. The most important and interesting works 
illustrative of the history and antiquities of Ireland were 
selected, and these volumes embody no article ever before 
printed, or, it might be almost added, ever before known 
to the literary world, excepting, perhaps, by name. The 
notes abound in curious and valuable matter, and the 
learned translator is deservedly deemed more profoundly 
skilled than any other person of the present day in the lan- 
guage, figurative expressions, and allusions of the originals. 
This work must always be deemed essential to any literary 
collection professing to have the history of Ireland among 
its objects, as well as for the rich mine of curious matter 
contained in Dr. O'Connor's notes, as for the original 
texts." — MS. Note by Sheffield Grace in his own copy, 

3848 Oppiani de Piscatu et de Venatione libri Paris, 1555 

3849 Oratio Dominica in diversas Omnium fere Gentium Linguas 

Versa, curis Jo. Chamberlain et D. Wilkinson, 
presentation copy to Hadrian JReland, by David Wilkins, 
ivith autograph i7iscription, vellum Amst, 1715 

3850 Oratio Dominica, the Lord's Prayer in above One Hundred 

Languages, with manuscipt notes in the autograph of 
D, Wilkins, calf . 1700 

3851 Orford (Lord) Works, numerous portraits and plates, 5 vol. 

— Harding's Series of Portraits to Illustrate the Catalogue 
of Royal and Noble Authors ; and Edwards' Anecdotes of 
Painters, in Continuation of Lord Orford's, portrait, 7 vol. 
the two last works on large paper to match, 
calf gilt . . 1798-1808 

3852 Orme (R.) History of Military Transactions in Indostan, 7aaps 

and plans, 3 \o\. . 1763 

3853 Orme (R.) Historical Fragments of the Mogul Empire, joor- 

trait and map, calf gilt . 1805 

3854 Orrery (C. Boyle Lord) As You Find it, red morocco, gilt 

leaves, 1703 — Oldmixon, Governour of Cyrus, a Tragedy, 
1703— Sir C. Sidley, Mulberry Garden Comedy, 1675, &c. 

5 vol. 


3855 Orridge (Jo.) Description of the Gaol at Bury St. Edmund, 

plates . . 1819 

3856 Ottley (Wra. Young-) Inquiry into the Origin and Early His- 

tory of Engraving upon Copper and Wood, plates and 
wood engravings, 2 vol. calf, uncut 1816 

3857 Ovidii Metamorphoses in usum Delphini cum notis variorum, 

THICK PAPER, old calf, gilt leaves Duhlinii, Grierson, 17*29 

3858 Ovide, Metamorfosi, ridotte da G. Andrea dell' Anguillara, 

plates . Venet. B. Giunti, 1584 

3859 Ovide, Les Metamorphoses, upwards of 140 plates from the 

designs of the best JFrench paititers, hy Le Mire et Basan^ 
fine impressions, 
old French red morocco, gilt leaves Paris, 1767 

3860 Ouseley (Sir Wm.) Travels in various parts of the East, par- 

ticularly in Persia, map and many plates, 3 vol. 
russia extra, gilt leaves . 1823 

3861 Outhier (M.) Voyage au Nord, map and plates, Paris, 1744 

— Pyrard (F.) Voyage aux Indes Paris, 1769 

3862 Owen (C.) Natural History of Serpents, plates 1742 

3863 Owl (The) and the Nightingale, a Poem of the 12th Century, 

with Glossary, &c. by J. Stevenson, uncut 
presentation copy, with an autograph note of S. JR. Glynne 

Rojchurghe Club, 1838 

3864 Oxford (University of) Verses on the Death of Sir B. Gren- 

ville, who was Slain at the Battle on Lansdown Hill, 1643, 
old morocco . 1684 

3865 Oxley (J.) Journals of Two Expeditions into the Interior of 

New South Wales, maps and'plates 1820 

3866 Ozanam (M.) Dictionnaire Mathematique Paris, 1691 

3867 Ozanne (N.) Ports de France, 26 plates obi. 4to. Paris, n.d. 

3868 Pacho (M. J. R.) Voyage dans La Marmarique, La Cyrenaique, 

maps, with a folio vol. of 100 plates, some coloured, 2 vol. 
half hound red morocco, gilt leaves Paris, 1827 

3869 Pages (M. de) Voyages ou tour du Monde, maps, 2 vol. 

Paris. 1782 — Pernetty, Voyage aux Isles Malouines, maps 
and plates, 2 vol. Paris, 1770 — Voyage en Portugal, 1798 

5 vol. 

3870 Painter (Wm.) Palace of Pleasure, beautified, adorned, &c. 

with Pleasant Histories and Novels, edited by Jos. Hasle- 
wood, 3 vol. only 230 copies printed 1813 

3871 Palingenius (Marc.) The Zodiake of Life, translated by Bar- 

nabie Googe, in Verse, 
black letter, /me copy, calf Rob. Robinson, 1588 

3872 Pallas (P. S.) Voyages en Russie et dans I'Asie, 5 vol. and 

atlas of maps and plates, calf gilt obi. 4to. Paris, 1788 

3873 Palmer (C.) Collection of Aphorisms and Maxims, 1748, &c. 

5 vol. 

3874 Palmer (S.) General History of Printing, and C. Middleton 

on the Origin of Printing in England, 2 vol. 1733-35 


3875 Palmerin d'Olive, L'Histoire de, Filz du Roy Fiorendes de 

Macedone, &c. par Jan. Maugin, 
very scarce, good copy . Anvers. 1572 

3876 Palmerin D'Oliva, the Mirrour of Nobilitie, the Map of Honour, 

Anatomie of Rare Fortunes, Wonder of Chivalrie, &c. 
translated by A. Munday, 2 parts in 1 vol. 
blacfe letter, russia, gilt leaves . 1637 

3877 Pananti (Signor) Narrative of a Residence in Algiers, coloured 

frontispiece . 1818 

3878 Pancirolli (G.) Rerum Memorabilium sive Deperditarum, lib. 

aucta ab H. Salmuth, 7'ussia Francof. 1646 

3879 Panzer (G. W.) Annales Typographici ab Artis Inventae Ori- 

gine ad Annum 1536, 11 vol. 
FINE PAPER, russia extra^ marhled leaves iVoWmft. 1793-1803 

3880 Park (Mungo) Travels in the Interior of K.ix\cd,y portrait and 

plates . . 1799 

3881 Park (M.) Travels in the Interior of Africa, maps and plates , 

2 vol., vol. 1 calf gilt, vol. 2 boards 1799-1815 

3882 Parkinson (Jas.) Organic Remains of a Former World, numc' 

rous finely coloured plates^ 3 vol. calf extra, gilt leaves 

3883 Parkinson (S.) Voyage to the South Seas, calf gilt 1784 

3884 Parry (Capt. W. E.) Journal of Three Voyages and an Appen- 

dix for the Discovery of a North-West Passage from the 
Atlantic to the Pacific, and a Narrative of the Attempt to 
Reach the North Pole, 1819-27, cAar^5 and fine plates, 
^ \o\. half calf gilt leaves . 1821-28 

3885 Parry (Capt. W- E.) Fourth Voyage, Narrative of an At- 

tempt to Reach the North Pole in Boats, plates and charts 


3886 Parsons (Philip) Monuments and Painted Glass of upwards of 

One Hundred Churches in the Eastern part of Kent, 
russia extra . Canterbury, 1794 

3887 Partridge (Jo.) Defectio Geniturarura, an Essay toward Re- 

viving and Proving the True Old Principles of Astrology 


3888 Paruta (P.) Historia Venetiana, 2 vol. in 1 Venet, 1645 

3889 Pasquier (Estienne) Lettres, calf gilt Paris, 1586 


3890 Nalson (J.) Impartial Collection of Affairs of State from 1639 

to the Murther of Charles \. frontispieces^ 2 vol. 1682-3 

3891 Nani (B.) History of the Affairs of Europe and of Venice, by 

Honywood . 1673 

3892 Napoleon. Tableaux Historiques des Campaignes d'ltalie 

depuis I'An IV. jusqu' a la Bataille de Marengo, et Cere- 
monies du Sacre de Napoleon le Grand, portrait and many 
fine plates, after the designs of C. Vernet 
russia extra, joiiitSy and gilt leaves Paris, 1806-13 


3893 Napoleon, Tableaux. Another copy, portrait and Jine plates 

half red morocco, uncut Paris, 1806-13 

3894 Napoleon. Sacre de Napoleon dans I'Eglise de Notre 

Dame, portrait of Napoleon hy A, B. Desnoyers, whole 
length, brilliant proof, with 38 plates of the Coronation, by 
Dequevauiller, D'Elvaux, Dupreel, Lavale, Massard, Petit, 
Pigeot, Pouquet, Ribault, Simonet, &c., all brilliant proof s 
before the letters, 1804, two Portraits of Napoleon, jproo/s 
on India paper, hy R. Cooper, Bataille d'Austrelitz, hy S. 
Godefroy, brilliant proof, 1813, Serment du Sacre de 
Louis XVI, par J. M. Moreau, brilliant impression 
in all 43 plates in one volume, russia extra, joints 

elephant folio, 1779-1813 

3895 Nash (F.) Views of the Interior of St. George's Chapel at 

"Windsor, 9 plates,, fine proof s 
LARGE PAPER, russia extra, joints, and gilt leaves 1805 

3896 Nash (T.) Collections for the History of Worcestershire, with 

the Supplement, maps, portraits and plates, 3 vol. 
fine copy, russia extra , 1781-99 

3897 Natalis (Hier.) Adnotationes et Meditationes in Evangelia, 

numerous plates, brilliant impressions 
very scarce, old red morocco, gilt leaves Antv. 1594 

3898 Nattes (J. C.) Bath, illustrated in a Series of Views from 

drawings by J. C. Nattes, 30 finely coloured plates, calf 1806 

3899 Nattes (J. C.) Versailles, Paris, and St. Denis, 40 finely 

coloured plates, calf, ma?'bled leaves n. d. 

3900 Nattes (J. C.) Views of Gosfield Hall and Park, the property 

of the Duke of Buckingham, 25 original drawings in sepia, 
^c. bound 171 1 vol. russia extra oblong folio. 

3901 Natural History of Animals, and Anatomical Description, 

j)lates . 1701 

3902 Navarino, the Battle of, plan by Reinagle, and 12 plates with 

reference, half morocco Colnaghi, 1828 

3903 Neale(J. p.) and Brayley, History and Antiquities of 

THE Abbey Church of St. Peter, Westminster, 
61 plates, fine proofs, 2 vol. 
largest paper, pale russia extra, gilt leaves imp. folio, 1818 

3904 Nebrissensis (^lii Ant.) Rerum a Ferdinando et Elisabe 

Gestarum decades ii. nee non Belli Navariensis lib. ii. 
annexa insuper Arch. Roderici Chronica, etc. 
fine copy, very scarce, calf gilt Granatam, 1545 

3905 Nesselii (Dan. de) Catalogus Manuscriptorum BibliothecsB 

Csesarese Vindobonensis, 6 parts, and Appendix in 2 vol. 

Vindob. 1690 

3906 Nevers (Due de) Memoires sous les Rois Charles IX, Henri 

III, et Henry IV, portrait, 2 vol. Paris, 1665 

3907 Newcastle (Marchioness of) Philosophical Letters 1664 

3908 Newcastle (Duchess of) Plays, russia extra, gilt leaves 1668 


3909 Newcastle (Duchess of) Nature's Picture drawn by Fanc}''s 

Pencil to the Life, being feigned Stories, Comical, Poetical, 
&c. with scarce portrait inserted 
Jine copy, calf gilt . 1671 

3910 Newcastle (Duke of) General System of Horsemanship, numC' 

rous plates, containing portraits of the Neivcastle Family 
ruled with red lines, 2 vol. 1743 

3911 Newcourt (Ric.) Ecclesiastical and Parochial History of the 

Diocese of London, maps, portrait and plates^ 2 vol. 1708 

3912 Newman (S.) Concordance to the Bible 16 43 

3913 Newman (S.) Concordance to the Holy Scriptures 1682 

3914 Newspapers. Morning Chronicle, and London Advertiser, 

from July 1784 to 1799, 17 vol. half hound inrussia, uncut 
— and from 1804 to 1826, 23 vol half hound, cut 40 vol. 

3915 Newspapers. The Courier, from 1804 to 1825, and 1828-9-30, 

half hound, cut, except the last 3 25 vol. 

3916 Newspapers. The John Bull for 1820-2 and 1828-30, 5 vol. 

half hound, uucut — The Globe, 1809, half hound, uncut — 
and a Volume of Newspapers, various, 1800-12 7 vol. 

3917 Newspapers. The Freeman's Journal, Sept. 1782 to Dec. 

1784— Hibernian Journal, Dec. 1782 to Dec. 1784— 
Dublin Post, Sept. 1782 to July 1784 — Miscellaneous 
Irish Newspapers, 1782-4, half hound, uncut 4 vol. 

3918 Newspapers. Le Moniteur Universel, 1790 and 1793 to 1798, 

8 vol. half hound, cut and uncut — Le Logographe, 1791-2, 
2 vol. half hound, cutf and a Volume of Foreign Papers, 
1815-17 . together 13 vol. 

3919 Newspapers. A Series, from 1720 to 1728— The London 

Journal — Tiie Freeman's Journal — Pasquin, &c., also The 
Grub Street Journal, from 1732 to 1738 together 16 vol. 

3920 Nicholls (W.) Comment on the Book of Common Prayer, with 

additional notes, j^ortrait, old calf gilt 1710 

3921 Nichols (John) History and Antiquities of the 

County of Leicester, ?iumerous maps, portraits, plates, 
and pedigrees, 8 vol. 
large paper, rare, 7 vol. half russia, and 1 vol. in hoards, 
uncut . 1795-1815 

*^* The greater part of the impression being destroyed by fire 
in the printer's warehouse, complete copies are now very 

3922 Nichols (J. G.) Autographs of Royal, Noble, Learned and 

Remarkable Personages, conspicuous in English History, 
with Memoirs, plates of autographs 1 829 

3923 Nicolson (W. Bp.) English, Scotch and Irish Historical 

Libraries . 1736 

3924 Nisbet (Alex.) System of Heraldry, with the True Art of 

'QXdiZow, plates of arms Edinh. 1722 


8925 Nizolli Thesaurus Ciceronianus, russia extra, m. I. Aldus, 1570 

3926 Norden (F. L.) Voyage d'Eg-ypte et de Nubie, portrait, and 

159 maps and plates, 2 vol. in 1, russia Cop)enhagen, 1755 

3927 Norton (R.) The Gunner, or Practice of Artillerie, j)/a^es 1628 

3928 Norissii (Heur. Cardinalis) Opera Omnia, 4 vol. 

vellum . Verona^, 1729 

3929 Ogilby (Jo.) Entertainment of Charles II. in his Passage 

through the City of London to his Coronation, Jlne ^^lates 


3930 Ogilby (J.) Asia, and a Description of Persia and the Empire 

of the Great Mogul, many plates 1673 

3931 Ogilby (J ) Africa, a Description of the Regions of JEgypt 

Barbary, &c. numerous plates 1670 

3932 Ogilby (J.) Embassy from the East India Company to the 

Emperor of China and the Emperor of Japan, numerous 
plates, 3 vol. calf gilt 1670 

3933 Ogilby (J.) Britannia, or an Illustration of the Kingdom of 

England, />Za^es . 1675 

3934 Olaus Magnus (Abp.) History of the Goths, Swedes and 

Vandals, &c. ' . 1658 

3935 Oldmixon, History of England during the Reigns of the House 

of Stuart, and Sequel to the Reign of George I, 2 vol. 
old calf gilt . 1730-5 

3936 Oldmixon (J.) History of England during the Reigns of the 

House of Stuart . 1730 

3937 Olearius (Adam) Voyages en Muscovie, Tartaric et Perse, 

maps and plates, 2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER . Leide, 1718 

8938 Oratorum Veterum Orationes, Grsece, cura H. Stephani 

Paris, 1575 

3939 Origenis (Sancti) Commentaria in Sacras Scripturas, Lat. 

cura Huetii, 2 vol. Rothomagi, 1678 

3940 Orleans Gallery. Galerie du Palais Royal, dite 

d'Orleans, par Fontenai, with upwards o/ 260 beautiful 
plates, by Couche, ^-c. 
FINE ORIGINAL IMPRESSIONS, 2 vol. uncut Pavis, 1786 

3941 Orleans Gallery. Galerie du Palais Royal, dite d'Orleans, 

par Fontenai, 173 fine plates, by Couche, ^c. russia ib. 1786 

3942 Ormerod (Geo.) History of the County Palatine 

AND City of Chester, including King's Vale Royal and 
Leycester's Cheshire, portraits, plates, maps and wood en- 
gravings, FINE proofs, 3 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, russia extra, joiuts, and gilt leaves 1819 

3943 Orozco (S. de C.) Tesoro de la Lengua Castellana 1611 

3944 Orsato (S.) Historia di Padova, joZa^es, vol. 1 ( all published) 

Padova, 1678 

3945 Ottley (W. Y.) Italian School of Design, being a Series of 

Fac-Similes of the Original Drawings by the most eminent 
Painters and Sculptors of Italy, 84 jt?Z<7^es,/iaZ/?^M5s/a,^i. 1823 


3946 Ousbridge (Philip) Britannia's Triumph in 1762, or the At- 

tack and Conquest of the Havannah, 13 plates 1766 

3947 Overbeke (Bonav.) Les Restes de I'Ancienne Rome, recher- 

chez avec soin, mesurez, dessinez sur les lieux, 146 Jine 
plates J 3 vol. in 1 . Amst. 1709 

3948 Ovid, Metamorphoses, translated by G. Sandys, />/aies 1640 

3949 Ovid, Metamorphoses, by several hands, portrait and many 



3950 Ovid, Metamorphoses, Latin and English, with historical Ex- 

plications by Banier, numerous fine plates hy Pieart, 2 vol. 
in 1, zmcut . A^nst. 1732 

3951 Oxford. Account of the Visit of the Prince Regent, and the 

Emperor of Russia, and the King of Prussia, to the Uni- 
versity of Oxford in 1814:, plates 
PRIVATELY PRINTED, Jinc copy, purpU morocco extra, joints^ 
richly tooled, gilt leaves Oxford, 1815 

3952 Oxoniensis Gratulatio in Georgii III et Sophiae Charlottge 

Nuptias, et Gratulatio ob Georgium Fred. Aug. Wallige 
Principem Natum, 2 vol. 
fine old red morocco, tooled sides and gilt leaves Oxon. 1761-2 

3953 OxoNiA Illustrata, a Collection of Oxford Almanacks, or 

the Engravings of the Heads of them, from 1696 to 1842, 
(some wanting and some duplicates) containing Views of 
the Colleges, Portraits of the Professors, ^c. with twelve of 
THE Original Drawings, and 138 plates, one an unfi- 
nished Etching, and some proofs on india paper, ^c. ; a View 
of the South Prospect of the City of Oxford, and a Poetical 
Broadside ; a Hue and Cry after Good Friday lost in the 
Oxford Almanack; the whole mounted on drawing papery 
and superbly hound in russia extra, joints, richly tooled, and 
gilt leaves elephant folio. Stowe, 1825 

3954 Pacificatores Orbis Christiani, sive Icones Principum, Ducum 

et Legatorum qui Monasterii atque Osnaburgae pacem Eu- 
ropsR reconciliarunt, ]S\ fine portraits 
LARGE PAPER, old Calf Eotter. 1696 

3955 Pagan (Comte de) Les Fortifications du, plates, Paris, 1645, &c. 

3956 Pagnini (S.) Thesaurus, sive Lexicon Hebraicum, Lugd. 1575 

3957 Painters. The True Effigies of the most Eminent Painters, 

and other Famous Artists, in Europe, upwards of 120 />or- 
traits,fine impressions • 1694 

F F 





3959 Parkins (C.) History of Great Yarmouth, frontispiece, 1776 

— History and Antiquities of Norwich, frontispiece^ 
calfgilti Lynn. 1783 . 2 vol. 

3960 Parkinson (Jas.) Introduction to the Study of Fossil Organic 

Remains, plates, vellum . 1822 

3961 Parkinson (Rich.) Tour in America, and System of Agri- 

culture, 2 vol. calf extra . 1805 

3962 Paris, Curiosites Ae, plates, 2 vol. Paris, 1719, &c. 11 vol. 

3963 Paris. Dictionnaire Historique de la Ville de Paris, et de ses 

Environs, maps, 4 vol. Paris, 1779 — Description Histo- 
rique de Paris, par Beguillet, many plates, ih. 1779 5 vol. 

3964 Paris, ou le Livre des Cent et un, 15 vol. (wants vol. 5) 

Bruxelles, 1831, &c. . 26 vol. 

3965 Parliamentary Debates. Grey, Debates, from 1667 to 1694, 

10 vol. 1763, and 31 vol. of Debates, various 41 vol. 

3966 Paris, as it was and as it is, in Letters, 2 vol. 1803 — Pinkerton 

(J.) Recollections of Paris, 2 vol. 1806 4 vol. 

3967 Parliamentary Debates. History and Proceedings of the Lords 

and Commons, from 1660 to 1742, 22 vol. 1742-4 

3968 Parliamentary or Constitutional History of England, and Index, 

24\o\. old calf gilt . 1761-2 

3969 Parnasso Italiano, Ovvero Raccolta de Poeti Classici Ita- 

liani, d'Ogni Genere, d'Ogni Eta, d'Ogni Metro e del piu 
Scelto tra gli Ottimi, 56 vol., ivanting vol. 1 and 2 — 
Seguito del Parnaso deg' ITtaliani Viventi, 18 vol. ivith 
portraits and vignette eng^^avings, 72 vol. 
uniform, red morocco, gilt leaves Venet. e Pisa, 1774-1800 

3970 Parnell (Sir H.) on Financial Reform, 1830, and on Paper 

Money, 1827 — Pursuit of Knowledge, portraits, 1830 — 
Parry, Last Days of Lord Byrori, portrait, 1825, &c. 

10 vol. 

3971 Parrhasiana, 2 vol. Amst. 1699 — Poggiana, portrait, 2 vol. 

ib. 1720— Guy Patin, Lettres Choisies, 3 vol. 1691 7 vol. 

3972 Parry (H.) Antiques Linguee Britannicae Rudimenta, 

calf gilt . . Oxonii, 1809 

3973 Parry (W. E.) Four Voyages for the Discovery of a North- 

west Passage, plates^ 6 vol. . 1828-9 

3974 Partington (C. F.) British Cyclopoedia of Natural History, 

plates coloured, and numerous wood engravings, 3 vol. 

royal 8vo. 1835-7 


3975 Parsons (Father Rob.) R. Doleman, Conference 

GLAND, with the genealogical Arhor, and a scarce por- 
trait of Father Parsons, by Valdor, inserted, 
VERY RARE,^we co/)7/, red morocco, gilt leaves 1594 

*^* Supposed to be written by Cardinal Allen, Sir T. Englefield 
and Father Parsons, the Jesuit. The Printer was hung, 
drawn and quartered, and it was enacted by the 35th of 
Elizabeth, that whoever should have this book in the house, 
should be condemned as guilty of high treason. 

3976 Parsons (Rob.) Three Conversions of England, vol.3 1604 

3977 Parsons (Rob.) Leicester's Commonwealth, and Leicester's 

Ghosi, Jine portrait, by TV. Marshall, 
red morocco, gilt leaves , 1641 

3978 Parley (C. W.) on Military Policy, part 1, 1811, &c. 4 vol. 

3979 Patarol (L.) Series August. Augustarum Ceesarum et Tyran- 

norum Ommyxm, Jiguris, calf gilt Venet, 1722 

3980 Patrick (Dr. Symon) The Book of Psalms Paraphrased, 2 vol. 

old red morocco, gilt leaves , 1680 

3981 Paul (Father) Letters, portrait, 1693 — Petrarch, View of 

Human Life, 1791 — Quevedo, Visions, 1696 3 vol. 

3982^ Pauw (M. de) Recherches sur les Americains, 3 vol. Berlin, 

1770 — Recherches sur les Egyptiens, 2 vol. Amst. 1773 — 

Poiret (Abbe) Voyage en Barbaric, 2 vol. Paris, 1789, &c. 

9 vol. 

3983 Pays-Bas. Delices des Pays-Bas, many plates, 3 vol. JBruss. 

1711 — Histoire des Pays-Bas, 1604 4 vol. 

3984 Paysan (Le) Perverti, ou les Dangers de la Ville, 4 vol. 

calf gilt . d la Haye, 1776 

3985 Pearch (G.) Collection of Poems, 4 vol. calf gilt 1783 

3986 Peckard (Dr. P.) Memoirs of the Life of Nicholas Ferrar, 

large PAPER, calf gilt royal 8vo. Camh, 1790 

3987 Peerage, British Compendium of, plates of arms, 3 vol. 1723 

— English Compendium, plates, 3 vol. 1753 — Pointer, 
Chronology, 3 vol. 1714, &c. . 11 vol. 

3988 Peerage. Nicolas (N. H.) Synopsis of the Peerage of England, 

2 vol. vellum, gilt leaves, 18*25 — Annual Peerage, plates 
of arms, 2 vol. 1831 — Debrett, Peerage, 2 vol. 1805 6 vol. 

3989 Peerage. Lodge (E.) Peerage, 1832, 2 copies—Burke (J.) 

Peerage and Baronetage, 1826 . 3 vol. 

3990 Pegge (Sam.) Forme of Cury, a Roll of Ancient English 

Cookery, portrait . 1780 

3991 Pegge (Sam.) Anecdotes of the English Language, 

calf gilt . . 1803 

3992 Peintres, Abrege de la Vie des plus Fameux, numerous por- 

traits, 4 vol. . Paris, 1762 


3993 Pelet (Gen.) Memoires sur la Guerre de 1809 en AUemagne, 

4 vol. . . Paris, 1824 
S994 Pelloutier (S.) Histoire des Celtes et particulierement des 

Gaulois et des Germains, par M. de Chiniac, 9 vol. 
calf gilt . ih. 1770 

3995 Penn (W.) Travails in Holland and Germany; Call to Chris- 
tendom; and Epistle to those who have received the Call of 
the Lord, in 1 vol. gilt leaves . 1 095 

8996 Pen Owen, 3 vol. 1822 — Recollections of a Pedestrian, 3 vol. 
1826 . . 6 vol. 

3997 Percy (Bp. Tho.) Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, plates^ 

5 vol calf gilt . 1794 
8998 Perez (Ant.) Relaciones, Paris, 1598 — Perez, Obras y Rela- 

ciones, Geneva^ 1631 . 2 vol. 

3999 Perez (G. de Hita) Historia de los Vandos de los Zegries y 

Abencerrages . Valencia^ 169.5 

4000 Peron et Freycinet, Voyages de Decouvertes aux Terres Aus- 

trales, 4 vol. and folio atlas, 68 plates^ some coloured 

Paris, 1824 

4001 Perry (J.) Account of the Stopping of Dagenhara Breach, 

1721 — Account of the Frauds and Abuses at Dagenhara 
Breach, and others, in 1 vol. 1717, &c. 2 vol. 

4002 Petavii Rationum Temporum lib., L. B. 1718 — Potter (J.) 

Antiquities of Greece, 1697 — Quevedo (F. de) Fortune in 
Wits, 1697 . . 3 vol. 

4003 Peter's Letters to his Kinsfolk, poWrmV*, 3 vol. Edinh. 1819 

4004 Petit, Jehan de Saintre Histoire et Plaisante Cronicque, 3 vol. 

Paris, 1724 

4005 Petitot (M.) Collection de Memoires relatifs a I'Histoire de 

France, 78 vol. half hound calf gilt ih. 1820-9 

4006 Petrarca (II) Venet, l'610— Pescetti (Orl.) Proverbi Italiani, 

ih. 1629 — Vitadei Padre Paolo, ih. 1677— Ruzante, Tutte 
Opere, 1584, &c. . 8 vol. 

4007 Petrarca, 1803— Smith (C.) Beachy Head, and other Poems, 

1807, and 12 Poetical . 14 vol. 

4008 Petrie (S.) Report of the Cricklade Case, the Proceedings in 

the Courts at Law, and before the Houses of Parliament, 
presentation copy, calf gilt . 1785 

4009 Petrone, Satyricon, Lat. et Fran., 2 vol. 1709 — Tacite, 

QEuvres, par Amelot, 4 vol. 1716, &c. 6 vol. 

4010 Petty (W.) Constitution and Laws of England considered, 

1701, &c. . . 17 vol. 

4011 Phsedri FabulsB ^sopise cura Laurentii, plates Amst. 1667 

4012 Philidor (A. D.) Analysis of the Game of Chess, portrait, 

2 vol. calf gilt . 1790 

4013 Philipot (T.) Historical Discourse of the Original and Growth 

of Heraldry, calf gilt . 1672 


4014 Philippart (J.) Northern Campaigns, maps and plans, 2 vol. 

1813, &c. . . 12 vol. 

4015 Philippart (J.) Campaign in Germany and France, portrait, 

2 vol. . . 1814 

4016 Phillipps (Sir Tho.) Catalogus Manuscriptorum in Bibliotheca 

publica apud Lille, et de la Ville de St. Omer, 2 vol. 
privately and only 100 copies printed^ presentation copies 

Typis Medio'Montanis, 1828 

4017 Phillips (Edw.) Theatrum Poetarum, 

^7'st edition, calf neat . 1675 

4018 Phillips (H.) Grandeur of the Law, or Account of the Nobility, 

&c. whose honour and estates have been augmented by the 
Practice of the Law . 1684 

4019 Phillips (W.) Elementary Introduction to Mineralogy, 

vellum, gilt leaves . 1823 

4020 Phillips (Commodore) Expedition to Botany Bay ; Teneli (W.) 

Expedition to Botany Bay, 1789; Thompson (G.) Slavery 
and Famine Punishments, 1794; Palmer and Skirving, 
Sufferings, 1797, &c. in 1 vol. uncut, Isaac Reed's copy, 
with his autograph . 1789, &c. 

4021 Philosophy of Nature, 2 vol. 1813— Prose, by a Poet, 2 vol. 

1824, &c. . . 15 vol. 

4022 Picard (L. B.) Le Gil Bias de la Revolution, 5 vol. Paris, 

1824 — Picard, Eugene et Guillaume, 4 vol. ib. 1813, &c. 

24 vol. 

4023 Piccolomeni (Al.)L'Amore Costante, Comedia, Venet. 1554 — 

Pallavicino (F.) Opere Scelte, Villa Franca, 1673 2 vol. 

4024 Pictet (Adolphe) de rAfBnite des Langues Celtiques avec le 

Sanscrit . . Paris, 1837 

4025 Pictorial, The, History of England, 4 vol. and Reign of George 

the Third, by Craik and Mac Farlane, 4 vol. numerous 
wood engravings, together 8 vol. imperial 8vo. 1838-44 

4026 Picturesque Annual (Paris, by Mrs. Gove) fine plates 1842 

4027 Pidgeon (Edw.) Fossil Remains of the Animal Kingdom, 

plates . . 1830 

4028 Pierii Valeriani (Jo.) de Litteratorura infelicitate lib. Duo, et 

Bellunensia . Venet. 1620 

4029 Pigott (Grenville) Manual of Scandinavian Mythology 1839 

4030 Pilkington (J.) View of the Present State of Derbyshire, map 

and plates, 2 vol. calf gilt . 1789 

4031 Pills to Purge State Melancholy, 1715, &c. 4 vol. 

4032 Pindar (Peter) Works, 4 vol. calf gilt 1794 

4033 Pindari Carmina et Fragmenta cum Lectionis varietate, et 

Adnotationibus, cura C. G. Heyne, 5 vol. 
FINE PAPER, calf gilt . Gottingce, 1798 

4034 Pinkerton (John) Enquiry into the History of Scotland, pre- 

ceding the reign of Malcolm III, 2 vol. 1789 


4035 Pinkerton (J.) Literary Correspondence, edited by Dawson 

Turner, poriraii, 2 vol. . 1830 

4036 Pitt (W. Earl of Cliatham) Anecdotes of his Life, vol. 1 and 3, 

1793, and 17 odd volumes . 19 vol. 

4037 Pitt (W.) Correspondence, 4 vol. 1838 

4038 Plague. Treatise of the Dreadful Plague in France, compared 

with that in London in 1665, 2 parts, 
scarce, calf neat . . 1722 

4039 Platonis Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat. 12 vol. 

calf neat . Biponti, 1781 

4040 Plauti Comediae, notis var. et Gronovii, best edition Amst. 1684 

4041 Plautus, Comedies, translated by B. Thornton, 5 vol. 

half bound russia . 1769 

4042 Plays. Six Old Plays, on which Shakspeare founded some of 

his, 2 vol. . . 1779 

4043 Plays, Select, 3 vol. uniform, v. y. — Plays, Collection of, 4 vol. 

V. y. . . 7 vol. 

4044 Plinii Epistolarum, libri X, 

LARGE PAPER, red wioTocco, gilt leaves 1790 

4045 Pliny, Letters, translated by Melmoth, 2 vol. 1744 — Polybius, 

History of, map, 2 vol. 1698 4 vol. 

4046 Plough (The) a Journal of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, 

plates, 1846 — Roberts (Mary) Sea Side Companion, or 
Marine Natural History, 1835 . 2 vol. 

4047 Pluche (Abbe) History of "the Heavens, p^aife*, 2 vol. 1740— 

The Philanthrope, 1797, &c. . 6 vol. 

4047*Pluche, Nature Displayed, plates, 7 vol. , 1750 

4048 Plumtree (Anne) Narrative of a Residence in France, map, 

3 vol. calf gilt . 1810 

4049 Plutarchi, Demosthenis et Ciceronis, Vitge Parallelae, Gr. et Lat. 

cura P. Barton, 
LARGE PAPER, royal 8vo. Oxonii, 1744 

4050 Plutarch, \A\es, plates, 5 vol. . 1683-6 

4051 Plutarch, Lives translated by Langhorne, 6 vol. 

bright calf gilt . 1770 

4052 Poemata in Theatro Sheldoniano recitata, 2 vol. Oxon, 1810, 

&c. . 10 vol. 

4053 Poems on Affairs of State, from the time of James L to the 

year 1704, 3 vol. . 1697-1704 

4054 Poetical Calendar, a Collection of Scarce and Valuable Pieces 

of Poetry, by Fawkes, &c. 6 vol. calf, marbled leaves 1763 

4055 Poetical Register and Repositor}'' of Fugitive Poetry for 1801 

to 1811, 8 vol. calf extra, marbled leaves 1815 

4056 Poets, The British, with Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, 

and Lives, by Dr. Sam. Johnson, portraits by Bartolozzi, 
75 vol., wanting vol. 58, old calf gilt 1790 



4057 Pasquier (Est.) Lettres . Paris, 1586 

4058 Pass (Crispin de) Les Vrais Pourtraits des plus Grandes Dames 

disguisees en Bergeres, 72 'portraits, 4 parts in 1 vol. 
olive morocco, gilt leaves oblong 4to. Amst. \QAO 

4059 Paterson (W.) Journeys in Caffraria, ma.j:) and plates 1789 

4060 Paulus Orosius adversus Paganos Historiarum septera, cum notis 

Havercampi, calf gilt L. Bat. 1738 

4061 Paul V. (Pope) and the City of Venice, the Quarrels of, \.Q'1Q, 

&c. . 2 vol. 

4062 Peacham (Hen.) Complete Gentleman, with the Gentleman's 

Exercises, and the Art of l[^\azonry, jT07itispiece, and wood 
engravings . . 1661 

4063 Pearce (Bishop) Commentary on the Evangelists, portrait, 

2 vol. calf gilt , \in 

4064 Peck (Fr.) Memoirs of Oliver Cromwell, and Collection of 

Historical Pieces, portraits, 2 vol. in 1 


4065 Peerage. Bolton (S.) Extinct Peerage, 1769— West (R.) 

Origin and Manner of Creating Peers, uncut, 1782, 2 vol. 

4066 Peerage, English, or Ancient and Present State of the Eng- 

lish Nobility, /j/a^<?5, 3 vol. . Spilsbury, 1790 

4067 Pegge (Sam.) Dissertations on some Anglo-Saxon Remains, 

plate, russia . 1756 

4068 Pegge (S.) Curialia, or Historical Account of some Branches 

of the Royal ¥[o{xseho\d, portrait insei'ted, vol. 1, all pub- 
lished, calf gilt . 1791 

4069 Pegge (S.)Life of Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of L,mco\n, plate ; 

and Life of Roger de Weseham, Dean of Lincoln, 2 vol. 
in I, calf gilt . 1761-93 

4070 Pegge (S.) Historical Account of Beauchief Abbey, in Derby- 

shire, pZot^e.?, 7'i<s*ia . 1801 

4071 Pemberton (H.) View of Sir Is. Newton's Philosophy, 

LARGE PAPER, . 1728 

4072 Pennington (M.) Life of Mrs. Elizabeth Carter, port7-ait 1807 

4073 Pepys (Sam ) Memoirs, comprising his Diary, from 

1G59 to 1669, and a Selection from his Correspondence, 
edited by Lord Braybrooke, portraits and plates, proof 
impressions, 2 vol. 
large paper, russia extra, with joints arid gilt leaves, 
presentation copy from Lord Braybrooke to the Duke of 
Buckingham, . 1825 

4074 Pennant (W.) Tour In Scotland and the Hebrides, plates 

Chester, 1774 


4075 Pennant (Tho.) Complete Works, viz. — Tours in Scot- 

land, and Voyage to the Hebrides, 3 vol. — Tours in Wales, 
including the Journey to Snowden, 2 vol. — Journey from 
Chester to London ; Account of London ; History ol 
Whiteford and Holywell ; Literary Life, by Himself, with 
Appendix ; British Zoology, 4 vol. — Arctic Zoology, with 
Supplement, 3 vol. — Indian Zoology and Faunula ; His- 
tory of Quadrupeds, 2 vol. — Genera of Birds ; Index to 
BufFon's Ornithologies ; Outlines of the Globe, 4 vol. — 
Journey to the Isle of Wight, 2 vol.; and Tour from 
Downing to Alston Moor ; Tour from Alston Moor, Har- 
rowgate, and Brimham Crags, 29 vols, in 26 
upwards of 600 maps, portraits, and plates, fine impres- 
sions, uniformly and elegantly bound in crimson morocco, 
gilt leaves, ewcept the last volume which is not quite uniform 


4076 Percival (Capt. Robt.) Account of the Cape of Good Hope and 

the Island of Ceylon, maps, 2 vol. calf gilt 1803-4 

4077 Percy (Bishop) Hermit of Warkworth, j^Zct/p, and Description 

of the Hermitage, plates ; and plate of the Descent of the 

Percy Family inserted, presentation copy to Earl Temple, 

calf gilt . 1775 

4078 Perkins (Jos.) Poemata Miscellanea, joor^raiV 1707 

4079 Pernety (Dom.) History of a Voyage to the Falkland Islands, 

maps and plates , 1773 

4080 Perouse (F. G. de la) Voyage autour du Monde, 4 vol. and 

imperial folio atlas o^ maps and plates, 
fine copy, calf gilt . 1797 

4081 Peshall (Sir J.) History of the University of Oxford from the 

Death of William the Conqueror, and Antient and Present 
State of the City of Oxford, plates, 3 vol. in 2, one 8vo. in- 
laid in Aio, plates, calf gilt , 1772-73 

4082 Petrarca, con 1' Espositione di Velutello Venet. 1545 

4083 Petrarca, con 1' Espositione di Velutello ib. 1560 

4084 Petrarca, con 1' Espositione di Velutello ib. 1573 

4085 Petrarcha, con 1' Espositione di Gio. And. Gesualdo, 

calf gilt . . ib. 1574 

4086 Petrarcha, con 1' Espositione di Gesualdo ib. 1581 

4087 Petrarca, Le Rime di, brevemente sposte, per L. Castelvetro, 

Basil 1582 

4088 Petrarca, Le Rime di, e le Osservazioni, di L. A. Muratori 

Modena, 1711 

4089 Petronii Arbitri Satyricon, cura Burmanni, 2 vol. 

Trajecti, 1709 

4090 Pettigrew (T. J.) Bibliotheca Sussexiana. A Descriptive Ca- 

talogue of the Manuscripts and Printed Books in the 
Library of the Duke of Sussex, poi^trait, india proof, and 
plates^ 2 vol. in 3 

LARGE PAPER, UnCUt . 1827 


4091 Pettingall (J.) on Juries, 1769— Privilege of Parliament, Col- 

lection of Cases of, calf gilt, 177 Q 2 vol. 

4092 Phsedri Fabulae, cum notis Hoogstratani, /)/a/^5 Amst, 1701 

4093 Phsedri Fabulse, cum notis Burmanni, 

LARGE PAPER . Leidce, 1727 

4094 Philemonis Lexicon cura C. Burney, 

LARGE PAPER, €alf gilt . 2 Vol. 

4095 Philipot (J.) Catalogue of the Chancellors of England and 

Lords Treasurers, calf, marhled leaves 1636 

4096 Phillip (Governor) Voyage to Botany Bay, maps and plates — ' 

Letters on New South Wales, together 2 vol. 
calf gilt . . 1789-92 

4097 Phillips (J.) General History of Inland Navigation, plan, 

calfgilt . 1792 

4098 Phillips (Thos.) Life of Reginald Pole, portrait, 

bright old calfgilt . Oxford, 1764 

4099 Phillips (T.) History and Antiquities of Shrewsbury, plates, 

Shrewshuyy, 1779 

4100 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society 

OF London, at large, from the commencement in 1665 to 
1816, numerous plates, with Maty's General Index to the 
first 70 vol. and R. Hooke's Lectures, 6 parts, and Philo- 
sophical Collections, jo/a^e*, 7 parts in 1 vol. 1678, together 
105 vol. 
fine copy, uniform in red morocco extra, m. I. 1665-1816 

*^* The early volumes of this valuable publication have been 
for many years of the greatest scarcity, and, in consequence, 
sets without abridgments are obtained with great difficulty. 

4101 Philosophical Transactions, abridged by Lowthorp and Jones, 

5 vol. . . 1716-21 

4102 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London 

from 1665 to 1800, abridged with Notes by Hutton, Shaw, 
and Pearson, many plates, 18 vol. half calf 1809 

4103 Philostrate de la Vie d'Apollonius Thyaneen, traduit par B. de 

Vigenere, Paris, 1611 — Pierre, Discours sur la Polysy- 
nodie, 1718 . 2 vol. 

4104 Phipps (C. J.) Voyage to the North Pole, maps and plates, 

calfgilt . 1774 

4105 Picturesque Views of the Principal Seats of the Nobility and 

Gentry in England and Wales, 100 plates, fine impres- 
sions . oblong 4to. Harrison, 1 787 
4105*Pigna (Gio. B.) Historia de Principi di Este 

calf gilt . . Ve)iet. 1572 

4106 Pike (Z. M.) Exploratory Travels through the Western Ter- 

ritories in North America, maps, calfgilt 1811 

4107 Pilkington (M.) Dictionary of Painters, by Barry, calfgilt 1798 

4108 Pindar, Odes, translated by Gilbert West 1749 

G G 


4109 Pinkerton (Jd!in) History of Scotland from the Accession of 

the House of Stuart to that of Mary, joor^raiV, 2 vol. in 1 
russia, marbled leaves . 1797 

4110 Pinkerton (J.) Scottish Gallery, or Portraits of Eminent Per- 

sons of Scotland, ^2 portraits, Jine impressions^ 
LARGE PAPER, Tussia extra , 1799 

4111 Pinkerton (J.) General Collection of Voyages and Travels in 

all Parts of the World, numerous plates, 17 vol. 1808-14 

4112 Pinkerton (J.) Modern Geography, numerous maps, 2 vol. 1802 

4113 Pinkney (Col.) Travels through the South of France in 1807 

and 8, calf, marbled leaves . 1809 

4114 Pinguillon (Mons. de) Menu de la Maison de la Royne (Mary 

Queen of Scots), 1562, 


4115 Piozzi (H. L.) Retrospection, /?or^r«iV, 2 vol. calf gilt 1801 

4116 Pitsei (Jo.) Relatio Historicus de Rebus Anglicis, torn. 1, de 

Scriptoribus Angliae (all published), russia Paris, 1619 

4117 Plague in London (Six Tracts on the), viz, — A Voice to the 

City, or a Loud Cry from Heaven to London, 1665 ; 
Bridge, the Righteous Man's Habitation, 1665 ; London's 
Plague-Sore Discovered, a Poem, 1665, &c. in 1 vol. 
calf . . 1665 

4118 Platina (Bat.) Vite de i Sommi Pontefici, portraits ; Panvini 

Cronologia Ecclesiastica, 2 vol. in 1 Venet. 1613 

4119 Plauti Fragmenta Inedita, Inventore Angelo Maio, 

LARGE PAPER . Mediolani, 1815 

4120 Playfair (W.) British Family Antiquity, illustrative 

of the Origin and Progress of the Rank and Honours of 
the Nobility of the United Kingdom, 9 vol. in 18, with the 
atlas of charts on canvas in a leather case, unifrm with 
the set, 
i^auge PAFER, calf ea;tra, gilt leaves imperial 4to. 1809-12 


4121 Barnes (Barnabe) The Devil's Charter, a Tragedy, 1607 — 

Lord Brooke, The Tragedy of Mustapha, 1609, half bound 

2 vol. 

4122 Brome (Ric.) The Antipodes, a Comedie, 1640 — The North- 

erne Lasse, a Comedie, w. d. — The Sparagus Garden, a 
Comedie, 1640, half calf . 3 vol. 

4123 Beaumont and Fletcher, 13 Plays, viz. — Cupid's Revenge, 1630 

—A King and No King, 1631— Scornfull Lady, 1635— 
The Knight of the Burning Pestle, 1635— Wit Without 
Money, frst edition, 1639 — Bloody Brother, a Tragedy, 
frst edition, 1639 — Philaster, 2 copies, 1639, &c. — Thierry 
and Theodoret, 1649— Woman Hater, 1649— The Maid's 
Tragedy, 1650— The Prophetess, 1717— The Elder Bro- 
ther, 1678, in 12 vol. neatli/ half bound 1630-1717 


Old Plays (continued). 

4124 Carlell (Lod.) The Deserving Favorite, first edition, 1629— 

Carew (Tho.) Coelunn Britanicura, a Masque, y?r5^ edition, 
1G34 . . 2 vol. 

4125 Chapman (Geo.) The Conspiracie of Charles Duke of Byron, 

a Tragedie, 1625 — Chapman and Shirley, The Ball, a 
Comedy,^r*^ edition^ 1639 — Chapman, Ben Jonson and 
Marston's Estward Hoe, first edition, 1605, half bound 

3 vol. 

4126 Cockayn (Sir A.) The Obstinate Lady, a Comedy, ^r^ifec?2Viow, 

1657 — F. Constable, Pathomachia, or the Battell of Affec- 
tions, 1630 — A. Cowley, The Guardian, a Comedie, 1650, 
and the Cutter of Coleman Street, 1663, half hound 4 vol. 

4127 Daniel (Sam.) The Queene's Arcadia, a Tragie-Comedie,7?r*^ 

edition, 1606, and Philotas, a Tragedy, 1624, half calf 

2 vol. 

4128 Daborne (Rob.) A Christian Turned Turk, or the Lives of Two 

Famous Pyrales, Ward and Dansiker, 1612, and the Poor 
Man's Comfort, a Tragi-Comedy, 1655, half hound 2 vol. 

4129 Davenant (Wrn.) The Witts, a Comedie, 1636— The Platonick 

Lovers, 1636 — Love and Honour, 1649 — Siege of Rhodes, 
\QbQ, first editions, 4 vol. half hound calf 1636-56 

4130 Dekker (Tho.) Satiro-Mastix, or the Untrussing of the Hu- 

morous Poet, 
FIRST EDITION, Very scarce, very good copy, half calf 1602 

*^* This is the Satire in which Dekker ridiculed Ben Jonson 
under the name of Horace. 

4131 Dekker (T.) If it be not Good the Devil is in it, a new Play, 

half hound , n, d, 

4132 Dryden (Jo.) Eleven VXdiys, first editions, uniform half calf 


4133 Fletcher (John) The Faithful! Shepherdesse, 2 copies, 1634-56 

— Mounsier Thomas, y^r.?^ edition, 1639 — RoUo, Duke of 
Normandy, ^V*i edition, Oxf 1640 — The Coronation, a 
Comedy, first edition, 1640 — Rule a V/ife and have a 
Wife, a Comedy, first edition, 1640 — The Woman Hater, 
1648— The Night Walker, 1661— The Elder Brother, 
1661, 9 vol. half calf uniform . 1634-61 

4134 Fletcher (J.) and Wm. Shakspeare, The Two Noble Kinsmen, 

FIRST EDITION, title tom, 1634 — Jas. Fisher, Fuimus Troes 
the True Trojane, 1633, half hound 2 vol. 

4135 Fawlkland (Hen. Lord) The Marriage Night, 1664— Fisher 

J.) Fuimus Troes the True Trojane, 1633 — Jo. Ford, 
Tis Pitty Shee's a Whoore, title torn, 1637 — Sir R. Free- 
man Imperiale, a Tragedy, 1655, half calf 4 vol. 


Old Plays (continued). 

4136 Gifford (Geo.) Dialogue concerning Witches and Witchcrafts, 

blacfe letter, scarce^ good copy^ red morocco 1603 

4137 Gascoyne (Geo.) Jocasta, a Tragedy, translated from Euripides, 

blacfe letter, RARE, wants title . 15G6 

4138 Greene (Rob.) The Pleasant and Delightful History of Doras- 

tus and Faunia, scarce, half russia n. d. 

4139 Goffe (Tho.) The Raging Turke, a Tragedie, 1631— The 

Couragious Turke, a Tragedie, 1632 — The Careless Shep- 
herdess, a Tragi-Comedy, with a Catalogue of all such 
Playes that ever were Printed, 1656, 
FIRST EDITIONS, 3 vol. halfhound 1631-56 

4140 Glapthorne (Hen.) Five Plays, viz. — Argalus and Parthenia, 

1639 — Albertus Wallenstein— The Ladies' Privilege — The 
Hollanders, a Comedy — Wit in a Constable, all first 
editions, 1640 — J. Gough, The Strange Discovery, 1640, 
half calf . 6 vol. 


4141 Palladio (And.) I quattro Libri dell' Architettura, numerous 

wood engravings, vellum . Venet. 1570 

4142 Palladio (A.) 1 quattro Libri dell' Architettura, wood engra- 

vings . . 2*6. 1616 

4143 Palladio (A.) Architecture, with notes by Inigo Jones, revised 

by Leoni, many plates, 4 vol. . 1715 

4144 Palladio (A.) Architecture, with notes by Inigo Jones, by 

"Leom, plates, 2 vol. in 1 . 1742 

4145 Pancirolli (C) Notitia utraque Dignitatum, cum Orientis turn 

Occidentis, wood engravings, some coloured, with the auto- 
graph of JBen Jonson, " tanquam exploratur'^ 

Lugduni, 1608 

4146 Pancirolli (G.) Notitia Dignitatum, another edition, wood en- 

gravings, russia, gilt leaves Genevce, 1623 

4147 Pandectarum, libri L. ex Florentinis Pandectis reprsesentati, 

7 vol. in 3 . Florent, 1553 

4148 Panvinii (O.) Antiquitates Veronenses, map and plates 

Veronce, 1668 

4149 Panvinius (O.) de Ludis Circensibus et de Triumphis, quibus 

Romanorum Veterum Sacra Ritusque declarantur, many 
plates, vellum . Venetiis, 1600 

4150 Parey (Ambrose) Workes of that famous Chirurgion, trans- 

lated by T. Johnson, frontispiece and wood engravings, 
russia, gilt leaves . 1634 

4151 Parival (J.) Historic of this Iron Age, wherein is set down the 

true state of Europe, from 1500 to 1659, portraits, fine 
impressions, calf gilt . 1659 


4152 Parkeri (Archiepiscopi) de Antiquitate Britannicae Ecclesiae, 

cura Drake, portrait, ritssia . 1729 

4153 Parliamentary Reports. Public Works in Ireland, 2 parts, 

charts, 1834-5 — Tables of the Revenue of the United 
Kingdom, part 3 and 6, &c. . a parcel 

4154 Parliamentary Report. Record Commission, 2 parts, 1836-41 

— British Museum, 1835 — Metropolis Improvements, 
2 parts, plans . 1836-8 

4155 Parliamentary Reports. Municipal Corporation Boundaries, 

England, Wales and Ireland, plans, 4 vol, 1837 

4156 Parliamentary Reports on the Isle of Man, 1805 — On Port 

of London, 1796 — On Copper Mines, 1799, calf 3 vol. 

4157 Parliamentary Reports. Abstract concerning the Population 

Act, 2 vol. 1801-2— The Improvement of the Port of 
London, 1800, &c. . 5 vol. 

4158 Parliamentary Reports. Boundary Reports and Plans, En- 

gland, Scotland and Ireland — Divisions of Counties and 
Representations in Small Boroughs, part 1, maps 

1832. 12 vol. 

4159 Parliamentary Reports. Municipal Corporation Boundaries, 

England, Wales and Ireland, maps, 4 vol. 1837 

4160 Pasquier (Estienne) Recherches de la France, 

LARGE PAPER . Par IS, 1621 

4161 Patrick, Lowth, Arnald and Whitby, Commentary upon the 

Bible, Apocrypha and New Testament, portrait, 7 vol. 
BEST EDITION, ^'ne copt/, in russia 1760-5 

4162 Paton (R.) Sea Pieces, consisting of 11 plates, after Paton, 

hy P. C. Canot, W. Woollett, S^c, . 1775 

4163 Paultre (Ant.) Desseins de plusieurs Plans d'Eglises, Pallais 

et Chasteaux, portrait and many fine plates, 
fine copy, old red m,orocco, gilt leaves Paris, n. d. 

4164 Pearson (Bishop) Exposition of the Creed, ^jor^razV 1692 

4165 Peck (Fr.) Antiquarian Annals of Stanford, portrait inserted, 

and plates . 1727 

4166 Perrault (C.) Ordonnance des cinq especes de Colonnes 1683 

4167 Perrault (C.) Treatise of the Five Orders of Columns in 

Architecture, by James, p/tt^e* . 1708 

4168 Perrier (Fr.) Icones et Segmenta Illustrium e Marmore Tabu- 

larum quae Romae ad hue extant, upwards of 60 plates, 
calf gilt . oblong folio. Paris, \QA5 

4169 Perring (J. E.) The Pyramids of Gizeh, from actual Survey 

and Admeasurement, with notes by E. J. Andrews, 58 fine 
maps and plates, 3 parts in 1 vol. 
half bound russia extra 'elephant folio. 1839-42 

4170 Perron (Cardinal du) Ambassades et Negotiations, portrait 

Paris, 1623 

4171 Perron (Card, du) Ambassades et Negotiations ib. 1633 

4172 Perry (Dr. C) View of the Levant, ^^ plates 1743 


4173 Petavii (D.) Opus de Doctrina Temporura, cura J. Harduini, 

3 vol. . . Antv. 1703 

4174 Philipott (Tlio.) Villare Cantianum, or Kent Surveyed and 

Illustrated, map . . 1659 

4175 Philipott (T.) Villare CdLntianum, plates, 

LARGE PAPER, /lue copy, bright calf gilt Lynn, 1776 

4176 Philips (Kath.) JPoems, 1667, &c. ' . 3 vol. 

4177 Philips (K.) Poems, ;?oWraiV . 1667 

4178 Phillipps (Sir Tho.) Catologus Librorum Manuscriptorum in 

Bibliotheca D. Thomae Phillipps, Bart, ab anno 1824-37, 
&c. 112 pages, wanting from 65 to 11 inclusive, with 
some duplicates, 


4179 Phillips (Ed.) World of Words, or English Dictionary, yron^i*- 

piece . . 1706 

4180 Philostratus concerning the Life of Appollonius Tyaneus, by 

Blount . 1680 

4181 Photii Bibliotheca, Gr. et Lat. cura Hceschelii et Schotti 

Genevce, 1612 

4182 PicART (Bern.) Ceremonies et Coutumes Religieuses 

DE tous les Peoples du Monde, avec Supplement et 
Superstitions Anciennes et Modernes, et Prejuges Vulgaires, 
frontispiece, brilliant impression, and nearly 300 plates, 
very Jine impressions, 11 vol. in 8, 
original edition, ^we copy, blue morocco, joints and gilt 
leaves . Amst. 1723-43 

4183 Picart (B.) Pierres Antiques gravees, et expliquees par P. de 

Stosch, 70 ^ne plates . ib. 1724 

4184 Picart (B.) Temple of the Muses, 60 plates, j^ne impressions 

ib, 1733 

4185 Piccioni (M.) Bassirelievi di Constantino, 21 plates 

Rom.cE, w. d. 

4186 Piguerre, Histoire Frangoise de Nostre Temps, wants title 

page . . Pa7'is, 1581 

4187 Pindari Opera, cum Latina versione. Carmine Lyrico, per 

N. Sudorium, cura West et Welsted, portrait Oxonii, 1697 

4188 Pine (Jo.) Procession and Ceremonies at the Installation of 

the Knights of the Bath, 20 fine plates 1730 

4189 Pine (J.) Tapectry Hangings in the House of Lords, 2 maps 

only . . 1739 

4190 Pineda (P.) Spanish and English Dictionary, 1740 — Portuguese 

and English Dictionary, 1701 . 2 vol. 

4191 Pinelli (B.) Costumi Diversi, 2bfi,ne spirited etchings, 

half vellum , oblong folio. Roma, 1822 

4192 Pinelli (B.) Costumi Diversi e de Contorni di Roma, \00 fine 

spirited etchings, 2 vol. 
half bound vellum oblong folio, ib. 1809-23 


4193 Pinelli (B.) I Sette Colli di Roma, 7 plates, 

half vellutn . oblong atlas folio. Roma, 1825 

4194 Pinelli (B.) Illustrations to the Inferno, Purg-atorio, and Para- 

diso of Dante, 144 Jine large and spirited etchings^ 3 vol. 
half hound vellum, oblong* folio, ih. 1826 

4195 Pinelli (B.) Illustrations of Tasso's Gerusalemme Liberata, 

l^Jine spirited etchings, 
half hound vellum oblong folio, ib. 1826-7 

4196 Pinto (Per. Mendez) Voyages and Adventures, by Hen, Cogan, 

calf gilt . . 1692 

4197 PIRANESI, OPERE, his splendid Works on Roman 

Antiquities, Architecture, and Classical Orna- 
ments, engraved by Gio. Bat. et Fr. Piranesi, con- 
sisting of several hundred Jine plates, brilliant and 

VERY fine impressions, THE ORIGINAL RoMAN EDI- 
TIONS, 14 vol. 
Tom. I, II. Antichita Roraane, portrait and 218 large plates, 
4 vol. . . Roma, 1756 

Tom. III. Monumenti degli Scipioni, 6 /??afe* 26.1785 

Raccolta di Tempi Antichi, viz. di Vesta; della Sibilla; 
deir Onore e della Virtu, 22 plates ih. 1780 

Panteon detto la Rotonda, 29 plates (this unfortunately 
wants plates 1 and 9^ . ih. 1790 

Tom. IV. Duplicates of the 51 plates of the two preceding 
articles, ivanting plates 1 and^ of the Pantheon ih. 1780-90 
Teatro di Ercolano, \0 plates . ib. 1783 

Tom. V. Antichita d'Albano e di Castel Gandolfo, 27 plates 

ib. 1764 
Lago Albano, 10 plates . ih. n. d» 

Riva del Lago Albano, IS plates . ib. n. d. 

Antichita di Cora, 1 1 plates . ib, n. d, 

Carcere, 16 plates . ib. 

Tom. VI. II Campo Marzio, 50 plates ib. 1762 

Castello deir Acqua Giulia, 20 plates . ib. 1761 

Antichita Romane di Tempi della Republica, 2 parts, 

31 plates . . ib, 

Tom. VII. Trofei di Ottavino Augusto, IS plates 
Architettura Prospetive, 28 plates 

Diversi maniere d'Adornare I Camini, 67 plates ib. 1769 

Raccolii di alcuni Disegni II Guercino, 29 plates, by Bar- 

tolozzi, Sfc. , . ih. 1764 

Tom. VIII. Magnificenza e d' Architettura di Romani, poi^- 

trait and 41 plates . ih. 

Osservazioni di G. B. Piranesi sopra la Lettre de Mr. Ma- 
riette, Nov. 1764, 6 plates . ib. 

Introduzzione e del Progresso delle Belle Arti en Europa ne' 
Tempi Antichi, 10 plates, and 6 on the letterpress ib, 

Lapides Capitolini sive Fasti Consulares, 3 plates, including 
a large folding one of several sheets ib. 1761 


Tom. IX. to XI. Vedute di Roraa, 136 plates 2 vol. 

Vasi, Candelabri, Cippi, Sarcofagi, Tripodi, Lucerne ed Orna- 

rnenti Antichi, \\i) plates y 2 vol. Roma, 1778 

Colonna di Trajano, 21 plates, the third composed o/6 sheets 

ib. 1770 
Colonna Antonina, the Elevation, 5 sheets, forming I plate 


Colonna dell' Apoteosi di Antonino Pio, 8 sheets, forming 6 

plates . . ib, 

Rovine di Pesto, 21 plates . ib. 

Tom. XII. Statue Antiche, 41 plates ib. 

Schola Italica Picturse, impensis G. Hamilton, 4:0 plates 

ib. 1773 
Tom. XIII. Stampe Diverse, vedute di Roma, &c. 16 large 

plates, 4 of u'hich are composed of several sheets ib. 

Tom. XIV. Piranesi, Lettere (due) di Giustificazione, a Milord 
Charlemont, Agosto, 1756, e Feb. 1757 — Lettere terza 
scritta al Sig. A(bate) G(rant) 31 Maggio, 1757, 9 plates 
and 3 oti the letterpress 4to. sewed, ib. ' 

*^* This is a remarkably fine copy of the splendid Works of the 
two Brothers, Piranesi, and is believed to contain the entire 
of their pieces published during their lives ; they are all fine 
old Roman impressions of the Plates throughout, and the 
set may be considered as very complete, with the exception 
of wanting two plates in the Pantheon. Should, however, 
any other plates be found wanting, or any other imperfec- 
tion, the work will not be subject to be returned by the 

4198 Piranesi (Gio. B.) Antichita Roaiane, portrait, and 

221 fne plates, 4 vol. in 2, 
fine copy, russia extra, joints, and gilt leaves Roma, 1784 

4199 Pithoei (P.) Historise Francorum, ab anno 900, ad annum 1285, 

Scriptores Veteres XI, 
fine copy, olive morocco, gilt leaves Francof 1596 

4200 Pitisci (Sam.) Lexicon Antiquitatum Romanarum, plates, 2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER . LeovardioB, 1713 

4201 Pitt (M.) English Atlas, numerous mapsy with 3 portraits, 

4 vol. . imperial folio. 1680 

4202 Platinae de Vitis Pontificum Historia, Raphaelis Volaterrani, 

Historia, Venet. 1311, et P. Beroaldi Annotationes, &c. 
JBrixice, 1496 
blue morocco extra, gilt leaves 1496-1511 

4203 Platonis Opera Latina, cura Ficini /. Badii, 1518 

4204 Platonis Opera, tralatione Matsilii Ficini, calf gilt Venet. 1556 

4205 Platonis Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat. cura Serrani, accedunt Notae 

H. Stephani, ?vith the three dedications, 
fine, large, tall copy, gilt leaves Paris, H. Stephani, 1578 


4206 Plinii Historiae Naturalis libri XXXVII. 

fine large tall copy Parmce, And. Poriilia, 1480 

4207 Plinii Epistolae, cum Commentariis Catansei 

Badii Ascensii, 1533 

4208 Plinii Historia Naturalis, cum notis Harduiiii, plates, 3 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, fi7ie copi/, Tussia, gilt leaves Paris, 1723 

4209 Plot (Dr. Rob.) Natural History of Oxfordshire, map and 

plates , Oxford, n. d, 

4210 Plot (Dr. R.) Natural History of Staffordshire, map and nu- 

merous plates, very good copy, old calf gilt ib. 1686 

4211 Plutarchi Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat. cum Vita et Notis 

Jo. Rualdi, 2 vol. good copy, calf Paris, 1624 

4212 Plutarchi Vitae, Latine (title torn) Basil. 1535 

4213 Plutarque, (Euvres Morales et Meslees, ruled with red lines 

ib. 1575 

4214 Plutarque, Vies des Hommes lllustres, ruled with red lines 

ib. 1565 

4215 Plutarch, Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans, by North, 

woodcut portraits, calf gilt . 1595 

4216 Plutarch, Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romaines, by North 


4217 Pluvinel (H. A. de) L'Instruction du Roy en I'Exercise de 

monter a Cheval, portrait and plates^ by C. de Pas 

Amst. 1666 

4218 Pluvinel (H, A. de) the same, in French and T)\xich, portraits, 

plates by C. de Pas, fine impressions, 
Dutch vellnm . ib. 1629 

4219 Pococke (Ric.) Description of the East and some other Coun- 

tries, 179 maps and plates, 3 vol. calf gilt 1743-5 

4220 Polano (P. S.) Historia del Concilio Tridentino Londra, 1619 

4221 PoLi (Matt.) Synopsis Criticorum aliorumque S. Scripturse 

Interpretum, 5 vol. in 10 
THICK PAPER, go.od clean copy . 1659 

4222 Polwhele (Ric.) History of Devonshire, plates, fine impres- 

sions, 3 vol. in 1, calf gilt E:veter, 1797-1806 

H H 





4223 Points of Humour, plates and tvood engravings fy^om the de- 

signs of Geo. Cruikshanh^ 2 parts 1823 

4224 Political Philosophy, Principles of Government, &c. 4 vol. 

Useful Knowledge Society, 1842 

4225 Polybius, General History, translated by Hampton, 3 vol. 

calf gilt . . 1809 

4226 Poncino (M.) le Piacevole e Ridicolose Ydi.Qei\e, portrait 

Venet. 1607 

4227 Pontey (Wm.) Forest Pruner and the Profitable Planter, p/a^ej, 

2 \o\. half calf . Huddersf eld, \ 808 

4228 Popish Sham Plots, History of, 1682— Plot in a Dream, 1681 

— History of Card. Portocarrero, portrait, 1704 — Pallafox, 
History of the Tartars, 1679 — History of the Conquest of 
China, 1671, &c. . 9 vol. 

4229 Portae (J. B.) Magiae Naturalis libri, Antv. 1564, &c. 6 vol. 

4230 Porter (A. M.) Village of Mariendorpt, 4 vol. 1821— Porter, 

The Feast of St. Magdalen, 3 vol. 1818 7 vol. 

4231 Porter (Jane) Duke Christian of Luneberg, 3 vol. 1824 — 

Porter (A. M.) Roche Blanche, 3 vol. 1822 6 vol. 

4232 Porter (J.) Field of Forty Footsteps, 2 vol. 1831— Private 

Correspondence of a Woman of Fashion, 2 vol. 1832 4 vol. 

4233 Portraits of the Principal Characters of the French Revolu- 

tion, &c. upwards of 270 portraits, 2 vol. 

royal 8vo. Paris, n. d, 

4234 Portugal and Gallicia, the Basque Provinces, &c 2 vol. 1836 

4235 Pouqueville (F.) Voyage dans la Grece, maps and plates, 

4 vol. . Paris, 1820 

4236 Powell (Dr.) History of Wales, by Wynne, calf neat 1702 

4237 Powell (Dr.) History of Wales, enlarged, with Pedigrees by 

Price, calf neat . 1774 

4238 Powlett (Chas.) Father's Reasons for being a Christian, 

blue morocco, gilt leaves . 1812 

4239 Pownall (T.) on the British Colonies, 2 vol. 1774— Proctor, 

Journey across the Cordillera of the Andes, 1825 3 vol. 

4240 Psalmanazar (G.) Memoirs, 1765— Memoirs of Pope Pius VI, 

portrait, 2 vol. 1799— Bishop Parke's Own Time, 1727 — 
Memoirs of Baron de Pollnitz^ 4 vol. 1737 8 vol. 


4241 Pratt, Gleanings through Wales, Holland and Westphalia, and 
Harvest Home, 8 vol. calf gilt 1795-1805 

1242 Prevost (I'Abbe Antoine F.) CEuvres Choisies, portrait and 
many plates, 39 vol. 
French calf gilt, gilt leaves . Amst. \1Q^ 

4243 Prichard (J. C.) Researches into the Physical History of MdiU- 

Wndi, plates, coloured, 2 \o\. . 1826 

4244 Priest (W.) Travels in America, 1802 — Panama, Expedition 

to, 1744, &e. . 5 vol. 

4245 Priestley (Jos.) Philosophical Necessity, 1777 — Pascal, 

Thoughts, 1741 — Parker, Vindication of Bishop of Bram- 
hall, 1673 — Experiments on Air, plates, 4 vol. 1775 7 vol. 

4246 Prior (Jas.) Life of Edmund Bwrke, portrait 1824 

4247 Pritchard (A.) History of Animalcules, and Microscopic Caibi- 

i\et, many plates, some coloured, 2 vol. 1832-4 

4248 Prologues and Epilogues, a Collection of English, 4 vol. 

calf gilt . 1779 

4249 Proverbes Dramatiques, 6 vol in 3 . Paris, 1773 

4250 Proyart, Vie de Dauphin Pere de Louis XVI. Paris, 1778 — 

St. Pierre, Annales Politiques, 2 vol. 1757, &c. 6 vol. 

4251 Puffendorf (S.) History of Sweden . 1702 

4252 Puffendorf (Baron de) Histoire de Suide, portrait, 3 vol. 1732 

— L'Etat de France, 3 vol. Paris, 1718, &c. 

4253 Pulteney (R.) Biographical Sketches of Botany, 2 vol. 

calf gilt, 1790, and 8 Botanical 10 vol, 

4254 Putter (J. S.) Historical Developement of the Germanic Em- 

pire, 3 vol. calf gilt . 1790 

4255 Pythagore, Voyages en Egypte, dans ITnde, etc. map, 6 vol. 

calf gilt, gilt leaves . Paris ^ 1799 

4256 Quarles (Fra.) Embleraes, numerous plates, 

purple morocco extra, gilt leaves . 1676 

4257 Quarles (F.) Emblemes Modernized, wood engravings 1766 

4258 Quarles (Jo.) Regale Lectum Miseriae ; or a Kingly Bed of 

Miserie, a Dream, with an Elegie, and England's Sonnets, 
2 portraits of K Charles I. 
very scarce, russia extra, gilt leaves 1649 

4259 Quarles (J.) another edition, joo7'^ by Faithorne, unbound 1659 

4260 Quarterly Revievv^, from the commencement, 1809, to No. 

157, 1846, with both the Indexes, wanting Nos. 78, 
90, 127, and 156, 18 vol. calf gilt, and 117 numbers 

1809, &c. 

4261 Quarterly Papers, by D. Wyseman, vol. 1, 1827, &c. a parcel 

4262 Quevedo (F. de) Historia de la Vida del Buscon Ruan, 1629 

4263 Quevedo (F. de) CEuvres, jr?/a^^*, 2 vol. Brusselles, 1699 — 

Recueil des Scenes sur le Theatre Italien, 2 vol. old red 
morocco, gilt leaves, Paris, 1694 . 4 vol. 

4264 Quevedo (F. de) W ov\?,, frontispiece, 3 vol. Edinb. 1798 

4265 Quin (M. J.) Visit to Spain . 1823 


4266 Qnintus Curtius et Sallustius, in 1 vol. 

old calf giU^ richly tooled^ gilt leaves Lugduni^ 1555-63 

4267 Rabelais (Fr.) (Euvres, par L. Duchat, et Lettres de Fr. l^Si- 

'he\d\'s, portraits, 6 vol. . Amst. 1711 

4268 Rabelais (F.) Works, by Ozell, plates, 5 vol. 1738 

4269 Rabutin, Comte de Bussy, Lettres, avec les Reponses, portrait, 

6 vol. calf gilt, Amst. 1752 — Histoire de Jean Sobieski, 
portrait, 3 vol. 1761 , 9 vol. 

4270 Racine (J.) CEuvres, 2 vol. 

old red morocco, gilt leaves . Paris, 1680 

4271 Racine (J.) CEuvres, par Petitot, portrait and plates, fne 

proofs, 5 vol. calf marhled leaves Paris, 1807 

4272 Racine, CEuvres Dramatiques, 4 vol. Paris, 1810, &c. 13 vol. 

4273 Rae (P.) History of the Rebellion . 1746 

4274 Raguse (Due de) Voyage en Hongire, en Transylvanie, dans 

Russie, etc. with a 4to atlas of plates, 6 vol. Partis, 1839 

4275 Raleigh (Sir W.) Cabinet Council and Mysteries of State, 

1658 — Remains, 1681 — Select Essayes, 1650 — Three Dis- 
courses on War, 11 Q'2, portraits, 4 vol. 1650 170 

4276 Ralfe (J.) Naval Chronology of Great Britain, from 1803 to 

1816, many coloured plates, 3 vol. royal 8vo. 1820 

4277 Ralph, Use and Abuse of Parliaments, 2 vol. 

old calf gilt . .1744 

4278 Ramsay (Allan) The Evergreen, a Collection of Scots' Poems 

before 1600, 2 vol. neat . Edinh. 1761 

4279 Ram?ay (Allan) Poems and Life, portrait, 2 vol. calf gilt 1809 

4280 Ramsay (D.) History of the Revolution of South Carolina, 

maps and plans, 2 vol. calf gilt Trenton, 1785 

4281 Randolph (Tho.) Poems, portrait, 1652 — Rawleigh Redivi- 

vus, or the Life and Death of Ant. Earl of Shaftesbury, 
portrait, 1683 . 2 vol. 

4282 Rapin, Critical Works, 2 vol. 1706 — Rapin, Acta Regia, 4 vol, 

1726 . 6 vol, 

4283 Republique Francaise, Liste Generale des Individus Con- 

damnes, avec Supplements 1, 2 et 3, a la Liste des Emigres, 
together 10 vol. . Paris, 1794 

4284 Rasiel (H.) Histoire de Dom Inigo de Guipuscoa, 2 vol. La 

Haye, 1736 — Roque (M. de la) Voyage dans la Palestine. 
plates, Amst, 1718, &c. . 6 vol. 

4285 Rawlinson (R.) English Topographer, alphabetically digested, 

plates of old seals . 1720 

4286 Rawlinson '(R.) English Topographer . 1720 

4287 Rawlinson (R.) Method of Studying History, 2 vol. 1728 

4288 Ray (Jo.) Philosophical Letter, 1718— Wisdom of God, 1692 

— Discourses, 1693 — Sylloge Stirpium, 1694, &c. 8 vol. 

4289 Ray (J.) Travels, plates, 1673— Rauwolff (L.) Travels in the 

East, 1705, &c. . 6 vol. 

4290 Ray (J.) Collection of English Proverbs 1737 


4291 Raymond (J. G ) Life of Thomas Dermody, portrait, 2 vol. 

calf gilt . . 1806 

4292 Rebellion. Rae (P.) History of the Rebeliion, 1746— Mar- 

chant (J.) History of the Rebellion, 1746 — Complete 
History of the late Rebellion, 1716 together 3 vol. 

4293 Rebels no Saints, a Collection of Speeches, Private Passages, 

&c. of Persons lately Executed, y»^ow^«Ap«Vce, calf neat 1661 

4294 Recueil des Pieces de Theatre par M' le Texler, 8 vol. 

calf gilt . 1785 

4295 Recueil de Pieces Diplomatiques relatives aux Affaires de la 

Hollande, etc. en 1830-32, 3 vol. 183^33— Memoires d'un 
Apothiciare sur la Guerre d'Espagne, 2 vol. 1828 — St. Hi- 
laire. Souvenirs de la Vie Privee de Napoleon, 2 vol. 1838 

7 vol. 

4296 Refuges (Denis de) Treatise of the Court, by J. Reynolds, 1 622 

Rochefort (Counte de) Memoirs, 1696 2 vol. 

4297 Regicides of Charles I, the Tryal of, portrait, calf gilt \l'2'i 

4298 Reginald Dalton, 3 vol. Edinb. 1823— Rodolph of Hapsburg, 

3 vol. 1834— Rothellan, 3 vol. 1824— Redmond the Rebel, 

3 vol. 1819 . . 12 vol. 

4299 Regis (P. S.) Systeme de Philosophie, 7 vol. Lyon, 1691, &c. 

18 vol. 

4300 Regnard, CEuvres, avec des Remarques, par M. G * * *, 

portrait, A \o\. calf gilt . Par?**, 1789 

4301 Regnard (J. F.) CEuvres, portrait, calf extra, gilt leaves 

royal 8vo. Paris, \790 

4302 Reid (T.) Two Voyages to New South Wales and Van Die- 

man's Land . . 1822 

4303 Relandus (Adr.) de Religione Mohammedica, 1705 — Spenceri, 

Dissertatio de Urim and Thummim, 1670 — Smith, Syn- 
tagma Druidum, 1664 — Seldeni Commentarii de Statu 
Religionis, 2 vol. 1561 

4304 Remembrancer of Excellent Men, 1670 — Life and Death of 

Lord William Russell, 1684— Life of Sir Walter Ralegh, 
1677 - Walsingham's Maxims, by Sir Walter Ralegh, 1628 
— Ralegh, Aphorisms, 1661 . 5 vol. 

4305 Rennell (T.) Remarks on Scepticism, 1823, &c. 34 vol. 

4306 Renneville (Cons, de) LTnquisition Francoise ou L'Histoire de 

la Bastille, avec Supplement, plates, 5 vol. scarce 

Amst. 1719-24 

4307 Reynolds (G.) State of the Greatest King, viz. Solomon, and 

Treatise concerning Trying of Gold and Silver, 1721 — 
Robinson (B.) Essay on Coin, Dublin, 1757 2 vol. 

4308 Renouard (A. A.) Catalogue de la Bibliotheque d'un Amateur, 

4 vol. . Paris, 1819 

4309 Repertorie du Theatre Fran9ois, ou Recueil des Tragedies et 

Comedies restees au Theatre depuis Rotrou, par Petitot, 
many plates, 23 vol. calf, marbled leaves Paris, 1803 


4310 Repertory of Arts and Manufactures, numerous plates, from 

the commencement, 16 vol. and Index ; Second Series, 
vol. 1 to 19, halfrussia; and vol. 20 to 32, and Index, in 
boards ; vol. 33 to 46, in numbers (wanting Nos. 210 and 
255) — Repertory of Patent Inventions, No. 1 to 95, toge- 
ther 36 vol. halfrussia, 14 vol. boards, and 170 numbers 


4311 Repository of Fugitive Pieces, 4 vol. 1790— Readings in Sci- 

ence, 1834--Rymer (T.) Tragedies, 1678 6 vol. 

4312 Repton (Hump.) Odd Whims, and Miscellanies, coloured 

plates, 2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, scarce, calf gilt royal 8vo. 1804 

4313 Reresby (Sir John) Memoirs . I735 

4314 Respublica Varia, 52 vol. . Elzevir, S^c. v. y. 

4315 Revolution de France, Histoire de la, 19 vol. Paris, 1792-7 

4316 Reynier (Gen.) sur I'Egypte, map, russia, Paris, 1802 — 

Rolii (P. A.) Rime, large paper, 1717, &c. 6 vol. 

4317 Reynolds (Fred.) Life and Times, written by Himself, portrait, 

2 vol. . . 1826 

4318 Reynolds (Geo.) Upon the Government of the Church of En- 

gland, from the earliest to the present times, 
old red morocco, gilt leaves , 1743 

4319 Reynolds (Jo.) The Flower of Fidelity, calf gilt, 1654— Rey- 

nolds, God's Revenge against Adultery, woodcuts, 1708 

The Rebellion of Naples, or the Tragedy of Massenello, 
^651 . . 3 vol. 

4320 Reynolds (Sir Joshua) Works, with Life by Malone, 3 vol. 

calf gilt . . 1798 

4321 Rhythmo (de) Graecorum Liber Singularis, 

calf gilt . 1775 

4322 Richarderie (B. de la) Bibliotheque Universelle des Voyages, 

6 vol. calf gilt . Parish ISm 

4323 Richardson (J.) Remarks on Milton's Paradise Lost, 1734 

Richardson (J.) on the Literature of Eastern Nations, 
Oxford, 1778 . 2 vol. 

4324 Richardson (Samuel) Correspondence, ^oW?'aeV, 6 vol. 1804 

OLD PLAYS (continued.) 

4325 Heywood (Tho.) A Challenge for Beautie, 1636— The English 

Traveller, 1633, and the Royall King and Loyall Subject, 
1637, all first editions, 3 vol. . 1633-7 

4326 Heywood (T.) The Foure Prentises of London, russia, 1632 

— Love's Mistresse, or the Queene's Masque, 1640 — The 
Rape of Lucrece, a Tragedy, calf, 1638, and Woman Kilde 
with Kindnesse, 1617 . 4 vol. 


Old Plays (continued.) 

4327 Heywood (T.) Love's Mistresse, or the Queene's Masque, 

1640 — Barten Floliday, The Marriages of the Arts, a 
Comedie, 1630, half bound . 2 vol. 

4328 Heraings (Wm.) The^Fatal Contract, a Tragedy, 1661— Barten 

Holiday, The Marriages of the Arts, a Comedie, 1618 — 
Howe (Jas.) The Nuptialls of Peleus and Thetis, a Masque, 
kc. 1654, half calf . 1618-61 

4329 Jonson (Ben.) Catiline, his Conspiracy, 1633— Kyd (Tho.) 

The Spanish Tragedy, or Hieronimo is Mad againe, 1633 
— Lower (Sir W.) Horatius and Polyeuctes, Tragedies, 
2 vol. 1655-6, half bound . 4 vol. 

4330 Kirk (J.) The Seven Champions of Christendome, ^ist editioUf 

1638 — Hen. Killigrew, The Conspiracy, a Tragedy, Jiy^st 
edition, 1638 — Sir W. Lower, Horatius, J^rst edition, 1656, 
half bound . . 3 vol. 

4331 Mountfort (Wm.) Henry the Second, King of England, with 

the Death of Rosamond, a Tragedy, with a fine portrait 
of Fair Rosamond, fine impression, 
very scarce, half red morocco . 1693 

4332 May (Tho.) The Heire, a Comedy, j^r*^ edition, 1622 — The 

Old Couple, a Comedy, first edition, 1658 — F. Meriton, 
Love and War, a Tragedy, 1658, and The Merrie Devil of 
Edmonton, \63\, half bound , 4 vol. 

4333 Middleton (T.) Michaelmas Terme, a Comedy, 1630— The 

Phoenix, calf 1630— A Mad World my Masters, 1640— 
The Mayor of Quinhorough, a Comedy, 1661, half bound 

4 vol. 

4334 Marlowe (Chr.) The Troublesome Reigne and Lamentable 

Death of Edward II, 1622 — Jo. Marston, The Insatiate 
Countesse, a Tragedie, 1631 — Jo. Mason, Mulleasses the 
Turke, a Tragedy, 1632, half bound , 3 vol. 

4335 Massinger (Philip) Plays, viz. The Bondman, an Ancient 

Storie, 1638 — The Picture, wants title, 1630 — The Rene- 
gade, a Tragic Comedie, 1630 — The Fatall Dowrie, 1632 
— The Maid of Honour, 1632 — The Emperour of the 
East, 1632 — The New Way to Pay Old Debts, a Comedie, 
stained, 1633 — The Grand Duke of Florence, 1636 — The 
Duke of Mlllaine, 1638 — The Unnaturall Combat, a Tra- 
gedie, 1639, 'mostly first editions, but poor copies 
half calf - - 10 vols. 

4336 Nabbes (Tho.) Microcosmus, a Morall Maske 

FIRST EDITION, good copy, half cttlf 1637 

4337 Nabbes (T.) Hannibal and Scipio, a Tragedy ; and Totenhara 

Court, a Comedie, both first editions, 2 \o\. hf cf 1637-8 

4338 Nabbes (T.) The Sping's Glory, a Maske; with sundry Poems, 

Epigrams, Elegies, and a Presentation intended for the 
Prince, half caf - - 1638 


Old Plays (continued) 

4839 Nabbes (Tho.) The Bride, a Comedie ; and The Unfortunate 
Mother, a Tragedy, both first editions^ 2 vol. 
halfcalf - - 1640 

4340 Nevile (Rob.) The Poor Scholar, a Comedy, scarce 

halfcalf - . 1662 

4341 Parkin (Sir Tho.) The Inn-Play, or Cornish-Hugg Wrestler, 

wood cut, 1727 — The Pope's Farewell, or Queen Ann's 
Dream, in Verse, n. d. - 2 vol. 

4342 Plaps (Wm.) Love in its Extasie; or the Large Prerogative, 

1649 — Porter (T.) The Villain, a Tragedy, first edition, 
1663 — The Carnival, a Comedy, 1664, halfcalf 3 vol. 

4343 Quarles (Fra.) The Shepheards Oracles, delivered in certain 

Eglogues, calf neat - - 1646 

4344 Rowley (Sam.) When You See Me You Know Me, very much 

crossed, 1665 — The Noble Souldier; or a Contract Broken, 
Justly Revenged, a Tragedy, good copy, 1634 
FIRST EDITIONS, half bouud - 2 vol. 

4345 Rawlins (Tho.) The Rebellion, a Tragedy, stained, 1640 — 

Wm. Rowley, All's Lost by Lust, first edition, 1633 — 
T. Randolph, The Jealous Lovers, a Cou\Q^\e, first edition, 
1632 - - 3 vol. 

4346 Randolph (Tho.) Aristippus, or the Joviall Philosopher, with 

the Conceited Pedlar, 1630 — Ths Jealous Lovers, 1632 — 
The Muse's Looking-Glasse, 1638 — Hey for Honesty, 
Down with Knavery, 1651 
FIRST EDITIONS, 4 vol. half colf - 1630-51 

4347 Seneca, Tragedye of Agamemnon, translated by Jo. Studley, 

i&larfe letter, wants title — ^The Sophister, a Comedy, 1639 — 
Sir R. Staypylton Slighted Maid, a Comedy — The Step- 
Mother, a Tragedy, 2 vol. 1663-4, &c. 
calf and, halfcalf - 5 vol. 

4348 Shirley (H.)'The Martyr'd Souldier, 1638— The Sophister, a 

Comedy, 1639— L. Sharpe, The Noble Stranger, 1640— 
The Abdicated Prince, 1690 — S. Sheppard, The Committee 
Man Curried, 1647, half bound 4 vol. 

4349 Shirley (James) The Gamester, 1637 — The Humorous Cour- 

tier, a Comedy. 1640— The Duke's Mistris, 1638— Maid's 
Revenge, 1639 — The Constant Maid, 1640 — The Arcadia, 
a Pastorall, 1640 — Love will finde out the Way, 1661 — 
The Grateful Servant, n. d. 
mostly first editions, half calf - 8 vol 

4350 Shakespeare (Wm.) The Merry Wives of Windsor ; with the 

Humours of FalstafFe, 1630 — The most Excellent and 
Lamentable Tragedie of Romeo and Juliet, newly corrected, 
1637 - - 2 vol. 


Old Plays (coniiuued) 

4351 Sliakespeare (W.) The most excellent Historie of the Merchant 

of Venice, poor copy, 1637 — The First and Second Parts 
of the Troublesome Raigne of King John, 1622 2 vol. 

4352 Shakespeare (W.) Pericles, Prince of Tyre, 1635— The His- 

torie of Henry the Fourth, with the Humorous Conceits 
of Sir John Falstaffe, 1639, half calf 2 vol. 

4353 Shakespeare (W.) Wittie and Pleasant Comedie, called the 

Taming of the Shrew, ^ecowt/et/iVw??, 1631 — The Tragoedy 
of Othello, the Monr of Venice, fourth edit. 1655 2 vol. 

4354 Shakespeare (W.) The Historie of Henry the Fourth, with 

the Flumorous Conceits of Sir John Falstaffe, 1632 — 
Macbeth, a Tragedy, with all the alterations, and new 
Songs, 1674, half calf - 1632-74 

4355 Tatham (J.) The Distracted State, a Tragedy, and Scots Fig- 

garies, or a Knot of Knaves, fii^st editions, 2 vol. calf and 
half calf, 165F52 — Wilkins (Geo.) The Miseries of 
Inforst Marriage, 1637 - 3 vol. 

4356 Tomkis, Albumazar, a Comedy, 1634 — A Townsend, Tempe 

Restored, a Masque, cropped, 1631 — Geo. Wilkins, The 
Miseries of Inforst Marriage, 1611, half hound 3 vol. 

4357 Tourneur (Cyril) The Atheists, a Tragedy, good copy, 1611 — 

The Revengers, a Tragsedie, cropped, 1607, hf. bd. 2 vol. 

4358 Wycherley, The Country Wife, a Comedy 

old red morocco, richly tooled, gilt leaves 1675 

4359 Costlie Whore, a Comical Historie, 1633 — Cupid's Whirligig, 

as it hath bene acted by the Children of the Revels, 1616 
— Charles I, basely Butchered, a Tragedie, 1649 3 vol. 

4360 Pleasant Conceited Comedy, How to choose a good Wife from 

a Bad, 1621 — Returne from Pernassus, or the Scourge of 

Simony, Comedy, 1606 — Sir Gyles Goosecappe, a Comedie, 

first edition, 1606 3 vol. 

4361 Plays (Fifteen Old) The Loyal Lovers, a Tragi-Comedy, 

1652, &c., by Ravenscroft, Shad well. Smith, Southerne, 
Trapp, Webester, &c., 9 vol., half bound calf 1652-1709 

4362 Plays (Old) The Battle of Alcazar, made up with 3IS., 1594 

— Merry Milkmaids, wants title, 1616 — English-men for 
my Money, wants title, 1626; and Vvily Beguiled, a wittie 
Comedy, zvants title, 1613 — Notes on the Empress of 
Morocco, 1674, &c. 7 vol. 

4363 Theatre (British) consisting of 63 Plays, published between 

1655 and 1713— viz. Banks, Earl of Essex, 1704 ; Seven 
by C. Cibber, 1695-1700; Calisto, by J. Crowne, 1675; 
Eight by T. Durfey, 3 vol. 1686-94 ; Two by Hon. E. 
Howard, 1668-71 ; Six by Motteux, 1697-1707 ; Two by 
Fix, 1696-1707; K. Philip's Pompey, a Tragedy, 1663; 
Four by E. Settle, 1697-1707; Two by N. Tate, 1680-1685, 
and Twenty-seven Miscellaneous, many first editions, in. 
25 vols. nnifoQinly half bound calf 1655-1713 

I I 


Old Plays (continued) 

d364 Theatre (British). A large Collection of the Comedies, 
Tragedies, &c. of the most celebrated Authors, from 1654 
to 1719— viz. Bankes, Three Plays, 1682-96 ; C. Cibber, 
Nine in 2 vol. 1G96-1707 ; Congreve, Five, 1694-1707; 
Crowne, Four, 1677- 88; Sir W. Davenant, Three, 1663-9; 
Tho. Durfey, Five, 1677-99; Farquhar, Three, 1704, &c.; 
Higgons, &c.. Five, 1702-4; Hopkins, Three, 1695-97; 
Lord Lansdowne, Four, 1654-98; Nat. Lee, Five, 1678-97 ; 
Maidwell, &c. Six. 1680^97 ; Otway, Nine in 2 vol. 1677- 
1719; N. Rowe, Five, 1702-6 ; E. Settle, Six, 1673-91 ; 
T. Shadwell, Seventeen in 3 vol. 1670-93 ; Tuke, Three, 
1671-73; Vanburgh, Four, 1705-9; Villiers Duke of 
Buckingham, Two, 1687-1705; and Wycherley, Four, 
1672-1702; together 103 Plays, many of them first 
editions^ in 24 vol. 
uniformly half hound in blue rnorocco 1654-1719 

4365 Pliny, Letters, by the Earl of Orrery, 2 vol. 1751 

4366 Plutarchi Vitse, Gr. et Lat., cura Aug. Bryani, 5 vol. 1729 

4367 Plutarchi Moralia, Gr. et Lat., cura Wyttenbachii, vol. 1 to 5 

russia - Oxon. 1795 

4368 Plutarque, les Vies des Hommes lUustres, traduites par Dacier, 

8 vol. Paris, 1721 

4369 Plymouth. A Continuation of the True Narration of the 

most observable Passages in and about Plymouth, January 
1643, v^rith Sir Rich. Green's vile Letter, russia extra 1644 

4370 Pocock (R.) History of Gravesend and Milton in ILeui, plates 

calf gilt - - 1797 

4371 Pocock (W. F.) Architectural Designs for Rustic Cottages, 

Villas, &c. 33 plates, 1807 — Dearn, Sketches in Archi- 
tecture for Cottages and Rural Dwellings, 20 plates^ 
2 vol. in 1 1807 

4372 Poetical Tracts (Thirty-three) Iter Boreale, or the March 

of Geo. Monck from Scotland to London, in Verse, 1660; 
The Progress of Honesty, 1681 ; Collections of Poems, 
Songs, Catches, &c. against Popery, 3 parts, 1689 ; Wit 
and Loyalty Revived, a Collection of Satyrs, 1682 — Col- 
lection of Poems on Affairs of State, 4 parts, 1689 ; The 
Pleasures of Love and Marriage, a Poem, 1691; The 
Bacchanalian Sessions, 1693 ; a Poesie for Lovers, or the 
Terrestrial Venus Unmaskt, 1694; Loyal and Impartial 
Satyrist, 1694, &c. in 1 vol. 1660, &c. 

4373 Pole (Sir W.) Collections towards a Description of the County 

of Devon, calf gilt 1791 

4374 Polwhele (R.) History of Cornwall, many plates , 3 vol. 

russia extra Falmouth, 1803 


4375 Polyaenus, Stratagems of War, translated by Shepherd 

calf gilt 1793 

4376 Pomponii Melse Cosmographia fa few leaves wormed) 

Venet. 1478 

4377 Pontey (W.) The Rural Improver, plates 1822 

4378 Pontoppidan (E.) Danske Atlas, eller Konge-Riget Danne- 

mark, maps and plates, 8 vol. Kiohenaun, 1763 

4379 Pope (Al.) Works, 3 vol. not unform, 1717-35 — Letters, 

1737 - - 4 vol. 

4380 Porta (J. B.) de furtivis Literarum notis, libri iv, russia, 1591 

4381 Porter (Sir R. K.) Narrative of the Campaign in Russia in 

1812, maps and portrait - 1813 

4382 Portlock (Nath.) Voyage round the World, map and plates, 

the Natural History coloured 
LARGE PAPER, calf gilt - - 1789 

4383 Portraits des Grands Hommes, Femmes lllustres, et Sujets 

Memorables, de France, \^0 finely coloured portraits and 
plates, 2 vol. blue morocco extra, g. I. royal 4to, Paris 17 — 

4384 Portraits (Collection complete des) de MM. les Deputes a 1' 

Assemblee Nationale de 1789, upwards of 740 portraits, 
4 vol., 3 vol. calf, gilt leaves, and 1 in hoards Paris, n. d. 

4385 Portraits of the most Eminent Painters and other Famous 

Artists, 102 portraits, calf . 1739 

4386 Postelli (G.) Linguarum duodecira characteribus difFerentium 

alphabetum et alia Opuscula 
old green morocco, gilt leaves Paris, 1568 

4387 Pote (Jos.) History and Antiquities of Windsor Castle, and 

the Order of the Garter, plates Eton, 1749 

4388 Pottinger (Hen.) Travels in Beloochistan and Scinde, map and 

plate . 1816 

4389 Pouqueville (F. C.) Travels in the Morea and Albania, maps 

and plates, calf gilt , 1813 

4390 Poulson (G.) Beverlac, or Antiquities and History of the 

Town of Beverley, jo/a^e^ and pedigrees, 2 vol. 1829 

4391 Prseadamitse, sive Exercitatio in cap. v. Epistolae ad Romanos 


4392 Preston (The History of) in Lancashire, plates 1822 

4393 Prestet (J.) Eleraens des Mathematiques, 2 vol. Pa nV, 1794 

— Philosophia Scholse Burgundiae, 2 vol. ib. 1684 4 vol. 

4394 Prestet (J.) Elemens des Mathematiques, 2 vol. Paris, 1794 

4395 Prestwich (J.) Respublica, or Display of the Honors, Cere- 

monies and Ensigns of the Commonwealth under Oliver 
Cromwell, plate, calf gilt 1787 

4396 Prevost (A. F.) Histoire Generale des Voyages par Mer et 

par Terre, numerous maps ^ plates, 19 vol. Paris, 1746-70 

4397 Principi, Lettere di, o a Principi, 3 vol. Venet. 1581 

4398 Prinsep (H. T.) Narrative of Political and Miltary Transactions 

in India, map, plans and plates 1820 


4399 Propertii Elegia, cum notis Broukhusii Amst. 1702 

4400 Pryce (Dr. Wm.) Cornish Grammar, and Cornish and English 

Vocabulary, calf gilt Sherborne, 1790 

4401 Prynne (Wm.) Histrio-Mastix, the Player's Scourge, or the 

Actor's Tragaedie, 2 parts in 1 vol. scarce 1633 

4402 Prynne (W.) Signal Loyalty and Devotion of God's True 

Saints and Pious Christians towards their Kings, 2 parts 


4403 Prynne (W.) Five Tracts, viz. The Church of England's Old 

Antithesis to New Arminianisme, 1629 — God no Imposture 
nor Deluder, 1629 — Brief Survey and Censure of Mr. 
Cozens, his Couzening Devotions, 1628, &c. in 1 vol. 
vellum . 1628, he. 

4404 Prynne (W.) New Discovery of the Prelates' Tyranny in their 

late Prosecutions of Wm. Prynne, Dr. J. Bastwick and H. 
Burton, portrait, calf . 1641 

4405 Prynne (W.) Sovraigne Power of Parliaments and Kingdomes, 

4 parts, and Appendix with Rome's Masterpiece, in I vol. 
calf gilt . 1643 

4406 PufFendorf (S.) Droit de la Nature et des Gens, traduit par 

^diV\)ey\"dc, portrait, 2 vol. Amst. 1734 

4407 Pulci (Luigi) II Morgante Maggiore, portrait Firenze, 1732 

4408 Pye (H. J.) Commentary on the Poetics of Aristotle 

calf gilt . 1792 

4409 Pyne (W. H.) History of the Royal Residences, of 

Windsor Castle, St. James's Palace, Hampton Court, &c., 
100 beautiful coloured engravings, facsimiles of the ori- 
ginal drawings, 3 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, half bound in green morocco, g. I. 1819 

4410 Quatremere de Quincy, Istoria della Vita e delle Opere di 

Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino di Fr. Longhena, 24 plates 
vellum, uncut . Milano, 1829 

4411 Quevedo (Don Francisco) Obras, 3 vol. Bruselas, 1660 

4412 Quevedo (Fr.) Obras en Prosa, parte primera, Madrid, 1664, 

&c. . 5 vol. 

4413 Quinte Curce de la Vie et des Actions d'Alexandre le Grand, 

traduct. de Vaugelas et du Ryer 
old red morocco, gilt leaves Paris, 1664 

4414 Quinctiliani Institutio Oratorise, et Declaraationes, cura Bur- 

manni, 4 vol. . L. B. 1720 

4415 Quintilien, Institution de I'Orateur, par Gedoyn Paris, 1718 

4416 Racine (Jean) CEuvres, portrait and plates, 3 vol. 

old calf gilt . ib. 1760 

4417 Radcliffe (Ann) Journey through Holland and Germany, and 

Tour to the Lakes . 1795 

4418 Rademaker (A.) Kabinet van Nederlandsche en Kleefsche 

Outheden, ZOO plates, very fine impressions, 6 vol. 
old calf gilt " . AmsU 1727-32 



4419 Polyantlieae Floribus novissimis sparsae libri xx. Francof. 16*21 

4420 Polybii Hi^toria, Gr. et Lat. cum Commentariis Is. Casauboni 

bright old calf gilt . Pam, 1609 

4421 Polydori Vergilii Anglic38 Historiae libri xxvi. 

russia . Basilece, 1534 

4422 Pommeraye (F.) Histoire des Archevesques de Rouen, Jine 

portrait of F. de Harlay Rouen, 1 667 

4423 Pompeii. Gli Ornati delle Pareti ed iPavimenti delle Stanze 

deir Antica Pompei, upwards of 10^ fine plates, 2 vol. in 1, 
title and one leaf inlaid 
LARGE PAPER, Tussia extva, joints^ and gilt leaves 

atlas folio. Napoli, 1796 

4424 Pompeii Illustrated with Picturesque Views by Cooke, from 

drawings by Col- Cockburn, and descriptions by Donaldson, 
numerous fine plates., 2 vol. in 1, half russia^ g. I. 1827 

4425 Pope (A.) Works and Letters, portrait, 4 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, ^OOCZ cop?/ 1717-41 

4426 Porcacchi(Tho.)Descrittione del I'lsole piu Famose del Mondo, 

fine copy . Venet. 1590 

4427 Portenari (Angelo) Delia Felicita di Padova, map and lolate 

Padova, 1623 

4428 Portraits. CoUectio EfFigium Regum Europae cum raultis 

aliis, a collection of about 1100 portraits of eminent foreigners, 
by Moncornetf Nanteuil, 6fc. many fine impressions, in 1 vol. 

4429 Portraits of Kings, Queens, and various Illustrious Personages, 

33 plates, by Valck, P. a Gunst, Audran, ^c. n. d. 

4430 Portraits of the Earls of Holland, Dukes and Emperors of 

Germany, &c. 57 plates, no title page n, d. 

4431 Possevini (Dr. Ant.) Gonzaga calci operis addita Genealogia 

totius Familiae, portraits 
fine copy, vellum . Mantuce, 1617 

4432 Post and Nople, Begraffenisse van syne Hoogheyt Frederick 

Henrick Prince van Orange, &c. 30 fine plates 
LARGE PAPER, vellum . Amst. 1651 

4433 Pozzo (And.) Rules and Examples of Perspective, English 

and l^d>.\,m, plates by Sturt . 1707 

4434 Pozzuoli. Antichita di Pozzuoli, ^Q fine plates by F. laMarra 


4435 Poggii Florentini, Opera . s. I. 1513 

4436 Pratilli (F. M.) della Via Appia, maps Napoli, 1745 

4437 Price (Wm.) Journal of the British Embassy to Persia, and 

Antiquities of Persepolis, many plates, vol. 1 obi. fol. 1825 

4438 Prideaux (H.) Old and New Testament Connected, 2 vol. 1717 

4439 Prince (John) The Worthies of Devon, arms 1701 


4440 Prints (A Collection of French) consisting of 9S jyortraits and 

miscellaneous finely coloured plates /m 1 vol. Paris, 1773 

4441 Prints. Small Figures, IS plates, by C. White, J. Kent, &c., 

in 1 vol. half riissia . 1782 

4442 Prior (Matt.) Poems royal folio, 1718 

4443 Priorato (Count G.) History of France, by the Earl of Mon- 

mouth and Wm. Brent, calf gilt 1676 

4444 Priorato (Gualdo) Teatre del Belgio, con le Piante delle Citta, 

e Fortezzi Principali, portraits, and above 120 plans 
calf gilt . Vienna, 1673 

4445 Provis (W. A.) Historical and Descriptive Account of the 

Menai Suspension Bridge, from the designs of Thos. Tel- 
ford, 17 plates on India paper atlas folio, 1828 

4446 Pryce ( W.) Treatise on Minerals and Mining, portrait ^ plates 

russia . 1778 

4447 Prynne (W.) Breviate of the Life of Archbishop Laud, por- 

trait, calf gilt • 1644 

4448 Prynne (W.) Canterburies Doom, or History of the Tryal 

and Execution of Archbishop Laud, portraits 1646 

4449 PRYNNE(W.) RECORDS, or an Exact Chronological 

Vindication, and Historical Demonstration of our 
British, Roman, Saxon, Danish, Norman, English Kings' 
Supreme Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, over all Spiritual as 
well as Temporal Affairs, within England, Scotland, Ire- 
land, &c. 2 frontispieces, Jine impressions, 3 vol. 
fine copy, russia extra , 1665-70 

*^* Mr. Dent's copy of the 3 vol. only sold for £126. ; Mr. R. 
Willett's copy, 3 vol. on large paper, £152. 5s., and Sir 
M. M. Sykes' copy, 3 vo\. small paper, £117. 12s. 

The following Note in the neat autograph of the late 
Hon. Thos. Grenville will be found in vol. 1. 

Vol. 1, 1666. 26 leaves not paged, and a plate, precede 
the Text, which begins at p. 1, in which the Author says 
he intends to preface it with "a large Introduction 7iot yet 
completed, swelling to an entire Tome." The vol. ends at 
p. 1251, with a subjoined leaf of errata, but it is observable 
that this first vol. begins p. 2 with book ii, the first book 
being reserved for the la?'ge Introduction not yet completed. 

Vol. 2, 1665. 12 leaves not paged, and the same plate re- 
peated, precede the Text of p. 1 to p. 1070, then follows 
Appendix, p. 1 to p. 29, after which come 71 leaves not 
paged, of 15 Indexes, to which is subjoined a leaf of errata. 

Vol. 3, 1670. 46 leaves not paged precede the Text, which 
goes on from p. 1, including Appendix, to p. 1307, on the 
reverse of which is an Address to the Reader. 

The above description of three volumes is always consi- 
dered as complete 


4450 PRYNNE (W.) RECORDS. Vol. 4. 

It has no date or title page, this being intended for the Intro- 
duction ; the first leaf with signature B is not paged, but, 
under a woodcut ornament, begins tlms : An Exact Chro- 
nological History and Full Display of Popes Intolerable 
Usurpations upon the antient just Rights, Liberties of the 
Kings, Kingdoms, Clergy, Nobility, Commons of England 
and Ireland. The Text begins thus : The design of this 
Chronological History and Display, &c. &c. The second 
leaf of this vol. is paged p. 1, and on the middle of p. 2 
begins " The First Book;" and that this was intended as 
such is evident, because on reference to the first vol. it will 
be found that p. 2 of vol. 1 has book ii, which shews that 
book I. was reserved for this Introduction. The paging of 
this vol. goes on regularly to p. 400 inclusive, which page 
of book I. chap. v. ends with " Coepiscopi tui et Coma." 

Oldys, in his British Librarian, p. 225 and p. 227, speaking 
of Prynne's 80 pages of Introduction to his second vol., says 
"It was to supply the want of this larger Introduction, 
comprised in the first book of the first tome not yet com- 
pleted, and over-large, to be annexed to this, as he at first 
designed;" but neither Oldys, nor any other Bibliographer, 
seems to have known that the 400 pages of this larger Intro- 
duction had been actually printed. — T, G. 

The paging runs regularly from p. 1 to 128, and from 128 to 
143 the pages are falsely numbered, being only 6, but the 
text is complete ; the false numbering goes on regularly 
from p. 143 to the end. 

lliis Note is also in the autograph of the Hon. Thos. 

*^* This remarkable volume may be considered 
UNIQUE. The late Hon Mr. Grenville states " / have never 
seen it elseivhere, nor have I found it anywhere described. 
It is evidently that Introduction described by Prynne, as 
previously noticed in vol. 1, p. 1 and 2. 

4451 Ptolemsei Geographise lib. viii. Gr. et Lat. edidit Bertius 

acced. Tabula Peutingeriana, et Ortelii Geographiae Veteris 
Tabulae, maps, 2 vol. in 1 
BEST EDITION, /??e copy, old red morocco, gilt leaves 

Amst. Elzev 1619 

4452 Pufi'endorfii (S.) Commentarius de Rebus ^xiech, portrait 

Ultrajecti, 1686 

4453 Pufi'endorf (S.) de Rebus a Carolo Gustavo Suecise Rege 

Gestis, portraits, vellum Norimh. 1 G96 

4454 Pufi'endorf (S.) Law of Nature and Nations, with notes by 

Barbeyrac, ^ooc? copy . 1729 


4455 Puffendorfii, Commentarii de Rebus Carolo Gustavo Suecisg 
Rege Gestis \\4cjine plates, vellum Holmice, n. d. 

445G Purchas (Sam.) His Pilgrimage, or Relations of the World, 
and the Religions observed in all Ages 1614 

4457 Purchas (S.) His Pilgrimes and Pilgrimage, or Travels 

and Relations of the World, and the Religions observed in 
all Ages, &c. maps and plates, 5 vol. 
'KAKE, old calf gilt . 1625-26 

4458 Puteani (E.) Alberti Pii, Archiducis Austrise, Pompa Funebris, 

64 plates hy Jac. Francquart, comprising numerous portraits 

oblong folio. Bruxellce, 1633 

4459 Quinctiliani Oratoriae Institutiones, cum notis Capperonnerii 

Paris, 1725 

4460 Quinti Curtii de Rebus Gestis Alexandri Magni libri 

fine copy, russia, gilt leaves Mediolani, Ant. Zarotus,'^ 14^81 

4461 Raccolta di Stampe rappresentanti 1 Quadri piu Scelti de Signori 

Marchesi Gerini, torn. 1, SO fine plates, brilliant impressions, 
inlaid in atlas folio, unbound Firenze, 1759 

4462 Raii (Jo.) Historia Plantarum, 2 vol. 1686-8 

4463 Raleigh (Sir W.) History of the W^orld, with his Life and 

Tryal, portrait and maps, old calf gilt 1687 

4464 Raleigh (Sir W.) Life and Tryal by Wra. Oldys, portrait n. d. 

4465 RafFaelle's Heads from the Fresco Pictures in the Vatican, by 

Duppa, portrait, and 12 plates, fine impressions 1802 

4466 Raphael. Recueil de Tetes Choisies de Personnages lliustres 

dans les Lettres et dans les Arraes, 180 plates by P. Fidanza 
2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, cttlf gilt . Romc, 1785 

4467 Raphael, Loggie del Vatic ano, 18 large plates by Jo, 

Ottaviana and Voljjato, beautifnlly coloured, with the Cupid 
and Psyche, after Rap)hael by N, Dorigny, 10 plates, beauti- 
fully coloured 
russia extra, joints, and gilt leaves, size 4 ft. high by 1 ft. 8 
wide . elephant folio. Roma, n. d, 

4468 Raphael, Cartoons, sive Pinacotheca Hamptoniana, S fine large 

plates by Nic. Dorigny, very fine impressions 
half bound, uncut . n. d. 

4469 Raphaelis Imagines Veteris ac Novi Testamenti, cura J. de 

Rubeis, b'^ plates, vellum oblong folio, 1074 

4470 Raphaelis Sacraj Historias Acta in Vaticanis Xystis, ad Picturae 

Miraculum expressa, 52 j9Za^e<s RomcB, 1649 

— Sr. de St. Martin, les Travaux d'Ulysse, 58 plates by 
T. Van Tuden, Paris, 1640, 2 vol. in 1 1640-9 

447 1 Rapin, History of England, with the Continuation by N. 

Tindal, with the Summary and Medallic History, maps, 
portraits, monuments, plans and medals, by Vertue, Houbra- 
ken, ^'G. 5 vol. 
BEST EDITION, /?2e copy, old calf gilt 1743-7 

4472 Rapin, Acta Regia, old calf gilt 1732 


4473 Rapin. The Maps, Plans, and Views of Scottish Castles and 

Towns to Rapin's History of England, uncut 1743 

4474 Reason, an Essay on, calf gilt 1735 

4475 Records. Calendariuna Rotulorum patentium in Turri Londi- 

nensis, russia . 1802 

4476 Records. Taxatio Ecclesiastica Angliae et Walliae auctoritate 

P. Nicolai IV. russia 1802 

4477 Records. Rotulorum Originalium Abbreviatio temp. Hen. 111. 

ad Edw. Ill, 2 vol. . 1805-10 

4478 Records. Calendarium Inquisitionum post mortem temp. 

Henr. 111. ad Henr. IV, 3 vol. 1806 

4479 Records. Testa de Neville temp. Henr. III. et Edw. I. — No- 

narum Inquisitiones temp. Edw. Ill, 2 vol. 1807 

4480 Records. Valor Ecclesiasticus temp. Henr. VIII, 4 vol. 1810-21 

4481 Records. Inquisitionum Retornatarum Abbreviatio, 3 vol. 


4482 Records. Placitorum Abbreviatio temp. Ric. I. ad Edw. Ill, 

/vol. . 1811-18 

4483 Records. Rotuli Hundredorum temp. Henr. III. et Edw. I, 

2 vol. . 1812-18 

4484 Records. Rotuli Parliamentorum temp, Edw. I. ad Henr. VI, 

6 vol. . n. d. 

4485 Records. Reports from the Select Committee on the Records 

russia . 1800 

4486 Records. Reports of the Select Committee, 1800 — Commis- 

sions concerning the Public Records, 1800-7 — Record 
Commission of Scotland, 1806-8 3 vol. 

4487 Records. General Report of the Commissioners of the Public 

Records . 1837 

4488 Redoute (P. J.) Les Liliacees, 300 beautifully coloured 

plates, 5 vol. with a quantity in sheets, Paris, 1802-16, 
being parts of the 6th, 7th and 8th volumes, coloured plates 

4489 Registrum Honoris de Richmond exhibens Terrarum et Vil- 

larum quae quondam fuerunt Edwini Comitis Richmond- 
shire Descriptionem, map and plates 1722 

4490 Reinagle (G. P.) Illustrations of the Battle of Navarin, 

13 plates on India paper . 1828 

4491 Reyneri (C.) Disceptatio Historica de Antiquitate Ordinis 

Congregat. Monachorum Nigrorum S. Benedicti in Regno 
Angliae, scarce . Duaci, 1626 

4492 Reynolds (Jo.) Triumphs of God's Revenge against Murther 


4493 Ribadeneyra (P. de) Obras Madrid, 1605 

4494 Ribadeneyra (P. de) Flos Sanctorum de las Vidas de los 

Santos . Barcelona, 1704 

4495 Ribadeneira (P.) Nouvelles Fleurs de la Vie des SaJmi?,, plates, 

2 vol. old red morocco, sides tooled, gilt leaves Paris, 1763-5 

K K 





4496 Richardson, Account of Statues, Bas-reliefs and Picture«^ in 

Italy, &c. . . J 7.22 

4497 Richardson, Two Discourses on Painting-, and Es«^ay on the 

Theory of Painting, 2vol. 1715.19— Smith, Art of Painting 
in Oyl, 1723 ^ 

4498 Richelieu (Duo de) Memoires pour servir a I'Histoire des Cours 

de Louis XIV, XV, et XWl, portrait und plates, 7 vol 
calf gilt . . J7QQ 

4499 Riclielieu (Due de) Vie Priv^e contenant ses Amours et In-. 

trigues, 3 vol. c«//"^?7/f . Prtr«> 1791 

4500 Richmond. Rarities of Richmond, being- exact Descriptions 

of the Royal Hermitage and Merlin's Cave, with his Life 
and Prophecies, ;?/a;^5 . j^^g 

4501 Ricketts(]\Jajor) Narrative of the Ashantee War, «/a/e^ 1831 

4502 Rigging, the Art of, many plates . \qqq 

4503 Ripperda (Duke de) Memoirs, 1740— Royal Mistresses of 

France, 1695— Memoirs of the Duke de la Rochefoucault 
1683, &c. . ^ 8 v r 

4504 Risdon (T,) Survey of the County of Devon, 2 vol. 

very scarce, calf . 1714 

4505 Risso (A.) Histoire Naturelle des principles Productions de 

1 Lurope Merjdionale, plates, 5 vol. 
ivhite vellum, gilt leaves . ' p^ris 1 826 

4506 Ritpon (Jos.) Ancient Songs, from King Henry the Third to 

the Revolution, vignettes, green morocco, g. I. 1790 

4507 Ritson (J.) Pieces of Ancient Popular Poetry, cuts, 

green morocco, gilt leaves " \1^\ 

4508 Ritson (J.) Select Collection of English Songs, with rr^usick, 

plates, 3 vol. green morocco, gilt leaves 1783 

4509 Ritson (J.) Ancient English Metrical Romances, 3 vol. 

green morocco, gilt leaves jgno 

4510 Ritson (J.) Robin Hood, a Collection of all the Ancient Poems 

bongs and Ballads now extant, with Anecdotes of his Life] 
15- ^*^^'^^^'*' ^ ^0^- scarce, green morocco, g. I 1795 

451 1 Ritson (^J.)Bibliographia Poetica, a Catalogue of English Poets 

z^io T?-. A X i ^^r^ Centuries, green morocco, g. I, 1802 

4512 Ritson (J.) Scotish Songs, with musick, 2 vol. 

green morocco, gilt leaves . j 79^ 

*#* The above 7 lots are in green morocco, but not uniform. 


4513 Ritson (J.) Poems on Interesting Events in the Reign of King 

Edward III, written in 1352, by Laur. Minot, with Glos- 
sary, calf extra . 1795 

4514 Roberte tlie Devyll, a Metrical Komv^xxce, plates, russia 1798 

4515 Roberts (Geo.) Voyages, a series of Uncommon Events, map 

and plates . . 1726 

4516 Roberts (G.) Voyages and Uncommon Events, 1716 — Relation 

of an Earthquake at Lima, plates, 1748, &c. 9 vol. 

4517 Roberts (W. H.) Corrections of Passages of the Old Testa- 

ment, calf gilt . . 1794 

4518 Robertson (A.) Topographical Survey of the Great Road to 

Bath and Bristol, map and plates, 2 vol. vellum, g. I. 1792 

4519 Robertson (Dav.) Tour through the Isle of Mau, plates, 

LARGE PAPER, calf gilt . imp. 8vo. 1794 

4520 Robertson (W.) Phrase Book, Latin and English Camb. 1681 

4521 Robison (J.) Proofs of a Conspiracy, 1797 — Ross (A.) View 

of all Religions, portrait, 1655 — Rycaut (P.) Slate of the 
Ottoman Empire, plates, 1686 . 3 vol. 

4522 Robson (Jos.) Residence in Hudson's Bay, charts, 1752 — • 

Rennell (Major) Marches of the British Armies in India, 
1792, &c. . .7 vol. 

4523 Rocher (G. du) Histoire Veritable des temps Fabuleux, 4 vol. 

calf gilt , . Paris, 1776 

4524 Rochester (Earl of) and Dr. Wild, Rome Rhymed to Death, a 

Collection of Foems, frontispiece, 2 parts 1683 

4525 Rochester, History and Antiquities of, plates Rochester, 1772 

4526 Roget (Dr. P. M.) Animal and Vegetable Physiology, nu- 

merous ivood engravings, 2 vol. Pickering, 1834 

4527 Rogers (Satn.) Pleasures of Memory, plates, Italy and Human 

Life, 3 vol. 1802-23 — Sargent, Mine, plates, green mo' 
rocco, 1796, and 2 Poetical . 6 vol. 

4528 Rogers (S.) Italy, a Poem, numy plates, fine impressions 1830 

4529 Rogers (W.) Voyage round the World, maps 1712 

4530 Rollin (Chas.) Antient History, portrait, map and plates, 

6 vol. . . 1828 

4531 Rollin, Histoire Moderne des Chinois, des Japonnois, &c. 

pour servir de Suite a 1' Histoire Ancienne, de M. Rollin, 
27 vol. (wanting vol. 20) . Paris, \7b4. 

4532 Rolls (Sam.) London's Resurrection, or the Rebuilding of 

London encouraged, directed and improved, calf neat 1668 

4533 Rolt (Rich.) Representation of the Conduct of the Powers of 

Europe in the late War, 4 vol. . 1749 

4534 Roma. Descrizione di Roma Antica, plates, 2 vol. Roma, 

1708 — Regno d'ltalia di E. Tesauro, plates, Venet. 1680, 
&c. . . 12 vol. 

4535 Rome in the Nineteenth Century, in a series of Letters, plates, 

3 vol. white vellum, gilt back and gilt leaves Edinb, 1820 


4536 Roscommon (Earl of) Poems, large paper, 1717 — The 

Rolliad, 1795 . . 2 vol. 

4537 llosse (A.) Poetical Honey gathered out of the Weeds of Par- 

nassus, 1646 — G. Sandys, Christ's Passion, a Tragedy, 
1640 — Ruggie, Ignoramus, Coraoedia, portrait, russiay 
1630, &c. . .6 vol. 

4538 Rousseau (J. J.) Emilc, ou de I'Education, 3 vol. Amst. 1777, 

&c. . .9 vol. 

4539 Rousseau (J.J.) Confessions et Reveries, 2 vol Geneve, 1782 

4540 Rovigo (Due de) Memoires pour servir a I'Histoire de I'Em- 

pereur Napoleon, 8 vol. . Bruxelles, 1828 

4541 Rowe (N.) Dramatic Works, 2 vol. 1733, &c. 5 vol. 

4542 Royal Kalendar, with Companion, plates of arms, 13 vol. be- 

tween 1820 and 1844, red morocco 1820-44 

4543 Rudder (S.) History and Antiquities of Gloucester, plates, 

russia . Cirencester, 1781 

4544 Rudder (S.) History of Cirencester, /;/« ^^5, calf gilt ih. 1800 

4545 Ruddiman (T.) on the Competition for the Crown of Scotlnnd, 

betwixt Robert Bruce and John Baliol, 1748, and Intro- 
duction to Anderson's Diplomata ScotioG, 1773, 
calf gilt . . 2 vol. 

4546 Rudge (T.) History of the County of Gloucester, 2 vol. 

caff gilt . Gloucester, 1803 

4547 Ruggie (M.) Ignoramus, Comoedia, frontispiece, 1831, &c. 

5 vol. 

4548 Rush worth, Historical Collections abridged, 6 vol. 1703 

4549 Russell (Lady) Life and Letters, 1819 — Royal Memoirs of 

the French Revolution, 1823 — Rennell, Conversion of 
Count Struensee, 1824— Holy Life of M. de Renty, 1684, 
&c. . . 6 vol. 

4550 Russell (W.) History of Modern Europe, 5 vol. 1794 

4551 Russia, Present State of, maps, 2 vol. . 1723 

4552 Russie. Memoires Secretes sur la Russie, 3 vol. Amst, 1800 — 

Histoire ou Anecdotes sur la Revolution de Russie en 1762, 

port. 1797 — Histoire de I'Empire de Russie, 2 vol. 1759, 

calf gilt . . 6 vol. 

4553 Rutter (J.) The Shepheard's Holy day, a Pastoral Tragi- 

Comsedie, calf neat . 1635 

4554 Ryves, Mercurius Rusticus, or the Countries Complaint against 

the Sectaries, engraved title . 1646 

4555 Sacrae Scripturse, Summa Totius, Decem Dei Verba, sive 

Praecepta, ruled with red lines, 
old morocco, richly tooled, g. I. Paris, /?. Stephani, 1642 

4556 Saint-Pierre. Illustrations from Paul et Virginie, par Tony 

Johannot, 31 india proofs before the letters, 3 numbers 


4557 Saint-Sauveur (A. G.) Voyage Historique Litteraire et Pitto- 

resque dans les Isles du Levant, map and plates, 3 vol. 
calf gilt . . Paris, 1802 


4558 Salisbury. History and Antiquities of the Cathedral of Salis- 

bury and the Abbey Church of Bath, and Vindication of 
the King's Sovereign Rights over Ecclesiastical Bodies, 
2 vol. in 1 . 1719 

4559 Sallustii Opera Omnia excusa ad edit. Cortii, cum edit. Haver- 

campi, collatam cura H. Horaeri, 

LARGE PAPER, Cttlf . 1789 

4560 Sallust, Works, translated by Murphy 1807 

4561 Sambuci (Jo.) Emblemata cura aliquot Nummis Antiqnis, nu- 

merous wood engravings, calf Antv. 1564 

4562 Salmon (J.) Historical Description of Ancient and Modern 

'Rome, plates, 2 vol. calf gilt . 1800 

4563 Salmon (N.) Stemmata Latinitatis, calf gilt 1796 

4564 Salmon (N.) Antiquities of Surrey, 1736 — State of the Uni- 

versities, 1744 . 2 vol. 

4565 Salmon (Thos.) Historical Account of St. George for Eng- 

land, and Original of the Order of the Garter, portrait and 
plates, riissia . 1704 

4566 Salmon (W.) Polygraphice, or Various Arts, plates, 1685 — 

Simpson, System of Cookery, n. d. &c. 4 vol. 

4567 Sammarthani (Scaevolae) Opera, with the authograph of Wil- 

Ham Camden, the antiquary Paris, 1616 

4568 Sanderi (Nic.) de Origine ac Progressu Schismatis Anglicani, 

liter, cura E. Eishtoni, calf gilt Colon. Agrip. 1585 

4569 Sanderson (P.) Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Durham, 

calf neat . . 1767 

4570 Sannazario (Giac.) Arcadia, Venet. 1625 — Satire di Salvator 

Rosa, n. d. — Squitinio della Republica di Venetia, Genova, 
16.53 — Torriano, Select Italian Proverbs, 1649, &c. 8 vol. 

4571 Sanson (M.) State of Persia. 1695— St. Olon, State of Mo- 

I'occo, plates, 169.5 — Russian Imposter, or History of 
Muscovy, 1677, &c. . 6 vol. 

4572 Santa Cruz (M. de) Floresta Espanola, Bruxelles, 1614 — 

Tragi-coraedico Celestina, Amberes, 1599, and 6 Spanish 

8 vol. 

4573 Savage (W.) History of Germany, portraits, 1702 — Sousa, 

History of Portugal, by Steven, 1698, &c. 6 vol. 

4574 Savary (M.) Letters on Egypt, maps and plates, 2 vol. 1788 

4575 Seaward (Sir Ed.) Narrative of his Shipwreck, 3 vol. 1831 — 

Sandoval, a Spanish Tale, 3 vol. 1826 — Spectre of the 
Forest, 3 vol. 1824 . 9 vol. 

4576 Secret History of the Calve's-Head C\\xh, frontispiece, 

calf gilt . . 1707 

4577 Secrets concernant les Arts et Metiers, 4 vol. Paris, 1790, &c. 

8 vol. 

4578 Seeley (J. B.) Wonders of Elora, in the East Indies, plates, 

1824 — Letters from Scandinavia, 2 vol. 1796 3 vol. 


4579 Seldon (Jo.) Table Talk, 169G— Swinburne (T.) on the Na- 

ture and Place of Hell, 1714 — Serre (P. de la) Mirrour 
which Flatters l>iot, plates, 1639 . 3 vol. 

4580 Selden (Jo.) Priviledges of the Baronage of England, russia 


4581 Senecae Opera, 3 vol. . Elzevir, 1640 

4582 Senecae Opera Omnia, 4 vol. . Elzevir, 1659 

4583 Seneca, Morals by L'Estrange, 1699, &c. — Translations of 

Classics . . 8 vol. 

4584 Sevigne (Madame de) Recueil des Lettres, 8 vol. Paris, 1775 

4585 Seward (Anna) Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons, portraits 

and plates, 5 vol. . 1795-7 

4586 Seward (A.) Life of Dr. Darwin . 1804 

4587 Scarron (Mr.) Comical Works, by Brown, Savage, Sec. por- 

trait, 2 \o\. good copi/ . 1759 

4588 Scarron (M. de) GEuvres avec I'Histoire de sa Vie, portrait 

and frontispiece, 7 vo\. calf gilt Amst. 1752 

4589 Scarron, Comical Works, by Tom Browne, &c. 1712 — Jos. 

Sterling, Poetical Works, Dub. 1734 — St. Marthes, Paeda- 
trophia, by Tytler, 1797 . 3 vol. 

4590 ScbelFer (J.) Plistory of Lapland, map and plates 1704 

4591 Schiller (Fr.) History of the Thirty Years' War in Germany, 

by Blaquiere, portrait, illustrated with 11 portraits hy 
G. Dank, Moncornet, P. de Jode, ^c. some English, and 
many Jin e impressions, 2 vol. 
russia extra, m^arbled leaves . 1799 

4592 Schleusneri (J. F.) Lexicon Graeco-Latinum in Novum Testa- 

mentum, 2 vol. russia . Lipsice, 1792 

4593 Scina (Dom.) Prospetto della Storia Litteraria, di Sicilia nel 

Secolo Decimottavo, 3 vol. . Palermo, 1824 

4594 Scoresby (W.) Voyage to Greenland, maps and plates, Edinb. 

1823, &c. * . 4 vol. 

4595 Scotland. Account of the Affairs of Scotland from the Death 

of James V, 1705 — Birch (T.) Inquiry concerning 
Charles I, 1747 . 2 vol. 

4596 Scotland. • Anderson (Jas.) Essay, shewing that the Crown 

and Kingdom of Scotland is Imperial and Independent, 
Edin. 1705 — Nicolson (W.) Scottish Historical Library, 
1702 . . 2 vol. 


4597 Radier (Dr. du) I'Europe Illustre, ou L'Hlstoire Abregee des 

Souverains, des Princes, des Prelats, des Ministres, etc. 
Celebres en Europe dans le XV^ Siecle compris jusqu' a 
present, numerous portraits, very fine impressions, 6 vol. 
calf, gilt leaves . Paris, 1755-65 

4598 Raffles (Tho. Stamford) History of Java, maps and many 

plates, some coloured, 2 vol. . 1817 


4399 Ranzovii (H.) Hypotyposis Arcium, Palatiorum Pyramidum, 
etc. plates^ Franco/. 1392, &c. 2 vol. 

4600 Rapin, Histoire cVAngleterre, portraits and plates, 10 vol, 

a la Haye, 1727 

4601 Rastall (W. D.) History and Antiquities of the Town and 

Church of SoxxihweW, plates, calf gilt 1787 

4602 Raynal (G. T.) Histoire des Establissemens et du Commerce 

des Europeans dans les deux Indes, 4 vol. and atlas 

Geneve, 1780 

4603 Reboulet, Histoire du Regne de Louis XIV. 3 vol. 

V Avignon, 1744 

4604 Recupero (Gius.) Storia Naturale e Generale dell' Etna, plates, 

2 vol. . Catania, 1815 

4603 Rees (Abr.) Cyclopedia, or Universal Dictionary 

OF Arts and Sciences, and Literature, portraits) 

7naps and numerous plates, 39 vol. 

large paper,^W(? set, russia extra, joints, and g. I. 1819 

4606 Regicides. Exact and Impartial Account of their Trial 1660 

4607 Regulations and Instructions relating to Service at Sea, russia, 

gilt leaves, 1734 — Proceedings of the Fleet under Earl 
Howe, in 1794, &c. . 3 vol. 

4608 Reichelti (J.) Exercitatio de Amuletis, Q plates Argent, 1676 

4609 Remigio (M.) Orationi Militari da tutti Historici Graeci e 

Latini, Venet. 1360 - Oratione Civili e Criminali, Venet. 
1361 2 vol. 

4610 Rennell (Jas.) Memoir of a Map of Hindostan, maps 1788 

4611 Rennell (J.) Geographical System of Herodotus, portrait a^id 

maps, calf, russia back 1800 

4612 Repton (H.) Observations on the Theory and Practice of 

Landscape Gardening, coloured plates, 
green morocco, gilt leaves roy. 4to. 1803 

4613 Reynard the Fox, the Most Delectable History of, and the 

Shifts of Reynardine, ivood engravings, 
blacii letter, 2 vol. in 1 . 1684-1701 

4614 Reynolds (Thos.) Itinerary of Antoninus relating to Britain, 

maps . Cambridge, 1799 

4613 Ricauti (T. J.) Rustic Architecture, illustrated by 42 plates 


4616 Ricauti (T.J.) Sketches for Rustic Work, \Q plates 1842 

4617 Richelet (P.) Dictionnaire Francois . Geneve, 1710 

4619 Riley (Jas.) Loss of the American Brig Commerce, in August 

1815, with an Account of Tombuctoo and Wassanah, map, 
calf extra, tnarbled leaves . 1817 

4620 Ridpath(Geo.) Border.— History of England and Scotlandl776 

4621 Risso et Poiteau, Histoire Naturelle des Grangers, 109 plates, 

Jinely coloured roy. 4to. Paris, 1818 

4622 Roberts (P.) Chronicle of the Kings of Great Britain, trans- 

lated from the Welsh of Tysilio, with Notes 1811 


4623 Kobertson (Wm.) History of Scotland during the Reigns of 

Q. Mary and King James VI, 2 vol. calf gilt 1759 

4624 Robertson (W.) History of the Reign of Charles V, 3 vol. 

old calf gilt . 1769 

4625 Robertson (W.) History of America, 3 vol. calf gilt 1777 

4626 Robertson (W.) Proceedings relating to the Peerage of Scot- 

land, from 1707 to 1788, calf gilt Edmhurghy 1790 

4627 Robertson (W.) Historical Disquisition on India, maps, 

calf gilt . 1791 

4628 Robertson (V/.) Index to many Records of Charters granted 

by the Sovereigns of Scotland, between 1309 and 1413, 
plates, calf gilt , Edinb. 1798 

4629 Robertson (W.) Account of the Life and Writings of, 

calf gilt . . 1801 

4630 Robson (G. F.) Picturesque Views of English Cities, edited by 

J. YSnitow, fine plates, half morocco 1828 

4631 Rochefoucault Laincourt (Duke of) Travels through the United 

States and Upper Canada, 1795-97, maps, 2 vol. 
calf gilt . 1799 

4632 Robinson (Jo.) Letter to Sir Jo. Sinclair, 1794 — View of the 

Agriculture of Buckingham and Middlesex, 1794 

4633 RoLLiN (C.) CEuvRES, viz. — Histoire Ancienne, 6 vol. — 

Histoire Romaine depuis la Foundation de Rome jusqu' a 
la Bataille d'Actium, par Crevier, 8 vol. et de la maniere 
d'Etudier les Belles Lettres, 2 vol. portrait and maps, 
together 16 vol. 
LARGE vAT¥.K,Jine copy, calf extra, gilt leaves Paris, 1740 

4634 Rolt (Rich.) Memors of the Life of John Lindesey, Flarl of 

Crawford, and lAnAesej, portrait and plans, 
old calf gilt, marbled leaves . 1753 

4635 Romances. L'Histoire des deux Nobles et Vaillans Cheva- 

liers, V^alentin et Orson, Rouen, n. d. — Les Quatre Fils 
Aymon, Due de D'Ordonne, c'est ascavoir, Regnaut, Alard, 
Guichard, et Richard avec leur Cousin Mangis, woodcuts, 
Houen, n. d. — La Conqueste du Grand Roy Charleraaigne 
des Espaignes avec les Faicts, Gestes des Douze Pers de 
France et du Grand Firebras, Rouen, n. d, — L'Histoire et 
tres vaillant Roy Alexandre le Grand, Rouen, n. d. et 
la Terrible et Merveilleuse Vie de Robert le Diable, wood' 
cut, 5 vol. in 1, very scarce, calf gilt Rouen, n. d. 

4636 Roscoe (W.) Life of Lorenzo De Medici, portrait, 2 vol. 

russia . Liverpool, 1795 

4637 Roscoe (W.) Life and Pontificate of Leo the Tenth, portrait, 

4 vol. calf gilt . ib. 1805 

4638 Rose (Geo.) Observations on the Historical Work of C. J. Fox, 

with the Enterprize of the Earl of Argyle, in 1685, by Sir 
Pat. Hume, russia extra . 1809 

4639 Rosini (J.) Antiquitates Romanae, joZa/t?*, Amst. 1685, &c. 5 vol. 


4640 Ross (Al.) Religions du Monde, plates At7ist. 166(> 

4641 Ross (Capt. John) Voyage to Baffin's Bay for the Discovery of 

a North- West Passage, 32 coloured plates and charts 1819 

4642 Ross (Sir John) Narrative of a Second Voyage in Search of a 

North- West Passage, and the Appendix, portrait, map 
and numerous plates, some coloured, 2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER . royal 4to. 1835 

4643 Ros^i (Dom. de) Gemme Antiche Figurate. coUe sposizioni di 

P. A. Maffeo, 202 plates, vd. 3 and 4 JRoma, 1708 

4644 Rouse (James) Beauties and Antiquities of the County of 

Sussex, 149 lithographs, coloured and Jinished in the style 
of the original drawings, with the Descriptions in 8vo. 
3 vol. uncut . 1825 

4645 Rousseau (J. J.) CEuvres di verses, 2 vol. 1723 

4646 Roux (Pol.) Crustaces de la Mediterranee et de son Littoral, 

44 finely coluured plates Paris, 1828 

4647 Rowland (Hem.) Antiquities, Natural and Historical, of the 

Isle of Anglesey, map and plates 1766 

4648 Royaumont (Sr. de) I'Histoire du Vieux et Nouveau Testament, 

numerous plates, ruled with red lines 
old red morocco extra, gilt leaves Paris, 1674 

4649 Russell (Dr. Alex.) Natural History of Aleppo, by Dr. P. 

Russell, many plates, 2 vol. calf gilt 1794 

4630 Russell (Lord John) Memoirs of the Affairs of Europe, from 

the Peace of Utrecht 1824 

4651 Rutter (Jo.) Delineations of Fonthill and its Abbey, 28 plates, 

India proofs and etchings 
LARGE PAPER, halfmorocco, uncut 1823 

4652 Saavedra (Diego de) Idea de un Principe Politico Christiano, 

plates of emblems Amberes, 1655 

4653 Saavedra (D. de) Idea de un Principe, another edition, plates 

of emblems Valencia, 1664 

4654 Saavedra (D.) y A. Nunez, Corona Gothica Castellana y 

Austriaca, 3 vol. Madrid, 1670-8 

4655 Sadler (Sir Ralph) State Papers and Letters, edited by Arthur 

Clifford, with notes by Sir W^alter Scott, 3 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, Tussia e.vtra, gilt leaves Edinb. 1809 

4656 Sale (G.) The Koran, translated with notes 1734 

4657 Sallustii Opera, cum notis Wasse Cantab. 1710 

4658 Sallust, Works of, translated by Gordon 1744 

4659 Sallust, Works, translated with notes by H. Steuart, portrait, 

2 vol. calf gilt . 1806 

4660 Salop, Selection of Antiquities in the County of, many plates, 


4661 Salt (Hen.) Voyage to Abyssinia, and Travels into the Interior 

of that Country, in 1809-10, maps and plates 1814 

4662 Salvini (A. M.) Discorsi Accademici, 2 vol. ; Prose Toscane, 

together^ vol. Firenze, 1695-1715 



4663 Salvini (Ant.) Sonetti, portrait Firenze, 1728 

4664 Sanchez (A.) Dictionario de Vocablos Castcllanos, aplicados 

a la propriedad Latina Salamanca^ 1587 

4665 Sandwich (Earl of) Voyage round the Mediterranean in 1738 

and 1739, with Life by Jo. Cooke, portrait and plates j 
calf gilt . . 1799 

4666 Sarmazarii (J.) Poemata, portrait, Patavii, 1719 — Sanaz- 

zaro (J.) Opere Volgari, Padova, 1723 — Sardi, Historia 
Ferraresi, Ferrara^^ 1 646 3 vol. 

4667 Sansovino (F.) del Govern© di diversi Reg-ni, Venet. 1607 — 

Sansovino della Origine et de Fatti delle Famiglie illustri, 
Venet. 1582 — Saravna, Historie de Veronese, Verona, 
1542 " 3 vol. 

4668 Sarum. Expositio Hynnnorura, fsecundum usum Sarum, et 

Expositio Sequentiarum secundum usum Sarum, 2 vol. 
RARE, ^ne copies, without place or date ; Catho cum 
Commentatione, n. d. ; Doctrinale Parabolarum Alani, 
cum Glossa, Davent. 1494 ; Theodolns cum Commento, 
n. d. — 5 vol. in 1 ; fine copies in the original binding 1494 

4669 Salisbury. Description of the Cathedral Church, jo/a/e* 1774 

4670 Sauer (M.) Account of a Geographical and Astronomical 

Expedition to the Northern parts of Russia, plates, 
calf gilt . 1802 

4671 Saunderson (N.) Elements of Algebra, portrait, 2 vol. 

Camh. 1740 

4672 Saunders (Geo.) Treatise on Theatres, /> /a ^e^, calf gilt 1790 

4673 Saussure (H. B. de) Voyages dans les Alpes, maps and plates, 

4 vol., white vellum, gilt leaves Neufchatel, 1796-1804 

4674 Saxe (Comte de) Mes Reveries, avec sa Vie par I'Abbe Perau, 

plans and coloured plates, 2 vol. Amst. 11 bl 

4675 St. John's Observations on the Land Revenue of the Crown 


4676 Scaramozzi (V.) Mirror of Architecture, portrait and plates, 

1676, &c. . 4 vol. 

4677 Sceaux Gothiques, recueil des Sceaux du Moyen Age, plates, 

calf gilt . Paris, 17/9 

4678 Scheffer (M.) Histoire de la Laponie, map and plates ih. 1678 

4679 Scheuzeri (J. J.) Itineraria per HelvetisB Alpinas Regiones, 

many plates, 4 vol. in 2 Lug. B. 1723 

4680 Schmitdtmeyer (P.) Travels into Chile over the Andes in 

1820-21, 30 plates, some colored 1824 

4681 Schoefferi (Petri) Syria, Palestina, Arabia, &c. coloured maps 

Argent. 1532 

4682 Scholtz (Chr.) Grammatica ^gyptiaca, cura Woide, et la 

Croze, Lexicon ^gyptiaco-Latinura, curis Scholtz et Woide, 
2 vol in 1, calf neat Oxonii, 1775 8 



4683 Ribier (Guil.) Lettres et Memoires d'Estat sous Fran9ois I, 

Henry II. et Frangois II, 2 vol. Paris, 1677 

4684 Ricii (P.) Ars Cabilistica, reconditae Theologise Scriptorum 

Basil, 1587 

4685 Richardson (Geo.) New Vitruvius Britannicus, \A2 plates from 

original drawings, 2 vol. in 1, calf, marbled leaves 1802-8 

4686 Richardson (John) Dictionary, Persian, Arabic and English, 

2 vol. calf . 1800 

4687 Richelieu (Card, du) Histoire de son Ministere, ^ori^ra^^ 1649 

4688 Richelieu (Card. Duke of) History of France under his Ad- 

ministration, portrait by Faithorne, fine impression 1657 

4689 Ritterhusii (N.) Genealogise Imperatorum, Regum, Ducum, 

etc. Orbis Christiani, deducta? ab anno 1400 ad 1664 

Tubingce, 1664 

4690 Roberts (David) Picturesque Sketches in Spain in 1832-3, 

26 fine tinted lithographs 
half bound in green morocco, uncut 1837 

4691 Roberts (Lewes) Merchant's Mapp oi QovameYce, fine portrait 

hj Glover . 1638 

4692 Rolt (Mr.) Lives of the Principal Reformers, Englishmen and 

Foreigners, 21 fine portraits by Houston, calf gilt 1759 

4693 RjDssi (Dom. de) Racolta di Statue Antiche e Moderne, IQ^fine 

plates, vellum . Roma, 1704 

4694 Rossini (L.) Vedute dell' Antichita Romane, 101 fine 

plates. Views of the Antiquities and Buildings of Rome, very 
fine impressions 
half bound in vellum oblong atlas folio. Roma, 1823 

4695 Rossini (L.) Le Antichita dei Contorni di Roma, 

ossia le piu rinomate Citta del Lazio, 73 plates, very fine 
half bound in vellum oblong atlas folio, ib. 1826 

4696 Ronsard (P. de) CEuvres, Revues par Gallaud Paris, 1609 

4697 Rowlandson, Gainsborough, Gilpin, &c. Figures and Land- 

scapes, 29 j)/«^es, ca// 1787, &c. 

4698 Roxburgh (W.) Plants of the Coast of Coromandel, 200 co- 

loured plates, 2 vol. half russia, uncut imperial folio, 1795 

4699 Roy (Wm.) Military Antiquities of the Romans in Britain, 

5 1 fine plates 
fine copy, russia . 1793 

4700 Royaumont, History of the Old and New Testament by 

R. Blome, 240 plates 
LARGE PAPER, bluc morocco, gilt leaves 1701 

4701 Royaumont, History of the Old and New Testament by Blome, 

numerous plates . 1705 

4702 Rubei (Hier.) Historia, vellum Venet. 1589 


4703 Rubeis ( Dom. de ) Romanae Magnitudinis Monumenta, 

\^Q plates, calf gilt oblong folio. i?omcp, 1699 

4704 Eubeis (Jac. de) Effigies, Nomina et Cognomina S. D. N. 

Alexandri Papre VII. et R. R. Cardinalium nunc viventium, 
bb portraits ^ fine impressions, old calf gilt ib. 1688 

4705 Rudder (S.) New History of Gloucester, map and numerous 

fine copy, height old calf gilt Cirencester, 1779 

4706 Rushworth (Jo.) Historical Collections of Private Passages of 

State, Law, &c. disposed in Annals from 1618 to 1648, 
with Tryal of the Earl of Strafford, portraits and plates, 
8 \o\. good copij . 1659-1700 

4707 Rycaut (P.) History of the Turkish Empire from 1G23 to 

1677 . 1680 

4708 Rycaut (P.) Lives of the Voipes, portrait 1685 

4709 Rye House Plot, True Account of the Horrid Conspiracy 

against Charles II. and James II, calf gilt \6^5 

4710 Ryley(W.) Pleadings in Parliament temp. Edw. I. and II. 1661 

4711 Rymeri Fcedera, Conventiones, Litterse et Acta Publica inter 

Reges Anglise et alios Imperatores, cum Supplemento San- 
derson i, 20 vol. with the Emendations inserted 
old calf gilt 1727-35 

4712 Rymsdyk (J. et A. Van) Museum Britannicum, or Exhibition 

of the Antiquities and Natural Curiosities of the British 
Museum, many plates . 1778 

4713 Sacheverell (H.) Tryal, calf, gilt leaves 1710 

4714 Sadeleri (Jo. et Raphaelis) Monumenta Sanctioris Philosophie 

30 plates, Vitae Patrum Eremicolarum, 28 plates ; Oraculum 
Anachoreticum, 26 plates; Trophaeum Vitae Solitarise, 26 
plates, et A. CoUardi Vitse Foerainarum Anachoritarum, 
cura C. Kiliani, 25 plates — together 135 fine plates, mounted 
in 1 vol. old calf gilt 1594 

4715 Sage (Le) Historical, Geographical and Genealogical Atlas 1801 

4716 Saint Gelais et Maistre Andry de la Vigne, Le Vergier d' 

Honneur, de I'Enterprise et Voyage de Naples, ensemble 
plusieurs autres choses, wood engravings 
^Oif)ic UtUx, fine copy Paris, J. Petit, n. d, 

4717 Salmon (N.) History and Antiquities of Essex, 'i.QO p)ages, all 

fine copy, russia extra ' 1740 

4718 Salmon (N.) Modern History, or the Present State of all 

Nations, maps and plates, 3 vol. 
fine copy, calf gilt . 1744-6 

4719 Salmon (N.) English Herbal, or History of Plants, numerous 

wood engravings . 1710 

4720 Salt (Hen.) Views in St. Helena, the Cape, India, Ceylon, 

Abyssinia and Egypt, 24i finely coloured plates 
half hound . 1809 


4721 Sallustio, la Conjuracion de Catalina y la Guerra de Jugurta, 

Lat. et Espanol, translated by Don Gabriel, Infante of 
Spain, plates^ very fine impressions 
fine copy, red morocco extra, gilt leaves Madrid, Ibarra, Ml 2 

4722 Sammes (A.) Antiquities of Ancient Britain, p/afes, vol. 1, all 

published, calf gilt . 1676 

4723 Sanchez (Tho.) Disputationes de Sancto Matrimonii Sacra- 

mento, 3 vol. in 1, oaken cover . Antv. 1626 

4424 Sandby (P.) Collection of 150 Select Views in England, Wales, 

Scotland and Ireland, 150 plates, very fine impressions, 

2 vol calf gilt . * 1783 

4725 Sanderi (Ant.) Chorographia sacra BrsLhAut'iad, many po7'traits 

and plates . Bruxellce, 1659 

4726 Sanderi (A.) Chorographia Sacra BrabantisR, numerous fine 

plates, 3 vol. Hagce Com. 1726 

4727 Sanderson (W.) History of the Lives and Reigns of Mary 

Queen of Scotland, and of James VI, portraits 
calf gilt , 1656 

4727*Sanderson (W.). Awoihev co^y , wanting the portraits J 656 

4728 Sanderson (W.) Graphice, the Use of the Pen and Pencil, or 

Art of Painting, 4 portraits by Faithorne and Hollar, and 
one plate, fine impressions, bright ccdf gilt 1658 

4729 Sanderson (W.) Compleat History of the Life and Raigne of 

King Charles from his Cradle to his Grave, fine p)ortrait 
by Faithorne, old calf . 1658 

4730 Sandford (Fr.) History of the Coronation of James II, many 

plates, coloured 

LARGE PAPER, Calf . 1687 

4731 Sandford (F.). Another copy 1687 

4732 Sandford (F.) Genealogical History of the Kings and Queens 

of England, continued by Stebbing, plates 


4733 Sandovel (P- de) Historia de la Vida y Hechos del Emperador 

Carlos V, 2 vol. . Pamplona, 1634 

4734 Sandrart (Joachim Von) Teutsche Academic, der edlin Bau- 

Bild und Mahleren Kunste, numerous portraits and j^lates, 
4 vol. russia . Nurenb. 1675 

4735 Sandrart (J. de) Academia Nobilissimae Artis Pictoriae, nume- 

7'ous portraits and plates Norimb. 1683 

4736 Sandys, Travels, or History and Description of the Turkish 

Empire, the Holy Land, he. plates 1673 

4737 San Marco. Delle Antiche Statue Greche e Roraane della 

Libreria di San Marco di Vinezia, parte prima, bO fine 
plates Venet. 1740 

4738 Santos (F. de los) Description del Monasterio de S. Lorenzo 

el Real del Escorial, jiortrait and plates 
calf gilt . Madrid, 1657 


4739 Savile (H.) Scriptorum Rerum Anglicarum post Bedam ex 

vet. Codicibus MSS. 
BEST EDITION, viissia Fvancof. 1601 

4740 Sarpi (Fra-Paolo) Histoire du Concile de Trente, par Le 

Courayer, portrait, 2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, neat old calf gilt 1736 

4741 Saunders (R.)Physiognomie and Chiromancie, with the Subject 

of Dreams made Plain, portrait and wood engravings 
Jine copy, pale russia, gilt leaves 1671 

4742 Saurez (Fr.) Tractatus de Legibus ac Deo Legislatore 1679 

4743 Sazerac et Engelmann,Lettres sur la Suisse, accompagnees des 

Vues dessinees d'apres Nature, et Lithographiees par 
M. Villenenve, ivith about 100 ^ne lithographs 
FINE PAPER, half russia, gilt leaves Paris, 1823-4 

4744 Scaligeri (Jos.) de Eraendatione Temporum Opus Franc. 1593 

4745 Scamozzi (V.) Les Cinq Ordres d* Arclnieciure, plates 

Paris, 1685 

4746 Scapulae Lexicon Grseco-Latinum Lond. 1652 




4747 Scotland. Anderson (Jas.) Present State of the Hebrides, 

1785— Lettice (J.) Tour through Scotland, 1794— Murray, 
Guide to the Beauties of Scotland, 2 vol. 1799-1803 

together 4 vol. 

4748 Scotland. Apologetical Relation of the Sufferings of the 

Faithfull Ministers, &c. of the Church of Scotland since 
Augt. 1660, scarce, calf neat 1665 

4749 Scotland. Enumeration of the Inhabitants of Scotland, in 

1801, 181 J, 1821, red morocco, gilt leaves 

royal 8vo. Glasgow, 1823 

4750 Scotland. Gazetteer of Scotland, 1806 — Gibson (J,) History 

of G\si^gow, 7'ussia, gilt leaves, Glasg. 1777 — Martin (M.) 
Description of the Western Islands of Scotland, 1703 

together 3 vol. 

4751 Scotland. Goodall (Walter) Introduction to the History and 

Antiquities of Scotland, 1769 — Selkirk (Earl of) Obser- 
vations on the Highlands of Scotland, 1805 — Buchanan 
(J. L.) Travels in the Hebrides, 1793, calf gilt 

together 3 vol. 


4752 Scotland. History of the late Rebellion, 1747 — Historical 

Account of the British Regiments, particularly of the Scotch 
Brigade, 1795 . 2 vol. 

4753 Scotland. Johnson (Dr. S.) Journey to the Western Islands 

of Scotland, 1775 — Hooke (Col.) Secret History of his 
Negociatlons in favour of the Pretender, 1760 2 vol. 

4754 Scotland. Heron (Rob.) Journey through the Western Coun- 

ties of Scotland, 2 vol. Perth^ 179S — Letters from Edin- 
burgh on the Diversions and Customs of the Scotch 
Nation, 1776 . together 3 vol. 

4755 Scotland. Letters from a Gentleman in the North of Scotland, 

with an Account of the Customs, &c. of the Highlanders, 
platesy 2 vol. . 1759 

4756 Scotland. Letters from a Gentleman in the North of Scotland, 

2 vol. 1815 — Critical Examination of Dr. Macculloch on 
the Highlands, 1825 — Black's Picturesque Tourist, 1844 

together 4 vol. 

4757 Scotland. Scott (Sir J.) The Staggering State of the Scots 

Statesmen, 1754 — Mackenzie (Sir G.) Antiquity of the 
Royal Line of Scotland, 1685 — Lockhart, Memoirs of the 
Affairs of Scotland, 1714 together 3 vol. 

4758 Scots Acts. The Laws and Acts of Parliament made by King 

James I. and his royal Successors, 3 vol. 
very scarce^ red mo7'occo, gilt leaves Edinb. 1682-5 

4759 Scots Worthies, Lives and Characters of, Edinh. 1796 — 

Skinner, Life of General Monk, portrait, 1724 — Smith, 
Narrative of the Life of Major Andre, portrait, 1808 — 
Stackhouse, Memoirs of Bishop Atterbury, portrait, \121 

4 vol. 

4760 Scott (Geo ) Select Remains of Jo. Ray, and Life of Dr. Wm. 

Derham, portrait, calf gilt . 1760 

4761 Scott (Jo.) Poetical Works, portrait and plates 

THICK PAPER, calf extra, marbled leaves 1782 

4762 Scott (Sir W.) Waverley, 3 ; Tales of my Landlord, three 

series, 12 ; Antiquary, 3 ; Guy Mannering, 3 ; Rob Roy, 
3; the Abbot, 3; the Monasterj'', 3 ; Quintin Durward, 3; 
St. Ronan's Well, 3 ; Ivanhoe, 3 ; Kenilworth, 3 ; Peveril 
of the Peak, 4; the Pirate, 3; Woodstock, 3; Chronicles 
of the Canongate, 3 ; Anne of Geierstein, 3 ; together 
58 vol. half bound in calf 1817-29 

4763 Scott (Sir W.) Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, 3 vol. 

calf gilt ' . Kelso, 1802 

4764 Scott (Sir W.) Lay of the Last Minstrell, and Ballads and 

Lyrical Pieces, 2 vol. Edinb. 1806 

4765 Scott (Sir W.) Tales of my Landlord, fourth series, 4 vol. 

Edinh. 1832 

4766 Scott (Sir W.) Poetical Works, with notes, plates after Turner 

12 vol. . ib. 1833-4 


4707 Scott (Sir W.) Prose Works, with notes, plates, 28 vol. 

Edinh. 1834-6 
47G8 Scott (Sir W.) Waverley Novels, Tales and Romances, with 

the author's notes, plates, 24 vol. wanting vol. 2, 3, 14, 15, 

18 and 19 
47G9 Scriven (J.) Treatise on Copyholds, 2 vol. 1823 

4770 Seberi (W.) Index Homericus Ojconii, 1780 

4771 Sedley (Sir Chas.) Works and Life, 2 vol. 1722 

4772 Segur (Comte de) Memoires, ou Souvenirs et Anecdotes et 

Melanges, portrait, 4 vol. 
FINE PAPER, vellum, gilt leaves Paris, 1825 

4773 Sevigne (Mdme. de) Lettres, par Grouvelle, /9or/ra2V, 8 vol. 

calf extra, marbled leaves ib. 1806 

4774 Shadwell (T.) Dramatic Works, portrait, 4 vol. 1720 

4775 Shaftesbury (Ant. Earl of) Characteristics of Men, Manners, 

Opinions, Times, portrait, 3 vol. Baskervilles beautifnl 
fine copy, in calf by Kalthoeber royal 8vo. Birming. 1774 

4776 Shakespeare (W.) Works, by N. Rowe, 6 vol. 


4777 Shakespeare (W.) Works, and a Glossary, 9 vol. 

old calf gilt, marbled leaves Tonson, 1747 

4778 Shakespeare. Twenty Plays, being the whole printed in 4to. 

during his Life or before the Restoration, by Geo. Steevens, 
4 vol. half bound, uncut 1766 

4779 Shakespeare (W.) Plays, with the corrections and illustrations 

of various Commentators, and notes by S. Johnson and 
Geo. Steevens, with Harding's portraits and plates, Jine 
impressions, 15 \o\. Jine copy, bright calf gilt 1793 

4780 Shakespeare. Grey (Zach.) Notes on Shakespeare, portrait, 

2 vol. 1754. Shakespeare's Plays (Five of) collated, 1770 

3 vol. 

4781 Shakespeare (Wil.) Foems, Jine portrait, hr W. MfarshallJ, 

RARE, blue morocco extra, gilt leaves 1640 

4782 Shakespeare (W.) Poems, with Capell's History of the Origin 

of Shakespeare's Fables, and a Glossary, fine portraits 
blue morocco, joints, and gilt leaves royal 8vo . n. d. 

4783 Shakespeare (W.) Poems and \J[^e, portrait, 2 vol. 1804 

4784 Shakespeare Illustrated by an assemblage of 158 portraits and 

views on tinted paper, by S. and E. Harding, with 
biographical Anecdotes, &c. 2 vol. 
green morocco extra, gilt leaves 1793 

4785 Shakespearian Manuscripts — viz. Malone's Inquiry into their 

Authenticity ; Boaden, Letter to Geo. Steevens ; Shake- 
speare MS. in the possession of Mr. Ireland examined ; 
Mr. Ireland's Vindication of his conduct; W. H. Ireland, 
Authentic Account of the Shakesperian MS. ; Chalmers, 
Apology for the Believers in the Shakespeare-Papers, and 
Supplemental Apology, &c. in 3 vol. calf gilt 1796-99 


4786 Shakespeare, Dramatic Works and Life, complete, 

presentation copy to Carlo O* Connor, by Lord Nugent., 
with autograph inscription, calf, marbled leaves 1821 

4787 Shakespeare (W.) Dramatic Works, 6 vol. calf, m. I, 1821 

4788 Shakespeare (W.) Works, Knight's Pictorial edition, 55 num- 

bers, complete . . 18 — 

4789 Sharpe, Peerage of the British Empire in its Present State, 

plates of arms, 2 vol. . 1833 

4790 Shaw (Dr. Geo.) General Zoology, or Systematic Natural 

History, several hundred fine plates, by Heath, ^c, 6 vol. 
in 12, blue morocco, gilt leaves . 1800-6 

4791 Shaw (S.) Tour to the West of England, 1789— Skrine (H.) 

Account of the Rivers in Great Britain, map%, 1801, 
calf gilt . . 2 vol. 

4792 Shenstone (W.) Works, 3 vol. . 1773 

4793 Sheridan (T.) Art of Reading, 2 vol. 1775— Scott (J.) Essays 

and Poems, 1785 — Smith (Adam) Moral Sentiments, 1761, 
&c. . .7 vol. 

4794 Sheringham (R.) de Anglorum Gentis Origine Cantab. 1670 

4795 Sherlock (Dr. Wm.) Discourse on a Future State, on a Future 

Judgment, on Divine Providence, and Sermons, 5 vol. 
old red morocco, gilt leaves . 1715-19 

4796 Sherwin, Mathematical Tables, by Clark, 1770, &c. 8 vol, 

4797 Shirley (James) Six New Plays, portrait, fine impression, 

calf neat . ' . 1653 

4798 Shrewsbury, Ancient and Present State of, Shrewsbury, 1808 

— Smith (F.) Warwickshire Delineated, Southam, n. d» 
and 2 others. Topographical . 4 vol. 

4799 Siam, Voyage to, by Six Jesuits, plates, 1688 — Sacheverell 

(W.) Account of the Isle of Man, 1702 2 vol. 

4800 Sibbald (J.) Chronicle of Scottish Poetry, from the XIII. 

Century, with glossary, 4 vol. 
calf extra, marbled leaves . Edinb. 1802 

4801 Sinclair (Sir Jo.) Statistical Account of Scotland, 21 vol. 

calf gilt . . ib. 1791-9 

4802 Sinclair (Geo.) Hortus Gramineus Woburnensis, Experiments 

on the qualities of Grasses, many coloured plates 

royal 8vo. 1824 

4803 Simeonis (Symonis) Itineraria et Willelmi de Worcestre, cura 

J. Nasmith, 
LARGE PAPER, calf neat . Cantab, 1778 

4804 Skinner (T.) Life of General Monk, Duke of Albemarle 1723 

4805 Slingsby. Original Memoirs and Life of Sir Henry Slingsby, 

and Memoirs of Capt. Hodgson, portrait, 
LARGE PAPER, russia extra, m. I. royal 8vo. Edinb. 1806 

4806 Smith (Adam) Wealth of Nations, 3 vol. calf gilt 1796 

4807 Smith, Brambletye House, or the Cavaliers and Round Heads, 

a Novel, 3 vol. half calf . 1826 

M M 


4808 Smith (Charlotte) Old Manor House, 4 vol. 1793, &c. 1/ vol. 

4809 Smith (J. E.) Tour on the Continent, 3 vol. 1793 — Smyth 

(J. F. D.) Tour in America, 2 vol. 1784 5 vol. 

4810 Smith (Jo.) Catalogue Raisonne of the Works of the most 

Eminent Dutch, Flemish and French Painters, poy^trait^ 
8 vol. . royal 8vo. 1829-37 

4811 Smollett (Dr. Tobias) Works and Life, by Dr. John Moore, 

portrait^ S\o\. calf gilt . 1797 

4812 Smyrna. Letters to Sir W. Fordyce, in a Journey to Smyrna, 

2 vol. . . 1788 

4813 Smyth (W. H.) Observations on the Bute Docks, map, 1840 

— Smith (G.) on the Construction of Cottages, plates^ 
Glasgow, 1834 . 2 vol. 

4814 Solino delle cose maravigliose de Mondo, tradotto da Vine. 

Belprato, Venet. 1557 — Sesto Ruffo, Historia, tradotto da 
Belprato, Fiorenze, 1550 . 2 vol. 

4815 Somerset (Chas. Duke of) Memoirs, russia, n. d. — Character 

of John Sheifield, Duke of Buckinghamshire, 1729 — The 
House of Stafford, &c. 1831 — Life of Anthony, Earl of 
Shaheshnry J portrait, 1683 — Case of John Sayer, 1713 

5 vol. 

4816 Somner (W.) Treatise of the Roman Ports and Forts in Kent, 

portrait . . Oarf. 1693 

4817 Songs, a Collection of Loyal, written against the Rump Parlia- 

ment, between 1639 and 1661, 2 vol. illustrated with about 
50 portraits and plates, green morocco, g, I. 1731 

4818 Sonnini (C. S.) Travels in Egypt, map and \0 plates, 3 vol. 

calf gilt . . 1799 

4819 Sophoclis Tragoediae, Gr. et Lat. 2 vol. 1722, &c. 5 vol. 

4820 Sophoclis Tragoediae, Animadversionibus Musgravii, 3 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, red morocco, gilt leaves Oxonii, 1800 

4821 Sophoclis Tragoediae, Gr. et Lat. cura Johnson, 2 vol. Oxon. 

1705 — Suetonius, cum notis Schildii, Z. B. 1656 3 vol. 

4822 Soto (Hernando de) Erablemas Moralizadas, wood engravings, 

Madrid, 1599 — Guzman (Fr. de) Triomphos Morales, 
Medina, 1587, 2 vol. in 1 

4823 Soulavie (J. L.) Memoires Historiques et Politiques du Regne 

de Louis XVI, portraits, 6 vol. calf gilt Paris, 1801 

4824 Southerne (Thos.) V\2iys, portrait, 3 vol. 1774 

4825 Southey (Rob.) Essays, Minor Poems, Attempts in Verse, 

by Jo. Jones, with Essay on Uneducated Poets, 6 vol. 


4826 Southey (R.) Life of Wesley, portraits, 2 vol. 1820 

4827 Southey (R.) Book of the Church, 2 vol. 1824 

4828 Souverains du Monde, et leur Genealogie,/?/a^^*, 4 vol. 

Paris, 1718 

4829 Spain and Portugal, Letters from, by an Officer, tinted plates, 

1809 — Southey (R.) Letters from Spain and Portugal, 
Bristol, 1797 . 2 vol. 


4830 Spallanzani (Lazzaro) Opere, plates, 6 vol. 3Iilano, 1825 

4831 Spanish America, Outline of the Revohition of, 1817 — Spal- 

lanzani (Abbe L.) Travels in the Sicilies, plates, 4 vol. 
1798 . . 5 vol. 

4832 Sparrow (A.) Rationale of the Common Prayer, 1672 — Stil- 

lingfleet (E.) Answer to Cressy, 1675, &c. 7 vol. 

4833 Spectator, 8 vol. — Tatler, 4 vol. — Guardian, 2 vol. — Adven- 

turer, 4 vol. — Mirror, 2 vol. — Rambler, 3 vol. ; the 
Spectator, Tatler and Guardian, illustrated with proof 
impressions of the plates to Sharpes Classics, 22 vol. 
calf gilt . . 1792-7 

4834 Spelman (Sir H.) History and Fate of Sacrilege, calf gilt 1698 

4835 Spelman and Lemon, History of the Civil Wars between York 

and Lancaster, plates, 
THICK PAPER, scarce, calf gilt . Lynn, 1792 

4836 Spence (Jos.) Anecdotes, Observations and Characters of 

Books and Men, by S. W. Singer, portrait 1 820 

4837 Spence (W.) Parallel between a Celebrated Man of Florence, 

and one scarce ever heard of in England, 
calf gilt . Strawberry Hill, 1758 

4838 Spencer (Jo.) Discourse Concerning Prodigies, 

calf very neat . . 1665 

4839 Spencer (O. L.) Life of Archbishop Chichele, portraits, 

half russia, uncut . 1783 

4840 Spenser (Edmund) Works, with a glossary, by Hughes, plates, 

6 vol. . . 1715 

4841 Spinosa, Tractatus Theolegico-Politicus, 1674 — Vanini (J. C.) 

Theatrum Fati et Apologia, pro J. C. Vanini, Rotted. 1712 

2 vol. 

4842 Spirit of the Metropolitan and Conservative Press, 2 vol. 1840 

4843 Sportsman's Dictionary, /)/«^e*, 2 vol. 1735, &c. 6 vol. 

4844 St. Evremond, QEuvres Melees, 7 vol. Cologne, 1708, &c. 

15 vol. 


4845 Scilla (Aug.) de Corporibus Marinis Lapidescentibus quae 

Defossa reperiuntur, /?/a^e* RomcE, 1759 

4846 Scotland. Report on the Proceedings and Opinion of the 

Board of General Officers on their Examination into the 
Conduct, &c. of Sir J. Cope, Col. P. Lascelles and T. Fowke, 
from 1745 till the Action at Preston Pans, 

PRIVATELY PRINTED, calf gilt . 1749 

4847 Scott (Jonathan) Translation of the Memoirs of Eradut Khan, 

calf gilt . . 1786 

4848 Scot (Reg.) Discovery of Witchcraft, woodcuts, 

scarce, russia extra, gilt leaves . 1651 


4849 Scott (Sir Walter) Lay of the Last Minstrel ; Marmion ; Lady 

of the Lake, and II okehy, portrait, 4 vol. 
calf gilt uniform . Edinh. 1805-13 

4850 Scott (Sir W.) Lay of the Last Minstrel, and Marmion, 2 vol. 

russia, marhled leaves . 1808 

4851 Scott (Sir W.) Rokeby, Edinb. 1813, and 6 Poetical 7 vol. 

4852 Scott (Sir W.) Border Antiquities of England and Scotland, 

numerous 'plates, proof impressions, 2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, half hound turkey morocco 1814 

4853 Scott (Sir W.) Provincial Antiquities of Scotland, ^;?a^f*, 

No. ] to 7, and duplicate of No. 4 1823 

4854 Scott (Sir W.) Provincial Antiquities and Picturesque Scenery 

of Scotland, numerous plates, india proofs.^ with a portrait 
hy Lane inserted, 2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, half bound blue morocco, ma^^bled leaves 

imperial 4to. 1826 

4855 Scottis Croniklis (Ane Addicioun of) and Deidis, Fac-simile, 

uncut . . n. d, 

4856 Seals. Dissertation on the Antiquity and Use of Seals in 

England, calf gilt . 1740 

4857 Seldeni (J.) Uxor Fjhraica. f wants title J ; de Successionibus in 

Bona Defunctorum liber Francof 1673, in 1 vol. — Sel- 
denus (J.) De Jure Naturali et Gentium juxta disciplinam 
Ebreeorum, Argent, 1665 . 2 vol. 

4858 Segneri (P.) 11 Christiano Instruito nella sua Legge, Venet, 

1687 — Soave (P.) Historia del Concilio Tridentino, Ge- 
neva, 1660 . 2 vol. 

4859 Segneri (P.) Quaresimale, Voiet. 1693 — Segneri L'Incredulo, 

ib. 1690 — Salvini, Prose Sacre, Firens^e, 1716 — Servita, 
Historia della Sacra Inquisitione, Serravalle, 1638 4 vol. 

4860 Scjowmant (M. de) Dictionnaire Espagnol, Francois et Latin, 

2 vol. . . Paris, 1775 

4861 Senecffi Tragediae, cum notis Delrio Antv. 1576 

4862 Sev,el (W.) Dutch and English Dictionary Amst, 1708 

4863 Shakespeare (W.) Works, Preface by Pope, and Life by Rowe, 

plates, 6 vol. . Oxford, 1744 

4864 Shakespeare (W.) Works, 6 vol. in quires (sold with all 

fatdtsj ib. 1770 

4865 Shaw (Lachlan) History of the Province of Moray, plates, 

russia extra . Edinburgh, 1775 

4866 Sheridan (Tho.) Course of Lectures on Elocution 1762 

4867 Shipton (Mother) Life and Death, and her Prophecies, poi^- 

trait . . 1687 

4868 Sicily and Naples, or the Fatall Union, a Tragaedy, 1640 — 

Syr Gyles Goose-Cappe, a Comedy, 1636 — Tragedy of 
Nero, 1633 . 3 vol. 

4869 Silii Italici Puuira, curante Drakenborchio Trajecti, 1717 


4870 Siri (Vittorio) Memorie Recondite dall' anno 1601, sino all 

anno 1641, 8 vol. . Ronco, e Lionet 1676-7 

487 1 Simcoe (Lieut. Col.) Operations of the Queen's Rangers, plans, 

Exeter, n. d, — System of Military Discipline, 1773, &c. 

4 vol. 

4872 Skelton (Jos.) Oxonia Antiqua Restaurata, containing upwards 

of 170 engravings of Colleges, Halls, and Public Build- 
ings of Oxford, india proofs, 2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, half hound, green morocco 

imperial 4to. Oxford, 18*23 

4873 Skelton (J.) Engraved Illustrations of the Principal Antiqui- 

ties of Oxfordshire, from Drawings by F. Mackenzie, many 
plates, india proofs, 
LARGE PAPER, half calf, uncut imp. 4to. Oxf 1823 

4874 Skinner (Thos.) Excursions in India, plates vol. 1832 

4875 Skinner (Jos.) the Present State of Peru, 20 coloured plates 

oj costumes, S^c. calf gilt 1805 

4876 Smeaton (Jo.) Reports in the Course of Employment as an 

Engineer, vol. 1 . 1791 

4877 Smith (C. J.) Fac-similes of Historical and Literarary Curi- 

osities, plates, 6 parts . n. d. 

4878 Smith (J. T.) Antiquities of London and its Environs, nume- 

rous plates, russia . royal 4to. 1791 

4879 Smith (J. T.) Topography of London, plates, 1 1 numbers, 

various — Smith, Antiquities of Westminster, plates, 5 
numbers, various — Smith, The Beggars of London, plates, 
3 numbers, various, together 19 numbers ?;. ^. 

4880 Smith (J. T.) Select Views of London and its Environs, vol. I, 

all published, many plates, proof impressions, 

calf marbled leaves, russia back royal 4to. 1804 

4881 Smith (J. T.) Antiquities of Westminster, numerous plates, 

calf, with russia back . royal 4to. 1807 

4882 Smith (Tho.) Vitae quorundara Eruditissimorura et lllustriura 

Virorum, calf gilt . 1707 

4883 Smith (Sir Thos.) Commonwealth of England, and the Manner 

of the Government thereof . 1621 

4884 Smythe (G. W.) Views and Description of the late Volcanic 

Island off the Coast of Sicily, plates on india paper n, d, 

4885 Smythe (Robt.) Historical Account of the Charter-House, 

porti aits and plates, calf, marbled leaves 1808 

4886 Smyth (W. H.) Descriptive Catalogue of Roman Imperial 

Large Brass Medals, 
PRIVATELY PRINTED . Bedford, 1834 

4887 Smyth (W. H.) Sicily and its Islands, maps and plates 1824 

4888 Steuart (Jas.) Principles of Political Economy, 2 vol. 1767 

4889 Soane (John) Description of his Residence and Museum, 

\1 plates, 
PRIVATELY PRINTED, presentation copy, with the author s 
autograph inscription, calf gilt leaves 1830 


4890 Solinus de Memoralibus Mundi, Venet. 1498, et Plinii Secundi 

Liber lilustrium Viiorum, Venet. 1485, 2 vol. in I, 
calf neat . . 1485-98 

4891 SoMERs (Lord) Collection of Scarce and Valuable 

Tracts relating to the History and Constitution of these 
Kingdoms, 16 vol. calf gilt . 1748-51 

4892 Somers (Lord) Collection of Scarce and Valuable Tracts, 

edited by Sir Walter Scott, vol. 12 and 13 1814 

4893 Soramers, Collection of Scarce and Interesting Tracts on the 

History of Great Britain . 1795 

4894 Somerville (T.) History of Political Transactions and of Parties 

from the Restoration to William III, calf gilt 1792 

4895 Somner (Wm.) Antiquities of Canterbury and the Cathedrall, 

maps and plates, old russia extra 1640 

4896 Somner (W.) Treatise of Gavel-Kind, 

LARGE PAPER, old calf gilt , 1726 

4897 Sonnerat (M.) Voyage a la Nouvelle Guinee, 120 plates 

Farts, 1776 

4898 Sonnerat (M.) Voyage aux Indes Orientales et a la Chine, 

14:0 plates, 2 vol. calf gilt . Paris, 1782 

4899 Sonnini (C. S.) Travels in Greece and Turkey, 

half calf, russia back, and the plates in boards 1801 

4900 Sophoclis Tragedian, Gr. et Lat. notis Brunck, 2 vol. 

russia . Argent, 1786 

4901 Sophocles, Tragedies, translated by T. Francklin, 2 vol. 

bright old calf gilt . 1759 

4902 Sotheby (W.) Tour in Wales, Poems, plates, calf extra, 1794 

— Southey, Joan of Arc, russia, Bristol, 1796 2 vol. 

4903 Southey (Rob.) Madoc, 1805— Curse of Keharaa, 1810— Ro- 

derick, 1814 . 3 vol. 

4904 Southey (R.) Translation of the Chronicle of the Cid from the 

Spanish, calf gilt . 1808 

4905 Southey (R.) History of the Peninsular War, 3 vol. 1823-32 

4906 Spaine (Four Tracts relative to) viz. — Vox Populi, or Newes 

from Spayne, 2 parts, portrait of Gondomar and plates t 
1620 — Vox Coeli, or ISlewes from Heaven, by S, R. N. I. 
1624 — Votivse Anglise, or the Desires and Wishes of Eng- 
land, by S. R. N. L 1624, in 1 vol. half russia 1620-4 

4907 Spaine. The Estate of the English Fugitives under the King 

of Spaine, corner of 3 or 4 leaves mended, russia 1595 

4908 Spanhemii (E.) Orbis Romanus, 

LARGE PAPER . . 1703 

4909 Sparrman (Dr. A.) Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope and 

round the World, in 1772-76, plates. 2 vol. calf gilt 1785 

4910 Sparrow (Ant.) Collection of Articles, Cannons, &i,c. frontis- 

piece . . 1661 

4911 Speculum Mundi, or a Glasse representing the Face of the 

World, rw^^ea . Camb. 1643 


4912 Spelman (Sir H.) Villare Anglicum, 1656 — Names of all the 

Towns, Villages, &c. in England and Wales, 1657 — Ven- 
ner (Dr. T.) The Baths of Bathe, and Treatise concerning 
the Fume of Tobacco, 1660, 3 vol. 1656-60 

4913 Spenser (Edm.) Faerie Queene, with a Glossary by Jo. Upton, 

2 vol old calf gilt . 1758 

4914 Spizelii (T.) Templum Honoris reseratum, sive lllustrium 

^vi huius Theologorum et Philosophorum Imagines ac 
Elogia, 50 Jine portraits, calf, g, l. Aug. Vind. 1673 

4915 Sportsman's Cabinet, or a Delineation of the Various Sporting 

Dogs, and the Canine Race in General, many fine plates hy 
J. Scott, 2 vol. russia, marbled leaves 1804 

4916 Spruggins (Ric. Suclethumkin) Portraits of the Spruggins 

Family, many portraits and plates, 


4917 Statutes of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, with the arms 

PRIVATELY PRINTED, blue morocco, gilt leaves 1814 

4918 Statutes of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, with the arms 


PRIVATELY PRINTED, blue morocco, gilt leaves 1766 

4919 Statii Silvse, cum notis Marklandi 1728 

4920 Staunton (Sir Geo.) Authentic Account of the Earl Macart- 

ney's Embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Em- 
peror of China, portrait, 2 vol. calf gilt 1797 

4921 Staunton, Embassy to China, and a folio volume of plates 

4922 Stedman (C.) History of the American War, charts and plans, 

2 vol. calf gilt . 1794 

4923 Stedman (J. G.) Expedition against the Revolted Negroes of 

Surinam, map and many plates, 2 vol. calf gilt 1796 

4924 Steele (Richard) Works, Dublin, 1737 — Spence, Essay on 

Pope's Odyssey, 1737, &c. . 8 vol. 

4925 Stevens (J.) Spanish and English Dictionary 1726 

4926 Stevenson (Rob<) Account of the Bell Rock Light-House, 

with a Historical View of the Institution and Progress of 
the Northern Light Houses, frontispiece, after a drawing 
by J. 31. TV. Tur7ierf on india paper, fine impression, 
with 22 plates, uncut . Edinb. 1824 


4927 Sceithern (J. B.) Praxis Militaris, oder Krieges Schuel, plates 

Braunschweig, 1672 

4928 Scheffer (Jo.) History of Lapland, map and plates Oxf. 1675 

4929 Scheiter (J. B.) Examen Fortificatorum, j^Zaies Strash. 1677 

4930 ScHEUCHZER (J. J.) Physique Sacree, ou Histoire Naturelle 

de la Bible, portraits and 750 plates, by J. A. Pfeffel, ^c, 
fine impressions J 8 vol. in 4, old russia, gilt leaves Amst. 1732 


4931 Schindleri (V.) Lexicon Pentaglotton Hanovice, 1G12 

4932 Scobell (H.) Collection of Acts and Ordinances of Parliament 

from 1640 to 1656, calf gilt 1658 

4933 Scott (Dav.) History of Scotland, map 1728 

4934 Scot (Geo.) Meraoires of Sir James Melvil of Hal-Hill 

calf gilt . 1683 

4935 Scot (Reg.) Discovery of Witchcraft, and on the Nature and 

Substance of Devils and Spirits 1665 

4936 Scotia Depicta, or Antiquities, Castles, Public Buildings, No- 

blemen and Gentlemen's Seats, etc. of Scotland, by J. 
Fittler, from drawings hy Nattes, 4:8 plates ^ russia 1804 

4937 Scotland, Rebellion in, A Collection of Histories, Jour- 

nals, Lives and Trials, &c. of Persons concerned in the 
Rebellion of 1785, viz. Compleat and Authentick History 
of the late Rebellion, and the Proceedings thereon, 1747 ; 
Journal of the most miraculous Escape of the Young Che- 
valier, 1749 ; Trials of the Earl of Kilmarnock, and others, 
1746 ; Lives of Lord Balmerino, of Jenny Cameron, &c . 
J 746; Trial of Lord Lovat, 1747; Account of the Beha- 
viour of Lord Lovat, 1747 ; Lovat's Ghost, a ballad, 1747; 
Life of Dr. A. Cameron, 1753 ; with 7 poetical and other 
Broadsides, &c. 
ILLUSTRATED with upivards of 100 porti^aits, maps, plates of 
views, caricatures, lampoons^ ^c, some very scarce, inlaid in 
a volume, calf gilt . 1746-53 

4938 Scotland. Biogrophical and Geographical History of, from 

Robert Bruce to Mary, portraits, calf gilt 1749 

4939 Scriptores Historise Romanan Latini Veteres qui extant omnia, 

notis variis illustrati cura B. C. Haurisii, many plates, 3 vol. 
LARGE VAT^Y^K. fine copy, russia, marbled leaves Heidell. 1743 

4940 Scudery (Mr. de) Clelia, Excellent New Romance, 5 vol. in 1 

calf . 1655-61 

4941 Segar (W.) Honor, Military and Civill, contained in Foure 

Bookes, 4: portraits, old red morocco, gilt leaves 1602 

4942 Segar (Sir W.) and J. Edmondson, Baronagium Genealogicum, 

or Pedigrees of the English Peers, with the Supplement, 
numerous plates of arms and pedigrees, 6 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, vcry scarcc, calf gilt 1784 

4943 Selby (P. J.) Illustrations of British Ornithology; Land Birds, 

89 beautifully coloured plates, in 7 parts, and Water Birds, 
No. 1, 12 coloured plates, 8 parts Edinb. 1831 

4944 Seldeni (Jo.) Opera Omnia, tarn edita quam inedita, cum 

Vita, &c. cura D. Wilkins, portrait, 6 vol. 
large paper, fine copy, calf gilt 1726 

4945 Seller (J.) English Pilot, /ro72^. and charts, 2 vol. in 1 1671-2 

4946 Seller (J.) English Pilot, the First Book (northern navigation) 

frontispiece and charts, calf gilt 1671 

4947 Semedo (A.) History of the Gt. Renowned Monarchy of 

China, portraitSf maps and plates, calf 1655 


4948 Senecse Opera, cura Erasmi Basilj 1515 

4949 Senecae Opera Omnia a Lipsio emend, et scholiis illustrata, 

po?'trait . Antv. 1632 

4930 Seneca, Workes, translated by Lodge 1620 

4951 Serby (S.) First Book of Architecture, by Peake, wood engra- 

vings . 1611 

4952 Serre (Sr. de la) Histoire de I'entree de la Reyne Mere du 

Eoy tres Chrestien, dans la Grande^Bretagne, curious plates 

LARGE PAPER, Jine copy^ old morocco, gilt leaves, from the 

Royal Library of Charles I. 1 639 

4953 Shakespeare (Wm.) Comedies, Histories, and Trage- 

dies, published according to the true original copies, 
portrait by Martin Droeshout, fine impression 
FIRST EDITION, VERY RARE, russia cxtra, joints, g. I. 1623 

%* The rarity of this edition is too well known to need any 
comment. Ben Jonson's verses to the reader, before the 
title, are inlaid, the title page lined, and the top line " Mr. 
William " is added from another edition. With these 
exceptions, it is a sound and perfect copy, in very good 
state, 12|- inches high, by 8^ inches. 

4954 Shakespeare (W.) Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies, 

published according to the true original copies, portrait 
THE SECOND EDITION, fine, tall, large copy, russia extra, 
joints, and gilt leaves . 1632 

4955 Shakespeare (W.) Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies, 

published according to the true original copies 
THE THIRD EDITION, and uuto this impression is added 

Seven Playes, never before printed in folio ; portrait, the 

margin neatly mended, and the title lined, 
fine, tall, sound, and perfect copy, russia extra, joints, g. I. 1664 

^*i^* The greater part of the impression having been destroyed 
in the Fire of London, it is consequently almost of as great 
rarity as the first edition. 

4956 Shakespeare (W.) Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies, 

wants portrait, and pages 87 and 88, sheet H 
fourth edition, tall copy, russia extra, joints, andg. I. 1685 

*^* The last four lots are uniformly bound in russia extra, with 
joints, and gilt leaves. 

4957 Shakespeare (W.) Dramatic Works, revised by Geo. 

Steevens, Boydell's sumptuous edition, with 
100 beautiful plates, proofs before the letters, and 
set of etchings, 10 vol. 
unique copy, splendidly bound in red morocco extra, joints, 
and gilt leaves. Miss BoydeWs own copy. Bulmer, 1802 

N N 


4958 Shakespeare; Boydell's Collection of 100 largb 

AND BEAUTIFUL Prints, from Pictures painted and 

engraved by the most distinguished British Artists 
brilliant proofs, many before any letters^ some with the 

Artists names only ; and a set of etchings — together upwards 

of 200 plates^ 3 vol. 
red morocco extra, richly tooled, joints and g. I. imp. fol. 1803 

*^* This copy belonged to Miss Boydell, and is believed to be 
UNIQUE in respect to the peculiar state of the proofs. 

4959 Shakespeare Forgeries, viz. Miscellaneous Papers and Legal 

Instruments, including the Tragedy of King Lear, Hamlet, 
&c. in the possession of S. Ireland, plates, some coloured 
calf gilt . 1796 

4960 Shaw (S.) History and Antiquities of Staffordshire, maps and 

many plates, 2 vol. uncut 1798-1801 

4961 Sibbald (Sir Rob.) History, Ancient and Modern, of the 

Sheriffdoms of Fife and Kinross, and Vindiciae Scotiae 
Illustratse, map, 2 vol. in 1 Edinb. 1710 

4962 Sidney (Alg.) Discourses on Government, por^raiY 1704 

4963 Sidney (Sir P.) Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia 

calf gilt . 1674 

4964 Silius Italicus, Punic War, translated by Tho. Ross, portrait of 

Charles II. by Loggan, Jine impression, and plates 
calf gilt . 1672 

4965 Simpson (Chr.) The Division-Viol, or the Art of Playing ex- 

tempore upon a Ground, ^Za^es, 3 parts in 1 vol. 1667 

4966 Skenaei (Jo.) Scotise veteres Leges et Constitutiones 

Jine copy, blue morocco, gilt leaves Edinb. 1619 

4967 Skinner (S.) Etymologicon Linguae Anglicana3 1671 

4968 Sleidan (Jo.) History of the Reformation of the Church, por- 

traits . 1689 

4969 Sloane (Sir Hans) Voyage to Jamaica, with the Natural His- 

tory of the Islands of Madeira, Barbadoes, Nieves, and S. 
Christophers, map and upwards of 270 plates, 2 vol. 
very scarce, russia extra 1707-25 

4870 Smeaton (Jo.) Narrative of the Building and of the Construc- 
tion of the Eddystone Lighthouse, '2^ fine plates, calf 1791 

4971 Smith (Jas. Ed.) Tour to Hafod, the Seat of T. Johnes, Esq., 

15 coloured plates 
russia extra, leather joints, and gilt leaves imperial folio, 1810 

4972 Smith (Capt. John) Generall Historie of Virginia, New Eng- 

land, and the Summer Isles, with engraved title, the rare 
portrait of the Duchess of Richmo7id by W. Pass, and four 
maps, one containing the p)ortrait of Capt. Smith, but wants 
the portrait of Matoaka, with 3 additional portraits inserted, 
very scarce, good copy, calf neat. Dr. Farmer^s copy, with an 
aiitograph note . 1627 


4973 Soane (J.) Plans, Elevations and Sections of Buildings, 

47 plates 

LARGE PAPER, Colf gilt * 1788 

4974 Solis (Ant. de) Historia de la Conquista de Mexico, maps and 

plates . Brusselas^Xl^^ 

4973 Solis (A. de). Another copy ib. 1704 

4976 Solleysell (J. de) Complete Horseman, by Hope, portrait and 

plates . 1696 

4977 Solleysell (J. de). Another edition 

fine copy, old calf gilt^ tooled sides 1717 

4978 Solvyns (F. B.) les Hindous ; a Picturesque'Delineation of the 

Persons, Manners, Customs, and Religious Ceremonies of 
that People, 2^2 finely coloured engravings ^ 4 vol. 
calf, gilt leaves . Paris, 1808-12 

4979 Somneri (Gul.) Dictionarium Saxonico-Latino-Anglicum 

scarce, russia extra, gilt leaves Oxford, 1659 

4980 Somner (Wm.) Antiquities of Canterbury, by Battely, maps 

and plates • 1703 

4981 Sousa (Man, de) Theatro, Historico, Genealogico y Pane- 

gyrico de la Casa de Sousa, numerous fine portraits and 
plates by P. Giffart Paris, 1694 

4982 Speed (J.) History of Great Britaine under the Romans, 

Saxons, Danes and Normans 
LARGE PAPER, fine old calf gilt 1611 

4983 Speed (Jo.) Theatre of Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland, 

7naps . . 1614 

4984 Speed (J.) Theatre of Great Britaine, Scotland and Ireland, 

fine portrait, half russia 1627 

4985 Spelmanni (Hen.) Concilia, Decreta, Leges et Constitutiones in 

Re Ecclesiarura Britannicae Saxon, et Lat, 2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, very scarce 1664 

4986 Spelmanni (H.) Glossarium Archaiologicum, />o?'^raz^ 

BEST EDITION, fine copy, russia extra 1687 

4987 Spelman (Sir H.) English V^oxk^, portrait 

LARGE PAPER, old calf gilt 1723 

4988 Spelmanni (Jo.) Vita ^Ifredi Magni Anglorum ^egis^ portrait 

and X)lates, calf . Oxonii, 1678 

4989 Spence (Jos.) Polyraetis, or Enquiry concewiing Roman Poets 

and Ancient Artists, portrait and many plates 

LARGE PAPER, BEST EDITION, old Cttlf gilt 1747 

4990 Spotswood (J.) History of the Church and State of Scotland, 

portrait . 1677 

4991 Spotswood (J.) Another copy with A^^eudSx, portrait, 

russia . , 1677 

4992 Sprigge (Josh.) England's Recovery, being a History of the 

Actions of Sir Thomas Fairfax, no portrait 1647 

4993 Stackhouse (T.) History of the BMe, plates, vol.2, 1744, and 

5 odd vols. . 6 vol. 


4994 Stackhouse (T.) Universal Atlas, coloured maps 1786 

4995 Stafford Gallery. Gallery of the Pictures of the 

Marquis of Stafford in London, with Descriptions 
by Ottley and Tomkins, 115 plates containing above 300 
pictures, proofs on india paper, 4 vol. in 2 
LARGE PAPER, half red morocco extra 1818 

4996 Stanley (Tho.) History of Philosophy and of the Philosophers, 

portraits . 1701 

4897 State Tracts, being a Collection relating to the Government in 

the reign of Charles II. 1693 

4998 State Tracts, a Collection of, published on the Revolution and 

during the reign of William III, 3 vol. 1705-7 

4999 State Trials, complete Collection of, and Proceedings for High 

Treason, 10 vol. continued by the 11th vol. of Hargrave, 
together U vol. . 1730-81 

5000 Statuta H[ospitalis Hierusalem, cura Jo. B. Canobii, many 

portraits and plates, good copy liomce, 1588 

5001 Statutes of the Realm, from 1 Henry I, to the end of 

Queen Anne, 1713, with Index 11 vol. 10 half bound, 
uncut, I in boards 1810-22 




5002 St. Evremont, CEuvres, 5 vol. in 4, A^nst. 1698, &c. 16 vol. 

5003 St. Foix (M. de) CEuvres Complettes, portrait and plates, 

6 vol. calf, gilt leaves . Paris, 1778 

5004 St. Palaye, Memoires sur I'Ancienne Chevalerie, 3 vol. 

old calf gilt . ib. 1781 

5005 St. Pierre (J. H, Ber. de) Paul et Virginie, numerous fine wood 

LARGE PAPER, calf extra, gilt leaves imp. 8vo. ib, 1838 

5006 St. Real (I'Abbe de) CEuvres, 4 vol. Paris, 1724— Sethos, 

Histoire ou Vie, 3 vol. ib. 1731, &c. . 12 vol. 

5007 St, Simon (le Due de) Memoires sur le Regno de Louis XIV, 

7\o\,calf . . 1789 

5008 St. Simon (Due de) CEuvres Com^hiies, portrait, 13 vol. in 7 

Strasb. 1791 


5009 Stage, The London, a Collection of the most reputed Plays, 

portraits and vignettes, 4 vol. , w. c?. 

5010 Stanhope (Dr. Geo.) Paraphrase and Comment upon the 

Epistles and Gospels, portraiti 4 vol. 
old red morocco, gilt leaves . 1715 

5011 Stanley (Ed.) Familiar History of Birds, wood engravings, 

2 vol. 1838 — Scott (Sir W.) Letters on Demonology and 
Witchcraft, 1830 . 3 vol. 

5012 Stanyan (J.) Account of Switzerland, large paper, 1714 — 

Grecian History, 2 vol. large paper, 1739 3 vol. 

5014 Stapleton (A. G.) Political Life of George Canning, 3 vol. 1831 

5015 Stark (John) Elements of Natural History, plates, 2 vol. 

JEdinb. 1828 

5016 Starke (Mariana) Travels on the Continent, calf, g. L 1820 

5017 Statii Opera, Aldus, 1502 — Sallust and Lucan, 2 vol. wants 

titles, ib, 1502-21 . 3 vol. 

5018 Statii Sylvarum, libri V, Amst, 1624, and 7 Classics 8 vol. 

5019 Statutes. The Greate Abbrydgement of all ye Statutes of 

Englande, until the XXX. yere of the reygne of Kynge 
Henry the eyght, 
blacfe letter Imprynted by Roberte Redman, n, d. 

5020 Staveley (T.) History of Churches in England, plates, 

best edition, scarce . 1773 

5021 Stavorinus (J. S.) Voyages to the East Indies, maps, 3 vol. 


5022 Stendhal (M. de) Promenades dans Rome, 2 vol. Paris, 1829 

— Simond (L.) Voyage en Italic, 2 vol. ib. 1828 4 vol. 

5023 Stephens (J. L.) Incidents of Travel in Central America, 

Chiapas and Yucaatan, plates, 2 vol. 1841 

5024 Stevenson (W. B.) Historical and Descriptive Narrative of 

Twenty Years Residence in South America, plates, 3 vol. 


5025 Stewart (Col, Dav.) Sketches of the Highlanders of Scotland, 

2 vol. . Edinb. 1822 

5026 Steuart (J.) Political Economy, 3 vol. Dublin, 1770— Su- 

worow (A.) Campaigns, 2 vol. 1799 5 vol. 

5027 Stewart (J.) Account of Prince Edward's Island, map 1806 

5028 Stewart (C. S.) Visit to the South Seas in 1829, SO plates, 

2 vol. 1832— Soligny, Letters on England, 2 vol. 1823, 

4 vol. 

5029 Stewart (W. G.) The Popular Superstitions and Amusements 

of the Highlanders of Scotland . 1823 

5030 Stiles (President) History of three of the Judges of Charles I, 

who fled to America, jjortrait and plans, calf gilt, Hart- 
ford, 1794 — De la Salle, Voyage in North America, 1698, 
&c. . . 5 vol. 

5031 Stoddart (J.) Remarks on the Scenery and Manners of Scot- 

land, coloured plates, 2 vol. 
blue morocco, gilt leaves royal 8vo. 1801 


5032 Stouthouse (T.) Surveigh of the Monastry of Favershara, 

frontispiece . . 1671 

5033 Storer (Jas.) History and Antiquities of Cathedral Churches 

of Great Britain, numerous plates^ vol. 1 to 3, 
half calf gilt . . 1814-17 

5034 Stowe, Description of the House and Gardens, plates^ Buck- 

ingham, 1788, &c. . a parcel 

5035 Stradse (F.) de Bello Belgico libri, portraits^ Amst, 1648, &c. 

14 vol. 

5036 Stradae (F.) de Bello Belgico, portraits, Borneo 1648 — Strabo 

de Situ Orbis, 2 vol. Amst. 1652 3 vol. 

5037 Stradlingi (Sir John) Epigrammatum Libri quatuor, 

RARE . 1607 

*^* This curious and interesting volume contains verses ad- 
dressed to E. Spenser, D. Drayton, Sir P. Sidney, the 
Countess of Pembroke, Camden, Lord Essex, Lord C. 
Howard, Sir F. Drake, Queen Elizabeth, Lord Burghley, 
&c. likewise verses on the Comedian Tarlton, on Sir R. 
Grenville, on the Gunpowder Plot, &c. 

5038 Strype (John) Life and Acts of Bishop Aylmer, portrait 1701 

5039 Strype (J.) Life of Sir John Cheke, portrait 1705 

5040 Strutt (Jos.) Queenhoo-Hall, 4 vol. calf gilt, 1808, &c. 8 vol. 

5041 Stuart (And.) Letters to Lord Mansfield, calf gilt 

5042 Stuarts. Jones (D.) Tragical History of the Stuarts, 1697 — 

History of all those who have suffered on account of the 
House of Stewart, 1747 . 2 vol. 

5043 Suffolk (E. Howard, Earl of) Miscellanies in Prose and Verse, 

red morocco, gilt leaves . 1725 

5044 Suffolk (Henrietta, Countess of) Letters to and from the Hon. 

George Berkley, joor^rmV, 2 vol. • 1824 

5045 Sutherland (D.) Tour to Constantinople 1790 

5046 Scoresby (W.) Account of the Arctic Regions, and Description 

of the Northern Whale Fishery, charts and plates, 2 vol. 

Edinh. 1820 

5047 Sweden, Characters and Anecdotes of the Court of, 2 vol, 

1790— Sheridan (C. F.) Revolution in Sweden, 1782, &c. 

5 vol. 

5048 Sweden and Denmark. Vertot (Abb6) Revolutions in Sweden, 

1696 — Account of Sweden, 1694 — Account of Denmark, 
1694, &c. . 6 vol. 

5049 Sweet (Rob.) Hortus Britannicus, a Catalogue of Plants, 2 vol. 


5050 Swift (Jonathan) Works, with notes by Sheridan, revised by 

Nichols, portrait, 19 vol. 

LARGE PAPER . . 1801 

5051 Swift (Jon.) Travels, by Lemuel Gulliver, plates, 2 vol. 1726 

—Tale of a Tub, plates, 1710 . 3 vol. 


5052 Sweet (Rob.) British Flower Garden, containing 

coloured figures and descriptions of the most ornamental 
and curious hardy flowering plants, nearly 700 heautifully 
coloured plates^, 6 vol. calf royal 8vo. 1823-35 

5053 Swinburne (H.) Travels in the Sicilies, map and plates^ 4 vol. 


5054 Sydenham (T.) Works, by Pechey, 1717 — Sydenham, Opera, 

1705, and 8 Medical . . 10 vol. 

5055 Sydney Papers, edited by Blencowe, 1825 — Algernon Sydney, 

Letters to Saville, 1742 — Spain under Charles the Second, 
1840, &c. . . 10 vol. 

5056 Symeonis Dunelmensis, Libellus de exordio atque procursu 

Dunhelmensis Ecclesiae, cura Bedford, calf gilt 1732 

5057 Taciti Opera, cura H. Grotii, vellum^ Amst. Elzer, 1640 — 

Terentii ComoediaB ex recensione Heinsiani, L. Bat, Elzev. 
1635 . . 2 vol. 

5058 Taciti Opera, cura Boxhornii, Amst. 1664, &c. 8 vol. 

5059 Taciti Opera, cum notis Ernesti, 2 vol. LipsicBt 1772 

5060 Tacitus, Annals and History, by Dryden, &c. 3 vol. 1698 

5061 Tales of an Antiquary, 3 vol. 1828 — Tales of my Landlord, or 

Pontefract Castle, 3 vol. 1820 . 6 vol. 

5062 Tales of the Early Ages, 3 vol. 1832— -Tales of the Wars of 

our Times, 2 vol. 1829 . 5 vol. 

5063 Tales of the Peerage and the Peasantry, 3 vol. 1835 — Treve- 

lyan, 3 vol. 1833 . 6 vol. 

5064 Talleyrand (C. M.) Memoirs, portrait, 2 vol. 1805— Trials of 

the Sons of Rob Roy, Edinb. 1818 — Trotter, Memoirs of 
C.J. Fox, 1811, &c. . 9 vol. 

5065 Tasso (T.) Godfrey of Bulloigne, or the Recovery of Jeru- 

salem, in Heroical Verse, by E. Fairfax 1687 

5066 Tasso, Lettere, Venet. 1588 — Tasso, L'Aminta, Roma) 1700 

2 vol. 

5067 Tasso (T.) Gierusalemrae Liberata, 3 copies^ 1 red moroccoy 

gilt leaves, Venet. 1604-27 — Tasso, Aminta, ih. 1678 
5038 Tasso (T.) Jerusalem Delivered, translated by Hoole, Jine 
plates, 2 vol. 
large paper, russia extra^ marbled leaves 1803 

5069 Tatler, the, 2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER . . 1710 

5070 Taylor (Arthur) Glory of Regality, or Historical Treatise of 

the Anointing and Crowning the Kings and Queens of 
England, vignettes . 1820 

5071 Taylor (Brook) Contemplatio Philosophica, and Life by Sir 

Wm. Young, portrait, 
PRIVATELY PRINTED, crimsou movocco extra, g. I. 1793 

5072 Taylor (Bp. Jer.) Rule and Exercises of Holy Living and 

Dying, plates, 2 vol. in 1, old red morocco, g.l. 1719 


5073 Taylor (Major) Travels from England to India in 1789, 2 vol. 

1799 — Thicknesse (P.) Journey through France, 1779 

3 vol. 

5074 Taylor (R.) Key to the Knowledge of Nature, plates^ vellum, 

gilt leaves . 1825 

5075 Teatro Moderno applaudito ossia Raccolta di Tragedie, Com- 

medie, Dramme e Farse, 61 vol. {wanting vol. 21 and 53) 

Fewe^. 1796-1801 

5076 Temple (Peter) Man's Master- Piece, in the Exercise of a Chris- 

tian Duty, 2 portraits of P. and Lady E. Temple, hy 
Gay wood, fine impressions, blue morocco, g, L 1658 

5077 Tennant (W.) Indian Recreations, plates, 2 vol. 

calf gilt, vol. 1 wrongly lettered Edinh. 1803 

5078 Terence, Comedies, translated by CoXmdiii, plates, 2 vol. 1768 
6079 Tesse (Marechal de) Memoires et Lettres, 2 vol. Paris, 1806 

— Turgot, Vie de, 1786 — Memoires de M. de Voltaire, 
1784, calf gilt , . 4 vol. 

5080 Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs, Sons of Jacob, translated 

by Bp. Grosthead, wood engravings, 
blacfe letter, calf neat . 1681 

5081 Theatre de Campagne, 4 vol. Paris, 1775 — Theatre du Prince 

Clenersow Rasse, 2 vol. Paris, 1671 6 vol. 

5082 Threatre Frangois, Bibliotheque du, 3 vol. Dresde, 1768, &c. 

6 vol. 

5083 Theatre, the English, plates, 8 vol. Lownds, 1762 

5084 Theatrical ^ou(\\xei, portrait of Gar rich, 1780, &c. 7 vol. 

5085 Thiebault (D.) Mes Souvenirs de Vingt ans de Sejour a 

Berlin ou Frederic Le Grand, 5 vol. calf gilt Paris, 1805 

5086 Thierry (Aug.) Histoire de la Conquete de I'Angleterre, par 

les Normands, 4 vol. . Brujcelles, 1835 

5087 Thomassin (L.) Methode d'Etudier et d'Enseigner la Gram- 

maire, 2 vol. calf gilt . Paris, 1690 

5088 Thompson (N.) Collection of Eighty-six Loyal Poems on the 

Two Late Plots, 1678 and 83, calf gilt 1685 

5089 Thomson (James) Works, jo^a^e*, 4 vol. 1750 

5090 Thomson (J.) Seasons, with his Life by Murdoch, plates, 

fine impressions, 
green morocco extra, lined with the same, richly tooled, silk 
fiy leaves, and gilt leaves, in a case royal 8vo. 1801 

5091 Theophrastus, History of Stones, Greek and English, with 

notes by Sir John \{\\\, portrait of Sir John Hill inserted 


5092 Thorley (J.) Female Monarchy of Bees, plates, 1744 — Toone, 

Etymological Dictionary, 1834 2 vol. 

5093 Thucydides, Gr. et Lat. ex editione Wassii et Dukeri, 6 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, red morocco, gilt leaves Edinb. 1804 



6094 StilUngfleet (E.) Origines Sacrse, 1666 — Swinburne on Spou- 
sals, 1686 . 2 vol. 

5095 Stillingfleet (E.) Irenicunij and Origines Sacra3, 2 vol. in 1 


5096 Stirling (Earl of) Narrative of Oppressive Law Proceedings 

to subvert his Rights, 
privately printed . JBdinburgh, 1836 

5097 Stirrup (T.) Complete Diallist, 1650, &c. 5 vol. 

5098 Stockdale (J.) Geographical Description of Germany, Sic.maps, 

russia back, calf sides . 1800 

5099 Stonehouse (W. B.) History and Topography of the Isle of 

Axholme, Lincolnshire, map and plates, 6 parts complete 


5100 Stow (Jo.) Survey of London, by A. Munday, 

blacit letter (ivants title), russia extra 1618 

5101 Stowe, a Description of the House and Gardens at, with 

25 original drawings, in colours, hy Medland, 
red morocco 

5102 Stowe, another copy, 25 plates from the drawingshy 3Iedland 

6103 Stowe, Description of the House and Gd^rdiQns, plates, proof 
impressions . Buckingham, 1817 

5104 Strahlenberg (P. J. van) Description of Russia, Siberia, and 

Great Tartary, jo/a^e5 . 1738 

5105 Strutt (Jos.) Horda Angel-Cynnan, or a Complete View 

of the Manners, Customs, Arms, Habits, &c. of the Inhabi- 
tants of England, 137 plates, 3 vol. 
very scarce, Jine copy, calf gilt . 1774 

5106 Strutt (J.) Regal and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of England, 

with the Supplement, 72 plates, 2 vol. calf gilt 1773-92 

5107 Strutt (J.) Chronicle of England, many plates, 2 vol. 

calf gilt . . 1777-79 

5108 Strutt (J.) Biographical Dictionary of Engravers, plates, with 

that of Adam and Eve, 2 vol. 
scarce, calf gilt . 1785-6 

5109 Strutt (J.) Complete View of the Dress and Habits of the 

People of England, 143 plates, 2 vol. calf, m. I. 1796 

5110 Strutt (J.) Dresses and Habits, %S finely coloured plates, vol. 1 

owXy, russia extra . 1796 

5111 Strutt (J.) The Sports and Pastimes of the People of England, 

40 finely coloured plates, calf gilt 1801 

5112 Struys (J.) Voyages through Moscovia, Tartary, and India, 

plates, calf gilt . 1684 

5113 Struys (J.) Voyages and Travels, jo^a^e*, stained, 1684, &c. 

3 vol. 
O O 


5114 Stuart (And.) Genealogical History of the Stewarts, 

genealogical table^ calf gilt , 1798 

5115 Stuart (Gilb.) View of the Society in Europe, 

calf gilt . Edinb, 1788 

5116 Stuart (Maj. Gen. Jas.) Letter to the Directors of the East 

India Company, 
privately printed.^ presentation copy to the Duke of Buck- 
ingham^ calf gilt . 1787 

5117 Stubbe (H.) Justification of the Present War against the Ne- 

therlands, portraits and plates 1672 

5118 Stukeley (Dr. \Vm.) Palaeographia Britannica, or Discourses 

on the Antiquities in Britain, plates, 2 numbers, with Par- 
kin's Answer and Reply to Dr. Stukeley's Objections, 
plates, 1744-58, 4 tracts in 1 vol. 1743-58 

5119 Stukeley (Dr. W.) Account of Richard of Cirencester, map, 

calf . . 1757 

5120 Stukeley (W.) another copy , 1757 

5121 Suarez (J. B.) Antiguedades de Cadiz, Cadiz, 1610, &c. 2 vol, 

5122 Suetonius, notis Is. Casauboni . Genevce, 1611 

5123 Suetonius, notis Is. Casauboni et J. H. Boecleri Argent, 1647 

5124 Suetonii Opera, cum Commentariis S. Pitisci, plates, 2 vol. 

Leovardi(E, 1714 

5125 Suispe, Etat et Delices de la, maps and numerous plates, 

2 vol. calf gilt . Neuchatel, 1778 
6126 Sully (Due de) Memow?,, portraits, 3 vol. 1747 

5127 Summonte (Gio. Ant.) Historia della citta e Regno di Napo- 

WidiYio, portraits, 4 vol. Napoli, 1675 

5128 Sutherland (Mrs.) Catalogue of her Celebrated 

Collection of Portraits, Topography, and Miscel- 
laneous Prints and Drawings, 2 vol. and 2 Supplements, 
privately TB.i'STEDy presentation copy 1837-8 

*;^* A very limited number of this work was printed. 
The collection, one of the most extensive ever formed, was 
presented by Mrs. Sutherland to the Bodleian Library, 

5129 Swan (C.) Voyage up the Mediterranean, 2 vol. 1826— 

Starke, Letters from Italy, 2 vol. 1800 . 4 vol. 

5130 Swedish Intelligencer, 4 parts, and the Swedish Discipline, 

3 parts, plates of battles, in 1 vol. 1634 

5131 Swedish Intelligencer, 4 parts ; Swedish Discipline, 3 parts ; 

and Passages of Germany, Italy, France, &c. plates of 
battles, 3 vol. . 1634-36 

5132 Swift (Jonathan) Letters, with notes by Hawkesworth, 2 vol. 

old red morocco, gilt leaves . 1766 

5133 Swinburne (H.) Travels through Spain, plates, calf gilt 1779 

5134 Switzer (S.) System of Hydrostaticks and Hydraulics, jo/«^e5, 

2 vol. . 1729 


5135 Syraes (Mich.) Account of an Embassy to Ava, map and 

plates i calf gilt 1800 

5136 Symonds (W.) Series of Plates of Boats and Ships, to illus- 

trate their Rigging, no title, &c. 2 vol. 

5137 Symmons (Ed) Vindication of King Charles, in answer to the 

King's Cabinet Opened 1648 

5138 Tachard (Guy) Voyage de Siarn des Peres Jesuites, et Second 

YoySige, plates^ 2 vol. Paris, 1786-9 

5139 Taciti Opera, cum notis Gronovii, 2 vol. Timjecti, 1721 

5140 Taciti Opera, cum supplementis et notis Brotier, 4 vol. 

calf gilt Paris, 1771 

5141 Tangier. A Discourse touching Tangier; and the Moores 

Baffled, or Tangier when under the Earl of Teviot, view 
of Tangier hy Hollar, 2 Tracts, 1680-81— A Short 
Relation of the Turkish Warrs, map, no title "2 vol. 

5142 Tarleton (Lieut.-Col.) Campaigns in North America, map 

and plans, 1787 — Tench (W.) Settlements at Port Jackson, 
1793 . . 2 vol. 

5143 Tassie (Jas.) Descriptive Catalogue of a General Collection 

of Ancient and Modern Engraved Gems, Cameos as well 
as Intaglios, by Raspe, bl plates, 2 vol. 1791 

5144 Tasso, Aminta, Parigi, 1655 — Varchi (Ben.) Lezzioni sopra 

un Sonnetto di Michelagolo Buonarotti, Fiorenza, 1549 

2 vol. 

5145 Tasso, la Gerusalemrae Liberata da G. CdiSoxii, plates 

Venet. 1625 

5146 TatischefF (M.) on the Russian Code of Laws 1768 

5147 Tavernier (J. B.) Six Voyages en Turque, en Perse, et aux 

Indes, maps and many plates, 3 vol. Paris, 1681 

5148 Taylor (Silas) History of Gavel-Kind 


5149 Taylor (Lieut.-Col.) Letters on India, coloured plates and 

maps, calf gilt 1800 

5150 Teignmouth (Lord) Memoirs of Sir William ^oneSi portraitf 

calf gilt . 1804 

5151 Terentii Comoediae, cum notis Bentleii Cantah. 1726 

5152 Terence, Comedies, translated by G. Colman, plates 1765 

5153 Thane (J.) British Autography; a Collection of Fac-Similes 

of the Hand-Writing of Royal and Illustrious Personages, 
with their authentic Portraits, 87 portraits, S^c. fine im- 
pressions . n, d. 

5154 Thomas (R.) Report of a Survey of the Mining District of 

Cornwall, with the map on linen, 1819 ; 3 maps, &c. a parcel 

5155 Thomas (Dr. Wm.) Survey of Worcester Cathedral, and 

Account of the Bishops, plates 1737 

5156 Thompson (G.) Description of the Palace and Monastery of 

the Escurial, plates 1760 

5157 Thompson (G.) Travels and Adventures in Southern Africa, 

map, many plates and vignettes 1827 


5158 Thomson (Dr. T.) Travels in Sweden in 1812, ma'ps and 

plates . . 1813 

5159 Thomas (Wm.) The Historic of Italie ; a Boke excedyng 

profitable to be Redde 
Black hiUXy fine copy^ calf Tho, Berthelet, 1549 

5160 Jhones (Ric.) The Booke of Honor and Armes, with wood 

engravings of combats, scarce, calf 1590 

5161 Thorn (Wm.) Memoir of the War in India in 1803-6, maps 

and plans . 1818 

5162 Thornhill (R. B.) Shooting Directory, portrait and many 

coloured plates., russia extra, marbled leaves 1804 

5163 Thornton (Col. T.) Sporting in England and Scotland, many 

plates, calf, marbled leaves 1804 

5164 Thornton (Col.) Sporting Tour through France in 1802, 

upwards of ^0 plates, 2 vol. half calf 1806 

5165 Thoroton (Rob.) Antiquities of Nottinghamshire, portrait, 

map and plates, 3 vol. calf, marbled leaves 1790 

5166 Thou (J. A. de) Histoire Universelle, depuis 1543 jusqu'en 

1607, portrait, 16 vol. 
i^KV.G'E. vKV'E.v., calf, gilt leaves 1734 

5167 Throsby (J.) Select Views in Leicestershire, numerous plates, 

2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, calf gilt Leicester, 1789 

5168 Thuani (J. A.) Historiis leguntur Index, &c. 

calf gilt Genevae, 1634 

5169 Thuani Historiis leguntur Index, &c. with 79 pages of MS, 

emendations from the autograph of the author ib. 1734 

5170 Thucydides, History, translated by W. Smith, 2 vol. 1753 

5171 Thurston (J.) Religious Emblems, a series of wood engravings 

calf extra, marbled leaves 1810 

5172 Tibulli quae exstant omnia cum notis Wetstenii, 1708 

5173 Tickell (Jo.) History of the Town and County of Kingston 

upon Hull, map and plates, russia extra Hull, 1796 

5174 Tillet (J, du) Recueil des Roys de France et des Rangs des 

Grands de France, 2 vol. Paris, 1601-2 

5175 Timothy Bobbin, the Passions Humorously Delineated, 

26 coloured plates 1810 

5176 Tindal (N.) History of Essex, map, 2 Nos. all published 

calf neat . , n. d. 

5177 Tindal (W.) History and Antiquities of the Abbey and 

Borough of ^veshsim, plates, calf gilt Evesham, 1794 

5178 Tiro (Gugl. Arcivesco di) Historia della Guerra Sacra, trad. 

da G. Horologgi Venet. 1561 

5179 Todd (J. H.) Historical Tablets and Medallions illustrative of 

an Improved System of Artificial Memory, plates of 
portraits, S)'c. 
presentation copy to the Duke of Buckingham, to whom it 
is dedicated, blue morocco extra, the insides of the cover's 
morocco, richly tooled 1827 


5180 Tollii (Jac.) Epistolae Itinerarigs, p^a^^5 -4m*^/1714 

5181 Topographer, containing a variety of original Articles illustra- 

tive of the Local History and Antiquities of England, 
42 plates^ Jirst edition, calf gilt 1791 

5182 Topographical Miscellanies; or Histories and Descriptions of 

Mansions, Churches, Monuments and Families throughout 
England, jo/a^e*, vol. 1, all published, russia 1792 


5183 Statutes, Public General, 4 and 5 of Victoria, 2 vol. 1841, &c. 

5 vol. 

5184 Stephani (H.) Florilegium diversorum Epigrammatum 

Paris, 1566 

5185 Stephani (H.) Thesaurus Graecae Linguae, Appendix et Glos- 

saria, 6 vol. in 5 ih, H. Steph. 1573 

5186 Stephani (H.) Thesaurus Graecaa Linguae, vol. 1, part 7, 

Valpy, 1820, &c. . a parcel 

5187 Stephani (Rob.) Thesaurus Linguae Latinse, 4 vol. 

bright old calf gilt, marbled leaves 1 734 

5188 Sterline (Wm. Earle of) Recreations with the Muses, no por- 

trait, calf, gilt leaves . 1637 

5189 Stevin (S.) CEuvres Mathematiques Xe?/(ie, 1634 

5190 Stillingfleet (Bishop) Origines Britannicae 1685 

5191 Stillingfleet (Bp.) Origines ^dicx^., portrait Camb. 1702 

5192 Stoke (M.) HoUandse Jaar-Boeken of R\im-Kron\ik, portraits, 

Leyden, 1699 

5193 Stow (J.) Annales, or General Chronicle of England, by Howes, 

russia . 1630 

5194 Stow (J.) Survey of London. In this copy is inserted the newest 

and exactest mapp of London and Westminster by T. Pointer, 
sould by R. Walton, at the Rose and Crown, at the ivest end 
of St. Paules ; russia 1 633 

5195 Stow (J.) Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, 

and Life by Strype, portrait, maps and many plates, 2 vol. 
russia extra, marbled leaves . 17*20 

5196 Stowe. General Plan and Prospects of Lord Viscount Cob- 

hara's Gardens at Stowe, by S. Bridgeman, map and 
\ 4 plates, on canvas, old red morocco oblong folio, 1739 

5197 Stowe (Views of) and taken in 1805-6-7-9, consisting 

OF 110 original drawings, in crayon, bistre, &c. 
BY J. C. Nattes. 2 vol. russia oblong folio, n. d, 

5198 Strabonis Rerum Geographicarum lib., Gr. et Lat. notis var. et 

Casauboni, 2 vol. Amst. 1707 

5199 Strabonis Rerum Geographicarum, lib. xvii. Gr. et. Lat. notis 

variorum, cura T. Falconer, 2 vol. 
large paper, 7'ussia extra, gilt leaves Oxoniij 1807 


5200 Strada (Fam.) Histoire de la Guerre de Flandre par Du Ryer, 

portraits, 2 vol. calf gilt 1649 

5201 Strada (F.) History of the Low Country Warres by Stapylton, 

portraits, calf gilt . 1650 

5202 Strada (F.). Another copy 1650 

5203 Strada (F.). Another edition . 1667 

5204 StraflForde (The Earl of ) Letters, Dispatches, and State 

Papers, with Life by Sir G. Radcliffe, &c. by Wm. Knowler, 
portrait by Vertue, 2 vol. bright old calf gilt 1739 

5205 Straszewicz (Jos.) les Polonais et les Polonaises de la Revolu- 

tion du 1830, ou Portraits des Personnes qui ont figure 
dans la derniere Guerre de 1' Independance Polonaise, 
40 portraits on india paper, half bound calf Paris, 1832 

5206 Strutt (J. G.) Sylva Britannica, or Portraits of Forest 

Trees distinguished for their antiquity, magnitude, or 
beauty, 50 plates, fine proofs on india paper, with an auto- 
graph letter of the Author, half bound in russia, g. I. 1822 

5207 Strype (Jo.) Memorials of Archbishop Cranraer, joor^s. 1694 

5208 Strype (J.) History of the Life and Acts of Archbishop Edm. 

Grindall, portrait 

LARGE PAPER, Calf , 1710 

5209 Strype (J.) Life and Acts of Archbishop Matt. Parker, no 

portrait . 1711 

5210 Strype (J.) Life and Acts of Archbishop ^hii^ih, portrait 


521 1 Strype (J.) Ecclesiastical Memorials, relating chiefly to 

Religion, and the Reformation of the Church of England 
under Henry Vlll, 3 vol. no portrait 
LARGE PAPER, ^?2e copij, vussia extra, gilt leaves 1721 

5212 Stuart and Revett, Antiquities of Athens, numerous 

plates, fine impressions, 3 vol. 
original edition, /?ie copy, calf gilt 1762-94 

5213 Stuckii (J. G.) Antiquitatum Convivialiura et Sacrorum et 

Sacrificiorum Gentilium lib., 2 vol. in 1 L. Bat. 1695 

5214 Stukeley (Wm.) Stoneheiige, Abury, two Temples restored to 

the British Druids, with some others described, portrait 
and 7b plates, 2 \o\. russia . 1740-43 

5215 Stukeley (W.) Itinerarium Curiosum, or Account of the Anti- 

quities and Curiosities in Great Britain, portrait, upwards 
of 200 plates, 2 vol. russia 1776 

5216 Sturmy (Capt. S.) Mariner's Magazine and Table of Loga- 

rithms, jjorirm'i . 1679 

5217 Suidae Lexicon, Grsece et Latine, cum Indicibus Kusteri, 3 vol. 

large paper, russia extra, marbled leaves Cantab. 1705 

5218 Sully (Due de) Memoires des Sages et Hoyalles QEconomies 

d'Estat Domestiques Politiques et Militaires de Henry le 
Grand, 4 vol. in 3 
first edition of vol. 1 and 2, fine copy 

Amstd. chez Aletinosgraphe, 1638-83 


5219 Sussex Illustrated, a Collection of 4 original dratvifigs, 5 map}^, 

and upwards of 100 plates, the letter press inlaid^ and the 
printSy ^'C. mounted^ half russia n. d. 

5220 Sutherland (Duchess of) Views in Orkney and the 

North Eastern Coast of Scotland, taken 1805, 
44 fine etchings, plates and vignette 

TION COPY, with an autograph letter of the Duchess. 

red morocco extra, lined with blue morocco, tooled, joints, and 
gilt leaves . 1807 

5221 Sidney, State Papers, Letters and Memorials, by A. Collins, 

poi'trait, 2 vol. 


5222 Taciti Opera, cum Lipsii comraentariis Antv. 1668 

5223 Tacitus, Annales, by Greenwey 1640 

5224 Tacitus, Works, translated by Gordon, 2 vol. 


5225 Tafereel (Het Groote) der Dwaasheid, portimt of Jean Lawy 

and upwards of 60 curious caricatures and satirical prints 

on the celebrated Missisippi Scheme and the South Sea BubhU) 

Jine impressions, old calf gilt 1720 

5226 Tanneri (T.) Bibliotheca Britannico-Hibernica cum prefatione 

D. Wilkinsii,|?or^rai^ . 1748 

5227 Tanner (Bp. Tho.) Notitia Monastica, or an Account of all 

the Abbies, Priories, &c. formerly in England and Wales, 
by ^Si^^imih, portrait and plates 
BEST EDITION . Caml. 1787 

5228 Tasso (Torq.) la Gerusalemme Liberata con le Annotation! di 

S. Gentili e di G. Guastauini, with the plates of Bernardo 
Castello, old red morocco, gilt leaves Genoua, 1617 

5229 Tasso, Gerusalemme, con Annotation! di S. Gentili, many plates 

by Castello ib. 1617 

5230 Tasso, la Gerusalemme Liberata Parigi, 1644 

5231 Tasso, la Gerusalemme Liberata, with fine plates and vignettes 

by G. Piazetta, old red morocco, gilt leaves Venet, 1745 

5232 Tasso, Godfrey of Bulloigne ; or the Recoverie of Jerusalem, 

done in Heroicall Verse by E. Fairfax 1600 

5233 Tavernier and Bernier, Travels through Turkey into Persia 

and the East Indies, j)l<^tes, 2 vol. in 1, good copy 1688 

5234 Taylor (Jer.) Life of Jesus Christ, plates 1653 

5235 Taylor (Bp. Jer.) History of the Life and Death of Jesus Christ, 

and Cave's Lives of the Apostles, many plates, ruled with 
red lines, fine copy, old red morocco extra, gilt leaves 1703 

5236 Taylor, the Water Poet (John) Workes, ivith wood 

RARE, fine large copy, with a great many rough leaves through- 
out, old calf . 1630 

5237 Temple (Sir W.) Works, portrait, 2 vol. old calf gilt 1750 


5238 Tetiiers (D.) Theatrum Pictorium, 246 portraits and plates 

LARGE PAPER, Very scarce, fine copy^ old calf gilt Antv. n. d. 

6239 Teniers (D.) Theatrum V\cioY\\iu\, portrait and 2 A^ fine plates 

scarce, fine copy, old calf gilt ih. 1684 

6240 Terentii Comoediae sex, cum Commentariis R. Stephani, 1529 

5241 Terentii Comoediae, ex codicibus Bibliothecse Vaticanae, cum 

notis Cocquelini, many pjlates, 2 vol. vellum Bomce, 1767 

5242 Tertulliani Opera Omnia, per J. Paraelium illustrata, 5 vol. in 1 

Eothomagi, 1662 

5243 Tertulliani Opera, cura Rigaltii Paris, 1664 

5244 Tesauro (Eman.) Historia delle Citta di Torino Torino, 1679 

5245 Tessereau (Ab.) Histoire Chronologique de la Grande Chan- 

celerie de France, 2 vol. Paris, 1710 

5246 Thevenot, Relations des Voyages Curieux, many maps and 

plates, 4 vol. . ih. 1663-72 

5247 Thevenot (Melch.) Relations de divers Voyages curieux, qui 

n'ont point este publiees, maps and plates, 3 vol. ih. 1696 

5248 Thevenot (M. de) Travels into the Levant, Turkey, Persia 

and the East ln6\es, plates 1687 

5249 Thibault (G.) Academic de I'Espee et la Theorie et Pratique 

du maniement des Armes a Pied et a Cheval 
portrait and numerous fine plates Anvers, 1628 

5250 Thomas (Capt. Geo.) Local Militia Paymaster, or Military 

Friend, red morocco extra, gilt leaves 1812 

5251 Thomas, un An a Rome et dans ses Environs, 72 lithograph 

plates, half russia, gilt leaves Paris, 1822 

5252 Thomson (J.) Atlas of Scotland ; or County Atlas on a very 

\3irge scale f coloured maps J half russia imp. folio. 1831 




5253 Thunberg (C. P.) Travels in Europe, Africa, and Asia, platen, 

A\o\, calf gilt , 1796 

5254 Tibulle, Elegies de, suivies des Baisers de Jean Second, avec 

des notes par M\rdheB.\\, plates, 3 vol. Tours, 1795 

5255 Tillemont (L. de) Memoirs pour servir a I'Histoire Ecclesi- 

astique, 27 vol. . Bruxelles, 1706 

5256 Tillemont (L. de) History of the Arians and the Council of 

Nice, by T. Deacon, 2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER . royal 8vo. 1712 


5257 Times Telescope, from 1814 to 1826, 1828, and 1832 to 1834 

17 vol. 

5258 Timkouski (M. G.) Voyage a Peking a travers la Mongolie 

en 1820-21, par Klaprotti, tt;//^ a 4to. vol. of plates, 3 vol* 

Paris, 1827 

5259 Tiraboschi (Gir.) Storia della Letteratura Italiana, po7'trait, 

9 vol. in 16, calf' gilt royal 8vo. Venet. 1795-6 

5260 Titmarsh (M.) Mrs. Perkins's Ball, coloured plates 18— 
5:1:61 Todd (H. J.) Illustrations of the Lives and Writings of Gower 

and Chaucer, portrait, calf gilt . 1810 

5262 Toland(J.)Collectionof Several Pieces, with Life, 2 vol. 1726 

5263 Tom Cringle's Log, 2 vol. . 1833 

5264 Tomkins (Chas.) Tour to the Isle of Wight, 80 plates, 2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, russta extra royal 8vo. 1796 

5265 Tooke (T.) on High and Low Prices, parts 2 to 4, 1823 — The 

Tablet, 1762, &c. . 4 vol. 

5266 Tooke ( W.) Life of Catherine II, Empress of Russia, jooWrctzV.?, 

S Yo]. calf gilt . . 1799 

5267 Tooti Naraeh, or the Tale of a Parrot, Persian and English 

royal 8vo. 1801 

5268 Topographer, The, illustrative of the Local History and Anti- 

quities of England, by Sir Egerton Brydges and others, 
plates, 4 vol. russia , 1789 

5269 Torr (J.) Antiquities of York City, calf neat 1719 

5270 Tott (Baron de) Memoires sur les Turcs ei les Tartares, 4 vol. 

calf gilt . . A7nst. 1784 

5271 Toulongeon (F. E.) Histoire de France depuis la Revolution 

de 1789, maps, 7 vol. calf gilt Paris, 1801 

5272 Tour of a German Prince in England, Ireland, and France, in 

1828 and 29, portrait, 4 vol. . 1832 

5273 Tour through Holland, plates, Fam, Lib. 1831— Travels 

through Spain, 2 vol. 1808, &c. 10 vol. 

5274 Tournefort (P. de) Voyage du lucvani, plates, 3 vol. 

Lyon. 1717 

5275 Towers (Jos.) Memoirs of the Life and Reign of Frederick 

the Third of Prussia, 2 vol. Dublin, 1789 

5276 Townley (Rich.) Journal Kept in the Isle of Man, 2 vol. 

calf gilt . Whitehaven, 1791 

5277 Tracts. Scarce and Interesting Tracts by Persons of Emi- 

nence, from 1763 to 1770, 4 vol. calf gilt, 1788— Stock- 
dale, History of the Proceedings regarding the Regency, 
1789, &c. . 9 vol. 

5278 Traits of Travel, 3 vol. 1829— Tor Hill, 3 vol. 1826 6 vol. 

5279 Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa, 2 vol. 1782 

5280 Trenck, Memoirs de Fr. Baron de, portrait and plates, 

3 vol. calf gilt . Strasb. 1789 

5281 Tre.ssan (Comle de) CEuvres completes, many plates, 12 vol. 

calf gilt Paris, 1787-91 



5282 Trevor (Hon. A.) Life and Times of William the Third, 

presentation copy, with the author s curious autograph in- 
scription ^ calf extra, gill leaves 1835 

5283 Trial of the Seven ^\?\\o\)?,, frontispnece, 1716, &c. 7 vol. 

5284 Trials of Thistlewood and others for High Treason, 2 vol. 1820 

5285 Trial of Lieut. Gen. Whitelocke, 1808, of the Earl of Cardi- 

gan, 1841, of Richard Vdiich, portrait, 180G, and 9 Trials 

12 vol. 

5286 Trifler, the, 1788— The Lover and Reader, 1789, 

calf gilt . 2 vol. 

5287 Triraegisto (Mercurio) II Pimandro tradotta da T. Benci, 

Firenzcy 1548— Valerio Massimo tradotta da G. Dati 

Venet. 1551 

5288 Triveti (Nic.) Annales Sex Regum Angliae, portrait, 

LARGE PAPER, old Colf gilt . OxouH, 1719 

5289 Trollope (Mrs.) Domestic Mai?ners of the Americans, jo/a/e^, 

2 vol. 1832 — Tales of a Voyager, 3 vol. 5 vol. 

5290 Tryphiodorus, Destruction of Troy translated by J. Merrick, 

1739 — G. Wakefield, Poetical Translations from the An- 
cients, 1795— Underwood (T.) Poems, 1768 3 vol. 

5291 Tufton. Memorials of the Family of Tufton, Earls of Thanet, 

frontispiece, calf gilt Gravesend, 1800 

5292 Turenne (Viscount) Memoirs, 1765 — Tong, Memoirs of John 

Shower, portrait, 1716 — Memoirs of Sir W. Temple, 1714 
— Summary of Roman Law, from T. Taylor, 1772, &c. 

13 vol. 

5293 Turnbull (J.) Voyage round the World, 3 vol. 1805 

5294 Turner (Dawson) Tour in Normandy, and Architectural Anti- 

quities of the Duchy, 60 plates, 2 vol. 
white vellum, gilt back, and marbled leaves 1820 

5295 Turner (Rob.) Astrological Institutions, being a Perfect Isa- 

goge to the Astral Science, plates by Hollar^ 8^c. 
calf extra, gilt leaves . 1658 

5296 Turner (Sh.) History of the Anglo-Saxons, map, 4 vol. 

calf gilt . 1799 

5297 Turner (S.) Sacred History of the World, 3 vol. 1832 

5298 Twiss (Rich.) Miscellanies, 2 vol. calf gilt 1805 

5299 Twiss, Chess (Anecdotes of, and Account of all Chess-Books) 

cafgilt . 1787 

5300 Tyrrell (J.) Suggestions on the Laws of Real Property, 

privately printed . 1829 

5301 United Service Journal, and Naval and Military Magazine, 

from the commencement, 1829, to No. 216, (wanting 
1 9 number's, J 20 vols, half calf, Siud 114 numbers 1829, &c. 

5302 Universal History (Ancient and Modern), 65 vol. and Sup- 

plement, 2 vol. 7naps and plates^ 67 vol. 
uniform old calf . 1747-60 


5303 Upcott (W.) Bibliographical Account of the Principal Works 

relating to English Topography, 3 vol. 
scarce^ calf extra, gilt leaves . 1828 

5304 Ure (Dav.) History of Rutherglen and East Kilbride, 

calf gilt . 1793 

5305 Ure (Dr. A.) Dictionary of Chemistry and Mineralogy 1830 

5306 Vsenii (Ot.) Ennblemata Horatiana, upwards of 100 plates, 

fine impressions, vellum -. Amst. 1684 

5307 Valla (G.) de Natura partium Animalium, Argent, s. a. — 

Fabri (J.) Opus Differentige Animalium, Tiguri, 1555, in 
J vol. old morocco, stamped sides 1555 

5308 Valpy (R.) Sermons, 2 vol. calf gilt, 1811— White (Jos.) 

Bampton Lectures, 1792 — Webster (C.) Sermons, 1811 

4 vol. 

5309 Van Braam (A. Ev.) Embassy of the Dutch East India Com- 

pany to China, map, 2 vol. . 1798 

5310 Vanbrugh (Sir John) Fla^ys, portrait, 2 vol. 1759 

5311 Vasi (M.) Itineraire Instructif de Rome, par A. ^ihhy, plates, 

2 vol. white vellum,, gilt leaves Rome, 1826 

5312 Vansittart (Henry) Narrative of Transactions in Bengal, 3 vol. 

LARGE TAPER, old calf gilt . 1766 

5313 Vassor (Mich, le) Histoire du Regne de Louis Wll, poi^traits, 

18 vol. . . Amst. 1712 

5314 Vattel (M. de) Law of Nations, or Principles of the Law of 

Nature . royal 8vo. 1793 

5315 Vaux (C. Grant Vicomte de) Memoires Historiques Genealogi- 

ques, etc. de la Maison de GrsLUt, portrait, calf gilt 1796 

5316 Vega (F. de) La Dorotea Accion en Prosa 3Iadrid, 1654 

5317 Vega (Lope de) Arcadia, Prosas y Versos, Madrid, 1620 — 

Vega, Pastores de Belen, Prosas y Versos, Brusselas, 1614 

2 vol. 

5318 Vernon (G.) Life of Peter Heylin, 1682— Le Vassor, Reign 

of Lewis XlII, 1700, &c. 5 voL 

5319 Verstigan (R.) Restitution of Decayed Intelligence in Antiqui- 

ties of the English Nation, plates 1673 

5320 Vertot, Histoire des Revolutions Roraaineset Histoire Critique 

de I'Establissement des Bretons dans le Gaules, 5 vol. 
Paris, 1719-20, &c. . 13 vol. 

5321 Vertot, Revolutions of the Roman Republic, 2 vol. 1721 — 

Wotton on Learning, 1694. kc. 8 vol. 

53*22 Vertot, Establishment of the Bretons among the Gauls, 2 vol. 
1722 — Revolutions of the Roman Republic, 2 vol. 1720 

4 vol. 

5323 Vertot, History of the Establishment of the Bretons among 

the Gauls, 2 vol. in 1 . 1722 

5324 Victor (B.) Dramatic Pieces and Poems, 3 vol. 1776 

5325 VidsB (M. Hieron) Poeraata, edidit Tristram, portrait, 2 vol. 

bright old calf gilt . royal 8vo. Oxon. \12i2 


5326 Vies (Les) des Saints Peres des Deserts et de Quelques Sainies, 

trad, par Mr. A. D'Andilly, ruled with red lines, 3 vol. 
old red morocco extra^ gilt leaves Paris, 1668 

5327 Vigeri de Idiotismis Liber a Zeunio, Lipsice, 1788, &c. 5 vol. 

5328 Vigny (A. de) Cinq Mars, sous Louis XIII, 4 vol. Paris, 

1826, &c. . 9 vol. 

5329 Villares (I' Abbe de) Le Comte de Gabalis, 2 vol. 1742— 

Voltaire, Dictionnaire Philosophique, 4 vol. — La Pucclle, 
la Hcnriade, &c. 8 vol. Paris, 1820 14 vol. 

5330 Vergilii (Polydori) Historia Anglica . 1651 

5331 Virgilii Bucolica et Georgica Tabulis ^neis olim a J. Pine, 

Jine impressions 
old red morocco, richly tooled, and gilt leaves 1774 

5332 Virgilii Opera, Varietate Lectionis et Perpetua Adnotatione 

lllustrata, cura C. G. Heyne,^^wm-, 6 vol. 
FINE PAPER, russia extra . Lips. 1800 

5333 Virgilii Opera, plates hx) Bartolozzi and Fittler, proof im- 

pressions, 2 vol. 
large paper, 7'ed morocco extra, g. I. by Herring 1800 

5334 Vivian Grey, 5 vol. 1826— The Young Duke, 3 vol. 1831 — 

The Younger Son, 3 vol. 1831 . 11 vol. 

5335 Voltaire, QEuvres Completes, avec Sa Vie par Beau- 

marchais, et Table des Matieres par Chantreau, with poj^- 
traits and 7nany plates, after Moreaus designs, very fine 
impressions, 72 vol. wanting vol. 63 
LARGE paper, the table 2 vol. on small paper, bound uni- 
form calf extra, by Kalthoeber roy. 8vo. 1785-1801 

5336 Von Troil (U.) Letters on Iceland, map and plates 

Dublin, 1780 

5337 Voyages (Recueil de) de la Compagnie des Indes Orientates, 

maps and plates, 7 vol. . Amst. 1702 

5338 Voyages (Recueil de) au Nord, many plates, 10 vol. 

bright old calf gilt . Amst. 1731 

5339 Voyages Imaginaires, Songes, Visions et Romans Cabalistiques, 

numerous plates, 36 vol. bright old calf gilt Amst. 1787 

5340 Voyages, Recuei) Amusant de, 6 vol. Paris, 1787 

5341 Voyages. Nouvelles Annales des Voyages de la Geographie et 

de I'Histoire, avec des cartes et planches par Eyries., 
Malte Brun et Klaproth, 52 vol. 
neat set, half bound calf . ib. 1819-32 

5342 Vyse (Col. Howard) Operations carried on at the Pyramids of 

Gizeh, and a Voyage to Upper Egypt, many plates, 3 vol. 

imp. 8vo. 1840 

5343 Wade (J.) Redemption of Time, 1683— Wilkins (J.) Mathe- 

matical Magick, 1691 — White (G.) History of Selborne, 
1832, &c. . . 5 vol. 

5344 Waldron (F. G.) Literary Museum, a Selection of scarce old 

Tracts, calf gilt . . 1792 


5345 Walker (O.) Greek and Roman History, illustrated by Coins 

and Medals . . 1692 

5346 Walker (T.) History of the Royal Family, 1713— History of 

William III, 1702 — Memoirs of W. Whiston, portraity 
1753 — Life and Writings of the Duke of Wharton, por- 
trait, 2 vol. 1732, &c. . 10 vol. 

5347 Wallace (G.) on Ancient Peerages of Scotland Edinb. 1785 

5348 Waller (Sir W.) Vindication of his Character and Conduct, 

written by himself, portrait . 1793 

5349 Walpole (Horace) Castle of Otranto, a Gothic Story, plate 

LARGE PAPER royal 8vo. Parma, Bodoni, 1791 

5350 Walpole (H. Earl of Orford) Private Correspondence, 1735-97, 

4 vol. calf ^^'(^'^^ g'i^i leaves . 1820 

5351 Walpole (H. Earl of Orford) Letters to Sir Horace Mann, 

edited by Lord Dover, portrait, 3 vol. 1833 

5352 Walsh (R.) Journey from Constantinople to England, maps 

and plates . 1829 

5353 Walton and Cotton, Complete Angler, by Hawkins 1797 

5354 Walton and Cotton, Complete Angler, and Lives of the Au- 

thors, by Sir Jo. Hawkins, porti'aits and plates, proof 
LARGE PAPER, calf, marbled leaves royal 8vo. 1808 

5355 Wanley (N.) Wonders of the Little World, or a General His- 

tory of Man, by Johnston, plates, 2 vol. 
calf gilt . royal 8vo. 1806 

5356 Warburton (Bishop) Julian, 1751 — Warburton, Alliance of 

Church and State, 1766 — West (^.) on the Resurrection, 
1747 — Warton (T.) on Spenser's Fairy Queen, 2 vol. 1762 

5 vol. 

5357 Warburton (Bp.) Letters to Bishop Hurd, portraits, 

calf gilt . . 1809 

5358 Warburton (Jo.) London and Middlesex, illustrated by an 

Account of the Nobility and Eminent Families, 

calf gilt . . 1749 

5359 Warburton (Bp.) Divine Legation of Moses, 3 vol. 1738 

5360 Ward (Torn) British Hudibras, being a continuation of But- 

ler's Pludibras, plates . 1710 

5361 Ward (Ned) London-Spy, complete, 2 vol. scarce 1704 

5362 Warii (N.) Secret History of Clubs, with their Original and 

Characters, scarce . 1709 


5363 Toulmin (Joshua) History of Taunton, plates, 

calf gilt . Taunton, 1791 

5364 Tournefort (P. de) Voyage du Levant, mafit/ plates, 2 vol. 

Paris, 1717 

5365 Tourreil (Jacq.) CEu\ res, portr^ait, 2 vol. ib. 1721 


5366 Townson (Rob.) Travels in Hungary, map and plates, 

calf gilt . . 1797 

5367 Townson (T.) Discourses on the Four Gospels, Oxford, 1778, 

&c. . . 2 vol. 

5368 Tracts. Papers relating to the Present Affairs in England, 

1688 — Narrative of the Murders and Oppressions on the 
Protestants in Ireland, 1690 — Hamilton (And.) Actions 
of the Inniskilling Men, 1690, &c. in 1 vol. 

5369 Tracts. Mischief of Impositions, 1680 — Peacock (Bp. Regi- 

nald) Scripture the Rule of Faith, 1688 — Sure Means for 
the Conversion of all Heretics, 1688 — Defence of the Mis- 
sionaries Arts, 1689 — A Birchin Rod for Dr. Birch, 1694, 
and others Theological . 4 vol. 

5370 Tracts (5) ?7>. Rooke, Travels in Arabia Felix, 1783— Ta- 

bago. Description of, n, d. — S. Clarh, Life and Death of 
Sir Ft. Drake, portrait, by Vaughan, 1671 — Hamond 
( W.J Madagascar, the Richest and most Fruitful Island 
in the World, 1643 — Dalrymple, Borneo, 1769, iu 1 vol. 
calf gilt . . 1643-1783 

5371 Tracts (41) Political, &c. viz. Sir Tho. Smith, Common- 

wealth of England, Blacfe letter, 1621 — Archidamus, or the 
Coimcell of Warre, 1624 — The Orders, Lawes and Ancient 
Customes of Swanns, by Jo. Witherings, woodcut, 1632— - 
The Liberties, Usages and Customes of the City of London, 
by Sir H. Calthorp, 1642 — Three Answers to Judge Jen- 
kins, 1647-8 — Life of Ignatius Jardain, of Exeter, 1654 — 
Chr. Love, Vindication, 1651 — Smith, Wonder of Won- 
ders: a Metamorphosis of Fair Faces into Foul Visages, 
plate-^GvedX Britain's Bitter Lamentation over the Death 
of Gen. Lord Monck, in verse, 1670 — Names of the Mem- 
bers of Parliament of this Commonwealth, 1653, portrait 
and curious plates, 1654 — Copy of Cromwell's Letter to 
the Members of Parliament, portrait of Cromwell, and 
many curious plates, 1656 — Rob. Markham, Description 
of that Ever to be Famed Sir John Burgh, and his unfor- 
tunate Death at the Isle of Rees, in Verse, 1628 — 
T. Mayhew, Panegyrick upon the JoyfuU and Welcome 
Return of King Charles II, in Verse, 1660 — Willington's 
Thrice Welcome to Charles II, 2 parts, 1660 — Ghost of 
Charles the Great King and Martyr, a Poem — London's 
Glory, represented by Time, Truth and Fame at the Mag- 
nificent Triumphs and Entertainments of Charles II, 1660, 
&c. in 4 vol. russia extra . v, y, 

5372 Tracts (8, curious) viz. Former Ages never heard of, and 

After Ages will Admire, or Review of Parliamentary 
Transactions, beginning 1640, many curious plates, 1656 
— O. Cromwell, Letter to the Members of Parliament, 
1653, porti^ait and curious jdcttes, 1656 — Further Narra- 


tive of the Passages of these Times in the Commonwealth 
of England, portrait and curious plates, 1G57 — The Com- 
monwealth's Great Ship, called the Soveraigne of the Seas, 
in 1637, portrait and curious plates, 1653 — London's 
Blame if not its Shame, 1651 — Book of the Continuation 
of Forreign Passages, 1654-55, 4 portraits, map and 
curious plates, 1657 — Barbarous and Inhumane Proceedings 
against the Professors of the Reformed Religion in Savoy, 
and the Bloody Massacres, Tortures, &c. committed on the 
Protestants of Ireland, many curious plates, unfortunately 
wanting the last leaf, 1655, &c. a collection of curious 
and very scarce tracts, in 1 vol. russia 1653-7 

5373 Tracts (128) Miscellaneous, viz. Royal Fishing Revived, 

1670 — Sir W. Talbot, The Discoveries of John Leeder in 
three several Marches from Virginia to the West of Caro- 
lina, in 1669 and 1670, map, 1672 — Of the Knowledge 
and Conducte of Warres, 1578 — Discourse concerning a 
Judge of Controversies, 1686 — F. Phillips, The Reforming 
Registry, 1 662 — W. Prynne, The Opening of the Great 
Scale of England, 1643 — Popery, or the Principles and 
Positions approved by the Church of Rome, 1679, &c. in 
8 vol. half bound calf, unform 1648-1814 

5374 Tracts (30) viz. A Discourse Touching the Drayning the 

Great Fennes in Lincolne, Northampton, &c. by Sir C. 
Vermuiden, 1642 — The English Pope, 1643 — Warning 
for all the Counties of England — Directory of Church 
Government, 1644 — Ordinance of the Lords and Com- 
mons for raising £20,000 a Month for the Relief of Ire- 
land, 1646 — View of the New Directorie and Vindication 
of the Ancient Liturgie, Oxford, 1646 — Jo. Milton, Judg- 
ment of M. Bucer concerning Divorce, The Doctrine and 
Discipline of Divorce, Tetrachordon and Colasterion, four 
tracts, first editions, 1 G44-45 — Sir H. Spelman, Churches 
not to be Violated, 1646 — A Directory for Publique Wor- 
ship, 1646, and the Diurnall Occurrences, or Dayly Pro- 
ceedings of Parliament, 1640-41, &c. in 2 vol. v. y. 

5375 Tracts (34) Extraordinary Occurrences, viz. S. Har- 

ward on Several Kinds and Causes of Lightnings, 1607 — 
The Windie Yeare, shewing many Strange Accidents by 
Land and Sea, and Relation of that at Great Chart, in 
Kent, blacli letter, 1613 — True Relation of the Accidents 
at Chagford, in Devonshire, &c. woodcut, blacfe letter, 1618 
— Somewhat written by occasion of Three Sunnes Scene at 
Tregnie, in Cornwall, woodcut, 1622 — True Relation of 
the Earthquake in the Citie of Coventrie, 1626 — Looke 
Up and See Wonders, a Miraculous Apparition in the Ayre 
in Barkeshire, woodcut, 1628 — C. Hammond, Warning 
Piece for Enghind, woodcut, ftlacfe letter, 1652, and 27 


other True Relations of Accidents and Strange Occurrences 
in the various Counties of England, from 1623 to 1719, 
woodcuts, the whole neatly inlaid, in 1 vol. many of which 
are of great rarity, russia extra 1607-1719 

5376 Tracts (112) Political and Parliamentary, Sir T. Smith, 
Commonwealth of Enpiland, blacfe letter, 1602 — Apologie 
of the Earl of Essex, 1603 — Former Ages never heard of, 
and After Ages will Admire, inany curious plates^ 1654 — 
Names of the Members of Parliament, &c. portrait and 
curious plates, 1654 — True Discovery of a Bloody Plott, 
woodcut, 1641 — Sir Jo. Suckling, Letter from France, in 
Ve7'se, 1641 — Ignatius, his Prophecie, 1641 — History of 
the Babylonish Cabal, and Daniel Catchers, a Poem, 1682 
— Allen, Killing no Murder, 1689 — Speeches, Declarations, 
Ordonances, SiC. in 9 vol. half russia 1602, he. 

b377 Tracts (36) Political and Ecclesiastical, viz. Harsnet, De- 
claration of Egregious Popish Impostures under Pretence 
of Casting out Devils, 1603 — The Picture of a Papist, 
1606 — A Gagge for the Pope and the Jesuits, 1624 — 
Dr. Rainoldes, Judgement Touching the Originall of Epis- 
copacy, 1641 — A Decade of Grievances, woodcut, 1641 — 
Four Tracts on Episcopacy, 1641, &c. — Grant, Vindication 
of the Vicar of Isleworth, Middlesex, 1641 — The Petition 
and Articles exhibited against Edward Finch, Vicar of 
Christ's Church, London, portrait, 1641 — Brightman, 
Predictions and Prophecies, 1641 — Cabinet of the Jesuit's 
Secrets, &c. in 3 vol. . 1603-94 

5378 Tracts (24) Dell (W.) Right Reformation, 1646— B. Bourne, 

Description and Confutation of the Mysticall Anti-Christ, 
the Familists, 1646 — The Barbarous and Inhumane Pro- 
ceedings against the Reformed Religion in Savoy, 1655 — 
The Bloody Massacres, &c. in Ireland, in 1641, and the 
Miserable Condition of Germany, 1637, many curious 
plates, very scarce, 1655 — True Information of the Begin- 
ning and Cause of all our Troubles, many curious plateSy 
very scarce, 1648 — Roma Ruina Finalis, a.d. 1666, Xow- 
doni, 1655 — Wm. Lilly, Monarchy or no Monarchy in 
England, and the Life and Death of King Charles, many 
curious wood engravings, 1651, &c. in 2 vol. 1646, &c. 

5379 Tracts. A Collection of about 250 English Tracts, 

to 1714, viz. W. S. A Briefe Conceipte of English 
Policy, blaffe letter, 1581 — M. Hanmsr, The Jesuites Ban- 
ner Displaying their Original and Successe, 8.c. {ilacfe letter, 
1581 — Spenser, Vox Civitatis, or London's Complaint 
against her Children in the Country, 1625 — Rous, Testis 
Veritatis, 1626 — Constitutions and Canons, Ecclesiasticall, 
1633 — D. Featley, Vertumnus Romanus, 1641 — A Pa- 
rallel, or Comparison of the Liturgie with the Masse-Book, 


i64l-~The True Grounds of Ecclesiasticall Regiment, 
Ib41 — Noli me Tangere, plate and woodcut, 1642 — A 
Great Fight in Wales, between Col. Horton and Col. 
Powell, 1648 — Prynne, Truth Triumphing over Falshood, 
1645 — Articles for the Surrender of Newark and Wor- 
cester, 1646— Tryall of Col. Jo. Lilburne, 1649— Nic 
Culpperper Catastrophe Magnatum, 1652 — Coventry 
(Sir W.) The Character of a Limner, 1689, &c. mostly 
uncut) 28 vol. uniformly half bound calf 

5380 Tracts. A large Collection of Army Tracts, 1647, &c. and 
Newspapers for 1638 to 1650, &c. in 5 vol. 
half lussia . 16:38, &c. 

6381 Treaties, Collection of, relating to the Commerce and Navi- 
gation of the British Dominions, 
old red morocco extra, gilt leaves . 1717 

5382 Trigan (C.) Histoire Ecclesiastique de la Provence de Nor- 

mandie, 4 vol. . Caen 1759 

5383 Trostii (M.) Lexicon Syriacum Cothenis, 1623 

5384 Tuckey (J. K.) Expedition to Explore the River Zaire, South 

Africa, map and 14: plates . 1818 

5385 Tully (Rich.) Residence at Tripoli, map and coloured plates 


5386 Turnbull (Jo.) Voyage round the World in 1800-1804 1813 

5387 Turner (Sam.) Account of an Embassy to Lama of Tibet, 

map and plates ) calf gilt . ISOU 

5388 Turner (Sharon) History of the Reign of Henry the Eighth 


5389 Turner (W.) Tour in the Levant, maps and many plates, 

some coloured, 3 vol. . 1820 

5390 Turrene (Vicomte de) Histoire du, porti^ait and plates, 2 vol. 

Paris, 1735 

5391 Turri (Raph. de) Dissedentis Desciscentis ReceptaGque Nea- 

polis, libri VI. . Insulis, 1651 

5392 Twynii (B.) Antiquitatis Academiee Oxonensis Apologia, Ox- 

onii, 1608 — Historia aliquot Nostri Saeculi Martyrum 
Angliae, Moguntice, 1550, very scarce, with autograph of 
Steph. Baluzius, 2 vol. in 1, calf neat 1550-1608 

5393 Twysden (R.) Vindication of the Church of England, title 

torn, &c. . . 4 vol. 

5394 Ulloa (Ant. de) Viage a la America Meridional, maps and 

plates, 4 vol. in 2 — Ulloa, Observaciones Astronom.icas y 
Phisicas, plates, together 3 vol. uniform, 
LARGE PAPER, culf gilt . Madrid, 1748-73 

5395 Universal Harmony, or the Gentleman and Ladies' Social 

Companion, with the musics and engraved designs 1746 

5396 Vaillant (J.) Numismata Imp. Roraanorura, plates of coins, 

2 vol. in 1 . Paris, 1674 

Q Q 


5397 Vaillant (M. le) Voyage dans rintcrieiir de TAfrique plates, 

2 vol. in 1 — Second Voyage, plates, 2 vol. together 3 vol. 
calf gilt . Paris, 1790-6 

5398 Valentia (Lud.) Voyages and Travels to India, Ceylon, Abys- 

sinia and Egypt, numerous plates, proofs on india paper, 

3 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, Tussia extva, gilt leaves roy. 4to. 1809 

5399 Valentine and Orson, the Two Sonnes of the Emperor of 

Greece, wood engravings, with J. Ritsons autograph, 
l>Iac^ \tiUx, very scarce . 1649 

5400 Valcrii Flacci Argonautica, cura Burmanni, 

dutch vellum . Leidce, 1724 

5401 Valerii Probi de interpretandis Romanorum literis Opusculum, 

etc. Venet. 1502 — Theocriti Bucolica, etc. s. a. 2 vol. in I 
ruissia, gilt leaves . . 1502 

5402 Vallancey (Chas.) Treatise on Inland Navigation, plates 

Dublin, 1763 

5403 Vancouver (G.) Voyage of Discovery round the World, maps 

and many plates, 3 vol. with folio atlas, 
calf gilt . royal 4to. 1798 

5404 Vane (Sir Hen.) Life and Death of, with his Tryal and his 

Two Treatises, and Jacob's Ladder of Faith, portrait, 

4 vol. in 1, scarce, calf . 1662-64 

5405 Van Reenen (J.) Journey from the Cape of Good Hope, map 


5406 Varillas (S"".) Histoire de Charles IX. 2 vol. 

old red morocco, gilt leaves . Paris, 1683 

5407 Vasari (Gior.) Vite de Pittori, Scultori et Architetti, nume- 

rous portraits, ^ vo\. . Bologna, 1647 

5408 Vauban (Marechal de) Meraoire sur les Sieges et les Defenses 

des Places, pZ«^e.?, Leide, 1740, &c. 4 vol. 

5409 Vega (G. de la) Histoire des Guerres Civiles des Espagnoles 

dans les Indes, par J. Baudoin, 2 vol. Paris, 1658 

5410 Vega (G. de la) Coramentaire Royal, ou I'Histoire des Yncas, 

Roys du Peru, Paris, 1632 — Wicquefort, L'Ambassadeur 
et Les Fonctions, 2 vol. Cologne, 1690 3 vol. 

5411 Verdun (M. de) Voyages de I'Europe de I'Afrique et de 

I'Amerique, charts, 2 vol. . Paris, 1778 

5412 Vergilio (Polidoro) de gli Inventori delle Cose tradotti per 

Baldelli, Fiorenza, 1587, &c. 3 vol. 

5413 Verstegan (Rich.) Restitution of Decayed Intelligence concern- 

ing the English Nation, tvants title 
russia . . Antwerp, 1605 

5414 Vertue (Geo.) Catalogue and Description of the Collection of 

Pictures, &c. belonging to Kings Charles I. James II. 
Geo. Villiers Duke of Buckingham, and Queen Caroline, 
3 vol. in 1, scarce, fine copy, i^ussia extra 1758 


5415 Vertue (Geo.) Description of the Works of W. Hollar, and 

Account of his Life, interleaved, half russia, uncut 1759 

5416 Veslingii (J.) Syntagma Anatomicum, /)/a^e5 Patavii, 1647 

5417 Vianoli (A.M.) Historia YeneiA, portraits, 2 vol. Venet. 1680 

5418 Vico (i^.) Augustarum Imagines sereis formis expresae, 

many plates <, Venet. 1558 

5419 Vidal (E. E.) Picturesque Illustrations of Buonos Ayres and 

Monte Video, coloured plates royal 4to. 1820 

5420 Vie (La) des Trois Maries, de leur Mere et de leurs Enfans, 

got^tc letter, margin of the title mended, russia ext. Rouen,n.d. 

5421 Vieyra (Ant.) Methodus addiscendi Arabicam Linguam, 

/??2e cop7/y old red morocco, gilt leaves Dub. 1788 

5422 Villani (Giov.) Historic Universal! de suoi Tempi, 2 vol. 

Venet. 1559 

5423 Vince(S.) Complete System of Astronomy, /?/a^e*, 2 vol. russia, 

vol. 3 boards . Camh. 1797-1808 

5424 Vincent (W.) Voyage of Nearchus from the Indus to the 

Euphrates, with the Description of the Portrait of Alex- 
ander, ;r;o?'^r«eV anc? maps, calf gilt 1797-1808 

5425 Vincent (W.) Periplus of the Erythrean Sea, maps and plates, 

with 2 poi'traits of Vasco de Gama, 1 coloured, 2 vol. and 
Voyage of Nearchus, portrait, together 3 vol. 
calf gilt . 1800-9 

5426 Vinnii (A.) Institutionura Imperialium Commentarius, cura 

Heineccii, L. B. 1726, &c. . 3 vol. 

5427 Violet (Tho.) True Narrative of the Proceedings in the Court 

of Admiraltie against the Ships Sampson, Salvador, and 
George, and Account of the Silver taken out of the said 
Ships, plate by Hollar . 1659 

5428 Virgilii Opera cum notis, et cura Masvicii, 2 vol. 

LeovardicR, 1717 

5429 Virgil, The XIII. Bookes of ^neidos, translated into English 

Verse by Tho. Phaer and Tho. Twyne, 
blacfe letter, good copy, russia Wm, How, 1584 

5430 Virgil, The ^^neis, translated by Trapp, vignettes, 2 vol, 1718 

5431 Virgil, ^neid, translated by Pitt, 2 vol. 


5432 ViscoNTi (G. ed E. Q.) Opere ; viz. II Museo Pio Clemen- 

tine, 7 vol. ; II Muspo Ciiiaramonti ; Iconografia Greca, 
3 vol. ; Iconografia Romana, 2 vol. in 1, numerous plates, 
13 vol. in 12 
LARGE PAPER, vellum, uncut Milano, 1818-23 

5433 Voiture (M. de) CEuvres, portrait by Nantueil, Paris, 1656 

— Defense des Ouvrages de Voiture, ib. 1663 2 vol. 

5434 Volney (C. F.) Voyage en Syrie et en Egypte, plates, 2 vol. 

ib. 1787 — Voyages de Ferrieres-Sauvebceuf, 2 vol. ib. 1790 
— Voyage de J. B. Le Chevalier, maps, 2 vol. ib. 1800 

6 vol. 


.5435 Voltaire, Henriade, translated in Rhyme, 2 parts, 1798, and 
various pamphlets, &c. . a parcel 

5436 Vossii (G. J.) Ars Historica Z. Bat. 1623 

5437 Vossii (G. J.) de Historicis Latinis, lib. iii. 

russia extra^ gilt leaves . ib. 1627 

5438 Vossii (G. J.) de Theologia Gentili et de Idolataria libri, 

2 vol. . Amst, \ 0,4-2 

6439 Vowell alias Hoker (John) the Antique Description and 

Account of the City of Exeter Exoriy 1765 

5440 Voyage round the World in H.M. Ship Endeavour 1771 

5441 Voyage dans les Pays situes entre la Mer Noire et la Mer 

Caspienne, large map^ calf gilt Paris, 1798 

5442 Voyage Pittoresque dans le Canton des Grisons, en Suisse 

vers le Lac Majeur et le Lac Come, ?>\ finely coloured 
plates Zurich, 1827 

5443 Waddington and Hanbury, Journal of a Visit to some parts of 

^i\{\0Y[2ii maps and plates^ . 1822 

5444 Waldegrave (Jas. Earl of) Memoirs, portrait 1 82 1 

5445 Waldron (F. G.) Shakespearean Miscellany, portrait and 

plates, calf, ma^'hled leaves 1802 

5446 Walker (Clem.) History of Independency, 3 parts in 1 vol. 1648 

5447 Waller (Edm.) Works, by Fenton, portraits ivith two Poems, 

the original broadsides inserted, russia extra, g. I. 1729 

5448 Waller (G.) Abstract of the Revenue Laws, morocco, Dublin, 

1784, &c. . 4 vol. 

5449 Wallis (Jo ) Natural History and Antiquities of Northum- 

berland and Durham, 2 vol. calf 1769 

5450 Walpole (Horace) Catalogue of Engravers in England, from 

the MS. of Geo. Vertue, and his Life, portraits, fine im,' 
presions, calf gilt Strawberry Hill, 1763 

5451 Walpole (Hor.) Catalogue of Royal and Noble Authors of 

England, Scotland and Ireland, enlarged and continued by 
T. Park, numerous portraits, 5 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, yellow morocco eatra, gilt leaves 1806 

5452 Walpole (Hor.) Letters to Geo. Montagu; Letters to the 

Earl of Hertford, portrait ; Letters to Rev. W. Cole and 
others, 3 vol. russia eaitra, leather joints and g. I. 1818-25 


5453 Thoresby (Ralph) Ducatus Leodiensis, or the Topography of 

the Town and Parish of Leeds in Yorkshire, map, fine 
2wrtrait and plates, russia extra 1715 

5454 Thornton, Illustration of the Sexual System of Linneus, Nos. 

1 to 5 and No. 7 and 8 ; and the Picturesque Botanical 
Plates, No. 1 to 20, except No. 6, 7nany coloured plates, 
together 26 Nos. royal atlas folio, 1819 


5455 Thoroton (Dr. Rob.) Antiquities of Nottinghamshire, map 

and numerous plates, including the rare slip of arms, by 
Hollar, Hall, ^c, very scarce, fine copy, calf neat 1677 

5456 Thorpe (Jo.) Registrum RoflFense et Custumale Roffense ; or, 

a Collection of Ancient Records, Charters, &c., for illus- 
trating the History and Antiquities of the Diocese and 
Cathedral of Rochester, portraits and many plates, 2 vol. 
fine copy, russia extra 1769-88 

5457 Thorwaldsen (Alb.) Collezione di alcune Statue e di alcuni 

Basso-Relievi, con una breve illustrazione del A. Carne- 
valini, 24 beautiful plates Roma, 1826 

5458 Thuani (J. A.) Historia sui Temporis (ab Anno 1543, 

ad annum 1607) cum Vita et N. Rigaltii Continuatione, 
7 vol., interleaved, in 19 
BEST EDITION, LARGE PAPER, half bouud in bluc morocco, 
gilt leaves 1733 

*^* Illustrated with upwards of Thirty original 
DRAWINGS in pen and ink, and pencil, including some 
beautiful Sketches in colours, in the style of Hans Holbein ; 
some PRIVATE Plates, as the Diane de Poictiers, after 
Primaticcio, by J. Thomson, beautiful impression ; Mary 
Queen of Scots, the Protector Duke of Somerset, by 
Cooper, fine proofs ; from Miniatures in the possession of 
the Duke of Buckingham, &c., also with above 

One Thousand Five Hundred Portraits, 

by Baron, Bolswert, Borrekens, Delff, Edelink, Faithorne 
R. Gaywood, Hollar, Houbraken, Kilian, Kessel, De Leu, 
Moncornet, Muller, Payne, C. and W. Passe, P. Pontius, 
G. de Prenner, Sadeler, Sompel, Suyderhoef, Tasniere, 
Vertue, Visscher, Vosterman, Wierx, &c., some proofs and 
many very fine impressions, including very curious plates 
of battles, sieges, sacking of towns, massacres, as that of St. 
Bartholomew, emblematical plates, ^c. 

5459 Thucydidis de Bello Peleponnesiaco libri viii. Gr. et Lat., cura 

L. Vallae, calf gilt H. Stephanus, 1564 

5460 Thucydidis de Bello Peloponnesiaco libri viii., Gr. et Lat. 

cura Dukeri, maps, fine copy, old calf gilt Amst. 1731 

5461 Thucydides, History of the Grecian War, by Hobbes, map 1676 

5462 Thucydides, History, translated by Thos. Hobbes 1676 

5463 Thurloe (John) Collection of State Papers, con- 

taining authentic Memorials of English Affairs from 1638 
to 1660, and Life by ^\vc\\, portrait, 7 vol. 
large paper, fine copy, calf gilt 1742 

5464 Tillotson (Archbishop) Works, jyor^rai^ 1714 

5465 Tillotson (Abp.) Works by Barker, 3 vol., vol.3 not uniform 



5466 Todd (H. J.) History of the College of Bonhommes 

AT AsHRiDGE, BucKS, with a Description of the present 

Mansion, ijd fine portraits and plates ^ proofs on india paper ^ 

splendidly hound in russia eMra, and lined with the same, joints^ 

and gilt leaves . atlas folio, 1823 

5467 Tolomeo, Geografia, correti da G. A. Magini, maps Venet. 1598 
54G8 Topham (Jo.) Account of the Collegiate Chapel of St. Stephen 

Westminster, a leaf stained, 14: plates, russia n. d. 

5469 Topsell (Edw.) Historie of Foure-footed Beasts, wood engra- 

vings, title mounted, calf gilt 1 607 

5470 Torriano (G.) Dictionary of Italian Proverbs, 1666 — Dic- 

tionary, Italian and English, 1688 2 vol. 

5471 Tracts, Acts, &:c. temp. Oliver Cromwell-— Speeches in Par- 

liament between 1647 and 1696 — Her Majesty's Enter- 
tainment in London, 1661, &c. 3 vol. 1647-96 

5472 Tracts on the Popish Plot, 1679-80, &c. 6 voh 

5473 Tragi-Comicall History of our Times, under the names of 

Lisander and Calista . 1631 

5474 Traitez de Paix, Kecueil des, et d'autres Actes Publics, 4 vol. 

Amst. 1700 

5475 Treasurie of Ancient and Modern Times, wants title j^age 

5476 Tristan (J.) Histoire des Empereurs Imperatrices Caesars et 

Tyrans de Rome, plates, and engravings of coins, 3 vol. 

Paris, 1657 

5477 TrofFiKi (Th.) Orcades seu Rerum Orcadensium Historiae 

lib. III., calf , Haunice, 1715 

5478 Trove The Recuyles or Gadering Togyder of y" 

Hystoryes of Troye, how it was Destroyed by y* Puys- 
saunt Hercules and y^ Thyrd Generall by y® Grekes, many 
wood engravings 
VERY rare, very good copy, olive morocco extra, joints, and 
gilt leaves WynJcyn de Worde, 1503 

5479 Trials. Copies of the Tryals before the Court Martial of 

Capt. Burrish and other Officers, map of the Fleets of Cape 
Side . 1746 

5480 Turenne (Marechal de) Collection des Lettres et Memoires, 

par Grimoard, 2 vol. Paris, 1782 

5481 TurnbuU (Geo.) Treatise on Ancient Painting, 54 plates 

old calf gilt . 1740 

5482 Turner (Dr. Wm.) Herbal, corrected and enlarged with the 

Thirde Part, and a Booke of the Bath of Baeth in England, 
&c. and a most Eccellent and Perfecte Homish Apothe- 
carye, translated by J. Hollybush, many wood engravings^ 
5 vol. in 1 
RAREjj^Tie copies, russia extra, gilt leaves 

Collen by A. Brichnan, 1561-8 

5483 Turner (W.) Compleat History of the most Remarkable Pro- 

vidences of Judgement and Mercey, calf, gilt leaves 1697 

^ • ■" % 

^ ■ . : V^ .; U ■■ ' ' 
303 - ^ * ' '^- ^^^ 

5484 Twysdeni (Roger) Historia3 Anglicanoe Scriptores x. ex vetustis ~ 

MSS. nunc primum in lucem editi, etc. russia extra 1652 

5485 Tyrrell (J.) History of England, vol. I, 1697, &c. 9 vol. 

5486 Tyrrel (Jas.) Bibliotheca Politica, or Enquiry into the Ancient 

Constitution of the English Government 


5487 Ursati (S.) Monumenta Patavina, port, and plates Patavii, 1652 

5488 Ursini (F.) Familiae Romanae ex antiquis Numismatibus,^/aifes 

Momce, 1577 

5489 Usserii (Jacobi) Annales Veteris et Novi Testamenti, portrait 

Paris, 1673 

5490 Usher (Abp.) Body of Divinity, and Immanuel, ^or^m/i 1678 

5491 Valdor (J.) les Triomphes des Louis le Juste Xlil. de France, 

portraits and plates Paris, 1649 

5492 Valeriani (J. P.) Hieroglyphica, seu de Sacris ^Egyptiorum 

commentarii, numerous wood engravings Lugd. 1586 

5493 Valerius Maximius, cum comment. O. Arzignanensis 

good copy, bright calf gilt Venet. Badius de Benaliis, 1488 

5494 Valesii (Hadr.) Notitia Galliarum Paris, 1675 

5495 Valle (Pietro della) Travels of East India and Arabia Deserta 


5496 Vander Meulen (Fr.) CEuvres, consisting of 45 very large 

and highly finished Etchings, by Huchtenburg, Baudouin, 
Bonnart, Cochin, Simraoneau, Erlinger, and others, repre- 
senting Hunting Scenes, Landscapes, Processions, Battles, 
&c. with portrait hy Van Schiippen, and 88 smaller composi- 
tions^ fine impressions . 1685, &c. 

5497 Van Dyck (Ant.) Icones Principum Virorum Doctorum, &c. 

107 2^ortraitSf fine old impresstojis, calf Antv. n. d. 

5498 Van Dyck (A.) Iconographie, ou Vies des Homraes Illustres 

du XVII. siecle, upwards of 120 portraits, 2 vol. in 1 
calf gilt , Amst. 1759 

5499 Vanvitelli (Luigi) Dichiarazione del disegni del Reale Palazzo 

di Caserta, lifine large plates 
old red morocco, m.arhled leaves atlas folio. Najjoli, 1756 

5500 Vayer (F. de la Mothe le) CEuvres, 2 vol. Paris, 1654 

5501 Vazquez (G.) Commentariorum ac disputationum in primara 

partem St. Tiiom?e lib., 2 vol. in 1 Lugd. 1631 

5502 Vega (Gar. de la) Royal Commentaries of Peru, portrait and 

plates, calf gilt . 1688 

5503 Vere (Sir Francis) Commentaries by W. Dillingham, ^^or^ra/^s 

and plate, fine impressions, scarce, calf gilt Camh. 1657 

5504 Vergilii (Polydori) Anglicae Historise. lib. xxvi. Basil, 1534 

5505 Vernet (Jos.) Ports de France, 16 very large and fine 

engravings of the French Sea Ports by Cochin and Le Bas, 
in three states, viz. etchings, fine proofs before any 
letters, and prints, 4:8 plates 
russia extra, joints, and gilt leaves atlas folio. Paris, 1760 


5506 Vernet (C.) Tableaux Ili>toriques dos Campagnes d'ltalle, 
portrait and 2 i plates . Paris, 1800 

6507 Vernon (T.) Cases in the Court of Chancery, 2 vol. 


5508 Versailles (Vues Ag) Jine portrait and 9 plates Paris, n. d. 

5509 Vertot (Abbe de) History of the Knights of Malta, numerous 

portraits, 2 vol. . 1728 

5510 Vetusta Monumenta, or Ancient Monuments illustrative 

of the History and Topography of Great Britain, published 
by the Society of Antiquaries, numerous plates by Vertue 
and Basire, some coloured, with several Jine large plates pub- 
lished by the Society separately, 5 vol., and also plates 61 to 
69 of vol. 5, with title ; calf gilt 1747-1822 

5511 Viaggio Pittorico della Toscana, upwards of 200 aquatinta 

plates, 3 vol. half morocco, micut Firenze, 1801 

5512 Viaggio Pittorico fatto da Ginevra a Milano per la Strada del 

Sempione, 12 coloured plates n. d, 

5513 Vignola Revived, the True Proportions of the Five Orders 

illustrated by 227 Designs, ^?Za^es, stained 1761 

5514 Virgilii Opera, et Commentationes et Paralipomena Germani 

V. Guellii et Appendix J. Scaligeri, upwards of 100 fine 
plates, by Lombart, Faithorne, Hollar^ ^c. brilliant impres- 
sions, yellow morocco, gilt leaves Antv. 1575 

5515 Virgilii Opera . Paris Typog. Regis, 1641 

5516 Virgilii Bucolica, Georgica et ^^neis ex Cod. Mediceo-Lauren- 

tiano descripta, Lat. et Ital. plates, 3 vol. 
half bound, uncut . Pomce, 1763 

5517 Virgil, Works, translated by J. OgWhy, with numerous plates by 

Hollar, Lombart, ^c. . 1668 

5518 Virgil, Works, translated by Dryden, numerous plates 1697 

5519 Virgil. Another copy . 1697 





5520 Ward (Ned.) Lord Clarendon's History of the Grand Rebel- 

lion Compleated, in Verse, with upwards of 80 portraits^ 
maps and plates, 3 vol. very scai^ce, calf gill 1713-17 

5521 Ward (R.) Life of Dr. More, 1710— Walton (Is.) Life of 

Bishop SsiViderson, porti^ait, 1678 — Wotton (Sir H.) Lives, 
1654 — History of the Commons' V/arre of England, yroji- 
tispiece, 1662 . . 4 voL 

5522 Waring (W.) Complete Dictionary of Music royal 8vo. 1779 

5523 Warner (Rieh.) Topographical Remarks on the Western Parts 

of Hampshire, 2 vol. calf gilt . 1793 

5524 Warner (R.) Walk through Wales, plates, 2 vol. calf gilt 1799 

5525 Warner (R.) Tour through the Northern Counties of England, 

plates, 2 vol. calf gilt . 1802 

5526 Warton (Sir George) Works, by Gadhuvy, portrait 1683 

5527 Warton (J.) On the Genius of Pope, 2 vol. 1782 

5528 Warton (J.) Essay on the Genius and Writings of Pope, 

portraits, 2 vol. calf gilt . 1806 

5529 Warton (Tho.) Poetical Works and Life, by Mant, 2 vol. 

calf gilt . . Oxford, 1802 

5530 Warwick (Earl of, Surnaraed the King-maker) History con- 

taining his Amours . 1708 

5531 Warwick, Historical and Descriptive Account of the Town 

and Castle of, plates, 
LARGE PAPER . Warwick, 1815 

5532 Washbourne (Tho.) Divine Poems, scarce 1654 

5533 Washington (George) Official Letters to the American Con- 

gress, 2 vol. calf gilt . 1795 

5534 Waterhouse (Ed.) Discourse and Defence of Arras and Ar- 

moury, russia, gilt leaves . 1660 

5535 Watkins (J.) Essay towards a History of Bideford, Devon, 

calf neat . Exeter, 1792 

5536 Watkins (J.) Memoirs of R. B. Sheridan, portrait, 2 vol. 1817 

5537 Watson (J.) The English Martyrologie, the Lives of Renowned 

Saintes of England, Scotland and Ireland, 
scarce, russia extra, gilt leaves . 1 G08 

5538 Watson (R.) Chemical Essays, 5 vol. 1800 

5539 Watts (Josh.) Remarkable Events, 1825 — Walpoliana, 2 vol. 

n. d. kc. . . 6 vol. 

5540 Weber (Jos.) Memoirs of Maria Antoinetta, Queen of France, 

by t)ai\\aiS, portrait, 3 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, calf, marhled leaves . 1805 

R R 


5541 Weddell (James) Voyage towards the South Pole, charts and 

plates . . 1825 

5542 Weldon (Sir A.) Court and Character of King James, with 

Vindication in Answer, 2 vol. illustrated with upwards of 
40 Jine 2:)ortraits and plates^ 2 vol. 
Hue morocco extra^ gilt leaves . 1650 

5543 Wellesley (Marquess of) Primitise et Reliquiae, 

PRIVATELY VKi^T¥,Ti, presentation copy^ cloth, g. I. 1841 

5544 Wellesley (Marquess) Despatches, Minutes and Correspon- 

dence, edited by Montgomery Martin, portrait and mapsy 
5 vol. 
presentation copy to the Duke of Buckingham, with auto- 
graph of the Marquess of Wellesley 1836-7 

5545 Wellington (Duke of) Despatches during his various Cam- 

paigns, edited by Lieut. Col. Gurwood, 12 vol. and Sup- 
plementary vol. and Index, together 14 vol. 1835-9 

5546 Welwood (J.) Memoirs of England, 1700— West (T.) Anti- 

quities of V\xvx\e?>s, plates, calf gilt, Ulverston, 1805 2 vol. 

5547 Westmacott (C. M.) British Galleries of Painting and Sculp- 

ture, portrait, india proof 

LARGE PAPER . . 1824 

5548 Westminster. Antiquities of St. Peter's, or Abbey Church of 

Westminster, jt>^a^e5f . 1711 

5549 Westminster. Another ed!\i\or\, plates, 2 vol. calf neat 1722 

5550 Westminster and Middlesex Elections, 1806, History of, 

coloured plate, 1807, and 5 relating to London 6 vol. 

5551 Westmoreland. Robinson (T.) Essay on the Natural History 

of Westmoreland and Cumberland, 1709 — Housman (J.) 
Guide to the Lakes, 1802 
6352 Wharton (G.) Works, by Gadbury, portrait, divided into 4 vol. 
wanting vol. 3 . . 1683 

5553 Whincop (T.) Scandeberg, and List of Dramatic Poets, por- 

traits, 1747 — Whitehead (W.) Plays and Poems, 2 vol. 
1774 . . 3 vol. 

5554 Whiston (W.) Primitive Christianity Revived, 5 vol. 1711-12 

5555 Whhaker (J.) Origin of Arianism, calf gilt, 1791 — Genuine 

History of the Britons Asserted, MS. notes, hy O' Conor, 
Dublin, 1773 . . 2 vol. 

5556 Whitaker, History of Manchester, plates, 2 vol. 1773 

5557 Whitworth (Chas. Lord) Account of Russia, 

calf gilt . Strawberry Hill, 1758 

5558 Wild (Dr. R.) Iter Boreale and Poems, russia extra, g. I. 1670 

5559 Wilkes (John) Correspondence, and his Life, by Almon, por- 

trait, 3 vol. calf gilt . 1805 

5560 Wilkins (Bishop) Mathematical Magic, porti^ait, 1691 — Wor- 

cester (Marquis of) Century of Inventions, Foulis, 1767, 
&c. . . 6 vol. 


5561 Wilkinson (C. H.) Elements of Galvanism, plates, 2 vol. 

calf gilt . . 1804 

5562 Wilkinson (J. G.) Materia Hieroglyphica, 3 parts, and Extracts 

from Hieroglyphical Subjects, together 4 parts 

Malta, 1828-30 

5563 Wilkinson (J. G.) Manners and Customs of Ancient Egyp- 

tians, both series, numerous plates, some coloured, 6 vol. 


5564 Wilkinson (J. G.) Topography of Thebes, and General View 

of Egypt, numerous plates, scarce 1835 

5565 Williams (Sir Chas. Hanbury) Works, with notes by Horace 

Walpole, portraits, 3 vol. . 1822 

5566 Williams (Eliezer) English Works, with Memoir by his Son 


5567 Williams (H. M.) Tour in Switzerland 2 vol. 1798 

5568 Williams (H. M.) Political and Confidential Correspondence of 

Lewis the XVI, 3 vol. calf gilt . 1803 

5569 Williams (H. M.) Correspondence of Louis XVI, 3 vol. 1803 

5570 Williams (W.) Occult Physick, portrait, calf neat 1660 

5571 Williamson (T.) Complete Angler's Vade-Mecum, jo/a^e^, 

calf gilt . . 1808 

5572 Willis (Browne) History of the Mitred Parliamentary Abbies, 

and Conventual Cathedral Churches, 2 vol. 
scarce, good copy . 1718 

5573 Willis (B.) Notitia Parliamentaria, vol. 3, scarce 1750 

5574 Willis (B.) Survey of St. Asaph, enlarged by Edwards, 2 vol. 

LARGE PAPER, bright calf gilt, marbled leaves 

Wrexham, 1801 

5575 Willsford (Tho.) The Scales of Commerce and Trade, fine 

portrait by Rob. Vaughan, 1660 — Welwood, Memoirs of 
Transactions in England, 1702, &c. 4 vol. 

5576 Wilson (J.) Account of the Colleges in Cambridge, plates, 

calf gilt . . 1803 

5577 Wilson (Wm. Rae) Travels in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, &c. 

plates . . 1826 

5578 Wilson (Bp. Tho.) Principles and Duties of Christianity, En- 

glish and Manks, 
FIRST EDITION, scarce, blue morocco extra, g. I. 1707 

5579 Winchester, History of , plates, 2 vol. calf gilt Winton, 1773 

5580 Windsor Castle, an Historical Romance, by W. H. Ainsworth, 

plates and wood engravings, by Geo. Cruikshank,Sfc, 1843 

5581 Winstanley (W.) England's Worthies, Select Lives of Eminent 

Vexsow^, ivitJi copy of the portrait . 1660 

5582 Winstanley ( W.) Loyall Martyrologie, and Dregs of Treachery, 

ILLUSTRATED With 44 portraits, many very fine impres- 
sions, and a View of the Execution of Charles I, the whole 
inlaid hi writing paper, russia extra, g. I. 1665 

5583 Winstanley (W.) Lives of the most Famous English Poets, 

calf gilt . . 1687 


5584 Winterbottom (T.) Account of the Native Africans of Sierra 

Leone, map and plates, 2 vol. . 1803 

5585 Wishart (G.) Memoirs of Jas. Graham, Marquis of Montrose, 

poi'trait . Edinh. 1819 

5586 Withering (W.) Systematic Arrangement of British Plants, 

plates, 4 vol. . . 1801 

5587 Wits (The) or Sport upon Sport, in Selected Pieces of Drol- 

lery, 1672 — The Witch, a Tragi-Comedie, by T. Middleton, 
2 vol. ca/f . 1672, &c. 

5588 W^its Interpreter, the English Parnassus, engraved title, hij 

Gay wood, russia extra, gilt leaves 1655 

5589 Wolfe of Badenoch, 3 vol. Edinh, 1827— Witch Finder, 3 vol. 

1824 . . 6 vol. 

5590 Wolfe Tone (Theobald) Memoirs, written by Himself, por- 

trait, 2 vol. . . 1827 

5591 Wolff (Jos.) Narrative of a Mission to Bokhara, plates, 2 vol. 


5592 Wolfii (J. C.) Monumenta Typographica, 2 vol. 

Hamhurgi, 1740 

5593 Wood (J.) Description of ^dX\\, plates, 2 vol. in 1 1765 

5594 Wood (L.) Florus Anglicus, or History of England, portrait 

hy Stent, 1657 — Edmundson, The Natural Language of 
Languages, 1655, 2 vol. in 1, russia, m. I. 1655-57 

5595 Woodward (Capt. Dav.) Narrative of the Loss of his Ship and 

Adventures in the Island of Celebes, map and plates ; and 
Tuckey (J. H.) Voyage to New South Wales, 2 vol. in I 


5596 Woods (G.) Account of the Past and Present State of the Isle 

of Man, calf gilt . 1811 

5597 Wordsworth (Chr.) Ecclesiastical Biography, or the Lives of 

Eminent Men, and History of Religion in England, 6 vol. 
calf e.vtra, marhled leaves 1810 

5598 Wordsworth (C.) Greece, Pictorial, Descriptive, and Histori- 

cal, numerous Jine plates and wood engravings 

royal 8vo. 1840 

5599 Wordsworth (W.) Lyrical Ballads and Pastoral Poems, 2 vol. 

calf gilt . 1802 

5600 World (The) by Adam Fitz-Adam, 6 vol. 1757 

5601 Wotton (T.) English Baronetage, a Genealogical and Histo- 

rical Account of English Baronets, plates of arms, 5 vol. 


5602 WVaxall (N.) Tour in Europe, map, 1775 — Memoirs of the 

Kings of France, 2 vol. 1777 — Memoirs of the Courts of 
Berlin, &c. 2 vol. 1806 . 5 vol. 

5603 Wyat (Geo.) Extracts from the Life of the Virtuous, Chris- 

tian, and Renowned Queen Anne Boleigne, ^fine portraits, 
privately printed, and No, 15 of only 27 copies 

imperial 8vo. 1817 


5604 Wycherley (W.) Plays, 1731, &c. 4 vol, 

5605 Wynne (Sir John) History of the Gwedir Family, 

russia . 1770 

5606 Wyntown (And. of) de Origynale Cronykil of Scotland, with 

Notes and a Glossary by D. Macpherson, 2 vol. 
russia extra, gilt leaves . 1795 

5607 Xenophontis Anabasis, Greek and English, by N. S. Smith, 

7nap <, 1826 

5608 Xenophontis Cyropsedia, by Ashley, 2 vol. 1728 — Virgil,Works 

by Ogilby, 'plates, 1684, &c. . 6 vol. 

5609 Xenophon, Expedition of Cyrus, by Spelman, 2 vol. 1749 — 

Xenophon, Memoirs of Socrates, by Fielding, 1767 3 vol. 

5610 York. The History and Antiquities of the City of York, 

map and plates, 3 vol. . York, 1785 

5611 Young (Sir Wm.) History of Athens, portrait 1804 

5612 Young, View of the Agriculture of Essex, jo/a^e*, 2 vol. 

calf gilt . 1807 

5613 Odd Volumes. Burn, Justice, by Chetwynd, 5 vol. {wants 

vol. 5), 1820, &c. . 14 vol. 

5614 Odd Volumes. Butler, Hudibras, by Grey, vol. 1, 1744 — Apu- 

leius. Golden Ass, plates, vol. 2, 1708 — Ockley, History 
of the Saracens, vol. 1, 1718, &c. . 4 vol. 

5615 Odd Volumes. Kirby, Wonderful yiwseMva, plates, vol. 1 and 2, 

1803 — Polehampton, Gallery of Nature and Art, plates, 

vol. 6, LARGE PAPER, 1821, &C. . 5 Vol. 

5616 Odd Volumes. Dodsley, Annual Register, 1804 — Annual 

Biography, 4 vol. between 1818 and 1820 — Selby, Orni- 
thology, part 1, 1825, &c. . 18 vol. 

5617 Odd Volumes. Bourgoing State of Spain, vol. 2, 3, and 4, 

plates— VXwiSiYch, Morals, vol. 2 to 5, 1691, &c. 30 vol. 

5618 Odd Volumes. Novels, &c. . vol. 

5619 Odd Volumes, &;c. . a parcel 

5620 Odd Volumes. Collection of Old Ballads, plates, vol. 1 and 3, 

1723 — Dodsley, Collection of Poems, 6 vol. (wants vol. A), 
1758 . 7 vol. 

5621 Odd Volumes. Roscoe (T.) German Novelists, 4 vol. (wants 

vol. 3^, 1826 — Opie, Tales of the Heart, 4 vol. (wants 
vol. 4), 1820, and 27 of Novels, &c. 33 vol. 

5622 Odd Volumes, French, viz. — Des Roches, Histoire de Danne- 

marc, 9 vol. (wanting vol. 8 J, 1732 — Tillement, Histoire 
des Empereurs, &c. . 59 vol. 

5623 Odd Volumes. Dibdin (T. F.) Sunday Library, vol. 4 and 5, 

1821, &c, . . 10 vol. 

5624 Odd Volumes. Hopkins (E.) Sermon?, vol. 1, 3, and 4, 1694 

—Newton (T.) on the Prophecies, vol. 2 and 3; 1758, &c. 

a parcel 


5625 Odd Volumes. Mercure Galant, 13 vol. (wanting vol. 6 awe? 9^, 

11 vol. 1678, &c. . 33 vol. 

5626 Odd Volumes. Foreign Books . 40 vol. 
5626*Odd Numbers of various Works of Art, t^iz. — Monumenti 

Inediti dall' Instituto di Corrisp. Archeologica, 2 numbers, 
plates — Souvenirs de Waterloo, /?/a^e5, &c. 16 vol. 


5627 Walpole (Hor.) Memoires of the Last Ten Years of the Reign 

of George the Second, por^rmV* and plates^ 2 vol. 
russia extra^ gilt leaves . 1 822 

5628 Walsh (Dr. E.) Narrative of the Expedition to Holland, 

plates . . 1800 

5629 Walsh (Thos.) Journal of the Campaign in Egypt, maps^ plans, 

and coloured plates^ calf gilt . 1803 

5630 Wanley (Nath.) Wonders of the Little World, or General 

History of Man . 1774 

5631 Warburton (Bishop) Letters to Bishop Hurd, joor^ra^V*, 

calf gilt . . Kidderminster, 

5632 Ward (Thos.) England's Reformation, Hamhurghy 1710 — 

Walpole (Hor.) Answer to Bolingbroke, 1762 2 vol. 

5633 Waring (E. S.) Tour to Sheeraz, portrait, 

LARGE PAPER, Tussia extra, marbled leaves 1807 

5634 Warner (R.) Collections for the History of Hampshire and 

the Bishopric of Winchester, map, portraits, and plates, 
5 vol. wants vol. 6, calf gilt 1795 

5635 Warner (R.) History of Bath, porti^ait and plates, 

calf gilt . Bath, 1801 

5636 Warner (R.) History of the Abbey of Glaston and of the 

Town of Glastonbury, portrait, plates, and wood engr'av- 
ings, pale russia extra, joints ib. 1826 

5637 Warning (Fair) to Murderers of Infants, 169J — Warning to 

Servants, or the Case of Margaret Clark, executed for 
firing her Master's House, 2 vol. calf neat 1680-91 

5638 Warrington (W.) History of Wales, calf gilt 1786 

5639 Waterton (C.) Wanderings in South America in 1812-24, 

portrait - . 1825 

5640 Warton (Tho.) Specimen of a History of Oxfordshire, scarce, 

ha f russia . 1773 

5641 Warton (Thos.) History of English Poetry, 3 vol. 

calf gilt, with the Index, and the portion of vol. 4 loose 


5642 Watson (Jo.) History and Antiquities of the Parish of Halifax, 

portrait and plates, calf gilt \11^ 

5643 Watson (Jo.) Memoirs of the Ancient Earls of Warren and 

Surrey, and their Descendants, many fine portraits and 
plates, 2 vol. half russia, uncut Warrington, 1782 


5644 Watson (Rob.) History of the Ecign of Philip the Second, 

2 vol.— Eeign of Philip the Third, together 3 vol. 1777-83 

5645 Watson (R.) Anecdotes of the Life of Bishop Watson, port7^ait, 

stained . . 1817 

5646 Watts (W.) Views of the Seats of the Nobility and Gentry, 

84 plates, very fine impressions, 
red morocco extra, gilt leaves oblong 4to. 1779 

5647 Weaver (J.) Art of Dancing, by Characters and Demonstra- 

tive Figures , ] 706 

5648 Weibel (S.) Voyage Pittoresque de I'Oberland du Canton de 

Berne, map and coloured plates roy. 4to. Paris, 1812 

5649 Weld (Is.) Travels through North America, map and plates, 

calf gilt . .1799 

5650 Welsted (Leon.) Works, with Memoir by J. Nichols 1787 

5651 Wenlock (John) Humble Declaration (or True Relation of 

his Troubles) to Charles II, with his Poems never before 
published, scarce, calf gilt 1662 

5652 Whitaker (T. D.) History of the Parish of Whalley and 

Honor of C\\i\ieYO, plates and pedigrees, 2 vol. in 1 
calf gilt . Blackburn, 1800-1 

5653 West (Thos.) Antiquities of Furness, map and plates 1774 

5654 Whitaker (T. D.) History and Antiquities of Craven, nume- 

rous plates and pedigrees, russia 1805 

5655 White (F.) Views chiefly in the Himalaya Mountains, edited 

by Emma Roberts, 29 fine plates 
LARGE PAPER, morocco, gilt leaves royal 4to. 1838 

5656 White (Gil.) Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne, 

plates, calf gilt . 1789 

5657 White (Jo.) Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales, plates, 

calf gilt . . 1790 

5658 White (J.) ^gyptiaca. Observations on Antiquities of ^>gypt, 

plates, part 1, calf gilt Oxford, 1801 

5659 White (W.) Voyage to QoXornhd., plates, calf gilt 1800 

5660 Whitelock (Bulstrode) Notes upon the King's Writ for choosing 

Members of Parliament, edited by Morton, 2 voL 
calf gilt . .1766 

5661 Whitelock (Bulstrode) Journal of the Swedish Embassy in 

1653-4, edited by Morton, 2 vol. calf gilt 1772 

5662 Wildraan (T.) on the Management of ^ees, plates 1768 

5663 Widmore (Ric.) Enquiry into the time of the first Foundation 

of Westminster Abbey, 1743; and History of the Church 
of St. Peter's Westminster, or the Abbey, 2 vol. 1743-51 

5664 Wilkes (John) History of England from the Revolution to 

the Accession of the Brunswick Line, vol. 1, the Intro- 
duction, all jmblished 1768 

5665 Wilkinson (J. G.) Materia Hieroglyphica, 60 plates, parts 1 

and 2 oblong 4to. Egypt, 1 828 


5606 Wilkinson (Rob.) Londina Illustratfi ; Graphic and Historic 

Memorials of Monasteries, Churches, Palaces, Halls, &c., 

numerous plates, 2 vol. royal 4to. 1819 

5667 Wilkinson (R.) Londina Illustrata, plates, imperfect 

56G8 Williams (Dav.) History of Monmouthshire, map and plates 

calf gilt . .1796 

5669 Williams (H. W.) Views in Greece, 4:^ plates, India proofs^ 

wants title, half calf n, d. 

5670 Williams (J.) Northern Governments ; viz. Denmark, Russia, 

Sweden and Poland, 2 vol. calf gilt \in 

5671 Willis (Browne) Survey of the Cathedrals of England and 

Wales, many plates, 3 vol. old calf gilt 1742 

5672 Willis (Browne) History and Antiquities of the Town, Hun- 

dred and Deanery of Buckingham, the index in MS. and 
a frontispiece inserted, scarce 1755 

5673 Wilson (C.) Ornaments of Churches considered, with History 

of St. Margaret's Church, Westminster, joZa^e Ojcf. 1761 

5674 Wilson (H.) Account of the Pelew Island, and Supplement, 

map and plates, 2 vol. calf gilt 1788 

5675 Wilson (R. T.) History of the British Expedition to Egypt, 

portrait and plans , calf gilt 1802 

5676 Wilson (Sir Rob.) Remarks on the Russian Army, and Cam- 

paigns in Poland, plans, calf ea:tra, mai^bled leaves 1810 

5677 Wilson (T.) Catalogue Raisonne of the Select Collection of 

Engravings of an Amateur, plates, fine proofs on india 


LARGE PAPER, presentation copy 1828 

5678 Willyams (C.) Account of the Campaign in the West Indies 

m \Td4., plates . 1796 

5679 Willyams (Cooper) Voyage to the Mediterranean in the Swift- 

sure, with a description of the Battle of the Nile, plans and 
plates, calf gilt 1802 

5680 Winslow (J. B.) Anatomy, by Douglas, |9/a^e.9, 2 vol. in 1 1763 

5681 Witchcraft, Seven Tracts on — viz Glanvil on Witches and 

Witchcraft, 1667; C. Mather, Account of the Tryals of 
Witches in New England, 1693 ; Further Account of 
Tryals, 1693 ; J. Mather, Cases of Conscience concerning 
Witchcrafts, 1693; Taylor, the Surrey Impostor, por;ra^V, 
1697 ; Relation of Witches in Scotland, &c. in 1 vol. 
calf neat 1667-97 

5682 Witham (H. T. M.) Internal Structure of Fossil Vegetables, 

16 plates of numerous coloured figures Edinh. 183 

5683 Witman (W.) Travels in Turkey, Asia Minor, Syria and 

Egypt, plates, the map and costumes coloured 
calf gilt 1803 

5684 Wollaston, Religion of Nature, old red morocco , gilt leaves^ 

1725, &c. 5 vol. 


5685 Wood (Ant.) History and Antiquities of the Colleges and 

Halls in the University of Oxford, with Continuation and 
Appendix by J. Gutch, 2 vol. calf gilt 1786-90 

5686 Wood (M.) Eeview of the Origin and Progress of the War in 

the Mysore, map, calf gilt 1800 

5687 Wood (Mark) Importance of Malta 1805 

5688 Wood (Rob.) Essay on Homer, portrait 1775 

5689 Woodville (Dr. Wra.) Medical Botany with Supplement 

^1\ finely coloured plates, 4 vol. calf gilt 1790, &c. 

5690 Woodward (Gr. M.) Elements of Bacchus ; or Toasts and 

Sentiments given by distinguished Characters, ^0 portraits, 
scarce . 1792 

5691 Woodward (G. M.) Eccentric Excursions in England and 

Wales, 100 curious comic plates, calf gilt 1798 

5692 Wool (J.) Biographical Memoir of Rev. Joseph Warton, 

portrait, calf gilt . 1806 

5693 Woolnoth (W.) Graphical Illustration of the Cathedral Church 

of Canlerhury, plates impl. 4:to. 1816 

5694 Worlidge (T.) Collection choisie de Desseins tires de Pierres 

Precieuses Antiques, portrait and 180 plates, fine impres- 
sions, 2 vol. 7'ed morocco extra, gilt leaves 1768 

5695 Worsley (Rich.) History of the Isle of Wight, map and plates 

calf gilt . 1781 

5696 Wraxall (N. W.) History of France, 3 vol. calf gilt 1795 

5697 Wright (E.) Travels through France and Italy, plates, 2 vol. 


5698 Wyndham (H. P.) Tour through Monmouthshire, plates 

calf gilt Salisbury, 1781 

5699 Wyrley (Wm.) The True Use of Armes and Armorie, in 

Verse, arms coloured, title inlaid, very scarce 
morocco extra, joints, and gilt leaves 1592 

5700 Xenophon, Affairs of Greece, translated by Smith 1770 

5701 Yarranton (And.) England's Improvement by Sea and Land, 

to Out-do the Dutch without Fighting, to pay Debts without 
Money, he, plates and plans 1677 

5702 Yates (Rich.) Illustration of the Monastic History and An- 

tiquities of the Town and Abbey of St. Edmund's Bury, 
plates, calf gilt . 1805 

5703 Yorke (Ph.) Royal Tribes of Wales, portraits 

calf gilt . Wrexham, 1799 

5704 Young (W.) History of Athens 1786 

5705 Young (Sir W.) West-India Common Place Book, maps 1807 

5706 Zentner (L.) Collection of Landscapes from the best Old 

Masters, numerous portraits and plates 
russia extra, gilt leaves 1791 

5707 Zipoli (Perlone) II Malmantile racquistato colle note di P. 

ludimoxix, portraits, 2 vol. Firenze, 1731 

S S 


5708 Zouch (Thos.) Lives of Dr. J. Donne, Sir H. Wotton, R. 

Hooker, George Herbert and R. Sanderson, portrait and 
plateSi calf gilt York, 1818 

5709 Zouch (Thos.) Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Sir 

Pliilip Sidney, joor/raeV, calf extra ih, 1808 


6710 Vita di Sancti Padri Vulgata Historia da, fine wood 
rare, remarkahly fine copy, olive morocco eMr a, g.l. Venet.s.a. 

5711 Vitruvii de Architectura, lib. x. cura De Laet, wood engravings 

Amst. Elzevir f 1649 

5712 Vitruvius de Architectura ib. 1649 

5713 Vitruve, Dix Livres d' Architecture, traduits avec notes par 

Perrault, plates, old calf gilt Paris, 1684 

5714 Vossii (G. J.) de Theologia Gentili, lib. ix. Amst. 1668 

5715 Voyage PiTTORESQUE de la Suisse, par Laborde et Zurlau- 

ben, with the General Index, and 278 plates, fine impressions, 
4 vol. in 3 
fine copy, russia . Paris, 1780-6 

5716 Voyage Pittoresque, ou Description des Royaumes de Na- 

ples et de Sicile, upwards of 400 heautiful plates, fine old 
impressions, 5 vol. russia, marbled leaves ib. 1781-6 

5717 Voyage Pittoresque de la Grece, par Choiseul Gouffier, nume- 

rous plates, fine impressions, 3 vol., vol. 1 wants No. 4, and 
the I2th chap, to the end, titles, ^c, uncut ib. 1782-1822 

5718 Voyage Pittoresque de la France, the letter press only, 4 vol. 

ib. 1782 

5719 Voyage Pittoresque de la France, numerous plates, imperfect 

ib. 1788 

5720 Voyage Pittoresque de la Syrie, par Cassas, with 368 plates, 

fine original impressions, imperfect, 3 vol. uncut ib. 1798 

5721 Voyage Pittoresque et Historique de I'lstrie et de la Dalmatie, 

par Cassas et Lavallee, 69 plates, vert/ fine impressions 
fine copy, red morocco extra, gilt leaves ib. 1802 

5722 Voyage Pittoresque et Historique de I'Espagne, par Alex. La- 

borde, about 200 plates, beautiful impressions, vol. 1 in 
2 parts, and part 1 of vol. 2, 3 vol. U7icut ib. 1806-12 

5723 Voyages Pittoresques de Suisse : Geneve a Milan par le Sim- 

plon, ^b plates ; au Lac de Geneve, \0 plates ; au Lac des 
Waldstettes, 10 plates ; au Lac de Come, 15 plates; aux 
Lacs de Houne, Brienz Lurgern, et Sarnen, 12 plates — 
together 82 fnely coloured plates, 5 vol. in 1 
half russia, gilt leaves Bale et Zurich, 1819-27 

5724 Voyage Pittoresque aux Glaciers de Chamouni, with 11 coloured 

plates, sheets . Paris, 1815 


5725 Voyage Pittoresque de Constantinople et du Bos- 
PHORE, portrait, and b\ fine maps and plates by MeUing, 
proof impressions, the text inlaid 
russia ecctra^ joints, tooled^ g. I. eleph. fol. Paris, 1819 

572Q Voyages Pittoresqaes et Roraantiques dans Tancienne France, 
par Nodier, Taylor, et De Cailleux, 229 fine lithograph 
plates, 2 vol. half green morocco, marbled leaves ib, 1820, &c. 

5727 Wake (W.) State of the Church and Clergy of England 

scarce . 1703 

5728 Waldron (Geo.) Description of the Isle of Man 

LARGE PAPER, calf eojtr a , 1731 

5729 Walker (Sir Ed.) Historical Discourses, frontispiece, coiitaining 

portraits of Charles /. and the Author, and portrait of 
Charles I. by Hollar , 1705 

5730 Walker (Jo.)Account of the Numbers and Sufferings of the 

Clergy of the Church of England in the Grand Rebellion, 
old calf gilt . 1714 

573 1 Waller (J. G. and L. A. B.) Series of Monumental Brasses, 

from Edward I. to Elizabeth, numerous tinted plates, and 
some richly illuminated, Nos. 1 to 14:, wanting No. 7 1840-4 

5732 Wallich (Dr. Nath.) Plants Asiatics Rariores, or 

Descriptions and Figures of a Select Number of Unpub- 
lished East Indian Plants, 300 most beautifidly coloured 
plates, 3 vol. russia extra, gilt leaves 1830-2 

5733 Walpole (Horace) Reminiscences, written in 1788 

privately and only 25 copies printed, illustrated 
with an assemblage of upioards of 200 portraits, by Barto- 
lozzi, Blooteling, Bockman, Faber, N. Faithorne, Fourdri- 
nier, Houbraken, 3IcArdell, Schenk, J. Simon, J. Smith, 
Vertue, ^'c. some proofs and many fine impressions 

russia extra, joints, and gilt leaves 1805 

5734 Waltheri (Jo. L.) Lexicon Diplomaticum, cura Jo. H. Jungii, 

numerous plates 
large paper, Jine copy, calf, marbled leaves Gottingcs, 1747 

5735 Ware (Is.) Complete Body of Architecture, many plates 1756 

5736 Webster (John) Displaying of supposed Witchcraft 


5737 Webster (J.) Another copy . 1677 

5738 Weever (Jo.) Ancient Funerall Monuments in Great Britain 

awdi Iveidiudi, portrait and frontispiece, calf gilt 1631 

5739 Wesley (Sam.) Life of Jesus Christ, a Poem, \0 plates 1693 

5740 Wesley (S.) Dissertationes in Librum 3 oh'i, portrait and plates 


5740* Wesley (S.) Another copy, portrait and plates 

LARGE PAPER . , 1 36 

5741 Wheler and Spon, Journey into Greece, map and plates 

scarce, good copy 1682 


5742 Whitelock (Bulst.) Memorials of English Affairs, from the 

beginning of the Reign of Charles I. to the Restoration 
BEST EDITION, calf fjUt . 1732 

5743 Wicquefort (M. de) The Ambassador and his Functions, by 

Diby . 1716 

5744 Wicquefort (M. de) Histoire des Provinces Unies des Pays- 

Bas, vol. 1 
LARGE PAPER . La Httye, 1719 

5745 Wilkins (J.) Essay towards a Real Character 1668 

5746 William III. Komste van William III. Koning von Groote 

Britanje in Holland, portrait by Gunst, and plates of pro- 
cessions, etc. S. Gravenhaage, 1691 

5747 Williams (C.) History of Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire, 

plate . 1791 

5748 Williams (C.) Another co\>y, plate, U7icut 1791 

5749 Williamson (Cap. Tho.) Oriental Field Sports, 40 coloured 

plates, after drawings by Hoivitt oblong folio, 1807 

5750 Williamson (M. B.) Illustration of the Human Head, 3 plates 


5751 Willughby (F.) Ornithology, with Art of Fowling, Ordering 

Singing Birds, and of Falconry, by Ray, 78 plates of nume- 
rous figures . 1678 

5752 Willughbeius (F.) Historia Piscium, supplevit J. Rains, 

1 87 plates 
LARGE PAPER . Oxonii, 1686 

5753 Wilson (Arthur) History of Great Britain, or Life of James I. 


5754 Wilson (T.) Christian Dictionary 1678 

5755 Wilton Garden, the Seat of Philip Comte de Pembroke, 

&c., 26 etchings by Isaac de Caus, complete, inlaid in vols. 
VERY RARE, elegantly bound in green morocco extra, joints, and 
gilt leaves, by C. Lewis . w. d, 

*^* This wasBindley's copy, and was purchased at his sale. It is 
quite complete, and has the Advertisement in French as 
mentioned by R. Gough. — Vide Upcott's British Topo- 
graphy, vol. 3, p. 1310. 

5756 Winchester, Picturesque Memorials of, \Q plates, india proofs, 

with a 2)encil drawing of Avington House by Miss F. Reed 
LARGE PAPER, half ccilf Winchester, 1830 

5757 W^inchester, Picturesque Memorials of, descriptions by P. Hall, 

and \% plates by O.B. Carter and J". Le Keux, india proofs 
before the letters 
LARGE PAPER, in 6 parts ib. 1830 

5758 WiNSTANLEY (Hen.) Plans, Elevations and Particu- 

lar Prospects of the Royall Pallace of Audley- 
End, 24c plates, cotnplete, inlaid in royal folio 
RARE, fine copy, russia extra, joints, and gilt leaves n. d. 

*^* Bindley's copy of this rare volume sold for £17. 17s. 


5759 Winter (G. S.) Bellerophon, sive Eques peritus hoc est Artis 

'Equestris, numerous plates Normih, 1678 

5760 Winwood (Sir R.) Memorials of Affairs of State in the Reigns 

of Queen Elizabeth and King James I, by Sawyer, portrait^ 
3 vol old calf gilt . 1725 

5761 Wither (Geo.) Collection of Emblemes, ancient and moderne, 

plates, fine impressions, hut wants the portrait, calf 1635 

5762 Witsen (N.) Noord en Cost Tartaryen, maps and numerous 

plates, 2 vol. . Amst. 1785 

5763 Wood (Rob.) Ruines of Palmyra, otherwise Tedmor in the 

Desert, 57 plates, fine impressions, calf 1758 

5764 Wollaston (F.) Specimen of a General Astronomical Catalogue, 

and Portraiture of the Heavens 1789-1811 

5765 Wood (Ant. a) Historia et Antiquitates Universitatis Oxoni- 

QXisi^, plates, 2 vol. in 1 Ooconii, 1674 

5766 Wood (Ant.) Athenae Oxonienses, an Exact History of all the 

Writers and Bishops educated in the University of Oxford, 
from A. D, 1500, 2 vol. second edition, calf gilt 1721 

5767 World (the) for the years 1753-4-5, 2 vol. 

FIRST EDITION, Calf gilt . 1753, &c. 

5768 WoRSLEY (Sir Ric.) Museum Worsleyanum, or a Collec- 

tion of Antique Basso-Relievos, Bustos, Statues and Gems, 
with views of places in the Levant, taken in 1785-6-7, 
portrait and numerous plates, fine impressions, by Carattoniy 
Schiavonetti, Skelton, ^-c, 2 vol. 
privately printed, red russia extra, joints, and g. I. 1794 

*^* Sir R. R. Worsley is said to have expended £27,000. in col- 
lecting materials for this Work ; it is believed that not more 
than 50 copies of the plates were worked off, that Sir 
Richard never distributed more than 27; also, that he paid 
£200. for a copy to the Executors of a Gentleman to whom 
he had presented it. 

5769 Wotton (Gul.) Leges Wallicse Ecclesiasticae et Civiles Hoeli 

LARGE PAPER, russia . 1730 

5770 Wouvermans (Ph.) CEuvres Gravees d'apres ses Meilleurs 

Tableaux, portrait and 100 plates^ hy J. Moyreau, fine im- 
pressions, uncut . Paris, 1737 

5771 Wren (Steph.) Parentalia, or Memoirs of the Family of 

the Wrens, but chiefly of Sir Christopher Wren, portraits 
and plates, very scarce, hright old calf gilt 1750 

5772 Wright (Jas.) History and Antiquities of Rutlandshire, map 

and plates, russia extra . 1684 

5773 Wright (Mich.) Account of the Earl of Castlemaine's Embassy 

from James II. to Innocent 'Kl, plates, calf gilt 1688 

5774 Wycherley (W.) Miscellany Poems, as Satyres, Love- Verses, 

Songs, hQ. portrait hy Jo, Smith inserted, calf gilt 1704 


3775 Xenophontis Opera, cum notis H. Stephani Paris, 1561 

5776 Xenophontis quae exstant Opera, Gr. et Lat., cura Leunclavii, 

Paris, 1623 

5777 Xenophontis Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat., cura Leunclavii 

calf gilt . ib. 1625 

5778 Yorke (Jas.) Union of Honour, with the arms of Kings, 

Nobility and Gentry, corner of frontispiece torn 1640 

5779 Zabagla (N.) Contignationes ac Pontes, cum Descriptione trans- 

lationis Obelisci Vaticani, many plates EomcBy 1743 

5770 Zarlino (Gios, da Chioggia) Tutte I'Opere, contenente 1' 

Institution e Dimonstrationi Harmoniche, &c. 4 vol. in 1 

Venet. 1589 

5781 Ziegler (J.) Collection de 87 Vues de la Ville, de ses Faux- 

bourgs, et quelques Environs de Wien, 
Ql finely coloured plates, calf Vienne, n. d. 

5782 Zoega (Geo.) de Origine et usu Obeliscorum, j3?a^e5 Romce, 1796 

5783 Zylography. Sancti Johannis Apocalypsis, seu His- 

TORiA Sancti Johannis EvANGELisXiE, ejusque 


hy friction, and afterwards coloured small folio 

*;^* This is the volume described by Heinecken, p. 334 — 349, 
as the FIRST edition, and is of excessive rarity. It 
diflfers however very much from the other editions both in 
the design of the engravings, and the manner in which 
they have been worked from the blocks. 

There are very few copies of any of the editions of this 
work that are in so perfect a state as to enable one at 
once to decide upon the mode adopted in the working of 
the pages. Most of the copies known have either been 
mounted, or the sheets divided, pasted together, or bound 
up without any great degree of correctness as to their 

The present copy however happens, most fortunately 
for our researches in these interesting typographical 
minutiae, to be in a most perfect state, and at once eluci- 
dates a point upon which the learned Heinecken appears to 
have been mistaken. 

He states, p. 334, as we believe is very true with all the 
other block books, that they have so worked " que deux 
planches se regardent toujours, et que le revers est en hlanCj 
ainsi il n'y rien sur la premiere et sur la derniere page *' ; 
and also at page 348, he closes the enumeration of the 
plates by stating that the work is composed of three 
gatherings of eight leaves each. 

The fortunately very perfect state of the present copy 


shows however very clearly that the impression of the 
engraving occurs on the reverse of each leaf, the recto of 
each page being left blank, a circumstance which would 
preclude the possibility of their being pasted together, as 
we frequently find are the copies of the other editions, and 
also of the other block works. Again, the forty-eight 
leaves collate four gatherings of twelve leaves each, or six 
sheets, and not three of eight each. 

This appears to have been the " Brienne-Laire " copy, 
and is in the most desirable state of preservation. 




Uniform 7'oyal Ato, size. 


5784 America, North, 2 sheets] United States, 4 sheets, and Loui- 

siana . . 2 voL 

5785 Egypt, Lower, 4 sheets, and Map of Egypt, by Lieut Col. 

Leake, 2 sheets; Persia, 2 sheets; Delhi to Constan- 
tinople, 4 sheets, and Index . 3 vol. 

5786 l^ug\dLi\di, \Q sheets, and Index ; Ireland, 4 ^Aee^*; Scotland, 

4 sheets . . 3 vol. 

5787 France and Belgium, 6 sheets, and Index ; Spain and Portugal, 

6 sheets, and Index . 2 vol. 

5788 Greece, 4 sheets; Turkey, 4 sheets; Asia Minor, Plain of 

Troy and Syria, 5 sheets . 3 vol. 

5789 Holland, 5 sheets ; Germany, 6 sheets, and Index ; Dalmatia, 

2 sheets . . 3 vol. 

5790 India, 7 sheets, and Index ; Assam, Malabar, Ceylon, 3 sheets; 

South India, 14 sheets. Title and Index 2 vol. 

5791 Italy, North and South, 8 sheets ; Pyrenees, 4 sheets, and 

Index . 3 vol. 

5792 Japan, with adjacent Coast of China, &c., 4 sheets ; Chart of 

the East India Islands. 4 sheets . 2 vol. 


5793 Pacific Ocean, Chart of the, 9 sheets ; New South Wales and 

Van Dieman's Land, 2 sheets ; Cape of Good Hope, 
4 sheets, and South Africa . 2 vol. 

5794 West Indies, 2 sheets, and Isthmus of Panamer; Mexico, 

4 sheets ; South America, 6 sheets, and Index ; Buoenos 
Ayres . . 3 vol. 

5795 World, The, by Mercator, 4 sheets, and Index ; The Globular 

World, 2 sheets ; Europe, 4 sheets ; Asia, 4 sheets ; 
Africa, 4 sheets ; America, 4 sheets 6 vol. 





5796 Alps. Carte Topog-raphique Militaire, par Raymond, 12 sheets, 

and Index ; Carta Topografica del Sempione, together 
14 sheets . . 1 vol. 

5797 America, North, Etats-Unis sur celle d'Arrowsmith, par Tar- 

dieu, 1808; Upper and Lower Canada, by Faden, 1802-13, 
together 3 sheets, and Evans (L.) Analysis of a Map of 
the Middle British Colonies, map, Philadelphia, printed 
hy JB. Franklin, 1755 . 1 vol. 

5798 America, South, by Faden, 1807, 8 sheets ; South America, 

the Spanish Map, by De la Cruz, published by Faden, 
1775, 6 sheets, together 14 sheets . 1 vol. 

5799 America, Upper and Lower Canada, by Bouchette, 12 sheets, 

and various Maps of America, 16 sheets 2 vol. 

5800 Asia, by Arrowsmith, 1801, 4: sheets ; Turkey, a large Map 

by Zannoni, 1774, &c. together 7 sheets 1 vol. 

5801 Atlas Minor, par N. Visscher, Amst. 38 sheets 3 vol. 

5802 Baden; Bouches de Cattaro, Etruria, Hanover, and Dalmatia, 

Q sheets ; Illyrian Provinces; Illyrian Provinces, by Palraa, 
1812 ; West Gallizien, von E. Carl, 1808, 4 sheets ; Po- 
logne, par Nordmann, 6 sheets; Schwedisch Pommern, 
von Reymann, 1806, 2 sheets, together 25 sheets fol. 2 vol. 

5803 Baltick Pilot, by Laurie and Whittle, 13 sheets 1 vol. 

5804 Bavaria, by Buna, 9 sheets; Poland, by Sotzmann, 1793, 

4: sheets; Poland in 1775, 1793 and 1796, Q sheets, to- 
gether 16 sheets . 1 vol. 

5805 Bohemia. Mappa Chorographica Bohemiae, a J. C. Muller, 

1720, 25 sheets ; Carte von Boehmen durch Schmettau, 
1789, 4 sheets, Sfc. together 32 sheets 1 vol. 


5806 Constantinople, Environs of, by Arrowsmith, 1804, 4 sheets^ 

1 vol. 

5807 D'Anville, Atlas Ancienne, 1771, \0 sheets ; D'Anville, Atlas, 

Moderne, 26 sheets . 5 vol. 

5808 Dauphine, Haut, Carte Geometrique, par Villaret, 1754, 

8 sheets, and Title . folio. 1 vol. 

5809 Denmark and Baltick Sound ; North and South Jutland, by 

C. Warberg, 1787, 8 sheets, 8)-c. together 11 sheets 1 vol. 

5810 England and Wales, Delineation of the Strata of, by W. Snaith, 

coloured, 16 sheets, with letter-press Memoir 1 vol. 

6811 Egypt, various Maps, by Arrowsmith, H. Salt, Lieut. Court, 

&c. 8 sheets ; Chart of the Red Sea, by Col. Capper and 

Lieut. Court, 8 sheets, together 16 sheets 1 vol. 

5812 Europe, by Arrowsmith, 4 sheets . 1 vol. 

5813 France. L'Empire Francois, par A, Berthier, 1804; Environs 

de Paris, par G. Coutans, graves par C. Picquet, 1800, 
16 sheets in 8, together 17 sheets 1 vol. 

5814 France. Carte de Champagne et de Brie, par Bazin, 1790, 

2 sheets ; Fortifications de Paris, par Goujon, 1841, to- 
gether 3 sheets . 1 vol. 

5815 France, par Cassini, 1790, 23 sheets, and Index 1 vol. 

5816 France, Devisee en Departemens, ou Atlas National de la 

France, 1792, 84 sheets . 7 vol. 

5817 France et les Provinces Frontieres, par Sanson, 1670, 122 sheets 

7 vol. 

5818 France, Devisee en Departemens, par M. Brion, 1791, 2 sheets 

royal 8vo. 1 vol. 

5819 France, Spain, Mediterranean, and Switzerland, by French 

Geographers, 1757-1808, 10 maps 1 vol. 

5820 Franconia, 1759, 8 sheets; Pomeronia, by Gilly, 1789, 6 sheets; 

Poland, together \b sheets ; Hungary, Atlas Hungaricus, 
a Gorog, 1802, imperfect, 80 sheets ; Comitatus Posoni- 
ensis, a De Lichtenstern, 1794, 5 sheets, &c. together 2 vol. 

5821 Galicia, curante J. Liesganig, 41 sheets ; Karte von Gallicien, 

von D. G. Reymann, 1797, 12 sheets, together 53 sheets 

1 vol. 

5822 Germany. Hydrographische Karte von F. J. Maire, 1801, 

4 sheets ; Atlas de Galacie et de Lodomerie, par Maire, 
1790, 8 sheets ; Environs de Vienne, par Maire, &c. to- 
gether 23 sheets . 1 vol. 

5823 Germany. Carte d'Allemagne, par Chaucard, 9 sheets, and 

reduced Map and Index . 1 vol. 

5824 Germany. The Elbe, by Reinke, &c. 1787, 3 sheets ; The 

Eras, 1797; Hamburg, Lubeck, and Ports of Holland and 
France, together 17 sheets . 1 vol. 

5825 Germany. Theatre de la Guerre en Allemagne, par Bauer, 

6 sheets . . 1 vol. 

T T 


5826 Germany. Palatina Bavarise, a C. Mayer, 2 sheets; Carte 

Militaire du Hundsruck, par Hardy, 1798, 6 sheets; Hesse, 
parRogieres, 1761, 4 sheets ; Brunswick, von F, W. Ohsen, 
1774, 4 sheets . 1 vol. 

5827 Germany. Plans of the Battles during the Seven Years' War, 

by De Bawr, La Haye, 1766, 18 sheets 1 vol. 

5828 Germany, the Physical Divisions of, by Arrowsmith, 6 sheets ; 

Cartes Topographiques, in a vol. viz. India, 6 sheets, and 
Cape of Good Hope, 4 sheets . 2 vol. 

5829 Germany, Theatre of the War in, 1757-62, by Bauern, 

18 sheets ; Sieges of Coblentz and Ehrenbreitstein, 1796 ; 
Mayntz, 1793, &c. 9 sheets ; Theatre of War, Russian and 
French, 1812-13, 6 sheets ; Theatre of the War, France 
and Austria, 1805, &c. together 36 sheets 3 vol. 

5830 Germany, Austria, &c. Germany, by Sotzmann, 1803, 2 sheets; 

Austria, 2 sheets ; Navigation of the Danube, Wien. 

7 sheets, S^c. together 17 sheets . 1 vol. 

5831 Guyenne, Carte de la, par Belleyme, 1814, 23 sheets 3 vol. 

5832 Havana, the Bosphorus, Survey of the Tagus, and of the Bay 

of Barracoa, the Dardanelles, and Entrance of the Scheld, 
all in manuscript, and coloured, 8 sheets 1 vol. 

5833 Holland, by Schneider and Derauche, 1793, 15 sheets ; Suri- 

nam, by Wilkinson, 1800; Guiana, by De la Rochette, 
1783; Yucatan, by Faden, 1786, together IS sheets 1 vol. 

5834 Holland and Flanders. The United Provinces, by Wiebeking, 

8 sheets ; Belgium, 1796, 2 sheets, 8^c. together 11 sheets 

1 vol. 

5835 Hungary. Mappa Regni Hungarise et Transylvaniae, per 

J. de Lipsky, Wein. 1806, 10 sheets 1 vol. 

5836 India and Ceylon. India, by Arrowsmith, 1804, 6 sheets; 

Hindostan, by Rennell, 4 sheets; South India, by Fuliarton, 
2 sheets ; Ceylon, by Allan, 2 sheets, 8^c. together 16 sheets 


5837 Italy. Carta delle Station! Militari dTtalia, 180S, 4 sheets ; 

Carte Generale de la Chaine des Alpes, par le General 
Jomini, 1810, 4 sheets, together 8 sheets 1 vol. 

5838 Italy, by Chauchard, 1791, 4 sheets ; Lombardy, by Danville, 

6 sheets, SfC. together 15 sheets . 1 vol. 

5839 Italy. Carte Generale du Theatre de la Guerre en Italie, par 

B. Dalbe, 1797, 30 sheets, and Index, 2 vol.; Carte Gene- 
rale du Theatre de la Guerre en Italie, seconde partie, con- 
tenant le Royaume de Naples, &c. 24 sheets, and Index, 
1 vol. . . 3 vol. 

5840 Ireland. Large Map of County Clare, by H. Pelham ; Another 

of Kildare, by A. Taylor, coloured, together 2 
6841 Livonie et Esthonie, Atlas de, par Mellin, 1 6 sheets 

royal folio. 1 vol. 


5842 Mecklenburg Schwerin, by Schmettaii, 1788, 16 sheets, and 

Index, and Mecklenburg Strelitz, by Schraettau, 1780, 
9 sheets . 3 vol. 

5843 Moldavia, byMuller; Greece, by Faden, 1791 ; Bosnia, by 

Schimek, 1788, 3 sheets ; Dalmatia, by Santini, 1789, &c. 
together 10 sheets . 1 vol. 

5844 Norway, by Pontoppidan, 1795, 2 sheets ; Iceland, by Wessel, 

1770, 3 sheets ; North Sea, Baltic, &c. together 14 sheets 

1 vol. 

6845 Oxfordshire, by Richard Davis, 1797, 16 sheets 1 vol. 

5846 Pays-Bas. Carte Chorographique des Pays-Bas Autrichiens, 
d'apres les Tables de M. Cassini, par L. A. Dupuis, 1777, 
23 sheets . . 1 vol 

6847 Poland, by M. de Perthes, 1809; Bavaria (Post Map) by 
Coulon, 1810; Saltzburgh, by Muller, 1810, \b sheets ; 
Neufchatel, by Ostervald, 1806 ; Neumark, by Sotzmann, 
1811, 2 sheets, together 20 sheets . 1 vol. 

5848 Poland. Carte de la Pologne et du Lithuanie, par Rizzi Zan- 

noni, Londres, 1772, 26 sheets . 1 vol. 

5849 Prussia, by Sotzmann, 1797, and 12 Maps of the Provinces of 

Prussia, by Sotzmann, &c. 1786-96, together 13 sheets 

1 vol. 

5850 Prussia, South, by Gilly, 1803, 13 sheets, and Index 1 vol. 

5851 Pyrenees, par Roussel, 4 sheets . 1 vol. 

5852 Rhine. Carte Topographique de Basle a Mayence, par De 

Beaurain, 1675, 6 sheets ; Karte von Rbein, von Lintz bis 
unter Arnheim, von Wiebeking, 1796, 10 sheets 1 vol. 

5853 Rhine, Map of the River, from Basle to Bonn, by W. de Lisle; 

Karte von Strasburg bis under Maynz, 1793, 2 sheets; 
Karte von der Saar, 1798 ; Plan von Maynz, 1793 ; The- 
atre of the War on the Moselle, 1794, 6 sheets, together 
1 1 sheets . . 1 vol. 

5854 Roma Antiqua e Moderna, da G. de Rossi, 1676, divided into 

32 sheets . 1 vol. 

5855 Russia in ^uroTpe, published at St, Petersburg, 1806, 25 sheets 

2 vol. 

5856 Russia, Paris, 1793, 6 sheets; Prussia, Acad. Regis. Berol. 

1763, 2 sheets; Wyburg and West Prussia, together 
10 sheets . 1 vol. 

5857 Russia. Carte de I'Empire de Russie par Danielov^r, 1812, 

4 sheets . 4to. 1 vol. 

5858 Russie Europeene executee au Depot General de la Guerre, 

1812, 17 sheets . folio. 2 vol. 

5859 Russia in Europe, Austrian Empire, &c. by Lapie, 1812, 

8 sheets ; Ottoman Empire in Europe, Danielow, 1813, 

4 sheets, together 12 sheets . 1 vol. 

5860 Sanson, Atlas, 129 sheets . 8 vol. 

5861 Savoy by Borgonio, Turin, 1772, 6 sheets 1 vol. 


5862 Saxe et Boherae, Carte Militaire de, par ordre de Prince Henry 

de Prusse, 1778, 20 sheets^ 2 vol. ; Sieges et Batailles de 
la Guerre de, 7 Ans. 67 cards coloured ; Theatre de la 
Guerre, 1759, 4 sheets, 8vo. . 4 vol. 

5863 Saxony, by Beckenberg, 1760, 8 sheets; The Grisons, by 

Mechel, 1802 ; The Alpine Countries, by Arrowsmith, 
1804, 4 sheets, ^-c. together 17 sheets 1 vol. 

5864 Saxony, by Petri, 1760, 15 sheets; Environs of Dresden, by 

Petri and Kluist, 1769-94, 36 sheets, 2 vol. 3 vol. 

5865 Siberia. Carte General de Siberie et Route de Paris a Tobolsk, 

par TAbbe Chappe D'Auteroche, n. d. 25 sheets 1 vol. 

5866 Sicily and Naples ; Naples, by Zanuoni, 1789, 4 sheets ; Course 

of the Po, by Placide, 1784, 2 sheets; Mantua, &c. together 
8 sheets . 1 vol. 

5867 Silesia. Atlas Ducatus Silesise ab Homann, Noremberg, 

1750, 20 sheets, and Title and Index 1 vol. 

5868 Spain. Atlas d'Espagne, par D. Lopez, 1763, 52 sheets, and 

Index . royal fol. 3 vol. 

5869 Spain and Portugal. Spain, by Lopez, 1790, 6 sheets, and by 

Men telle, 1799, 9 sheets; Portugal, by Jeffreys, 1762, 

3 sheets ; and Ferrol, Corunna, Cadiz, and Vigo, by Faden, 
together 22 sheets , 1 vol. 

5870 Spain, by Faden, 4 sheets', Portugal, by Faden, 3 sheets; Ger- 

many, Paris, 1813 ; North America, by Purdy, 1814, 

4 sheets . 8vo. 4 vol. 

5871 St. Domingue, Carte Generale de, par Pechon, 1797 ; Plan of 

Carthagena, by Lieut. Bontein, 2 sheets 1 vol. 

5872 Suabia. Suevise Descriptio, a J. L. Kollaffel, 1790, 6 sheets ; 

Carte von dem Herzogthum, Berg von P. Bayern, 1790, 
4 sheets, together 10 sheets . 1 vol. 

5873 Swedish Provinces, by Hexmelin, 1797, 11 sheets; Views in 

Finland, by Hermelin, 5 sheets, together 14 sheets 1 vol. 

5874 Switzerland. Atlas Suisse, par Weiss, 1802, 17 sheets 1 vol. 

5875 Syria. Carte de la Syrie, par Paultre ; Military Plan of Park 

Hill, America, 2 sheets ; Wurtemberg, Charte vom, vom 
Ver fasser, 1812, 4 sheets; Carte Topographique de 
Bruxelles, par de Wartier, 1810, 2 sheets; Karte von 
Danziger, Elbinger und Marienburger von Koppin, 1811, 
together 6 sheets . 3 vol. 

5876 Turkey. Russich Turkisch, Kriegs Atlas, von Schrsembl, 

1788, 6 sheets, ^c. together 13 sheets; Hungary, Atlas 
von Servien und Bosmien, von J. Riedel, 1810, 4 sheets ; 
Germany, Silesia, Luxembourg, &c. 9 sheets 3 vol. 

5877 Tyrol. Atlas Tyrolensis, a Weinhart, 1774, 20 sheets^ and 

Index . . 1 vol. 

5878 Tyrol executee un Depot General de la Guerre, 1808, 6 sheets ; 

Environs of Bourdeaux, by Stockdale ; Switzerland, from 
Cox's Tour, 1789 . 8vo. 4 vol. 


5879 Venice, Territory of, by Liechtenstern, 1805, 4 sheets, and a 

large Map of Italy, 5 sheets, together 9 sheets roy. fol. 1 vol. 

5880 Versailles, Carte Topographie des Environs de Versailles dites 

des Chasses Imperiales, par A. Berthier, 1807, 14 sheets 

1 vol. 

5881 Wallachia and Moldavia, by Fried, 1811; Bosnia, by Reidl, 

1810 ; War of Russians and Turks, by Bawr, together 
13 sheets . 1 vol. 

5882 Warsaw. Herzogthum Warschau, von Engelhardt, 1812, 

6 sheets ; Styria, 2 sheets ; Austria, Mappa von dem Land 
ob der Enns, von F. MuUer, 6 sheets folio. 1 vol. 

5883 West India Islands, by Jeflfries, Faden, Booth, La Rochette, 

King, &c. V. y. 25 sheets . 2 vol. 

5884 Westphalia. Karte von Westphalen vom General Major von 

Le Coq. 1805, 21 sheets royal fol. 1 vol. 

5885 World, Chart of the; Discoveries of Captain Cook, 1784; 

Canada, by Holland, 3 sheets; Africa, by Arrov^rsmith, 
1802, 4 sheets ; Cape of Good Hope, by Arrowsmith, 1803, 
4 sheets, Sfc. together 15 sheets . 1 vol. 



5886 Arrowsmith, Outlines of the World, 44 coloured maps, 1825 ; 

Hurds Map of the North Pole, mounted on linen, and 
Outlines of Oudney, Denham, and Clapperton's Discove- 
ries, 1822-4, in manuscript, and MS. letter by TV. H. H. 
Sfnyth . royal 4to. 1825 

5887 Atlas Geographicus, or System of Geography, maps, 5 vol. 

4to. 1711 

5888 Atlas, par Sanson et autres, 153 coloured maps, 2 vol. 

fol. Paris, 1704 

5889 Austria, 1822, 9 sheets; Tyrol, 1823, \9 sheets ; Carta Mili- 

tare d'Etruria da G. Bordiga, 1806, and 4 Maps of Italy, 
together 7 

5890 Bleau (J.) Geographia, vol. 5, quo Anglia continetur, maps 

and plates . folio. Amst. 1662 

5891 Bleau (G. and J.) Theatre du Monde ou Nouvel Atlas, nume- 

7'ous coloured maps, ivith vignette costumes, ^c. 6 vol. 
vol 1, 4, arid 6 icant title pages Amst. 1647 

5892 Brittany, the Province of. Geometrical Survey, by Faden, 

6 sheets; India, by Allen, Theatre of the War, 1812; 
Vigo Bay, by Faden, &c. together 18 sheets 

5893 Buckinghamshire, by a A. Bryant, 2 sheets, coloured, in a case 

royal 8vo. 1 vol. 


5894 Buckinghamshire, by Jeffreys, coloured ; Sussex, by Budgen ; 

Map of Essex, Isle of Wight, Cornwall, Seat of the War 
in China, by Wyld, &c. together 29 

5895 Gary (J.) English Atlas, coloured maps 4to. 1787 

5896 Cary, English Atlas, maps . 4to. 1793 

5897 Cary (J.) Map of England and Wales, coloured maps 

4to. 1816 

5898 Chaucard, General Map of Germany, &c. folio. 1800 

5899 Delisle, Atlas, coloured maps Paris, 1700 

5900 England. Ordnance Maps of Great Britain, on 

70 sheets, mounted on linen, in 11 cases of blue morocco, 
contents lettered . 18 

5901 England, by Fairbairn ; Ireland, by Beaufort ; Scotland, &c. 

together 12 

5902 England. Canals and Railways of the Midland Counties, by 

Wyld, large coloured map ; Canals in York, Lancaster, 
&c. by W^yld, large coloured map ; Laurie, Travelling 
Map of England and Scotland, together 3 

5903 England. Charts of England to the Mediterranean ; The 

Mediterranean ; The Archipelago and Black Sea, pub- 
lished at the Hydrographic Office, Admiralty fol. 3 vol. 

5904 England and Wales, Geological Map of, by G. B. Greenhough, 

1819, 6 sheets, coloured, blue morocco case 

imperial 8vo. 1 vol. 

5905 England. Charts of the V/estern Islands, Orkney, and Shet- 

land, &c. in 1 vol. ; Channel Pilot 2 vol. 

5906 Europe. Maps, Plans and Views of the Most Celebrated Cities, 

Towns, &c. in Europe, and Views of Houses, 156 maps 
and plates, some of JEnglish cities and towns fol. v» y, 

5907 France. Carte Generale de la France, par Departemens, par 

De Cassini, 182 sheets, coloured, morocco backs, contents 
lettered, in cases . 30 vol. 

5908 Germany. Panorama du Rhin, 1829; Panorama du Meim, 

1827, and 12 Maps, in cases, together 14 

5909 Gibraltar, a Plan of the Town and Fortifications in 1767, by 

W. Green, Chief Engineer, in manuscript, and coloured, 
Qft, 7 by 2 ft. 4 ; Plan et Carte de Toulon et ses Envi- 
rons, 1593, in manuscript ; Iconografica Venezia, a large 
Plan of the City of Venice, by Lod. Ughi, 1729, 8 sheets ; 
Plan of the City of Manheim, Naples, &c. together 20 sheets 

5910 Halley (Edm.) Atlas Maritimus et Commercialis, or View of 

the World, as it relates to Trade and Navigation, charts, 
russia . . folio. 1738 

5911 Sweden. Hermelin (F. S. G.) Geografiske Kartor ofver 

Swerige, 30 coloured maps, 
half russia atlas folio, Stockholm, 1810 

5912 India, published by Kingsbury and Co. 1825, 4 sheets, coloured; 

Chauchard, Carte d' AUemagne, 1 1 sheets, together 2 


5913 Jaillot (A. H.) Atlas FranQois, 2 vol. folio. Paris, 1695 

6914 Jaillot (A. H,) Atlas Francois, portrait^ and 155 coloured 

maps^ 2 vol. . Paris., 1695 

6915 Jamaica. The Counties of Cornwall, Middlesex, and Surrey, 

by Jas. Robertson, 1804, 3 coloured sheets ; the same by 
Craskell and Simpson, 1761, 3 sheets^ and two coloured 
Drawing's of the Hope Estate, together 8 sheets 

5916 Janssoni (J.) Tabulae Regionum Veterum, 94 maps, coloured 

5917 Le Sage, Atlas Historique, Genealogique, Chronologique, et 

Geographique, Paris, 1814, 33 sheets, coloured, riissia 
cases . imperial 8vo. 2 vol. 

5918 Languedoc, Canal de, par Garipuy, 1771, 18 sheets, in cases 

royal 8vo. 3 vol. 

5919 London from an actual Survey, 1839, published by Ruff and Co. 

large sheet, coloured, in red morocco case imp. 8vo. 1 vol. 

5920 London in 1842, a two sheet map, taken from the summit of 

the Duke of York's Monument, mounted on linen, and 
folded . . royal 4to. 

5921 Mannevilette (M. de) Le Neptune Oriental, avec Supplement, 

103 charts . folio. 1775 

5922 Mercatoris (G.) Atlas du Monde Universel, numerous coloured 

maps, 2 vol. . folio. Amst. 1633 

5923 Maps, various, in rolls . a parcel 

5924 Murray, Atlas of English Counties, 44 maps folio, n, d. 

5925 Neptune (Le) Fran9ois, ou Atlas des Cartes Marines 

folio. Paris, 1683 

5926 Popple (H.) Map of America, 20 coloured maps, 7i. d. ^c. 

folio. 3 vol. 

5927 Roma, Topografia di, da Nolli, 7 sheets, in leather case ; 

Carta Topografica di Parma, Piacenza e Guastalla, 1828, 
9 sheets ; Environs of Milan, 9 sheets, together 3 

5928 Sanson, Atlas Nouveau de toutes les Parties du Monde, 

134 coloured maps . folio. Paris, 1692 

5929 Sanson (N.) Les Isles Britanniques descrittes, Paris, 1651, 

&c. o . 10 vol. 

5930 Sanson, Atlas, 60 coloured maps, Paris, 1678; Sanson, Intro- 

duction a la Geographie, coloured maps, Paris, 1719 

folio. 2 vol. 

5931 Seller (J.) Book of Maps, 42 coloured maps folio, n. d. 

5932 Senex, Atlas, 36 coloured maps folio. 1725 

5933 Sicily, by W. E. Smith, 1826; Germany, by Nordraann; Italy, 

by Liechtenstern ; Lombardy, together 4 

5934 Scripture Atlas, 20 coloured maps 

4to. Matthews and Leigh, 1812 

5935 Steele, Complete European Maritime Atlas, 31 charts; and 

Maritime Atlas of East and West Indies and America, 
27 charts, 2 vol. . folio. 1802-3 



5936 Bach (J.) Concertos for Violins ; Rameau (M.) Concertos 

for Harpsichord ; St. Martini, Concertos, and various Con- 
certos, Songs in Operas, Vocal and Instrumental 20 vol. 

5937 Bland (Jo.) Lady's Collection of Catches, Glees, Canons and 

Madrigals, 4 vol.; Collection of Catches, Glees, &c., An- 
tient and Modern, 4 vol. Longman 8 vol. 

5938 Callcott (J. W.) Collection of Glees, Canons and Catches, 

portrait^ 2 vol. . . 1824 

5939 Carey (H.) Musical Century, 50 English Ballads, 1737; Corri 

(D.) Works, Songs, Duets, &c. from Operas, 3 vol. n. d. 

4 vol. 

5940 Chilcot (T.) Six Concertos, morocco^ 1756 ; Anoste, II Corio- 

lino ; Bononcini, Astartus ; Handel, Otho ; Pergolesi, 
Stabat Mater, and various Symphonies and Songs in Operas 

18 vol. 

5941 Corelli (A.) Sonatas for Viohn, Violincello and Organ, por- 

traiti 10 vol. . . n. d. 

5942 Gerainiani (F.) Treatise of Good Taste in Music, 1749; Mac- 

donald (J.) Harmonic System, 1822; Arne (T. A.) Lyric 
Harmony; Jones (Ed.) Lessons for the Harp, &c. 5 vol- 

5943 Glees, Catches and Rounds, a favourite Collection of; Sale (J.) 

Collection of New Glees; Professional Collection of Glees, 
by Callcott, Cooke, &c. 1 vol.; Trajetta (T.) Italian Duets; 
Thomson (M.) Six Anthems, &c. 1 vol.; Glees, by 
R. Cooke, W. Horsley, Callcott, &c. 1 vol. and various 
Vocal Music, &c. , 15 vol. 

5944 Handel, Songs selected from his Oratorios, Vocal and Instru- 

mental, 5 vol. and various Concertos and Sonatas, by 
Handel . . 17 vol. 

5945 Handel. Overtures for the Pianoforte, with Accompaniments, 

Solos for the German Flute, Songs in his Operas, &c. 

14 vol. 

5946 Handel. Sonatas for the German Flute, Violin, or Harpsichord ; 

Belshazzar, Acis and Galatea, Joseph, Samson, Hercules, 
Semele, Judas Maccabseus, Alexander's Feast, Orlando, 
published by Walsh, Messiah in score 9 vol. 

5947 Jones (Ed.) Musical and Poetical Relicks of the Welsh Bards, 

1794; Jones, Bardic Museum, 1802; Jones, Lyric Airs, 
1804 . . 3 vol. 

5948 Latrobe (C. I.) Selections of Sacred Music, Vocal and Instru- 

mental, 5 vol. . 1806-18 

5949 Manuscript Music. Cimarosi (Dom.) II Matrimonio Segreto, 

2 vol. ; Vinci (Leonardo) I'Artaserse, 3 vol. ; Les Festes 
de r Amour et de Bacchus ; dessus et basse de Violin, 
2 vol. &c. .13 voL 


5950 Manuscript Music, Vocal and Instrumental, various 27 vol. 

5951 Melodies of various Nations, with Symphonies by Stevenson 

and Bishop, vol. 2 and 4 ; Thompson, Collection of Scot- 
tish Airs, vol. 5 ; West (W.) Spanish Melodies, No. 1 ; 
Musical Annual, 1838 . 5 vol. 

5952 Mozart, II Don Giovanni; Handel, Messiah, by Mazzinghi; 

Concertos by Crotch; Kent, 12 Anthems; Anstey, Sacred 
Music, vol. 2; Beauties of Purcel, andvarious, Vocal and 
Instrumental . 6 vol. 

5953 Pianoforte Music, with Accompaniments, various pieces, by 

Mozart J. C. Bach, Pleyel, Scarlatti, Mazzinghi, &c. ; 
Pacini (Giov.) I'lJltimo Giorno di Pompei, 2 parts, and 
various Pieces, Accompaniments, &c. . a parcel 

5954 Pleyel (J.) Sonatas for Piano, with Accompaniments, 3 vol. ; 

Purcel (H.) Vocal and Instrumental Music of Dioclesian, 
1691 . 4 vol. 

5955 Sonatas, by Tibaldi, Bomporti, Marini, Bassani ; Purcel, Col- 

lection of Ayres, 1697, &c/for the Organ and Violin, 2 vol. ; 
Sonatas, by Corbet, Finger, and Roger, some in MS. for 
Two Flutes, 2 vol. ; Sonatas, by Vento and Degiardino, 
1 vol. &c. . 7 vol. 

5956 Sonatas, by Geminiani, Mondonville, Richter, Plandel, Haydn, 

&c. ; Concertos, by Hook, Eichner, Schobert, Abel, &c. 

5957 Songs, Glees, Reels, Sonatas, &c. a miscellaneous Collection 

9 vol 

5958 Warren (Thomas) Collection of Catches, Canons, and Glees for 

Three, Four, and Five Voices, 6 vol. ; Bland (J.) Ladies 
Collection of Catches, Glees, &c. 2 vol. 8 vol. 

5959 Weyman (D.) Melodia Sacra, or Psalms of David, Hymns, 

Anthems, and Choruses, for Voices, Organ, and Piano- 
forte, 4 numbers . 1812-14 

u u 









5960 Angel (Jo.) General History of Ireland, plan, 2 vol. 

calf gilt . Duh. 1781 

5961 Anthologia Hibernica, or Monthly Collections of Science, 

Belles Lettres, and History, plates, 3 vol. 
calf gilt Duh, 1793-4 

5962 Atwood (W.) History, and Reasons of the Dependency of Ire- 

land upon the Kingdom of England, 1698 — Acts of the 
Short Session of Parliament, 1689, calf neat 2 vol. 

5963 Audley, Earl of Castlehaven, Memoirs of the Wars of Ireland 

from 1642 to 1651, calf gilt, 1681— Borlase (Ed.) Reduc- 
tion of Ireland, 1675, calf gilt 2 vol. 

5964 Baratariana, a Collection of Fugitive Political Pieces, plates^ 

Duh. \111 — Select Essays from the Batchelor, plates, 

1772 — Borlase, Reduction of Ireland, 1675 — Bush, Hi- 

bernia Qw\l\o?>^, plates, 1759 4 vol. 

6965 Beling (Sir R.) Vindiciarum Catholicorum Hiberniae, lib. duo 

very scarce, fine copy, blue morocco extra, g. I. Paris, 1650 

5966 Bethara (Sir W.) Irish Antiquarian Researches, many plates, 

2 vol. 


5967 Betham (Sir W.). Another co^j, plates, part 1 ib. 1826 

5968 Bible (The Holy) translated by Bp. Bedell, with New Testa- 

ment by Wm. O'Domhnuill, in the Irish language, but 
with Roman character, MS, notes in Irish 
very scarce, blue wiorocco, gilt leaves Lunnduin, 1690 

5969 Blackburne (Fr.) on the Controversy between the Protestants 

and Papists of Great Britain and Ireland, red morocco, 
1768 — Bush, Hibernia Curiosa, plates, calf gilt, 1769 2 vol. 

5970 Boulter (Abp.) Letters containing an Account of Transactions 

in Ireland, from 1724 to 1738, 2 vol. in 1 Duh, 1770 


5971 Boulter (Abp.), Another copy 0^-/orJ, 1769 

5972 Brewer (J. N.) Beauties of Ireland, many plates, fine impres- 

sions, 2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, unhound , 1826 

5973 Budgell (E.) Memoirs of the Life and Character of the Earl 

of Orrery and the Family of the Boyles, portrait, 1732 — 
Earl Castlehaven, Memoirs and Review of the Wars in 
Ireland, 1753 — Clarendon, History of the Eebellion in 
Ireland, 1719-20— Memoirs of Ireland, 1716, &c. 6 vol. 

5974 Burnett (Bp. G.) Life and Letters of Bishop Wm. Bedell 

calf gilt . 1685 

5975 Campbell (Tho.) Strictures on the Ecclesiastical and Literary 

History of Ireland, with MS. notes hy Dr. O' Conor, 
Bub. 1789 — Bp. of Cloyne, Present Sta\e of the Church 
of Ireland, red morocco, gilt leaves, 1787 2 vol. 

5976 Carey (M.) Vindiciae Hibernicae, or Ireland Vindicated 

Philadelphia, 1819 

5977 Carte (Tho.) Collection of Original Letters and Papers con- 

cerning the Affairs of England, from 1641 to 1660, found 

among the Ormonde Papers, 2 vol. 1739 

6978 Cavelli (Hug.) Speculum Sacramentorum, in the Irish Ian- 

guage and character 

RARE, russia extra, gilt leaves Lovanii, 1618 

5979 Clarendon (Edw.) History of the Rebellion, &c. in Ireland, 

portrait, 1721 — Tracts, among which is Martin's Voyage 
to St. Kilda, 1749, &c. 8 vol. 

5980 Clery (Mic.) Vocabularium Linguas Hibernicae, wants title, 

Lovanii, 1683, et Tablettes Chronologiques par Marcel, 
interleaved with numerous MS. memoranda in h^ish, hy 
C. a Conor, Amst. 1696 2 vol. 

6981 Comerford, History of Ireland, 2 copies, Duh. 1755 — Harris, 
Historical Memoirs of the Irish Rebellion, 1665, &c. 8 vol. 

5982 Common Prayer Book of the Church of England, Irish and 

English, n. d. ; and tho Church Catechism Explained, by 
Jo. Lewis, Irish and English, 2 vol. calf gilt 1712 

5983 Common Prayer. Another copy, and the Church Catechism; 

another, 2 vol., and Usher's Power of the Prince, portrait, 
3 vol. . 1683-1712 

5984 Cornelian (O.) Practical Grammar of the Irish Language, 

Dub. 1844 — P. O'Brien's Practical Grammar of the Irish 
Language, ib. 1809 — Grammar of the Gaelic Language, 
ib. 1808 . 3 vol. 

5985 Cranford (Jas.) The Teares of Ireland, wherein is 

lively presented, as in a map, a List of the unheard-of 
Cruelties and perfidious Treacheries of blood-thirsty Jesuits 
and the Popish Faction, as a Warning to her Sister Nalions, 
&c., 24 curious plates hy Hollar 
extremely rare, morocco extra, gilt leaves 1642 


5986 Crawford (Wm.) History of Ireland from the earliest Period, 

2 vol. calf gilt Strabane, 1783 

5987 Curry (Dr. John) Historical and Critical Review of the Civil 

Wars in Ireland, 2 vol. calf 1793 

5988 Davies (Sir John) Historical Tracts and Life, Dub. 1787 — • 

Report of Cases and Matters in Law, ib. 17G2 2 vol. 

5989 Desiderata Curiosa Hibernica, or a Select Collection of State 

Papers, 2 vol. calf Dub. 1772 

5990 Donlevy (And.) Catechism, or Christian Doctrine, Irish and 

English . PariSj 1742 

5991 Dublin Magazine and Irish Monthly Register, jo/a^e^, vol. 1, 

2, 3 and 5, 4 vol. 1798, &c. 21 vol. 

5992 Duhigg (B. T.) History of the King's Inns, or an Account of 

the Legal Body in Ireland, 3 parts, 1806 — A. Capel, Earl 
of Essex, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, 1675 — Letters, 
Dub. 1773, &c. . 3 vol. 

5993 Duigenan (P.) Present Political State of Ireland, 1799— Dnn- 

gannon Resolutions, by C. H. Wilson, porti^ait, Dub. 
1782, calf gilt . 2 vol. 

5994 Echard (L.) Exact Description of Ireland, 1691 — Ireland's 

Case briefly stated, 2 parts, 1695 — History of the Princess 
of Hanover, wife of King George I, Dub. 1772 — Hibernian 
Pocket Companion, ib. 1760, 4 vol. in 2 1691-1772 

5995 Extracts Relative to the Fisheries of Ireland, map^ 1787 — 

Earl Fitzwiiliam's Letters and the Answers, 1795 — Era- 
ser, View of the Agriculture of Wicklow, 1801 — Keating, 
Remarks on the Defence of Ireland, 1796 — Post-Chaise 
Companion through Ireland, plates, 1786 5 vol. 

5996 Ferrar (J.) Llistory of Limerick, plates, Limerick, 1787— 

Hay, History of the Insurrection of Wexford, 1798 2 vol. 

5997 French (Nic.) The Unkinde Desertor of Loyall Men 

AND True Friends 
extremely rare, presentation copy to Sir Chr. 
French, with inscription in the Author s autograph, ^ne, 
large, clean copy, blue morocco extra, gilt leaves 

Superiorum Permissu, anno 1676 

*^* Nicholas French, titular Bishop of Ferns, though a bad 
and turbulent, as well as an intriguing politician, appears 
to have been a man of undoubted talent and erudition — see 
WahK s Histoi^y of Irish Remonstrance, p. 616 ; Ware's 
Irish Writers, S^c. His Attack upon the Duke of Or- 
monde may very possibly be, and probaby is, a good deal 
over-coloured, and mixed up with some calumny and 
unfair inferences, but much, indeed most of his charges are 
founded in fact. That of the Duke clandestinely obtaining 
grants of numerous estates, which the Crown had no legal 
right whatever to dispose of, and otherwise dispossessing 


the unfortunate proprietors during the lawless period of his 
first Vice-Royalty after the Restoration, is to this day uni- 
versally and circumstantially known by tradition throughout 
the county of Kilkenny. A rental of £7,000. in the Reign 
of Charles I. became thus augmented to upwards of 
£80,000. in that of Charles II; it will not therefore excite 
surprise to hear that the exty^eme rarity and almost extinc- 
tion of the " Unkinde Desertor" was nearly coeval with 
its existence ; for the Duke's family, in order to keep such 
secrets within the " Prison House," or at least to prevent 
it from walking too much abroad, purchased at any price, 
wherever they could find it, this obnoxious piece of evidence. 
At Towneley's sale in 1814, Lord Leitrim purchased one 
for £31. 10. ; only seven copies are known. 
See MS. note, signed S, G, Oct. 20th, 1820. 

5998 Grace (Shefi".) Memoirs of the Family of Grace, with lines 

written at Jerpoint Abbey, with an autograph letter of 
the author 
ILLUSTRATED with 126 portraits and plates of views, an- 
tiquities, maps, hook plates, ^c* 


5999 Grace (S.). Another copy, 

ILLUSTRATED with 176 portraits, plates of views, antiquities, 

maps, hook-plates, ^'c. 
PRIVATELY PRINTED ou thick straiv coloured paper, half 

morocco, uncut . royal 8vo. 1823 

6000 Grace (S.) Descriptive and Architectural Sketch of the Grace- 

Mausoleum and Survey of Tullaroan, or Grace's Parish in 
the Cantred or Grace's Country, and County of Kilkenny, 
ILLUSTRATED with upwards of 200 portraits and plates of 
views, antiquities, ^c, 2 vol. 


rocco, uncut Duhlin, 1819 

6001 Grace (S.) Another copy, 2 vol. in 1 

ILLUSTRATED with upwards of 140 portraits and plates of 

views, antiquities, S^c. 
PRIVATELY PRINTED, halfmorocco, uncut ih. 1819 

6002 Grace (S.) Lines written at Jerpoint Abbey, with an autograph 

letter of S. Grace, illustrated with 16 maps, portraits 
and plates 


6003 Grace (S.) Another copy, with 6 porti^aits and plates 

LARGE FAPER, privately printed, uncut royal 8vo. 1823 

6004 Grace. 65 portraits and plates illustrative of the Memoirs of 

the Grace Family 

6005 Hamilton (Wm.) Letters concerning the Northern Coast of 

the County of Antrim, plates, 1790 — Holmes, Sketches of 
some of the Southern Counties of Ireland, plates, 1 60 1, 
calf gilt 2 vol. 


600G Harris (W.) History and Antiquities of the City of Dublin, 
with appendix, and Antient and Present State of the 
County of Down, plates, 2 vol. Dub. 1744-66 

6007 Harris (W.) Hibernica ; or some Antient Pieces relating to 

Ireland, 2 parts in I vol. calf Dub. 1770 

6008 Harris (W.) Fiction Unmasked in a Dialogue between a Pro- 

testant and a Papist, Dub. 1752 — Dr. Wm. Hale, Survey 
of the Modern State of the Church of Rome, 1788, calf 
gilt 2 vol. 

6009 Histories (Ancient Irish). Works of Spencer, Champion, 

Hanmer, &c. 2 vol. 
calf extra, marbled leaves royal 8vo. Dub. 1809 

6010 Hoare (Sir R. Colt) Journal of a Tour in Ireland in 1806, 

frontispiece 1801 

6011 Ireland, the Present State of, with some remarques upon the 

Antient State thereof, map, russia, marbled leaves 1673 

6012 Ireland, Letters on the State of, by J. K. L., Dub. 1825— 

Lettres sur les Elections Anglaises et sur la situation de 
rirlande, Paris, 1827 ; Sketches in Ireland, Dub. 1827— 
Three Months in Ireland, 1827 

6013 Jocelin. Life and Acts of St. Patrick, Archbishop, Primate 

and Apostle of Ireland, by E. L. Swift 
calf extra, marbled leaves royal 8vo. Dub. 1809 

6014 Kennedy (Math.) Chronological, Genealogical and Historical 

Dissertation of the Royal Family of Stuarts, 
very scarce, russia extra, g. I. by Chas. Lewis JParisy 1705 

6015 Keogh (Jo.) Zoologia Medicinalis Hibernica 

calf, gilt leaves Dub. 17 S9 

6016 King (Abp. Wm.) State of the Protestants in Ireland, Dub. 

1730— Narrative of the French Invasion of Killalla, 1798, 
lb. 1800 — Letters by A. Capel Earl of Essex, Lord Lieu- 
tenant of Ireland, 1675, ib. 1770 3 vol. 

6017 Lanigan (Dr. John) Ecclesiastical History of Ireland, 4 vol. 

Dub. 1822 

6018 Lawrence (Ric.) the Interest of Ireland in its Trade and 

Wealth stated, 2 parts in 1, good copy 1682 

6019 List of the Absentees of Ireland and the yearly Value of 

Estates, &c. Dub. 1729 — Memoirs of Capt. Peter Drake, 
ib. 1755 — Life of St. Patrick, with MS, additions, ib. 1747 
Memoirs of Geo. Leyburn, 1722 4 vol. 

6020 Magna Charta libertatum Civitatis Waterford, cura T. Cun- 

ningham, calf gilt Dub. 1752 

6021 Mason (W. S.) Statistical Account, or Parochial Survey of 

Ireland, maps, Sfc, 3 vol., two green morocco, gilt leaves, 
and one unbound . e6. 1814-19 


6022 Madden (Dr. Sam.) Memoirs of the Twentieth Cen- 


George the Sixth, fine copy 1733 

*^* A Volume of extreme rarity. It was written by Dr. 
Madden ; " a name,'* says Dr. Johnson, " which Ireland 
ought to honour.'' The work was scarcely finished when 
the author determined to destroy it. Only three copies 
are said to have been preserved ; see Nicholls Literary 
Anecdotes, Vol. 2, p. 29 to 33, where this copy, from 
the collection of James Bindley, is particularly specified. 

6023 Madden (Dr. S.) Reflections and Resolutions proper for the 

Gentlemen of Ireland as to their Conduct for the service 
of their Country, 1738 ; and a Letter to the Dublin Society 
on the Improving their Funds, 1739, 2 vol. in 1 
extremely rare Duh. 1738-9 

*#* This book was privately reprinted in 1816, and the editor 
says the original edition is of uncommon rarity, and that 
there is not a copy in any of the public libraries in Dublin. 

6024 Milner (Dr. J.) Inquiry into certain Vulgar Opinions con- 

cerning the Catholic Inhabitants and Antiquities of Ireland, 
calf, marbled leaves . n. d. 

6025 Milner (Dr. J.) Inquiry into certain Vulgar Opinions con- 

cerning Ireland, 1808 — Bp. Nicholson, Irish Historical 
Library, Bub. 1724 2 vol. 

6026 Molani (Jo.) Idea togatas Constantinae sive Fr. Tailleri 

Dublinensis Praetoris in Persecutione Congressus et 
Religionis Catholicae Defensione interitus Paris, 1029 

6027 Mollony (Corn. O') Anatomicum Examen Inchiridii Apolo- 

getici, seu Famosi cujusdam Libelli, a Tho. Carve (verius 

catrano) Sacerdote Hiberni furtive publicati, quo Carrani 

impostura3 et caluminae Religiose refutantur, (wants two 

leaves, p. 265 to 269) 

extremely rare, old red morocco Pragae, 1671 

*^* This and Carve's Tract, against which it is written, are the 
scarcest Tracts relating to the Irish War from, 1647 to 
1660. Carve's tract is so rare, having been destroyed by 
the Nucum party, that it is supposed that the only passages 
remaining are those which O'Mollony quotes here. Harris 
acknowledges that he could not find this book. See MS. 

6028 Molloy (Fr.) Lucerna Fidelium, seu de Doctrina Christiifna, 

in the Irish language and character 
very scarce, russia extra, gilt leaves RomcBy 1676 


C029 Moryson (Fynes) History of Ireland from 1599 to 1603 ; and 
Description of Ireland, 2 vol. scarce, calf Dub. 1735 

6030 Mullalla (Jas.) View of Irish Affairs from 1688 to 1795, 

2 vol. , . 1795 

6031 O'Conor (Chas.) Dissertations on the Antient History of 

Ireland, calf gilt Dub. 1753 

6032 O'Conor (Dr. Chas.) Memoirs of the Life and Writings of 

Charles O'Conor of Belanagare, portrait with MS. notes 
and corrections bi/ the author, vol, 1 all published 
RARE, russia extra, gilt leaves n. d. (1796) 

*^* This book was suppressed by the author and almost all 
the copies were destroyed. It is so extremely rare that a 
copy in Sir M. M. Sykes' Sale sold for £ 14.j 

6033 O'Conor (Dr. C.) Memoirs of the Life of Charles O'Conor, 

of Belanagare, the Introduction to, only, interleaved, with 
numerous MS. additions, corrections and emendations in 
the author s autograph, portrait 
half russia, gilt leaves n. d. (1796) 

6034 O'Conor (Dr. C.) Letters of Columbanus ad Hibernos on the 

mode of appointing Catholic Bishops, &c. No. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 
and 7 ; with Historical Address on the Calamities occa- 
sioned by Foreign Influence in the nomination of Bishops 
to the Irish Sees, 2 parts ; scarce, 2 vol. and 3 parts 


6035 O'Conor. Letters of Columbanus ad Hibernos, No. 1, 2, 

3, 5 and 7 ; and Historical Addresses, part 1, 4 vol. 1810-16 

6036 O'Conor (Matt.) History of the Irish Catholics, 1813— Dr. C. 

O'Conor, Historical Addresses, part 1,1810 ; and 7th Letter 
of Columbanus, 1816, &c. 4 vol. 

6037 O'Daly (Dan.) Initium Incrementa et Exitus Familise Geral- 

dinorum Desmoniae Comitum Palatinorum Kyerria in 
Hibernia, ac persecutionis Hsereticorum descriptio, per 
Dom. de Rosario O'Daly 
EXTREMELY RARE, Jine Copy, calf gilt Ulissipp. 1655 

6038 O'Flaherty (R.) Ogygia ; or a Chronological Account of 

Irish Events, translated by Hely ; and the Ogygia Vindi- 
cated by C. O'Conor, 3 vol. Dub. 1775-93 

6039 O'Hosey (Bonav.) The Christian's Instruction, in the Irish 

language and character 
RARE, Jine copy, russia extra, g. I. 18mo. Lovanii, n, d, 

6040 Orrery (R. Boyle, first Earl of) Collection of State Letters, 

and Life by T. Morrice, 2 vol. Dub. 1743— Orrery (Jo. 
Earl of) Remarks on the Life and Writings of Swift, 
portrait, 1752 — Parker, Memoirs of Military Transactions, 
1683—1718, in Ireland, &c. 1747 4 vols. 

6041 Pamphlets. An Essay of the Antiquity of the Irish Language, 

1772, &c. a bundle 



6042 Parliamentary Register of the House of Commons of Ireland, 

9 vol. Duh. 1772 

6043 Peel (Sir Rob.) Bibliotheca Hibernicana ; or a Descriptive 

Catalogue of the Select Irish Library of the Right Hon. 
Sir Rob. Peel 
PRIVATELY PRINTED, and ouhj 50 copies ib. 1823 

6044 Perrott (Sir John) the History of 


6045 Petty (Dr.) Reflections upon some Persons and Things in 

Ireland, with Sir Hier. Sankey's Speech in Parliament 
russia extra hy Chas, Lewis 1660 

6046 Petty (Sir Wm.) Tracts, chiefly relating to Ireland, 

caff ' - Dub. 1709 

6047 Plowden (Fr.) History of Ireland, from its Invasion under 

Henry II. to the Union, 2 vol. - 1812 

6048 Plymley (Peter) Ten Letters on the Subject of the Catholics, 

1808 — F. Flowden, Historical Letter to Dr. Chas. O'Conor, 
or Columbanus, portrait, 1812 2 vol. 

6049 Richardson (Jo.) Short History of the Attempts to convert the 

Popish Natives of Ireland, calf extra, gilt leaves 1712 

6050 Roirk (Donati) Hibernia Resurgens, sive Refrigerium Anti- 

dotale adversus Morsum Serpentis Antiqui 
RARE, russia extra, cropped copy RotJiom. 1621 

6051 Rooth (Bp. David) Analecta Sacra nova et mira de Rebus 

Catholicorum in Llibernia pro fide et Religione gestis, 
divisa in tres partes, ivants p, 239-40 
FIRST EDITION, RARE; presented to Dr. O Conor by Lord 
Arundel, Aug. 26, 1817. See 3IS. note 1616 

6052 Rooth (Bp. D.) Analecta Sacra nova et mira de Rebus 

Catholicorum in Hibernia pro fide et Religione gestis, 

3 pars, editio secunda, cum Additamento, 4 parts in 2 vol. 
with a BIS. note by C. O' Conor 

RARE, russia extra, gilt leaves 

6053 Rooth (Bp. D.) Brigida Thaumaturga, sive Dissertatio de S. 

Brigida, et de Scriptorum Scotorura Nomenclatura a Tho. 
Dempster© edita, very scarce Paris, 1620 

6054 Rutty (Dr. Jo.) Essay towards a Natural History of Dublin, 

map and plates, 2 vol. calf gilt 1772 

6055 St. Patrick. The Delightful History of the Life and Death 

of that Renowned and Famous St. Patrick, Champion of 
Ireland, wood cuts 
lilacit Icttcv, good copy, green morocco, gilt leaves 1685 

6056 Smith (C.) Antient and Present State of the Counties and 

Cities of Cork, Kerry, and Waterford, maps and plates, 

4 vol. calf not quite uniform Dub. 1746-56 

6057 Spenser (Edm.) View of the State of Ireland in the Reign of 

Queen Elizabeth, with a few MS. notes by Dr. O'Conor 
calf gilt - - Dub. 1763 

X X 


6058 Stephenson (Rob.) Tracts on the Linen Manufacture of Ire- 

land, Dub. 1757 — Wallace (Tho.) Essay on the Manufac- 
tures of Ireland, Dub. 1798 2 vol. 

6059 Stevens (Capt. I.) Monasticon Hibernicum, or the Monastical 

History of Ireland, /?/«^e5, russia 1722 

6060 Stevens (Capt. I.) Another copy, plates^ with some MS, 

notes by C. 0' Conor - 1722 

6061 Taaffe (Denis) Impartial History of Ireland, 4 vol. 

very scarce - - Dub. \Q\\ 

*^* A most violent and partial history ; it was published in 
numbers, and when it reached the end of the fourth volume 
was seized by the Government, and suppressed, 

6062 Teagueland Jests, or Bogg-Witticismes, frontispiece 

scarce.^ good copy - 1690 

6063 Thyrsei (Guil.) Discursus Panegyrici de Nominibus, Tribula- 

tionibus et Miraculis S. Patricii Ibernorum Apostoli 
very scarce - Duaci, 1617 

6064 Toland (J.) Nazarensis : or Jewish, Gentile, and Mahometan 

Christianity, with a Relation of an Irish MS. of the Four 
LARGE PAPER, calf, gilt leaves royal 8vo. 1718 

6065 Toland (J.) Critical History of the Celtic Religion, and Learn- 

ing, and Life, 1815 ; and Nazarenus, or Jewish, &c. Chris- 
tianity, 1718 - 2 vol. 

6066 Toland (J.) Account of his Life and Writings ; his Nazarenus, 

and other Tracts, 1722 — Twiss, Tour in Ireland in 1775, 
plateSi 1776 — 13 Tracts on the Union, by Jervis, Jebb, 
Smyth, Rudd, Taaffe, &c. 1798 ; and a vol. of Miscella- 
neous Tracts, 1799 - 4 vol. 

6067 Townsend (H.) Statistical Survey of the County of Cork 

Dub. 1810 

6068 Trials (Irish) for High Treason, &c. 1798— Trial of Walter 

O'Grady, 1816, &c. &c. - 6 vol. 

6069 Vallancey (Major Chas.) Grammar of the Iberno-Celtic, or 

Irish Language, calf gilt Dub. 1782 

6070 Vallancey (Major C.) Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis, No. 1 

to 9, plates 2 vol. - ib. 1770-81 

6071 Vallancey (Major C.) Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis, plates. 

No. 1 to 12, 3 vol. uncut ib. 1770 83 

6072 Vallancey (Col. C) Vindication of the Ancient History of 

Ireland, map, 1786 ; and Critical Historical Dissertation 
on the Laws of the Ancient Irish, 2 parts, 1774-5, with 
numerous MS. notes by C. O' Conor, autograph letters of 
C. Valiancy, of Chev. O' Gorman, ^c, 2 vol. 

6073 Vallancey (Col. C.) Grammar of the Iberno-Celtic or Irish 

Language, with an autograph letter of C, O' Conor 
calf - - Duh. 1782 


6074 Walsh (Peter) A Letter to the Catholicks of England, Ire- 

land, and Scotland, good copy - 1674 

6075 Walsh (P.) Prospect of the State of Ireland, from the Year of 

the World 1756 to the Year of Christ 1652, 
good copy 1682 

6076 Walsh (P.) Another copy, wants title, russia, m, I. 1682 

6077 Walsh (P.) Causa Valesiana Epistolis Ternis praelibata in ante- 

cessum furioris Apologise, quibus accesserunt Appendices 
RARE, Jine perfect copy, russia extra, gilt leaves 1684 

6078 Walker (Geo.) True Account of the Siege of London-Derry, 

Edinb. 1689 — Whittle (S.) Sermon to the Garrison of 
London-Derry in the extremity of the Siege, calf gilt, 
ib. 1689 

6079 Ware (Rob.) The Hunting of the Romish Fox, and the 

Quenching of the Sectarian Fire-Brands, calf neat 1683 

6080 Warseus (Jac.) de Hibernia et Antiquitatibus ejus, with 

manuscript notes in Irish, S^c. by C. O' Conor 
russia extra, gilt leaves ~ 1654 

6081 Waraei (J.) S. Patricius qui Hibernos ad fidera Christi con- 

vertit, adscripta Opuscula cum Annotationibus, joa^'//?/ inter- 
leaved with many MS. notes 
RARE, blue morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Ch. Lewis 1656 

6082 Warsei (J.) Rerum Hibernicarum Hen. VIII. Annales 

russia extra, gilt leaves . Dub. 1662 

6083 Warner (Ferd.) History of Ireland, from the Earliest Authentic 

Accounts to 1171, 2 vol. calf ib. 1770 

6084 Watkinson (Jo.) Philosophical Survey of the South of Ire- 

land, plates, 1778 — Webb, Analysis of the History and 
Antiquities of Ireland, 1791, &c. 4 vol. 

6085 Wellesley (Viscount) The Irish Question considered in its 

Integrit}^ 1844 — Ryan, Disclosure of the Designs of the 
Popish Faction in Ireland, 1838, &c. 4 vol. 

6086 Wilson, i. e. Abp. P. Talbot, The Friar Disciplined, or 

Animadversions on Friar Peter Walsh, his New Remon- 
strant Religion 
ve7y scarce, calf marbled leaves Gant. 1674 

6087 Wynne (Jo. H.) General History of Ireland, plates, 3 vol. 

Dub. 1773 


6088 Annals of Ireland, by the Four Masters, translated from the 

original Irish, by Owen Connellan, illuminated title, with 
two autograph letters of the translator 
a copy expressly printed for the Duke of Buckingham^ 
richly bound in red morocco extra, g. I, Dub. 1 846 

6089 Archdall (M.) Monasticon Hibernicum; or a History of the 

Abbies, Priories, and Religious Houses in Ireland, map 
and plates - Duh. 1786 


6090 Archdall (M.) Ar\o\hev co'py,' map andplates, uncut Dub. 1786 

6091 Athcrton (Bp. Jo.) Life and Death for Incest, &c., in Verse, 

porb'ait) 1641 — English and Scottish Protestants Happy 
Triumph over the Rebels in Ireland, 1642 2 tracts 

6092 Barton (Ric.) Lectures on Lough Neah in Ireland, plates, 

calf gilt - - 1751 

6093 Beaufort (D. A.) Memoir of a Map of Ireland 

THICK PAPER, red morocco, gilt leaves 1792 

6094 Bernard (N.) Siege of Drogheda, in Ireland, 1641 — Walker, 

Account of the Siege of London-Derry, wants title, 1736 — 
Dutton, Abridgement of the Irish Statutes, Dub. 1718 — 
Abstract of the Salvage Laws, by Waller, m.or. 1785 3 vol. 

6095 Bible. Leabhuir na Seintiomna, translated into Irish, by Bp. 

Wm. Bedel 
FIRST EDITION, rare - 1685 

6096 Boate and Molineux, Natural History of Ireland, plates^ calf 

Duh. 1755 

6097 Booker (John) Bloody Irish Almanack for 1646, wood cut 

russia extra - 1646 

6098 Brodini ( Ant.) Descriptio Regni Hiberniae, Sanctorum Insulae 

de prima Origine miseriarum et motuum in Anglia, Scotia 
et Hibernia, Regnante Carolo Primo, Rege 
veiy scarce^ calf gilt - JRomte, 1721 

6099 Brooke (Miss) Reliques of Irish Poetry, with an autograph 

letter of Miss Brooke - 1789 

6100 BuRGO (Tho. de) Hibernia Dominicana, sive Historia 

Provinciae Hiberniae Ordinis Praedicatorum, cum Supple- 
mento Hiberniae DominicansB, varia virorum Generura 
complectens Additamenta, 2 vol. not quite uniform 
rare, russia ext. g. I., title page inlaid Col. Agrip. 1762-72 
*^* This work, though bearing the imprint of Cologne, was 
printed by Ed. Finn, at Kilkenny, under Burgh's own 
inspection. Part of the seventh chapter, on the State of 
the Protestants in Ireland, from p. 137 to 147, was so 
carefully/ suppressed, that scarcely any copies possess it. 
This, however, is quite perfect. The Supplement is also 
of great rarity. 

6101 Burton (Ric.) The Wars of England, Scotland, and Ireland, 

portrait, S^c. wood engravings 
LARGE PAPER, only 25 printed, russia extra, g. I. 1810 

6102 Carleton (Bp. Geo.) ThankfuU Remembrance of God's Mercie 

for the Mercifull Deliverances of the Church and State of 
England, portraits and curious plates, russia extra 1630 

6103 Carve (Tho) Lyra, sive Anacephalaeosis Hibernica, cui 

quoque accessere Annales ejusdem Hiberniae, nee non 
Rerura Gestarum per Europam anno 1148 ad 1650, editio 
secunda, S portraits and 2 plates, very fine impressions 
LARGE PAPER, Very scarce, hut cropped short, russia extra, 
gilt leaves, by Chas. Lewis Sulzbaci, 1666 


6104 Carve (Tho.) Lyra. Part of another copy, no plates, and 
wanting all after p. \Q4^ - Sulzhaci, IQQtQ 

6103 Castlehaven (Earl of) Review; or Memoirs, Engagement and 

Carriage in the Irish Wars, with Lord Anglesey's Answer 

LARGE PAPER, ouly 23 copies printed, green morocco extra, 

gilt leaves - Duh, 1815 

6106 Croker (Cr.) Researches in the South of Ireland, many plates 


6107 Curry (Dr. Jo.) Historical and Critical Review of the Civil 

Wars in Ireland - Duh. 1775 

6107*Curry (Dr. J.) Another copy, with Occasional Remarks of Le- 

landonthe History o^lte\^r\A,\nO, and MS. notes ib. 1775 

6108 D'Alton (Jo.) Dermid; or Erin in the Days of Boru, a Poem 

presentation copy - 1814 

6109 D'Alton (Jo.) Essay on the History, Religion, Learning, Arts, 

and Government of Ireland 
PRESENTATION COPY, LARGE PAPER, green morocco extra, 
gilt leaves - - Duh. 1830 

6110 Davies (Sir John) Discoverie of the True Causes why Ireland 

was never entirely subdued, with the autograph of 
Edw. Coke 
FIRST EDITION, vussia cxti'a, gilt leaves 1612 

6111 Glamorgan (Earl of ) Negotiations in Ireland, and the Irish 

Plot for bringing 10,000 Men and Arms into England 
half hound - - 1645 

6112 Grace (Sheffield) Memoirs of the Family of Grace; 

Survey of Tullaroan, or Grace's Parish ; Descriptive Ar- 
chitectural Sketch of the Grace Mausoleum, with Lines 
written at Jerpoint Abbey, 4 vol. in 2 
privately printed, largest paper, the Survey and the 
Grace -Mausoleum inlaid, illustrated with ahout 
240 portraits, maps, and plates of views, antiquities, 
monuments, hook-plates, Sfc. mostly on india paper, richly 
bound in olive morocco extra, gilt leaves, by John Clarke 

royal 4to, 1823 

6113 Grose (Fr.) Antiquities of Ireland, numerous plates, fine im- 

pressions, 2 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, half russia, uncut imperial 4to, 1791 

6114 Hardiman (Jas.) History of the Town and County of Galway, 

presentation copy, uncut Duh. 1820 

6115 Hardiman (J.) Ancient Irish Deeds and Writings, chiefly 

relating to Landed Property, from the Twelfth to the 
Seventeenth Century Duh. 1826 

6116 History of the Political Connection between England and 

Ireland, calf . 1780 

6117 Johnstone (Jas.) Antiquitates Celto-Normanicae and Celto- 

Scandicte, with a translation, 2 vol. calf gilt Hannice, 1786 


6118 Irish ArchvI^ological Society Publications, viz. 

Tracts relating to Ireland, Irish and Eng. by Hardiman, 2 vol. 

Duh. 1841-3 
Grace (Jac.) Annales Hibernise, Irish and Eng. by Butler 

ih. 1842 
Battles of Magh Rath, Irish and Eng. by O'Donovan ib. 1842 
Account of Tribes and Customs of Hy-Many, or O'Kelly's 

Country, Irish and Eng. by O'Donovan, map ib. 1843 
Book of Obits and Marty rology of Christ Church, by Cros- 

thwaite . ib. 1844 

Genealogies, Tribes, and Customs of Hy-Fiachrach, or O* 

Dowdas' Country, Irish and Eng. by O'Donovan, map 

ib, 1844 
O'Flaherty (R.) Chorographical Description of West or 

H-Jar, Connaught, by Hardiman, map ib. 1846 

8 vol. doth . Duh. 1841-6 

6119 King (Abp.) State of the Protestants in Ireland 1691 

6120 King (Abp.) an Answer to King's State of the Protestants in 

Ireland, russia extra^ gilt leaves 1692 

6121 Ledwich (Edw.) Antiquities of Ireland, plates Dub. 1790 

6122 Ledwich (E.) Another copy, many plates^ Jine impressions^ 

with autograph note of the author y calf gilt 1790 

6123 Leland (Dr. Tho.) History of Ireland from the Invasion of 

Henry II, 3 vol. 
presentation copy to C. O'Conor, with many MS. notes by 
him, principally in Irish, calf Dub. 1773 

6124 Leland (Dr. T.) Another Edition, 3 vol. calf gilt 1773 

6125 LoMBARDi (Petri) de Regno Hiberni^e Sanctorum In- 

suLiE Commentarius, With a few MS. notes 
rare, russia extra, gilt leaves, by Chas. Lewis Lovan, 1632 

*.i^* Lord Deputy Strafford by the King's direction, in 1633, 
ordered this book to be suppressed, and the author prose- 
cuted; but he was already dead. — Ware, v, 3, p. 103 

6126 Lynch (John) Alithinologia, sive Veridica Responsio ad 

invectiuam Mendaciis, Fallaciis, Calumniis, et Imposturis 
foetam in plurimos Antistites, proceres, et omnis ordinis 
Hibernos a R(ic.) F(arell) a. d. 1659, exhibitara cum 
Supplemento Alithinologiae, 2 vol. 
extremely rare, good copy Malcovii a St. Maloes, 1 664-7 

*.^ This book, even without the Supplement, is of great 
rarity and high price. The Supplement is of still greater 
rarity, and very few perfect copies are known. Lynch 
wrote in answer to O'Farrell, a Capucin Friar. 

6127 McCurtin (H.) Brief Discourse in Vindication of the Antiquity 

of Ireland, calf Duh. 1717 

6128 McCurtin (H.) English and Irish. Dictionary 

scarce J half russia Paris f 1732 


6129 McCurtin (H.) Another copy, rather soiled Paris, 1732 

6130 Macmation (H.) Jus Primatiale Armacanum in omnes Archie- 

piscopos, Episcopos, et Universum Clerum totius Reg-ni 
Hibernise, dark olive morocco extra, g. I. 1728 

6131 Mason (Wm. Monck) History and Antiquities of the Cathe- 

dral Church of St. Patrick, Dublin, jo^a^e^ Duh, 1820 

6132 Newenham (Tho.) View of the Natural^ Political and Com- 

mercial Circumstances of Ireland, calf extra, m. I. 1809 

6133 O'Brien, Irish — English Dictionary, with some 3IS. notes 

calf . Paris, 1768 

6134 O'Conor (Dr. Charles) Rerum Hibernicarum Scriptores Ve- 

teres, plates, with a poy^trait of the author inserted, and a 
pencil sketch of him by G. Grenville, 4 vol. 
LARGE PAPER, PRIVATELY vni^TE'D, and oiily 200 Complete 
copies, large and small paper, green morocco extra, joints, 
and gilt leaves Buckingham, 1814-26 

6135 O'Conor (Dr. C.) Another co^y, plates, 4 vol, 


6136 O'Conor (Dr. C.) Another coip j, plates, 4 vol. 


6137 O'Conor (Dr. C.) Another copy, plates, vol. 1 calf gilt, and 

vol. 3 and 4 uncut 


6138 O'Conor (Dr. C.) a Set of the Cancelled Sheets in the 4 vol. 

of this work 
RARE, being the only copy preserved, the rest being all 

*^* The above are the only remaining copies of this important 
work. " The expenses incurred by the Duke of Bucking- 
ham for the researches and the printing of these four 
volumes exceeded the sum of £3000. They contain trans- 
lations into Latin from the original Iberno-Celtic MSS. 
in the Library of Stowe. The most important and 
interesting works, illustrative of the history and antiquities 
of Ireland, were selected; and these volumes embody no 
article ever before printed, or, it might be almost added, 
ever before known to the literary world, excepting perhaps 
by name. The notes abound in curious and valuable 
matter, and the learned translator is deservedly deemed, 
more profoundly skilled than any other person of the pre- 
sent day in the language, figurative expressions, and allu- 
sions of the originals. This work must always be deemed 
essential to any collection professing to have the History 
of Ireland among its objects, as well for the rich mine 
of curious matter contained in Dr. O'Conor's notes, as for 
the original text."— ^/rom a MS. note in Shefjield Graces 


6139 O'Flaherty (Rod.) Ogygia seu Rurum Hibernicarum Chrono* 

logia, many MS. notes by C. O Conor 
very scarce^ poor cnpy^ russia 1685 

6140 O'Halloran, General History of Ireland, 2 vol. calf gilt 1778 

6141 O'Reilly (Edw.) Transactions of the Iberno-Celtic Society for 

1820, being a Chronological Account of 400 Irish Writers 
to 1750 . Duh. 1820 

6142 O'Reilly (Edw.) on the Nature and Influences of the Ancient 

Irish Institutes, or Brehon Laws 
presentation copy Duh. 1824 

6143 O'SuLLEVANi (Phil.) Historic Catholicje Ibernije 

Compendium, ivith afeiv manuscript notes in Irish 
RARE, blue morocco extra^ gilt leaves Ulyssipone, 1621 

6144 Petrie (Geo.) Remarks on the History and Authenticity of 

the Autograph Originals of the Annals of the Four 
Masters Duh. 1831 

6145 Plowden (Fr.) Historical Review of the State of Ireland, from 

its Invasion under Henry II. to the Union, portrait, 
2 vol. in 3, calf gilt 1803 

6146 Plumptre (Anne) Narrative of a Residence in Ireland, in 

1814-15, portrait and plates 1817 

6147 Pool and Cash, Views of Public Buildings, Monuments and 

Edifices in Dublin, maps and plates, russia eMr a, g. I. 1780 

6148 Reports of the Deputations of the Draper's Company of their 

Estates in Londonderry, in Ireland, 1817 to \S^2, plates, 
2 vol. . . 1829-33 

6149 Scale (B.) Hibernian Atlas, 78 coloured maps, calf gilt 

6150 Simon (Jas.) Historical Account of Irish Coins, and Appendix, 

with Snelling's Supplement, \\ plates, 2 vol. in 1 Duh. 174:9 

6151 Stanihursti (Ric.) de Rebus in Hibernia gestis libri iv ; et 

Hibernicarum rerum Appendix, ex Silv. Giraldo Cambrensi, 
with a few MS. notes in Irish 
LARGE FAFER,Jine copy, 7norocco extra, g. I. L. Bat. 1584 

6152 Story (Geo.) True and Impartial History of the Wars in 

Ireland, with the continuation, maps and plates, 2 vol. in 1 
scarce, calf gilt 1691-P3 

6153 Story (Geo.) Continuation of the Impartial History of the 

Wars in Ireland, map and plates, scarce, good copy 1693 

6154 Tample (Sir John) History of the Irish Rebellion in 1641, 

calf gilt 1 646 

6155 Temple (Sir John) History of the Irish Rebellion ; Sir H. 

Tichburne's History of the Siege of Drogheda, 1641, and 
King's State of the Protestants in Ireland 
russia extra, gilt leaves Duh. 1716 

6156 Testament (the New), translated into Irish, by Wm. Daniel 

Abp. of Tuam, second edition 1681 

6157 Thompson (Rob.) Sponsa nondum Uxor; or the Marriage 

between the Lady Katharine Fitz-Gerald and Edw. Villiers 
asserted, russia extra 1677 


6158 Thorkelin (G. J.) Fragments of English and Irish History in 

IX. and X. Centuries, map^ russia extra 1788 

6159 Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, jo/a^^*, 2 vol. 

Duh. 1787-8 

6160 Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, from 1787 to 1818, 

many plates, 13 vol., 10 calf gilt, 3 in 4 boards 

ib. 1787--1818 

6161 Tracts (26) principally Irish and Scotch; viz. a Wildfire Plot 

found out in Ireland, 1641 ; True Copie of the Sentence 
of Warre against Sir Fr. Annesley, Baron Mountmorris, 
in Ireland, 1635, 1641 ; True Relation from Ireland, 1641; 
Worse and Worse Newes from Ireland, 1641 ; a Bloody 
Battell, or the Rebel's Overthrow and Protestant's Victorie, 
1641 ; a Great Defeat given to the Rehells in Ireland, 
1642 ; Declaration of the Barbarous Dealings of the 
Northerne Irish Rebels, 1641 ; True Newes from Ireland 
in the Life and Death of H. Pownstall, one of the Judges 
who was hanged for extortion and Briberie, 1641 ; Dr. H. 
Jones, Remonstrance of divers remarkable Passages con- 
cerning the Church in Irelande, 1642 ; The Last Speeches 
and Confession of Lord Maguire, the Irish Rebell, 1644; 
Declaration of the Irish Armie in Ulster, 1650 ; Gookin, 
the Author and Case of Transplanting the Irish in Con- 
naught Vindicated, from Col. R. Lawrence, 1655, &c. 
in 2 vol., a rare collection, half russia v. ^. 

6162 Tracts (7) viz. a Discourse of all such Fights, Skirmishes, 

Exploites, &c. in France since the Arrivall of the Duke of 
Parma, iblaffe letter, 1590 ; a Discourse of the Victorie of 
the French King on Ash Wednesday, 1590 ; Strange 
Signes scene in the Aire at Rosenberge in High Germany, 
blacU letter, 1594 ; the Voyage of George Earl of Cumber- 
land to the Azores in 1589, wants title ; Relation of such 
Things as were observed in the Journey of the Right Hon. 
Charles Earle of Nottingham in Spain, 1605; Newes from 
Lough-Foyle in Ireland, the Ransacking and Burning of 
the Citie of Derry, and the Inhumane Murther of Sir 
Geo. Paulet, 1G08 ; the Duello, or Single Combat, 1610; 
in 1 vol. half russia 1590-1610 

6163 Tracts (7) on the Irish Rebellion, 1641 ; viz. God's Provi- 

dence to the Distressed Protestants in Ireland, 1641; Rise 
and Progresse of the Grand Rebellion in Ireland, 1642 ; a 
most Damnable and Hellish Plot against all Protestants in 
Ireland, 1642; the Mysterie of Iniquity yet working in 
England, Scotland and Ireland, 1648 ; Articles of Peace 
made with the Irish Rebels and Papists by Jas. Earle of 
Ormond, 1649, &c. in 1 vol. calf gilt 1641-49 

Y Y 


6164 Usserii (Archiep. Jac.) Veterum Epistolarum Hibernicarum 

Sylloge, russia, marbled leaves Dub. 1632 

6165 Usserii (Archiep. Jac.) Britannicarum Ecclesiaram Antiqui- 

tates ib. 1639 

6166 Usher (Abp. Jas.) Answer to a Challenge made by a Jesaite 

in Ireland, and Discourse of the Religion anciently pro- 
fessed by the Irish and British 1687 

6167 Walker (J. C.) Historical Essay on the Dress of the Ancient 

and Modern Irish, man^/ plates, calf gilt Dub. 1788 

6168 Walker (J. C.) Historical Memoirs of the Irish Bards, portrait 

calf ib. 1786 

6169 Warsei (Jac.) de Scriptoribus Hibernise, libri duo 

FIRST EDITION, vevy scarce, russia extra, g. I. ib, 1639 

6170 Ward (Hugo) Sancti Rumoldi Acta, Martyriura, Liturgia 

Antiqua et Patria, Summa fide Collecta, Notis illustrata, 
et aucta Disquisitione Hystorica per H. Vardaeum, item 
Opus posthuraum nunc recens a Tho. Sirino recognitum et 
in nonnullis suppletum 
VERY SCARCE, Jine copy, blue morocco extra, gilt leaves 

Lovanni, 1661 

*;i5* This copy has the " Alexandri Genealogia," which is often 

6171 Warner (Ferd.) History of Ireland, and Rebellion or Civil 

Wars of Ireland, map, 2 vol. not uniform 1763-7 

6172 Wright (Tho.) Louthiana, or an Introduction to the Antiquities 

of Ireland, many plates, calf 1758 

6173 Young (A.) Tour in Ireland in 1776-79, plates, calf gilt 1780 


6174 Barry (Capt. G.) Discourse of Military Discipline, jo/a/e* 

Brux. 1634 

6175 Belcamp (Jo. V.) Consilium et Votum pro ordinanda ac 

stabilenda Hibernia, very scarce 1651 

6176 Borlase, History of the Execrable Irish Rebellion 1680 
6176*Borlase. Another copy 1680 

6177 Campion (E.) and Meredith Hanmer, Two Histories of 

Ireland, with Edra. Spenser's View of the State of Ireland 
by Sir Jas. Ware, 3 vols, in 1 
very scarce, good copy Dub. 1633 

6178 Carte (Tho.) History of the Life of James Duke of 

Ormonde, from 1610 to 1688, with a Collection of Letters 
to him by K. Charles I. and II., 3 vols. 
large paper, good copy 1735-6 


6179 Caron (Raym.) Remonstrantia Hibernorum contra 

LovANiENSES, Ultramontanasnue Censuras, de 
incommutabili Regum Imperio, Subditorum que Fidelitate, 
Obedientia Indispensabili ; ex SS. Scripturis, &c. Vindicata 
cum duplici Appendice 
very RARE,j^we cojpyy Ted moroccOi gilt leaves 1665 

^^* This is one of the rarest books on Irish History; 
the greater part having been destroyed in the fire of 
London, 1666. 

6180 CoLGANi (Jo.) Acta Sanctorum Veteris et Majoris 

Scotia seu Hiberni^e Sanctorum Insul^e et Triadis 
Thaumaturge seu Divorum Patricii, Columbse et Bri- 
gidae, Sanctorum Acta, 2 vol. slightly water stained 
VERY RARE, goodcopy^ in the original stamped calf binding 

JLovaniii 1645-47 

6181 Cox (Ric.) Hibernia Anglicana ; or the History of Ireland, 

map and portraits, 2 vol. 1689-90 

6182 Cox (Ric.) Another copy, part 1 only, map and portraits 1689 

6183 Flemingi (Patricii) Collectanea Sacra seu S. Colum- 

bani Hiberni Abbatis, &c. necnon aliorum aliquot e 
veteri itidem Scotia seu Hibernia antiquorum Sanctorum 
Acta et Opuscula, &c. cura T. Sirini, with a MS. note 
in the autograph of Dr. Chas» 0' Conor 
VERY RARE, old red morocco Lovaniif 1667 

*;j.* One of the rarest and most valuable books of old Irish 

6184 Irish Railway Commission, pZaw.s and sections, for 1837 ; and 

Atlas to the Second Report of the Commissioners, for 
1838 . . 3 vol. 

6185 Keating (Dr. Jeoff.) Generall History of Ireland, by D. 

O'Conor, maps and plates, scarce, good copy 1723 

6186 Leabhar na Nurnaightheadh Gcomhchoidcheand; 

The Common Prayer Booke, or Liturgie of the Church of 
England, translated into Irish by Wm. Daniel Abp. of 
of Tuam 
first edition, rare, good copy, russia extra, g. I. 1608 

*^* This first edition of the first Irish Translation of the Book 
of Common Prayer by Wm. Daniel Abp. of Tuam, is of 
excessive rarity. On the title of this copy is * * * " Liber 
CoUegii Solse et individuae Trinitatis " ; on the fly leaf 
opposite, * * * " This book I found belonged to Trinity 
CoUedge Library, and accordingly soon after I bought it 
of Mrs. Foster, I sent it to the Colledge, but it was 
returned me again, they not finding any such in y cata- 


6187 Lhuyd (Edw.) ArchaGologia Britannica ; or Account of the 

Languages, Customs, &c. of the Original Inhabitants of 
Great Britain, vol. 1, all published, with numerous Manu* 
script notes in Irish hy C. O' Conor 
jine copy, russia - Oxford, 1707 

6188 Lynch (Jo.) Cambrensis Eversus, seupotius historica fides, 

in rebus Hibernicis Giraldo Cambrensi abrogata, etc. with 
m?muscript notes by C. O' Conor, stained and cropped 
EXTREMELY RARE, russia extva, gilt leaves 1662 

6189 Maps. Pelham (H.) Survey of the County of Clare, mounted 

on linen, in a case ; and Taylor's Map of Kildare, mounted 
on linen, 1783 - 2 vol. 

6190 Memorials of the Governor and Guardians of the Hospital for 

the Relief of Lying-in Women, in Dublin, to the Marquis 
and Marchioness of Buckingham, Lord Lieutenant of Ire- 
land, with the Charter, &c. and 17 original draivingSy 
Jinished in colours, of the builditig, ^c, 2 vol. 
red morocco, gilt leaves, and one calf, gilt leaves 1788 

6191 Moryson (F.) Itinerary ; or Ten Yeeres Travell through Ger- 

many, France, England, Scotland, and Ireland, with a 
Journal of the Rebellion of Hugh Neale, Earl of Tyrone, 
3 parts in 1 vol. 
very scarce, good copy - 1617 

6192 Moryson (F.) The same, Part 2, a Journal of the Rebellion of 

Hugh Neale, Earl of Tyrone, with a few MS. notes by C. 
O' Conor, and some Memoranda by Dr, O Conor, no 
title - - 1617 


ON 1464 SHEETS, AND INDICES, on the scales of 6 inches 
to one statute mile, viz. 


68 sheets 
32 „ 



27 sheets 
25 „ 












Queen's County 


Galway, 2 vol. 








King's County 









49 „ 
I 28 vol. atlas folio 

splendidly bound in blue 
Joints, and gilt leaves 


?y morocco extra, richly tooled, 
Dublin, 1836-43 


6194 Newspapers. The Press Dublin Paper, No. 1 to 67, 1797-8 

— The Anti Union, No. 1 to 32, 1798 ; and a parcel of 
Foreign Papers - in 2 portfolios 

6195 Orrery (Earl of) Art of War, plates - 1677 

6196 Parr (Dr. Ric.) Life of Abp. Jas. Usher, with a Collection of 

300 of his Letters, good copy - 1686 

6197 Parr (Dr. R.) Another copy, stained, calf gilt 1686 

6198 Report of the Lords, 1798, on the Irish Rebellion, 1798 — 

Reports on the Inland Navigation of Ireland, maps, 1800, 
&c. — Reports on the Bogs of Ireland, maps, 3 vol. 


6199 Report (the Second) of the Commissioners for the Improve- 

ment of the River Shannon, map and plans Dub» 1837 
6 199* Report. Another copy, maps and plans, 1837, &c. a parcel 

6200 Stafforde (Tho.) Pacata Hibernia, Ireland Appeased and 

Reduced, portraits of Geo. Carew and Queen Elizahethf 
and 15 maps and plates, the map of Munster and one 
other wanting, 7'ussia extra . 1633 

6201 Statutes of the Kingdom of Ireland 

blacfe letter . Duk 1678 

6202 StratFordes (Earl) Letters and Dispatches, with Life by Sir 

Geo. RadclifFe, edited by Wm. Knowler, 2 vol. 
calf gilt . Dub. 1743 

6203 Trial at Bar, between C Craig and the Earl of Anglesey, 1743 

half calf . 1744 

6204 Usserii (Archiep. Jac.) Britannicarum Ecclesiarum Antiqui- 

tates, good copy . 1687 

6205 Walsh (Peter) the History and Vindication of the Loyal For- 

mulary, or Irish Remonstrance, received by his Majesty 
1661, against all Calumnies and Censures in several Trea- 
tises, with the three Appendixes, title mounted, ^c. 
RARE, russia extra . 1674 

6206 Ware (Jac.) Hibernia Sacra, sive de praesulibus Hiberniae 

coramentarius, a prima gentis Hibernicse ad Fidem Chris- 
tianam Conversione, ad nostra usque tempora, wants title 
with numerous MS, notes in Irish by C O' Conor 
calf extra . Duh. 1665 

*j^* This copy is very valuable, not only for Mr. O'Conor's ex- 
tracts, but because it was the property of the celebrated 
Irish antiquarian, McFirbis, who is so highly commended 
by O'Flaherty, and who supplied Sir J. Ware With mate- 
rials for this work, &c. — See MS. note. 

6207 Ware (Sir Jas.) Whole Workes concerning Ireland, by Walter 

Harris, portraits and plates, 3 vol. in 2 
BEST EDITION, scurce, calf neat Dub. 1764 


6208 Ware (Sir J.) Whole Workes concerning Ireland, portrait 

and platesy with MS. notes hy C. O* Conor and hy Dr, C. 
O'Conor, 3 vol. in 2, part of Index in vol. 3 wanting 

Dub. 1745-6 

6209 Ware (Sir J.) Kerum Hibernicarum* Annales, regnantibus 

Henrico VII. ad Maria 1485 ad 1558 
fine copy, russia extra, gilt leaves ib. 1664 

6210 Warsei (Jac.) Hibernia Sacra, sive Series Chronologica Hiber- 

niae Preesulum, russia extra, gilt leaves ib. 1717 

6211 Williams (Bp. Griffith) Seven Treatises very necessary to be 

observed in these very bad days, with the autograph of 
Fab. Philipps . 1662 




• B92 

Buckingham and Chandos, 
Richard Plantagenet 

Temple Nugent Brydge 
Catalogue of the 

library removed from 

Stowe House y 

Buckinghamshire : 


5 9 OUEEN-s PA"'-- 

ToRQNTo 5, Canada